4-25-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, April 25th
Tobin is dressed interestingly and Beast wants to know why. Tobin is also frustrated that Goran Dragic set him up to be embarassed. The Heat were ranked the fourth likliest team to land Kawhi Leonard this offseason. The guys discuss Michael Vick taking a job as a football coach in a small league. Leroy has Champions League Soccer rules explained to him. The guys discuss the Heat's situation heading into the offseason. Leroy seems to think Hassan is untradable after these playoffs. Beast points out that Pat Riley has not landed a whale in a while. One texter writes in seemingly defending Whiteside and Leroy gets ready to go off. The 2016 NBA offseason is relived with signings such as Whiteside, Deng, and Mozgov. Wade had some great advice for Whiteside, but is he mature enough to follow it? Tobin qustions whether Hassan and Spo's relationship is repairable. 

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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and could. Casino. Wait wait talking with the the lucky sevens. They'll it down then that will be the ball game. I don't know I don't know what I'll formally veto any one. The sixers eliminate the Miami Heat. In the first round of the NBA playoffs four games to one. This is the end. Yeah I just spread. Solidly we agreed to today the first day at the Miami Heat all season. Sadness and he got fueled. Fibers ski. Out the door what did you think it's gotten Cobra Kai. But you're you're dressed like children Cobra Kai that you he really pick army then meant to them morning and pick and you wanted to. Pick only you wears an iron pitching on it I'm just. What I mean why do a normal radio show dress is a guy from Covert counter a small movie and personal Oklahoma where you look at you just got up ahora me. Just as you asked him where this if you want to momma gonna judge. Why and a the judge know you know it's gonna do and take a picture. And make it your father of Heidi just a patient's going to be Syria but I don't know. He definitely has some shenanigans up a sleeve you don't know what they are we I mean we have no showed shenanigans they lived or aborted due today and you've got something else going on and I don't. Mourning today and sad I'm not Alonzo Mourning this the real kind of morning. Sat morning bell bottomed in the season's over and I did on the side note this weird feeling and anti this last night. I don't. Know dead decaying Jerusalem. That I'd like yours are what we're setting the orders read it we have one here and I don't know it. A slight anger and and I wanted to. 11 in the by the way that was the wanted to once commented on these birds know no bounds. Good jobs. The pocket you can actually put a person minute you have crazies from its Robbie may or may not fit. I have the kangaroo cut the heart of the matter of it's honors there. You know look I told to want to say congratulations to your guy. Showed up big time. And easily judge did you play like you all star. I obviously he played solid. And then out of mission to go on drug which we're gonna tell you. Go legal retail mall but he Goran. You disappointed me the O the best thing you did yesterday. Slot says. Yesterday. We did not. Just slap another moved as he has no story. This. Would be nice. I invite you would talk about his weight big one drug judge hey hey hey. Your man. You're a foot all NBA player small big and god chipped it amongst Europe. And an all star. You're the 36 year old growing your speed tempo and space. Here. My daughter on the line for you and you. Is an internationally. Here's the pro and you like a lot of friends today. Burger and avoids saying the one being that changed just accept what. So music is better. It's. Better than most better than him once will want to go to be said after a five game series once you go there and understand that. And all of the other explanations kinda. In you miss shots when other teams better men and the court dryers thing it's been a lingering bug that we haven't addressed could he sweet adorable and a great pitch man listen man here's what needs to be said. His fourth quarter onions are lacking. That's what's lacking golden dragon he's got 11 through third quarter onions bright but he lacks fourth quarter and he's a front runner. He is a front running Dragonball. Went when things get tough when it really gets the nitty gritty of wears it to be ever ever. Matagorda its game what do we have in this league career. Always. You don't wanna does the lakers. In LA earlier this liquors and LA. Please lets you don't want to do is what good a board game has heard game seven against the hornets. Who. Other than that did you see his latest he has and pose what about the percentages for Klein. Now motives that a minute well we are gets a whale hunting a little bit later. I I just. I look at this Goran Dragic and I and I say look I know somewhat getting the brunt of the prison today deserve. Where. However. I'm still look at a bogey and a look at that that's that she don't wanna man. What a guy that captain of this team. And I'll on the edge. Drag this out there he's gotten burned by a guy who looks like it's it it looks like he is on the team in fantasy camp that McConnell. Even in a finger guns. I was embarrassing. I told sold Dwayne wade. Which should be celebrated season. The lasting memory I have amended last game is is is is little fantasy camp. He did McConnell getting an and one on them and do inflicting your guns. At that. He speaks WT XY AM south Miami Heat and WS FX HD Joseph Miller. ARAMARK. Michael appeared gore on. The trying to defend you against the Australian members of parliament. This is what you get me. Slaps you slapped and Simmons upside the head right and just give us the other headlines sponsor. Since we are bad at communicating and it's brought to buy me and fuels doctors convenience stores where they're truly steps beyond giving it about them. As well rent a house slogan. It's really good this is this going to be a very low energy second hour of the showed that is what you. There are only a pizza I walked out the mile is his fourth piece of extra large bids and these slices are not small other no Joseph other seals have broken. I mean I don't. Listen I'm I don't know what I asked we Grumman what are we need to pizzas and he's like oh you've seen you'll see. Anyways you. Sort of petered out. The sources say that why. Is a priority for the spurs as far as the Nazi media. I would hopes. Odom who has meeting ones that you're a New York for that meeting early flight to San Antonio ESPN ranking who they Skype and then ESPN raking the chances of each team getting co gotten. Lakers one. Somebody sixers to Celtics three heat for. Always on at least we're never up towards now about top floors Goodyear in the mix in the mix in the discussion. Always news requires and his magic words that pop. We don't talk on the lakers is that not money is not he's not a lakers so is he going to Boston where he's going to be the third I'd now. He going to fill it weighs in Minnesota god the I'm firmly believed he wants to go he wants to retiree where he wants to go to the team where he's going to be the star. Is about image to the money. This is the landing spot aids. Should we know we just sound like that's the problem don't you understand it's a reconstruction and to rebuild. It can't just be he's the humble defensive guy we need we need Miami we need we need scarface. Why Leonard. So you Lotta men and ask with like. Seven kilos of Coke and none of cocaine and a in a machine gun you'll see the highest tempo Weiler has never played this season. Because now we're gonna have Weiler the bad boy. Where the term we're gonna turn him keel of the league. You'll be great to be like yeah it's going to be like what Hollywood hope to get out to be able to beat Dewey dharma. Slow down when you put that kangaroo route pseudo yes. Other gradually you'll. It's not his. Let's trash with that kangaroo student going to be so hard. I was realized that it's Ohio it is it's like 93. Saw that we got to do like. Round twelve inch. I guess. The before after Israel and the traffic better so neither I mean you go before you six of one half dozen the other no. Well insulated drive nick and Joseph Dowd who don't. Yeah yeah. It mean Agilent. It's something that audiotape I won't give you two underdog I don't I. I'll give you 200 dollars can't be out there at the cell beside a world golf and rolled go oh well we're all going I'll breath I'll bring someone introduced and stuff around here. It. All of them pretty stupid things this is nobody has put their platinum mile Morton you. Aware of that. So big deal this morning Condoleezza rice's big commission makes a recommendation to the NCAA about college basketball and and the one and done. Which I believe they're gonna try to do for the 220 draft and it now. There how hard it is to say it's over this would you be if you use your group class behind instead the so shady show cause. End you get like a five game ban for cheating the drug franc hit clause yet. You re banned for life if you can all art fitness yet yet. Com would have no NCA coach. Also an all new ones. Also they want to kind of all limit the how shall I say the shady relationship between a U end college smug look. So that's that's. Somebody had started turow heat stroke why won't fifty. Michael Vick can read offensive coordinator in the new. Lines of American Football League or hill and Atlanta to union. Manila his critical. I watch election coordinate those Spurrier and do what you can't call please I don't know there's so at least now it is our receivers coach in Orlando to I think as a reminder of a player coach. So in the mean lay in the meanwhile if somebody steal of the joint he can get out that he Bill Russell who fortieth fortieth when he thirty. How those Michael Vick and what does he look you know I feel legitimately think no thanks so now though he's. No yeah his record and freshman in college in 1999. Some maintain an intern her. As the 37. 37 need thrown around like Brady ain't been taken to everybody like that you don't think he's in good shape. Give he had yet that time off so is really like 35 brightens bodies 35 has reason addressing. He's still got some wheels number like that that was that there with Ricky Ricky retired that he came back so is the 34 but he's really thirty over the wanna go here on. Michael Vick get to job and NFL before Colin cabinet anyways. In. Yet about point the Marlins and Dodgers are back at it tonight look I don't yesterday they bring Cali governing the blitz up though Marlins. All the links are not know because the you have to stand Lampanelli. So that's happened. And on display and I think everybody dismayed about the wrong and listeners why you're advisory are Leonid meteor I believe magnesium. If he's gonna neo. It almost insinuate that you're trying to tell them where the issue mile and that does. Make you could take another state he did when the amnesty. National procedures award. And it's who I get a job yes the Marlins and Dodgers a 735. East Coast continent and exit of 435 matinee out in LA get awaited Trevor Richards go into six point 16 ERA for. The Marlins Kershaw one in 32 point 45 ERA. For the Dodgers certainly tomorrow. In the series let's go first series one of the year if they want an out of Bobby and mr. Cameron Maybin second stint with the Marlins. Not terrible. Over the game when he won a big demanding cash is not terrible lot of Brazilian everybody else from analysts old bed we dividend of slightest little bit of baseball player you get excited. Yeah oh I just I realize like rooting for him more when he's just ten made in off the scrappy Denny's Teradata and traded for the best to read and in the last fifteen years. For those fellow soccer lovers the UEFA champions league we have Liverpool win yesterday. They will play the winner of Byron Munich against Real Madrid which is today to fortify. Doesn't mean when I'm watching the ticker. It is says and so needs or by Gholston because they go by aggregate. They played two games and it basically combined to score goals to get right Sousa played like it two out of three they display two games one and one home one of the other home and then it's who has the most goals the cockpit and sport and if there ever they're targeting gold went away goals yet. And a note that reflect the second time in the tiebreaker away goals and a vessel type in the go to penalty kicks in correct it to. So if it solid eight. They do it at yeah yeah yeah they did not gonna know you know. All these different rules. And then you've got to have a shoot out. One way to fix the aggregate system which is what I would I would believe it would be to have a third game at a neutral stereotype and that's why they don't do that they've planet and they move the schedule around the do all the stuff that other part. Rarely easy be up for seven weeks because this team is in the FA cup and there did you have to champions league in global blonde whenever. Too many tournaments soccer. I don't know every trophy as one of the guys that actually know play and I don't of these blame for his country I don't know these blame for this team I don't know if he was bought them. A a lot. Leads all. It over here. Bosnia it costs and a lot of satellite side. We knew this guy went men in my day luckily everybody is the doozy tomorrow night. Unprecedented. Now draft coverage that's right the stations now what each other are now siblings. There's. A college other says decisions and our Brothers there's I don't know what that is that too broad is that like a will this industry vernacular I assure. Anyway. Does hold draft some casket is fantastic gonna be a data buses and Hollywood LeRoy as an adult that Gore's gonna be at heart rush save as Roger by Big Five rom. Lot of made Cuban spy already covered from Vince can't. Do the job bingo that's you know were emerging. And I have had those willing. That's going to be a dues yeah. Could be days. Our job did their buses and oak applause and Hollywood Alex WB there with butch Davis and Ken Dorsey that now not about the Euro. Also. Cause a piece. Paws. Off. Causes aging player watch sports but these are gorgeous also budge much less the North Miami. Always an amazing deal by Carolina auto body when because until there's only one place to go in the NFL draft coverage right here on Q and 790 the ticket. And instincts. He got assisted and passing question. What what stinks more. Time in like it's going to cover what makes more what happened in the heat. Learn the on the likelihood that they're going to be able to just make him want to moves and I'll be better next he's. Told us this is colors tonight. First of all. The loss hurts more right now than the situation and the situation. That everybody every heat has been a big baby about to be quite honest. I really do to help. It Uga Uga is dale 55 million plug plug plug pulled out three people had sent. You know that the situation is in new rally like this was the situation. And so when he gets left out of the playoffs like they did. It hurts. Also remember what the whole point of this team wise. It's a play and beat team may well last season trying to dig Gordon Hayward on this squad. Didn't get them 'cause that Brad Stevens is corrupt. And they had to say. Let's bring back the boys that with 3111 in the second half. They're not that crazy contracts let's see let's let's see and also and also what are your signs was heard all season. So it really got to go through with that. So this idea that well yeah yeah. How many games bettors this team would be on. And on top. But it does tell the Iraqis about the seeing him play over acoustic in the eighties they're big cover about power ballad but more about her and yet. It's the guys that are presented. What were your expectations late if let's let's. Oh. My. Expectations toward his team get a wider sort of the lives have been sounding the alarm it's not in the lower. Its amid. In order to trade somebody. The show some dude. Okay. Yeah Islamic Roger's emotion and is not only has not only not show unity in each year. He's dying breed in the elite eight in close on twenty million per year. In the end the next your becomes a one million dollar expiring contract which is one of the best asset to have as a team. So do you problem and here's the only thing you want. Why Leonard if you tell me that you have a legit shot at it and you can clear the decks that way or you tell me Paul George Xavier guard uses guess what. We wanna go to you that's what tablet Boston. What's about Gordon Hayward we have this whole thing rig in the first place he's coming to Boston well we got there Chris and cap space. It's like this why did your head thinking and you know I'm not. Big men out on the hot. And so yeah dude let's. Yet they are reaching out to get a break out soon and you if you listen real and how freaky and out I'm just not like. Real. High on their chances of going to capture whales. What torture twin oaks. Right you're right elitist out as this data. It was easy it would be fly fishing what's its whaling OK Kevin Durant. And catcher he did have the best odds of going to commit to Gordon hater Gordon Hayward didn't catch him. And part business. But other mrs. Anyone who. I'm asking not tell him explains. And now all of these Max guys. Are going to tee you're not just going to bared teeth so once you're not going to teams. Debt you're gonna build around him and they're going to teams that already had some pieces in here just gonna put him over the top. Now look at the end you can say what you want about why coming here. Would culture and say Antonio. Is bears. Coach of the year yet we notices and in the why Lewis and it's the saints stand. Idle because the thing about culture I'm telling you requirement that I'd I'd I'd bring a lot into the wireless until I know you as the gimbal booting a lot of us. Why Leonard's team around on talk about the agents managers marketing. They are underwhelmed. By health wise and a bigger star we life is he has the person's personality all business at all. That's why while it is not a big star. But they think because of his credentials. Two time defensive play the finals MVP he should be getting the stuff that Chris Paul gets LeBron gets Russell gets. So one out of San Antonio Chris clearly if he doesn't have the personality. He needs something to change the furious San Antonio your entire life. Yeah you're already looked upon as boring guy. Already looked at by the franchise that nobody likes to watch. San Antonio. Respect pop. Says man spurs take on the case and I got to watch that. There's there's got to watch it here's why get annoyed by the reality of constituents and I get everything you're saying. Don't probably understand hey can trade assigned some teams go oh we only have their money for what you. I'm cool with that I'd get. Sun is that does breed pelicans are winning with two big meeting and have a stroke dissimilar to that. So Obama it. Please let me go. Sir. Were made this the Bible miss by six. You do realize. That the two big men that have a screw was talking about. Our holes or is it what is Q where they can he. You don't just talking about a big made it and it's. And sometimes. Trials of all of those eggs now also add should worry that also. They took off. Pretty much in parallel to when one of the big men. Utilities. So. Best player in the league right now plenty. Of there is a person out there playing basketball better that Anthony Davis. I don't know they're not he's putting on. It's like Shaq I domination. That's how good he's he's going to from all over the quote he does everything he stops everything he was a point guard who handles. Grew to seven feet. That's not fair and making these guys I want one. You know to grow on trees you know Broward County. I'll amend the closest world wheat closed and we head to that was Chris. Yeah Chris I mean he wasn't as. But I just say yes I think it's got to play all over. Yeah and remember how long it took them to get critic and a total putts as a dogs because he was you know. You know but that's that's the thing you know in the Jack Kelly oil and tell Leo look look for Kelly through five I was rooted out by that signing but you know. Not at. Nice nice signing well don't eleven week who didn't think he was going to be an. Enforce finally gotten first analytic the only guy not to get into a fight the serious which is weird what I did see him in one swung scuffle yet all bizarre memorial. Lamar Odom. These bears and millions Brett. Is there anybody aside from wade obviously. Who is. Not protected. A little on the low moral what did you do it when Ellington. I don't know that's I don't know. Because that if they sign him that's like you say where they got to give up a mid level exception and I don't know fusion invests in a win on tonight he should just go find other Wayne Ellington. What I agree you can find dozens Tyler Johnson a way to. There's a Tyler Johnson contract how bums a doesn't even allow the heat to bring back Ellington was cynical move this as I sit it does because they haven't been in the tax. Mom. What I don't but even if but I don't know from investing in wind ailing budget for. For leaps and giggles and just I'll entertain you for a moment. There will on us okay. Coli. LeBron no banana boat crew run him right in the spurs were on the phones. You reporting that edible got a limited the same day you know repeatedly possible reporting. Mark you no I'm not reporting but I now. Here's what else. Phil wants to fix once you can't. If you will if you need your legs. You can really ruin your line which a lot about can't fix. And coast who. So is David controversial to say that some whites it is the second worst contract beat tiger MBA behind wal bank. Other two billion it would well I guess that's always wanted to play one deal that went and sat there have been traced to a bank. What's not a straight out the damage but straight up beats him a little bit cap space and post it here. And elitism do what happened a long day one and the planet's want to limit of seven million dollars and he's like man. This Tom Thibodeau really looked on the body and stop working out. To me it happened like you got rich his head like he's. Bigamy how. It. Does use his age he's like man I really wanna stated he's out yet but they're gonna pay like 8000002 years. Got an offer 72. Who will sit. That's that summer what was it Tony fifteen there was sixteen point sixteen what you're responsible summer. And what's not included. Tyler Johnson among Tyler's ultimate with mas golf off. Joakim Noah. And encourage one don't get an excellent digital you know not playing. What he'd said today trade for Joakim Noah and his blundered into Texas in no doesn't degrade like that's enough to you know. They have an interest in the past. Now please call toll on what jumps out. Every area and I don't through era though come on stop what they'll do come it's not even to collect. Some lights idea. Really ask was who worked out perfectly. For you to. A cult Oklahoma City. They say. Carmelo for once I'd straighten out. Its. No they. Oh she'll come close on. Now he's done weight due to more wins over when you're stallion this culture embody fed doesn't all it. One maybe they can make him the next Ellington except you mixed on the six million dollars the next Ellington. Just a run to get all that's there you also can't miss the hoop at ten feet or bought. What do you all you guys what does LeBron dream about how about college or. Of towards a two way. The biggest pulled Georgia I consider him well territory. He's good defender he's always great defender liquid would you would you he's a corpus I consider him closer to a daring. And to say LeBron or why that guy. Mean look I was like my fat immune had an average but I know Riley will I think if you told Riley had a reunion Paul George runs clear in the backs. Ideas I've got that Tina I'm not a big a never bit of it all Georgia guy. But I think he's I think it runs as the liberal. Like Joseph caused and right now he's just up there it will tax unfortunately Riley's slump buster he's just bore. I know he thought the I think he thought the somewhat and was this just in bore. Or just in boy did you W. Today rallies and I do you know it you think the heat are. In the sun because. He hasn't played well and he's been banged up an argument net. When did he keeps said he did not welcome the not get enough minutes and I know where it because. Will we come back I'll let you guys here and are doing wind it hit the nail on the head when I came to assign asefi also. Interest in little noted coming out of the Miami Herald about the dolphins and a possible trade policy traded trades with the not trays possible draft things that are out whispers or don't. There's things happen lot of rumors out there on a hobbled. It's that next. A no not. Built built problem notes that before Venus. Take off Robbie. I got no time for nonsense today. Really no funds from you what's on your dress like you know. And I am and you can't know tavern on the middle and not make me laugh today let's spend a week ago. You're saying. Sunnis and beat please the sun's gonna be the main post my disappointment. Ten minutes here has bowl can still look and act in bear. His whole body can stand on the floor no. And minutes seem slow. To do I heard. Too about Conan. Series low. And whom a must win. Series low a three fouls. Pro Muslim to post isn't she from room my experiences with coaches. At any level. Dave don't play about a rule of just throw me in there and things would change. Just say it was the biggest whopper I've heard he'd tell on the post game press conference since they told him that Bob was unique. We have member that I remember or rather trying to polish that tired when he uses up like. Oh unique skill set he's god and we really is to have an unlocked the keys that are Josh McRoberts a light. Yeah they have gotten all that's the key. And yesterday. You know Erickson out there coached those like. You know that it Genesis on don't want injuries this year and he was now we revolving as a team. Who like that's who OK so let me illustrate. I just so odd team play without their big man for a good three months and he came back and they have all and then they that was just fine. You guys evolve and he goes back everything goes. The room it just breaks down the way to the best point of yesterday as the sun yesterday I was talking about. You know he wants one minutes it was a meeting with the heat I understand why he's frustrated. Didn't take him seriously. Why I can imagine it's gonna go home and I know. I'm so important. I have done everything to a certain. The right to have a conversation. About my playing time I would start that meeting with Riley looting at a projector. Of Lebanese basketball. No. Light on how would you watch. It highlights at eleven ha ha here's wade. Which may have been his last game against oh geez. But he was asked about massage and where things stand with the sun here's what is to say. I think the thing is this as players you only give yourself an excuse so you want to concede. Well you can be better at you know. It's easy to say that this does Sears wasn't a big Mans series of these Pacific coast it is an airliner and found true. Don't give yourself an excuse is going to the summer or call what you need to work on you know mentally and physically and get yourself ready for when his opportunity comes again and it's a big thing and that's that shows you know your territory when government is saying. Opportunity presents itself cause it's 'cause I don't come right back fence are you don't think therefore I can be better. Found the next time you know when unit situation. And down. And are also an envelope silent minute to see his growth you know from may cannot seem to to skin triple doubles. And ultimately come and you know players so hopefully you get motivated from Madison disappears and come back better next season. Like grizzly. Old and get on the time exciting and how image has collisions and while. It's like. Looked. It's no excuse that you know I gave them a minute. You should be bussing your and so they had no choice but to give you more mid and you need to be mentally strong that there is not a situation. Where you can't play. Where they feel they have to take you out. Whether it's I can't make my free throws at the end of the game so we got to take you out. Bagels small. Got to take you out. Bad match yeah I did take you out. Because although Spain's mean that you Elizabeth play. So what you have to do is in all of those situations. May you fit. I I do think that Whiteside and Spoelstra relationship has gotten to a point where I know that your parable. Maybe maybe it is a mile public all of our soldiers were covered we that's a different situation. OK because at no point in time you can be and a look at the situation in San Antonio. At no point in time. Was that ever about not being a professional. And when the coach as they have 27 conversations went to root. Just to get you motivated to be a professional runner. On to say late even with last night's game. In the second half. And I was sympathetic enough to have a little bit of hope intelligence that the three. And a sad person. Either way. I just they did it and he didn't think to look to a song in any point. When that team was screaming and coaches get done he's like I'm done I'm done that I'm you know and to and to make it a bigger point you're in ten minutes. And waist pulling a series long weeds out there he can guard a guy who looks like he belongs in Tennessee camp. Get blown past so Huff and puff and all over the place and also look all of 36 just and I. But he's gonna go with his guy this is the guy trust I don't care if he's broken down I'd rather have him out there venue. I mean that's that's is pretty hilarious this. Do some slow. White guys situation quite well. Why. Definitely so. But it did what what we're talking about. The farther west side gets away from the court. No more the reasons become. Above being a professional. And not about Al. You understand them and so there's a lot of talented people dead don't heavy job. It's other reasons. Ed as a coach. Usually the babies at a player. Okay eight you don't you can babysit. Jordan. Is he's that talented. Guy you wouldn't get. You don't widget to new as a professional. Why didn't these things especially and adds more. Where the numbers are so much smaller everybody has to. Do their hit and it's just like. I don't know what ES linked him and you think you simply want to not play new news mobile and gotten. It's ball once the repair a relationship just take a son to see were. It's him. You know there is some how long was the talk of the eulogies tonight. How long. Like what he's old he's just swim I think Leo he's ignored and I think we have widow and a clear date. He is nasty because a bunch of birdies Georgia's belly up yesterday oh my god they were brought to begin right. Our guys kill had a sub machine and be owned by you here. I don't want a don't want your lettuce flakes whatever the hell you political upon defeated them. I the support but I think as this year window. When you heard some of the comments that asylum was may world or why. I imagine other guide your boss aches that. It's just it's very clear that Assange feels like he'd found a treasure in him. And now that the heat at anything to do. With him or him having the opportunity here I'm like how is always a ball well I mean how grateful for the opportunity none under the seat. As to. And I don't know I guess 98 million dollars I'll know but I would say this we're. If you show. That talent. You wouldn't have. Gotten a moment. So did not just gonna pay a book. Well how would say from the other side of you knew what you were getting into because those guys have been around the sun. Everyday new. Everyday. So vague. And note that Obama I know it's going to be it's going to be exhausted and when you put pickle is into those heading. This one's listening. And watching him play and listen to his profits than exhaust. Heat. As you go through a film session with them. That's an audio the players did you have responsibility to. And you seemed slow in remote to be a leader of the team the team universal snooty Leslie next year. Yes nobody yes nobody who take yet to new economy is adequate. And so what's gonna get lost a new suits. Well yeah I'm just in a spot I don't wanna give up justice Winslow. To Garrett at the sun and give up. I am. I have a son. You know into letting your game back this year and it up and elegant adult package to get down and it doesn't detected dumped into one of these terrible teams. At a regular 01 of my young guys. I didn't deal little more you of that headache you don't mean canyon I can. Feel like a mom Teflon on the sun right now. Somebody that please explain to me witness on. Job news. On the office. Announced where do you this. Is that. Periodically. During the course of disease. An early on in the season. They tried to run some offense. Through stuff. And the sob would make a good offensive moving he'd do little fadeaway and a get. In and you saw growth offensively right Pitney started defending. And how. To keep Musab from taking advantage one got yeah he can't. It's it's not it's but I that's definitely always been a crutch but you know what the Russia anything menace it's it's stuff like go get the ball and onkyo. Right before all Henri is. Energy's not there in the extradition and just. Screaming at you on the television you know Shaq will be so good that I'm dying to see him on the diamond Bonnie lass and accusing two feet from the rim nearly tossed it up some sort of rainbow situation. And wounding. Eyes of the Miami does seem to think Nadal has never showed a quarterback at the doll beds brought in think that a shot let's say the next.