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Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, April 20th

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. Unity. Fans. We were well known place today man so it's it's true romance so here on seven night stay here. Hey guys who come to the radio show my kids it's nicely really respect our. Radio talents plus are your work with you look at everything worked with the yes so I think differential until I find out why yet. And then I get here and the entire buildings empty net and I realize the only reason that we were asked to do this particular show. Is it that everybody else who was invited to the company picnic can go have a party there's a company that big going on the seven body part he was empty Bradley is working hard Slavin doing about seven jobs right now. And you and I are doing is great show we're so excited about yet there's nobody in the building yes or no now we know we stand we don't know enough didn't even bring any leftovers over here not even a doughnut like at least on Christmas your holiday this feels like it's a holiday right there's no what what I walked into building there's no one here and away at least on the holidays there's some scraps. Of the holiday party laying around to see LeRoy right now just enjoy themselves having a drink relaxing in last in Addis yeah it's great guys have fun enjoy ourselves will be out here working. I know the truth is mess and I actually picked a perfect day to do this and take you off tuning in because this is one of those days yesterday felt like such a whirlwind in local sports where you've got. Jeb Bush and Blair Jeter teaming up for a Marlins did I assume we're. He got Pat Riley speaking for an hour you got the dolphins talk in draft you gotta Marlins gamer Christian Ella ELH is eating the wall. Ichiro with a storybook finish and yet like all these things are happening at the same time. And what happens because of that. If you overlook some really interesting topics so now we get the day after Kennedy after. Matt Kelly that would let and that kind of marinate you know kind of figure out what happened then they'd like you said there was a lot going on mr. my head was spinning and it's funny because usually. The panties and make the playoffs trying to make a play I'll stop the strap talks sometimes can be boring you know up until that final week herself. And yet there's so much one on or even the final week you can be blocker and do its final play and Dan I'm having a hard time getting into this draft stuff so we probably are gonna talk I don't I don't know much or what I hear you know -- they could go for four slam public okay marriage is let me know when it happened right it he can do this attribute that. Yes I'd rather talk about the guided pick one slash year. They had later meet console. So how we're gonna get into a you know I some that are being passed a little bit too but the Pat Riley press commerce there's always meet there although I'd say is it fair to say this year with Pat Riley speaking. At the end of the season a season when he did not make the playoffs it was an amazing season that ended in heartbreaking fashion. Would you say it's fair that. After a whale searching lashed year. After smiling faces with hidden agendas after get a grip. Slams the table challenges LeBron the year he left there after those highlights memorable moments that years later I still haven't atop my head. This year was a little bit less newsworthy from right. It was for a couple of reasons there was a red don't know why but I think number one is did the whale hunting stuff and Reilly then said as much himself that he kind of wishes he had made that's Damon will hunting is kind of over in the NBA right now because. To get a whale that they Billick it it would be like going to like gas station by a local fishing pole for the kids try to get a whale with a that's how hard it is in the NBA you just get your literally landed and it's very impressed with your hands your air Canada's scrabble pocket and I didn't get there and it's just not gonna happen and that's an I think that was the big takeaways if anything I think more than ready to is that. Rallies based on championships he always talks about that. This was a rebuild year he set and beginning year we met with the media he said it rolled of the writers he wanted to get it out there was a rebuild year and while it was an exciting year. He gimmick playoffs since he can't go up there and just like yea yea yea we did so great they did do some great things in the were positive steps. But this team doesn't based self run good things a positive steps making the playoffs has kind of given and they didn't make the playoffs again in a rebuild year we all knew that. But they still fall short of what would the goal in particular after the play so well the all star break. Pat Riley's message yesterday was we can bring back our guys are free agents who over achieved. And earned themselves a lot of money Dion Waiters James Johnson and he mentioned Wayne Ellington and he was really fan what he did he look bad and you know the way this they had the option with the so they'll probably pick that up and for sure why wouldn't they right says he's still under pretty good contrary I think he's six million and said hey you're talking about in this game you have always had discussions three point game and -- gave -- to give you know give up on a three point shooter like that that's what the NBA is all about you just don't do too Riley's message was we can bring those guys back. We can add. A moderates. Christ you know mid level kind of free agent new guy get a draft pick. And then developed just as Winslow more and compete for a championship that was message was like here's what I got. It's practically anything that confused me a little bit and again Riley is not gonna send he's innocent singles but he's not saying that's about my question is are you buying now are you buying that this was he G and you now need a liar he's just Marty you can't be overly honest then when you play in this. Mean there was a contradiction. I thought. That they're confused. And that's where he talked about justice Winslow I am on board with what Riley said by justice he is 21 years old I was hired him going and last year I saw all of the Mamas and training camp I thought he was making progress he was very aggressive early in the season. Had some really good games had some very helpful for seventeen that games which we know justice may have in his development Bob Heil justice. Riley is as well he set but. He said that he says he's not going anywhere and he said that straightforward. But many also say that the way that you land players in this MBA now that obviously go look at us trades and what bigger trade. Peace you have right now than they justice wins what 21 with a company has. Alice is sour now being huge the able to move him and somebody else and take. If you're not going to trade justice Winslow but she say that trade could be the way woman who all are you going to trade is in judo and now Tyler Johnson. Music director and as the logical next step if it's not just this Winslow it's not going to be has some Whiteside who really runs aren't clear gore and that Gloria cores Goran why does not reside and in a JJ and the only country that you reciting so now you're talking next step. How Johnson. And maybe is Josh Richardson even valuable to this point. He he had a down year I think is part of a package deal potentially with your draft pick because what people always think and get confused about he can't trade their draft. They cannot trade but they ten trade the player they trust. So they essentially couldn't trade or draft pick but they just can't treat it ahead of the draft without the knowledge of who the player it's. 67974. States Texas shows Cooperman so awesome and I did take it in net for LeRoy beast in Tobin here. Until 3 o'clock we have a Texas saying I'm of the believed James Johnson more valuable than Dion Waiters especially. When you consider what you get for the price tag. That's the thing is I what is the price tag I don't know the price tennis but if there were about equal which they might be I don't know of James Johnson's gonna get the years. Indeed just 25 okay. And I do think if it's in a vacuum. I prefer the skill set of James Johnson I think which he does is more scarce in the NBA not slowed that combination is just more scarce. He's got. And he just likes to end handle the ball play defense shoot threes now. And attack that's a combination it's hard to find blood. I will say this to me there uber ambled back that's that's that's a little bit like I don't know if we have to make that decision and we Riley was talking. He gave the indication he thinks they're both coming back and that he can afford it. Because they do get to go into soured with the bosh out of wails of all not if they do go well they were to make a big trade and it brings in a lot of money they they may not be able to do it so what what the sea and Abbott to media I can't also the same time. Undervalued Dian Dian Natalee was he spectacular last year as you said 25 still growing I think key is just scratching the surface on how good he can be now he's got. He's he's great shape he's got his competence. He believed dobbs is getting net real chance but there's a side effect Dion as well he makes corn better. So fewer gore and if you if you're born as a vice Versa yes they beat us you're out of your most important most important players your primary ball handler. And he's better with the on the court you're getting double the sector hitting a very good deal on any very good corn and corn wasn't very good down the stretch not the gore we saw. And that dirty game stretch with their phenomenal he tired a bit and had a lot of shoulders because you have deal on the other side helping out this is the time of the show where apparently we do headlines. Use once. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you. What a tag team on this man it's really plan it out. They have the annual parties here. Where did no prep all stars today the show up and actually the truth is I think. I don't even know let people in on the secret of how people do radio shows found I don't have a ton of radio experience we both her TV guys who love doing radio. Well I think the best shows or when I recommend that you had this man so I've got just like seven things written down a piece of paper now and then we just riff on them. It's a much better or Robby you people usually like clan out shows more than that is that I gazette as. Would you say there were more or less prepared than the average radio show ID as we more prepared Blackhawks now. I think he would do I think so what you're saying is totally was login Irian sandwiches and just start talking a deadly beast indeed mr. BC a these four this is big attention more Webb say. So I would mile talk with a short look right in the eye and he doesn't the world I don't know wouldn't want to replace Andy he because he's good he's a big timer I don't do your stuff at the station and is soon. He's suit uses suit in shorts. It's it's true for the sooners never wore a suit before yes of headlines. The Marlins off today either San Diego next lost ten to five last night in Seattle little afternoon baseball out there where Ichiro. Hit a home run what might be his final at bat. In front of his former fans in Seattle that was cool to see them give much standing ovation in the guys at one home run each of the last three years Manso. Yet and that was his quote and he did in Seattle was pretty cool that humiliation was Bobble head it was Bobble head night yeah there that was pretty cool. And all cellular chatty a wall eating catch which is can be all highlight shows and continue to be standing the ball four and forty Turkey eligible home run. And that they lost and a five. Tonight. The Marlins are off tomorrow at San Diego and they stay in the West Coast before. The the only come home in a week right weeks or months he has a ten or twelve they've that the Philadelphia that's right you essar it's Indio Philly then back home as soon Conley tomorrow on the mound they're gonna who. Am I excited I tried to pretend to do work and anyone get fooled and think so NBA tonight yet the cavs. At Indiana for game three cleaning up two nothing in that series Cleveland only two point. Favorite in Vegas on the road and that shows you where people feel how people feel about this can't seem right now. I really had to beastie sneak by a bad Indian team in game one get lucky than good CJ miles taking the last shot. And then in game two is pretty tight as well cavs. A defense is atrocious. It does not look like a team that can really actually content for championship the only. The only thing in your right to championship is that. No one else in the east looks very good rally and they get to La finals no one but I mean I say the central part of the party he ran that that's the part right I don't wanna be next homer fan this is week you don't really a bit but he could be a lot teams in the east play elsewhere things were shaken right now in least. Last night your Russell Westbrook going for one of the craziest triple doubles you'll oversee in the playoffs. Oklahoma City lost the rockets won 51 elevenths or Houston up two nothing in a series. And you have Russell Westbrook here's the good part if you just looked at the box score pay 51 points ten rebounds thirteen assists raising hell of a triple double. However he took 43 shots Healy made seventeen emblem in the fourth quarter he shot four for eighteen. For free T. And he gave encased in those anti Russell Westbrook and the defense and Greta the MVP is for the regular season none of those happens now applies but. Those people who say he's just a ball hole just gets the ball by the way I'm not one of those people I think he was the MVP of the league I think he's phenomenal oiled the watch him play. But last night certainly. He opened himself up the criticism of that kind of fourth. I'm pro Westbrook meant to but I do think there's something. The people are getting wrong about the way we judge themselves do that next we'll talk about that. And are you for Dwyane way to win in the playoffs have like what you guests are listed as who will play a little game because I've got an actual data. What would you guess Keith fans. Our thinking as they watched Dwyane Wade in the bulls in the playoffs rooting for him. To win a rooting porn to lose. Report him to play well let loose. Played well and the mentally she I think they know and I think most he stands one SEC Dwyane do well as he did the other night when he hit three big threes on the stretched but they rather seat and lost they don't want to see that success weaken sales seed in the playoffs and I got the sector router into the finals in the conference finals or some of the play Cleveland or so whoever well I don't know what the breakdown is that but the point is. They keep fans don't want the bulls to go far would love to see Dwyane play well 6797. Ford way and I'll tell you what we learned about that and we'll get to Ross was next yeah. I don't hear any nonsense and I figure because the rest of the companies have. I am wholly early so mad dishonest way Mirabelli only play who's not who's. Eight straight weeks in the strides I think he's Allison during an amazing number of Fries and work for chips. They don't always tweeting about seven Bibby and ensure no but I'm sure he is now. Tobin slamming crow. I think tennis that. I love the death became a sting flicks such a thing remembering where I was. I was so fast I got to remember this story for for Tobin who appreciate it I was somewhere. Where it was like a national. Group of guys who do national baseball stuff. And they were talking about page seen video of you elegy eating crow. And heard him with a guy eating crow it in new Tobin by name but they were like. And it was really funny that that radio guy that guy in Miami eating crow because he was with yellow chose to cool things about and what does this endeavor to zeal is why we have all these it was a it was a cool kind of came together or to be a fun story would be funny if the Marlins make the playoffs this year and you've got. The season where the Marlins in dolphins made it and the heat and the Panthers are you thought would it did not. Yeah I I I wouldn't Libre tomorrow's one just because that division so tough but they are fun to watch a go to the middle or Lima yesterday you know when X click and Mike that. You get a sooner do what he's doing a yellowish and stand. It is of farmland at the problem is the pitching and you know we. Called him up but they do have some issues but otherwise they're on this choice of the Marlins so they will win ninety games and make the playoffs but. You know during the summer to slow time award for adults to the back and see what the heat in the offseason at least it's enjoyable to watch a fun team that's competitive. They may not again make the playoffs but they're fun to watch yet just stay in nine SO UI or the score some runs that we've been to some miserable Marlins yours where they've been on watchable they and other just one of the worst teams in the league in their you know that they're terrible and make any moves. This is a fun team before young guys that good energy that are on the watch and at least that part is enjoyable. So Dexter writes in on Russell Westbrook only watch CO KC Houston into the third quarter but it's so hard to watch one Michael Jackson a budget he goes on both teams. I don't think that's thirty Houston I think that it James Harden yeah he's a Michael Jackson if you wanna go there of some of these rockets MVP candidate if not the winner of the Indy peak. They have some good talent around James Harden Russell Westbrook is a loan he's alone out there. To be okay to be your second best now. He wanted to be heard people say to me like it whatever I have because I am for those who don't know entitled to a free or talk about a year on the radio station but a huge trust was for Trent he's my favorite non player he really is mightier player that. I don't really I don't personally had a really dealt with a much of the year the heat played them in the finals in new minimally though with a bit. He's just a phenomenal player to watch him he's maybe 62 because settle it what every listen I I see them next and he's like maybe six to. But he jumps like he's a but I trampoline so grizzlies just a monster. And he's fun to watch and when people simulate what they got yellow Tebow Stephen Adams NS can't warmth and whose loose. Needless these guys are talking about Hillary won these guys in my roster. And so what rest Burke has done has been phenomenal and the rockets had a great system into any system works very well when you put the right people and it's clearly worked this year. And just a veteran players around the play well you know that some nice pieces that come off the bench they had nice piece is that aren't starting lineup. Not may be superstars. But better certainly roster deeper than Oklahoma City. And becomes a west broken again he had 51 points in a triple double yesterday. But he shot for preteen in the fourth quarter. And he took 43 shots and only made seventeen of them he was not efficient. Now is a one game sample and doesn't represent everything about Russell Westbrook which here's where I think disappear criticism. And this the question that he never allowed to talk about Westbrook is the part of it that I haven't really heard discussed. We all know I think right that he's not a good three point shooter in fact he's one of the worst in history in this league by volume. Now he is gonna go to these are gonna break Dwyane Wade right now. For somebody's taken as many threes as wade has taken nobody's ever been Zach who were at shooting that actually making the right to Dwyane Wade has that distinction right now. We all know Dwyane Wade for some reason in the playoffs start making three also has figured out the last couple years and then the what exactly but he's not a good three point shooter historical. Russell Westbrook probably gonna end up when he's done. Being the worst three point shooter by volume of all time he takes many like if you wanna just do the comparison. He takes at least twice as many per game over his career is Duane. Wade get Roy was in a clutch shots to he takes. He takes and and and is part of the makes for the thunder at any rate it has never been seen before in the NBA ever knew who the percentage of offense for him either distributing making the basketball. There's no one you can go down the list of great BB edit dubbed the crates Magic Johnson go to people about the ball their heads and distributed to the basketball anyone you look at the league history. Russell Westbrook now lazy pass them but he second hole a hole the level of amount of production of key is a one man T. As you see Dre writes the highs we've ever seen and so it does two things it means one he's gonna get a lot of numbers because he has the ball in his hands he's creating it also means. That he's asked to do more then everybody else and there's also some value to that but here's the thing about his three point shooting just baffles me this baffles me. For somebody is good is he as MVP candidate he's going to be a hall of Famer he carried a team by himself. How come nobody can tell him. He's bad at three point shooting any needs to cool it with the three point shots because it's hurting them and it's hurting him. I don't know but they give me other examples sports that are like let's use our sports combined sport brain trying to give me another example of sports of a guy. Who did some things so much at ease so bad that. And continued to do it's like a pitcher in baseball who's an amazing Cy Young type of pitcher. Who can't throw a slider throwing a slider. Notes 25 times a stark. I really like it's it's a guy who is. Going against. Logic bets telling him hey every time you take the ball Rem your super efficient you can almost score will. So do that more every time we should have three you're hitting about 32% of those that's not patient enough not good enough stopped taking those threes and start taking. I think part of it is. Number what he's allowed to your right he he the low key is the superstar there and he is the team so it's it's one of those is real one it'll tell him to be less aggressive because he is a player he is because he's aggressive but you're right. I think the problem too is the MBA now and then again you're I've had discussion many times to report should lead. Reporters are being shot at an all time great you know people are just teams and players and you're seeing seven footers going out and shooting six threes a game you look at a guy like Brook Lopez this year who born in the year in May. Maybe a handful of threes. Get a hundred threes this year near whatever the number that are being. You just had this mentality now on the NBA and Westbrook is a big part of it. He's just a reasonable way to backing games we've made big runs and yet you do when you're making them. But when you're missing the way do less like what happened for eleven last night at three quarter what ended up happening was it was a close game it was 12 point oh claim. All the sudden he misses a three. Rockets can now make it three he takes another three maker misses Rochester now make it to teammate Dixon has really struck at Nelson's a ten point she's such a low percentage shot for him mentioned I just don't understand I'm really wrap my brain I see your gonna stretch a particular and his MBP run like I I watched him play game was at Orlando and it could be wrong because it was at the box to do is watch and he came in -- under him was on next was. And I think was Orlando. And he just hit like two or three incredible threes down the stretch and then hit three wood like a few seconds left. That either sent the game over to number one and I'm getting confused with the Dallas game where he hit another three that was a crazy three so when you see him do those things usage east now. How many guys the NBA can do that just down this Donna Chechnya peace crazy shots. But in the flow of a close game it hurts your team and the deathly did last night. I'm just trying to think of another example in sports it's even in the same ballpark is this it really like someone's drilling in the text Ken hill playing quarterback know it is at 100. He got better at the deep ball the last couple years. But go back and three years ago where he really struggled on the ball deep. Luckily for dolphin fans he did it once or twice a game now imagine. Ten times a game when he couldn't hit on the deep ball he was throwing the deep ball incomplete and killing drives. That's the same thing whispers to accept even worse because Westbrook. Is delete edit everything else. But he's so good at everything else it isn't the case though because when he played with a rant and even early screw in play would there and Harden. He was more of facilitator and he surely could score is it just a case where he's just got everything on the shoulders and he's feeling look I got to bring my team back I am the only chances to mess to win I've got to take these shots. I would say that if he didn't take threes at a high rate then but he did end to not as many now there were shots of Iraq right but he was doing it then too. And it's I just and I don't know I got a real people understand and I'm probably I will personally I could. I don't you go win it on what I get frustrated look even watching early in the season watching he games I would like it not to bring it back to the he'd butt out what he can I get pressure why is Patricia terrible audits. Now I sega's as the season went on they words of your water and then about second half of the season there were two of the best teams it'll leak taking threes and in this NBA to win and a big reason he won the second half this. You've got to be able to make threes. And you've got a little move the ball and find guys who can make threes and sometimes that tree that guy should the three against some voters are Bob's your point guard. In west Berg's case he's all five guys in the court he's got to do everything for the thunder and I think sometimes he just gets caught up in that. And what it works and he scores 51 and a more efficient manner and they win it's great. When he's taking 43 shots to score 51 they lose it's not so great. Here's a good way to bring you back to need to because I'm glad you brought in the heat. How about LeBron. During his years in Miami where we were watching every game like it was the end of the world right. You remember how we felt. Winning key games LeBron. Jack up threes too had to settle so frustrated that he was settling for threes why why because. LeBron you can get to the basket at will air freight train and you're not as good as threes and think about it this way it's still up Ottawa now I know but guess what. Even though that being true he's better at than Westbrook. Better edit the Westbrook who now make that LeBron that frustrated you by threes it's even worse it shooting threes that you would be so angry. And I just that's so I don't understand when it's now more part of a conversation that's all. And I don't want to put this wedding last night brought that back in mid Tennessee every continues made either lose 45 games and you know it's over and yet the offseason think about it I think that will be the criticism Ross he's got a south risen 31 British guy 83 pointers and a guy will likely win the MVP. And he criticized all offseason that's how it's gonna probably work. I frost and that's amazing and and somebody sticks and you guys are heating he was plus eleven last night and I'm really not he was a river plate yeah it's definitely not here I think he's the most athletic player to ever seen. And he's probably should win the MVP certainly valuable. But I think he could be even better and I and my only criticism is I think he's selling himself short. It was a two point game were the stretch started where he took a while three missed it and then the rockets came at a boarding came back hit three minute five point gain and everything changed. I don't shoot attack attack get to the basket that's what you do well you know that old mid range short jumper or just attacked a bass you look again like you jumping off a trampoline. You brought up or LeBron Dwyane Wade in the bulls and they don't play tonight they're gonna be back at it tomorrow. It's it's the closest thing we have to keep playoff basketball if you can call that watching Dwyane Wade in the playoffs. Try to pull off an upset with the bulls against the number one seed they're up to nothing they're going home Chicago. And I was just wondering if you fans are pulling for wade to do it because. He's the most popular athlete we've ever seen up there was Dan Marino in this town. He's the best team player of all time. We Auburn attachment is sports fans in Miami Dwyane Wade in. And MS so you were you brought something to my attention and thought of before which is. You can root for wade do well one bulls lose so individually wade has been game but I don't know policies Teemu and I think that's a little weird to me because. If you really care about Dwyane Wade would you want him to succeed in totality we can I say this team loses. Here is they IE you know bush issue with the heat not in it I don't do anything in this or horse in this race I don't care but when I look at the island the heater in the playoffs so he could before obviously. The bulls are not to be a team that -- I think is in a way chipper chipper were close to it it's not a team I didn't see his arrival it's not like you scenery from abroad bush not Cleveland yes actually it's an idea why you're anti cleaver yes it's the bullets to weigh in illicit toy makes a run and they shot the Celtics and yet she win the series and he goes in the sec around I'm happy for money it's a great story I think it's great Dwyane I think it indicates a bit. What he did in decision because let's face it early Deseret grew what he did. And we've heard both sides of the equation and both of them have sort of step back and and realize they were at fault meaning Pat Riley in the heat and win himself. But I think at the same time he's more law and you remember them the things the great things he did for you itself floor of the great memories you have you just mentioned your three championships all the stuff. And you hope he does well I don't I never wanna see Dwyane go somewhere. And B this sad figure worry struggles is always heard averages twelve game. Is on the bench and a crappy team I don't wanna see that Dwyane Wade if this Dwyane Wade is the end of the Dwyane Wade mean this is the kind of player he is what you'll have. Alan that a big game but his team is successful I'm happy. Orbiter very unscientific Twitter poll asked that question a guy in a city and you want wade and the bulls to win in the playoffs yes or no. Yes no or I don't care grow and you only 400 votes or something but it's decent little sample site enough to get a gauge of what's being done and these are heat fans in people who care about following heat news. 40%. Say yes 29% said no. 31%. Don't care so the the most number of people chose yes I want Dwyane Wade to win in the. Added to combine it with don't care that means that people don't wanna see him fail so you're talking about race basically 70% of the people out there don't wanna see sodium mostly favorable towards we will still like cool she's in all he's he is you know again he is. You know congressional is and I'm glad because unfortunately on Twitter more often non social media you're gonna get negative due to get the people that. Just ranting raving you mentioned a hold it you want to about unscientific and Twitter pulls. So the other day when the news came down a Jose. About the statue which Jeffrey Loria nuts she's subject you may be taken to with a pull. I've put unscientific triple and a majority. I mean it was like 7%. Said that they think Jose deserves statue. Jeff uninteresting I don't but he gets the sports fan on Twitter it's the diehard fan yeah. So our station and I'm sure your station that the city you know this is a big story our station deploy on the web series graduate website at. And so I get onto the set and Aysu I was just gonna surprise and I look on our poll or poll which is more your average news viewer may be not a diehard sports fan on a web site. Was this similar amount of votes they need a few more people voting it was 75%. Again. It netted just it's crazy act because that's what the sports fan and we are warped the sports fans we have a different perspective on reality of life because all about the wind it's all the stats. It's not always about that. I wish I guess step outside that bubble for SMU it's hard to do we always look the at king's throne prism and were surrounded we'd love sports we surround ourselves and others who like sports. You really like that's actually another whole stupid thing rusher had with the Marlins. When I made it totally innocuous comment. Did people in South Florida in general don't know each you grow your little Stew also endorse yet and the Marlins he heads the guys who follow the Marlins every day who surround themselves are people who know baseball. Exception in like thought it was the worst person never purporting pretty obvious which is if you walked on the streets of Miami. And you gonna do Lincoln rode her Little Havana may Streeter where every wanna go Fort Lauderdale solos he's asked people Ichiro to you know that is. Most of them don't know it. That is what you could you ghosting the next level not the start this whole discussion again and it's not a knock like. I've said before they Chris yellows is a future MVP candidate should Wear a batting title one day he's developed in a phenomenal player. In those few South Florida new Christian yellowish cast and that's not. And that's not a knock on Christian started the Marlins just try reality EB's price how many people don't know John Carlos stand tomorrow and they may see it now and the King Tut out for the girls were undervalued and delighted. Are we get to you break where you come back and he brought the statue couple things on that on the Jose statue. As many people have some strong opinions on the statue and it should and it is open some eyes about sending a Pat Riley said yesterday to. I'm a how he is still feeling so awesome. And true feelings about the LeBron stuff came out unintentionally with Pat Riley that's coming. I am movies LSU on the news colony was listen for a lot of it and that was I saw yeah I went back to my original thought he says she voice heard me because we used was the minute war. And I know that Colin hay is not going to just in network and I actually like a lot of color the sauce. But I've been told this is now a trend in console today you know that's a lot of big conscious person out there white might just because they're working nights it's hard for me to find time. And I don't make a lot of my free time to go to that one of the stories is Colin has concerts it's implement got a very intimate setting their bartender. And the concert was like that concert slash. Ten to show us in the sense that between every song he would tell a five minute story can. Sciutto between the opening in the opening act whenever it comes on sayings of proving performance whatever some guy never heard news good. They're in the cuts starts I would do my daughter it's like two hours at least he's he's in like six or seven songs and just MI. Say what you need London that it works hard to Acadia was limited which is a that is his is missing this and that they'll be at the keys like 1030 and he's telling stories of Hollywood life to you know drugs. Eighties and very fast and your kid never looked good but very fascinating stories you know. But I didn't sign up for a first unit. Who should solo concerts video wise photographer who lies and he says a lot of these older acts. Because there's a reflection there they've been around 23040 years these these you know like that these people that are there the following mr. king legacy surely like to tell stories and I. I want to hear music that's what it cuts a swore I assume pro tip next time if it's a sitting down show don't go this is sitting down Joseph outsource our entitlements and laying down I had I was standing just gay get a good in the -- or you get to stand up in Kuwait pencil winners I don't actually posted my shoulder and I was holding out household about to hear may 060 don't kill is that overkill creates an even here I just on the way home my daughters asleep in the car next major moment of us and overkill there's over 200 does have before by the way we go to see a ban they don't play the song you want as he did your car just rock it out though I did I was fine and there was no story before. It's so funny to be just told stories ahead but they were great stories this is not a rip can't make these anomalies are really good show soon. I just he may be some in the two hours there and I exaggerating. And songs in the eight songs. So that's what went so Matt Cooper steamer here until 3 o'clock with U 790 the ticket I'm already regretting. I made maybe you will you can save this other kind of regretting bringing up would even say anything about Jose statue other than. Let's weigh in on it next other than that and it's text machine now again I'm not here it's a you have to tell me I write so. 679742. Wanna Texas and I do think Jose statue controversy for not familiar real quick. Jeffrey Loria wants to build a nine foot statue of Jose Fernandez outside the ballpark this of course is controversial because. Of the way Jose Fernandez died. He died to go crash where he was driving to other young men were killed Jose after the fact was found to have cocaine in his system. And was driving recklessly and if he had survived the crash he may have been convicted of manslaughter likely wouldn't deserve to pass those so. People are texting and now. Look at it again if your text in something and lightning interstate while Ford I think this conversation has. A ton of different ways you could go to different paths that are worth talking about this to me is now wanted to. No one's building statues for the other two victims are they. That just is so dvi I of course they're not building statues. For the other two victims. Worked famous baseball players. Who were known all across much like that that it's not a sprint is doesn't get statue because of the way he passed away he may not get it because of that. But the reason the Marlins originally had this idea where do you think it's smarter or not. It's because of his exploits on the baseball field because of his symbolism to the South Florida community to Cuban exile community. And Jose friend is his journey and his personality it does not have anything to do with the crash of course they wouldn't build statues for him with he didn't play based. Well I I think look it's a touchy subject and he I have had this discussion a lot of the last couple weeks would. Thus people were coworkers friends and ass because I think a lot of people are wondering what the Marlins are thinking if this is the right move. My take is simple. Jose and I've defended him when he as as far as legacy and also on the negativity side of it meaning the way he died in the fact that two others were killed because of his tax. You have to have a lesson or David Samson and the most talked about their players about learning that lesson. There has to be a story other than him as the baseball player because it was a terrible thing that happened and he was at full committee can't get around that no matter how good he was a baseball field no matter how good he was in the clubhouse no matter how good he was in the community which Gary. But to me coop statue. Is a very permanent in symbolic thing. And as a business furor in the business with a B a baseball team radio station with a quarter supermarket. To have that kind of symbolic statue their words there its legacy thing always. If you had any kind of inclination that there's gonna be a lot of negativity for I think you passed I can move on. I would lean that way to end and my only thought that the people that think it's so cut and dry would be. Told pretend. That people that have statues screws all over America and the world but all over America for sports especially from there are statutes. And don't think for second all those people that are immortalized in statues are a bunch of saints know OK but I just schedule doesn't mean no living your life. Oh but I think because of the end of his life I think that's the image is so many we go back the conversation we're having the previous segment which. If you didn't see if those who were listening coupe and I were talking about the the sports audience and a general audience the general audience doesn't know a single thing about Jose trends stats nor do they care at the sports audience knows his rookie year LA all other great Kate you re great career had and limited time it'd dominant. Pitcher that he was. Do you regular audience just remembers that because of his. Decisions that night. And the things that were in his body alcohol cocaine. Three people lost logically himself and these two young man who didn't deserve to die and that's a Jose did but when you make that decision you put their lives or hit this is what people are going to remember. The legacy in the deal. Is it less so are you gonna remember. That's why I think it's distortion look I love what the Mollison with a patch I love the fact they still had that wall up there with a number in all the signatures and all the messages of love. I love the fact that they still talk about a missing he's with them and they play for him. I think that in itself I loved the way. In a million times love that the Marlins are taking care Jose's Stanley either their for his mom that they are for his Emmy for his newborn child whatever they need they're they're supporting them. This is probably. A little step one step too. And it feels like Jeffrey Loria mistake and like like so many other before write an exit mistake of excessive greed nine foot statue. Why what's the purpose of Doug. Even if you're gonna do a statue that most people seem to not want to speak at a certain life size statue was it to be larger and join us is there's this week. As he was larger than life I was his personality certainly was and I know he had a love for him and look he was deftly affect its usual mileage Jeffrey Lurie was deftly affect what he did work. Fernandez while he was alive and played and his death was all from the horror I truly believe that bought. Again as a business owners businessman you have to kind of pull the emotion aside and understand that your general public in the paying public are probably gonna be like look I don't want. How to explain every time I look at the statue of this young man who had this tragic death what it meant again there's a lesson there. But I think they could have stopped at just what they've done so far which I think is in phenomenal. I was leaning against it here's really turned me did you see this on the news you that you guys probably had to ask you don't know will Manso channel ten out of Coopers to hear Mitchell six until we both. You know besides being sports lovers do Sports Radio were surrounded by news stories all day all that and the story that really hit me yesterday was. The mothers and fathers. Of children who were killed in drunk driving accidents writing letters to David Sampson and saying. We have cocaine you know to sustain their to that bad decision and recluse Jose lived his life a bit recklessly and in the end it took his own life. And and that really put me over the edge ray thought RA that that would be a bit of a slap in the face. Of the families. Of the other well this and does another element to someone brought to me I did not think of this but it was brought to me by someone and and again by like Texas or reading him passionately I'm sure people listening are saying passionately. To do what everybody disarmament of the victims and that's what makes this so awful because it is they those young men did not deserve to die. What it was say they're not alone in that boat does that change your perspective because no one else that or you say we could've killed someone else you know he made his AK it would be that no different than a purse US DY and then got a single car accident or person that. Four people died a terrible accident because now you're having all the assemblies of bald. Again there's so many layers that story I don't know the answer to meet the simple answer is is at the factory and have to have this conversation. Means it's probably not a good to see why bother why why what when again the baseball people know his legacy and love his legacy. The outside people that maybe don't know much about Jose will always no matter what you told him just think of the way he died. 67 ninths imported text us or techsters asking will you please talk. About that lot LeBron Reilly thing you said you're gonna talk about yeah we'll do that after that's.