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Curtis & Perk
Thursday, April 20th

Ethan and Perk were on site at Heat Culture Day at the AAA to celebrate the one thing that everyone can agree on when it comes to the Heat, sit down with the Heat’s “OG” Udonis Haslem to discuss his role on this current heat team. Ethan and Perk then talk UM which leads to a talk about media availability in college vs in the Pros plus how coaches love to control the flow of Information without exactly stating it as that. A Beverage Run by Ethan leads to Perk taking the reins and talking Fins draft as well as why he feels drafting a guard is a pointless endeavor. The guys then wrap the show up with some Playoff talk and some more bad sports radio to give something away.


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. All right welcome in hot age. Thursday. He can slowly here witty along with Chris Burke as we are at the American Airlines Arena. We know that we need accurate quite this soon feel like I'm spending more time here than spending during the season. Garlic press conference on Wednesday. Today. He culture day. Now first time that they've had this heat is embrace this cultures steam. As is sort of what propelled their turnaround this year and sort of what they believe in as far as. Competing every night competing for the playoffs. And so they have to be out here till 6 o'clock tonight and that that's a specials and heat store. And we're gonna talk Udonis Haslem. About 420. Today. I have four AT Paltrow authority where do I can't talk. Now it went out and out for a team wolf sauteed honest hasn't here. On the program. Get the headlines here in a sec Jim. And some stuff going on. In town not quite as much as yesterday we had a full news play yesterday who gets the headlines. Here in a minute first here's the thing. So. Last night. You saw the good did the very very good to and the sometimes can be data Russell Westbrook. Against the Houston Rockets first recorders that game. He was tremendous. Fourth quarter he made four of eighteen shots he was going to try the ball from any of his teammates cold dead hands before he allow that to shoot. And he ended up with a crazy numbers a fifty point triple double. Buy it. Not enough Oklahoma City to win a game in Hughes since that series of back to Oklahoma City. For the third game this is gonna serve reignite the MVP debate the votes are in already. But it'll reignited a little bit because there's a question. How much Westbrook is too much and how much of what he does is a positive for the team and sometimes. Can get a little bit out of control in the last night it got. A little bit. Out of control and that's the thing for antibiotic forlornly on at a Coral Springs the best selection and lowest prices in South Florida. Audi Fort Lauderdale at a Coral Springs and our Chris Perkins with headlines. What's trendy now in Miami on. XY KM south my. In a bell schedules will be announced at 8 o'clock tonight. The dolphins already know they're non divisional opponents and they know they're playing New Orleans in London. At 9:30 AM eastern time on October 1. NBA playoffs tonight Cleveland is at Indiana at seven. Toronto is at Milwaukee at eight San Antonio is at Memphis at 930 finally Miami Marlins are off tonight. They play at. At San Diego tomorrow at seven it's time for the past contests on for you want to get your chance to win the 1000 dollars slam dunk. Texted this word six FITT. 72881. That's the word fits best buy exceed 272881. And you could win 1000 dollars you can win through the middle of may. Listen mornings at seven and eight and afternoons at four and five again. This hour's word is a bit. Text that now to 72881. For your chance to win. Message and data rates may apply don't text and drive it's the 1000 dollars slam dunked on AM 790 and at them 104.3. HD zoo the ticket. Those are your headlines I was Berkshire guide her boss yeah I'm so glad so glad that that was here's the being because here's the real story. Why does Westbrook gets slammed for his fourth quarter and James Harden was just as bad what was hard Mike maybe. Ward eighteen in the fourth quarter this this underscores the fact. That Russell Westbrook does not have as good surrounding cast is James Harden right Russell Westbrook goals open and gets a couple water. They're up by you at 1213. Become yet anyway they're better by three they were bad let them evidence no question that this has not Westbrook of course is not let people take shots did you see you don't know what people made maybe one shot did you see you don't do it without them. This this gets me perked up I'm so glad that was the fears of being. Pardon was just as bad in the fourth quarter but the story line is Russell Westbrook runs out again. Harden. I come on look into all these so I'm reading the story that it's all Westbrook ran out of gas Westbrook did the ball Westbrook went. Harden was terrible in the fourth quarter but but Westbrook is not surrounded by as good a cast and well how are you here. You're right about that there's a question I mean west first cast is is not quite as good although. If you take a look at the players that the army is is Capello that much better than Steve Adams is. Is Eric Gordon that much better analogy though I mean and it you know we sort of downgraded whispers casts a much this year. And and yet look it's it's a young team that still leaves development out of submitted a step back this year. As did it adds as did and as cancer. By it. You know the west Burke I feel like there were certain times and again I look I voted him but you know I would then his MVP okay. I would have his MVP and mostly because of the record in the triple doubles and obviously they get a loss in the triple double last night. But I think sometimes we is sort of assume nobody else on the team can do anything I think sometimes he's kind of assumes that and that's when he takes the burden that's too much he did have some. Some ball plays last night I'm not gonna deny that Russell Westbrook is not perfect and I'm not. I am actually not a huge Russell Westbrook bail and I'm I think their Russell Westbrook is beat him beat either here. And art. I don't really see good I see good argument not but I think he's the MVP. And I I think last night for the people who talk about him being on a winning team and and this that the other I think last night pointed zoo a lot of the reasons why he didn't win more it's not. It's not Russell Westbrook gives the people around him and for him not to get the MVP. I think you're punishing him for his surrounding cast iron and not giving him enough credit for his accomplished. And this season the other series last night Golden State. Without Iran without. Barnes without Livingston beats Portland anyway that looks like it's going to be a relatively short series. And the other one I think is gonna be shorter than I thought it was going to be I thought Washington Atlanta would go six. It doesn't look like it don't they just don't they don't have any answers for Washington's guards particularly where the John wall's playing. Right now so it looks like I mean you know the wall and deal set a record. For Washington for her backcourt and it in port for you guys scoring a playoff game I just I don't see. That I don't see that series changing I think Washington advances tonight's. Chicago right. I don't know I don't know Cleveland Clayton Cleveland Cleveland tonight grieve and Indiana tonight. Is there anything that Indiana can do to get themselves back in the series. Historian and in the fourth quarter really because they've Cleveland has led them back in both both games so stay in didn't end. Take your chances he might break through and and win one game. It's it's a short series whether it's board games or five games but maybe you can steal one you just you just stick to it because Cleveland. Again I think plea they let everybody back in there yet right right offense allows everybody to get back in the day I still think they're getting out of the keys but. It's it's it is not going to be it easy rope because they they may get tougher on themselves did they do. They told the fans at all they don't do that but getting back to your point on Westbrook. You know that that's one of the things when you're debating MVP is what would a team be without them. And that team is not a playoff team without Russell Westbrook there's no question about that right. I do think that there's a fine line where sometimes. He is so relentless and it is I I I don't think he's. Particularly in a playoff game I don't think he's just sort of Scott having her think he's he's going for what he feels he needs to go for. But I do think that sometimes he just breaks off the offense and we've gotten to a certain point here. The other used to be all this talk about this on Scott Brooks as the head coach right well how how come they can't design. An offense that works with Durant and Westbrook. Now Donovan as a head coach now to rant does not there and still at times. You know Oklahoma City this year was a middle of the pack offense even as great as Westbrook was so that's the only reason I'm saying sometimes he needs to moderate. A little bit sometimes he needs to look. For teammates. Sometimes he needs to allow them to initiate. I just think as relentlessly as he plays and I know there's nobody in better condition in the league and he is sometimes I think it's too much I think last night as one of those examples. Yeah yeah again I'm not I used Russell Westbrook god I just think he should be MVP this season he does get out of control some signs and will will see if he didn't make the team makes makes his teammates better because that's that's also it. I don't know if you wanna throw that in suited MVP thing but I think that's one thing that Westbrook does need to work on. He's got talent on their team I exaggerate at that they're not a terrible team. Because they did win what 4647. Games are there not a terrible scene. But I think Westbrook does need to try to get his teammates in Baltimore. He's clearly the best player on that seemed to him yeah. Getting a triple doubles this season has been their best formula for winning 33 and nine during the regular season. But he does need to find a way to get better contributions. Out of his teammates. This is so he heads so how do I get the ball zoom dancer better or how to like dead. You know anybody Stephen Adams more and ball powder like get bigger older people more involved. There are not that great they're not at all star level but yeah. It really is incumbent upon and Russell Westbrook who find a way to maximize all of their bill higher. Is it a challenge on one thing here at the heart and only took four shots of the fourth. Cut cut cut back its okay it was terrible in the days. If you if you closet it was of that productively didn't he didn't mean to be told sex command was for CN BP. The so I was already sub lease us apart and say god I don't I don't nobody so I think 717. For the game yeah. I mean that's been one of the AMA. Transformation this year is his putting the ball. In his hands and having him be creator because I just didn't see him. In that role before I mean that's something that Dan Tony identified and if you're gonna make a case. For anybody else is coach of the year this year than Spoelstra that's why can't Sony deserves mention because. He'd be he'd sort of be decided what the style was going to be. And and that was basically. And that was basically it you know in terms of that and they found players like Eric Gordon. And like Brian Anderson who fit that style and they put the ball hard and hands and he's been terrific point guard but look at it. Both guys have had tremendous seasons no question about it. Houston. I think knows what it is more than Oklahoma City knows what it is at this point definitely. And that's certainly helps. And I think that'll end up being a compelling playoff series. Once you see it gets passed on picked Oklahoma City in the series I feel sort of silly about it now. After watching the first two games. Five you know San Antonio Houston. In this in the next round is going to be really interesting. It is not a citizen it. James Harden held how much how much is this weird his. Witness is the second round series going to be on him yeah I'm looking to he would yeah and it's tremendously but the Jews and second round series. How much is that on James Harden because we're not gonna look at the other guys right Patrick Beverley in an all those guys. He's got an event there at the point where he's got to carry disease somewhere right and it and a lot of guys have been there right Chris Paul has been at that. Point well what an idiot to say about the next series of San Antonio was twilight or it's going to be put on James Harden for long stretches. And and how does he get himself sort of away from Hawaii letter to have a they worked the pick and roll so that he has opportunities. You know where he's free of you know the best defender in the league if not trailed if it's not true among green that's why Leonard at this point in Kauai. Is better at guarding perimeter so. Yeah I I think that the heart and situation in the next round. He started it he's gonna get that pressure is glad I don't mean that pressure he's he's earned expression there there are few guys you know Carmelo had that Dwyane had a LeBron had it. You're out as a told George no armed you're at a certain levels of Golden State doesn't have it because they can share that burden but. Duress that level Hawaii Leonard did you have to teary scene. I don't know Gordon Hayward as their go bears is is also there but maybe Gordon Hayward pass it. Theory use off but I think James Harden is definitely at that level of course he's got teammates but. You're the man. Oh yeah now and he needs to give them like thirty and twelve Knight right now the and it's amazing when you look back at that team that lost the heat. In the finals and what they had you know that they have. To have heart into ran West African o'clock yeah one team and interest. 200 Perkins is the last. Fifty. Offensive to where now we can do much offensively but I I think a lot of their lineups were better when he was off the floor. He took what they owners they also in the Reggie Jackson was written checks on their team at that point they drafted him yes I think so the net and you I'm actually remember if he was. Wes first backup for not. On that particular team but yet they were loaded. With talent and hard and just had one of the all time worst series you can possibly have around he was here shortly with the news. He was terribly rich Jackson not part of that team that drafted him right after that she Reggie Jackson was in the Norris Cole draft that the heat lights Reggie Jackson a lot but he didn't. End up slipping to are we're here if he. Culture day down at American Airlines Arena again they'll be out here till 6 o'clock if you take pictures. With the trophies you can come out. And you can do that also joined seven out of the ticket before it orderly air show this the weekend of may sixth and seventh. Over the surfing Santa for the Myrtle Beach. Featuring demonstrations by the US air force F sixteen viper the US navy FA eighteen F super hornet. And the Canadian air force no birds sponsored by Broward health providing the best health care to our community for more than 75 years. For tickets and air show visit Fort Lauderdale air show. Dot com all right when we come back Udonis has them out here. With the fans he's gonna sit down with us for a few minutes here on 79 tickets and come back for that. What about not to take it installing shareware it's Chris Perkins here how an American Airlines Arena for the first. Perhaps an annual fans keep culture day. Here on the steps of the triple A and we are joined in society we call you to grandfather of culture is that that they could settle for it's been a lot of different names thrown around OG grandfather coach Shula summarize. Yeah and this community and bigger and bigger. That's that's Udonis Haslem many of them you like. They were those you can you honestly with the president has little skiing yeah it does those drugs to with a would you use coming up here we are yours would go to those she's around. You know got a lot of knowledge the do's and don't slows the run game so I actually wrote you. 40 geez you Brian grant maybe scare me I was fortunate marry out of Redmond would that I had opportunities and experiences and learn from me. Here's Brian grant. Com this clearly Jonas are political. You know would you talk about the opportunity to play we know Steve Smith and secure those noon. You know Gary country. Coming this is a little little little here grows. America's. I can keep one on the Norris Shandon Anderson. You know I have an opportunity bureaucracy lateness and on his element of apportioning militant a little bit from each one of those. When did you feel you made the transition. Sue somebody that was instead of looking. For that kind of advice to somebody who other guys are looking to to get that kind of eyes. This your head as she's this year it was not a good thing even last year you know we had Joseph Johnson you know. You you know godlike good you know also knows because we're. And it shows my age you know who still that's still open yeah. So I'm. I happen to you got to see adversity. Yeah I got to the bottom and I didn't. You know little you know I does that help. Knew you noted to put together on my agent this year was literally nobody I know around my age so. You know don't you think he understood what you know it was fun it was fun. What ways it. You look around the just around here and and measured your career and and say may and things of Texas we look at these condos in these that would you know when you've your rookie year this this the parking lot over here. And that there is filled and ready people you see in the arena security people or the way the good. Champions Alley wasn't there first whether there's things that you can measure your career look around and go. I have been here's a minute. The way we were dressed. Number one the way you do witty guys just coming in luck Bruno has poses no way. You know they're guys just when I first came in really no way you know Hydro and so anything like that. That's the biggest thing that I notice is this he noted fashion. Has changed you know as far as you know city mind you I was look around us the only good news coming up we'll see you know we would be at her situation no wind. W is through a note to receive you've got a car we will use the jerseys blow. I tell you cannot tell you if you're not trying to be ill person next to you didn't GPS you know hello and that's to afford another look at all those different things and things has gone. Hired me changes in you know. I assume that you know I think you know today's society you know Tomas and all the time today's today's youth the good offense whose social news. So and I shifted and I kind of understand but this positive things about me things about. You know that'd be just instilled in me you know I've learned regardless of how times change that. I don't have a chance and Udonis Haslem here talent American Airlines are. Therefore the first heat culture day when did you feel like this team this year started to get it. Was it that eleven and thirty or was it earlier than that that they sort of understood the work that needs to be put them. I think it was a run out West Coast trip there we took. I think we only won one game. I don't know that true we would end up winning at Sacramento. We went to. Lakers game and we lost. And we had a really really intense price the next day guys got after each other. Child actually spoke you know they're producing. It now the first time time she'd been vocal about thing. You know at that point then started to be clear that he knew his leadership on all levels and anybody could still book could take the floor. Because no we're gonna get this done this together. You know the thing was that it took the message from child lose that militiamen we live in thirty. You know we don't we we have no clue you know obviously our way is not working so. We need to start listening. And be a more extensive and I was not just listening. Which translates something that would doing the price of some things are we talking about turn Linux into you know production on the court. UD there's always this into you'll be in good guy of of wisdom and solve some of the players. How many individual one on one times you can meet with the a specific players throughout the season and how did you pick those buses that I guess it's different with everybody if you choose not to. Yeah I'm I'm I'm MI an erection and everybody else or do. Occasions and it's just it's all based on how are feeling you know it's a feeling. One thing about news you know hard cover or Muster attention and see everything I notice a line you know outrageous new body language. You know a lot of different things like that so you not feel like because Luke refusal forestry look. You know lose some of the confidential to no might be some nothing do Breslow might be something that's resolved soon. You know Seneca wood ticks off to a good reach out to a after price before price prior records whenever the situation may be on the road in my blood and do good couple. So you know where Russian feel is not removed. The blue print to it you this I just figured out. You made the playoffs. What an all good. Three seasons since in Miami is that right. I was mostly to a. A Fiat could you want she hasn't allowed 20072008. And then 1415. Their body of 2000. The tricky guy this will be three now. Com. Are you watching you watching Dwyane are you still watching someone tell me I'm not surprised you know. You know our own jinx not the mood you know the proposed big minimum and we've been Chicago. You do have more rings are new from from Miami. Like like local local guys and in any sport ever thought about that coming football the UN does. You must be the net good. And well I'll think nobody you know meaning there's as far as you know on concern gnome has been history over the little Miami's boys. In my opinion is second to none. So I just an assault on the boxing. You know throw saw in there and do you appreciate a solo you know I think so floors Bush's second in knowing combined that this excessive. He knows that the Marlins and you know even before the pandas comparisons assessing. You know you talk Obama dolphins even though he's sitting to his lone tumbled. Lou I would. I don't know I don't if you didn't make no mistake we're. Few. You have Dana what's going on that a UN yeah. You don't really have a camera mom thing Margaret onto the bridge continue to do agree. Susan may want to see with a quarterback situation we'll be deliberate because we. Where they like six guys compete for that spot they go Augusta people as well I was so close review. As insulation you have the right after the chocolate you know the talent is obviously there. We look forward to their flawlessly much of a game. Do you made it clear you wanna play you if you plan how much longer and kind of what is the process. Because this summer. I mean I just there and minority. I know Murray in the gym working out they're from the dome. I was playing people we know when you get just as your career you've got you got two choices you know either. You know you you stick around and you're gonna reduce the situation which. Your pro American and probably not the sort of first playing time because rebuilding in these young guys are gonna please get that experience. Tour go to a championship approaching moratinos contender and you might get me it's most likely gonna give minutes because they don't look for work a garlic also brings to table. We'll look at all it does not only does my agent aluminum wheels are known as they did the wiz please save Matt Barr and silly when you say. Jason cheery when you see. Jamal Crawford going savers current go to those cars are not reviewed and they're going forward right now solo. Have a choice you reveal which this is this is my home in this well wannabe and although bent upon their crosses. Our comment ever prepare myself to play and you know with the situation where he domestically after are you ready so. So hopefully this year and Huckabee are part of your good process of achieving these guys grow. But also to push myself to motivate you to trip to play a coach called my number here. More revenue in the situation I have to be in another opportunity it's only going to be contenders not a good another good situation. Drove scorer in their but I know you've given to. There's this forty so I didn't know not a not me and I still tell me isn't them like us sit I mean you know look around like this all the guys knew my situation had to say there was a rumor rebuilding those guys are going for him. We understand there. No I don't have a few more publicity train was so. Yeah I think these things save enough for. They say yeah what's your ideal role plug next season. Coming out how low the major should rule we know little bit upon those guys and then to a ship while those questions those guys talk to a sort of drug load and upon the maturation. Com where the same time you are. Still contribute and Oslo accord mass will be would be confused me thinking I don't play I can't play. You know god forbid had to go somewhere that like damn I know he couldn't get. I don't I don't just like this for 36 is just there. There's a reason why I was so straight statement out that the way out of this because I work my ass off and if my numbers are I can't contribute you know nowadays. Had a conversation Jason Kidd before Milwaukee game nowadays file points four rebounds give you sixty made it a thought. And that's how I thought 'cause I worry about that is she's sixty million dollars nowadays do you think I can do you pay me half to. So you know I can still play this game men and I'll be ready and I wanna be a part of this process and rule and should issue he now stars some hands only way to finish here. There's always messy business partner gets caught and so. Hopefully we'll work on him have his two it was about three almost went down. When ran out of we're glad we're gonna fly through for you that's one of the things people will be like there might need to do. That in the next day stones. Highly doubt it says here he culture day nobody better to be an ambassador for the organization we appreciate you taking the time he did not present you guys think. We were attacked on seven I hit it. Yeah. Don't like it. Why do. I didn't salt back here with Chris Burke dance on 790 the ticket. Take yup it's still close to 7 o'clock tonight we're here at American Airlines Arena heat cultured Jason on on they got out 50% off. On the merchandise inside the arena thanks to the heat for hosting us out here today. Michael Manning gets an early Christmas gifts that are so they'll see close link to the parliament Christmas and just getting Jersey make sure it's gonna be a guy who's going to be here yeah yeah you gotta get some neutral less that's the thing right somebody who contract the pats not gonna ask you might write somebody that you know. Well I don't know I don't even though vote get a players they are they gotta I might just get just he eats her sorority head. And as Christmas Day today it's shop window. Yet there are accustomed to seasons being over Udonis. I don't know if you get a little upset with the about knowing how many times they missed the playoff. He got any lies to people about that an assistant three times is actually just. Five times in the twenty seasons and Riley's been here so that's been a pretty good. That's been a pretty good run that they have yet. Really let us who has homegrown Miami guys. At the collective. You know it in our era we would think of maybe somebody with the patriots are with the Yankees or. Tonight I really don't know who like that back A-Rod like I don't know many Machado and guys like that I don't know who from Miami who has more championships than the beauty. Well yeah I mean obviously. And you sang that now what does that criteria well you're you're from here to argue it's a high school here you you were born here. As opposed to somebody who just went through you William here in their from Baltimore why would I smiled and that he might be first he might be. In the course every time we do this we get flooded on the sales like the best left handed hitters are ahead I'll offer I asked a million raised I shouldn't you raise these questions actually. Somebody wanted to modular. Very Mike Mike yeah Mike Miller or three tickets or sale. There. It possesses and what do you do that he culture day drink tea it's not the vessel of traffic cadavers. Do you view like usually. You be celebrating the big deal lifers right. Alonzo Mourning. Not a life her well he'd not a life turn. So kind of he's not ready kind of the every Friday or Saturday at any any Siri works for the organization life. But that's sure you keep asking is like he essence would be applied for yeah. Yeah has ever been to another organization and it normally yes yes probably did the people you'd be. Celebrating and everything now you're just not a religion licking your wounds are. From from what could have been as far as the playoff season. Yeah and I think anything is you have quickly got us answered about the Chicago Boston series that if he would if you did the series he would have taken Chicago area. Yeah I think you know I get I had Boston seven. And that which is probably a silly play because of Chicago was gonna push the series that long that their experience was probably gonna come into play. By. You take a look at at that series now I mean it does not look. It does not look very good day. For the Celtics and I don't I don't know where they go and now they've got the issue of you know Isiah Thomas anytime of the Stanley which you know he needed to do this week obviously. But it's a strange circumstances for a playoff series like this. And you know in the crazy stuff is you know studied the diet and Boston there was a column that misery and saying that Brad Stevens should be on the hot seat right. That's releases this crazy at this point it. James Jones a few people text it and also local guys with rings. So you and you adds he has yes. Yes every year it yet Sioux City and 111 to Cleveland so. You know where do you where do you. Stand on a changing your emotions during these series. In other word and Su oh is usually that point where it if you pick someone seamen and they get down 20 you changed. Do you ever changed during a series do you think Boston is definitely elk has to always is often that point where well now I'm gonna change my pick. I'm still gonna give Boston a chance. Hunters stand. Why did they have a chance of what's different Kirk is usually the 20 is the other direction Rex is the brat you're not dropping your first two games at home correct and don't do you frequently. Changer views stubbornly stick to your ticket at 20. Where hard. Our Sam not a regular out deep. I mean right now I think Chicago's playing in this series right Sierra good but how would have beer and in this is how I hate following my questions are coaches as they say get. Or does or is it a case by case basis it's a case by case basis and your points are back out of their rights and they are going to be asked a yes vote yes or you don't. You usually don't change. Not only I usually won't I'll usually go down with the ship. Gavel oddly you saw it would've jumped on them do you like Bo yeah as. You brought the ship out dad did or did although we've had a couple people have come by the the table here Fiorina who have let you off the hook for this. Yeah I they probably were listening to those specific design students and I see it I believe. I believe now convinced. Yeah but yeah I'm I'm. I know Boston Boston does not look good here and and definitely gone back to Chicago. I think Dwyane Wade still has one. Game winning shot game winning two minute stretch in him. I will not give up on that it real solid game six last year against Charlotte and it's it's not looking good for Boston but I will stick with them mostly because I'd so I just don't trust you. Well I don't try Chicago either I just think they have a formula that's boss and that works on Boston is not very good rebounding team. And Chicago Robin Lopez has someone is simply bigger and stronger than the guys that he's going against he's getting better position than that. And that's been there you know we can talk about the stars but the big thing in that series has been. The offensive rebounding they they can't keep him off the boards. And it's interstate because he thought when Taj Gibson was traded that you know maybe Chicago's advantage in that area against teams and go the other direction I mean. But you know they basically playing like six kids off the bench I mean they're not playing any veterans. Off their bench and they've been effective so far so I I just think Boston is one of those teams we talked about it. They play at a fever pitch throughout the season that they play at a very very high. Level. The entire year and he used to do the seasonally ninety's and they get to the playoffs. And there was another level to go to so. This. Somebody sexy and Nam Chicago is a terrible road team and they stole some games that series is over somebody else sexy airwaves played incredibly down the stretch last game he kibo strong. Deep he really was strong when it came back Dan. I can't remember when he came back him maybe the six minute mark or something like that you not ahead three bucks it's going to be. Yeah I mean anything yet he avoided the turnovers and that is always easy to give out groceries he was he was the heat he really good news pretty efficient don't stretch yeah so I he I think that series and and I think also might pick. And Oklahoma City Houston. Looks dubious at this point you know why I thought. That Oklahoma City will also they would have a rebounding advantage against Houston may be able to exploit that. By that I am I over estimated that I think and I think you know look at this point. You know hard and and enact that group has control that series so. I I I don't really buy out of the series and have started to well I don't any of them going the other direction. I don't know I don't know just go askew and I was just gonna ask it. It's. To always just always that that tough point but man too low end. Chicago. Right and I'm going to stick with Boston stubbornly. Just because I don't trust it. That's. And that would be something that they came back. From that deficit in this series anything else strike you lead on us enemy clearly. He left the door opens leaving right I mean he said that there are two options that one option is to go. And play for a contending team in which each other veteran make get minutes right the other is a play on a rebuilding team which she kind of classify this still as being too. I can't see him leaving them on and I thought last year there was a chance you know they didn't really. You know when they were kind of player Alec Dwyane they they really didn't reach out Udonis they didn't make him an offer until after Dwyane left and then they had the some additional money to give him so they gave him the four million dollar contract. It's a unique situation I'm in any other place we wouldn't be talking about a guy who had played two months. Coming back to the team right but I think with the minimum going up to 2.3 million and it doesn't count against your happen. As long as you can afford the roster spot I think he does bring so many other things to the locker room that I I can see him being back. Yeah I think so soon I think Udonis almost definitely has to be back because. What he does offer he's he's like another coach these good goal between two. You know relays supposed message to the players. And then relayed the players messes us goals aside beauty has spent much respect. So I think it's a good move heaven heaven beauty around it but he said he could still do what it's like five and six the Israelis say he says he says it's so do. Was it five and four gets his sixty million this I did exactly so. I there's I think he's an asset. In the in the locker room and it in the communities. The most identifiable. Seat. Player. Who long time he experience. Nationally you probably know Hassan Whiteside over on drug it's better but local league. A current players. It's UT on undisputed leader isn't. Yeah I mean locally among my old did he fails. Yeah I Dizzy Dean I I think so I can't think her son appeals to lose it old school people may because he's that old school sooner site almost the bags of. You still say that forty jerseys out there even when he does hasn't yet and I think that is they did text comes in interestingly Udonis would put his money on Chicago. Players now. The I wanted to get it's a little bit more depth for them and I didn't follow up on why he thought. That they would win that series I think that he felt very comfortable against Boston if they had gotten in a playoff series in Boston. There was a feeling in the locker room they could do a lot of things that Chicago is doing to them. It is this a prestigious thing or is this a personnel I think personnel yeah I think it's great is they only have one person to go through bridal. Yes just as I am more results today in the hole and it does okay but. Yeah it's it's Isaiah and then it seems to be a big offensive drop back. Today he had they've really just don't have another created here every bravery rallying the playoffs the ball mark a Smart you know at this point they're leaving him open. Right because he's just not a good three point shooter you know we talk about Winslow. Yup but in the modern game the way that defense is play I mean you need to you know three guys on the floor at least you can make threes just be able to space. And LaMarcus marks on the floor that takes away one of those players and then you know they get some Stacy with a winning but he hasn't been very good in this series so. Yeah I don't I don't I don't see a lot of options from Boston. Going forward basis it's too easy for them to stick Chicago to kind of scheme Isaiah how this. Where he doesn't hurt them too much and then it's okay who else is gonna beat us and they're just there just isn't that guy when we come back we're gonna talk a little bit. About the UN quarterback situation there is some a couple of the guys are fighting for it spoke today we'll play some of that sound next on similar. Seven on the ticket. Title 1000 dollars that go to packages than a thousand bucks has been listening to take it. Under way now until May twelfth listen to the code word seven minute and look and then again if tour and 5 PM texts that were seven to needing one. I can win a thousand bucks on hand 79 in FM 1043 hasty to. The ticket if it's only fact that Chris Perkins. And. Cox and his at this became a nice beach day all of a sudden it was cloudy when we got here and now it's as beautiful they have a beautiful strong words for right now the way we were both. Baking dish out well. You know it's beautiful it's years short certain teachers the right. Chrysler flops well come out anyway. Some say hello within a few people stop by and do that we're here to keep culture day at American Airlines Arena they got the three trophies out here. And they've also got. 50% off on merchandise inside the source of stopped by. And say hello as I said we've had a few people do that some people question her stakes. Yeah plus our enemies and it did that's I'm used to it that this thing I like about Jews you stand strong yeah yeah yeah. Even in the face of common sense and that's very. That's. Police we gotta be in consistently consistently that's right that's it. Listen to headlines here to second but first here's the thing. A University of Miami does not have a quarterback yet Brad Ky have. Out obviously isn't we'll see where he gets drafted I'm thinking maybe third round. Looks like a place that he could go. Six different guys and I have been sort of mentioned this competitors for the issue I'm quarterback spot. In including one in cozy Perry doesn't show up. For a little bit longer here but what's been clear Adam for mark Rick's comments so far is that nobody has seized control of competition. And I think that's okay at this stage. I don't think he necessarily. Need to have your guy in place. This early obviously you know look at it helps sometimes in terms of building leadership in knowing who the player is. But that the UN needs to have it make any long look at all of these guys to make a decision because all of them bring a slightly different skill set. To the table so I'm all for Mark Richt waiting. To see everybody. Before naming a starter and if it comes late in camp comes lame camp and that's the thing for antibiotics for watermelon out across brings the best selection in the lowest prices in South Florida. Audi Fort Lauderdale how to cross springs and Chris Perkins and headlights. Usually what's trendy now in Miami on streets. XY EAM sounds my. NFL's devils will be announced yeah. Tonight the dolphins already know their non divisional opponents and they know they're playing New Orleans and London. At 9:38. PM eastern time on October 1. At Wembley Stadium. NBA playoffs tonight Cleveland is at Indiana seven to run so it's at Milwaukee hit eight. San Antonio is at Memphis at 930. Miami Marlins are off tonight they play at San Diego tomorrow at 10 PM. As you know it is past contests on time for your chance to win the 1000 dollars slam dunk. Six this word great GR eight PE a 72881. That's the word great GR eight PE. It's a 72881. And you could win 1000 dollars you can win through the middle of Mays so listen mornings at seven and eight. Afternoons at four and five. Again this hour's word is great text vet now to 72881. For your chance to win. Message and data rates may applied don't text and drive it's the 1000 dollars slam dunk and AM 790 and have they don't want all four point three HD zoo. The ticket. Those are your headlines. I said he Philadelphia's curt. Again you M. I don't they would they thought they would necessarily gonna lose track Qaeda this year there was always the possibility. They've had guy you know got like Jack Alison there they've they obviously because he carries not going to be there. Yet they've given opportunities to a couple of these guys really crew is here to sort of sees the role and every any concern if they sort of if this drags on for a long time. No well no I I was there for the first the first day of the spring workouts and at that time Mark Richt. Seemed comfortable with saying. We might not. Come out of springing which they starting quarterback in Seoul you know and cozy area I don't know if there's Nicole Syrian cozy but. He's a he's going to be an incoming freshman he's not they're yet they wanna get a look at him and so I don't have a problem. Whiz Tom with we have Mark Richt. Kind of saying I wanna get a look at them basically. If you don't if you don't feel good about the guys you have or you feel really good about the guy that's coming in. Why not say that wife who you know there's no reason stood to sugar coated or try to BS anybody. I'm comfortable. Yeah I think so too and and he's been very honest about this basically talking about you know he wants to see. You know he wants to see them make plays in the structure of the offense and also. Because he Kerry has a reputation for sort of making plays and things break down to so. That something's a little bit harder to engage in these kind of situations but no they have a lot of options and they. Please give dude they clearly I mean I have at the guy that I've heard so much about that I thought was gonna kinda sees the role. Or at least get in the mix here was Jack Alison but it looks like. He might being outside the loudest sound for some of these guys. Today. And what's place and this four. How did how do you pronounce his name is every inch every insurer says that's going to shirts okay say it every sheriff's. Talking about being ready to be this. Record fuel noted that given the opportunity to. Particularly. We've just didn't do it we can't do it justice. No it to whoever the coach is still it's more ready for that Dell obviously obviously competition you know you can make you. Break apart or come close are doing reduction of plus it's. You know the main thing is not approved as a starting job it's. Leading by and giving us wins and getting us in the top. So whoever whoever wins the starting job whoever's out there on the field where we're all supportive of the of everyone and we just. It's. OK but he also wanted to design quarterback receivers Americans. Definitely that's the stuff. It's good spirit for everybody else. But I am obviously that's the right thing to say that you wanted to mr. Garber hears us fleet grows ears that guy who. Has had some experience here at least in the role little bit here here's his view on. Very gaming and I mean I said I'm drafting various resolutions like act kind of waited my turn and Alli tonight in my chest leaving some of my best to leave. Like like if you got home especially does everything come clean and informative. And here isn't talking about how the quarterbacks is. Like Richard zednik had a moment to let you should have thought it may be important to Jack and me going to Kate just to calm. And there are times toilet we just but it was one of those things LA coach Rick vive rust quarterbacks are together we will be more. And we got so that every player when you're right thing every town about what coverage are what people think. They so that's what you want to see everything that we all of them who want their best console like everyone looks like starting quarterback. That's how they led Michigan beat your Miami socialists think that like we got to make sure that every time we step but it was sort of the things we wanted to. That's pretty honest response there are times it looks like they should even be stepping down the field here in Miami. Yeah I I look I like the honesty is always loved that about covering college athletics that. There's some kids who just seem a little mature beyond their years and you know you always see. Some of those guys as the most interviewed guys because they're the ones that we gravitate to an end. Quite often it's it's you think it's quarterbacks I think quite often it's offensive linemen to tell you the truth I think that's the case in college and NFL but. Yet as I listened to add that sounds like somebody who was a little more mature or towards that at least a little more honest. There and then your average college quarterback in spring. Football well and again had a chance to sort of sit behind kinda. For the three years. That's you know and thank god we did he start the you've got to start right yeah hey did get a start. Yeah it archival as was out I can't remember which game it was. He's he sells these cells mature but really let's face it if if he's not the play maker that in cozy to areas in the cozy scary. He's not going to be out there on the on the fields and so. That's that's really what I wanna see is when he gets down there are what does this offense looked like Jane does he really make it move the way that. You re done in the ended in the recruiting magazines and NC and huddle when and all this other stuff. Says there was it your reporter perk of course like the honest ones just west of I don't know I'd. I'd I'd like a colorful here because James Jackson who just went into bit that you im hall of fame was good. Man and his his. That is his sophomore year was my first year but. Just thought talker a kid who was just an and fun not not trash talker. But he he had to know it was a second here because I think desert as a freshman he had averaged like nine. Nine yards exterior something ridiculous and so we used to joke with us out loud in front of the coaches. Hey if they don't give me more theories I'm gonna declare for the CF AO and you run Israel's and you look at us and go see if barrels EFSF apparently they put a muzzle on them. But at any it was a Smart do it also saw I like James Jackson he was he was the culmination of on an extended period. A lot of charisma a whole lot of charisma good player also. Those are the kind of tears and a lot. The college kids because they're not. They're not tainted put out his program to give out I I'd like dealing with grown men better I do like dealing with pro athletes better but there's just done that one side of college here it's that. That unpredictable. Being on this day and they don't know any better side that's. We love does I mean you you haven't dealt with. You have that much recently right I mean are they. Because I know that there's been some complaints in overtime about sort of availability some of the kids. That's our boy that's the college where where oh boy I was just reading. Some school I don't know if it was towards a look at Kirby Smart in Georgia where. You know college college Kos is controlled exceeded today. Control. How what times you'd did you talk to them bit. Did a pro you basically will get like that it's not like a 45 minute window or an hour and a half window and you can talk to every once college for the most part they bring the kids out to you they decided freshman talk or not. So I believe that it's Kirby Smart. He's not even letting the media suite what they see a injury right that's that's right yeah and so you talk about controlling and and he was saying that there was one kid who got injured and and the media saw fit to tweet it out so his mom had to find out from Twitter that this earth song with certain. A law. Combined that's a week it does say that you got to control the information they'll try to put this off there's. You know we like did Hillary's partisan Nick Saban decide all right yes and I Isaacs a little bit I mean that that that's pretty weak to me it's. You know I'd just say we wanted to control the information go live off as we want this weird. We're a big family here and we wanted to inform the family first when junior guess that pulled my hamstring. Come the they really. The the dolphins use to do this thing where. They wouldn't let the media tweaked out anything that was happening but the the fans who were getting their why yes yes we're latter do it never made any sense to me at all that they they gave this whole explanation for it. On why they wouldn't allow it you know and and again they wanna dig it can't events rather coach controlling information and making sure that an injury gets out there that he gets out the way that they want to get out but it was just one of those ridiculous thing. There was an it was solace from what 7810. Years ago when social media and Twitter and did the social media platforms were first coming out because seems. Didn't know what to do you know would have credentialed. As far as bloggers and all that kind of stuff that's up has been resolved now you don't see. Nearly as much com ridiculous. I guess fluctuation and in rules and regulations as he did. 567 years ago. Now and I'm not quite as much by the execs have time to get used to the whole social media thing and then. You know I mean even he didn't like their players. Being on social media and then they just realize at a certain point like OK we can't control things like they're gonna do. What they wanna do you just hope they're responsible witted and you know for the most part. There haven't been a bunch tripped off switch guys in this particular organization the dolphins had a couple situations that didn't go so well which. Aren't there. Well I don't seek some some gas and and some stuff with me though grinds obviously. Was not was not bearded that was not a dolphins player now dollars are now you have to control the why well well sometimes you felt like she might be speaking for him when C related stuff from practice or from the locker room. We remember the super cool beast picture but pretty much pretty much so overall this town has been pretty good hasn't it. Yet I don't think that there's I think you know when you have a group votes and you don't days of the NF bill 53 guys. Something has happened over the course of years and but but pretty much I think. Then there haven't been a whole lot of Indians lately couple things on the hurricane's quarterback situation text comes in here that her strings on a mob attacks on. Hillary's entire left of the NFL's because you know confidence betting on himself for the draft next year he figured he could play himself out of the draft this year he played like he did this season. The seasoning is supposed to be up to his draft says the city up it's up his draft status and city choked never saw. What all the excitement about Kyle was about it glad he's gone any younger quarterback is getting his chance do you think it is at last your I think got better as the season went on. You guys eat in as strongly as our call. I little thing that he was bad. I think that he bill soared in the scene bill sort of some lofty expectations. But he was not bad he's. He was a good college quarterback and he's a good NFL prospect sold from that standpoint. I don't think you can say that he was bad he didn't. Didn't meet expectations certainly didn't exceed expectations but it's probably a stretch to say bad right. Yes yeah I threw away so I I I would think zone. We're down here is heat. Culture day down an American Airlines Arena. They're given away well not given away but it's half price inside the stores today that'll sit up to three trophies out here. And silly 6 o'clock city get a chance on your way home from work you wanna stop by this chance take pictures. With the trophies so he could come out and do that perk did that are and I ran it. I got to admit I I got a picture taken I got a picture taken with the three trophies because I'd never head. And you know what I figured women don't have this chance again I might not. So what clinic I did it I don't think I've ever taken a teacher with another trophy have never taken a picture with an athlete. Work coach. Bora any personalities. So. Yet it's. It's a it's that it's it's a good thing man it says the trophies are right there why not why not take advantage of that the guy just take your towel. He did put a unit you know Haas let go see me on TV and no sauce so well. Well yeah well it's a souvenir for him it's an idled NBA Gatorade towels but I I gotta say I need it more than he does. Yeah they'll sing yes I don't immunity to get to another us. If you like it what we come back. One to get into the dolphins draft here a little bit coming up here lesson L is just one week away just one week away. Has anything changed. Any of the things that happen around the league lately Iranians are rumors the mocs. Seems like everybody's got a different player going to the dolphins. At number twice his we'll talk about the next seven and that's it. Yeah. A total. Thank you don't even slowly so Chris Kirk and here with weir yeah culture today at the triple hey bright sunny beautiful day. And look before we keep going any further I gotta give a shout out to Daniel im promotions Pete came through with a with a T shirt over here warming. That's how got taken the time out gut check. And Daniel came 30 loss like milk and Daniel came through that Caesar with a rip tides he certainly does kinda damp my he would win. And so I'm actually gonna use it in. I'm gonna Wear this shirt afterwards even his on his way back from the store across the street he made data rave on if you can believe that it. So. He's going to be joining us and a second here. I'm getting word here that Rubin Foster the linebacker from Alabama. Might just the failed a drug test as the combined so. Com that is definitely not gonna be due for him he has a he's a guy who started off really highly regarded at the start of the season but Tom just seemed to kind of drift around during the season and and now he's I don't know if he's gonna fall out of the first round but. It looks like you might. Be there when the dolphins ticket number two when he sued the dolphins have already see it that there's there's nobody yet that day of crossed off of their list. For behavioral issues or attitude issues. Com they did say there are did you take everything on a case by case basis and they were asked about domestic violence guys are they automatically crossed off the list and Chris Grier stated we looked at each each situation on an individual basis sold those guys are not necessarily crossed off the list. DC is dead guys who give them on even efforts are not necessarily crossed off the list yet so. Look at bats we saw Jordan Phillips at that does the defense of tackled it that they start now. Coming out of Oklahoma he was a guy and and Jordan builds we'll talk about it that he didn't always give 100%. So. Chuckle Charlton a lot like for the dolphins this is one of those guys so. Com yet again Rubin Foster. The linebacker at Alabama supposedly failed his drug test. At the combine so so he's got the ball deep and he's he's got a ball he could be there for the dolphins it at number twenty zoo but. As you were talking about the mock drafts the dolphins people have a lot of picks for the dolphins for a slam the door from western Kentucky. Seems to be a popular pick to drill peppers or somebody that a lot of people have questions about. Where do you play him as he'll linebackers he is safety does he did with the dolphins any play alongside her side Jones but. Your thoughts on best player available and and I know we've we test them that the other day but. You do you believe in that definitely entered into NBA best player available right. Yeah well I think in the in the NBA I think you definitely do you know you have to take the guy by the way speaking of falling. I nearly did that across. Hours later he went on the Gatorade here on Biscayne yeah yeah CBS's is well positioned. Air unfortunately the traffic patterns are not a I set up did you do walker did you. Mood I don't know if I want to acknowledge them yeah no cameras. There aren't enough. Yeah that's here we were on the radio so yeah they could come get me here. I think they fear the dolphins. Yeah you take the best player one of three positions. Yea you you you need really three things here I think about it and she need a linebacker. He'd corner and you guard. And I think did you look on your draft board you say all right. Of these three guys the top gun in his last. On our board each of those three positions who we like the most and you take that player in the try to get the other two positions later on. I it's adult deserved and and other people that I that I talked through the past couple weeks or. Backing meet their own on my disdain for fours when I am. The western Kentucky guard. Because he is eighty years they he did play left tackle in college he projects to. And interior linemen because of he's got short arms were exactly you know that. Offensive tackles. The biggest guys in the NF bill when you talk about height and and and girth. These are guys who were six by 66300. And when he 330 pounds ball armed. Forest lamp is not long Lawrence sold the thinking is that. He can move inside to guard or possibly place sooner and that appeals to me because Mike penalties no this is sol sol. We've we've seen that for the past couple of years now so. Having a plan in place for I don't see somebody who can fill in now it guard and may be ended it. In what happened with Blair meets also because your journal on James it's the the fifth year option. Is is here and so you're gonna have to decide what to do with him at the end of season. Maybe for a slam has that versatility where he can go all up and down the line in and everybody says that his his steal this first round level. Whether you're talking about guard or tackle sold. I'm starting to kind of Baghdad known run on my eyes of Deere museum are there version yeah out. But I still say it's guys still say go defense and I like taco Charles and I know he's only a one year starter at Michigan nine and a half sacks last year thirteen tackles for loss. As as a junior though or last two years ago he did have five and a half sacks. Used mostly as a pass rusher but hander in the dirt for three guy at Michigan which is. Dion Jordan that we know was whether. 34 outside linebacker at Oregon did not have a sand in the dirt. Has to do that here with the dolphins and didn't make that transition whales so. I do like uncle Charles. Yeah well I think look if you can get. Some money off the edge these explosives and then clearly that's something you look at. You know at the date they need help everywhere on defense still right I mean they have serviceable player with a bunch of positions but. But they need long term help. And a lot of different positions and so yeah I understand the thinking that you go defense first again and it. But a team gets somebody who can plug the hole on the line two I'm all right without also I think. I think he can you look at your draft board and and you have an you have a conviction about which guys. At the top of each of those positions you really like and it just becomes a comparative thing I mean do I like. Is this is this corner. This much better than the other corners and may still be there in the second round. Is this guard this much better than the other guards in May be there in the second round is this linebacker this much better and then you basically make the pick based on the biggest discrepancy. So. It dressing on how to split the difference here I'm saying. I do think it matters. But I think it can't just I don't think it's a situation where they just need one position so they just zero in on that one position. Some text here. Actually three text here ask Romberg about our ruling. I don't know what he sales up 70 series he's probably got a philosophy to figure that we're now and I asked them. This one whoever they like the best they should pass up because they're usually. Does that they're usually a bust pick the second best like us. So but I think that's a little bit unfair because I mean the draft has been as has improved the last couple years and we understand now yes yes and we're very rare yeah right so I think it's a little bit unfair. Suggests is to say that it you know that they always do this or they always do that. I mean the guy responsible for picking Dion Jordan is along with the dolphins ground. And in other Dennis sticky draft I didn't think it was that bad actually. By Ireland's last draft for the dolphins this knowing laughter. Stress when he thirteen was just had a disaster of a draft so. The office six plus they rubber in super short arms. That's lasted as well what about this text now are we really supposed to believe nobody will bring you guys drinks it's okay if eaten in the in the bathroom break no. Really did need to have a it's hot out here it's. If it's not an area there's nowhere to go take a bath or bad break you have to get escorted back to experience to be so I actually was not looking at her bathroom break I was looking for a brisk iced tea. And bring her purse and Gatorade particularly since Turks towel has been taken away guys and they. But Daniel Daniel from promotions brought me this Kryptonite serves some minute under the dam up for he would wither and take it home wash it. And then we're and then where we're at economic. Like I was there so lives. So. This this text I was in challenges a little bit quiet today's NFL as the sins drafted guard in the early rounds. But in the 83 drafted guard was taken. Third overall what has changed to make the position untouchable. Early in the draft. I I think nothing is strange to me it's a low impact position and so in the first round to meet. I'm looking generally for. Guys who affect the game. I'm. I don't know immediately is the right where quarterbacks receivers. Running ballots asks tacitly yeah or ours were more. The letters were valued however I will say this now there is there is there's evidence that goes both ways recently because. You do have guys such as David to Castro from Pittsburg and saint Maarten from Dallas. Who have done a really good job. Being drafted high end and theory they do a good job. Travis Frederick from from a Dallas was easy senator but the a case to be made for doing it however you do have guys that just says warming boom had he hasn't done anything. I would just like my first round pick to be somebody up higher impact on the outcome of the game and I always say there's and it's no offense to guards if you were to list the positions one through its way through right guard as when he won start. I guess right guard is there's probably when he sued left guard is when he won but. Impact I want more impact on my first round today. But for a slam might. Did because this author's note yes because of yes his versatility and and the dolphins needed on starting to soften a little bit. What is your broke peppers in the next levels in a place for sixteen. That's nobody really told her he did he could be like a hybrid Dutch defender. He's a little bit small to be to be a linebacker. He's not a corner. He could be safety he could be a free or strong safety or some kind of a hybrid guy in the nickel package but. He's gonna between her and that's that's really the big problem with the group peppers is where do you play him. It's his size does not linebacker size he's really almost running back size so I I don't know where his home is gonna end up being he's. He's a play maker. But how do you get those plays out of view. Yet because I mean you can line them up I mean the dolphins need a long term answer free safety your enemy in this they've none of the guys that they brought in. This offseason projects as long term answer and then we never shot Jones is the strong spot right. Right right into a more and more the dolphins are inner changing their their safeties where. You know you will see. At certain. Formations and both of them at different times up in the box. But. Basically you do have preside Jones as were strong safety as the guy who's who's the enforcer who's the best tackler. And you've got guys such as Michael Thomas Nate Allen CJ McDonald Walt Akins. Back here for for the other safety position TJ McDonald course suspended for the first eight games. So nobody has really taken charge of that position and I'm sure they were like somebody to do it. Is that he is he safety is another one of those positions first round you'd definitely and there but brightness how to beat somebody's. Eight safety guard and then for awhile fullback and then nobody takes full backs at all right because nobody has fullbacks. But yeah those three positions though linebacker pass rusher. Cornerback and guard. Those three positions I expect in the film first four rounds of I just anticipate that they'll take they'll take those guys and and they have what do they have got a first rounder second round. Seven hits they got listen I can do this first second third preakness and a seven rights they don't have for the third round pick is compensatory thing. Yeah the first of the compensatory picks yup so well enough to living just got one more week. Yeah yes it's next Thursday Friday Saturday Thursday the first round at. 8 PM I believe is stars in a sting Friday at 7 PM rounds two and three and then Saturday. Brown's fourth through seventh starting at noon. So from Philadelphia. So yeah I'm not sure that their first didn't get glued to yeah. Exactly exactly we now have they are in Philadelphia. I only come back where we get back in the NBA playoffs here a little bit now we're looking for tonight. And we're gonna play that he now has an interview we did in the first hour we'll play that in the third hour of the show we'll be right back and cinematic take him. Yeah. I think technology. Partying right now and they ask Hollywood to. And I might not be Charlie Davidson that's Thursday night 827. Hole at the beginning it saddens model every Pickens rapidly analysis of the dolphins think. Her giving way to pair has excellent numbers game and it's and it's free and you. Which you registered to sing at Miami dot com Dave and buster's place watch sports my sponsor my hobby Charlie Davidson. Harley-Davidson is always a first round draft pick pick one at Palm Beach currently in west palm defense calling back here with this. Perkins. Some thoughts here on the text line about who the dolphins should take. Drill peppers is going to be to Thomas Davis is going to be Thomas Davis at the next level they're bigger. In this one the lack of good guard play has caused the dolphins more than a handful of games since you don't have good guard your offense suffers. But then you Steve Steve start one earlier take on early and get crucified by the media. I that's that's. The first point is what I disagree with them I don't think the lack of good guard Larry. Has cost the dolphins a single day. I. I'd have to I'd have to see the game because if regardless causing you would dame you're talking about rippling pressure from up the middle. Bet that you can't control their bin sexed up the middle but I'm not sure that. Anybody has controlled the game and cause the dolphins to lose from from up the middle against the run and against the pass. I I don't you surely we sweets they don't look we all saw Dallas Thomas acting at the turnstile out there's sometimes right. But I don't tie dale Douglass Jameel doesn't but I don't think either of those guys cost the dolphins eight game. State they made bad plays and they they were costly but I don't think they cost the dolphins eight game. Okay that's an interesting. So interestingly look at Vietnam I mean again if you look at the value positions in the NFL. It's quarterback it's left tackle its corner and it's pass rusher those of the four feet. Because it's a passing game now and right and so those that's why you need to got to pass. You need the gotta protect the passer. Neither guy to get after the passer and you've got to to defend passes. Out and also number one receiver is kind of moved up into that area too. And it looks you can't. Tight end is it is a position that is really emerged as as the that the tide is is almost kind of the stretch for in the in the NBA's kind of become a eight. New position. Because of guys such as Vernon Davis and and Jimmy Graham who did. Really do different things starting you know whatever AT and years ago and it's it's really evolved inserted a dynamic position. Guard as the guard is important and I don't. Not respect guards I see the need to have good guards. But. I just feel a five got a good sooner and sue good tackles yes I complete Suze lackeys in there and address positions of words. Out of higher importance and I can get by with those guys. You can head Pro Bowl guards you want to have broke Bogart's but I don't necessarily want a Pro Bowl guard at the expense of having a competent. Nickel corner. Or eight competent third receiver I I would settle for competent at those positions over a Pro Bowl guard because we're talking about impact on the games. Yeah no I can see that. I can see that and I think where the dolphins are right now it's really more of the depth player than anything else like the you know they know. I mean they they very bad for Stride Rite and they signed. What's his name out of guys' names escaping me the the freeagent that they signed did that I was lieutenant it's expedite Dougherty at Lars and yet there arson. So they have. For you know presumptive starters at those two positions. They do end and that is one thing that they were talking about yesterday that they feel they may moves in the offseason. So that they can't say best player available is for a slam the guard from Kentucky. Actually he's a left tackle from western Kentucky. But he projects as a guard if force lamp is there. They feel that they can take them because they've done. Adequate job. At linebackers so it so that they can get by or at defense of beer and sold it taking get by that they are free enough to take a guard. If they want. To and this public sexier hate perk remember all those times had a hell was sacked I'm sure he does. Get. I mean it but go ahead exhibit a breakdown of his sacks in recent years and how many of them are up the middle and how many are on the edge. Not not that are seen and again I'm not talking about sex on talking about costing him costing the team a game. Being really punitive painful plays consistently. Such as getting beaten deep or getting beaten getting bludgeoned by the run. Things that things of that nature yes he's been sacked up the middle. Yes you've seen that defense of tackles such as as somebody points out that the bills who seasons ago. Yes prom. They they got bludgeon they got bludgeon but. I think that that that is not you're you're number one priority I'm not I'm not drafting a guard in the first round of because of that. Third rail fourth round look okay but we're talking first round that's that's my big problem with. There is armed this text we got this a few times and I know there's a lot of supporters of he is here in Miami and joke do is there and the dolphins drafted they're not pass a month. That's going to be an interesting says the best player available rectum of a sure. Best player available type scenario and and I don't know where they have theorem. On their draft board if you could be a close. Doors slam tournaments aren't ready core. Whoever cycle Charles and or whoever else might be there but. Do it would be very. It in arresting situation there because you do have Julius Thomas and end. And a Anthony Fasano it tidy and now guys that you just acquired in the offseason. But you'd we you would have a better guy sitting right there and it's Heidi and I wonder if you would actually take best player available or if you would still need a guard. Well depends what you think Julius Thomas and still be right and they and they mean they bought low on him. Right I mean they're they've all yeah on him because the last two years have not been as good as the two years previous Denver. But yeah I mean there are a lot of teams I mean the book the patriots have you know have gone the two dynamic tight en route. It's you know they're gonna try it again this year bring in Dwayne Allen to replace Martellus Bennett. Bennett had a really good year last year. He was the number one tight end more than they expected because of Crocs injury. And I guess going all the way back to if you wanna bring this southern Hernandez with ground that was the original plan there and that they've they've always seem to have. A couple of tight ends you know the dolphins' front and Anthony Fasano was a really good blocker. I don't know how involved he's going to be in the passing game at this stage of his career I mean he was never burner now begin wins. Died or maybe it doesn't. A couple of looks in the ridge zone may be prepared that would be about it. Odd that somebody. Ticks in you need good guards room between the tackles I agree. You need you need good guards to protect their quarterback. But we're talking first round drastic. That's that's my I'd be seeing here first round draft. Yeah well I I think they'll get one in the first three rounds which Iran may not be. At number 22 right when we come back we will get back into the NBA class were down here at American Airlines. Arena to three trophies are still out here for a few more minutes he wanted to take a picture win them here on the steps of the arena. Joins us and take pictures of us we won't we'll promise we won't loose. And I'm not running for Gatorade does break a promise we're back on seven I think. That concept and I didn't see. They don't it's a plus 7 o'clock. Still out here at American Airlines Arena. People who. Glitzy trip he's made it through last looks and the chance trophies are about to Obama. Create quite a player. Yeah man. As a bright bright bright sunny evening right now is beautiful actually somebody somebody says city an incident that don't drink Gatorade is just sugar water just drink water. Then I probably would have been good idea we went through the water enough. Yeah yeah Gatorade sugar water it is but it is a Trace of him. It's us. Ellis editor for water to our right the ticket invites you to under so 2017. As presented by our sister station while for three to shark. Pompano Beach amphitheater that's Sunday may 28. Featuring the hate days unlikely candidates coin dreamers Nokia chance Kate playing group love tickets on sale now at while four point three the shark. Dot com I will get back to the headlines here in a second we're also gonna replay the Udonis has an interview that we did. Earlier in the show Udonis was interest thing as he always is and it was the appropriate ambassador here. I heat culture day first here's the thing so somebody with a little bit heat in the into Davis Tisdale. Gets to coach again tonight against the San Antonio Spurs and I'll be really curious to see. How his take that for data and you're not gonna rook us speeches or received by the officials and whether or not the grizzlies get any benefit out of that. Tonight's. In this game. You know the reality is that the grizzlies are overmatched in this series the spurs are simply better than then that was true before Tony Allen was out for the series it's even more so true now. So did visit was doing is as Pat Riley said yesterday it was both for its interest in Cairo in Dwyane Wade agree on something. Both of them have spoken in the past couple of days about how they respected what David Tisdale did in that sometimes. Coach needs to do that speak for his players and certainly David fizzles rant has been better received than a lot of rants are typically receive that did not come off as whining. Because he had stats to back that up for the data as he suggested. So I'm curious to see visibly one or more interest things. Playoff games just to see how the officials respond this my anticipation. Is that agrees is a get a little bit more benefit of the doubt on this game and I think they'll compete hard. I just don't know that it's enough I just think the spurs. You know Conley and Gasol are great they really take a look at the rest of those rosters. And there's really no competition here so we'll see you davis' nose become a bit of a cult hero. They win the game tonight and they have a big an edge in free throws that will only grow and that's a thing brought Tia valley Fort Lauderdale and I Coral Springs. The best selection and lowest prices in South Florida. Audi Fort Lauderdale and how to cross strains and now Chris Perkins and headlines and. News and what's trendy now in Miami on its. XY KM South Miami. NFL's generals will be announced at 8 o'clock tonight the dolphins already know there's not divisional opponents and they know they're playing New Orleans in London. At 9:30 AM eastern time on October 1 at Wembley Stadium. NBA playoffs tonight Cleveland is at Indiana seven to run so is at Milwaukee at eight. San Antonio is at Memphis at 930. Major League Baseball Miami Marlins are off tonight they play at San Diego tomorrow at CNN. Those are your headlines are and elegant style. And schedule tonight at 8 o'clock. It doesn't make any difference I feel like we always I mean we know who they're playing we know where they're playing the same strength. The thing that it that I usually look for our. Cool and and win as far as. What what kind of road trips are you taking I'm not a big deal I'm not I don't make a big deal about older in New England in December rule. Most of these guys have played in snow they grew up in it they've played in ending college. Whatever I don't make a big deal about scenes coming down here in September because if it's a 4 o'clock games even if it's September. You don't get that big. Humidity expanded so. I'm not a big guy on the weather and all that I looked it is is there are three a stretch three out of four road games or a stretch. Three or four straight home games or something like that that's really going sue probably that is something like that to meet. We'll probably make a bigger difference in the season there and being in cold weather or or humidity. Well the other thing is that by right but when I come typically you don't want it too early in the season and right. But you also don't want it too late in the season where guys are so banged up by the and usually around we gave as good played good time again and get some tore somewhere towards the middle so we'll see. For the dolphins and double that plus the dolphins have they kinetic gaming at saint is thirty sent right to Wembley here yeah October 1. That's that that it already so that's that's a week for yeah. You know what I hit it and changing the subject tears. That that there's heat there it does the office. Did that arena employees are are putting the trophies back right now. All three trophies are here. You'll remember doing. We re at that story on Jeffrey Loria. And dom and one of the things that struck me was that the 2003 World Series trophy was in his office. And discuss thought it would be a Marlins Parker something like that it was in his office in New York. And dom. I don't I don't know where the 97 trophy is I don't know if it's immoral as Parker when agonizing has it or whatever but that that that he trophies are here yeah there's not as though Micky Harrison halves. One of the three at his office it it Carnival Cruise Lines or maybe he does keep it there I don't know. But I just thought it was kind of strange says that Loria had won it is is he was odor. I just kind of thought it would be on display somewhere somewhere where fans could see it so what happens to him when he sales team. I well there's a New York now guess is they are not coming back yes I think is not leave it thing is that's who won soon now. Yeah island lineup he does not coming back. But I it's I would I would think I wonder most teams. Like do the owners keep their trophies or are they. Outward display I would think that that's something you won display as often as possible that no beat the heat has their trophies out every day. This is somewhat thanks Hillary is probably trying to pawn it. Hello Gloria doesn't need money. Well he's not gonna need money for sure after this sound no definitely not and then nothing new on that today that the big news yesterday on that Jeter. And bush is Jeb Bush teaming up. I wondered did did George W and I wanna get back in our share. I have I have no idea toward his Jeff one around as you just kind of ran as far away from his Brothers he could during the campaign and me yet here he wasn't he must not be seen. Whatever this was it sort whatever it George George. And to a beds out with the Rangers he was that that the managing general partner he was that he was the face. The face of the franchise he wasn't like the number one money guide that he was the face of the franchise. And he did a good job. He was responsible scoring salsa. Some of the state that is certainly hope so that are here are as bad as the results it is also against the wild card yes yes do us guess. So. But overall life so this is his GF and Jeter. Like I said yesterday as long as they're willing to spend money and let the baseball people make the baseball decisions. It doesn't really matter to me who owns it's well. It but they did Jeter thing is interest thing to see you know what he bring in somebody somebody with some Yankee lineage. To that scene I mean Jeter doesn't have any connections of the Marlins whatsoever. I don't think he wants to serve as sort of an owner slash general manager so you have to find somebody. He was comfortable with running the team I mean we've seen. You know in in certain situations like Michael Jordan in Charlotte but he has a general manager rich Joseph who makes you know the trades and all that but jordin does. You know is involved in the freeagent conversations. And and we see a lot of that I feel like we see more of an in the NBA that we do in Major League Baseball in terms of the owners getting involved and in free agency here you're ready because he knew it you're talking about self. Few players. Tonic seem. The this is. Here here here's attacks and as I thought when it came to physically having a trophy was more a matter having the right to have a copy than anything else. I thought all the champions and owners could have won copy. Don't know. That's something we'll find out by tomorrow. And this is interesting too we haven't talked about this at all so Steve Ross being interest in the marlins'. But only if that reportedly only if the price comes down I think that was reported in the Miami Herald. Only if the price comes down but he would that cross ownership is allowed the you are allowed to do that there's no there's no new rule against that. I find it interesting that Micky Harrison is basically you know not. Shown interest. In the marlins' considering he's you know he's faced down here. In Miami be at Steve Ross who's not who won a second property. The second sports property. Steve Ross's. Inner resting in his sports ventures. From the standpoint that it. He really wants to keep moving up the ladder in all ways possible it seems like you know he's. He's bringing to the soccer easy well he's already got the soccer the soccer games started here. But. Barcelona and rearm a creator are coming here for a bit dale classical Miami and he's he's got it you know everything that he can at that stadium he does the dom the but that the racing the drone racing league. Com eat he's got his hand and in a lot of different beings and it's as it's always. It's always just kind of been curious to me. Why he's got his Indian in so many. Different because he's rich. Yeah like I guess anyone near this and that kind of and he does do the business boot camp it's not all is that you know he does that for the players and that's that's a good thing but Tom you know wrestle mania and and the trucks stuff everything that he has out there at that hard rock stadium that he keeps that fool with all the different sports. I'd. Baseball. Baseball would. But one thing about owning a team. It's maybe the best investment in America right you're gonna make money. Yeah because the because of the value of the franchise yeah and now not everybody has a billion dollars but. You're gonna make money. It's it's a great investment so from that standpoint I wouldn't. I I wouldn't mind getting involved in it yes. The decision. No I called me out why you don't fight if I didn't get. You know about a million other investors at that my income level we could probably pull together enough to have to by the team. This dissect a second go to the games when Jeter owns the team and boycott the games in the days that javelin since it. Men do we do we have something that's non political tape I lipped apolitical I guess I don't what what kind of the White House the White House deal. While the White House dealing New York Times got themselves in trouble there right because they certainly took a photo comparing. This year to 2015. It up and I guess the patriots came around said the a lot of the players were sent out players and other staff was seated. So they were not in the frame now there was a much larger group of players that decided not to show up this year sending that point was made. New York Times this went sort of over the edge with that with a photo. Which was not. Was not accurate and there's always that it seems there's always players who skipped the White House yeah there are. There are 72 dolphins we had guys who who skippy you're gonna would Barack Obama. You now live with the heat in a little seven. I over the you know scandals that have the ally with the heat. And twelve and and thirteen Agassi years. After that that was that was always that was funny because you had the one year after they paid the blue one after they won. Bird managed just joined the team and so he was like sitting in like the sixth row he wasn't up on the stage but it was just this picture. You know in the you know in the white house of just you know bird man had a full Mohawk at that point. It was just say it was a funny scenes on that and I thought it was. It was there were a lot of good laps that came out of that whole thing the Mario Chalmers stuff and you know and an ever present yeah and that the president of playing with a yeah yeah it's tough to get away from the political. These days on the sort of thing on the text comes in if if mr. Ross invested in the player's they've done within but the thing it does with the fans. It be a blessing. Yeah Steve Ross is a good owner right. I like Steve Ross Beck win in a lot of people were criticizing him for the celebrity ownership group. By the way we talk about Serena Williams being pregnant and went running away. Australia makes you feel like he didn't do much for the life and I. Two months pregnant or whatever. Yeah but. Anyway I I supported him with that I supported him with love live I supported him with the orange carpet because while it was all kind of cool three. None of it had anything to do with the on field product that that was not the reason the dolphins words were losing. I thought that that was brilliant him being a guy who who grew up in Miami and Miami Beach. And knowing what your audience once that's that's kind of Miami right Miami is about seeing in. If you don't see and be seen in and who's kind of out there at the game and I think if that Siemens in better it would have been better receive that was at this event was the big issue for people who that was the big usual the people were thinking that he's so preoccupied with all this stuff he's not devoting. Time to the team he'd let the football people run the football stuff he was doing the other stuff he was. I don't want my owner meddling in the football stuff yes let him do club live and all that and I thought the beauty of that also was that. Win and if the team got good that infrastructure was already there you have to go out and and feels a nightclub and and knock out some suite holders so that you could. Build something for I had. I think he redeemed himself quite a bit with the paying for the stadium operates the Simon yeah definitely I think that that endeared him more. And again the team turn around this year so he's gonna get some credit for that whether he had anything to do that are not lose we're winning always helps right right and that's always gonna make things seem. Are tolerable palatable and yup. While all all of that Tom. It's whatever avenue the celebrity ownership group. I don't know I Derrick I don't know that's a bit less disappeared we don't see jail there where Heidi well slit her in men know market they broke up. I don't see Serena there anymore I don't know how many of those people actually silent in the club live in in years. I think the last Arie I poke my head in there are a few times after an open mind. I have been in there probably then maybe since when it's committee zillow can bring in Iran now Darren wasn't part of that celebrity ownership group right now you know none. The company's he's he's got a baseball field and only Cordelia he does hit us. I'll always come back I want to get back into us and about a little bit earlier about what to expect for the NBA playoffs and I particularly. When Memphis and San Antonio we have the winner play the Udonis has an interview we did a little bit earlier in the show and we have some tickets to giveaway how we can get these tickets away what do. I it's I thought about this earlier its heat culture dated may be your favorite heated them. Okay yeah that'll give anything you hear it was a way yes so that that's what that's pretty good gas your favorite team gets six batters both. 767974679. Cent for we have one. Four pack. Marlins pirates tickets. And great Turkey to give away with a two so we will do all of that principle something away for tomorrow. What's up here read you an alternate listening tomorrow and it's actually got some great stuff he will be right back concept and I think it. I welcome back on seven I didn't Signet. It's six NFL draft party broadcaster Dave and buster's and Hollywood stars that hobby Charlie Davidson that's Thursday night it a try seventh beginning at seven. Follow every pick of the draft is complete analysis of the dolphins pick. Yeah we're giving away pair. Of tickets to dolphins game admission is screens. It's even register at the same Miami dot com Dave and buster's heat play watch sports much but I'll be Charlie Davidson. Harley-Davidson is always a first round draft pick pick one at Palm Beach Charlie. In west palm. It installment back here with Chris Perkins. Taking up until. Close to 7 o'clock here we're gonna play the the Udonis has them. Interview here coming up as soon as you Donna sat down on this earlier that he culture day the first ever. He cultured and that AI is the impetus for our. Contest here on Tex lines 6797467. Nights and four were given away for pac. A Marlins tickets Marlins pirates. As well as he gets crave jerky her crack crave jerky prize pack and thrown in there so. Neighbors say that he can meet the jerky now or you can save the jerky for your hurricane kit that's either one hurricane season is there is June 1 baby yeah off campus. Sorry packets sooner rather do editorials Matthew has been a disappointment last year. A pleasant discipline right. That was great. And for us here in South Florida exactly and it just missed us this that was great so perk during this out here. On attacks line. What would be your favorite sort of heat isn't. OK so let's go with some of these it greater role in me and I don't let go of the rope. Yet that's a good one Phnom. That's him on wade Jones and that's you know that's just classic events that there's another limits classic for me that's. Along the same lines of wade Jones. You can probably figure out what it is which caused her to stay white that's right. That's what's the US tweet something to eat this I'm just hit it I was at a press conference tonight Riley that backfired it up. Try to get. That's the guys to get a grip it looked it's about the process. Yeah got to trust the process Silas in my access denied Beatles. Stay the course. See there he didn't know much other wounds that no more smiling of face school more smiling phrases it mentions him bows assets. That was classic that you know we ate we didn't get any of that from Riley yesterday no. But that will he was very positive yesterday that you know no shots taken other than that sort of the pseudo shot I think cavaliers about arrest. Right like he Yale thing and RS I mean it's the cavs who have been you know sort of the big perpetrators of that. This this year. Dead end and it's funny that we assumed it it's 101000 and not a spurs right. Well he has a relationship with exactly yeah. Exactly and all point exactly because I just thought let's first titles straight over I think that's rather come easy I think you're correct. And burn the boats. It says. Not one not two not three not four not five. If during the bus doesn't win you all need to be fired. Me. Close isn't a column withstand wasn't. Yes yeah yeah. Com place your identity heard it hurts so I was at times it during the Big Three air security that you have it stole. Made that seemed fit perfectly. Dwayne wade jumping on the scores table this is my house loans. That's you know we are the hardest working best condition most professional and so there's stuff this nasty isn't probably most just like scene in the NBA. Pat Riley. He's. Let's see here. You went way Jones a strong but I don't think that really captures. Spirit is we're trying to do now no more smiling faces we've hidden agendas is really really really strong. Is that he is or is that a it's sort of a shot across the bow wow yeah well that's kind of weird. You're and it sometimes with the heat isn't right well yeah because sometimes sometimes. Well you know. So to me it's it's really it's either wage Jones or or stay white but I don't think those either of those now I I I think that's that's I think burn the boats. Is the best on the gun here. During the both Larry. It and to see a mid eclipse weeks between this and it's it's. As this it's just starting grid that was outstanding. So that when that that probably should really that's really good that's. That is really really strong. Fifteen strong. That yeah that was definitely it is. See. Let it. Shots. That's not bad doctor Janet. This on as DF feud Danny Ainge who who yeah but that's strictly. That's right. Hostels or use competitive spirit a lot this year as it competitors only right that's the other one the ups and climbed up. Position was basketball that whale sweat equity whale well the Harlem shake. The Harlem since the us but that's a that was pretty good. Somebody say is sorry for the ignorance what he'd isms. Things that that it people who see it through the years that that a stuck. Things that characterize this this franchise that. People say that executives of see it that players are seeded. Tom. What do what does that if you wanna go way back. I'm gonna get a big bottle program are you eight instill the bleeped out. Yeah that's Tim Hardaway after one of the mix losses right as I sit in front of the days play out. What are you gonna do exit it wasn't going to go to Disney World now on he also took a shot at nick does Aaron yes yes yes that's right otherwise you stick it didn't event he called a mixed. JUNIC. Save the battle we have at the venerable call he gave to New York Knicks and your next include Hardaway including giving street well timeout call that I am not sure that's very well actually that's hit these idiots. See. Stay the course trust the process. I I've I think it's burn the boats. You drink it I'm out of our votes I think it's early votes go with remove those somebody gave Eric Green at the bloom. Somebody in the mine and Udonis he did. Let's see if they just quoting air agrees there. They're pretty let the other one's great wall Whiteside great wall of my sides and with a golden arm you explain that one to me I should've I should panel we have Eric on the air should have him explain sort of the origin of all he has to be totally. Tippy toe through that Antoine of this slow walker yeah. Yeah when my favorite heat players you're always answered on the vendor yeah yeah pace and space. Paces base is good position us answer that that was. That was the big thing what in the LeBron years and yeah I mean. It it's Anderson because Spoelstra took a lot of his offense from Dan Tony and he's acknowledged that young and and so. You know for them to be in competition for coach of the year. Is only. Is only appropriate so LeBron roster they definitely did little love stuck there re enter the because. I had the pleasure cynnex Iran recent heat game plans he's he's senator he's entertaining. He's he's entertaining he would have been fun gotta play for island I would think yeah so what happens tonight with Davis Tisdale the they're at home. Take that for down don't regress did you know what this might be our most popular. Just the text you just pouring it yeah I'd. I think that there foul calls didn't even out a little bit more. Spurs win by assistant. Prison I think Xenia. Death foul calls will be you know. More though is that it'll it'll look it'll look better yet look better it's take that for data. Take pastors that's what day is still the rest on itself Tisdale after the day. Dare I think this. Is my fifth in ever more important. Grenada. I mean Udonis has them we did this interview a little bit grow much earlier in the show Udonis was out here for heat culture day. Taking pictures with the trophy with the fans sat Dallas for about ten minutes talk about his future talked about. That team this year talk about his pick in the Chicago Boston series. It won't surprise you but some of the things in this interview might so. Some interesting stuff for me Donna sort of play that next here on 79 ticket. Well the back got seven on the ticket agents. Only here with Chris Perkins we're out at American Airlines Arena for the first. Perhaps an actual events keep culture day. Here on the steps of the AAA and we are joined by it would really call you the grandfather of culture is that look he gets a free it's been a lot of different names drawn around. OG grandfather coach Shula summarize. Apparently there's this community and bigger and bigger. That's that's Udonis Haslem many of them you like. They would lose you can hear you stick with the president as old school yeah it does those drugs stick with the would you news coming up here. You are yours would go to those she's around. Got a lot of knowledge the do's and adults and those of us in the game so extreme OG. Born OGU Brian grant maybe scare me I was fortunate man reality wreck on the people that I had opportunities and experiences and learn from me. Here's Brian grant. Com definitely Jonas off to a good you know would you talk about the opportunity to play we know Steve Smith and secure those news and you know Gary Gary hand. Coming there's this little hole through your clothes. You know this I can keep going on in Norris Shandon Anderson. You know I have an opportunity bureaucracy in late night tonight is irrelevant of unfortunately much of a little bit from each one of those. So when did you feel you made the transition. Sue somebody that was instead of looking for that kind of advice to somebody who other guys are looking to to get that kind of nice. This should. Hit 'cause he this year is no further than even last year you know we had Joseph Johnson you know. You you know guys like that you know so those guys were. You know Joe's is my knees you know Lou still that's still open yeah. So I. I. Got a zebras is okay yeah I got out of the bottom and I didn't. And brilliant ideas that I. What's new you know that to put together around my this year was literally nobody I know around my age so. You know those who think he understood what in those fine it was fun. Ways that. You look around the just around here and and measured your career and and say maintains a tight as we look at these condos in these that would you know when you've your rookie year this this parking lot over here. And that there's still than maybe people you see in the arena security people or the way the good. Champions Ellie wasn't their first where there are things that you can measure your career look around and go. I have been here a minute. The way he would drift. Number one the way we do it guys just coming in locker room now as opposed soon. You know they're guys just when I first came in really no way you know how dangerous so anything like that in. That's the biggest thing that I notice is this can go to fashion. Has changed you know as far as DOC in my area that they're looked around us the only good news coming up policy. You know we would be units or situation you know win over the years ago and militarism you've got a car where were you detergent is well. I didn't realize that you cannot tell you if you're not trying to be ill person right next to do it yeah hello. And that's sort of you know look at all those different things then things just gone. How everything changes and you know. I see that this you know I think you know today's society you know Tomas and around town today today's youth the good offense whose social news. So I sit there and I kind of understand where this positive things about me things about. You know that'd be just instilled in me you know I've learned and regardless of how times change and I don't have changed and Udonis has them here down an American Airlines are. Therefore the source heat culture day when did you feel like this team this year started to get it. Was it at 1130 or was it earlier than that that they sort of understood the work that need to be put into. I think it was a run that West Coast trip there we took. I think we only want one game. Out of the troop we will end up winning the Sacramento. We went to. Lakers game and we lost. And we had a really really intense greatest the next big guys got our three children. How are actually spoke you know they're pretty soon now the first round she'd been vocal about thing. You know at that point and started to be clear that you know whose leadership Bono locals and anybody can still book particular floor. Because all we're gonna get this done is together and now you know the thing was that that should the message from child who's there in the listen man we're live at thirty. You know we don't we we have no clue you know obviously our way is not working so. We need to start listening. And being more attentive and and I was not just listening fortunately some things that we do in the price of some of the things that we talk about turn Linux into you know production on the court. UD there's always this impasse so you'll be in good guy out of wisdom and solve some of the players. How many individual one on one times do you meet which. Specific players throughout the season and how did you pick those buses that I guess it's different with everybody if you choose not to. Yeah I read of MI and erection and everybody knows several occasions. Vicious assault Bristol how are feeling knowing this feeling com. One thing about news you know are are pretty much drew attention and see everything I notice a line you know hopefully just the body language. You know a lot of different things like that so you not feel like your does little confusing forestry and you'll. You know losing load with a confidential. Know might be some man that the new Breslow might be something that's resolved soon. In Austin a couple of tricks up to a good reach out to a after price before price credit crisis when I was situation may be on the road in my blood and generally gonna coupled. So you know where Russian feel is not removed. The blue print to it you is so I just figured out. You made the playoffs. It was an all good. Three seasons since you've got to Miami is that right. I was mostly to. Altria could get one pair she hasn't allowed 20072008. And then. 1415 or until everybody goes to an OK okay. Well disrepute I had this will be three now. Com. Are you watching you watching Dwyane are you know watching someone tell me I'm not surprised you know. You know Rollins into the mood you know I propose a good minimum anywhere Bruce Gordon. You do have more rings and you from pro Miami's. Like like local local guys and in any sport ever thought about that coming football the UN does. And well I'll think about it you know I mean there's as far as you know on concern gnome has been history a little Miami sports should there. In my opinion is second to none. So I just an assault on the box and you know draw saw in there and you appreciate us all look you know they socialist was it is sickening now only reminded that this success so he knows that the Marlins and you know even before the Kansas comparisons assistant. You know you talk Obama don't even though it's it was a long tumbles still around today. And if you don't make no mistake waiting at a few. You have Dana what's going on that a UN. You know we have cameras have been on the Margaret swung to a bridge continue to do agree. Still a similar to shoot with a quarterback situation we'll be deliberate 'cause the com where they like six guys compete so let's talk a bit ago about a dozen people this photo shoot or three you can do is to get this information via the right guy for the job but I. You know the talent is obviously they're. You know we'll look forward to their flawlessly much of the game. You made it clear you want to play you achieve planet how much longer and kind of what is the process and this summer. I mean I just there and minority. I know Marbury in the gym working out the premier. How explain people we know when you get to this as your career you got you got two choices. You know you used to go on and your you reduce the situation which. Your car and I could come probably gonna have to sacrifice playing time because rebuilding in these young guys are gonna please get that experience. Forward go to a championship because she moratinos contender and you might give me this most likely gonna give minutes because they don't look for what a guy like myself brings to table. We'll look at all it does not only does my eighth aluminum wheels are now he's taking the words please save Matt Barr and throwing resale. Jason teary when you see. Jamal Crawford receivers started and don't do those jars are not reviewed and they're going forward right now solo. No I have a choice you reveal which this is this is my home in this world wanna be and I'm looking upon that crosses. And our comment prepare myself to play. He knows if the situation room automatically after the race so. You know hopefully this year and not severe punishment due process of achieving that these guys growth but also to push myself to motivate you to trip to play your coach called my number do here. More proud to be in the situation I have to be in another opportunity it's only going to be contenders not. Good situation. Neutral corner in their but I know UB into the there's this forty so I didn't know not a not me and I still can't miss them like a sit I mean you know look around like this all the guys that my situation had to say you know what does homer rebuild you know because we've gone forward. We understand there. No I don't have a few more bullets in the chamber so you're a new things save enough. They say yeah what's your ideal role next season. Coming out how low the situation room we not love being applauded those guys and then to a ship I love watching those gusts off to a sort of drug load and upon the maturation. Com where the same time you know markets due to attributable Oslo accord that's what you would. You confuse me thinking like don't play I can't play and you know god forbid had to go somewhere that like damn I know he couldn't get. I don't just look like this for 36 is just this. There's a reason why it was such great shape and I'll look the way out of this because I worked my ass off and if my number is called I can't contribute you know nowadays. Had a conversation Jason Kidd before Milwaukee game nowadays file points four rebounds did you sixty million extra yeah I bet it's. I thought the story about that is BC sixty million dollars nowadays you think I can do you pay me half to. So you know I can still play this game and not be ready and one beer part of this process and rule and should issue he now stars some hands on right now after this year. Well there's always messy business partner gets caught so hopefully we're working on him and how you doing with that three almost went down. When ran a red blood or gonna fly through for you that's one of the things people who like their minor league do. That's for the next day zones. I highly doubt has hear it he culture day nobody better to be an ambassador for the organization we appreciate taking the time I appreciate you guys think yeah. All right thanks Udonis has the for joining us here at American Airlines Arena thanks to the heat for accommodating us today. Chris Ferguson I'll be back tomorrow indie studio. Every night.