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Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, April 19th

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. You know art I'm not all. You know sparkly and Fuzzy haired okay that's not my make up maybe there has been something like that but. But I do love this team in in a low blow we. We have built. You know it's like. Public woman it is very hard. Hi you are putting on your pages western in the the White House and your support. I know in the end the big boss disaster imposed because of Aaron Hernandez on neither race to them freaky cold. So you you don't stand there and Hernandez. I do not stand the killer Aaron Hernandez now which you don't wanna say it's a suicide. You don't know. I'm gonna say it's alleged suicide what is it is weird how does lower. Came out yeah amend his lawyer came out and said that he is excited for his appeal that was gonna drop throw lurid. He just got acquitted on the double murder right yup and their pill in the other one commune PLO positive momentum even though he's still you know as a an hours you spend the rest of his life in jail and just seems like odd timing man. Nobody was also seems like. Ten. An hour between the week he's awesome and the green easy. Then moon moon moon. Is I would just say how their blocks from the inside. Live the way these though is these things can happen these days. You never know trying to all of them say it is you can go from being well. I mean. In the last five years is probably the best thing have a 21 in five U chair. And you decide to go to your cell curious. About it. All I'm saying is I'm not saying yeah you're leaving even if it is exactly true that he did kill himself suffice it to so door was blog from inside it was like. I I feel like there was some other. Should Hillary motivation other than just I'm going to be spend the rest of my life in jail because he had a you is do you really revenge from. He's saying he I'm saying is as somebody came to him you were your fan. Write something like that night something else go and some I was gonna. Or you just kill themselves. They're there and I'm balls seem like the least likely all the toys. And he's still serving a life time sentence I don't I gotta tell you heard a group like that. I gotta tell you in most situations. We Pugh who killed themselves. They you never see coming poll so. Than Dennis. I don't know we should probably in. Feel sorry. I mean this review who's there or did he wasn't involved in some kind of. Well I mean that brings us to to the Mike pounced he might hook pouncing Mike Pelosi was it instead Graham yeah. Which listen up the content Brothers and Aaron Hernandez were as tight as tight can be yeah. But how CNN's program this morning wrote to my friend. To my brother. Look through thick and thin right or wrong we never left each other side today my heart hurts as they got the worst music and imagined. It was just today go we share a lot our last convoy oh hell forever miss you love you bro we'll meet again rest easy. And there's a lot of who taking. Why offensive that why would just one of those. The other OK so he was on a murderer and so we use and accused murderer and he did a lot of bad things. What does that have to do being his friend knows I I am I have no problem with that Blake yeah a man like dad's face okay. Is site. Here are regularly and in a might come to try to sample of real life example moon when it's not. I'm not comparing this to. I'm just trying to how feelings could be similar. You've seen somebody who hasn't talked to a family member in twenty years in new when he died correct yup should know OK I've been to myself OK why. Why what I'm sure a lot of regret their own neighborhood many regret this is truly eat you start remember and the way brief time you spent together how long ago I remember that guy you memorize it right and then so from that state employee. Even though. He was arrested and convicted of heinous crime. His friends were to guys he groped women who were you guys he played will it makes rest. You know. Dear loss of a friend. I don't. Think anything other than that yen late when the when there was a similar controversy when pounds see was on social media Carl Warren like the free Hernandez I mean that that's different story than he and that's kind of that's that's a bad look. Because the guy was a fur murder charge. In of this I mean I don't have any problem with that I imagine that late if you are Stephen Ross you see that your brother. You know bleachers there are and you really call really you're gonna support this guy a really used disguises in the you can understand what their relationship was like I imagine that they're funny people who are imprisoned. Who still have. Those one or two friends who still lives in some sub conversations with them who still remember what the good times are. Mom. And so and so much is doing that's fine but yet I imagine there's still people in the dolphins organized organization or product. Jewish. Which that was not only because it's mainly because we can't. A lot of times in in sports or him. Life if you are. You know in view of everybody everything you do. You can be human troop. And so. That's probably human reaction. In everybody's looking at bad situations and how this is so tricked me. And so if somebody in dolphins can't. Were did have a problem witted. You know I wouldn't necessarily mean they have had a problem witted but they have this say something and to protect them. Being associated with that whole situation yeah I mean it's it's one of those things where. You know your might pats here in this dish Gloria you guys were you are celebrities and in some realm. And so. Him just wanting to express what he's expressing that some people do things these days on social media right it just gets more treasury can really. It's it's hard to put out your real feelings about you're gonna get better blowback on social media because this is boom that age we live in. You know nothing's done its own little. Coo coo her own little round. Com. But I am telling you the patriots put on the movement ground today despise press conference. Because they put on my comment and I'll put on no comment not at all and they have all this negative backlash today with with their Hernandez. I'm Helen knew they send ground out on the sting mission. To get through the headlines knowing controls go wrong. Rock is dropped man please. He's rob is Graf please and untamed animals a cyborg. And you know anyone assuming I'll give you tell you one person. Who controls crock. The do signs paychecks. And so craft is that that White House and subscribe can now that's not happening ground goes in the US and gardens mr. crush from. News you you brought to too spicy go press conference nuns who. Topless ladies in Prescott has not had to make go and he runs burst through the door he goes. Topless ladies jet crashed there totaling his columns realizing. Material viral you'll forget about the solar and and is that a lot of stuff out of this arena had a baby. Big no no strings and rightly deserves what I usually weeks pregnant nurse is gonna win the Grand Slam. With a with a big pregnant belly. He also. Ran. A monkey Omaha the next big tournament I think is just showing which is may 28. Twinge in B nine million degrees. Corrects. If she's twenty weeks now I guess you single walk and there would racquet and she's where she beat the zone and got Blair offers 12627. Weeks when that tournament happens from outside you have the last place I would go throws growing Letterman would be Australia voluntarily. If you're showing you live there it is obvious he's the primary degree they got not hot they act and hostels and everything's poisonous poison us carrier ring apostles I want to the show so I'm telling me as I'm gonna go to our unmatched. With tennis racquet and cheeseburgers. Those that which has happened and how. Did elements. Use once. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Are you. I'm their sponsor in my match just for our match affirmed Foster kids. House provides Foster children at the essentials. Who resources and little extras that all children need to learn more matches firm Foster kids dot org ran all like it isn't me. Now I feel like the Mike certainly there's weird things going on return phone lines there's still room to smooth okay. Marlins Seattle back get it tonight. You pitching matchup is actually this afternoon to 341 page thank well forty out in the some input instead unseasonably LeRoy Edinson Volquez is and going to the official 13 point 45 ER a day. He's gonna chime become the next small that Don Mattingly doesn't let finishing no hitter correct. Felix Hernandez going for the Mariners won and won two point 95 ER AA. And loses the two opening day starter free to use a little facing tough each other at 340. We've got NBA basketball tonight. Three contest for you. It's 7 o'clock is Atlanta at Washington Wizards a one mill there what did they say milk no idea 8 o'clock. Oklahoma City at Houston Houston a one nothing there 1030 Portland's Zach golden state Golden State is up one. Two nothing there obviously the news on the we've been talking about Aaron Hernandez allegedly. Committed suicide I don't know why is these owners just because I have my thoughts. He is definitely not with us anymore it's no longer living. By the way. The next major is a French Open mr. reopens in January. And Serena withdrew from the tournament down here we didn't know how well she said knee injury correct. He and I knew the Nationalists made when he felt right. Is a French made Tony ace. Says me in these exit may get. There earlier and once our outlook. This thing get as much attention today because. Pat Riley whose speed limit tantamount to Chris Greer both talked and talk all right all right that draft to draft well good news section there and is. Please wait what's that would perk and I retirement as yesterday guaranteed this question was asked him. Deal position of need. Or best player available I was told earlier questions I stole what do you do that good teams never draft. I don't need. Let's silly arena sit here and really I've loved us to score rescue just to bullets I swear to god we have discovered today in Saint Louis. I was just today Brusca gaga and her I was just deduct Brusca where. Later rounds OK so that's a different story no. That's value highly drafted where he fit in the draft I'm saying. A lot of bad teams. Reach for players in the draft because they need them yet and they don't grade now that I did NATO Indo abortion now like Cleveland would draw our Marin so if you got so the point where force lamp was the best player on the borrow my view while I am widens really. No yeah really hard to believe that would all the talent they got mad Dre dead he's gonna great I've hired all Domino's guy all I know it is if Roger Goodell goes of that podium. And goes through the 22 pick in the first round Miami Dolphins select. The garden out of western Kentucky far. I'm gonna need a live cam do you finally Roy and even though. Means omen I've had this conversation. In his. I understand what. Because is that you would be picking up a versatile guy. You've played multiple positions on the offensive line play all you don't know what is the status. She's going to be. I understand. I'd give it out like. But is that you're number one need I wouldn't be mad. Like this how would understand that you wouldn't but I only reasonably maiden here right here's Ted a mom asking if other do their jobs is going to be defensive. Century yet and yet I think it's Christmas you know last year of me I was was Sadr City were drowned Fermi console so they just falls back to our preparation and we won't be opportunistic and again you know it's a very important for the offseason but we've we try to address some of those. Areas of concern defense before the draft and you'll see what happens but you're going Armando say hey this is just immediately draft defense you know. We've just been around too long to say that you just don't know what happened. Don't know. Don't know what's gonna happen you don't know what the peace in a fall maybe somebody comes up in one of the top players is Z you know given its initial lap dance and the video lucked. And I don't chill telemedicine and crazier than somebody smoke do you women are just a little added I he's. And I don't know who's worse affected him show in the picture. During the first round and is or if Baghdad. I you so dear and allege that first press conference on your music so the answer honestly and anyway. Yes it will so. When you take money yes I did all right so you know dozens. Newsom did Yahoo! from Mississippi China lake cut the Mike line. Kuo. Who wish. See you and the. Please yes I don't want guard mounting and carries the best and rather there was. Or she's versatile they're done enough college first round picks you to use the maligned this decade. All alone make it more seriously. Be it. Oh actually the dolphins' draft Credo BDG. A stand guard you can't tell me that there's not somebody on defense. At that point it's gonna be evil to what I guard can do. I'm scared you gotta fix that that that their defense is the worst the worst bad. Yes it on gays who spend more time with the defense. Alone. You keep being a little genius on offense just get other players he. Really I mean look. Before last year started. Did anybody care to linebackers or DB's work because you triggered we're gonna give it up pressure on quarterback correct that. That won't matter correct well what is happening is you found some value. At linebacker. You filed some value in the secondary guys who kind of turned around and came on strong at the end. End. The team that you always your string. Was team that was a sieve like delta is the demons why was it given up tons of yards. Quarterback Kevin all day so. From that standpoint knowing how much money you have been a defense of line. Kind of got a death dared to solidify some solidified that so they can beat George how. On our team we owe a lot of things gone the Pat Riley spoke today. He reporter. Extraordinaire. The best dressed man in South Florida media Jason Jackson will join us next. I don't think it's grown in. The grind in the NBA it is designed to. And I think you know the new private air travel and all that stuff after games is ridiculous. It's absolutely ridiculous. And I see or creed now these have been hearing you know. I mean getting 4 AM in the morning you know half the time then. You don't have any. You know IE stopped coaching and our rights you know. 5 AM in the morning you know in 2000 and three or some way that from a trip and my wife had left me out of the block the other announced. Storms over the country. I've done. I just got a match. Oh yeah. Does that rob was just talking and who's proud just lose let's just fired off every topic keeping. Seriously cool gone out of Augusta cause he called today and the fans can go down in the arena he. 10 AM to six. The great Udonis Haslem is going to be there from 2 PM until 3:30 PM there about this. 50% all items off to present off all items at these teams door. Suffer as much jerseys and another brother and a couple of the trucks and visit the that I Brownsville. The Iditarod does is give you stores guest lodge truce just you argue they'll find the great Jason Jackson best dressed men in South Florida scores Jack's please join us meant. It would be certain short till October if your married young I'd take you do more and at the press got numbers there. I it was not fair piece you did acknowledge who was there I love. The the cover over route we're older and we're at the back cabin that at 4 o'clock. Wow for the most news outlet that kind of Wear a promise so most nights were pretty certain. I shut it down. 4 o'clock sometimes we see these particular fly now. In the the Pacific and mountain times loans. It's it's gotten the content and so what a lot of people probably wouldn't hear it matters poor baby. Rex. You're not listening to what demand was talking about which probably cumulative effect. All the way trouble happened in the NBA now. If he can happen that way. Sixty. Odd camera in this together. Trying to keep practicing I'm good but I'm wondering if all team should picket shift. That would allow for less need for aggressive in game two whether this will be a part of the discussion. The goes down in the immediate meeting to July mostly accused of trying to find police find new ways to picture this summer about athletes. In the world or on the floor for close to 82 nights in the regular season as possible and it could be one of those places where. Rescue teams to stay over there could become just. We have heard this dinner operative procedure but you're saying over and form the next step is to get your next destination much of us Richard getaway day home. We don't lead. From our destination or restart would say it's Miami for us until after practice in the water and so. You know the sort of around the middle and I wasn't sure it's for guys that are in the breaking and entering now being. More rejects another thing that Barack Hussein is that they have did the tiebreaker. We you don't play. Always the same money games with other teams so could they made us. Chicago how did you what mall but me. And breathe. Record it but wouldn't. They make the schedule better if they tried to. Kind of make you a little more even so what network itself out now so. This team doesn't have more back to backs and another team or this team doesn't have to travel you know this much without another team haven't had the privilege. It's not each arena is created equal and sold. You have a handful of marinas that are like American Airlines Arena with a single tenant. I'll which is the best way it goes when you Scherer you're building with hockey depends on who has the lead but whether Staples Center. Attendance plus a Grammy Awards plus every concert. Run due that space so. It's really really tough when you're a multi purpose facility and that's what really creates hope is that each team. There's all that blackout dates their new Gillick is fomenting right so you can share your really get more. Obviously. If you are one of those destination arena like American Airlines which are congratulations on the great folks down there are number one our reporters caged shields and what about. It's. It's it's really connected it's science. And it's also a new ones because what Dole's organization that what you windfall. From having concerts and ice shows and circuses and what happened. They do have to come almost talk out of both sides of the mechanisms of what's best for that ball vs what's best for business and it's not the easiest thing in the world. Jack's Pirelli always in these press count he's always got that one Michael Brandon super. Passion whether it's like he's done to gore on call out last year the week caught you before that or the door out the door the year before that. But this year it was it was it was fun it was a lot it was in a real positive term in defending justice Winslow like he went hard to bat for justice. Com with some of the criticism he's gotten what did you make of that that that pat was. So strong in his defense love justice and and the troubles that he had the season with the with injury and production. The frustration of injury you can't control. And we knew our Lleyton who wish. Peter championship rings only your body in the hall of fame jacket. And the time they could tend to want to be in the position. To control all the pieces. And you put pieces in place and that it brings hole in the right way and trapped couple years ago and you end up having. That this player that potentially is part of a decade. Commitment to excellence and culture all the things he's got out of two players obviously related. And ultimately receive data almost as it's almost within the next phase of it with Richard Simmons and Winslow. Any stupid. Don't want to be uncontrollable. Frustration of the injury. And so I think it's all really started announced they had conversations federal Washington's. What. You could hear it it means pollsters conversation. When he was questioned earlier in the week about justice is that. But it organizational worries about. Can be a worker in trying to become a better shooter like everybody feels like he needs to be. Or a better defender because that's just Wendy Mitch. The focus from the summer's going to build your body even further you have to sit on the body to begin where. Are you would like this Greek god out of Houston jury we'll make it worse or better however you look at look at recruited Rick all the fact guys you horse. And he took a look. Even better and he could be better condition and then go from there is almost supplying. The monster that he gave the new guy came in the work we're applying indie culture. This past offseason it's infusing into got to know anything other than his professional life if you will that builds. I think there's something positive to pull out of the legal experience this year. That no one who really want to be bothered with the nor do we sign up for you would hope that it would just come. But you can't it's. And and if I'm wrong we were you tell me. If you can't cost for someone to mogul what they do more. When they don't have the ability to do it or tablet or departures and that every athlete that I've spoken to the curious about their business when they've had injuries like this. This is what not mentally turning point got a remote is going to be a lightning over effect. But I think it definitely generate a little bit more fire. If you realize how tenuous health fragile. Of this this beautiful platform and one half of 1% of athletic excellence you find yourself. Yeah and now especially when it when he had to hear you never had a chance to actually redeem themselves. As far as what kind of basketball player he could be your words his contribution could be to this team and we don't know whether it was for me injury where the human struggle in Europe or anything like that in. He can't defend himself bug going on a basketball or playing so he's probably it timlin and ready to do everything he can. To at least give back on a basketball court and and and any time they showed any act of his game. Yes and probably three more months away from really get a little laughter Q a focusing on basketball so I'm excited about it I'm I'm so glad. That that the president had told sure that spacesuit. That can eat nation our people outside of the they should think you know. Are you to write your articles and you put ammonia hope we do fantasy trade options you do everything. What this is where we can win this game and I think it was probably really good for him to hear it took. Jackson's view if you if you listen to what riles say that if you follow up Mickey honesty Graham if you listen to the fans that call and text us. This town of this organization and that's. That the brass fell in love with this group of guys. The season and they came up you know a game short but it seems like the intention is there to you to keep. To keep this team intact. And then the other question is well is that good enough trials wants to win championships not just make it to the playoffs. Any kind of balance those two things as we head into the off season. These personal always a pleasure it is being hurt him yeah yeah. Yeah market data and all of I'm so excited about football Ottawa you we comments about the come on that but not to the point that you make is so interesting because we can we'll never know how good this group would have been. In this strange because of injury. And so there have to be some hunger for how good they can be. On the other side let's look at look at let's not be ridiculous to say thirty and eleven. It's ridiculous how good they are all eleven and courteous how big how badly hurt so they're a little bit left a little bit more so. Our little bit better than 500. Held better than what they could sit right what was the number back in October. Brilliant thirty that's 35 years. Regarding past what people thought you were be a real serious about making prognostications. About working czar and I think that there's something to that there's repercussions electability Edward for sure what it all started with the Houston. Are we get Dion back to the mix right and it. Did you start old and something happened before won't betray that he got some aren't but I understand that boring methodical incremental. Improvement got it understood I was there the whole time they were saying all the same things they were losing. When they were winning so I've buying into that but what happened when people were able to appeal to their proper place in rotation. Popper placing first five. Proper place in closing high of something happened with this group and then it wasn't the EP you can't tell me over half of the season you can't. Save yourself okay well there's something about this group now what that's something me. Leased it to the championship. Probably not but I don't know. Probably wouldn't have been fun to be in this position right now open respect with mentally and emotionally what Wasserstein. Would never going to be in that spot we have for the very first time this season. All 7-Eleven available from Washington grabbed the other leaders who didn't play and one of the things that you lost all four month. Are how that would change the vibe in the field so we don't want it should go to work so I can appreciate the desire. For. Anybody in the organization top to bottom say. When he's a collective. Group that's committed sacrificing. And willing to get outside of what people think. Of who they were before they arrive which is what this group I think it's the best way to describe them. If you got a good just to agree superstars. That's not always seen over the last few years but you've never met. Does almost one more before his body gets talked to assisting coaches at the end of every halftime. All those times with his Dell equipment everybody did you have that in him. Well there's a lot of conversations that are not with a microphone. In there. And for people that don't realize. It is ultra competent. Compared to what he'd keep going are we done. Simone we just did everything that has agreed to I got to know how to do more correct. And then there's a whole another layer it's one of frustration of coming to have face that particular franchise. Into the finals one on one of the lot then the remaining paid this amount would disperse probably that is not a good look so. This savvy knowledge of knowing. That probably some fantastic. Memphis sponsor will figure out how to get that program back to you. It's real important T do your locker that your players you know. That. Do go to that degree of some coaches that are protecting their money opposite coaches they don't have an animal. Probably taken to a fact the fantasy basketball player. That is an inner city point guard from Los Angeles for the meetings treats. How old Compton California. No one should have been surprised but a fact that you haven't surprised. That in his two decade is that if they feel coordinator our scout assistant coach associate coach and head coach in the NBA. That we hadn't had the smaller private and let's beautiful brothel. Somebody don't feel street put thirty grin on its. Was I was out look but no matter rent his rant or Ross seems that's rant. We don't not a pig eating. You love affair to open. Is that at first it first it was just cute it was like popular. Now on concern that well this morning in. What we call Katie kitchen in the studio there then we're going to be a rapist on the stove that you have reached a whole new level which session. Listen there's a shrine in in my garage of some trading cards and an American then. There aren't accurate and it definitely get more plugin I stood at one time I remember as smooth. Sure everybody get down American Airlines Arena tomorrow Tobin told you all out to the really big stuff happening and keep culture that I. An American Airlines Arena 10 AM to six controlled anywhere but if you don't want it to go putt about culture but appeal. That that's what I'm up to aside from all locals took you talked about Larry O'Brien Don is they're from. Our 203 birdies the first 100 fans and locked so you look at it like and I'm pretty sure people. It will first 100 phantom under the mutual. Get a free Miami Heat streets banner I mean did and that that this. That's when you do you always good to let people know that your next level but you've got to couldn't do that that's awesome Jackson why would you don't you guys are broadcasting on site. Yet he's isn't always going to be there isn't a Merkel be there I want to know where it needed to say okay. I'd probably don't stations through it all before let's go you need to be the armor on the situation so LeRoy luster bad. It has to dress. In the asthma bobbled the green shirt and the hair in the they had been bracelets and everything what about I don't know what they imagine it was an NCAA tournament that. OK just found. And he wants to instead of wearing hair that resembles. Jonathan Roberts how poorly kick the cat and we want you to lose go as cal Williams because he says he's O. Of the dark persuasion and I'm an assistant but I say you lost the bet you have to look let me Bob woods and the Bob does not have cattle in there. Did it. One time I think. That much to a specified ahead of time which version. No. Sex Jack. He's long flowing hair all I'm saying is I would like the long flowing hair to fit a black person and not just. Want a blonde wig which I'm sure. He's willing to grow old before well. Don't don't he's got no no no no hair to grow the flat tax is asked you know me moment of man. Stop talking about grow and here. You're on the air right after you only had to layer of them were you. Not get it around the side doors you can get us. EU today Cowboys Stadium go into. I'm. Dylan is not doing basically like a being out lists and I would say. In this trying time Imus tumultuous culture. Follow our job in my it is no longer to do onto others as you tell them to do more about it but want to others how would like to be done. So be shoot you've got to allow for the man to have ties this in two to go where he wants to go win if we're we're maybe a little bit more of an homage. I want to go to the model. And Sosa. Sosa has some Zahn and so does threaten the exact resume time and he told that a margin down the arena. Great discounts boutique at the he teams storm when it was the first hundred Jackson you know he'd street banner. Or hundred grand in line at the Miami Heat stroke is a free Miami Heat treat banner 50% on appreciation sale. Dancers. Ernie extreme team but can't I'm not sure what 790 discipline themselves a little bit more on this but they'll be there all day to all I even noticed. Capped by Booz Allen got out. All I. Jeff Austin loves a good but it's sweet elixir. That you'd actually gamma and black most of the we have some breaking news regarding the Marlins owner shirt next. I'm so that LeRoy B is still a few on the ticket thanks Jason Jackson burns president of our time with us. All of a three right out of the contest line 78653407. On you get a feel DR didn't guard and they goody bags. Guilty pleasures you just won't play happy he's here at the table and us ducks don't want to know what sell his earthshaking meant. Big feature of things fell down. Sorry anyway it's gonna turn out to god decide 7865 before I was Sonata gets a fifty dollar gift card to guilty pleasures. And a goodie bag you wanted to be in the bedroom tried guilty pleasures. And Hollywood a grocery shopping experience than I was young environments you can take your lead to large collection of love potions lotions and toys. In South Florida peninsula is something sexy for the weekend boys. Got some lingerie disturb the temperature tried Gil devices just off I 95 and shared in. Guilty pleasures is an upscale shopping experience for all your adult knees to her where she could feel as comfortable as talking to a group of her girlfriend Zell who again caller through the contests on right now 786. 53407. On he gets these guilty pleasures goodie bag and fifty dollar gift card. So. But we gotta we gotta call good neighbors say when reasonable claims Fargo reported doom. Our role always and we should hang them from dart board of tiger and and it's a good call by again I think we were all avoid that he's he's he's he's here. We have fun though it was going to be next I don't know the next thing alone and I don't know. I don't know we have some breaking news a couple things one non sport related Bill O'Reilly is officially out at Fox News I. Believe she and that that's all shake up but Tom locally sports related Marlon related ownership related death. So before we knew that it was Jeb Bush had one team. Derek Jeter had another team of investors. Now they're teaming up so Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter have officially teamed up. In order to make a big debt to buy the Marlins there I guess the number one net. Big guys they're competing against is New York fire finance here. Wayne rock bomb. Which can be doing in another leg New Yorkers that it's just some financial guy known in tune. Think Charles Woodson wants dissent and can't we just Russell a good job men at least jab like you guide to. You may agree or easier today all things would Jeb lives in Coral Gables when he's a local guy questioner. Derek Derek baseball guy. Question via. Another New York guy. Want an owner that spends that much Mario and his brain I want all of people that a case of Derek Jeter understands GM baseball. OK but I am Jeb Bush is a local guy. Was it governor of the state. Doctor politically people may agree yeah. I slipped in the gables I mean you know Linda gave Jeb Bush who usually lives in the gable you know he knows area do you isn't that. I know I know Lebanese based on that. I was a baseball guy and magic was a basketball odds is a member of the two together like that to together magic with the basketball guy. Did that work. Joins a basketball guy. People say who. Demands on how much they metal doesn't know. Syrian. It's Jeter so he gets a pass you just assume you know Al Davis was a full blog and there's nobody in addition to be the commissioner there's no none of the Jerry Jones of the blog guy. Sort out. These really judge. Jerry Jones will your dinner only how can anyone Madeleine Hendrick and the players. As an owner. Yeah you know talk about all right Gerri only olds don't. Just. Just a sport the most more similar injury as arguing much the guy's gonna mettle thirteen dollars and don't worry about you say listen damage Joseph. Is like judo and I think you Malaysia baseball. So too he knows a lot about slots are throwing names out this is the guy who dumped me into the Pat Riley press comes has yet to go look at ratings with suits. Talk to me about double duties and what you have real commitment to. Listen I came in here and I don't pay. The apostle of the noted to be okay without me. And you looked at me and you Smart too which I found insulting and you'll use Smart you can give you little thing no laughing you like I don't want to switch a guy got some of beyond this week to lobby and you know why no no no no I know I know you wish for a little foreign nationals and who do you. Hiding. Behind the soon. Yes she did you wanna do not end. So you kind of to root out any and every month and wanna sedan in the senate as well at noon on whatever day of the brains about the mosques and I huddle up in a certain way were very erotic with their superstitions. Gets loaded the same way gets done the same way everything happened the same way. And we've continued to kickass OK so why change and that's why we're kicking in again totally doing anything right now we're the same socks he learned the same underwear those who have since. Not because avoiding too so tomorrow in this picnic there were ongoing to. Oh Amanda will be here I'm just an okay right now we alienate uncommon in light. US Olympic swimmer. Tight little bong who allows what C it's hot like my wearing bathing trunks and arm chair criminal warlord. I'm not wake boarding we're white board means omen of what you signed up to lead board and separated him but I will. Yeah RCP. I did RC PRC you don't really reporting isn't gonna gonna let that what do they are not let me wake board. I don't think there will know where wake boarding surfing. We don't know that you're gonna surf. Your going to surf. I'm an athlete is bounds not a piece wouldn't open it only works if I. Words not Hundley works like hey let's blast. What our. Feet. Not be able to do it but sure yeah let me do it I'm not claiming I'm not claiming that I'm gonna do any quicker better than you do. It used. At least twice that in my car I mean and jumped at least quite. Only aged yeah yeah you. And creaky joints man I don't know they don't matter and LeRoy you too late don't give a rat's ass how many touchdowns you score selling water I don't think we surf on a lake. And the way who pulled your. Love and board. Will we don't quit. Sure. Oh. All right army. Rule nothing is your rat's ass and it sounds scored really help you OK it is and three giving watt. You'll you fumble on the field and you'll. Little. Don't let that bad. And what. You. Well once again a mock contest get a book I do this cement under the under swim for the corn hole. The challenge. My whole life around sports and some gutless talk and talk shows the talk around here in the yesterday afternoon after you left. Black and you don't serve LeRoy Ramsey who although I don't Wear that Ramsey was walking up and on the hallway and got the Missoula comes you know India cells that might ask why did child. I can tell it's a Cornel yup that's what your careers come to yeah. So touchy guys on on Friday no flew us some shenanigans stores tomorrow and down at the picnic and pleased. God Derek Jeter by the by the police.