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Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, April 19th

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. Me. You at a time. If you want to bet I'd say look crazy ascent did what I please ask him. We just heard pat Riley's press conference that was awesome we have got to get something in depth potty mouth pat Riley's. We know what happened is I don't know who was somebody ask some questions are reminiscent. Almost like puzzles like reporters weren't even there LeRoy Cain. Other evidence that in just like bleep this and maybe admit that hey. We'll bring you so that Riley press conference what is really wild last night yeah. A wise just long enough. To see. The Celtics on you want me hater now here against UN hole. Heater. Cut to head up. And drop and that is a drop knows not who you know what it is is that. You folks at dean need to be a hater who's who or free to keep me near Rio. Then sit you're just afraid to keep an embryo then. Like this some realities of life that you are afraid to face them one of the business maybe. I'm an easy go full gore on. And then. He's a wager that. You know you jump over to why do you Alley oops. I don't know man gives you know what do you is gonna think he can dunk until he until he's retired. And Eagles keep thrown together. You don't tell you haven't got a now fully. Dump this used to be a thing before before Big Three time like where we're really what hoosiers who weighed in the crew. And Leahy of wage guy and those rules were hit all three to start a game. Knew his likens bombs away time for me yup he weighed steel and it. And so I think we'll probably happens there is weighed probably has like one dunk like aria legs he'll glued. And and they don't. And they're not there may three or four threes don't I don't know man he is he is like these the playoffs three point assassins that have a glass itself. I don't know that we didn't oh. Let MI enemy and ray is I'd wanna marred heat Twitter people like you know one night way looks 56 in the newest 29. Carlos will go Hiller recorded here. The point goes when he draw you know. You are all in early on non heck yeah and we're all in on the early lead and Rick when the ball went over the air out marketable. They. Car. On which you those custom way below the rim. About as bad as some closest. Humanizing Clinton all right we're talking going on sawmill that b.'s head into a some headlines and. Use once. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right here okay. I pull Luke pulled try to fly in this dull spot might talk about time the ball breakfast contrast to look it was. Make you know these synergies and a full half rounds of you had a morning that before your morning like Taco Bell make you. Breakfast the shocking news we got early this morning Aaron Hernandez former patriots former Gator while. Allegedly and is allegedly committed suicide is and I don't think you have to say alleged. Some it about something Massachusetts department adjust. None out blocks from the inside out and noon. Just an assailant clearly don't have to say allegedly late if if big I mean he's not allegedly dead he is dead and a half I distant questioning. How it happened because of the gangs just as a gangs I wanna get into that really I mean why I feel free. Why aren't losing. Their status that. We usually say allegedly. Those are you obviously have suspicions so I'm not discourage even at that I have suspicions. Scream it's why stop right there. HM to that man. Late each hit seven I allegedly to have suspicions because he allegedly killed somebody got not conforming. And dad put a stop right there I'd rather not go any further. You wanna him I had my theory maybe it's due to ground. You can say whatever you want a guy. So this is gonna go viral and majority owned while Ron crashed spices press conference. The price who's doing his his reasoning Reich and the pages it's erratically today who is the day that they the White House without without Tom Brady by the way who read. It's cooler air quotes family issues. Or like to you know do wanna do zillion questions about a different trump. Nonetheless. Here's what's going on today so you got. Aaron Hernandez flown all around ESP and in his. Which is emitted as patriots here I didn't Robert Kraft told Robin gussy to go across the press conference 'cause they want some positive teacher it's vibes today. Or drawn just being gruff no. I may use send down a stealth mission. A stealth mission from the boss. We need to get all sports senator. Go crash spice is press conference right now in the war now or we will end in the other room. They don't turn their headwear. I think a big crowd booed him like this get any old it's ever been anybody else is re brain of the world to more than drunk yet. I don't you think Barkley no ground to do it every once and a lot of criticism when he was well. I could do it every once now. Is on as he's productive. The minute he's not doesn't even guess it would get old it's gonna get old and tired I'm telling you I'm Tonya craft's. Put out a I don't know what you used hater just relax I'm not a hater if not a hater that goes so let's get to their Hernandez staying and the F discuss my county is a little message to I mean he's upset our flow. Yeah heart felt I really good about compounds in that thing Melvin normal level challenges get to the headlines you'll be able. Opine on all this on Riley's press her on the Aaron Hernandez situation the Marlins are back in action the I mean they couldn't let the the guy a and finish the game Russell the no hitter say his name Nelson Dem respect and is handled. Not condone Qaeda saying seven no hit innings and united and try again no. Really know how many pitches under 200. And anyway Jen and I got a I mean. You know you don't want to let a lot of well of may await Chad go three innings give a whole bunch of Bobby a couple of events how we extend him a little. Right here's the last couple outings. He got there the first inning looked great. And then sort of play and yeah. Yeah homer and they're adding that I was listening to a love her show and obviously Guillermo is really upset Billy and its Mattingly. But he he had a good point which is I was probably tends only chance in this in his entire life definitely there. So you pride Matt and all he did with to strike out Donnie Medved does Donnie baseball should let him go I. Marlins mariners back get a day game action today 340. East Coast time is beyond the game. It it's an instant eight. Volquez is going for the official 13 point 45 ERA Felix Hernandez on the hill for the Mariners won a 12 point 95. ERA we've got NBA playoffs tonight. 7 o'clock it is the hawks and the wizards wasn't a 1 nothing there 8 o'clock OKC in Houston Houston leads one nothing then 1030 Portland and golden state Golden State leads one. And nothing that there and those are your head and insurance questionable for the game with a catheter. So he missed. May think that they like act you mentioned scorching last. I know this afternoon. We don't do school we don't do scores. From last night because. It is afternoon and afternoon you always do what's coming up either today or tomorrow you didn't do. Wayne sens game the yet because I just want to let rod into the drop otherwise and we're gonna like for any other picture I wouldn't of done flimsy rules here. May away Jen now just so we can hear that. Is why did it I just think that he should get it right. When they're isn't oh I forgot though I am a subprime forgot I am a big surprise for you today. What's like I am giddy like a school girl. Legal form you know we'll find out we'll find out. Not to worry about a lot of fighting Alley does nothing you know doing anything at any moment many Jacob in the FaceBook log on to Colorado. I think but notes and a game during the break Jacob. Run we got some of this as rials ready to to put different excitement so I'll bring you some Riley as well as. If you're a man does some a lot of things the freeagent plans. And obviously has yet to hear thousands and I hear a little bit Els and moderating toward a grant thank I was I was yeah I lose. It was funny because like he started off real tough because you like. Another we all slows you will leave Willy Wonka gurus Bob believe doubly or something like that he had some cockamamie thing. That you say and but then like he kind of was like he was you know he can't help but. Feel good for this team might you talked about. You know how have you as the justices growth and how happy he was you know with. If there's Dion got to go in series so they him in Deion gone on the toughest two guards in the league. Yet she huge offensive justice Winslow and loved to play rhetoric is there was there was something and he he either was the only time he had. Animosity was the media today it was defending justice Winslow who is which means they must. Really he would really like he went near nag your rhythm he went full Papa Bear on him man he really did he also now regrets using the term well yeah. Would jump and you've got to school you know why there are no. All that that's definitely why I was I was the first question. Those virgin Mary. Ask the first question head battle let me ask you question Jim Barry in rapid you know. You know got idea if only I whales are about a line what what what are you doing when Jim merits. On arms haul her spot on. Disagree we forgot all that vacuum is an America more and more you play me it's horrible I can't tell the difference is horrible can just to make me forget all that you start your British action for moment. I don't all oil also goes to show you is you show ruled out oral Mosul well. Who by and just doing so resident you'll embrace this Mosul about our roster crunch and presto most are words you did. Rula. Renewals urea. Are your original. News. So credit terms of your strategy this offseason and gone after other whales are there enough whales out there to execute. You know I I I think I regret ever making that statement because you know now lets you know that's always out there. I think the collective bargaining agreement is going to dictate. A lot of things about free agency into if you go back to Tony chair and the it and when we were fortunate to be able to. Secure and many of the services LeBron and then she be in Dwyane. The rules were different. The money was slower. They could sign six your deals so. Good sign and trades. You all of those things. Today. It's a lot different here in in for any any great players with a team. Is going to have to. They give great cause. Probably walk away from. 65 December emission power purchase or whatever the number might be. To go somewhere else is gonna he's gonna have to wanna read the coverage you were usually have to look to leave where years of. How about a result that rally in our first thing I'd much Ameristar but it's Bob ask what is saying you're Jim merry settling those companies know. About every judge was against it by everybody mean one text just once that's one text yet to get sample size mug useless against. Values are less still about a by the lender American general for about values others lasted about you're gonna go well hunting who's the whale you guys don't have that did you just translate EU with the cold. America spot on played that in terms of your strategy design and I. Well I don't know we'll be out there it is I gonna go well Colin Jim Barrett. Spot on the I don't know what what are you what are you arguing against it but it sounds nothing you moderated though. What do you do when you leave this building but because these works out he comes back though that's between. A safer today Kelly goes on its punch by look at. Republicans or it could. You have to learn to use like giant Teddy bear I'm pretty dumb. Pretty certain that my son when when the when the sun goes down and gets possessed by say. It's not particularly well he isn't doing this just set it was just like. Use I he's just nonsense the most serious is the sun goes down as sisters and bad on him to go to bed. For some reason he's steady he's got a standing eight count John and just like you all got. Maybe if you didn't force know until the end of may he be little come I was doing whatever you wanted I give them milk. You know whatever food or snatch you wanted us are you given up snacks my dog's trying to get a powerful not a well I'll I didn't heal whatever your Jill I. Put two years ago I said does that give me ten. That's I got retail and and then and then my mom sent an indication of form that. As an unknown and then today the plan defense into parent yet no no men like memories every night this week I've had to take regularly drive to get and asleep. Older network and humorous look. And people probably fingers are you a real paranoid Nero and I have does next door. I mean it is a prayer I guess you I don't. I got jacked into your driveway and we did in the scare them off I got the next or up to you got me on that and yet it's super but my my neighborhood has me the most paranoid but I'm driving around this neighborhood every appeal uprising on stock and a house to problem. On the Shania to stand kids asleep lunch you just a gold school and I use a little Scotch and Gomes. Am I feeling I just too tough I feel like he'd be powered through the whiskey. Last identical I'm good and I hope I really don't word man and it has. Oh and he started speaking yet like Indiana's first words no that's the other fresher and things like it wish she had words so we knew what the hell you want lazy he's got mom and dad that no. But what he when you say notably he mocks you back he goes no no no. Right back in advance and men and that is displayed in both. I'm just think. Zillow you have Franken baby. Just season saying he's been seen kid can really cute isn't he he is cute but. It's cute like you guys is to to CA in windows of social media critics are dealing with. I know even existed levers and I don't put up the site don't care don't put up a hallmark cute baby well maybe you shouldn't ditching the social media up and let one of these nights. What is going crazy elect didn't do that Mac is that people blame me. No I'm telling you he's like to plug my entire life and your wife she has an easier and Everett who deal with that business phone. All the told the he's got to be terrible dog gets right here you go because greatness your classmates and have their own phones. Oh that's that that's that's impressive does not well know adult she knows that no no much. But that I know is a big problem was Zach but you know all although it over so and so's house and to fully. Oh no I'd like I don't. My we're we're past that did she knows daddy to bed. I'm not waivers that'll play Brady here's. The kicker. Last. Friday. She just kind of threw at me passing back. Dead it's Easter Sunday. And a lot of times for the holidays. Sprint has deals. On follow its. I look is good at some commercial. I think you didn't hit somebody onto the line. Bo. It does cause she uniquely Jewish induced just get a look at Nokia. Net I don't know should I mean no here here's the kicker. So what she does now that a lot of kickers what she does now. Is. Am plays what my wife's phone and all her games are more wasteful. And she plays with debt all the time and watches TV on it it does all these things. When I coal. Nobody is not so much big news is called it the wrong time and either. Funds the or my wife of one Gonzaga may as a phone I'm just gonna happen to be as a must restore. Oh it just connected turmoil. There are no but I can't call nobody call could. Who's gonna of one rotary wheel we call from the house we got exactly the I touch which is like the phone without the phone yet and so he has everything on there but he need Wi-Fi or you can leech off of some one else's phone. Scioscia he has connected to my wife's phone. So her battery and strain because he's busy watching leg live stream videos all the stuff so as a daddy and your passwords like in nineteen enough you're finally Helm now. You a year human knowledge they're fine. Is start what they finally yeah I don't know when they did the time comes in these kids get to cock he gets its own weird day like my daughter this past regret doing that Agilent. And so how did you so did she owes. Or call me Sophia. Said what George Bush as good best egg hunter ever put that on your radio show. I. And look and the only excuse me. On your radio show my. So another words she is a little token she's way too cocky. Somebody texted that's a lot of kickers so what who hates kickers in the fourth mr. so Reilly as he was saying gallon and Amanda the whale thing. It's reform really Cali unscrew got hosed on this collective bargaining agreements because. They'll have this seem to have been the first one haven't it was Abdul LeBron came here so all the known as protect off. And now they just gonna go or even more extreme to keep these guys in their markets. And that's the deal man like you know Gordon Hayward. It makes insane money makes all NBA Paul George same thing they're gonna need somebody be so disgruntled with the organization. And even then it's hard to make music dozens and dozens even the biggest circus of the mall. He didn't want your trade from Sacramento does he won that super extension. So. This big gov did to think that the heat are going to be out there and there's going to be. You know they're wrestle term whale out there just tough man and the you know so imagine Jeff that the roof might be having to go make a trade. What does that going to be I don't know if you look at the team and you look at their assets. You know I I can't imagine they're gonna trade either one of the two main guys. He chatted just as when love real good but he's he's in a year where is gonna have to bounce back and then you think about. These big guys and again answering back in free agency you know that I don't really no other option our. News. Which are missing. He said it and house mood into it a little bit yesterday. If you sign these guys. And you have all of these guys. That you currently have room. And a whale becomes available. You have pieces. So. Even though they may not sign a whale if they re sign all their pieces. In they have chips to get away. Yet but they won't be able to eat I don't think they really move them until the trade deadline if you sign these guys. So. This is gonna thing is loses this summer we had about a marsh is on the morning show and you're talking about this is trying to clear flexibility for them because. Tyler Johnson his money kicks up in a year. Josh Richardson he's your mirror shirt and free agent after this upcoming season moon so the money is there and now. But this or urged to move is down there is keeping their guys right now. Right because there are no players there's no unless. I mean. Only got his car. And then you're gonna have either Burt 27 million they share in and have that off the books no no no Carmelo. You know big big. You gotta do it now not into it I don't like Dion Waiters Leahy yeah he just stuff put on answer Graham. A little example of what he before and after was on the heat's program. But this is he but this just dove on the stories show what his body transformational as with the heat. Need argued so it's a pretty tremendous transformational is once the new and the lights him when Julia bullets you okay who the woman here as the I don't think. Bring that beast yeah I'm a buffer but that's pretty good pretty dirty judge I don't know but lake. Melo is he's not the same place beyond wasn't his career you're gaming guy who's. A lot of accolades got a lot of money I just I don't know man I don't I don't think that won't get a vibe the way you begin just wave a magic won and everybody. A lot of these guys who live turnaround. They were on the fringes of their basketball career. You know James Johnson. French player Dion Waiters. Skin well I don't have idea waiters because these John. Okay and I mean when you come off the bench. You're different player and if you start yet that you did he you can't say that love the perception of Dion Waiters was overly positive for you what is. As a guy who wasn't going to be Odom facilitate who was gonna pass the ball who's gonna be a score which is why it. He was coming off it's this what does same things they said about hard. Get your news always come off the bench many of free rein to shoot and do whatever you mix so this. Hard Mitch and MM people people looked at heart and they still said that they mean they said six member of of the year nobody said that about Dion Waiters up. No no no no no Weis said that we keep the money still yup and I agree so it's not like each. Why is there. In result of deals gonna be understand him. If you're if if you're 24 years old and the only offer you that are the best off do you think therefore is a three million dollar deal mean. That's it that's got to tell you where you're where the the opinion view is in the league well yeah you know it's yeah it's not and it's not that of Carmelo. Right where you're gonna have to eskimo payment yet humble yourself and can be asked to do that with guys who don't have the same credentials that he does. You know so that's I I don't know that's a match made in heaven I really don't bring. Yeah I mean it's instant phenomenal. I think there's. You know. The justice was the only issue they still have to pay they don't really know OK what is it right now. Is this say to senator probably say it. Page justice don't Wear body you were hurt it was hard to shoot what were caught the next policy views do you start you got this Robby got how aroused defensive justice Winslow. Women O'Neill that ready. I will take exception with some view here in the media but it sure right because you're always in the numbers and and and look and had to do specific things. Is that we're measuring this guy after light. Semi five games. And I think that's unfair. And I wish you would get up is three point shooting you know because he so much more than that. He's such a player. And it creates coast to coast and in all this stuff and and doesn't bother him because I guarantee he'll make enough of them but that. You know what they're hurtful have in store for him and how he will help especially would this group of guys. You know I mean when you got Dion and Daniel Wayne Ellington and you've got. You know you got. James and you have. You know he reached 300 others. You know Goran. You don't need to clear that it's sort of like the backbone of your team prepared player that is a glue guy so. It bothers me when guys you pull this out the thing. In and you take it away from the guy after 75 games have been on the court or whatever it was how many games played last year and have. And I think it's unfair to him given chain has meant. You design is more on Riley saying there's nowhere and aluminum he ain't going anywhere. However consumer Rican packed into here in tactics and their analysts it's. You start treating guys start putting that stuff in the paper and you talk about how much you loved this team but then again start. You can that there'd be become like chattel. And so I try to tell them not to read everything. Even though you're all adept and very you you're you're all told surprise writers of all this stuff and you know read that stuff. And it can't help. You read about me it's okay but. He's got something to prove there's no doubt and I think you he'll prove it you approved idiot he's he's more than just that he's a winner Brandon. And we're glad to have a movie did. He's he's got a he's got to be the next reclamation project really for the heat who justice. I mean like. Two keys to have four and we couldn't we don't know what part of it is because he skirt it's totally fair. I mean an end any sort there are moments in the first year. Where I understand and number used. To say how you've been playing basketball your whole life. And then all of a sudden you get into assert an absurd leveling your shot is on some broken to the point where knees ol' ball. Well they listened to wasn't it too was. It just wasn't good last. In an eight championship game where you may what five or six and well the main reason why doesn't every week and you're not only can't she. What level but here's the thing though LeRoy is. And this this dissenting goes back to what the thought of his role is going to be coming into this year. Maybe just this thought yeah I wanna change. Everything because I'm gonna be the focal point of the offense. But I think with him like yeah he does do a lot of things but he fits into a good roll and it was late. He kind of wanted him do you have everything this year. So maybe because. You'll have these guys have him back. It'll be kind of a slower he's in for him. As far as what his role be with the heat. We'll take a great record oh Derek Raivio also Jason Jackson he's gonna join us next hour react to the Riley press conference and talk little about the MBA playoffs is well along read a list. You have to carve out something more for him offensively so what should she give him that he may be able to go there and so when you got a permanent position CP can can do that I think he has the ability to put a bigger numbers well those bigger numbers people wins and that's what we have to get out of him. We have to get that kind of performance out of him. We have to get those thirty and forty in ten nights out of him five times a year and you have to get them on those nice that we play begins but I think he has the ability your problem. Do we'll do we'll do we'll do we'll do. I just see yeah. Yeah. I just see turner season. I had a season ending job yeah. We're right here on the ticket live there that boy you by the time he misses giving you some of the highlights. And I was very high Amazon wife's side you doubt it was I have a lot of those guys we did say let's not lose. I'm super disappointed we didn't make the post season on the proud I imagine there with them seeing the balls up to nothing on the Boston Celtics. The LA. Yeah hi. Mean this is a very does that vulnerable east man they definitely didn't have led to feel like we could have done some things here and there were right there same record as the bulls man stupid knicks game. Mix and we're always gonna we're gonna Sus of the next game yes real yes or revenue for the rest of time and the Alabama over a fair tiebreaker like like Riley set out of the an extra game. With the bulls down here about there's fare like baseball or affairs fair he's playing a one off must split yep how about a lot. Mean he can't really have or which I do agree if you play equal money games when everybody. You can't then have. Three against one team and they get to home gay rights because your your employer and a whole playoffs. Don't elsewhere that breeze that. We should add to games and in my meeting in Chicago. Really that's ridiculous it to be attuned to a tiebreak Johnny that put the two played you here so we've we've been put it. So that should not be that should not be part of tiebreaker when that's what it's worth head to head don't take it should be quality. My very being with Riley and India press coverage is not really so always change rules is to put the spoke to have everything don't do yes I. The but the thing that's funny but the game Dunham my very passionate human counted because early gives scheme late. That was listen but that was a thank wade game aren't in it we're focused. Hot style AAA atmosphere. Just there's less than. Bob Turner and Andy's flop and at the end burn an us who's that guy flop and doing what it's like it don't even know you. What won't. You we'll give you what are these. Couldn't get back on defense was known as Megan is dunks that night. Hate it's a mixture stretch on the leg. Minister's real spry. Real real spy. One big rally did not want to address. Was the bosh situation in which was asked mom worded things stand. Obviously immune very important part of their sour because. An obscure British generate they're casting is spot wasn't. Really into talking about it you're. At the same answer but I'm not an answer that question for took the slogan is the question has been discussed enough and then that's been. That's being discussed but it's but I there's no there's no resolution to it right now. You guys I think all have the information you didn't know that that's that's that's behind the possibility of what. Of what can happen but yes down the road you know we don't have your Christmas services and look at there isn't anybody. In this organization that feels worse. You know she beat and I do. To go sideways at the end because of the feelings and and things of that nature but the last three years. That the professional basketball player. You know has to go through like you went through. Had to be horrible for him than just a few really couldn't compete but he couldn't play the game that we love. And you know from our our standpoint I don't I don't look at it as you know we. We got anything lesser but we did not have him for two months the first period we didn't have them for. The two months when we probably figure out of the finalists last year we didn't have room. At the end of the season this year and so we dealt with that there's an organization and tried to work our way around that this organization in as far as all of the other things go. I think in due time we will run its course and take care of itself I can't give you definitive answer however I just can't. And Ira. You know what pat. What's this is our Myra that's terrible you know a lot. Do you criticized Maja marrying my irons better than your gym merry hell out of here no doubt about it you get the hell out a lot of no you can not eliminate a lot of do you think your beast sucks you my don't wanna improve that. Thank you whereas six in tow and made in the bull's eyes are better at the sub is who he subbing in a homer brought. Not Brock. And not. The same amount bra and don't a is bra. Now Barack awake and he really afraid they should not mean this man and I hate leaving you out of order put it on the Celtics. I mean Brad Stevens though we do we get over him. I was love Brad Stephen marketing today while sitting there and I'm 4746. He's just so that smug look on his face of his arms cross ever did send a mile or do we get over Brad Stevens. We're all. Was this kiss this guys Astra Merck what do you do something in the league that matters he's regular season. League championships everywhere ages smooch is the guys cheeks. When these were two of our bosses. To particulates. We just let me gotten an ounce of the credit Brad Stevens has and. That's true. That's not true it's ounces this year so well as guns gays and I have faced a finally giving him a golf club NBA appreciate it Brad Stevens a broad student whose fortune. Your doors just kicked every well George Burke on one of the broadcast those watching and her broadcast she was on. Tend during the season I believe. Was. A very very. Complimentary towards Erik Spoelstra was Doris Burke is all class. The rest of these knuckle heads like you know. It's it's like Brad Stevens draws a circle on a dry erase sport and everybody thinks he's he's c.s sold in these great mysteries of the basketball universe calm down man. Mean you know. It's so silly. Bret Stephens. And an arms man when let's go question what are what are you showing them if you coached the Celtics who dubious salty. Parents clearly encouraging the mix is because the bucks. Me. And I'm like Jason Kidd. Who's going to better coaching job Jason Kidd. Or. Well Jason Kidd has degree creek. Oh rumble. Bottom Alamo. At this I mean you can't beat you give me your professional broadcaster he just had. Bleeding disregard for these guys lesson a great. There have been Stacey King did. I mean entity combo even rolled our. Itself there's no aria yeah and everybody's everybody knows about the Spanish for a week I don't Romo. Okay. Do they go good job you Rhode jar. Except there's so far there's a kitchen headlines next.