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Calling 911 when in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Welcome on a Monday. And let's work rally would not work out and Los Angeles. Com. Clap clap though like there is always a clavicle yeah that's always good when it's an easy way to go with a yeah. So is he consulted here with Chris Perkins we here at American Airlines Arena where they are preparing for big game tonight. But it's not gonna turn out exactly like that you know you always know when they think they're gonna have an overflow media crowd because they have the the media dining set up separately Wright is usually were in this little room though. By that they have that tent out there and you know they are all prepared for this like oh it's like playoffs it's like a playoff here game. Except the only difference is that some of the guys who are not playing tonight would probably playing playoff game I say probably. That's that's I could say probably. Because they could be resting relayed around we will get to. The headlines and all the rest of this in a minute we're talks Tommy tiger our friend from. He weekly on Saturday is also he's on the heat pregame show and post game show we'll talk to. Two Tommy here a little bit later we'll also get into what happened with Panthers today because it was interesting as well and we have to get to our Marlins. Hi coups we have to give away those tickets. From all the high coups that we got. Thursday and Friday many of the high coups were related to telling us to stop doing tyco's. So many of those were the best and those are the most likely and so hit good kids and those as well first here's the thing. If you haven't heard it yet or you didn't get it based on our intro here. The Cleveland Cavaliers are not playing their full squad tonight. Once again just as was the case earlier this season second night in the back to back. LeBron James is not going to play against the heat neither is just can't. Carrier ring and neither is Kevin Love unless something unexpected happens to love he's listed as questionable. And Tristan Thompson's already out so four fifths of the cavs starting lineup is not gonna play. To which I say if you're a heat fan just welcome this right does welcome this you need to win two games. Into into games he need to get help. And so I understand that there is this pettiness about you know LeBron never playing in Miami are rarely playing Miami still hasn't won in Miami since he left. Hasn't played now this is the third time that he won't have played in Miami since he laughed since he went back to Cleveland but it. He's still have to look at it like. You need all the help you get to win this game. And here's your help and you know now that wasn't enough against the knicks. When the knicks weren't playing any money. In that game. One Carmelo sap when Derrick Rose sat and obviously LeBron in carrier better players at this stage than Carmelo and rose so this is an even bigger break. Buy it. This you know I understand is gonna be some salty in this about this for people are come into the game tonight and maybe they paid off sale on the second on secondary market all the rest of that. But if richer each fan this is good news. That's good news. Because you need to be Cleveland any need to beat Washington and now it's possible that John Wall may not play Wednesday night. Because he's dealing with some quad injuries and some of the things he's got something legitimate right now not whatever it is that they listed on the injury report from for a hot. So just just take it take a word comes so okay take the good luck where comes because the heat need some help to get in the playoffs and that's the thing for antibiotic for Lauren hill and I Coral Springs. The best selection and lowest prices in South Florida Audi Fort Lauderdale and how he Coral Springs and now Chris Perkins of headlines and. Usually what trend. Now when Miami. XY AM shop my. The Cleveland Cavaliers and game 730 tonight at American Airlines Arena. The heat which plays and which opens play tonight in ninth place and on the outside of the Eastern Conference playoff picture is almost in a must win situation. Now LeBron James Tyreke Irving and Tristan Thompson were listed as out on the pregame notes earlier today as you heard evens goalie a loot soon we will see what happens when the game tips off tonight. That loan Tommy tiger Coral Springs auto mall pregame show at 630 right here on your home for the heat AM 790. At them 104.3. HD to the ticket in other games are vital interest to the heat tonight Indiana is at Philadelphia 7 o'clock. Orlando was at Chicago at eight. The Florida Panthers named dale tally and their new general manager on Monday the search for a new hit coach will begin immediately interim coach armed rogue was also the teen's former GM will remain with the Panthers as a special advisor to talent. You might remember talons served as the Panthers GM from may twenty it's intimate when he sixteen. Miami Dolphins pre season schedule is set to be released by PM today the regular season schedule be released in about a week. Wide receiver Kenny stills might be buying but isn't likely to be suspended by the end up Oprah participating in arm wrestling tournament. At the MGM grand hotel and casino in Las Vegas over the week DN. More than thirty corps and former players participated in the event. NFL players are pros prohibit it from participating in events that are sponsored by casinos. And finally the Miami Marlins have announced Lieberman Hernandez Charles Johnson and Edgar rents are real will throw out ceremonial first pitches. At the home opener tomorrow all three were members of the 1997. World Series champion team. This is the twenty year anniversary of that title the Marlins are planning a series of celebrations all season. Those are your headlines. Yeah. And we have these marlins' opening day tickets to giveaway is still so we will do then and 5 o'clock hour we're we've gone through with a finally tooth comb a a all of these submissions that we got good stuff Thursday and Friday and animal below will give those out too. We'll get to two tickets out to whoever had the best one all right so let's get to tonight Kirk. Are you disappointed. That. And all. That the heat don't have a shot LeBron is a you know again this is and they made they may seem in the playoffs is still possible because Cleveland could end up. Still could still end up the one seed you know basically the cavaliers have decided the once he does not the most important thing to them that if that's still possible that they could get the wand. Or if they get the two it's still possible that he can get the seven like. Rain out here in ninth but there's a bunch of scenarios that he could finish anywhere from six all the way down to ninth. As as. As play starts tonight there are you disappointed at all that he's not plan. No I I'm the guy who is now on the heat van Wagoner on the heat boat or on the heat trainer on the heat whatever. So no I'm not disappointed I wanna be right. So there. Not end and listen every Heatley and there's no way you're disappointed say whatever you want about LeBron. But you would not won a face that may end tonight in this situation. Powder day blow that lead yesterday. I was a new site. When I saw that I didn't I didn't follow the game yesterday so I I saw it this morning. On line even before I saw exports sooner or any thing in and so are real that they blew a 26 point lead. And I'm thinking that they must have been up by 26 in the first quarter met maybe the second quarter. No before I don't I don't know I have. How does that happen 26 point lead. Well and it it's the second crazy loss they had to Atlanta back to back days the last loss to Atlanta. The hawks didn't play anybody yet this one actually played people fell behind by 26 and in came back in the fourth. So the Kansas and something got to take care of here before the playoffs garden namely guarding somebody. You have to be really bad defense team to be able to give up a lead like that before accordion a 41 in the fourth. That's hard to do to hawks team that. You know I wouldn't unclassified the hawks is desperate at this point you know they're very they have a playoff seed. They're gonna make the post season regardless so. Is it just crazy stuff that they would lose a game but you know as far as the text line is is pretty. Pretty expected right now in terms of what we're getting. Yeah I'm not really not really surprised no snow here including some some very derogatory comment what LeBron James parentheses live out. Carrier ring for the c.'s live out but at the Kevin Kevin Love for the c.'s live Alice references to include live and the players might have been their right that they were LA but I I think. Look if they had there's a bunch of factors that come into play here if they've close that thing out LeBron to sit before. In the last game. They don't end up going over timing doesn't and a planned fifteen minutes. Yeah then then club liver and Oakland live he probably place tonight right. I would think so I'm gonna let well logo. This is. You could secure the one seed basically if if they had one yesterday. You know them winning again today they would secure the one. The way I look at it it to meet its not even so much securing the one seed is that this defense have colds and and you need to address these holds don't you write clearly Cleveland figures. Home court is not that important we figure we can take games one or two. You know or or what we could judge yet again one or two and and you know take home court in the sinden. Finals are in the Eastern Conference finals so. They don't seem very worried about that but to me it's more of me. What you're actually doing out there on the court and that's not good it. Maybe you can flip a switch in the first and second round right. But in the conference finals in the NBA finals you need to be on point and I don't think Cleveland is anywhere close to where they want to be right. Now well I think one of the things we've done is we've overrated their bench a little bit and on some of the guys that they've gotten might Deron Williams. There's a reason that Dallas sat him down. And gave the starting job to yogi Ferrell right I mean you know in Daryn it doesn't seem to have a whole lot left. You know Richard Jefferson at this stages is a low minimum role player. You look at some of the other guys they've brought in Andrew Bogut and he gets hurt in the very first game against the heat then they bring in Larry Sanders they don't seem thrilled with him. So I mean they've continued to bring in players even just made another move. Where did idea on relations they just cut him yesterday right yeah. Today signed Dahntay Jones or is that just I think is just out there it's a cells is that he wanted to possibilities for error gel might be another possibility for them. So. I think we've overrated their depth a little bit you know because the names sound good when and maybe you know these are guys that can't move their feet on defense anymore I. I overrated their depth. But I thought how much do you really need from Gary Williams how much do you really need from Bogut how much do you really need from Richard Jefferson. And last year's Cleveland seemed so years ago from well two years ago you didn't have clarion Kevin in the final so you would need a more but. My point is it looked I don't think you would have needed much from those guys so I thought it was going to be a good fit but those guys didn't have anything left they they really didn't well Richard Jefferson I shouldn't say that yes yes. Some left he's just not as good as he was what two years ago he. Played OK but I mean this is the same thing that happened when you know you have the heat team. You know as services at a certain point guys as an old bright bright red and when they go the other way you've got to feel like Shawn Marion that last year with Cleveland. I played a lot. This is the first year the LeBron came back he played a lot early in the season. And by the finals David blatt was plans facing six and a half guys and Shawn Marion was not one of them right even though he desperately needs seem to need. Another player off of that day and she didn't go to him you know we saw in 2014. With some of the heat guys like Ray Allen. Was never great defender but really at that stage with such a liability on defense that it was horror the to even though everything else he gave you it was hard for him to get the kind of minutes and we saw that even in the last game that he played in the systems in the cake schedule the bulls and and pacers have as a joke beat by not taking care business to make the plans those losses against Orlando in the worst. One against the knicks is coming back to bite them and dance. Or will miss the playoffs deficit yes I. I'd. This is gonna sound ridiculous I'm still fairly confident and in the heat and their ability to to make the playoffs. But in the last two weeks in one thing that I think which is this is totally off the topic but one thing that I think as far as teams tainting. May be. Maybe the NBA in the in the lottery selection make it they should put more weight and victories or or your record in the last three weeks. To give some seen some incentive to to not think so badly to win but. Listen talking about schedules the Brooklyn in the last in the last two weeks Brooklyn this born three month and and they have beaten Chicago and they do have Chicago again on wins. He says they're perfect storm really into that because that he got two things going on their one as you've got a lot of young players who are trying to prove they belong only hits and two they have nothing to lose my winning. Yet they're they're gathered on a daily and they can you know they lose their daily lives their ball in the clearly harder so they have nothing to lose my winning whereas. You know the lakers and had to explain themselves for these wins lately because they put the cells and a tougher position as far as the getting a top three. Lottery position and now. I believe they're still on the third spot. You can lakers four and three over over their last seven so right these are these are suits seems. Who as you say really have no incentive to welded Brooklyn has knowing incentive to win. But. They're they're playing good ball. And I don't think you can definitely pencil in a victory for Chicago over Brooklyn that that's my point that right at Brooklyn has beaten them once. I'm just not that impressed with Chicago did the other bad teams are playing poorly over to my glass to Iranians play well in the night either. No he didn't. No he didn't ancillary incorporating and Texans and is the hawks being the pacers Wednesday the most realistic game helped the heat. It might be the hawks. Menopause can still. And that they they still are they're still fighting their position right they could lead ordeal and they look at the standings I wanna say Atlantis forty and a no no no no 42 and 38. 42 Indians yet you know what we're doing well when we come back we're gonna go over all this and tell you where these teams stand. And also getting into warrior techs here valid Ron missing tonight so again. They're great staff firma Tommy tiger up to some of the what was a number for private wanting. Foreign twenty. Cavs a foreign twice since LeBron came back in games that he misses so. The heat. Was not a nine in the eighteen games of LeBron missile he was. Non member of the money people who are back on some nine. Call it here did Christopher and take yemen's. Close to 630 tonight at which point he. You 1000 dollars slam dunk is back to chancellor thousand bucks just I'm listening to take it starts next Monday it was into the code word of seven. And 8 AM. And then again at four. Four and 5 PM Texas at work seven to anyone and you can win a thousand bucks starts next Monday mind monster. Monday on am 79 me and FM one a four point three HD two. Those tickets. Are we're here at American Airlines or anything it's only here with Chris Perkins someone to be here and on that he pregame show. Hopefully. I think so you're not resting tonight. Not how I'm against resting. You have to put me in the hospital. But to keep be over broadcasts that happen and act that's happened yet the events that I'd done Tommy tiger. Joining us here so we were doing a little bit of math here on the on the other side of it this this break here you brought the wrong guy in here because I feel geometry will back in high school when I jump gee I failed so badly failed algebra kind of going to like carver high for summer school now a bad shape after a and play baseball my dad hated me it was just a rough summer. So it. I don't need algebra for this. Only definitely do need logarithms dissident blogger users who it would help an abacus perhaps him. So what we've basic figure out here is it's not just. They Miami Milwaukee Chicago three team time. That. The heat would end up making the playoffs it's also Miami Milwaukee Indiana three team time. I think that was three intermarriage Jackson's report on this but I don't he didn't carry it through. Two. The Indiana portion of this. So anyway so that's where this is that he can make the class a whole bunch of different things but. Base and got to win two games something that is correct right. I just find it so our Ronnie Keith and I'm sure you Chris feel the same way that last year went out of the final game we thought when they lost in Boston off. They're gonna have no home court advantage in the first round of what happened by losing the game they ended up in third so I can't tell you for sure. What could happen if they do win these two games except we have to worry about these two other places. In other parts of the world and that's the toughest thing to have to go through. Yen at Tommy what do you think is the most act most likely most realistic scenario. Come and coming out of this is it. He makes it heat mayor of Chicago live side what what do you think it based on what you've seen this. I'd like to think that the story book continues the Miami continues playing in the playoffs plus the fact that you get paid by the games so I would like to continue all the way on this August if we could. But the way I really look at this I really can't see Chicago winning both games I can't see Indiana winning both games. I I aiming can't picture Miami but based on what of those three teams I like Miami's chances even though they are still on the outside looking in because. You just can't count on Chicago I think it's very of Dwyane Wade in the lineup now because if the way player on Saturday night. I'll look reported seeing the bulls would wait out there again for 25 minutes trying to play in the same big pretty and I just. Don't trust them either it's just. We've been saying this were awful long time guys it's gonna come down of the final game it looks like that's exactly what it's gonna do. Yeah it does look like that and it's going to not play well tonight and that there are weird position here because. You want Dwyane to play because he's Dwyane Wade because you see what he'd done in these small one of this way if you're my am old and I thank god into Chicago if you Chicago he you look at his history and he obviously he's been big in big moments without a doubt by. He's also missed a lot of time. And he wasn't playing that well before he went out with the latest injury means so. There is a question there Indiana. You know Jimmy bought was playing so well he was when I really loud outlining exactly now Paul George looks like he wants to strangle his teammates after the time that the via. Indiana still in position. To get in but you say you don't see them winning their last two that I mean that last one against Atlanta. You know what to see where the hawks I. I F I try to fire guys I like the pacers chances sure but if the hawks go up the way they played against Boston on Friday night the way they played against Cleveland yesterday. I kind of like the way Atlanta is playing right now down the stretch I think as an awful lot to do what could happen next three days what do you think the NBA can do about it salute very difficult and last week of the season teams are getting ready for the playoffs and they're gonna rest guys if they feel like they need to rest guys that. What do you think the NBA can do about this this rest issue throughout the rest of the season I wish. I could figure something not Tom ever stroll was on the other day talking about it says that they ought to. Allow this to continue to happen and the only thing that I can buy with any team resting. Is I look back to Michael Jordan adult K I don't consider. The greatest competitors in the history of the game resting in a position like this regardless what the situation is they wanna give battle tested and get ready for the playoffs that way. I see the point that teams like Cleveland or doing I don't buy the idea that cut tire Ron Lewis saying. We know on the one is gonna dictate who's going to play who's not going to play because the players themselves they have an awful lot of say in this whole idea of what they could do about this whole thing. Yell you're on the road best the luck the if you wanna do so violate that I just hate to see teams resting their players in their own building you pay season ticket prices. I'm sorry for Georgia and now mark their comment that the night's game to try to watch it. To see their favorite cavaliers all sixteen people you come home to anyone see your home team win more times than you know who may be not down here with a lot of New Yorkers but. In a situation like that. You wanna see the heat win tonight so I don't think anybody's can be too upset the building but if this was a whole game and it was Cleveland situation. And I could feel for it but as far as whether wanna rest guys on visiting teams go right ahead do whatever you want. Tommy is this an issue where the commissioner needs to stepping in or kin can. Teams handle this I think they can Chris I think they can handle their own you get ready the way you wore army we sat through those years 2011. Through fourteen and the more times. That's both sat LeBron and Chris and Dwyane in the same game and if that's the way he feels he's got to get ready for the playoffs. And then there was that one gamer member of the Kevin McHale was coaching used to he assumed all three of the sitting here is LeBron and uniformity goes out practically as a triple double knocks the rockets. Out of the playoff picture it's up to you was an organization how you feel you wanna get ready. LeBron James is 117. Consecutive games in the first round of the playoffs and he's won eleven straight first round series I think he knows what to do. Regardless of his defense looks crappy right now or his team is resting with a few games to go in the season so. I'm not gonna take anything away from what he does to prepare for game whether it was a good club live for what he was drivable a Palm Beach last night have a wonderful time. I don't care he thinks he's ready good this is gonna help out the negative feeling tonight but US that they have got the look at this way. Member of the last time somebody sat somebody going into each game mellow Derrick Rose are right and what happened at Friday night yeah I mean that. The loss right now if you look at all the losses during this regular season you can talk about the Philadelphia games of the Orlando games but that knicks lost since is the most re Newton. That's the one that kills him like this I mean you if you don't eat you know Los sacking him at this point. Things look very different right now Miami would be in playoff position. Instead of on the outside than they would need looking for help from someone else. You know I I sort of am told perk like I sort of whitewash the entire 1130 thing like games they lost during that period of time. It just it was what it was right OK I mean you can talk about that being a point you know that being a situation that got them stronger going forward. Buy it in terms of the games they've lost since they've they've found themselves as a team. Those are the most frustrating and you know the Orlando losses particularly that knicks lost. I was sick Sami I'm not so sure. I think he stands will be happy with the results tonight. Obviously and you know what I think I think I'll winning a lot of employ sure bright but I think when they just get to the building or when they got the news today if they had tickets this game it was more than just a dozen people or whatever frankly you know from Cleveland with a Laura George and Martha for the kids are sorry fourteen Georgia north and their friends I it was more than just them that are upset about it in the down and I mean it's. You know luckily there are a lot of heat fans who were die hardy fans who bought into this team no and there are people who just bought tickets tonight to see LeBron. Now I'll say that sure. But the way I look at it is I want my team to win if Obama fan and I don't care who's out there you wanna put anybody out there Walter Matthau as bad news bears. What the five of them out on the courts I'm okay with a I'm all right. So if you like this then Randy can't I think it's interesting I like things have gone the last if I guess 3040 game Jay your prior right maybe not right field. But let's just about everywhere else they might offend. Better than the cows I I can't think of a team. With Cleveland's pedigree an eight you know you have to give it to them on and they made it to the finals last two years into the defending champions that's gone into a post season. We had more questions about it right because of just what one of the two things you need to do one a basketball court they can't do. They can't defend Wright the its wanted to do things yeah. But if you try to out score everybody if you think that's the way you have the way and that's probably the way Cleveland feels that they're gonna have to win unfortunately it doesn't happen that way it's. It is they and yet let's put it this way it's not exactly a perfect team out there there's no question but they. They have offensive ability you know whether or not that translates in the postseason it never does I've said it and in other sports as well defense. Is what's going to win defense or running the full force Burke knows and football. What happen all the time and win in the playoffs saying they won't happen in baseball you have to defendant pitch you have to get those elements to do that when you can't do one. You're an awful lot of it they are very difficult position to try to do something. Against the very good teams and that's what this team's gonna have a tough time going going up against those very good teams I still think they have championship and a pedigree. To think that they can be able to at least reach into the finals another time. Tommy what has to happen tonight for the heat and don't say they have outscored Cleveland. I would would have to happen for them for the heat to win this game and why think when you look back the last time they played I know LeBron played one of the games they had 343 quarters when they play the two games of one both Monday at 21 in Charlotte. And they shot well the other night at different times of the game against Washington so I think those are things that have to happen you have to shoot well to do well. Especially from beyond the arc that's where this team has played well because look at some of justice statistics they've had. When they played Dallas and lost out there the only knockdown eight. When they played give and I Toronto they only hit seven threes. It seems the correlate what they do with the route site shooting that makes them so much better I think that's the thing that you look at more than anything else. Yeah you gotta get Whiteside involve a B that's a major factor especially against a front like tonight the Dow LeBron and Tristan Thompson. But yeah I still think Berkett comes down to shooting the basketball well for Miami be successful team as well as offense. Yet what we've seen is it when they make ten threes they went right that's that's typically been. The formula for them here this season. What do you which I'm Tommy tiger and you can catch on here pregame show tonight on sentiment in the second yeah what do you it's been the been the best story on the heat this year there are a lot of options for war which is the one that jumps out to you James Johnson. I I think always watch and guy you know over the last 45 years I couldn't tell you what Timmy was on at times. When I heard he was on Memphis this is Jeff forgot when he was a Memphis Sacramento I had no idea when he was on Memphis and Sacramento. But I Toronto you say okay here's a guy that could shoot from the baseline a little bit of waste in defense. Aside from that though multi talented things that he's able to do offensively. Aside from the defense that he puts out there at. That he can play forcing him play three easy guards twos and how great he's not LeBron James I understand that he's got some of the same characteristics out there. And you're ready images so many different stories that are really go on this team but I have to pick James Johnson which makes you think in the off season you know what do you do with this guy you have to think about. What you do as far as your futures concern it. He's part of the equation as his waiters I think waiters would be right up there is a story one AP stayed healthy and has been three incidents this year. Re hasn't been able to I think that's the that's the toughest thing to try to think about whether you wanna keep hammered out but I. To answer your question James Johnson is the most remark. The story for many well they got hurt to buy it looks like the cap is going to be lower than it was supposed to be so. If you decide if you're gonna keep when Ellington and spend six million dollars in the team option Emma Roberts and and you don't. Deal McRoberts thumb as much as you would like to deal McRoberts. You've got there are thirty million dollars left to spend. And you could basically signed James Johnson and Dion Waiters and call of the day. In order if you wanna pursue something else in free agency it's going to be tough. To keep but it's a good point because you know you wanna put nannies in the seats and as James Johnson and Dion Waiters based on their second half production do something like that that's the major factor that you have to think about. Does it make your team better you sit down on opening day next year you put your team out there with the exact same guys you have at this moment. With Winslow with Ellington with James Johnson and we're surrounded and with a first round pick and Whiteside another year and Dragic. Is that the type the nucleus to get you where can you get as high as three or four is that would disorganization is looking for or they are looking to win championships. So that's where you have to spend your money if there are available it is available talent out there. As opposed to the James Johnson. Daily double would Dion Waiters that's the what they have the way here I like the way both played in the second appear this a 3011 team with those guys in the line of most of the time. But to be better to be more exciting team is capable of qualify for championship you have to make a changeup that. Yet I agree with you on that Tommy and I I. I think you have whatever you choose to do. You have to make sure that you were flexible. Meaning you have assets that other teams more exactly if somebody is available do they want your players can you make a deal. Real quick Tommy. Russell Westbrook he is the MVP no doubt there is no other correct. Insert. Kweisi consider the other one that I think he's wrong because he's role belief that goes the other way it takes to Harden he thinks it could be Pelosi thinks they're the argument to be made some other player yeah I think it is are you receiving it for four guys beyond a while under. Coli oh argument Hawaii and I think there's Isaiah Thomas nor now and I think there's arguments teammates LeBron and LeBron Norris. Yeah I still have to say Westbrook number 133 and nine right boy is almost like two triple double almost like creating the Triple Crown gives baseball and even though your team is. You know now what the upper Echelon clubs united gamma home court advantage in the first round. That's going to be electric Syria seems to Houston okay that's match up when Harden is one I'd definitely wanna see but did today it's your question Burke I have to go with Weisberg base that. Just last night was the cherry and on top of the cake and that was unbelievable hitting the shot that he did from 37 feet 53 points. Setting a record that you know you know a lot of people thought would never be broken I did that that puts him over the top but he wasn't already there are atomic time you beyond he pregame show as usual tonight I hope so yes. If you could put halftime as well whenever it's on an analyst okay and they never exactly opposite of this that's about Alan halftime and post game tied tied Texas and analysts called my pleasure thanks like guys I appreciate when we come back we gotta get your Marlins tycoons from last week. Also the Panthers made news today we'll talk about what that means right back on seven iron to take it. The. Okay medics and but those rings and mold things are. That's the lowest ratings auto mall with over 2200. Years when you season is the only vehicle. It is only back here and Chris turner singing up until close to. 7 o'clock tonight. Again keep texting easy and 67974. If the heat wind tomorrow night but miss the playoffs how will you feel about the season you can also call and it's 786. 36 so 079786360. 0790. We're also touching on this topic this idea because it is just remarkable to me that the cap appears cannot win in game. Like he knew last slightly even as I was watching it at and I might. You know he's not playing particularly well yes he should be desperate they don't seem like it at this point. Especially defensively they weren't closing out the way that they should close out but she knew that the cavs are gonna we're gonna you know. Stay at that game away. Because they don't win games without LeBron James and that data lineup that they had out their last night I mean it wasn't a bunch of dear leader's I mean you he still had Kevin Love he's still had a Channing Frye is functional NBA player Darrent Williams scored 35 Nielsen had ten turnovers but he's. It's a third time he almost got the triple double. JR Smith's. Probably out a little bit too late club lit the night before and didn't shoot the ball particularly well I like Kyle Korver Nissan a month shopper I didn't notice a fielder got her left the game actually while that's why you Kate on again hurt was why he. During my intent to play almost all those minutes. And Darren was like. It was funny because TC who's getting younger and younger is the game was going on in this certain points are gonna get older and a trip to real Darrent Williams. Com's. So. This cavs roster is is not more talented than the LeBron had. Here which LeBron certain care well which you say Tony thirteen or order. I'll take. Any of the last three any of the last three teams. The clintons the first scene where you were to aryan big Indian Jamaal Magloire. Okay I probably give it to the camps this year's tales were last year's tales. This the weld bet that he teen with a three hall of Famer well bore hole papers Ray Allen the Big Three hall of famers Ray Allen. Serviceable Shane Battier the Mario Chalmers knew how to do his job correct. Too well Anthony knew how to do his job that we're we're now we're getting down soon. I guess and JR Smith Ray Allen that's fairly even and let's go to the store I would even but let's go to the sentence disagree. Fiery younger better score than waned. I see this this is honesty this is why we need to. We need to clarify which she team we're talking about because OK let's put less heat at the when he eats her teen the second title. The second title to. Ray Allen shot. The team that won twice and Sherry yes. Was this Tyree. Better than that weighed no. Bet that weighed the weighed was the same Dwyane Wade who until last year. Might have had the most remarkable NBA finals performance that being 2006. So let that Dwyane Wade was well 2013 when it wasn't 2006 when nobody he had met pedigree he had the big game. Big moment he was a guy who can carry a team by themselves. Yeah net income you can't discount that it's like Ray Allen. Was not the Ray Allen of 2007. But he had big shot hall of fame credentials into him you have to importance for the. I I Dwayne if you look at Wayne's number specially during that 27 game winning streak it was still very very good that season he was dealing obviously with a knee trouble. And the 2013 fourteen season for him as a struggled us. Do you still Dwyane Wade at that time you look at him now and it's like you used to be Dwyane Wade. He was still Dwyane Wade in and clip of that title run. Okay this comes in Kevin Love better than bosh see that I don't English no way no. Not as Chris is a much better defender than than than normal wasn't much better defender particularly. If he had a very very good 20122013. Season so I'm Bob and I. I have a bias on this one mile a minute I I'm just not a huge fan of love's game I don't think that he shows up. In a lot of big games for them both so. I did that this Texans and that that Ray Allen is the same as Kyle Korver. Mine relish the Pope Famer. Who again has championship pedigree from from Boston. We can't discount this week we could not Disco Donna. I don't I and a senate I'm saying mauled the Ray Allen though again I went in and just play devil's advocate here keeper. The Ray Allen and begin during the 20122013. Season rain was coming off the bench played you know was part of their regular rotation coming off the bench. He wasn't the Ray Allen from. Early Boston are or particularly from Seattle are Milwaukee. No he's not he was a guy who is is mostly a specialist. He was a guy who was supposed to do would be dealing game six. Right. Hi Reid has not done that heavy. He's not that I read late NATO corps or a couple of rooms are Kyle Korver has not done that. I don't want to do Ray Allen. Now I mean Korver was close a couple of years and 5049 he season. Are 5059 he's. Yes it but where was Kyle Korver when his team needed him in the playoffs with Atlanta. That's a good point. Trisha Johnson better than bird man. Yeah okay idea give you an. Airline instead of the Mario Chalmers I would not give you that. Deron Williams has better chop seats. Well I guess. That now. Now let's say a protocol you have this you know I do us a contradiction you're making you're making the case based on pedigree for a couple of different guys on the heat right. But they word though the older Ray Allen was battered and I'm Daryn then Deron Williams Greg Deron Williams's. Over this deal right now correct Ray Allen is still serviceable. Oh well still serviceable the right time offensively offensively. He's. Darrent Williams is is is not going to who. You wouldn't even you wouldn't even want to Deron Williams in that situation in the play offs in the finals that you may have Ray Allen and so I Darrent Williams time has passed up put it's like that his time has passed Ray Allen have the chops it championship shot you looked at him and you see it. I can still go to him late in the game. You're not bring in Deron Williams off the bench late not late not elimination game to handle the ball large. You know. Now Darren Williams does have better pedigree I will give you that but he's over the hill now. Yeah I'm over the hill and and the heat's guards were not over the hill. So they're letting us through the rest this listen on Shumpert credit and Doris coal. I think shepherds and overrated player really do. Cheney tried better than Rashard Lewis. Me yeah I mean grid Channing Frye is it is as a specialist is a three point specialist. JR Smith better than and then Michael Beasley LO well Mike Miller. LN may oh c'mon man Jarvis Varnado Josh Harrellson Roger Mason junior LA Mano. Cleveland the Cleveland does not have a whole life do they. Do you do you feel good about. Kevin Love in the clutch. And I NBA finals game down the stretch. He played well I I I do give him credit he played well in game seven but I do think a lot of times he shrinks. Is it that he's knots. You know he's post some numbers are good bit for some reason I I always remember him losing the ball on the posts in those situations. I'm just not I I don't think. And I get a lot of people disagreeing on this I don't think he's an only guy. Like I think I I think he's a good player com I I think they he got elevated to something else because he stat padding in Minnesota. You know and he got off to previous start this season we forgot her. But that's the other thing he's always hurt. You know I mean he's he's always at this time is. Enemy and curry had missed a lot of time. This this this kind of text line blew up this topic it always does. Non. And that it's an CBI I was just fascinated by that's that that's that that there they've lost their last ten. Without him I mean they should be able to win I mean if Kevin Love is and I know some of the games London curry is sad that I have sat down also. But if they all are what people say they are. They ought to be able to win an occasional game without LeBron now. They should be able to Hewitt and you would think they could they should've won well on an operational one last night but. Had a good chance Greg. Well did they were I mean he hadn't had more at stake in terms of you know beat the cavaliers are basing this you know their. Playing for seeding in the not seem to care about them much the heat are playing for their playoff lives right now this is different level of desperation I think that started to show up a little bit. Late in that game. This this. This text and LeBron has crazy help. It it does seem I mean. I'm not sure that he does hurt sweat moments when. It's it is cutting nearly as hot in here yesterday. Onward Friday gets written at the yesterday. Did the coaching. It's bold goes all over tight Lou correct. Yeah I don't think Tyler was distinguish himself in any great way at Wrigley this year. Yeah right yes I entirely basically. Look there there's the reality with a tie Lou is he's not David blatt and a lot of the players in Cleveland and liked David blatt. Did it black by the way who just led some other news another team writes Turkish team or something like that suicidal to the tune of to the playoffs or something like that so he seems to do better there. I'm in Europe all right mobile gets more your check someone gets it that back to the conversation we had before about the heat season to hit you checks and get your calls wretched. Carlo the back on seven I think yeah. He 1000 dollar slammed on his back to chancellor a thousand bucks is not listening the ticket it starts next Monday it was a for the code word at seven and 8 AM. And again at four and 5 PM texts that were 272881. That's seven to 81. And you can win a thousand bucks at starts next Monday on and 790 and FM 1043 HD two. The ticket back at American Airlines Arena we're taking up until close to 7 o'clock tonight Chris Perkins and I are joined. By B writer extraordinaire from the Miami Herald covers the Miami Heat. Manny Navarro. On the story out here very beginning. Is this it. Yeah I think connected. I think the fact that he. Nets aren't putting the rest he not on the floor. And now they were very good to begin with doesn't stand up I was opposite effect that it Peter mourning the setting of Trevor Booker he had. I at this point of the season and no offense to mr. broker but. I mean talking about a 21 win team writer twenty win team and in the nets by. Yeah I mean you don't think about this Manny is that. If you can blame Cleveland for this yet. Because of Cleveland. Just winds one of those two games against the hawks. Right either the game where the hawks didn't play any money. Or the game where the hawks were down 26 points. Against the cavaliers team that was playing everybody in the fourth quarter and for fourth quarter. If Atlanta loses either of those two games. They're playing to win tonight. Yeah. No question I mean this there's a lot of games you can't sit back and look at Tom De'Angelo from the Palm Beach post and we're talking about some of the games. This year if you remember the Boston. Chicago game I think whatever for the also very Jimmy Butler getting that phantom foul called ghost of the free throw line. It's the winning free throws the Chicago until when he nagging him. And that's the difference right now between men in Chicago. That's another example. Well and even brought up the from. A wooded doing get the veteran it just is Winslow was here. Yeah yeah so clearly the clearly know what for you so many we're talking off the air about the in the NBA though that in be ill NB a he's having a problem. With these late season games. Here's what I'm thinking last seven games do something along these lines the last seven games you incentivize it sold it. It's a it's the first tiebreaker for playoff seeding. And it's the first tiebreaker to get in the playoffs after that you go into here to hear division Gregor conference record whatever. And for the non playoff teams those last seven games would. Avery you getting the best record in the last seven gives you a better chance of getting the number one pick. Well it wouldn't. Could the league do anything along those even if it's not that specifically because you're you're saying something needs to be done that how do you incentivized the last 817 in games it's. It's a great question because obviously teams. In not minute situation but it in the similar situation where they have the same record. Would be taking on purpose right to get a better lot of repression. In this case that's not the case it ought to treat these swap that pick with Boston so the minutes are gonna benefit from getting higher lottery pick the Celtics are making their pick anyway. So I don't know I don't know that there's a perfect formula to resolving this. I just know that I think all NBA teams down the stretch of the season if your guys are healthy and in legitimately healthy you should be put. But he has done this as we pointed out or quit right LeBron and LeBron ever played at the end of the year they heed yet as the heat is a victim now but it's beneath. Yes it investigator that's yet to book. I donate it it cuts teams both ways no doubt but I think if your playoff team if you birdie a plea opposition that's one thing your your resting guys who put out I get that. But if you're not in the playoff hunt. And you got a healthy guy out there like Brook Lopez and Jeremy Lin and again this is the Brooklyn nets were talking about we're not talking about some some world class team here. You've got he should be playing those guys is no reason these they shouldn't be playing tonight in that game. And I know it sounds that were picking on the net I'm sure there's other examples look the wizards tonight are sitting through the wrestlers but again they're in the playoffs they have they have reasons and that. I think the NBA has a step many the commissioner has to make up. Or would not make up work on some sort of policy that is gonna ensure that a playoff race is a playoff race right up to the finish is right now. When he fans coming here tonight they're gonna be cheering for victory but by the time that game's over and they look over the scoreboard may see. That Indiana Chicago woman bluster their walk out here from the Iraq. Knowing that those teams didn't really face anybody they left in the C. Yeah I doubt that the heat will even put it up on the scoreboard tonight my guess is that they'll probably ended the morning wanna distract anybody from the but everybody's got an on the phone severance and no. What the situation is there's a couple of I mean different ways you can go with this and in this text comes in here reversed draft order for the top non playoff teams. David get the best chance at the lottery. I mean I've suggested that you just don't. He YouTube shows you shouldn't fear the worst teams I think might be a real lottery are real lottery that I saw and anything if you end up with a way a relatively good team that you know it Hanford you know. Like for instance. There was this debate earlier this year. Should he be going for the playoffs or not right and that this was considered to be the worst case scenario what is probably going to happen which is that they give fourteen you pick fourteen do you miss the playoffs and you yet no chance of moving up into the top three I mean what's it like a point 8% chance of something along those lines which lies point five pricing you're going to be picking picking fourteenth. But if you had a situation where oil every team. Was in the same situation. In terms of the lottery. You wouldn't have. You know any question you would go for the playoffs and you miss the playoffs and OK well your consolation is you tried really hard for it. And you get the same chance that if Tenet to pick first second or third as anybody else's right. But wouldn't there be outrage of Golden State got the number one pick but they wouldn't they wouldn't it be to put enough to be all the teams that made the list. If yes well OK okay I got drug got you got easy to see your worst case scenario open moderate for non playoff writes so okay so let's say commit everybody not. It's also let's look at it this year I mean it if if you're gonna look at this year and you say. All right if Denver okay now what Denver is the best team in the west not to make the playoffs or the heat. Gets the number one overall pick. I would people be outraged about that if that was the case sensitivity deserving of the same odds or were they say OK these two teams that made a significant push to try to make the playoffs. They didn't make the playoffs but they ended up getting the number one overall pick. Because the lottery balls just went their way I mean why can't you do with that way. We'll figure out how different basketball would have been Philadelphia for the last five years have they keep right system I mean the 76ers wouldn't be taken on purpose you haven't been entirely different. Would just approach to how you go about things. Right I mean you could that you could say to teams would tank to miss the playoffs right. But it. Teams want the extra revenue of the playoffs right so that they would be Wayne that factor against it at least there would be a compelling reason to try to push. To make the playoffs and that if you don't make it. But you don't make it just let us get your teeth basically OK you still get a reward here. Absolutely that's the bottom line is something has to be worked out and and not just obviously what they're doing here down the stretch but in the regular season as well I mean. I understand guys who need rest this is all about preventing injuries. Then that we had a summit with a schedule you know maybe at take away a couple of weeks of the pre season whatever it is and and and you help avoid back to back that way so the excuse of hey. LeBron is gonna come to Miami and the second out of a back to back him and we're knocking him out here on the court that's gone now because built the back to back to relate that to me is the biggest issue. Get rid of the back to backs and you lose this excuse of why doesn't address. Many in the heat locker room is there a feeling of this situation sucks for us or is there a feeling of pain and we should beat the knicks where we should beat Orlando I think it's. Pretty equal I think it's 5050 I think guys look at the situation and say this stinks for us because. In the end you know they feel like they were right there with both those teams and they were with was Chicago and Indiana forty spots I think there's a lot of regret to I think. You know guys are talking about today the knicks game absolutely warm warm brought it up you know that's a game that. Without Carmelo Anthony without Derrick Rose a you know why you got to beat that team here on your home floor. Another game that Tyler Johnson brought up and if you guys river this sort of how about doing in a match again with a he was up seven with about two minutes ago and just started missing free throws. Hernando ends up sending it to overtime he loses and deliver brief you could do with top ten list. Of heat losses that hurt this season there's there's a lot of. Yeah I mean I. Get that thing about this is so frustrating. Is that you're missing the playoffs. Likely likely gonna miss the playoffs and you gonna lose out to a Chicago team. That you're gonna finish for the same record us and you gonna finish in the same record as and you gonna lose out to them because you lost the season series 21. When you played two of the games on their floor. Right at at and the other thing is the uneven schedule because. Let's say for instance you know this is one of those years in Miami only played Chicago three times what they put forward split which actress is right conference record. Right to be conference are gonna think at that point the he would get through so. Again it's it it it's just it's just an unfortunate situation here on the bad end this. And you know like you said Burt there's been other years they've been on the media positive and that it where they're resting guys and maybe they heard another team's play after it's just unfortunate that. U 3011 potentially. In the second half of the season the second best record in the NBA only to the Golden State Warriors and you end up missing the playoffs are suspicious harboring. Do you think anything will be done. It NBA wives set this off season. I think there will be because of the commissioners made it such an issue of guys sitting in our hurts you know revenue and and and TV dollars access your TV partners aren't happy about it and it is this is this a CBA. Issue or this is just Adams over talking to owners well I think it's not CPA is it. Well I don't I mean I think that's something that could come up with the CPA the next time that's discussed but I think you know did the leagues in charge of the schedule. They're the ones that are in charge of you know how this whole thing is set up divisions except your you know that was in the discussion right getting rid of the content video divisions in the conference Israeli's have we've talked about the paso. You know this is a league decision I think even to the players will will probably have to get involved with everything it's just part of the way sports works. I'm but I think right now yeah I mean any delete past addressed this in some capacity because it it it I mean we were heard about it a fair and baseball do you see this. It's not really immunological I don't that it still playing for records right. Well they are I mean you've got the September 1 call up so you very got to expand the rosters right and so a lot of those guys have sort of been incorporated into lineups over the course of the month. And I don't feel like you see as much I think an incident and an uphill little bit you do but in the NFL I think it's understood I mean that in the NFL you're looking at a league where you know any. Look physical get it now I mean you any play could be the last play of your career night. And so the idea you know it's always more challenging is always work chance gonna hurt when you're not competing for anything. And so you know I I totally understand you know this idea of sitting if if the game doesn't mean anything sitting some players in the last game. But you can't really sit that many of them I mean you only got to 53 man roster and him. But I think most guys need to play I mean to be able to feel the can be you know just a field a team. Craig I don't know this is maybe it's a competitive thing sports wide but I felt like there was lot of pride back went out. Played sports in high schools and at the reports in my life that you wanted to be the spoiler you did eat you kind of like that role if you season meant nothing if you were born in the playoffs. Guys took pride in and and any another team's season I don't know that we really have them in sports and while I don't see guys sort of talking about but I wanna be a spoiler. It's it's a funny thing many I think it's gone the other way from the com. Analytics and rest standpoint that the more rest that you get and guys are better informed on. I'm on diet and an exercise and all that kind of stuff and look at that the point where. I don't know how it is in the NBA but in the NFL almost every player during training camp and the season they have these little GPS trackers. In their practice Jersey and they take the data out after every practice and attracted how many steps that you take how active were you. And so players are very aware of it by take this day off it helps me. Maybe that's part of it now because attitude of athletes this change should hyperbaric chambers and blood spinning and all that kind of stuff. At least it didn't know about that. Thirty years ago and so they did buy into all that lets be the spoiler now let's go like a chill that this is your free agent year where you need to make sure you're healthy maybe that plays some role in it. What if you got rid of the tiebreaker. At the end and you had to say I mean if two teams are tied for the eighth seed won't give live play a one game playoff right then and whoever that maybe won the season series gets the most right that you mile commute time right so I think that's reasonable I just think EU right it is a little too random here when you're talking about not every team plays the same place team same number of times because you don't have. In and saner conference replay every team four times a we saw this year. With Chicago and Miami were Chicago got the benefit of two home games although Miami did win one of the game's a Miami one of the only in the money one was up there. But even so on and I think you could do that. Where you played a playing game and I mean he imagine what that would be like here tomorrow. Or even up in Chicago wind with Miami trying to knock wade out of the playoffs I'd be in what do you let everybody would tune in to watch that for sure right so I mean I think there are a lot of different ways you can go this but what's clear right now is that. Yet there's going to be a lot of dissatisfaction tonight I mean the heat benefit from Washington not plan everybody so I don't think he can have any problem with what Atlanta's doing. I do understand. Why they have a problem what Brooklyn is doing and yet the top of the show I said well but it's what you talked about when you when you just talked about. The he had opportunities they had they had the nuggets they had the knicks. They had the magic they had the sixers who start looking at these games I don't look at the games as much when they were 1130. I look at the games in this second man need I can win every game but the second half run where they may end up 3011 but they still had some soft losses. No doubt Tyler said it today City College there were three at least two or three games to date they could've won and we could finish his 33 and eight or 32 and nine. And and you know it looked at the bottom line is he getting the injury to Dion is really what affected them. There were rolling I mean just playing so great that at another level to lose him it took them a little while to sort of get over that. I think they're 500 in the twelve you have got to look at the stat under 66 right in Ann is and so they were much better team obviously before Dion got hurt. And you know what in the end I think he does he think of it this way even if deal were to come back in the playoffs in the heat makes it now somehow. It's not going to be what they work a deal is not at that level we saw them practicing yesterday on that ankle trying to make cuts he was wincing the whole time. So you know I think a healthy DR waiters on this heat team would have been exciting to watch the players but that but that's not we're gonna see any way the unit. Darren Manning appreciated thanks Sunday really great season coverage did check him out at Miami Herald dot com Manny Navarro I see anybody can get you to. Art when we come back we'll get more into tonight some of the permutations on it. Also go around the league perk I gonna make our awards picks for this NBA season we'll be right back inseminated taken. Okay then yeah. Okay. Season tickets are available for a limited time and this includes. Mean over individual's sickness exists it's good players coaches. And flexible payment plans calling he'd grab it 786777. Sorry there's only back here without Chris Perkins. Here on 79 he's taken taking up until close to 7 o'clock tonight he. Soul. There were some cool things that happened in the game last night although you know once he gets about the third quarter of it you realize. After the hawks made a brief while the nets were done Mon night game basically three minutes into making municipals. Once hawks made any runs to get within India within five and one point. And then the pace just pushed back. It was pretty clear to people in the arena like I I was surprised at people and. Everybody was following an on their phones like people were coming over to the media area. As soon as we have and we had that the bulls nets game on TV and then. And then the other game on the Internet for some reason couldn't get that. Pacers talks like this is easiest end game so I guess I just confinement that was my own. Fun anyway. People just come over to the media table to figure out what was happening in the other two game is but you know he's the word sort of get around the arena things weren't gonna go very well. So. After that it was OK can he just finish this thing at 4141. And and it was Ari can you get it L. A little beloved Udonis Haslem I thought one of the the few mistakes that are Porsche made this year was in that game where. Dwyane Wade returned here in two Miami on November 10 which turned out to be really big game because that ended up deciding. Can the eight seat. In Dwyane drawing a foul on justice Winslow. That. Eric didn't get Udonis in the game. Again why there at that moment at any point right and it was a close competitive game early in the season to understood it but in this particular game Julie when he went up ten. Ladin and you wanted to see Udonis get on the floor and he did get on the floor in many took a shot. That looked like it was going to be a three that was gonna go down that swirl around and popped out that would have brought the arena. I mean that was brought the house down that would have been the biggest moment of the game last night but I want to get to some of this. Some of these comments from Udonis. After the game last night Tom. He was talking about what his mood was after the game. Program. Are you sure know who could do one so that we don't. Really one of those. There's been movement. You know to me. Filled. He knew it and they never they never effort you know in your didn't. You know it's funny future if you they never do. Ten work. All right and then a little bit more about how uniquely Siemens. So unfortunately don't live up to 30% of those. You know my back account you know so unfortunately. We are to. Group could begin the second half of the season he's sort of results. 70% of league doesn't play hard. I've been there he roots. Exaggerating led him straight yes slightly. I'd ideally I think it's fair to say well look is this one can say doesn't play artists are the things say it doesn't play hard every night. 'cause I think that there's a pretty high percentage of players in the league that don't play hard every night. But don't play hard and all this is different Conger you don't play horrid this. Welcome many said he beat the other 30% don't have talent. Yeah that's pretty grim view of bleed a little over might not want to promote it even to advertisers if you don't play our you our talent outsell which by the god loves Ellen do work cart. Budweiser. You're ready lately do work are we are right there AI you'll be happy for less important they they sought. But they work are exactly exactly right now Udonis against fourteen seasons. I hadn't played in two months since he got on the court last side he's played bigger roles and other teams obviously starter in 2006. On the championship team and he did play a role when those Big Three teams he misty was asked to compare this team to the victory. We love you shouldn't if you don't know your own love each other people's temperature. Have you broken. You know I think it was the end of that you know we could have fun you know things you never forgot to have fun what was going on around the. Yet that group got tired that was I thought that was good very revealing quote from you. Let's look at it like this the scene had nothing to lose correct that this version of the heat and it was like the 0304 heat. Where you're just loosen your young and expectations are low and all of a sudden no they don't know we've got to show. That's gonna help this team was correct at eleven and at the start of the season expectations were low. Man on Lebanon thirty. You had zero expectations. And then they start winning and you get excited in their car slid in there didn't threes and you really start to love this team and I I think that if this team worst to go Lawrence. Like Golden State how much fun do you think there heaven right now Cleveland how much fun do you think there have been San Antonio expectations. Right yet the funds stars go and Elton its business amidst pressure. So. This team eventually I think. Well it would've gotten to that level to the Big Three year or two leveled at Golden State I don't know how many top teams have fun in pro sports. I'm trying to think of why it NBA team right now. Is having the kind of fund at the heat were have ninety Houston's having fun right now it looks like right we're seeing right now via a live. Blair right now. You think Houston's seventh run. They look like you're coming in their jacking up a bunch of threes everybody's in their points. The plan a free flowing style. But I mean your point's well taken aback Cleveland and all sunny gold steady grind well well. Any has been Golden State still date they can look like they're there having fun right I mean though this style of play that they play. They can look like they're having fun. Yes yes but. You're coming off of a bad showing in the finals. And now you've got TD. And you play well without JD. I'm not sure how much. Pressure how much fun and there haven't two years ago and last year. Yet Golden State probably had a lot of fun and I think the expectations are cranked up to the spot now where. It's. You've you've got to produce this is this is all business. You've got to produce there's no war. You can force a smile out there on the court. When things are when things are going well but still even underneath the high fives the smiles. That pressure is you got to win a title or else this season has been a waste. Oh yeah I I think once again deeper in the playoffs this year that's certainly not. Be a factor that you see Damien Miller came down said blazers in 60. Idea who considers its that was like the Brandon Jennings on right. Yeah commit if if they if they lose who's gonna remember there's that at this time next year who's gonna remember right. That's. That's as good that he said it echoes ever newspaper guy always like stuff like that there's says old and tired as it is but. You don't. Who tears. This this text hum part of the warriors identity is being loose. When they tighten up they they aren't as magical. I don't believe that but. I'm not I don't think this season was as Don has two years ago or last year. You viewed her Golden State because you petty crushing loss in the finals and it's good LeBron. When you had a 31 lead and now you've got Kevin Durant. And there's really no excuse now. When you win the title if you win the title that's when the pawn stars but to me. The playoffs are grind I don't know how many how many playoffs do you think worked on for the Big Three. Maybe that maybe the the second title playoffs after you have their first title in your back pocket well yeah they don't they are no limit yeah yeah ended and the pressure is on right by Boston and the pressure is on you to be. A legacy team you got together to be an all time team. Do you think they ever implement welts. I don't a certain moment in early round I had. And at times they did that they they were planning it seems that they came to Lola. Like a slew of well Indiana they're. On the Boston. Right I mean these are these were different colts. Series for them I mean they played loose in the first round they only lost 21 round games. You know they be will they be to be no they slept Milwaukee they beat Philadelphia and find the beacon that they need to Nixon thought in five. And the beach or they swept Charlotte. Although I need to feel like they were having fun when they swept Charlotte and that last series but. The Edison the sex comes in as a fan this season was a lot of fun. It was more fun for me than him from the than LeBron years now more satisfying the more far on the Brian years or stressful. Yes and we have stood at some point in the so we rule get Specter ranking. This season among. Was this C top ten season in franchise history not Isiah though the way teams parliament the way playoff teams I'm nudge. I'm not sure that this season was. Maurer. Successful or or better than any of vote the way playoff teams you brought up old ninety and the Quinton Richardson and that team the Boston Boston in the first round lane famously say and I'll never lose in the first round again. And hasn't since then there's this year will be the test of that right I guess that applies not repeat but. Not sure that this will have to put pen to paper and I haven't done it. But it didn't note the first year of the franchise goes to the playoffs all wars heat knicks all four com Big Three. The though old Duane rookie year how many you have to there are 89 I'm not sure that this was a top ten franchisees. And a lot of fun and your hats off to the over achievers. But I'm not if we actually put pen to paper or not I doubt that this will be top tier and season in franchise has. All right we're gonna go through that next on Sunday and it's it. Her case the 49 annual Munich university in Miami sports all of them induction banquet is Tuesday April 18 of jungle island this year's hall of fame class includes football James Jackson. Daryl Williams and Jeremy Shockey baseball's Bryan Bryan and Dan Davies. Basketball Steve Edwards and UN women's basketball coach Katie Meier for more information and tickets. Go to UN sports hall of fame. Dot com these installment back with Chris Perkins taking up until close to 7 o'clock tonight. We'll talk a little football in the next segment one more sheer. Will stick of this. Phil Jackson story because some of your texts. Have come in the business. Heard. Omani send obvious where. Melo would be a perfect fit for the heat all the core writers talking about it don't you wanna be cool. Considerate. Hillary at the last lie import. And just take. Bloom rare enough. This is say that sells if China. Trying to sell me on something yeah they'll go. Yeah. Text comes in here on their distance when I think I can read to access completion. I don't think Melo buys into the group think here tech wade didn't elicit some agreements commit physically and mentally I don't think it would work. Also who are people. Rooting for I'd like I'd like for the fee is pleased to find some success that's the end Memphis Grizzlies coach I did fees do. Although it really rough and then Tony Allen being out now are upwards of Mon Gus. They need another defender there and and you know I don't how much she would have guarded climate probably. Only a little bit and it's and certainly that would've. Been a big factor for Memphis. On. Vista X I would give up make Roberts or Winslow and her beat for Melo. In a heartbeat. Or maybe. And remember Melo has to approve any trade so you would occur turned in yet NN. And that goes for his role on the team because. That would be worked out before he approved the trade so when they suited right oh you're a starter who played in the three year of the war or whatever you have played defense. That would all be worked out. Not the court off the course. Both sweet see what happens in game one rolls around. Not only is defense from Winslow ceiling is this is our attacks when the ceiling is and KG in other words Michael Kidd Gilchrist few 100% give that up for a chance at stalled rebuilding mellow into an elite player. Miami also gets in motivated now. Does doesn't know mellow dispose work with this teen. Does that give you paper confidence that he could do something with Melo that he can mold or more in what is he needs from Melo. Well I always have confidence in in error. As far as developing players I didn't mean this. Give every talks about this year this is not the first year that that they've gotten more adamant that what happened Josh Richardson last season second half from last season. So I am I have a lot of faith and Eric as a head coach and and particularly. With the guys who are motivated to two. You know to work too well. And go on that list. Com what he was lower ability believed he makes some dollars oil right yeah I mean that in the shot blocker gave my occurred tangible skills. In the heat through the years have done a pretty good job of that that they really have sort of that that what they've done now with a coaching staff and and everything's all tailored towards development so that there are really good place there you know Carmelo how would have to be willing to to buy into it. And the biggest thing is here he'd have to change his style of play to a certain degree now this. This text comes in the challenges that a little bit does mellow ice so yes all stars Julie passes more than people him credit for. He received 44 point three passes for game this season pass 35 point seven times per game. You can't. So this. The sect says he passes 85 point five times percent times for game I'm not sure at that means for the broad base in his Texas saying that he passed more. Then LeBron why did. This year. Interest instead. I guess you could probably looked edit term. A couple of ways. LeBron inquiry. Fourth quarter how much of a well LeBron passes important. I don't know that's that's doesn't and expect just that what do you make of this. I mean it's susser Sam armadillo a BI tests on the swan. Yeah and and and passing does. Does that still doesn't get in true. Being a a ball movement tiller. Necessarily Lorraine is seen as you know maybe he passes early and often split. Not as much in the last 5% and say well I don't know. The other issue here is this trade kicker that their. That Carmelo hasn't so the cap hit on who's going to be greater. So that's that's a challenge to its attacks on this one. Bringing Melo to he would hurt more than help a go to guy would help like wade he was slow down not only their offense. But also the development of Winslow Maine my guess is that Winslow would probably be going the other direction. I mean I love this text I'd give the knicks nick Bob and Winslow to keep mellow. At six that is really at a at six and and it. That's great and just really are our producers that are being the voice you do and that is that's a pretty good that is really an idea. Nixon income account local here yeah over the past couple years will. Let's look at it like this. The C doesn't need help. And probably considering the way that we think the off season will go meaning. You could lose or good players and Ellington good scores in Ellington waiters or James Johnson you probably. Will meet opens a whole first. Is that is that a good way to look at. Armed I don't lose a score rare and often in single from the scene. Great putt well. Again we're assuming that you bring in Mel Allen who's who's out or you waders on. I'm just assuming that Ellington waiters and James Johnson are not all three coming back. So your your gonna have to replace the mall prince justice comes back but that's not Austin's. Why I'm mellow week there's a better they're good. The better defensively than they were offensively. It did but the opposite numbers are much better the second half of the year obviously them. But Melo is a different kind of offensive player than any of those guys so mean to us. It's a pace issue. It's a pace issue any any here's my question you didn't want. Eating one wave right in there and attic and again. Melo is younger than two lane. But it also has bad knees. And median one Wayne extending out too far too high a number do you want to be paying what you wanna be paying Carmelo and two years. In some years board. Last public. Madden Melo is that Melo is gonna be. Realistically you're you're pay and mellow way Tony two putting three probably. What color your PO probably not going to be Yeltsin. Did it and that's that's probably a piper. To get it down let. Low right and I'll let let's but yeah you're gonna have to Pam what I mean I'm saying no you're you're gonna be prey animal life and and keys. He's good he's gonna take a huge part of of the of the of the of the salary debt. He is and and you're going to be paying him. Really I well I I'm gonna be I would be paying mellow. Beat a guy who could score me twenty points on any given night. In the end. Reduce minutes you're going to be play in the minutes that is. You know heavy heavy minutes but I definitely won two out there in the fourth quarter two BA game closing option. You'd be out yeah so that's that's what I want imported. Put your hand Buchanan and Kirk is his number this is before the trade kicker. To for the trade kicker pain and 26 this year twice and in the year after what 27 changing your after. You've got to try to get that when you can't no you can't mean. You cannot mean you're stuck paying I mean you can't restructure. It. X comes in this is fine idea with all he talked about it being a family it seems like Riley finally did no more smiling faces hidden agendas not not all smiles too much. And then you know another in another text on this because the money is is relatively similar unknown Mello who's 33 would no defense yes to Hayward. Who's 27 with a well rounded game. I'm in the only difference there is the keyword is about a million Hayward you've got to convince the you've got to convince him to come. As opposed to say going to Boston which I think is anything and yet to see if the Celtics. Decides they're gonna go after Jimmy Butler Paul George this offseason Milan may depend on what happens in this during these first round series. What about the mistakes these criticisms of Mello are the same criticisms we her womb waiters was initially signed. Five months later he missed the playoffs because waiters wasn't on the. Where are they the same I mean waders on the ball stopping there was some conversation about that. By and thinks he's better than yours. Yeah haven't. The ons that are Dion has shown in Oklahoma City need to be better defensively than Melo has typically proven to be. And I mean different position. Younger player. Easier to mold at this stage Woolsey I mean Carmelo would be motivated there's no question about that I just on how healthy would be also that do affect. Consider these back to back six they seek and find a mellow in the G les. And Melo on the C is Olympic mellow pills all the gaps that need filling. Very different views of mellow right there. All of the gaps that they need to know. By the way did you leave here is going to be this the deal we Gator Heatley yeah it's yeah yeah. Penalties kinda Carmelo down there now. But that's a very low opinion of mellow as opposed to a very high opinion of Melo would. Olympic Olympic mellow and can Carmela being bought out it seems like that's where the knicks are handed. Are there now can do that why would Melo do that. Yeah I mean he must signal is there are not just a portion. Name one more on here is it possible for the heat's move up on draft night by trading. Remember Wenzel for the Boston case and they draft Justin Jackson from UNC I mean they couldn't. They could move up I mean wins it would probably be the piece that they'd have to trade to move up I mean right now looks like the heat. I was in 90% chance of you can pick fourteen. I'm those worst myriad ES 90% chance that they're gonna get through June puts them for the end. This is this is sure actually this is an accurate Texan Mount Carmel those camps Carmelo is actually pretty good one on one defensive players problems help side defense and closing out on shooters. Yeah he's just slow on rotations. Around that's been his big problem. Well yeah I mean he's not a horrible defender as a one on one defender Simon was metrics and actually been. Pretty decent in recent years it's just yet it's is part of the help defense and I guess you have to decide is who's a problem. In New York. Everybody else. You know and and or is Carmelo really on the way down on and this is the big question no mellow. Too many miles on those knees for the money a one rather roll the dice. I'm on a young waiters to continuing to. Develop. Are we come back we're gonna blow you keep sending the tech 67974. We'll stay on this topic here over the course of the show we're gonna talk next. It's Aaron Schatz from football outsiders we got the draft coming up in a couple of weeks what should the dolphins been looking now we'll be right back insanity.