4-13-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, April 13th

The guys open the show reacting to the breaking news that Dez Bryant will get released. Tobin doesn't believe Joel Embiid isn't playing in game 1. Tobin has a bet with an Australian Congress guy. The guys react to the fact former UM QB Stephen Morris got signed by the Seahawks. Leroy says there are certain injuries that if someone isn't able to play on Tuesday they probably won't be able to play on Thursday. Beast's mom made him take figure skating lessons when he was a kid. Oscar De La Hoya is at the center of an extortion plot. Leroy wants to see the Warriors play the Spurs in the first round due to both teams being total opposites. Tobin continues to strongly dislike Brad Stevens. Tobin and Leroy analyze the Bucks-Celtics series after Beast says he's looking forward to the series. Tobin doesn't like his point guards to be jacked in reference to Eric Bledsoe. Leroy and Tobin call Beast a phony for saying "Go Heat," if the Heat play the Celtics. Tobin asks, "What's the point of getting a koala if you don't cuddle with it?" Hard Rock Poker Room Director Tony Burns joins the show to talk about upcoming poker events. 


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No one to two hour is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. Let's do it. Thought they have just tried it's welcome on. Over the rises were alive from the Seminole hard rock event senators that I Cleveland Browns. Fight show. Improvement. Be hopefully they give makes over that when he victory gave to us. Sort of injury. Because they may have. Yeah they're they're do you Fords have move was lives on but if you want to but it does Bryant. Now days you think. Yeah like it feels label I don't know did Dez Bryant's going to be thirty in the middle here. What no that's not the issue the issue is is that. Once you start. Narrowing the teams down of who could sign him. And did the availability of money right hey Mike did handouts. I Agassi Agassi a patriots Packers scenario where he just wants foot fat stats six I mean Essex Eagles. Adult thing I don't think Eagles because they just paid Al Shyamalan or Ryan is 66 can use it to replace him before he won. Because you're you're. I still documents not plan you're not and it's really yeah I'd be the last time I saw him you look like. Hannibal Lecter million UUW. Think he is player not playing I still don't believe Brett brown I think he's trying to Tokyo the heat a note that I agree with you that. There are totally I'm action on your side there's some shenanigans going on there with wraparound I don't appreciate it. Play atlas my diet lately you'd less and less than that week you don't appreciate shenanigans someone who now has a bad. With the member of parliament from Australia. You ultra is too darn. When you doesn't ever of that same time it hits you like it makes people more Greta I really thought he'd sleep. It when he's up. Yours I can just say to myself this soft soft no answer of that where's my answer. None of your union no to Howard and we'll be all that wake up today threw him to go do the morning show on like. And that's primetime program and hits these rights of which is even more amazing that you draw the guy not even recognizing. That he sleep button which there's absolutely no chance this doesn't become international news like sky sport. Is guaranteed to send cameras into the studio. I allows them dressed up like a kangaroo. I hope I hope I don't I don't but what they're gonna really be sending us pictures of his meeting on drivers in the laughing at this dude. Laughing at you with a kangaroo standings Goran now it's pretty meek dresses and no person next to go on Dragic and we like half a half a got them drunk didn't you. Oh do you take innocent is to Mort Mort towards another bit. Is that he's going gone and I we're gonna become best friends and really go you know you've leaves Texas skipped. People you get those that us. Are you do you think that. Do you think for this a photo shoot that you're gonna have with go you that you get a suit from Austin Merck's. I don't know. I imagine I wanna dog go to united become like buddy cops he we need to 46 short short. You've got those little need to do you do need a new athlete to bond with now that yell he's at a time he'd probably be the new super sweated all over the last witness. I don't I don't like being so happy if you get a little. Always UC looks handsome nice and and I called it today and lunch fragrances. So. Yes I got into this time. His stick. It's remarkable life that we need immediate release welcomes us quite a bit you know we have congress right. A civil Australia has that to me so I did Regis badgering one of their Australian congressman. Into a bad. That's what I've done to news on news and who's Australian one what does this have to do it as it. Well that you know by the sixers which you know coaches she doesn't she's bandwagon. And this guy slandered Goran Dragic he has on him. Did you know him he's adorable right. Let's and in this guides is just curb stomped him in the middle of Australian congress. The problem Ben's sentence. And so now we got beat and I betcha she had no I convinced him to us. Broker and understand there's Australian people in the NBA head. There on the matter. Is that no. Not all marriage is in no basketball the basketball thing in Australia merger beef. Let's hit the headlines. These these WT XY 8 PM South Miami and WS advanced age age old Miramar. Well the breaking news is what we were just talking about to start the show the Dallas Cowboys and outright released Dez Bryant he is an unrestricted free agents let the bidding that. Begin that wouldn't take a pay cut may have put that when he wouldn't take a pay cut they're gonna save eight million dollars on the cap because he will not be does community post June 1. Cut slow does Brian has just we did not do one bill maybe half an hour ago let's start the process hash tag and bothered. Passed tax Roth DX. Well and you know has tagged and into the patriots lead the league on the contrary this is pet snake two million period. It could try to work just pay who will turn LeRoy down to is gonna blow the mikes again. Really. Are you serious doubt what I'm just letting you know that would mean to do is his better yes much. Here. Well that that seems to be ill when you know you unit turn up the local and all that stuff at equal when I checked the mikes I had sandwich or so. If it does Ryan get the hell out of you than a month announcement is a high profile is Jerry Jones could end up just ruined that team. But in a lot like either likely or no clue. Those people that you can't picture him immediately uniformed and Dallas would not premature I can picture my son he's really anywhere with money. Yeah but you picture these days ultimately there's the guys are costing travel my last guide. Well how about robbery note top OK there's there's about a handful of guys that Aaron Rodgers I can't picture anywhere else but. I think at about eight maybe try to write like to Tom Brady I don't at this age I don't picture anywhere else gets it in about Peyton maybe two I hate writing your I understand so that's about it like there's no one else in football does it come here Rogers Eli mating. Now I could picture Eli Manning some morals in that was what we read your slant. What you've dealt with the giants. He's the one would. I don't know man Stephen Morris student jobs. That possible. Because he's used in an anthem I thought he discovered leads to pick up that lets you Stephen Morris has just signed with the with the Seahawks that. He did let my doctor he got caps gig I can't I can't. Can't assistant to respect. And an apology. Just at quarterback. Because we smitten with Stanford here. My dad I don't know that Smith he would oh no guarantee that you did ask Stephen Morse he was in many of them yeah correct this these bit. You review future either amend. And they didn't why didn't want to throw they were just like listen we Stanley at the heat and yes he's like a few site. It was early offered to sing the national. At a benefit at that it's not only I stand I will I will wrap myself and apply it hasn't. Quite. Took it has nothing to do about the issue isn't with you you would stay. 02 week where. Team that was so good in it at this hope it's probably. That you heard awaits them. Because he won't stay open nationally. If you have to win football games hash tag in America are at the cannot simply not that there's that would distill to Utley and get updates on time until spring games. The worst review what is this was just leave that judgment Brinkley and I've never heard of this league before. And I get updates every day of sports and joining men's old schoolers two touchdowns in the spring he Bradley he ran he ran doing yesterday. What what this really what what does that mean extremely. Steve Spurrier is not coach a football league what what is this what is what is happening at a bus these we're all night games we could golf at more. Fine and so it's that that we got to watch. I'm obviously not to play and just move on with the other headlines here. Medina yet because this publisher the changed DeVine and I can only that is that all of us we're gonna look that Romberg. Little bit more that hits. Traders are tomorrow night 8 o'clock at 7 o'clock pre games not to tie him from our networks studios complexities of the my meetings have an idea from a foot 32 to the ticket looks like go he's gonna go. However a Brett brown told Dan Patrick show today that. Do well and beat will not playing game 10 that's really true or not and recliner. Noon this nickname now until jones' injury when it comes out earlier that it tomorrow right that up to at least that's like right before it took off as. Yeah like when you're an NBA game you get a sheet literally like ten minutes before tipoff Manhattan and has them then something to the fact that the sixers. Aren't rushing him back is they feel very comfortable with the way the plane and Alec looked half that was she came without him. And as Simmons is playing very comfortable they're scared. He's playing he's playing awful it's it's really the ball well that is handled that problem pulls you all something will push off the he'll bench a group of scared. To me. There's certain injuries. Right that. Is your Britney go Tuesday. Well listen gold beaver miraculously great rule of thirds a broken face made one of those things as it has just as he passed cussing at. That was nothing tune on. His face and broke it I don't think it really matters. The pirates and Marlins start the series today. I could see lol okay that's the problem that he wouldn't get Dylan Peters will go for the fish tad cool on the head on the health of pirates of tenure for which owns part in front of hundreds. Go get him deeply. We had bounced back of the two grand slams but let's go. Agreement yet again lost on the wrong. Who Marines 222 Grand Slam that it feeds but. Two it probably should try to get too deep below deck group that if it's good. That was the that a catcher pitch and we'll excuse you you wanna noted it 123 companies. And last but not least. Josh Norman Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Tonya Harding will be on dance with the stars. So we shall be forced to watch buying. Hey I think right. There had been with John hot Tonya Harding make a comeback knocked in a B a did you moving VI I tell us now it was really good that. Really bought thousand Jenny was really good in the movie they did you and who won the Oscar right yeah anything you state. I know I'll Walt. And one beaten them we'd we'd be lucky we need not discussed and there. We need not clearly now an analogous to fight it snow in the equitable blade in another episode of the loop and another positive piece embarrassing childhood. For a good six month period my mom made me take figure skating lessons. Hey we've got like if I weren't picked up a picnic at the kick but it's a good. I. Did Lee got in return. It really what was your go to move. Crying and crying the iron notice. We. Welcome back everybody has. Over the run days later on I'll live with the Seminole hard rock events and there may be smokeless showdown reaches who can only imagine. As you want nicely I think it yet exciting you know the Geico commercial. And rebukes from people fit that at the long list. So. On this. Two women tried this picks extort Oscar bill effort to million dollars over sex tape. Two it. Two women who recorded the Daily Mail and FBI is investigating the two million dollar extortion attempt which opens the form that by two women in their late teens early twenties. Connected with dale Libya snap Chad always dangerous. The tour or buy it was Condo Pasadena with a part of the stop before filling it with a cell phone and Andy's. Gonna set a very it's embarrassing. Situations. I'll just say. The two women even went as far as to take pictures about of digital poised driver's license to prove it was him that he that's the Big Ten days. They approach celebrity sex tape broker Kevin blatt about the footage. Blatt told the daily note quote I've seen a lot of shocking videos in my time this was incredibly embarrassing you'd think he's only thing that salad I don't know well I don't know feet. I think the problem is I don't I don't I don't know exit he's going to be seeing the video they bend he probably needs to get permission because otherwise they image was it for nothing. Think that's kinda how these things work. You know oh yes they have permission from all parties to actually exactly so like these people could just and a bruising at another thing. Blood they could get doused available they get money for the tape he gives money he that he gets take back that don't have with the Kardashians. She got she does get money off that tape. Because otherwise have been released it or. They get these these such things these deals are doing ammonium. But he says it was good news -- they need to preserve his dryers and superb it was him. Man would do what they want their roster I isn't that I think yet. The one that with a roster. Is. Has already got a pretty bad embarrassing scandal with the fish snap photos. So I would say. A good slate of Smart later extort somebody who's already got that one because can you really upped the ante for. You know to Mark Shields and then extorted do out here. Yeah no doubt guys arguably didn't care dodged arguably released the tapes like one. Good. Good to us she's at it appears. You do oh isn't mass manly he is viewed dilate he's that a lot of buzz is it is it is in his life. I. Register over the Kindle by phone down man. She is trying to stress out the old road and our Vegas strip yeah he's easy in this tainted meat. Quote ridiculous stop what men that's what it was. That is what it was. Paid to meet. Clinton bureau. No mentally at the endurance up. For training camp. Well you'd use don't full drug though. Thing is. That dictated meat dairy. Well we don't we count for a small portion. I was very mad about this because I've I thought that the good reasons put up there they had some fake doctor was like yes it's with in the he the limits he had the same accident as the boxer. Hundred bed normally it is I don't know man entry I don't know it's too litigious like this is a fair explanation for why this happened. But yeah it's hard I would say that do Hoya looked and it was a lot of money. So any runs of course he runs of a huge box Russians so you'd think easy target but I don't know if I'd go to target who's already got the scandal in the Pascal like we're just chalked up another one Della. Up on the up on the fireplace no big deal. I'll I don't know him that did strike me as a as a way to go I don't know we've yet to understand it. These people doing this. Always the sports that your. That you the kind of think about these things before you. Like you know if I try to extort him if he can and even here. Does he give one rats ass if I were to release. Such state that he's in such situations. And there are so whether it's on tomorrow give a series outside of the heat sixers are most excited for. I mean. It sucks because I watched the news nuggets. The walls the wolves play into very good Hayden. But they just. The big win. The right to play the war you know the pleased. No Houston who is worries is that Santonio and it's only a one seed US. And mysterious why return. No we're holes and pulls off the SuSE RIS I owe him a minute ago here's near two opposite tapes. So. Would you could do would Aldridge. And how you guard. The perimeter. When all the little. Is on both Antonio wrecked his death colonials they've got out of school why was it I don't know if he doesn't hate you got it a couple young guys but it. I mean always give pop a chance like schematic game or I get it definitely like here's the thing if the wars do go out to all the way they've been playing this year. Their prime for a first round series don't you probably because they've been full don't probably mode all year and I don't think that necessarily goes away in the first round very. But do you think that I'm Seth Curry is that is is oh a little bit of an issue because. He is he is you. You know the funny thing I laugh about with that with the warriors or visit all the wars that have this tremendous culture that is over shifted its like. Not stepped carried neck really revolutionized the basketball he was. He he he should of many worries on girl from anywhere on the court and they know that what senator games before they got Kevin Durant. He you know it's just it's overlooked is that Kevin goes and he wins the finals MVP and everything's all the sudden it's his team. And I get it again there is an act that way ago. OEEE I think I think I think if you ask him he definitely thinks he's he's the guy that team. I think so but I think the guy who really makes everything go makes it specialist is staff right so I don't think it's enough to. Cause concern for them to lose to it though is closest to the spurs but. Yeah I mean look at the stuff that is concerning he's been banged up really since. Since last year Mary uses never been the most durable guy in the world. And so that that's concern to me I mean. My thing is is that they have have been really played that well. And it should know that it shouldn't be the case we you have Kevin Doran. Dray mind and collect. And if you think about it. This very similar to what LeBron is playing with. I mean. Kevin Love. I mean there's no drink mine. But it and they should be as bad as they are without stepped. Yes I'm with them and they should be playing mission have that record for that was Jimmy who's about to question that bill was a man. I mean I yes I mean trust in the series a last look dole are you more concerned with like Celtics bucks and pacers cavaliers like if the heat win that kind of noticed is that Celtics boxes for series man he's variance on that one Brit are you worried at all of that Celtics fan. Now but I'm I'm interested in it. And it did at the blocks away as the heat of the the home and home a court. A midget from the standpoint of the Bucs have kind of been a disaster all you like they fired their coach everybody thought this is going to be the corniche here for. Retreat and that team has been a little bit dysfunctional. And you look at the Celtics and their kind of the epitome of of of steady the coach does you can set even though he's wildly overrated for never winning a thing in the life. But he does you can study a given that. And the question. He looks I don't know he just he just he just had this this protest arrogance about himself. Lately he invented the game. President would like to coach brew though we've because he's very unlike him. I don't like you and I'm definitely nightly news becomes the next coach yet he at least wins the coach of Villanova. By the way just as Smith pander for Mark Jackson get that job every single year yes. You're. I get it man I get it. It's about like what it's a couple of it is not just make it it's okay rot in history maybe. You go stars. So when you look at the books. And look at. You look at Boston and with stars to Bosnia. They don't right now I mean there Debian on them a very very very good force now or for who anchors the defense which is his UK basketball. Yet hit in jail them into a rally to have good young pieces. But the -- given heavy minister Shane Larkin and noticed specs of the former cane but hey just say OK yeah middle. It retreat. How to aren't into. It to them. Up and down. Oh. I would say that that I don't know you go it I mean. You know. Who's what what brokers. Divorce wars. And a smaller. Yeah well that's the question probably when you get down times of those games they got to go to got to go to the question is are they gonna be out systems and not being close games where that's going to be an issue for them. You know I mean we like Boston the Boston is tremendous on defense let's not that there will be their home there one of the best in the league. So it's solid they're not in trying to figure out a way okay wolf what you have even with the situation let young historian his will stop. Says we'll stop everybody else which is usually works most. Teamsters to stop the start. It make everybody owes the U we've heard that oh where oh where kids. These series and I don't want to do this because I I I do think that I do think this if he'd do get past Philadelphia. It feels to me like whoever comes out of that series is going to be easier series in the semifinals. In this room this one I think is such a compelling. Even series both these guys. I mean both these teams it is their dynamic in different ways and you have just two different forces of may and the heat. A steady. Smoot guys. Guys who are stepping up in different roles. And Philadelphia has this this this this contingent of young guys who look like they're about to be the next faces of the lead. But it's also the first real taste they're gonna have hey you'd be schemes for everybody can become an after you guys are gonna have. Trying to pair of Israel when one team. At its proposals that blitz. Hot meals tablets have you know the thing Bledsoe is slate. It's he looks like such an intimidating force I don't know if I want my point guard looking like he could beat up everybody whoever plays point guard. I mean. You're pro Europe in the games at the bulk of the downtown Evans he's a point guard but viewing report he looks like he looks like Hogan mania celebs on here at the matter to me. How do you I don't know I just every channel I look at or less only two. He's the most jacked point guard ever seen in my life. He is he's Jack diesel where he's. And well put but with this with the every. Yeah well look Greifeld blew past two and waited and funders game. And the funding channels like he's limited release that that was that was the alerts really amendment is really not feel right. When when Braylon raises blown custom. Because red dog is in full don't probably mode with a body. Why. But the other thing that's idiocy with this I wonder where coaching does come into play here because this is new for Brett brown to which he's had a different challenge for himself. Keeping these guys study any or all going to be put together this new situation. Odyssey of the only guys commute to make the adjustments in the series you might be a big struggle is they had the fire. Who when he fired. Oh you're talking about is under the baucus yet the box with yeah with him fired as he did in and youngest is best. Then you kind of no they did that thing whether they fire the guy they go on a little bit of Iran because they know the soft schedules coming up and then came back about doctor. Look man. Yeah they definitely have one of the most talented guys in the playoffs. But there record is what it is for a reason isn't a brigade you why. With this series today. Just. And a Muslim general flaunt what we're about at the Australian parliament man yet you know waited and has been it's been really sporting lately. It's been really sported lately my late last ten minutes into the sport it has been great. Let Robbie he's been did he he's been I don't want Kudlow what rob has been doing but. If Robby you know Robby is really into the show. It's not a right it's up to somebody says of the heap by the Celtics in round two does that make you can try hard bull yes argument yes go heat but. I added I I do think that if I don't ease well. Oh New York big phone I'm not a phony Europe phone giant heat fan for life 39 without heat fan was about the Australian parliament. I'm not stupid. That maybe stupid because I had to put it to Ankara Coston because of the grip sodium straight so you don't think he can when the series. No I'm that you you've been on. So you just revealed where your loyalties lie. You are team process not team culture. It's good now. You we we've what we've been exposed you you're nothing but a Celtics loving Sully and that's it. Because you think of head of the kangaroo about pinger buffet wanna telling is now olive armor on the on drugs or to be laughing at ten watts hugging laughing it OK you know what. You're right the heat are going to win the EU and the goat year immediate picture together he knew his Austin Burke suits. Austin Burks suits and everything as we great now we're rated trip. Australian no. It's that the ultimate destiny of our show that it is BO which -- like one and pathetic but don't. Yesterday couldn't even though it might be I'd just. I just found out yes you stated that goes a lot on our sales assistant. Had a bingo. As bad. I art. Yeah like pattern yeah I'd solvents Graham photos that dingle actually has a interim account. Probably I probably should have a provision of the states here like he should devise a pet kangaroo. But the what I keep none of I don't it doesn't well we always go attack we get a call I mean and that to sleep now because they're chlamydia. We don't want that putt platypus. They have poisonous bites to square with what we just dangerous country. You get them UPU. My problem. Stuff like you know gonna come with a cool and she and question. An avenue call by a couple of to be caught with. My daughter in my wife. Of the straight I would I've settled on that plus the district we got a pat. The studio and a koala yes you're not a lot cuddle I would generally content with that note you know aka William quality of one. Is split but his little those opposing. While those ways yell at Lou what do Tasmania is part of us actually a Tasmanian devil well. Now the terrifying what they're awesome they're terrifying. That they're good asset to the cartoon Tasmanian devil I know. You don't stop very long. Whom bugs bite. You move Hugh we do you know when we moved to the new studios which it may happen sometime this decade. We do need a studio that. I agree. Don't you. Still pat. Something although some of Australia would be much better get a goal for him when you think I can't believe how little confidence of his Texas haven't me. This is new school man this new season. Got you got that will the beast that might keep up so it's to exit the cable. Now men. Hold the guilt the story yesterday on look to our show about or somewhere about someone having a pat hippopotamus what about that. Lol that's Kris we want to for a he's hungry. Back of this. Just over our Miami Ackerman got to light not heat our. On the they get weekdays from three to afford BM as he makes the run to the playoffs a light bodied hour. Spot but Miami after the playoffs are heating up and saw the same of Miami after a log out of Miami after a knock from the by the actor white hot heat our every weekday from three to 4 PM. When Zach what they're writing our names have an idea someone afford three HD two of the ticket Tobin. We're live from the similar hard rock event senator. Tony burns a guy he's on a serious on Tony so does total we are we on a new configuration here so like maybe like to have the Senate's on here on what's not to like about it it's nice. It's really nice and I was event there was some of the guys that have been here for two fights are ready. The boxing got those silly three recent on the amount without my. Love this let's see pretty amazing I mean when you walked in from where Opel rumors. Walk down and you see what modern design is on the last fifteen years. That the T till it quote you on the chandeliers and boring it's incredible it's it will result rosary actually firsts. Got to see it because it must have been just like I can't believe that's finally here I'm choosing renderings in meetings and what not to see Mexico and Alaska are pretty special you 41. Walking and that you know to know what to expect you know the first poker tournament we've posted in here but everything came together. The overall players love it I mean the players can rave enough about you know the room on the accidents now how. We're like it's confusing because that's it that's what ever been. You moving into enough. How long before you move it in that I haven't heard the exact the Tonya and the and tired. Expansion is going to be done sometime late summer early fall 2009 effort. We have a lot lot of moving easily exit you know a lot of things and played so. We got you hang out homelessness and after our interview those on both you do is use use chatty. I actually piled them before fill in 2015. He was actually here for our pick for men and August 2000 that the NC. And I need bill Rapp and for the for the crowd and you know a lot of people you know Alec so you know he's always been very likely to argue the staff and just a nice guys talked to him he's got a lot stuff but he's been around the game for a long time we've seen since its early stages so very knowledgeable. You know with you know technology and stuff and so was blowouts at the table some people you know take it wrong and it's finally refs totally I'd an awful fights and a you know people get lost and apparently she's easily the chemical suit under now. You guys have the horrible group. So more potent showdown going on now is in the final week event. But you still have events like I saw the word if the stuff going on. Besides that when he 600 don't buy it did there's other things going on. Yes so today is they wanted the championship event for the 500 dollar buy in three million guarantee placement by entity until 915. I'll also tomorrow the complete. Free to come back a limited. What's so you want back in man the introduces. It's idiots it's like I even go I don't play I'm not a big poker player and I like a walking in as that giant spending trophy obviously. You know if it's on the check and no man who has been given away droves like that in order to afford no limit table Beth yeah. That's it that's a book that's ridiculous so so any big plans for the weekends things shaken out what can now can people expect. So we also the 25500. Dollar fine high roller event that kicks off Sunday at 2 o'clock. So you know players as a eliminated from the event they can hop in of that we also a 5000 dollar quarterly guaranteed part of closely. Couple 22 on eleven dollar fines. We have 150 dollar fine and no that's more like my merely have to ask. We have that on Monday and Tuesday as well these two that'll be in oak room on Wednesday so you know we just on the very well outside. When minister and you put me you don't have to complete it. And if you don't have those pockets those deep pockets to get into between five of those 3500 dollar. They have every level. Be a 150 dollar guy yes I can view to have a good time but there's. What they differently than that sick too doesn't know a new drugs have on just what's on the mean. Walt Walt televisions and video on there it's just like huh. Yet those cute expected to put the for experience yet with over two we actually end up with four. Soul you know love lost loves a forum in hockey and not let us for a popular now than obviously going into tomorrow purposeful well it's very very cool tone that some by men really appreciate it was you know. We were allowed back Robby is Magnificent Seven coming up next.