4-24-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, April 24th
Russell Westbrook might be suspended for a pivotal Game 5. Leroy says if the Marlins were playing in his car he would look away. Tobin acuses Adam Schefter of posturing with the news that the Browns might take Baker Mayfield. Dada 5000 joins the show in studio to talk about Dogfight 2. The guys break down what the Heat have to do to win tonight. Beast disagrees with Tobin when he says Hassan is a rat fink. The guys debate what happened in the Last Supper. Beast says he is a drummer but drums too early in "In The Air Tonight." Leroy says there is nothing the Heat can do, the Sixers are just better. The guys give their score predictions for tonight's game.

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Don't feel grip regime if you can I go back some of the drive. We got ourselves into game night tonight guys to hear that game right here on the ticket 8 o'clock tip off from the wells Fargo center at 7 o'clock pregame show is as low Tommy tie they'll get you ready. For heat can win that. Is there and take this thing back to Miami tonight banish the sixers. Of course why not. Get the headlines. Ask what you XY and south. And WS SH to show her car. I get your white hot update brought to you by Iran feels it doesn't mean these stores were there only steps beyond convenient. Were the true steps beyond communion I should say. Pete sixers game five tonight he down 321 in the series 8 o'clock and you get 7 o'clock hasn't brought Italian pregame show right here in the flags of vision for the Miami and set an idea from one of 43 HD two of the ticket Josh Richardson did go through shootaround however still listed as a game time decision with a sprained. Shoulder sodas is like 60% so we'll see what happens there may all this story just break in the NBA that Russell Westbrook may be suspended. For game five relief for the funder jazz series. There was the scenario in the game or situation in the game where he was waiting to check in and kind of stepped off the sideline. Away from the scorers table. To get involved. When Raymond Felton fouled Rudy go bear. That's a bummer man. It's like automatic and that might be a suspended their Tennessee and the serious they're reviewing it to see if the ref had motioned for him to come in or not in but he came in and as news started in around and you know whenever. Who's going to oh yesterday news is going was so incensed I remember triple Wimbledon before. He's going crazy. Now the doesn't among the break man other games tonight Milwaukee and Boston all tied up at 20 lead to 7 PM tip in at 1030 it is Golden State hosting San Antonio goalless and I went to one yes. No please stay away from late gay but I. I mean well you stay away from the Marlins the Dodgers tonight it 1010 no Dylan Peters a lefty fish can easily may have played a game go in my car on my unable. And I'd look what other heater or ten point underdog underdog by the way. Shots on yours is look him dead heat Eddie Haley gave up what four hits and earned run. Lord knows that takes innings on sort of a Europe's for its otherwise I'm I would cinema sooner catalog no policy. Otherwise you know allowed pets. The grounds keeper had another RB I in his first one awhile. Yeah broad areas of showbiz some some trial is there as the young Fella and Brian Anderson. You know woody and it's hard not to be could use of the guys call and he can tonight now what is that beaches on real sports lightly wooded Britons and you. He struck out a bunch did. The latest scuttlebutt. From shifty and all the draft sources just. The browns are considering baker may for the number one just just insert smokescreen here just a total of posturing lately like he had the Brady report now is got that this may be definitely is in play could be for the browns. She's just being used shifted on to at a detention doesn't mean doesn't know he's being used for smoke screens that Tom Brady Maine out hasn't committed to playing well let's. What does Tom Brady given his invoice that he's definitely playing each year the pages no we showing up those thing. Because they go and therefore it Tom Brady has not committed to playing foot and his agent said. He's come back now lots q.s to go chase that's of course is coming back. The psychopath. The baker made it to the browns may be. Definitely considering. Hos as a possibility yes we in the discussion. He's he's not a word. Check each. That was him. I on board. Imagine. After what happened we generally means though. It would take. Big to me when you re sheriff chuck where Qaeda is the dairy similar stature in. Which he got that little while outside the dorm. I would think that for the browns I wouldn't wanna have late and the would want. The short guy out of all these guys I think that would the fans in new. Do you guys do not want a fat cop injury issue baker may have also played jets not print. Just not for him back today just back in the paper every day baker mayfield. You think hit in the Big Apple wouldn't go on together doesn't now. Would him enough South Beach. Poison Davies so yeah. The partying and eighty exhibited go to mission barbecue. At the cobbler. Lisa is a good time but now we don't have a problem the hard rock has a turns than a little Vegas. That we don't know. Folks hits home because. They had new build and they just don't. From a hole. A three year old girl. Is an MB. And it's going to be crazy. Bob now I know crazy back. But yeah man I mean. That's the thing is is is I gave point where there's not that many of where there's not that. Distinguished a couple of guys. But minutes it is giving a circumstance but I do think for the browns they have to hit it because right acorda has been such a thing forever with them. I just think they have all these cereal will be easier if it was severe weather only two but America there are all these choices really. Cancer here's here's what I was it's probably an end of the war is going to be in this draft. And I would almost. Be willing to guarantee. They're gonna come away with a running back in quarterback. In his defense a lot. You're gonna end up with either chum or sequel a market we. Oh I would say they go wait dice. Or you know what those are the running backs then put it got Indo way to defense of Lyman. Running back in the quarterback. Would their retreat mining had the first pick in the second. I think abroad the Smart play if we're gonna look at the dolphins live monogamy recorded by which I don't think they are that I think they're gonna go I think they're all gonna go quick. I'd like to see them I'm like this in implode the secondary. Get somebody in their whose legit. And it's Qaeda. Tied it later yeah. But if tonight is it either either it's either secondary linebacker really doesn't Utley bright yet and defensive tackle like Gregory of a rumba. In the early I think a development there truly is are you get a gift to defense dug lumber hit it right away and that's and that's going to be. Automatic was beat Avaya. Yeah probably not the position he plays. But when you get to like rush in and stuff like that it probably needs some level of a small level of Conde. You know growth this was we Charles Ayers now a man. So yeah. Very exciting down a 5000 he is just walked into the building. How to do many of the other south flush Jeff but how -- I'm Rebecca complying with the gloves in the beer is good to have you immense good to have you it's been awhile. He's been such you've been in a crazy ride for you ever since the the last time we saw you in the in the motorcade deny your. You work it out you guys don't promotion yet the brawl promotion and lot of things going documents so. Dogfight it was such a huge success it's blown up on Netflix. What is the deal with the now in the C audits of Ramallah time deposed in there's going to be a dog fight to were all waiting with bated breath. What is that stare and now when we get to see the next chapter of restored. Well right now we're about 90%. Through would dual slide around to. And we didn't have nothing compared to all fun one to right so it was amazing but into the context is going to be displayed. You know to the public you know to the middle of the people that are waiting. You know is going to be astronomical. Because the ball flight one Muslim losing jingle ball flight to gonna decree to work for. You know do they want to they want does is Netflix back in this like they want this on their platform like how's it going because you guys Jimmy puts so much into the first one. Took forever to come out I was always a million billion won hosting coming comment because I wanna hear the story I read a read the stuff back in the day a new time when they when they featured view. And finally get I was very exciting that Netflix has got a new again next a next level job of exposure to yourself of course you know. Our home no one knew how big golf I want was gonna actually be. And it was almost beyond an album wouldn't promo images dropped and it caught fire man in the world was yours and in all. You know and on golf rounds and legal will be more and tried to do deny the libeled finer smarter and you know couple guys like votes on should pass the ball one sold it short and on and just gave individuals just. It tastes awful they are so now that the cameras home what these guys write to the point that. You know you'll be able to identify what dump no single fault that ultimately it's worked in two jobs in milk. And how all of the hoopla of of just trying to console one right now. You have individuals all want to be able to relate to god so before the evening did inside the cage. And policy already the fan base. And want to look at everybody. In the make fun of them always photos audio octagon and you know on the boxes and Russell's always fought the side of the sports. You know we put the job tried on is a three cited Steelcase professionally built. But I've done to kids about organ. And really. Raising the bar to the point that no going to be able to trust that you look at bats do the bit of the Colbert has the best when he doesn't Nabisco what I do not give the visitors. Pork coming to Miami something else the full two of the most of these that I want to come down to Miami is the world's it was green house the bigger backyard in America picks. Led to LeRoy and explain to b.s the yes you were like whoa that's next level because I Celek they want the action that's where it like him in the backyard. Don't understand it you've got only your fist and and a whole crowd watch and they want ice there's no there's no run and around the ring or anything like that that it's it's right up against it. Yes it is you know it was designed to. Cover up the gun to promote confrontation. I look at. It we've really wanna take the beat out boring so what do look at you know changing the game. You know the better off of the world and so throw a couple of days you know. I didn't invent backyard fight but I played in a very liberal to right so I took something that you see every day and alternates appearance I made little more than. Acceptable for the people of the 24 cents and Obama are going fishing will good bag so honest to god it sure you know and dom he was so amused by Donna. We've got to change the game because in the in this we didn't we did the writing right now to the twelve by twelve Max Baucus. But it was already done. So basically critical my own secret talks and you don't sort of surveillance and these guys you know gone big on. You know Google squared circle. You know sex. So are there how could I be in. Interesting enough to prevent something that had a significant level of of of of being too. So okay what would Oregon right. The point. Have you caught an up close and know what their. It's gotta be hard to get up up up a good up in the fight if you do quotas on that point you know and it is twelve feet. Why. One feet. So Google's you know a number of things like that the opponents of the most worried about other than their opponent not letting their opponent game pollution complete nervous and uncomfortable position. We about a 5000 with the us in studio so. Worry where you are right now with with fighters and guys want to be in the backyard because is it it's got to be harder now that you have the notoriety that you do. Are you doing it accurate are you doing these in they bring in the tri gone in to probe no. A please there's a venue how to how do you plan on on on doing this now for guys to have their place to fight. What does is it right now you know what enough so that triggered a different cities different states you know because. An initial during it was just me. Right so now this has gotten so much better than I'd gotten into this and look a whole board from NASCAR big tobacco drew you name it you know. Business owners that fit the vision. You know just don't look at it for word came from it's worth work you can afford it can be. You know and the next you know all months the column because of tennis and golf around so they're enjoying. A drop don't trailer. You know ends a lot during the war on notice because again in the this we're getting. Put this thing the government and Billy Corbin was found around an unknown Powell's gonna turn out or something new football the most right but you know and it became a blockbuster. So now that I've grown and they've always say form imaginable you know it put me in a position of bank outside of the box and so now ball fly around to his radio we got a Great Britain carriage of how the hole in the ground so we have been since I don't look a chart on page 30000 calls it took to get their turn built and shipped you know from Portland Oregon to Miami so now we have rim is now we know bleach is when you walk inside. Back to are gonna sport news out of money your loans arena. I like him and not so for you personally you've you've now got this this you've always been. The great promoter of the backyard and I got this great venture. Are you or to fight again because you you have such a scary incident the last time you and kimbo fought one of the best refight. We Billups I've ever been excited about you know having you guys we got that thing in use and I was I was jacks that it was Miami it was gonna get that national TV exposure. But it was very scary for you man Mikey he was the if I'm sure your first time it in M and that kind of atmosphere. Have ended to cut away for fights and and you. Basically came back from from the dead. Two to be sitting here today that's telling you wanna do again is that a possibility or is it just promotion from here on out for you on the. Norms which is I gotta get decked out you know I have to because. What myself I've fought. A few times prior to that right probably not you know in that capacity to the board that you got torn closed all the skin of trans community is so. But I knew just like all of ovals before you and those jitters and in this we do but once you get us there is getting terms game ball and I think Martina could have been a lot tighter opponents say that individual then enhance the war. That day in that dressing room so we can only be a fig about doled out excess took us and I think that this thing is that. Foam. Mum did go. I had to architects. In my kidneys went out and the first hole the would have quit the shock and all of a danger. They felt it is not normal. Weight the towel right but myself I understood you know OK well also demagogue about meg just won't. I'll let you off to a fund until finally it was like oh Moses the Big Brother mark is saying might try some Booker T dummies got you do I during work and next thing. Are important and Miami one what you're looking in the back of you'll. And get it back and I'm like all I know what the right but you don't even come that far you know the turnaround and at the end of the day. I think this or that I found out a lot about myself. When you go into these situations. This is no guarantee that you're gonna come on how to women. Are you go into each others who doubled. You know this is hurt business. You know and I came in the U nautical commercialism and not with god you know homefront in a -- back home you know so out of food and when my bonds are sitting down you know I just go back to Bullock and I didn't think it was in the not doubt I'll know you know that you look dismissed my heart gave out. Yeah he yells you you fought to exhaustion you thought to it being older basically you going out who was. I don't think we're really understood what we're watching as it was happening what was going on but it may inside both of you guys really. It seemed like it's human both of you were basically breaking from the inside out. Yeah you you know are that to myself I've lived out of the monotony out all home darting his during prior. And I and I'm looking and a good look at it and still go for the most part. Right I was like you'll I've seen these guys fight so much better you know I've seen in quite some of Burma and also. All my and my potassium global woes over a six point oh. That's why dog fight round so is so important because it's not like me I'm not I'm I'm I'm I'm not a medical professional so. I will say it's important to mixing it the emerging you know excuses but Walsh who's been at the bad news for 1520 plus. There's you know give their medical expertise to save us from the only way your potassium. Could've gotten too big states. There's only two weeks it loose and doles out the wolves. Digest it or injured. Right. And I know you know that for a lot of people they wanted to go to C fight a war. Everybody I have full prior to god not dealt. Oh. I never settle the boxer you know. Oh taking this in common it's that the people all of lots and you'll see bigfoot fire and sure enough I should mean the little bits and important. Home the big get the W develop and that was what I was able to do and I'll be willing to leave at all with the man you know the right time out to combat. Global before gets out of here this past he was two weeks ago kimbo son is fighting amount or he's got off to a really really good start his career. And he made note that he want to bring a fight down here to Miami in that there were some people call him out so read into this. And apparently there were some guys that either you train or connected to you do you know any side your side of the story without some peerage today and do an almost like a Akimbo over style. Part Cuba in the in a low weight class with with forty guys. You know and we ought to do tumbled. Donna. Flight to operate on one of the best in the business when it comes down to a certain books since it is a marketing and soulful flight there. You know and it was one of my guys you know I'll what I'll be behind the scene really drum line and add up to make it I'm talking about like scorching far. And yes it is cool it's as good with the Mitchell the you know. The guy all the guys are inside pristine shape and no I gotta give it to his kids you know it is going it looks like you know he's more focused in his dad and it is. Monsters and he looks around as he's he's he's he transit without smooth studs up there's so you can see the growth of spin that but. I look I'm all I loved by most Intel has got Alley as well like I implore Alex I don't know if I would estimate like defiance I think I'm fascinated by and I just thought as the men and does that had a selling a pretty awesome idea. I really feel like it will be big will be big for the economy. I know that the people will definitely come out bush you know alone followed though his son you know the pack a lunch. We got God's the backyard and his heart. You know and we are whistles but also we have you know guys like aids day. You know lost what we have guys like you know a chocolate what I wanted and asked his knock Charles ever recorded in dog fight community also fought blue Bruce LeRoy walker from the backyard also Jamal because it's. Alex Caceres but obviously unbelievable. As I thought why don't really. Also did overlay data like this whole horse must do all gotten home from where Dodd does that to go to the highest of levels it's it's. It's fascinating man thank you for stopping by and I really appreciate it thank you go and that is to say. Everybody has the you know they have to understand that you know. We're the best at what we do. And we create opportunity for these guys that they're getting to the next level so when you look at you know the backyard as account. As these guys we started to get better to and from there but who knows what they can take their game and what they can be you know and that's a spokesman representative for the movement. Wednesday the next cut out the next one we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna wrap it up regional ya gonna do the pricing in June because we got. All low. Did the computer particularly. Rapid fill this thing this morning filtering through front jumble flood threat you know and we have unbelievable. Footage my glass and he does it is there are going to be in my humble because we didn't expect. None of the foot is that we've done for us to do it rental tools going to be and don't wrap it up 200 trailer. Once we drop the trailer you know would look at that first quarter below twenty when he and I dream Dakota did you have you know Netflix mall now so. People have expectations about how you know. Probably did you go back by what he is going to be huge buzz about a 5000 they would join us man remembers does your house big game big gains that I fifteen minutes he is next. I had match. Team then yeah. All okay. It is just so much champion pulled out for us up close and Retief trucks and suvs customizations shot. They're guaranteed that the hottest what platform obligations in town called about 7865023446. We're gonna champion for about four dot com Roger I had sheds any Anthony Lopez golf real 5800 Irma. And by the disaster about draw owners in Winwood and drone nerds and absorb pine crest. Levitt is on nerves icons south close eye in the sky. Animation you guys are listening to. Our show after our show today the Miami Acura white hot heat our. Weekdays from three to four as he runs through the playoffs the wide bodied hours brought about Miami IKEA the playoffs are heating up and saw the cities at Miami accurate log on to Miami acura.com. By react your white hot heat our every weekday from three to four. Right here on the ticket he'd take on the six I game. 5 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals. 8 o'clock tip off at 7 o'clock pregame shows as well and Tommy tied. And this is this is it is on tonight either heater up against your mid business it did last game sees none of those that are. Are you doing tonight. It did sound like that the is it isn't like it's on the luck tonight is yeah it's still a lot and do the lap. So if that were made over simplify this if there was a reason the heat we're going to win tonight right let's break it down lately in actual. A thing not like just like culture or because aren't here here's Maria Pia. Now going to school in the fourth quarter via starts more in the fourth quarter I don't know what better. And I don't want your ass he's not in the world wanted to know and I wanna know what what's going to happen for the when they win. It drives get a starts going in the fourth quarter book and Hassan Whiteside yup. Davida Tiffany. He's got to talk to the boy fish and say hey you brought with them on the road trip. Yeah of course the that the tunnel and onto our cooking is the says hey hey son. Man up I want you to be done all year next year how much you rebounding in Sacramento. Oh my god here so if you don't start rebounding and blocking shots somebody else giving feeding him a fresh food is how we want. It was gonna come down to your dad about rightly say hey hey what's a realistic enter your coaches. What divorce that's the one thing you'll Leo where were. I. Went up and spin room. In this whole year. At the seventeen conversation they had to have to silent and nobody's tried that tactic now they've never threatening oh geez. Base of the sleeve. Tell Leo let it. Aspect game. Joel it's not bad two games in a row that's not a spin. How will it get to donut we we get the old Canadian stroke back. And Dwyane Wade late in this game. It tremendous career not on those terms. In written. Besides drew is not ending and it would that leave me that's who went. Oh career is over. Things happen next year while I was coming here I don't know more Richard. I mean we're my. Posting about this before I think I'm willing to make the bet. That if the heat actually do get a quote unquote wail yeah which you would have to define beforehand. And if they do some betting against it that I old dressed as a whale. For shell which promotes the bad in itself. I mean. That's the bat if well. If a whale comes near Seattle I'll do a show and away he's basically saying that bored just just like myself you're in the same. Kind of anemic that's noticeably bets against the heat. Where's your honor that you thought uses heat fans credit mania itself I just did theological I don't know how it could add anyway here's. It's gonna happen why Leonard is gonna say three words the part of the Chia. I want Miami oh how it was I don't. I will notice that I wanna. I. Want. Miami gain of others is human world. Really yup that's it on the table he's demanded a trade to Miami until he was inside an extension with OK what can they give us an excellent as yesterday. Euro card. I understand. When you see qualities in the person. That. You may not like. You just make that assumption that oh if I do it is to be different it is different. What LeBron James literally out wit on the key Cleveland Cavaliers is so early signs of roughly Currie and we ignored blood you were able to. He resting curry under wraps for a little bit now make under the surface we can't hold things down forever. Before they can be suppressed this tree rules so you're trying to suppress Boone. The victory the rules of the restaurant for them. Like a son. Maybe it'll sink down for a little bit but the rank and features will eventually pop up that inopportune he's assigned as a rat frank. No no he's not really a rat think he's just more amount. You can stare expulsion in the face of his talk India and to stand up in the lights he's you look at the Marines as it's kind of rather pay and that's a question it's not really rat triggering queries is more childish this a question regarding our. Safety and NR future jobs and if we got in trouble. Because of the meat bought. Ha ha. What do you think is gonna look like we knew how to run and can you Russa who. Who improved troop lane. And put in a canoe C Roma problem. I'm gonna know there's nothing new issue for me it's I mean if he gave you know he's he's on like this game all of our leader it's public morality. Well some behind and around pub does cable American Airlines is big idea given the background in being in different blazes now. On bond. She get up boat behind the arena when you're gonna do this though we know we're not gonna do because you know in the series. And 1212 team. Well disciples. Well we talk about this is your last supper. Yeah. Mostly hand it's the last supper before they come back from a 31 deficit to win the series. And leader arrives. I know Judas was that the debtor. I thought it was gone. Betraying Jesus. Or in this case Pat Riley then you wouldn't kiss him on T. I didn't know it was a lot to eat there so I'm Alonzo Mourning mistakenly Judas. He's not Judas in fact he's more like Timothy. It me. I don't wanna say. Alonzo you're right class I didn't mean to make it Judas and if anybody was gonna be Jews it would have been Hassan Whiteside what frankly. But I didn't that you exactly that are so I just made MIA like he's been this entire article before you start using. Spiritual holsters and religious Olson you may shooting mode yet I mean you know the story. A story just I thought we didn't Catholics away on the web I. Sort of won this one particular letter no we moved the divot that was in the didn't know that was in the garden. Yes it was. No Richard you know Jewish rich and you'll know sees somebody wasn't it doesn't theology class because Judas. Kiss him in the garden when Jesus was brands like three hours and everybody fell asleep and the Romans found him as he can see gene Jesus in the bill smooch. And now is betrayal my first five books above Moses and froze happens on. Ms. Gorman at the end of the table you know like he normally is not in the fourth quarter guy. On it together man. In coming in Alexandria defend you. Your honor I defend. These two guys. Report all Slovenian championship that was me defending you can get the and make it funny assume commercials that was me defending your saying you look dapper and Australian parliament. So you all well. Who was there to pick up the pieces meet so and how Byron repaid. What caught performances Russa. How they repaid kangaroos where's my dragon. Dragon. Seles is the last supper picture of Ron Judas was their body left early he didn't eat therefore. I'm in the clear. I don't know I mean. It is on a limb I know as the government. Applied to tell store. Who's written text. In order to dust from October to this Judas really it was a rat thing maybe skipping out on last supper bill. What do Baston oh we go to battle through a lot of the big east we see you are you were part of it. Dennis. Together from a flock. Gather grounds that gathered around. General and there's a lot of Billiton the song hero you literally can't just let in the Eliot dual threat dividends and fourteen seconds until. Utility segment. Schools are extremists. Don't prematurely drunk. Because that's you know what that's like the man doesn't jacket is due. Reg again when it comes didn't considered the main the main they do we arsenic showed they know. The real drummer animals. Thank you yeah. Boxed in points coming. He's sort of drums just because your own drum set. I've recently played lately when your original digital real determination on his watch my basement and watch my videos you come back and look how well this is more US it's excuse you're drumming label flexing. Don't in good shape weighting and sicker. Oh my goodness yeah gets a real trouble you wanna respect to drum ideal respected he don't feel like you do. Recently segue doctor O'Shea who it. Wonderful work out bid for exerting my every. Apple and get to the average of ten dollars and that's got to do is Canaveral was there big realistic way to sort of threw them 200 shake weights you have two of the dungeons you know it's both hands at the same time more and I wanted to exact pace that you work Alexei quite wrong. You have been shaken number two birds particularly like everybody is getting bigger bill you've used its LC. Did you finally end class this morning that regardless. Picture it was you don't want to rogues. He. Solved is back the lives. Hostility and here and in the end there. Months most of them have. And I thought unauthorized dropping yet most wild card might not know wildcard why doesn't like running in her exact. Tonight. With the Wells Fargo senate. Could be hostile environment. But to Philadelphia June degenerates. Threw snowballs at Santa. Throw batteries are cheerleaders. But to peeping Toms. Had a jays it's put McCluster mark but. He was ours first. Designed easy to the senate that. Want to personally welcome. Tonight we return the favor. Because you always won on the side of karma. Does Joseph well indeed day's big. A stupid masked gunman as he snorkeling out there. Cocky as all hell would never have some local all it do standup. This Joseph let me think he needs no help LeRoy says that time is now. He says it's time isn't even here yet you still weigh in at the train station. I hear a train coming. It's that Elon Musk plastering. Other traders right lined yes flash. That tree really exist I had another Dole's warning signs around regale. She knows. It's. She way to go out like this man. The way that happens it's this is Cullen backed he's God's choice really wheels off weather is young pups on. Well he's got all these guys who want to Dora the Explorer. Hughes went championships. Chillicothe courtesy is Ian ships his body's gonna tell whether it was or not well it would the Australian version of Dora the Explorer is that's what Benson was doing what went away with what it championships against Dirk Nowitzki and those rat bastard mavericks and had to say. No not to pull the party this never ends well for the older sometimes gets your body not now sometimes it doesn't blow for the old guy. Sometimes it does. University alternate version of Rocky Balboa when he needs Antonio Tarver. Did and well. On anyway at the distance that fight on both versions. The most popular Australian cartoons are cheese TV the adventures of blink you bill. Skippy adventures and Busch town. Mil I'll listen trucks stoppers. Mistress wiggle petals Rocco of modern life and the Farrell's. These these ventures a bully he built a tour and intimate. We speak leaky. What's the email leveraged and completely bill. I'm just telling you know. They're new Boone. Although I'm not run away and I'm not trying to do duo in the heat. That. Some six or better. A few games. We have no conclusion of this yet and I'm telling you agree they win tonight he went tonight you're right where you should be probably keep building right away are being. It doesn't want that they just in the midst. All of a seventy little series is their slow you don't move. On nukes again happy calling me has red pants and he likes. We keep screw blink he. Score Australia. You want to blocks. A good thing you don't. Australian rules football. Rugby is they want it done by the way it's a seven game series. Religious students. Before reduce restorative. I knew who you going not to deepen and Kunis. He said I got one. Three you're the guy deaf both both we wouldn't win basketball season ends and you gotta be stole. Do you breads. I don't know that we move onto the next plants. He coached for the next oil wealth. But I'm already get my sea legs yet. They've got some work on land. It's game five tonight. I gotta get I planned on Thursday. There was to watch the draft. But I just change them watching you in six American Airlines Arena. Just changed them go and I'm going. Despondent. I'm going do you buy energy at the past ongoing. His own in the building I'm going to games who's been with me. Host with me. You beat here. Which are being indicate that you've done in Avaya whatever the hell is name is yeah once in game six traffic. Biscayne boulevard how does a guy who sounds like some hope the be rewritten it to close it does is sell excellent you you'd make in the regiments people's interest in forty. And he's overweight when it isn't the only rule. These. It is orphaned and I in his courtroom. So I can montage epitomizes clues as to how wrong your. 105 to 99. Sprint store here heater sixers. Six or so it does believe as the original excel at all need to know about him audience that beast. 106102 he. Know how to feel about him and he has also and you've you've been anti hero in my entire show you those guys inflicted on its ear dig. I don't know if I can trust you don't think about a joke funny to be genuine give anybody. 10 excellent who heat yes. You've been anti heat the entire show where's this come from you know I'm not anti heat may have meant I Virginians. You guys and guys basically don't know this energies aren't alert urges. The wiggle. Yes the wiggles to play. Guess what they are now just scary. This year it's your one of the services team being good. India have thirty million in cabs it's the end of 31 million cast an elderly get their Beckett John beta shunned everybody. So it is near him what's your prediction. On what prediction about his production which are reduction in 125. To one tent. There's. No Robby. Robby. Or Olympic but he doesn't know looms Robbie forsaken me nuts okay go ahead that's fine Agile comfort that he went. I said she and I said before the season he waited seven I have no choice to stick to test I saw what was I was seventeen so I didn't Obama sought in your artists and bands start tonight. So you do you should. Be Symbian the free throw on women. Build a house. Has allowed Redmond going wounded at best. To lure others. Woody got. Want wanna buy wantonly.