4-24-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, April 24th
Tobin insists that tonight is the Thunderdoom and 2 teams enter and both are going back to Miami for a Game 6. Beast and Leroy don't believe Tobin is that confident. Tobin excomunicates Beast. Leroy says the Browns should stay away from Baker Mayfield because he is too similar to Johnny Manziel. Tobin has been dissapointed in Goran Dragic after he put his honor on the line for him. Shaq ripped Whiteside so hard at halftime. The guys wonder when traffic in Miami will get better. Robbie does his final Draft Room this time breaking down the linebackers. Tobin and Leroy discuss how they would feel if the Dolphins drafted a QB.

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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. Both would go back to Miami on Thursday. Look it looks bad right now. On the scoreboard. What do you think about it. It's not about because if they win tonight work just alone should be we're just who should be. Down three to go back home. It's just the sequence of which is not an Agile freaked out sometimes sometimes a little for some time to get rights actions don't get the kinky stuff. The Syrian got a little pinky. And turned around but emotionally but also settled down. And so. Got jealous that you walk into the hornet's nest but. Finally let's let's see let's see how these young often come in what we're snipers handle. When they gave the supposed to win once in the way you Vince is that. Yeah you've probably did did you come up with senator Larry. For the young workers numbers are not positive something they've done all good being in the being in this routine that nobody thought it was too and I eve to get up the series. On desolate let's seat when the team that's used when you see that's got to believe itself let's go eat at you don't believe. I write I believe that. And we gave we give you a line I believe we give you a lie detector cannot believe I feel really good tonight a really good. She disguised as a that's governments want to think muzzle of my opinion the doesn't excellence on though we give you might as one for lying you know line. You lie how well let's do that and meet the parents to apprehend them and would do that meet the need to win and we don't want to need to win. But there is nothing that you've seen so far. That leads you to believe got in pieces seem pieces all. I've seen pieces. Are all coming together. Trying to Bolivar 47 times and he was the first 232 years to lose. Until so what making history wanna make history again it's often come back from 31. In basketball changing all the numbers are on there year. Well at what lessons to be shocked that something weird happened. Where stuff happens in sports only the second team to do it the hard way when he two games and wrote grow up. Peter Pan. Just you freaked out is made and we are situations just because he's wearing green does not make him Peter Pace all those other problems if he goes airborne a mile. And all this talk all who do you is Luskin is not as last game. What is talking about. Can we talk about couple and a since. We. I don't know what to go this guy because it just move on. About the game that. Made it because we got a good argument. Before the show. Because. Usually are you on how they're gonna win that they're willing you'll make a little better. On got a better already I got Action League I have action on the cigarettes you can double accessories to double action should not. Goes against the rule that you go well. And I. Too bad. If they lose tonight Robby has to get the path to. Happen. The agreed upon. Yeah. If you. Purely. An umpire. Yeah I just don't understand why do you put extra action I already have action on the center is not a series but it is you don't you're you don't you don't. You don't think you're and it and I guess out as you brought it. I have the final note that I lose I just like a kangaroo. Seven Jersey with the science the American Airlines mrs. It's a big one as little Joey this chat line he's always get the last two weeks so each. Chicanery as your Celtics fan and I feel. Misery and ya think he'd fit and you know I question to you don't like it. Let's you'll get back toward that easy thing to question of this culture. We had committed and having them be happy to Marcus Moore is back and and now you excommunicated. Out. You have been. Student cannot excommunicated him like you he has a live action news in it naked gotten. The Riley. In the so the holy Spoelstra who he acts. In England you route now. Because everybody the organisms that signal calls from the sky but there's nothing to do with us. He's hot go ahead. Question. I don't use so. Open. And owners is there anything factual. To support your confidence and support your confidence because like so far in and what did things have been amazed that. Is. These young kids have not flinched and have. Many middle literally yeah in fact look in fact. In his series. Everybody is like Lulu way to beat you start explains I'm gonna start ball and what that hasn't happened right into a little bit. OK but come in and low. Let's talk about young have a good team in the league forever. So it Redick not only. A master's degree. And so much credit and start showed the young whimper snapper yet what the stars. Let's see how it is we're in the game in hand tonight when they're supposed to CI success let's say seizing the pressure on now. All it's on Ben didn't mean to you to move us to let me ask you this it looms tonight yes if they lose tonight also. I. Out creeps and they're not in their ball on the other go back to American allies of the doubt regretting it. And it goes to American Airlines Arena as well won twice there okay but not an elimination game started next time and the vice years has run out. And the meisters and brought it does that is that true do we know that we don't have approve of the way but I just suggesting. Next time you text me while I'm taking my nap in the mid evening. I'm root for the score. Well now the whole agreed to would have whatever happened with you against this world woods and on don't beef. And all that and why are you growing at 430 in the afternoon because also my 31. Day. We sure beef. And lull that was all we got whisked away. At the school. Under attack that we are usually the schoolchildren. To the headlines. Speaks WX YAM South Miami JW SS SHD show Miramar. It was the white hot level did vote by mail law firm a 100% dedicated your financial recovery flood insurance nobody yet. It's worth it made a law firm. He just an exercise on not nervous. I'm Jack Grubman is three. It Tim guerrillas in the happens you know it just gonna happen is all I know is there's someone else they're reminds me of that number just to get a good. That put a name on no. Would be how to attitude and who it is I. Just come out on the opera cats or. I have no idea you know it really a minority situation is. You mess with Robby one time when his money in line with four NCAA get and try to make games going on and that it you've crossed the line forever. Heat sixers tonight do or die. Tobin says do. Almost has to deletion. It your budget to buy us some clubs as an Italian your pregame. Right here on ticket eagle on the lines up to 1010. Point double digit suckers they think heater disputed give us soccer's. Meanwhile Josh Richards and he went to shootaround today but still I was being coy say a began on Clinton gives up and afraid to the slowly I'm giving up. Did think that the next one they think they're ready for next hole that franchise does is quit. They got to where they are always on winning a commercial owes it who's got next was at the commercial. What's who's got next that was a campaign commercial campaign out of was 91 of the shoe companies and the who's got next. Newton the Phillies think that bad examples for children let's just put it I think they got next their bags and released it for our users ruled Eastern Conference the next five year everybody wants to talk about who the bad role models. Look at the Philadelphia 76ers and that is a bad role model they teach your kids quitting has benefits he's talking about. When you buy your kid and Simmons Jersey. Whoa are you going to feel when your bio immunity to anger. Do you look at the trade baby kangaroo. I as saying look that malnourished anger and sending you just hit it just think it was the first time I'll want that anger is so cute cute yellow one no I don't want that allowed Andrew I think his ball that someone previously barely hop look at you hear it when the cookies should just hold it at home and now. I urge you hug and you hope that any action joked that in no real Joey. Chile now got an Australian accent everything. He probably eat probably smaller than in the country home to sit waiting that's an illegal room. They know we also tonight should note that I don't know he now he has got minus duplicate it. Are we going to go to block that was the publicity of proud. Outlets. Lost tonight NBA we got Milwaukee mosque in the rapid liturgy to tie game five tonight some BM. And at 1030 it's a Golden State up three to one hosting San Antonio. That is tonight as well the Marlins and Dodgers continue their series tonight tents and first pitch out the West Coast they love that you. You don't want. It. And the smoke screen is out there. All boys are real big number one very excited smokescreen and a strange amounts in. A mile and I'm tell you that you're under you put that in there. And that's a minister fundamentally endlessly almost Ebola and I told you wanna do a very classic question yeah. Typically number student. Would you go near any player that remind you Jenny means. Win. Even if he's the best player who were beaten you can't go back here right now right so we news video. Now I'm pretty sure they won't shortly they showed to get as mast down on the side at least down. I Asia Whitney show your fleet afloat quarterback tried to make a run for public. Yet they. Ian Baker we gonna stay away from. Their Cleveland there couldn't get a clean and now. Noted there's a profit for draft prospect mostly new extorted. That was awesome. Julio brotherly love is says McMahon met rob I knew what the flood goth night you know for drafting alignment. Affect the dolphins got the London out of. And that's not only do we get gas fast but he also we LT got compressor isn't turning on the entire college. Athletics engineers did you. Money yeah uses it has are. Do you believe that Oscar that you can you give it don't work all right. Your little sisters in his admitting to everything. That it just hysterical. Allegory as minds it's and toughness in this Bill Owens the Dodd about 5000. He has never had starved dog play yes star dog fight dogfight who's gonna assume but there's also. Even if even if I don't remember. We needed to hear him say yes because he's at its well that. And then apparently it kimbo slices kid who wants to take on somebody and Donna's crew gratified got to Miami which I think is also awesome and he's got some media. Says he's got a thing called a try gone. Yelling and is generally sided octagon in those trying to octagon those rough to try out it's a tried on in this case can make you look big bigger. I believe that's the point is to to get all action video or about action on the show they do just that on the show but tonight. It's of billion. It's a must win. He will win. We're back evidence. Big stuff online tonight big stuff really big I mean you really big. On one. Yes the old that had to have the add the onions to put to the mile an hour on the line. I'll probably go on Dragic repaid the favor can be quite frank I've been disappointed. In the dragon not showing up late and he's now there's some scuttlebutt that he's. Got some injury issues but that's anybody's been injured but that doesn't explain why he's been good in the first three quarters and not the fourth. He is always bad in the fourth. He doesn't show up in the fourth you don't she didn't want you. To watch watch until about a month and it was the facts it's. Here's the facts more than me. Yeah. One more outburst like that. And so he should get minus two point just what the best in the league yeah. But did you boys in the face in a lot like bill I use the fax more than anybody annoying as talking about what what you what's actually got. The gore garbage found where he's got to enjoy the OK give me a fact. It says that you're gonna win you don't news facts and yeah. This is the go to win it's like. Boxed in point for me because I hit you over the head with fax is oh you don't get busted out of nowhere. I see you went see what would the box and we see it the Culkin is look what it. Is that it. In its. Hey I'd who Robbie text me immediately go that's three out. Question. Should be this question. Can you use some of those facts that you have. Tell us why he's gonna win yet the gonna wind here is they're gonna win. Listen if you. You present a good case. Let a lawyer with facts in evidence at old jump on the bandwagon. Letting rulers on instincts. They don't have fax immediately. They need evidence to keep you and continue about that believe that leading down the trail. It was these cold cases lawyers are hot on the trail and they know that the gonna solve the murder anytime soon now to our map that aren't local. I'm map look a little dude they do you do that noted some of them do defense lawyers do now. University making a murderer on Netflix now it's fantastic. So so you know what you're still waiting for you to present your case. I have a case and what is it you guys will see tonight. You'll save. Leave I want a follow this river rats ass. You want you be on QAM on Thursday do when you draft coverage I'm trying and I'm. On the Internet or your guys graduate and that just won't you you don't get to rat's ass is about Miami Heat yeah expand our. There is Celtics then late in 200 dollars of the heat story you're liable to guard Brad Stevens jam as it was on sale yes yet so when it lips and let's keep it beast. And even in the scientologists. Was beast might be watching the draft and the Celtics are playing a game six then I'll be watching the Celtics a Baywatch in the draft and the heat. He Sully. Did not did he. Didn't. You know I mean I can't wait wa minus six and that. Now it's week. We know minus seven and we can't read. It stays up there for the week that is what earlier in the week. Stays rod this week as carry over. Here's some facts for yet duke guard. Kelly Nolan he's due. Wayne Ellington he's due at the ballot to bust loose on the bust loose how about if ever Hassan Whiteside. He's due the bill is due. Jordan that he is he do you. If they want to activate them he's always read. You did brings in YGOPUD. Is due off Udonis can do no wrong. You do no wrong except play basketball out of slid important if you deed isn't a game. We tell you something. View does hasn't gets in this game tonight he's now walking back to the badgers up five rebounds. I'm telling you how also of that two technicals these. You put Udonis has them in this case then get a game on the line the game on the line he's walking out five rebounds tele I don't JD. I didn't. I do. You want to own team need to win two button but. You know what I enjoy Mort watch and he win. Hole what being correct. I was watching the cavs won. Well you wouldn't be what. He's. Been. He he got to get on the island. You were looking any real ticked in the regulate. He kicked me at camp and now just a bit we got going or about issue quite a kick out. My head coach at the cells got confident Ed as that he had to. The reds as well. As dual core two and he might be able to get up to know. Know Bono can reconnect come from Paine it is but here's the thing LeRoy huge huge you spout that you wanna be correct. If they win if the sixers win tonight you'd be wrong because you predicted them and six. So therefore. That would it make you correct don't make you wrong. And so. In reality if you wanna be correct you agree with me. These sixers blew tonight pitchers that it was going to be a six game series definitely wouldn't tonight even evidence that we are all there. Stick and points from me minus one for you for its. These lapses worse than all the noises freedom makes turn and had interview you could look at me in the eye and Taiwan on the issue you haven't heard Jamal. You could look me in the eyes I mean want to. It's not a lot of press coverage of corporate America. It sounds delay did. Hypocrite. This is told Robbie get out of my way so so basically saying is. You make a mammy with all these angles of all I need you for you with me that there winning tonight could you sentences six game series. That's what you said. Now I will correct guy said he is that it's like it'll be rightly and seven Ken and I can tell you. I didn't think it would be the slumps. What did you think that. I don't know some would play better from. I nude and had trouble would be insane means. But you use over and Saratoga no doubt Belinelli. Belinelli and I didn't know that those guys are gonna do yet enough to sway your opinion that's going to be a five game series instead of the six interest and that this selectivity stands his ground on his opinion very much I tell you what. I got to most Odyssey. Do the heat. Well it's not over yet no well then don't. Without it went thirty up. Then just doom and gloom like that I only go home at eight hours now probably only be half time I still starts at eight this has and shocker Whiteside again. He ripped him argue is your checkbook. If he I mean he really didn't really matter when he's in you is funny about that. Even how those guys go all bio written players and they've never gone like that. And Shaq has never. Like. I really legitimately. Pissed off his arm before I'm he's vouched for what's on. And we got somewhere what people uses. All these allowed people who vote. And disappointed. I'm disappointed. This morning gore runs so. In the future. It's safe to say. There. If a guy is available. And he's 2627. Years old and has played all over the world sums. Gaga may be attack attitude was but there's a reason why yet. Yeah but also in other possession leg was unavailable back then again everybody is in. Yeah give credit questions which EU wanted to see the best in the room and we always have this. Idea. That if he's with us we can fix it well. Here's the thing though it it it probably what maybe you put too much of on him thinking the ceiling would just continue to grow. But to go from playing in another country. You being a guy who was lead league in rebounding. Tremendous jump seek to understand why they would go to that but I conclusion that you keep continue to get better on the system. Here's what happens. OK when you go to leaving them be your rebound. Now the team is paying you endeared depending on debt. That means they're well no you leaving the legal bringing around the league lead in rebounds they get. So that they can build their team recording. And haven't gotten that. I mean. What do they get those the first year has countered that it that he didn't and then Palin leery about him but but I'm just you know my boy my voids is being his. If you took him from the fringe of the league and you turned him into. A guy who was an all I believe was amid all defense his second year we all know we did what you did they use second team all defense or third team. If you have them to that level. Yeah I can understand why you expect that leads to keep getting that to keep going even if his growth did start slower what he did have a lot of growth not. They expect him keep growing eggs I didn't and expand the port or to this game. So when you think and have a big made you think in May may we get really good big man if you can pass psychic pets. I know you just can't. And we there yet read what is good news also to all the wins we feel good about dumping it into a because then he can get some buckets or make aggressive move stood who. The ball away and balls and analytics blasters the rebound and later the good old team defense was the the year you ugly and blocks. Just to clarify effort so you know men like. He's. Everything that I would say he's everything he thought that they can break him out. And god with limits pressured him for the heat is. You didn't get into this point but it's it's probably exhausting that you still have to poke abroad I even get items. Organizations has to do what we're professionals. And nationals and everything and don't date a guy. You know what you come here we've got to make you a better basketball player you're gonna be in good shape a good light and everybody buys it. Alaska that they had to deal with likeness. Poses a media had kids yet Beasley Beasley is abuses of rough frustrating. They run back three times Rio. Oh yeah no Rio. Every Obi and Rios made some dumb is dumb decisions but his biggest beef it always came when his role got reduced that's when he was upset. So. Ireland I mean yeah I would go Beasley had hands on walker very frustrating. Yeah it bullet Camilla was stroll you know you. Is it to be doing it by about five starved dog fight scullin Mack got a new one coming out. Starved of Madonna by the unexpected join us next. I'll look back to the right pieces. Got a 5000 so only Sola Mon next segment he's in group that MIA traffic man. Such a pastor's. The traffic in this city is rotten you. In traffic for like seven dollars more which is fourth quarter when ever going to be fixed now ever if Clinton Obama you know it's it's just yeah. To host those beautiful road in the world right now. I could ever be takes. Once I'm miles McCann left on 441 come here yeah. At a topless leading just walk across sister. Well there's this issue and you right now for 41. The people just wandering aimlessly across the street did they don't care and that also. Everyday at about between 3456. O'clock in the afternoon he got twenty guys on ATVs in motor bike yeah. They just decide we're gonna make for 41 our track with a time yet to really time. And and all the construction workers have to get on the way in and work stops and then he would never it's not so every dollar and again here Rodney but I can get a ticket doesn't it light directly care correct and they doubled down. Thank god there was such as I well. Make of all of young easily take either shut down or they're just. What they shut them down a talented. Battled the whole operation was done now well I mean I know that everyone that was a unicorn was published it and yet Ponzi scheme and a private company from Arizona running an audience. And so in the mid in the meantime it's a trap weekly review of the auto drop covered the other one Lejeune in there. I'm here candidate well. There's there's going to be game six or hear much about sixty so you won't hear among rescission. It's my assumption is is that is well and I will be on both stations but probably have to listen LeRoy curia. Told him like that and so you and it plugs. This decision. So why Clinton and you'd kill me yet it's humid nobody pays you every weekday moment you say because all we did go on Ecstasy. -- to its network Q and Chara there's a portion of it was another one from 1984. Dozens of 87. He would that he will only leave first merged and we had that. He with a rowdy is asking what we went down and answer I would like to know I work you have a share from nineteen years ago and some embarrassing. I'll not know you on I got a couple Mike definitely not. Roddy is a draft room woody got forced them and. It is important. Today's final draft from the linebackers. Yeah Ali Ali we're. No we know. That's always anytime the first every knows it's roll call on Smith. New guy number one player on my board he had six and a half sacks last year as a linebacker fourteen tackles for loss that's third in the SEC. Get a 137 total tackles. Last year and in the combine you in a 451 in the forty and the Sanofi report this while reports that as a must pick for the dolphins. You can Culver. Mind you cover tight ends Andy to cover when he backs on the plants he made a play in the national championship game was 32. And they through to the Alabama running backed general hospitals there at the tackle and forced Alabama a point I sort of play several times a short dolphins Kiko Alonso. Whether it was Krista McCaffrey and vehicle models on skates if nose broke what's Mitt you made a play. And pay the one obamas will be. These huge punitive thing it signifies the other linebacker position. That be a monster Ozzie didn't huddle when McMillan comes back ray quadruple the jets know McMillan. And Smith. That's that's easier for you what is the quantity Kwan the broadest Kwan. Like the pros or the brother spawn. To want from Jerry Maguire wasn't on like his. Wonder like Dequan or something with that but the other thing that he had the ability to which storm and get it done. Arts until the top of a back complaint is very possible that request Smith goes as high as six of the past popular got a stroke once in a cigarette tobacco plant. To remain Edmonds pretty good. He's more inside linebacker what they need. I mean he he what he might fit the size but he's 65 to fifty and he did run a 454 at 65 to fifty. Which isn't quite impressive five and a half sacks last year Ford have sexy before about a much of those but it's Brett Qaeda. He'll he'll also at fourteen tackles for lossless electoral what's meant. Also grated covered so broke putts missed not there Jermaine and its people might not be adamantly leading to a male to male would sound like he played more outside to. He could he can't and he's a son of affordable for the former all the time it tight end. And never caught any late I didn't. Only these cited and his and his brother is a safety also going to be in this draft also submit seats and the dolphins with adult in the Utah and then that be awesome quality high for that yet to line 22 round. On a loosely defined quality combined inner united athletic skill with love and respect. As well as money this word was used movie Jerry Maguire might Tom Cruise in Cuba Gooding junior Jerry York the ambassador of Kwan. A favorite rumor. All of a partner Ruddy who are too boss that this'll probably the hardest one to find boss. I love those like McCluster here we go rush on Evans Alabama. Played behind a monster defensive line and Alabama so maybe his stats kind of got ballooned up their plain plain and Alabama get a groin injury lasted a plane with a little bit. Scouts have very concerned about is her ability. And at this on almost before when I saw this every player has a player comparison they don't his was through Lawrence to him if now now in most it was as good Sutherland the patriotic if it turns into a hall of Famer. To the west. Want to one's the last pitchers have a linebacker holes and pro bowler. Pursuing all the thing now and it is the is that the best one yet last mean hiked out Maginnis. It's a while ago and this is why unions and mean not only is believed the patriots all thing he has an electric he's on an opponent work a lot Paul. Tall Bruce the second courage this is probably can now and I'm not a guy to be distributed at the very high but Matthew Thomas from Florida State. Yet he lacked impact plays in college. Now remember he was his bit he came out of Booker T in that recruiting class and he was posting this big missed at the herky missed out on what. Yet she wanted to transfer forced it really early but he did good but they'd let a siege but gradually played out the source they careers as kind of a malcontent. A Florida State took place he took off a lot of plays a four state. Not a downhill linebacker not a high motor not a high motor. Wait to the second level doesn't knock down they'll guy and he only four sacks is entire. Florida State career in the second just the high anyways put. He's kind of lost. Good Robbie draft room. San closings ourselves a smashing success this year now. And patent dolphins headquarters yes. What. Drastic. Was gonna go under the best reaction out of you because I don't want I don't want Adam gays to spill his coffee. Wondering where what what that sounded as. Any guy I don't care Rudy draft. I just want them understand their situation. That in the last few years we haven't gotten a lot of our pixel on three. And so. We're not gonna draft guidance we need time to develop. We not to address the guy who may sit on the bench a couple of years we dressed in a guy who's gonna play immediately. Maybe now if it's. I'll just sand. I'm still gonna be pits. Because of guards anywhere. Ways to pick with all the while ago and running bet cal you need. Always a corner bar and they can't it's. I want to digs and you don't think on the use and abuse there. Should. You feel you were. It out. I'm but they are thinking about it but Jimmie falls we've also eleven. Filly who met ArcelorMittal is the situation like all. That'd Davis out good drop to as does everybody can be taken all the skill position while the volume and we don't know immediate community Ron quarterbacks if if a court available you want to take quarter. Mig. I understand I don't know if I wanted to I think I think the Smart move is probably going to get all these secondary argue this honestly gonna give editor. If you cannot guys now for the future yet I don't know I don't know how good those quarterbacks are going to be so I can't answer that question but here's why I understand it. Is this because if your item games. And you've seen you've he's got more information on. On rides hill than any of sure has gloom and he's also got information on his knee if he doesn't like how that is and he wants his guy for the future. I can understand I can Java if you think this is the draft which there are where there's a quarterback you can actually build off of it. I all I will not be upset with that I understand and I get your perspective of you have a lot of needs. If this is the class we think hey we did have an opportunity to draft or. QB has already been proven that this isn't the class result what are your digital while quarterback job available. It doesn't mean they're any good because look at how many times the quarterback. Carousel has switched on who's going away yet but I don't know that feels it feels like until moistened dry ice fishermen last year. Or is two years ago. We owed you one and two was going to be mall before to address this a lot of smoke it was even cars and wins more off. I've got. At since. All of these. Like yeah. Man it's just there's just a lot of guys of real bullet that appeal. All this guy is clearly a bestseller this guy as in Tibet. Summary Odom Winston is not an RG three. Lately have you looked at Marriott and incidents that is because there with the two. The thought of godly we definitely share that they're going to judge guys deal. Playing quarterback well. It was Winston a world where it could hit 7 December 7. Okay you didn't like crazy was hurt. Last year an odd. Okay you're telling me you're you're telling me. That. Marietta merry go to. Is not. Serviceable in a pro quarterback principal owed. First round pick is not going to be all the fazed okay so if a guy please just because you know a guy's number two he's going to be serviceable. That's more okay then there may be six guys that are serviceable. But it never works that way usually when you can't decide who's the best a lot of Omar and any good. When it's cool they've. Put lest it wasn't rightly so he had to put Iraq uniform. Just feel like to me it feels they wouldn't go to minus yet because you're at seventy. But as they would mean there Utley to me. You rather go to pay away because you know it's gonna be delicious. And now is go to the Asian effect would also be delicious look at us some more risk of summit buyers. Harris because you because they really really bullish at the Chinese who felt when I am satisfied I what do premium compared. The whole deal is to have an Wendell. Delicious meal rides you know he's finally always delicious it's good I it's fun but it's not gonna blow your mind sometimes you go to the of these Abacha defense all got new age gen now just delicious way to that come from just malicious. They way gen now. I would. I understand. You're willing to take that swing emits. On the ground during football sees. That understanding. And trap them again and go. You all I heard this isn't. You want somebody to go in the game and I think you draft I sit on it. Vince. You're agreeable what do we get the situation where bones are taken. And he goes to whomever is behind you Buffalo News is I think boo fate says no way. For a bit. They Phoebe moved fan from France and Canada. Doesn't like them alive they sue influenced me realize and she says Booth Chinese Bloomberg will. Weird world. The tech it's got into me tremendous somebody too long I guess. Just pick up the verbal tics stock let's sort of thing is happening. Get to headlines maybe got a 5000 next.