4-13-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, April 13th

Hour 2 opens with Magnificent Seven. Robbie says, "If there's no action, you gotta make your own action." Robbie is adament about betting that Tristan Thompson will not be dating Khloe Kardashian come game 1 of the 2018-19 season. The guys discuss why people don't like Hassan Whiteside on the court and off. Tobin says Whiteside is a monster when he plays to his caliber. Tim Tebow hit a homerun on his first at bat of the season. He has yet to get a hit since. 15 Minutes of Heat. James Johnson joins the show to discuss the playoffs. Leroy wants more football giveaways on the show. The guys make their Doom Box picks.



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Accidentally let v.s thanks Tony for stopping by. Poker showdown going on right now. Musical Alec. So we moved up route is Magnificent Seven. We maybe is only from the one of the guys from practice don't know to write up was backs a canister things up a little bit so you've obvious browser gets a real or advocate of god go. I know well you know last last last team it was before all the shenanigans were confirmed also I'm guessing because he's still considered quote injured. They wouldn't let him come on injured I I know them because he's like yes is that and so Cuba yeah yeah I need to sort. There. So anyway I get rob expects obvious those ideas Dixon would ultimately we like that. IB units and reduce the level every week as the slim Pickens that the Malone. You don't have colleagues wrote you know all these gays to be so we're first five minutes the first quarter stuff like that which. Well as adults they would do when is not enough action you can make your own. A that'll that you walked but. It. Like that if that's there with the old saying you to. I think I'll Goldenson because. Of which made mr. It is to make your own it's been good to. Go that route and got nine. This game starts in about 25 minutes doesn't get this picking quake is the Braves and the columns oldest tradition in the game day baseball Wrigley Field. The over is set at seven and a half runs now these are two teams too this is over trains colliding in one. The cubs need at least six rounds of its court one of the two teams the cubs have played at home all three games of the on this home stand. Not the cubs thrown Yu Darvish was very over rated very overpaid he's got a ERA over five. And the Braves throw the ball Sanchez girlfriend. I wasn't ERA. A 2.2 five spots. His last three years is ERA has been well over the last three years old his bill is too I expect lots of Ron's irony took the weather. They should get the scheme in the nasty what is supposed to come until tomorrow so. Take over seven app runs in this game easily over it is what's number two routing all right. Little more weather control pirates at the Marlins. The more the pirates are favored by one and half the parts of throwing Cole and the Morris of throwing till it appears now. Peters hasn't won good start. One really bad. Really really bad really as could start wasn't home. But he did lived dangerously and fatigue at its in the every inning was mortal based isn't gonna ask titans got a little lucky oats. So one or two things gonna happen this game. Writer Peter is gonna walk bunch of guys get knocked around kind of like last his last start an apartment covered easily. Or he's gonna pitched really well but the dot Matty and Matt is to take a mark like Sony my pitches and he's asked the bullpen and protect a one run lead. And the bull what's gonna implode so either way whether good leaders of that Peterson was apparent to gonna cover the one that. Do you think Robby is Amal is getting to train worthy because we've had the grisly strain. Them with the Rutgers rule that were really train the train via Oliver it's the train pitcher middle class pitcher it was probably the bonds guilty gets to train or the as on this Don Mattingly isn't involved against yes he can consider maturing. Very ball. Astor. And what's the with erotic. All right stay with Pittsburgh. The flyers at the penguins also tonight some maybe parts ambulance extracted. The total is set at six goals now in the first minister scheme to the first game the penguins want seven to nothing. It's some kind of expecting at equilibrium effect here McCants scored seven goals two games in a row. And usually the flyers have been adjust they hate Pittsburgh departing at super embarrassed in the last game and yelled at. I expect an adjustment equilibrium back to the mean take the under at six schools I think it's could be up 32 or two to one cunning game. As a movement afoot that's down tough on. What's next all right spurs that warriors team won the total is set at 209. I'm throwing three barrack who it is at this old traditions that even though it. Oh what is the last time we sell warriors in under 210 appeared as most of curry. Including the playoffs every time they played the spurs the game hasn't got under six of the last eight games and the only two where the games in San Antonio. So. Eva and in last year's playoffs in the Western Conference finals after Kuwait letter got hurt the warriors to school have a keyboard it'd scoreless and ordered ten. Now a political back to the sixteenth the wars played a playoff series. We see that have Kevin Durant and the did not have stepped Currie and it even without that curry didn't have a single game when that'd scoreless and ordered ten points at home so. Take over to its tipped. I don't hours of play Babbitt that that be that the biggest adjustment that the brothel I always Donna to nine so. Wars easily get over easily. Pilots error five routed number five RA. The hockey tonight the New Jersey doubles matches is tomorrow afternoon he Jersey devils at the Tampa Bay Lightning the lightning are favored by one and a half. The lightning won five to two in the first game. And again is of over the papers might put a better fight. The lightning a really good at home they've won five of the last six playoff games this at home in the wood in the first two rounds so. Our bread that there's a little maybe a little train growing with a lining it's not a full steam train yet but mining at home lamented the lightning the cover. OK number six all right it's a little while pre Cassidy and the wizards and the raptors Ceres the total gains yes the teams are set at five and half for the games in the series now. A brick carpet is because that's likely underdog. In the in the betting odds plus qualified of the series goes over five and a half so under zack's favorite of their thinking it's gonna be rappers crew's list. Now the raptors are known as give up a gamer to it home every post season especially the first round in fact. Big hit the ground visible only had 11 round series. Goal less than five games in the last four years and what time it didn't go five games they got swept by you know who. The wizards so I'm not. Our big it was gonna win at least two games here maybe three is game goes six or seven definitely take the over five and a half games for the series comedy carp was. I hit a note to court to talk and the job and OK number seven you know sometimes when you go fishing for some Mahi Mahi and every. Nowadays you really know Marlon. This ugly it's a little fishing and I found his big whopper Lamar and here. Will Tristan Thompson be DD Khloe Kardashian by team one of the 201819. Season. The guest is at minus 150 and the know was up plus what 75 woods ridiculous considering interest in top just cheat on her knees artists and get booed at a Arenas. There's no it's going to be able to last my team won a. Nicholas and lately and it I don't know I mean this is come back around. I don't know man. I ended his it's agencies say no Celeron no sale and note the note was an underdog getting plus once every five on no that's ridiculous yes. Taking action on this is. Can I go to Vegas in this is up on the big board guessing you're used to be to find it wait a minute this is I think it's absolutely hall of fame moment I think he deserves it. Well you know a little nicks. That's what that. Sports Radio room what the equilibrium. Well now you'll be able to catch that met an until October. It's all bull is not a game one of next season like every squirrel away magnificent as the Olympics in Britain. Unbelievable well that Robby well done. Good job views you top yourself and recyclable. Because you know it'll go 61. Do that you tune in next year. Let's get the headlines. So it's got what you XY and South Miami and would you accept XHD true. So the big news is that dead. Bryant is now an unrestricted free agent he has been let go by the Dallas Cowboys after eight years there he wanted do one take a pay cut. So they say goodbye and other you'll save eight million on their salary cap. So. What do you do now. Kudos you rather save a million Hindus burned. Have does Bryan Wright and zones and that's the things on the you know if they don't work that don't work if you don't why have frustrated Dez Bryant around if he doesn't fit with what you wrote it got to dig them quart bag. The last quarterback who's more down you guys played in India but I've received yet. Yeah. I think it's an exit and to be a good thing for him because you mean does Bryant. You have argued as Bryant knew that the best are similarly but he's one of the biggest stars in the lead. When he was when he was blown up there's a he's just big guys so he's very physical where is she right now in his career as far as just purely the ability to play in talent. Him being he's been banged up a lot do as the one thing I still think he could be busy still number one yes. Yes. If you put on the team with a quarterback he would be to the patriots. What are. So I mean he put it this way. You're always. Like everybody listening Brandon Marshall like the number one yes. I wouldn't consider him a brand divorce no use widget was what's he's a legitimate number one bullet but but injuries hit. Mean. And Jews are factors that he's going to be thirty years old but no councilman. Who like. Whose cover and niceties aren't denying DARPA. If that's if he's a little agreement like that. Oh PJ because. Somebody bold though it is now now now I mean it's injuries happen like that. Where you can just look overseas. Ribeiro right well I hate the word term injury prone because it's like what's the injury. Liked getting rolled up on is not your fault on the other hand having degenerative hips like Mike Pownce is different situation right. Let's move on to the heat and the sixers who start their series tomorrow night 8 PM is it to my from Philadelphia. That's done it's not get your pregame show at seven re here for your network's studios. Inflection seized by meetings of an idea of 143 G to do it now bill he's still on the you know is still technically dealing with knee soreness although we think is gonna play another hand the coach of the sixers I'm Dan Patrick earlier said that John B does not gonna blame game. Brutal he thought of those in carpet. Not buying it would let it does a Robby there I don't know and Oklahoma don't. Run rough Robby is Robby I swear he just log onto some website to look at odds about MB plan. I don't know what website it is but he is for some that's gonna give our system of virus. That you would seriously. Stop what are you doing don't know what no joke early and doing research on seven I try to click on more permits and the website blocked it would let me go to there have now. I don't missile on the about again to be getting more corporate. We also spreads via. We get this mine tasks like every five seconds and it's an email that I have to go to another website to just check what the email is. If I can let it come to my email somebody says you're so full of dog believe the point guard does the offense and 85 million dollar point guard as sore knees in top of the class because you play another season for another team. His son's been set to be the fall god damn. Did you sort of profound but it sounds like it as I've got loads of them is. For certainly a lot duplicates on what side do you think that go one I don't feel like one is a guy gets huge facet of his give his criticizes much is on. But suddenly get criticized for basketball stuff concise gets criticized for. For pouting and nine others well it you have to give and you have to consider the basketball stuff being stupid on the court. Here's what else Robinson had a look at the Sonics like two or three fouls early and that's a basketball thing. I read that that happens they can evidently have a celeb big I don't I don't even manage that we're here here's what I get on the something. He wants to be the go to the leader to guide but. He can't beat a guy. Dead is how in smoking. It kind of bullying like he doesn't care when things don't go this way. He's got to be to god turn Iraq. He's got to be to fight through it all we need to bucket on the latest that who. And he he seems to want to beat that guy right unless you live all. You. If you do it as Tucker well they've both been guys duo was sore knees and gore on clay I. Team game off on good ready ago says feel better. They give the sun's news Osama they medical reports that. You feel like us on it may take him a little bit better a little bit longer Godard has been teased teeth knocked out the middle of the game right. Don't put it right back in the mean and imagine you you now. Please go the teammates look at that problem I mean it was a record to make it as 82 games there's no doubt that there have to be some sort of resentment towards her son's behavior in the locker room. I think that's not put a thing as it's not resist. Okay. Because mortgage insurance they look at him and see where that we were over this like you're supposed to be you know I'm refreshed. And why it's oppression and now because when it's on. Holy crap as enemies so that's why it's. It was when you see what he did the last time he faced MB or when he gets into his notions of the way he when he plays when he plays games through his abilities. One way he's got high ceiling of anybody on the team yes or no in this witch yesterday let's get them. Through. It's a whole be it rockets. Rockets. They. Yes or no stolen her son of had a and other serious chat between the regular season play out. Now you don't think it'd have to be more talks. We and as you wait about us it just washed it. Yeah pretty much like the rays note to run posting though he's probably looked enemies he's Lewis he Pryor looks at the series and things. I have no reason to be not on the floor you know this is a team that skip is a team that if if can be explained they're gonna need me and so. What we're too I've decide like what what the spoils of the said he thought there Beecher matchup with the beads out there. If he's not out there an amount you got played the same line. Mean don't don't be crazy about it lifted if it doesn't go anyway Marlins in part start a series tonight Marlins park seven tempers pitch. Pitching match up lefty Dylan Peters coming up for rocky start bill and for the Marlins. Technical inquiries on the hill for the pitchers it is if she pork in Philadelphia. It is it's all part of the Little League park Marlins and pirates haven't had but still to grand slams Italy's. Attendants. 7000. Under. Over the seven. Yeah. He tends. Okay there so to Friday night over the Mets do replace the Mets fans of the pirates it's. Suppose Pittsburgh people down and and West Coast. We now have more Pittsburgh for is that they put me to Steelers got the house revenues okay. I've but even if we're gonna say that artists or friends there in a New York level of Pittsburgh fans down here now. That outside that's not happening I think over. Over her owners over 6000 as a concert tonight that's the only chance to visit come a Sunday afternoon. All under. Would AS so go right tomorrow is going to be cricket go to tomorrow with a cave spring game and the heat forget about it and set tomorrow to be crickets and sent it to be crickets. Basketball goal at. But tonight delicacy comic has reason to abusers who do you really you how you and Colombia and is with the kids made of don't care where you go a group you will you be able because she's got a disease stand in the outfield congress by the but Liza bar Jazeera this president can snap is over. Yet but wait to vote they showed Tebow in the home run on this first at bat. This is what you mean I know he's been horrible since if I was pretty that's it that's it it is only hit it. Man. Oh man it's great to think. I don't know who may be something that that's awesome that reads them and is it people's theory come back to football. And yet. Yet for that Spurrier. Spurred on eighteen FE ET but with the that's in the Orlando something in the alliance of America football league for so. Sometimes no matter what Bruce you walk. Sometimes you look at jobs. And think they are beneath the like if Tebow but he could be in about quarter break that's why we play different positions. What he should dinky little hopefully quarterback for. Let's bring me. Now well you can look at that but as the phone's only rain and an NFL jobs for. If it's Oliver in NFL jobs for. For non quarterback roles and she knows that czar to shut down in the past before. What are you and he wants to Latin quarter are you wanna who has a thing. If he does go to a seven lead the assembly he will be the face of it yeah Aaliyah and idiocy you BA yeah I mean to Gator husband winners together. Gator fan until I mean so. Hall. Hit a lot of calls the final hour. Pop. Pop this team it's eight X. It's. Time. Fifty minutes. And. What struck by champion pulled out for herself because of Majid truck and as unique customizations shot you're guaranteed that the hottest left for modifications in town. Golf club at 7865023446. Gonna champion fought for dot com. Brought you buyers sir sir Anthony Lopez gulf were below 5305 excuse me 800 Irma. Russian oil pro beating Oprah with you can sports medicine that's their job to get you back in the game. With four south locations there's one near you go to all for the Phoenix dot com for more info. And brought by the DJ I store by drone nerds and when would enjoy owners and Ivan toward pine crest. Fly over the drone nerds dot com selfless eyes in the sky. Coming up tomorrow morning at 10 AM do you brings you he weekly atomic time this week Tommy welcomed Udonis Haslem Wayne Ellington. Tyler Johnson is he Gutierrez Ron Rothstein in Morse attended the Gator heat fix every Saturday morning 10 AM atomic tighten he weekly on handsome and I mean if one of 43. Utility Ross in going to be on you he's the OG hello Ross demand loan Casey's thing. It's not the subsequent bombing started we get a special guests on the guess you have as does Iran does not system is store as guests lined Truby stats he argues the biggest bad ass on the Miami Heat one of the heat captains James Johnson join us to answer your jaws man really appreciate it. Are you excited man this was this is a huge shoes driving guys made it lasted gets the post season we know how to did you guys have an incredible second half. I'm shows the the goal going into this was to gets the second season now you guys are here how does that feel. Now I'm too big announcement part of our guys. You know you're sticking with the from the top of the all they bring Lou back in believing and you know into the play out there and not better but I had so I had important right up there won't admit that they've. How did you feel for yourself coming into this is is a new situation for you. Where yeah you got this ability how the organization believing you'd how did you feel you settled into that role as the season progressed. On super confident you know comfort they. We we code without that cap that they. You know I hope that you you for a lot of guys who. You know I was sure don't out of the cap on. You know at the time when but starting in little bit more calm when. I think I'm gonna expect mark a little bit more. But there with the leadership you'd be out you can see pop. Let us do with the way you played on the court too because at times early in the year you remove. You know has that you know when to make you move when you're charged when it takes shots or whatever. In his seems like as the season's gone on you've taken more charges that it's kind of been more aggressive with the basketball. Tours indices. Right right right expect. We do that he you know I go a long way from our. There's no way of wind. To be aggressive and only the played this played a game you know land and you know Cote spoke with an unbelievable and where we get this shot. And we had guys I was really really doing in the you give him that he's just a lot of pull back a little bit humiliated. That that came to me could be that that the company that the prided in my though the numbers note that no. And I think he'll work and output and then we got them but injuries and I think look you know contact local media could be a little bit more historical on the off the tipping it and and it. Our you can report. Did you take me back to the the last game of the regular season you know the fans and you work. We're debate in like ala are these teams taken dives like we see how the box lost us Ford like they intentionally do that the last hour people jockey resistant. How did you guys talk about because as a lot has lot of ways this thing could have played out with you guys and then up against Philly. Army that we. Really we really were playing the way you know every time we go out there a step on the court thrown in my immediate reform we have a culture and we got to happen. Knowing and whoever so. We have enough that we we truly believe. No we knew that we wanted to win and we wanted to keep our confident the right way going into the player that we clintons you know Condit those kind of typical. That they keep that they mentality but the win that game at Toronto I think kind of that was where Wal-Mart that. James a lot of people are talking about. You guys at least somewhat having some experience in the playoffs and obviously you got. You're doing and you'd either have a ton of experience but all the U most of you've been through some sort of battles in the playoffs meanwhile the Philadelphia. Have not. Does that mean anything going into the series do you use that to the advantage it also what kind of advantage do you think it has. That's Bo has been to the battles and to make those adjustments in game an in between games. Right you know into the carpet bombs were the raptors to me and it certainly is a different animal and it's about the different players you might not expect the might not have much discount before. But you know you never know arm sometimes the lack of experience. And not being bit. It kind kind of what you played blew the play free because. If not you don't have that here are going up some butterflies that people who have been very you know it'd make the you know so. You know it is at the bit with the tempo kind of how to market them guy's guy and what they're so bored. Which are gonna James Johnson here take on the sixers tomorrow it's game one. The coach and on the sixes he says that Jolo Ambien has not played. Is not gonna play tomorrow night he may it may be comes back in the series how do you guys prepare for that do you game plan as if he is going to be there that's that's a weird situation or one of the best guys. I might not quite know who you don't believe me you don't believe it quiet. Yeah. The real or believe it we're we're so Opel on a though. And opera were great in that quote what we're what Africa is either so. If not we but the perhaps the state but that and play the same way on or. Just one ask you about Wayne Ellington mean he had such incredible points and that finale breaks that he record. And he is he's also kind of been in that group and you guys re finally found a home what do you say about as season that he was able to even do that on the regular season finale which was crazy to go break it. How he's really just found his role. Com you know. Untrue I plan over it and it's unbearably they did your along with bit that that analog is don't be out of the eight ball. But Perry come and off Turkey shoots. Are coming off flat become an awful way he. Tremendous tremendous order there you know they're big game rhythm so. For the bad bitter look that you area that looks. It it looks crazy book brought it to the ball so we preparation every day. Even include the day after we got down we a little. We ain't over their rudder full full court politically hot that big old boat G node. And dogs are about what wage any. You can't put it to crash. What issues your craft the appointment or that that wanted to tell all book about him Q well. Retarded as James Johnson. Jonas on the guest Lara announced that. BO to Guam in the also Etsy for the first time this year right. And there was a lot of debate with the all star game and in Ben's Simmons I'm making it. And so bad Simmons is from Australia and he got this dude who goes up Australian parliament and he says there's an answer Ozzie conspiracy in America. And he completely uzis down on drag it's the same Benson should be over so I've reached out to this guy as that we got to have a Batman because I haven't anybody disrespect on drives and a bad Simmons this fantastic. But like I gotta believe as this one as he gets he doesn't get the respected is that Slovenian champion. And the other thing is pushed around one Dragic as I know you. About us on the court let's go like you you you YouTube blog targets fights and it's like he's got dozens of people realize how how tough one has to do give me the the the impression that maybe you don't see of gore on that he's got that that's I KGB's I tell them. I yeah I think people people who would pick is baby baby started here it's quieter as split but. That we've got the date and hit. And it certainly Colin Greg spoke to incorporate these big killer for robbery and that's what those guys are not scared of anything and not afraid to capture a moment that the time that that the biggest defeated you know let's take a country of what so many people in it and win a championship. Without that that'll be held might allow hair and if approaching. James. You know I've recently been a lot of focus on. Everyone on this team but that the young guys and Josh Richardson and just is Winslow. In the NBA and justice you know we've got a little follow them but his offenses come on. Just I love those two guys their development this season and and do what you seen from an arm. Condoms spam as they're they're going you know this. Committed to three hour before practice and in only guy out there are truly being a this you know ready to work and all that crap. On to rid the same thing we've got guys who wouldn't want to work on them because. On the big burdening you want to learn. And and there are 200 author writes I'm so unlike me in and speak NATO he he understood morale went but it is under attack when and how to play made. And if the guy who played quantum spotlight. And somebody who. As you read the label. We'll. And one of the best to do it in the league right now I truly believe that. That being rich is one of the best two way player in the league right now. Deserving of all defense is you think you should get some of the apparatus. Out boot. Number I agree with the man he's been fantastic you've been fantastic as has been it's been fun man it was a great great with three guys and that's season and we're very much look good for the series jays at thanks for join us now sit there. Aren't as Jane Johnson bad ass. As bad ass right there. Notify them no sir. I would just like you who to whom they JJ. Mutate the ball. And take it down in the polls. If you'll is is and other guys yes keep you don't answer it because. Demand. Do. Six say hand on the ball and could kill the luck around Tucker karate chop you on the way in the lane guys working its work cut out there. Demands it's going to be open that is Dick Benson's as rod haren now there's not a Hobbits enabled Ilia the very similar game and where did you might be a little more room. Three point threat. I don't. Just from watching the last. A couple of games a jaded played. That he's going to have to kind of and I think everyone in the series and get hyped up because. It's good he can be physical. I think emotions play a big part of this and a restraining your emotions at times might be giving part of the problem. Only a surge Ibaka steps out of line but. That's a lot. I think to peace a certain analysts and listen I think that at least now I watched I want watched the last game and spoke pulled out JJ because he was John. And he pulled them out and he had to be sat down and have a little discussion you have an incident it doesn't make it an issue. Yes and the other thing is that those rap is a chirpy manly they've had every time they come down here they step out of line they think that that they think that. People are gonna do anything about it like Serge Ibaka or DeMar DeRozan who got into with Goran Dragic did say chirpy. Turkey Yemen because I'm really gonna do it and there's like Oakmont did it into the eighth and black belts is he's black though so there just front. As it's figured it it's it's it's ridiculous. And you've Serge Ibaka and in my hip hop pulling up and out front is no you don't you don't do that again. Embarrass yourself and think about Ali. Okay. Every weapons they. Now let's get Jim picks next and. It's due to time. You read about this they Rhode. Enrollment. Like when people argue that don't just because don't don't disrespect the doom box meant. Two months. But I have to get him go with the makeup. Of because the weather might be about winning games and ruin. It's. Beautiful you just that you want football we give you football. The music you you want the alliance of Spurrier football league whatever the hell that is. Ought to be great for the do books next that deadly acts of millions to please. Ought yeah I can weave that's about to issue report to spring league and there are. The Japanese and desperately you bit the exit doesn't have. There was substantially anthem are great it's going to be they're going to be no fair catches again great it's gonna be it's gonna change football. Over can't know fair catches that's going to be amazing to a man as who's doing win it so there it is and am more concussions. Korea would know what they get you that stupid scramble that they've that's one of the best and that's that if there is it ever got as. This draws out the way it if you didn't you get like get the first the first time they did the scrambling the first candidate injury. This mean all the injuries that you have a that's stupid scramble. Like I mean what did you people's gonna happen. If you drop a football Pitt. Let two guys run like that part of it is the horse you bet you know it's the best part about Dixon felt those when. They started going gimmicky because the rays are starting to take a dive and there are doing and wrestling scenes like they have the rock show up in the background be like you just talked to the guys. I got them ready ready to roll out what is happening why is here what would you have a guy who play football in this bitten. Don't know but I got a break Darman it was crazy but if Gordon's WWE. I'm going to run I would just local example well. How is the husband Vincent man gonna come back with the exit doesn't like I got a great idea. Resilience of well. Not a conscience. That what's in the guys that you've talked about it we. At the start of Lee wrote a year before the and a net crazy I know what it did. I have had the flyers. And penguins. The penguins one and I have the week. Old school favorite and they went seven nothing last yen as a they give it a ridiculous him woods Rory. OK. Went and had like this Jews who have c'mon let's get this heat. The sixers got man what you got poured on the line. We'll take heed. That's going to be a close game they're gonna leave their eyes get blown they are blown out there and no way my babies ringgit. A had the warrant I think that's the new movie routed from that in the war is all. Ward vs the light. On that note certain says that might take in the white I'll go with old wounds on the white man's. Once you take away that they'll as a way no way of life. People likely to be orgy green like that we Lloyd's of why we are white how. Right why not quite that went off well. You do about it game yet back a game. Just pick a winner. Alex is spread. One half runs that whenever drives the Yankees at the tigers. I'm taking the tigers because the tell us the joke a little. Actually. Did a bowl. He did get down in some Red Sox in the face. I'm like. You know it's funny. That that call me that. It. Is all that everybody regretted my decision and happen. And I think it was great you guys CC sabathia cumin and soon quote ought to consider it and your season but he's a quote that. There from the bed. Do you fit a loss on that wait. And above must be you'd better believe when I come back home Beebe kept epic at. Michigan compliment it's it was such a grip on by CC because he got than any lost all his balance. For the fat pitch your entire life you know to. David do well. David about the charity golf. He got slammed. No way to be friends crazy these audio out and buy it so I've got the start with a little a little puck from the pockets up their kings. In Vegas at the goal and I time on the golden knights bandwagon Robby has this as even. Even no lights minus something all hockey spreads they put out a one and a half number -- look at the pay outs of the spread. And in this case the just a ticket to Vegas nights as it the golden knights has his depths of the general whose know. The golden knights of the building that's my next game spurs at warriors now Golden State to be a half point favorite idea and really. Active feed opera's move anybody back and I I yet I see here's the thing is even though against the spread at. The spurs are sixteen and 24 on the road I still there than the Golden State's not good against the spread at home or overall submitted to the spurs. In that one and then in the Sunday game I believe I have the of the cavs. And the pacers. And I will all blow live. It's tough I'll take the pacers they're getting six and half points yes I know I'll take the pacers because the cab that homer thirteen and 27 against the spread a bit. And just loosen perjury that Estonia. A look around at this isn't about it loses the first right this isn't about win or lose this is about covered October last year that though actually swept the pacers but every game with a buzzer beating one or two point gain in a thing they don't keep nova. Space it is better in there are better they are better bought it six and a small kids aren't. And I'm just doesn't lose. These players aren't LeRoy what you're not grasping is it's not about winning or losing it's about the spread well. I as I got while jets. Got to go to Winnipeg they wanted to seasonally this year and can't trust Lotto I'll come comment a bit although one minute to. I mean a player in the Winnipeg jets would make is now and it's an. Atlanta got Sean O'Shea he's the toggle score. Monster on the monster on the guys monster on the power play. C'mon man this great series jazz at thunder and I. I'm very intrigued by this because I feel like OKC has a little bit combustion written all over them. Of course I don't Melo who ultimately got yup Paul George think about the future bills go to. But this so Casey of the three and a half point favorite in game one I'm go with the jets gonna go with the jazz I feel like the jazz and a throwing they're going to be the team. Throw that ups aside from the throne that's what. Okay you see how skating. With David Bruton Utah. Ingles and I don't know bove an individual decision oh. Regular route to go bears in bursts. Into the minds of those put it that way there yet. I'm going that. Stephen Adams. Now all. Problem knives that I don't want to do that proportion drawn. You get your gets the reads we saw on non had a non mustache Stephen out of the sound intimidating guy isn't intimately guy cost him. Yeah it's. He says he's got to get the tip of evil mustache and personal loan and some lives on humans now he's easily beat the pin debit. But it's very nice that Stephen as well in here to push drugs when he told them to buy you. Not really go there OK the Eiffel Tower. You really to compliment I would that's nickname. And I got symbols at rockets the the rockets against him all the lovely to load the eleven and a half points don't care. The go smoke him. Then quick series smoke it that's not so bad you gently one of the most exciting basketball games of the year. And you're reward to go gifts don't buy used the bricks that's what I was an option to vote for a lot of the medicine out. Rob woods got many in the. It's so far this month four and zoom in Dube picks are your own weaponry agreed yes it's. A tirade last won one game to put in the bottom or the top. And I'm a start with a Saturday basketball action the wizards and the raptors team won. The raptors are eight point favorites of its seven ray boats out of this because the raptors always lose game one attractive lost nine in a row in game 115. Of those has been at home especially when of the favorite. And it's I would be willing to take the wizards on the Moneyline on this one plus two to five before this game off to the wizards an eight points CL normally go with that the blow the wizards are that there's such a misses they they got John Wall back and they stink again. Right because they don't pass the bill is that he dribbles around it's two teams don't trust at 530 typical early afternoon game at Toronto. The via the be ability of the of its Levy what they do whether it's better than normal the enormity of the 1230 templates are economic at 530 so but still to that was in the eight points rappers always asking what I was Yemen are right. 1030 after the heat team pelicans and trail blazers the blazers are five and a half point favorites at home I. All throughout the always every time a draw on the blazers game apple and their home always to the blazers at home to cover the point has been it's been smoky ruled out problem we are pleased at all. Lidstrom played restraint at all. All right and last game a Sunday 1 o'clock action in the box at the Celtics are three car this game the Celtics are four point favorite despite all the injuries. The little fishy I'm I'm activity the books in the four point as don't trust the Boston team would all the injuries they have fair enough men are to those are doom picks. So let's get to the boys. Playoff series coming up I IE six I got a bet with Tim watts member of parliament in Australia is leading right now it's like 4 in the morning. So I can't that the amended Charlotte getting in response until. It's for the morning over here that towers and a walk up to like three tweets from the guy. So I got these six what he got era period. Up. That's our dignity to let beat the team with the most stars. In the playoffs just gonna coronet band seven's like that. It's gonna do it lately like getting a thing where he just gets to earn it like star status which are working group after. I had there you willow. I created the only thing is is that. I would I would be so eager to do to you if I was about American Airlines Arena. And games from either I'd be lucky people not attend or watch the draft and how can you question. How many. Series go to game that. Is where I have an at home game we got game seven you. Said. Thing close out the U Tribune and a close on the American Airlines Arena floor it's that I know did you says once. Now I say it's on six that they are you gonna close that bleep out of 232 right it was a 222. A Tutu 1021 OO one Oca. Sarah all the series like at some problems right now this final switch back there goes the zero to two years being used to be 232. It is the other braille production in the rose it's it's it's 2050 we don't need to do that anymore where said the change of a couple of years ago. Run rodeo. I'm gonna go seven games. The heat of struggling on the road especially it's the good teams twelve of the last fourteen but I think the heat's we get out in game seven in Philadelphia William Murphy. If he isn't just. You say that is because you have to make up for your debt for yourself to end up from our that was that was the phone is the phony moves you poll by the way I'm rooting for the bucks an idea on that series be so that he would have home court advantage in the chance I believe in the culture and all you guys are doing. I mean I Saudi desert theater who's in six games last hour but its culture of the collect edit and you'd have to be sure lives goal total broad. Start just it's just it's heat seeking missile that pass. And it's unbelievable. Obvious that the heat hours on a bright next beasts yet is that artists in the my rights at some chicken and a bottle water no he has hit it and yeah Detroit girl as he doesn't Flash Gordon bottle water but a protein shake. No he's he's all the as is heat and culture well either way is actually come up so we got the for the playoffs act will be doing an hour he targets at about eleven tarred. Suggest and enjoy that next.