3-8-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, March 8th

Leroy poses the question of over/under 1 game Jarvis Landry plays for the Dolphins next season. Tobin says Landry will be back with the Dolphins. Would you do Landry for Gronk? Tobin thinks Gronk would be partying too much in Miami. Tobin thinks all NBA referees should be replaced by former players. Leroy shows Tobin video of Tiger Woods hitting a hole in one. Many severed hands were found in Siberia. Beast reads weird news is going on in Russia and Peru. Someone ate evidence in England.


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Ellis of these children down to an entire show from a kiddie porn melodious. That's plumbing childhood friends on hand me. Let go and beauty Jeter and give a gift baskets somewhere most hardcore game and Orlando Parker numb. I love the kiddie pool but I don't know how that would work electronically there's water and equipment doesn't normally did you get a you know get what do they get one of the wireless mics there and don't fumble. Now look at anybody in particular in this room dissent. Dissent. What did you sort of on the bus come up in just a couple of minutes so it'll Brian this is according to the ringer the ringer has leaked to the LeBron list and apparently LeBron all the good to have these fourteen boys. This upcoming summer. Right. The first team. Philadelphia 76ers. The second team. Cleveland Cavaliers. The third team. Los Angeles Lakers. And the fourth team. The Miami. How does dozen of the guys all music that's. His first choices that would help. The other side any particular order just days or teams in those those fourteen mile teams that are in the game with clients on political weight course I feel like Miami was on the list. They weren't. There mark don't we are building don't want to be. No cap space oh. Tiger even par. What's it Canada for four or. Odds that Lester an Alabama court of the ringer. LeBron list is. Lakers sixers. Rockets were I mean seventeen and row. Human alleged chance this two teams right now I think there's a new thing the oh here's the question has its its. Right now. The Roslyn unbelievable. Well think anybody gives them a legit chance in winning in the playoffs you got to see the gentlemen they got that playoff stink on him got to see it that I'll believe it. The rockets rockets have a big tweet to him this year. Little to the weight. Of the worst they go play a stink on. Or will they got to Toronto to hasn't. But Toyota never been expected to win. In. Well yeah. Does that some more epic collapses. I like both Jay-Z. Chris Paul nauert he's out of the gross balls over the conference finals. Don't know he has two or three wanted to so rockets general movement in an era when nineteen point six in Iraq combat with Smith here's what Marta was on the bench wolf we're right. We're newbies boo for a day. I'll punishment for him on the I would do it again Pollard two notes. Not a punishment. That trip but but I intrusions against you Texan 67 as a before you're just now to what a thousand bucks a man gave money contest. Where the sour. You're clever listening to Robbie it's train. Text that the seven to 81 train TR AI and X at the cemetery anyone if you don't with a stylus to be sports flash. Before the top the next hour that you be the next word its national contest message that it's may have lied don't text and drive lets the headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true. Jeremiah Italy probably only doing the 3 o'clock sports flash because we have a webinar to beyond a corporate times stealing clubs and their you know. This is this that we gold but when we're John Jones drought has gone out of there are protesting about not do the tutorials and making his managers do it. I I mean if I had managers. Make them do every two to others this is few things in the so I hate more. Then tutorials the first Thursday of every month we got to go and I never listened and I you don't have. I never when will we had there was a Orman what we got to you know we it is a mandatory on millions and I don't actually thousand Omaha. And a little cartoons HIV today you. Note that you based on what I know it is. I would say down the street. It's a weapon or lose. Oh yeah. How much they've gotten to the webinar what they will take several. Of them in many more than we had a Patricia all the Turkey shake the Thanksgiving shake looks ahead. Yet drink your milk shake of turtle stuffing mashed his green means cranberry sauce and I'm about pixels about screech of the pumpkin pie. What blended together. I'd love helping some meadow though nervous about that with your Tommy you think that's that's gonna go well welcome back up. And down great. Is the buys him a bronze with Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland and we know that's not true. He has to pay my car payment this month that would be so potent that. It what did you do to an end a couple of minutes ago and get that word but called it pretty damn the past eight lazy. Sorry seven to 81 what's headlines that beast Pete sixers tonight 730 they're two games behind the sixers in the standings. He has seven Sabra and wasn't it. Tiebreaker on the line tonight what's the second tiebreaker. Think it's conference record 630 is you will get coverage of atomic time you have the pregame coverage right here at security and and have an idea of what a 432 to take. Panthers hosting Montreal BBT senator that is tonight there's a big one of the pantanal the committees will be out. Yes they will be Los Angeles don't. Now. And she grew up like love in the puck well from the area. Silly if she had to jump on the bandwagon would team it would be out one now be yes. Big corridors visited the same. And connect them with an artist tiebreaker I don't know. All of that he went and they'll have a better copper Jerker at the moment in the sixers will lately they have more wins but they've played two fewer games so they have a the dvd. He greeted. What you get a leg up. You don't win tonight is that Nadal and if you don't win tonight you're gonna have to pass the sixers big time. And you know you're just trying to get it together yet the tiebreaker over Detroit. If you have a tiebreaker over Milwaukee and over Charlotte event ever Charlene added right now what spot would you want the heat to be. If I had my if I had my choice is only Cleveland on the one of the answers for four years so you want a seven. It's so well this is tough one deterrent is a tip for. For him home court in the first round yeah I'm a far out here you know far from four at all for W three games I was definitely reasonable but. Indeed facing completely distorted the 36 which you you know that's that's a far at all. I mean that's assuming Cleveland can keep his job gives clintons are pretty consistent to. Mean if LeBron the donut hole smash on you. That that are the guys that's fun that'll that is a strategy of left to right right it's a little bit. It's been shaking the Livermore wishy washy ain't gonna let Jay Williams is a rook they need it LeBron to be all the favorite LeBron. Panthers in the last more heads and it went tonight against Canadians 'cause there are a couple points out of the last playoff spot that's a 7:30 faceoff 7 o'clock you can hear on 880 that is why another big because our sister station WQ and we'll have a hurricane ACC quarterfinal actually it's North Carolina tonight. Spokesman gave Tom at nine probably more like 930 but you can hear that 1 on Q I am a big story in football is that Lamar. Sorry. Oh Jarvis Landry. Signed his franchise tag and and he will. He's not a threat does that this morning it now it looks like Neil broad be traded we don't know where yet and zeros assigned the generals to be back with tubes. And the god awful Pittsburgh basketball team as fire there are a basketball coach after going oh in nineteen in the ACC quick question. Over under. Landry playing. One game for my. Next year on under over. They are used by emily's and they understand. Lets you routine pit. That Sunday and as we as team Eddie. House and look. We knew no one to give a guy fifteen million a year are you given sixteen. I know I did not some nuggets they know and I don't know if your team beat. You go. I'm do you really it is 'cause I ain't paid him sixteen. You needed betrayed any thing welcome. As a Vegas seventh rounder for drivers Lander. Now I don't buy. It it's absolutely the regulars who I think so. I think now LeRoy is perched low where he's going to be tolerated I think there are other good well we have a very noticeable what was. I think I think this I think the idea of a couple of schools here are a couple schools. Right now with the dolphins. You if you're gonna go to situations there's talks like. Maybe they'll cut Ndamukong Suh and maybe they're not gonna keep jars Landry. I think if you make those moves. You're basically saying we're taking a step back this year we got to revamping a little bit. If you're gonna bring the band back. With some tweaks and some hope that the defense is gonna improve. Just wouldn't help the defense will will be comprised that you probably in the mindset they were not that far off from her playoff team. You know obviously put maybe a couple toes get a tight end who's actually. Something. Something. Gets some help for Kenny Drake in the backfield. For the love of god fix this offensive line. You know by the way there's so there are some rumors under the patriot wanna trade ground. That and I wouldn't do that and want to play to our apps I want to lay injured yup Percival and then why. England's two thinks rationally and don't know aground suit often be a tag team partner WW. It's too it's too risky there second ball gets her all the time of terrible South Beach crowd is not now have you sicker more for the doctorates wisely elephants Apollo and so we gel. My husband who. If I where you've seen it I know if I want to bring to be leading sport in the last person who can play out here. He's want Jeremy did not have got to be 20 during the season you never read about crock party and then again there's nothing good on zero fast. I didn't know. Today's announcement to close at Providence and and his boss terrorism as the B two after adjustment can can yeah. Know what a lot like it all asked Aerosmith on this team decides. Hole and in his happy you know. JR Smith arena debt and walker you sketch. Would literally show practiced naked and drunk it's harder still celebrating the championship. Who he's the he's beaten indicate he's busy still broke. I mean you know really well you know knew that he was it was a one analyst for the SEC network in this tournament. Yesterday is he's he's he's got a good god passcode okay that's I'm glad to be toast. And he did so August saying. Yes I think he's I think he's gonna comeback I don't I don't think yeah. Familiar with team that. I can like you just hope that he did okay well do you see her. Public and pretty good changeup. And now your gonna say that they're gonna disliked Jarvis landed have a disagreement on price but I don't think that they're gonna go. In the situation where they want to do that in case to see they don't work out a deal and get something of value. What he's still valuable to your offense are good overpay for a definitely. You definitely overpaid by what thirteen they wanna they offered a thirteen sort of a sixteen this year. And that probably with the signing bonus it would have been somebody weigh less this year I'd imagine life. I don't think you're gonna let I don't think you're just gonna let that walk I think this'll probably be the last year if he does plan the franchise tag. But I think he's I think it's all the million to be jars and his comeback. He's rides and hill's favorite target. I know it's not ideal but I think is gonna come back I do. What do to thanks you have to understand how this all turns. I. Jobs Landry thinks he's worth fifteen million U yes. The dolphins got a big overpaying him at thirteen. As a slot receiver to make you when the ten highest paid receivers. In the game. Even though your slot receiver and not necessarily to game changer that all these other high paid guys are. So. You've given them sixteen million. Is like. What is written us off as it all go to swallow with you. But physical things that does that you do have the benefit. With getting one more year of it. You do get warm way to look at Dovonte Parker and see if you finally breaks through if he breaks through and he's healthy for you. Then you can deal more with you think he's more of the game breaker the guy that will really get defenses have a game plan before it. If he breaks through. Then you can deal with OK we didn't commit to a long term it was expensive this year but now we can move on we know Dovonte is an answer you got rid of all day. But at least you can swallow that pill boy that. We're paying a guy with his talent and skill set. More so than what Jarvis brings the table. And what would you treat germs. Autos and other team around her life to go truth or run of form yet would you don't say yes and RB yes yes a legal. Part of my ignorance. And David's airborne ground mine and I am attend. A two went out to. And try to ask the kind tricky one. And nobody. From what Rio. What you need to know what because again be traded sees him he's pretty obvious nobody knows. Nobody nobody could sign him to a deal that they signed him to a deal that would had to give a no no no no no no they said. Go work out a deal his permission to work out a deal. It didn't work out deter ready and so they weren't good at all. He will take you at notre to have recently science and he signed well once you Witten once he went and tried to work got to deal when you saw that he would have signed it. And they're more got a long term deal but we've. He went to get the long term do you players so. Look at it this way. He thought he should be didn't. Fourteen of fifteen or you win X my guarantee mud he went around and tried to work a deal his agent with the team. Okay nobody bit. Nobody. So I would haves has assumed. That OK maybe that Dalton's deal was reasonable. And so you come back to work something out so. If you look at added that way so I'm still can be worked out between juror obviously Adrian off yes. Okay if he's trying to get fifteen million a year. And that's that's why I think. It's more if you don't talk about team petty I think it probably more on jar visas side because the dogs are probably good this relate. Now you know we offered you thirteen year we think that's fair I think using that's there we already know avoid talked about with Brett positions move you know. So from from my standpoint I think I look at and say no Jarvis would probably leave more out of spite. Then the dolphins would trade him for nothing I think it all puzzled by the bullet and pay him big this year. More so than Jarvis would then go back and say. Oh joining us live on the Internet. Don't. Get I mean you can't like you cannot make a living. To win stuff like if you're dar reserve golf if you don't. Like you have to have a play and you can just put the franchise tag because you have an idea what you think it's gonna happen you just trade him for whatever you can you thing is is not trained simple wood I think he's still try to work I did would have to say. You hear. And try to get a deal and it doesn't exist yeah and I'm not a big open but would you take right now fewer jobs laid. You didn't sixteen Miller. Ever give idiotic energies are. I'm all the other money who are here on the third. You gave up five new deal you're guaranteed thirty million. With the rest of it is. I think I think he's probably at the point hours now Amazon with a motor yet he's he's done. Thomas a man. That's seen here Jarvis keiki blame it dolphins when north routine jump up to give a mobile vote. That's my that was my whole point from the beginning of this conversation with Jarvis linked. Nobody. Is gonna pay a slot receiver. That much. Well I think visitor today that the ravens the browns are urged the number what is abruptly if you're the browns and you are gonna draft a quarterback. That's a pretty good guy with all the cast is there and that's a pretty good guy to push for young boy. Yeah yeah you got to knuckle head outside. Yes you gonna have to know what it's on the field against we've got to how did you got a guy you got to hang on to hope he's going to be here. Did you think that that team's gonna be applied to with a young. Quarterback first of all I don't believe or I don't believe Cleveland will ever be able function. Selig seemed to do go franchise tag in lieu of Libya about your different exits. Yeah and that's that's more of them not want to risk the positioning of their resume hitting late but it was. But the thing related about patriotism I think every year if they did live image had to commit one year to a. Keep remind. Ease a bit of Bloomington. Well it doesn't it you've been known to get a little bit draw and also asked him and that adds that he's collecting and when he got to a million lives or a running back thirteen million this year. It's fourteen this year fourteen mission ahead but he's not even just as his running method does every PU is by far. If you had to choose. What would you say he's the most dynamic player. In NFL who as far as what he contributes to his team ought to. And I was listening. What lot of analysts and in his protection Donovan Campbell internal son in. This has Muqtada says and to lockers a podcast called Southside heat out in Chicago and a content wanted to put a lot of media stuff into the lot I didn't isn't the death nosed and we good data brings renewed for timidity Dick is that he gets grew. Yes today. Screw rude and how that wind back David. 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For a limited time to get discount tickets is also super VIP experience which includes. I mean I agree with bands like the struts I gotta get in the on this because only a doctor where Ramsey okay. It's a Ramsey that's on the Libya and Ramsey a lot of me destructive site. Yeah I guess you know depressed evil talks first a massive they elect a. They know to have and I guarantee go ideally you'll mention that name in there be like and do they love no clue. Well I'm gonna find out seat at a meager distress yet also get free drinks the Subaru BIP experience a check it out crud about true leader is gonna be their march sort of for the Bob regent theatre. But it brought about your dot com and use the promo code. Ticket tonight the heater taking on the wizards. Take it on the six's X unit it was is on Saturday they showed have a weight over the wizards is that. NBA. I mean what I told you I whole that was a hose job the other night we. You hold a job. And okay confusion she works well not that hard and yeah you were just below the tablets. But his is discussing about the NBA comes out. And they say it's what market mores of the ball well in the fight secondly we don't Abdullah. And also to other fellows. And also Hellenic. Thought of the in the game. I was too disgusted because the end of the game I just enough to be a look at the replay. Mattel knew it was fouled on the put you saw him go like this which have Leo is I never know with him because sometimes uses he makes that face. You know Kelly's got that face right. The face he makes. What's on the doesn't go his way yes I don't like oh basketball please do well. Like god forbid you should miss a shot the NBA official account the rest threes. We could follow NBA official and just trash talk in the entire night I'm surprised I've been blocked by the yet. Farm. That come out it like to followers. That they come out and they say. All know and on a little of my second thing here's why it was it a violation. And a light. Side by industry. District. He comes out and they tell you pay. You missed call the end overtime. That should give you an opportunity to tie the game. The wouldn't you're gonna you gonna you know fall on the sword for is how. It's not there you could go Mississippi you go like Tony Jarrett you know go one thousand's you can go every one you go about black sheep would. You wanna go with alligator. That was more than five seconds NBA official you have. Acts and this is why everybody thinks you stink and we need to replace all the freeze like German greens that in the community. I want all the rest replaced one of them all and tell law. Game who went too fast these days ago they can't keep up got 610 point guards all over the place they're too old. The slow they can't deal with this here's what I want replacement factor you. Analysts don't about not dig your players after after the sport. Or these days don't have anywhere to go if they flame out with the NCAA useful players I want flame out NBA studs. I want to become refereed slight Greg Oden Greg Oden right. Derek Jones junior if he does or does he. Refereed and wait wait quietly great. On the line Derek rose up and it's. This to jump to the omen let me answer any words Dexter Pittman oh Jesus. Bribery. All he's got all these guys who can't play anymore I want them to rest handsomely to get this right and they actually know who the hell's going on. I'll wait here's what you understand. Tobin. Doom realistic. Virgin of what you're trying to do is and why he can't do it. As a goal and from Macon. By six cell moving in a year. Mega couple 100000. You've maintained a real and take. It it did take. Reps are on the take at least I got the F lettuce is and at least I got the guys don't do I do might. Look Greg Oden will be used a different position I could sit right now a great though and tossed the ball up to nobody can get it does he do tall. Greg Oden here's what would do is just thought he did. Is there added edited. It's overdue Greg Oden who put a special device. I just want Greg good to judge the big mad because Greg owns a big man he knows free throws it all right in Washington I seed Greg Oden. In a extra large lark like one of those disabled scooters yeah I had to Google or why they did Joseph Buckley and should do. Charles by at least two disgruntled though no no he annual quality tells for the shooting teams may you soul. We learn delete the word game of Iverson he's got to do a little room is now can't do it shot. He's not doing it then you want to run now on to run. But I unsafe fresh out the league. Just just like a little bit a little bit. Just to be on the take nada it would appeal the take. Really like yeah and it has done with a play agree or you want him to be a ref the young. Speaking my language now. No ego irritant. This is dorm we really don't beat. I'm glad you agree. He's now he's become volatile Greg owns bulls enjoyed led to Rio and the really right so imagine this man yeah like I could. Allegedly employing basketball hub of this instead of Lamar Odom going to play in the Big Three league. He is now an official referee for the MBS. Great. Six time he knows the game usually beat the prototypical. Big ball handler. Chris spot response today he's talking about one of making NBA comeback. You don't wait a breath when I wrapping. I can and directing. By great article by a Jack he McMullen and maybe sad. Depressed euros in most impressive about when he's like. You know your friends like. Literally hang out with you when you WIs and I try if you like his tribe and it's up dries up with the season started like there are calling in now they're gonna colony quarterly big Bob. Our is that we guys yeah yeah I officials being a spare request that he can we get close enough on reason is that is that a unicorn. Just the you start counting the dots on the basketball. Can't have united tenement while doing it that's that's that's ridiculous opposed will arrive wearing a suit. Apparently Chris Bosh is saying a few guys have reached out to him. Deceive you though about how passionate he said he was supplied. By McMullen put it like for GM this thing and they're like look. If you played for the heat exactly it is. Why are we supposed to do there. I was I was a little bigger risk on this guy if you tell me that the French that has all the medical records. Is saying no and an underlying theme of that article kind of in there was it seems like he got had for some money and some bad investments. Yes Soledad and he's done in these cities really voters suspect finances yet he's got it doesn't have like three the most expensive houses in the MBA. Yeah. You know who knows. What kind of shading this was involved in those investments in that it should point to where he's like. He's a you know it's it's also really sucked about watching this on the sidelines. All the sudden the MBA small ball now ha. Well he's had all been told by attackers I got a beef up bulk up. He played like a big man you be like. It's you beach is they would be salivating over Chris Bosh on their team right now. Don't the way he defends. All my god and the fact that the fact that he developed the shot with the heat. I mean. I'm Italian. Former player flame outs by the way as NBA or officials is this. This -- year. Oh. Big night of the Panthers. Pete I think is Greg coated but out of your column where he set. I think he revealed this is that this is the chance to be the third time since the chances existence that all that the heat enters. Amid the playoffs while McCain make the tournament tub and twice. On toys out of the 992000 season and 1516 while. Have a Felix sort of bill's going to be due to happen nine days ago outlook lowered its erotic got to be honest with you especially after the the the three quarters description of that. A little worried that that you have seized on for blood tonight got beyond that the remains. Maybe they locker willow led up tonight and all this I think as swan song. And that's what the mindset how would does wants on the door of the Sonia you know I would drive you sound like the room hey hey. It diplomacy is so kid I see what they seek to get out of my face it LeBron do you think you'll with police. Travel publicly object Libby how big boy. With the notable. And it couldn't soon. Tax. Feet and a speed or Russia. This is crazy I think money and will think Utley 21 people and an ad because he had been poisoned by Russians. No I didn't see that the check out what they found in Russia tie about that next. Notepad and and and it. And I love it absolutely right it's true the other ticket and talks Tiger Woods right now I think that would always existed here just that the flag. I'm heroes like I was not going to be superhero does but it's never had a hole one. Elizabeth do a show in on this did you see out the title as Eminem and I mean this does says it's been makes a big night pumped up noticeably easiest on the widely in the air tonight. What is gonna get them part of last played it we lost at the kings on. All that put the heat don't laugh yeah you and our family. This. We will. Does not snow grant radio the voice and you're wireless microphone tire was as fired up. And watch what they do. This dug down Saddam they throw everything all in the but it solves all that's awesome so. This is Russia Korea all right really Siberia. 54. Severed human hands are found an adult died in Russia believe. Or black market body part deals not. Of course all his old horse. I didn't need to hand one hand washed up onshore by that was found by local leading police to look for others. The cops on a with a hands belong to a wider route but the theory is they are moved. For body part deals in order to stop police from identifying remains coach on the cell stuff illegally. Here's a picture of it. Only in the the plight of caring for Summers in the glove the ball. But yeah that's Russia Korea that's going on also dateline India. A father. Got his son's hand all have become watching porn. News out of his son having a porn addiction. Sir decided take away his good hand. Easy isn't it a lesson needs as we go left on let's not forget this one. A state a dateline London. What do you want people have received some former treatment in connection with the attempted assassination of former Russian spy his daughter the nerve agent in England tees. There off Russia Weiss a series about everything. By the way did I imagine that they they buy time on our. HD two on the beach so that they're great people she'll vote. Well they do Veba deal won't play a little knicks bulls day. Okay yeah. Mean even lead boards of movement. Drag negative one quick you can't believe that story. For the use him up I mean it's like one of those like on stories from the Internet via. Is that we need to know that I mean yeah it's probably my 27 AM that's Russia that Russia broke up I know you're Russian you remember the suits. Oh. You know definitely an assassin it was that Russian singer you don't need to take riddler definitely a poison did he mean when he works on a look at the iPhone off. A Hitler and he did. I don't we gotta through. April Rain Man has been arrested after he reportedly. Use an explosive device. As a sexy with his wife I had to change the wording. And told police that he was having trouble remembering Beatles on the night as he and his wife were very drunk says that he falsely totally realize what it happened when he found his wife and responsive. The police in the town say that they recovered a sixteen inch mortar bomb boom it was believed to be an active. He added that painkillers were found at the scene we're likely used to control the pain. He's been arrested. To six in its border bombers six. Day. Just on the guy had a conversation with her of this. All right you guys nova he has nova group watch. Oh this has been going on over in London of course so this guy is alleged drug dealer right. What's the move when you when you editing you may get heated in India. This guy lasted 47 days. Know coop. Model will be this has been a thing now this has been on want to watch a global I don't know can they think he's generally well. So that wave of David wait for him to pass this evidence now for 47 days in jail. Account. It would that would the collection technique he got it got released yesterday. He's been in jail this whole time that waiting for this but they do and they couldn't wait anymore and by the way got released as a whole new meaning. It. How does that how the BBC reports they believe it's long as anyone has gone to gussy without opening. If he wanted her in the in the first time anybody has ever checked yeah they said there was once a sixteen year old British girl who died when a thirteen she reportedly did not have a bowel movement for eight weeks. Well by. That's ups and add to that forty and it's not science that's more it's that Brian had about a but another weaken them. But it made bail made bill got released on you and I can go party to bloody evidence on how do you do what I can't beat it. On down. Recently the Bobble promoting him I don't know man I don't know. Strong well public comment on holiday how much easier to not go to prison maybe maybe maybe as they were grew. You'll goes well you you do as. Ultimately didn't you do the whole you Jiri got to go from everybody so I never go to jail. That's why. The bug never giving arrest that yet resident. Just didn't. Jessica says would you give would you would you give yourself up with your evidence as long as the as always told we ought to as low. On his rent a hotel room right now and I'll give you the evidence then you can do a nude jell. I'll hold you hold on hold. But I think once. As rob you would say. That I was pot committed. 28 evidence he is committed to whatever comes next. So he got a hold it until. You know his own boss out of his book. To be not just Soledad I would let's look at more deeds on the or out of times are late to know what they're trying to force beat him. Late laxatives or whatnot I don't think polygamy. Which it. It had its own weight with the. The measles just. Could not you know the latest in Australia paper somewhere let me tell you what all the British yeah. So. Let's give the analyst on cup scenario of how the accent oh get a mud from England will be in England and accent. Telling about you gotta be drug experience. What are you most or across a one that we. Would win by don't know I mean Tom Bordeaux or make everybody alternate but I don't know it's. We gonna go to wall to off Muslim will come in need a doughnuts are more worried now don't which would do but would you go duke but he has an idea. Meantime we crushed up some ex lax. Spring Gemunder doughnuts like sprinkle. Left the room they do don't. We went out to brag selected don't. That none of you don't. As a war with find out about the demon is based Kennedy we got five bright it was working so you do. You don't dual. This can be one of the journalists on the oh email somebody when you look. We got emails that have been done about every day Russian. How did you London we got guys that are groupings for 47 days in London which until now from London. London correspondent hard moment we are a lot to cover the mothers of a lot of sports going on tonight we're gonna get to this tomorrow until next week fine. For a guy who comes and minute before show art. In order to round. Orders. Should Justin who just wants of up to watch a you're you're at it longer it's. You get a. I'm just it was by and look at turn eleven I mean I'm going to be paying attention on the job. I do know.