4-26-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, April 26th
Beast is confused as to why Robbie would want Hassan Whiteside over LeBron James. Leroy complains about Robbie's constant hot takes. Leroy didn't like draft day even when he was in the draft. Beast got a new phone and has been bothering Leroy in studio ever since. Leroy responds to the news the Dolphins told Ryan Tannehill to be prepared for the Dolphins to draft a QB. Leroy claims that if the Browns draft two QBs in the first round he will burn all of his Cleveland gear, especially if it's at 1 and 4. Beast thinks an NFL team that wants Josh Allen leaked the bad tweets that Allen made to get him to drop to them. Robbie displays his DJing skills. Robbie gives the top 10 picks for his mock draft. The guys discuss the Dolphins QB situation going into tonight's draft. A texter asks, "What lasts longer: a good defense or a good offense?" 

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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. And the NFL draft. The Miami Dolphins select. Iowa and the show God's. But it will be at a place just next week in front of American Airlines are. Oh my goodness. Do something is gonna get up in the morning. Do you Basra and kangaroos I think. Alliance and about bouncing an ambassador to hop hot you're an audience it'll get hot and curtail its. It does mean to the kangaroo song big daddy. Pay exports and we're should really before and he is if you put a picture of Robby in your route. Is. I was part of it is more a month she. Yeah he put a dragon my ouch hey. Oh. It was ordering room. And scoring baskets either what's guard anybody can only do this flex everybody admitted teen idol sixers eight drinks to get me started because a hot refer back to last night's text read which Robby decided that he would rather keep Whiteside and had to have LeBron. Still stand by. See less of atlas of had to pay you know way. And you know my answer about one man that doesn't win him any whites I think it is the LeBron thing trust me. I just I'm Donald unlike legitimately considering Carmelo for for Whiteside trades in my sleep. On what is. Sure some of the bunch and you do understand. At this is what happens this week gets to be happy at Susan's friend Robbie Lawler that counties and have a good time at the or whatever that the new and Larry we're talking about a Robby is what happens. When you get out of hand. Esther result and that's it now he's data fusion it's ultimately it is not a new yet but yeah as of June. Him yes correct at Harvard about he's going to throw it high takes yet. And taking on Robbie. I I takes Robby adds a big hot takes people love rob these do it off literally the ridiculous. Kind of like music gremlin after midnight. He is grim that each after midnight. Otherwise it is exciting. Got the mock drafts. Is marked. But two picks. He's been poring over this I did pay two weeks notice I I referred I looked over and we reviewed his list. And I do have. An alternate list today is a very I'm super seconds I don't really like I had originally there's been years I've made fun of the draft and very excited easily. It doesn't say outline how gonna play nice. True. Do you push for a excitement I get excitement. And I'm gonna play nice one on there aren't there are all betting that I ran by pick five you won't be playing nice I hopes will oh yeah. It already too and now a no name and I knew it. Orlando international call yesterday and W Alando I have three team scenario. Guaranteed to me Lee were his head explode. You know that's our goal ST he used to meet you explode. In that the dvd here's the ball all. I've probably shoot. Outs and and about what is your payment he led men. It isn't about. Two and a half hours and about and then third yet. Look outside towards Davey. Give it may be higher. If you let. Post from Notre Dame. But it were too big now though. It when he played his Miami got just. You must does that it's gonna work. The last little while and this is an against. Number one. Brown Cigna commit if you I'm already like I'm ready and edged number five if you listen to address the five. When Nelson guard noted into the bronco notes. And the speed no and a top five broncos' top on guard. Yeah but it they need help guard they got everything else and then dollars in your quarterback you lose if you lose humans. Well I'll do it in Atlanta delegate to back Hubert. You follow on. It's been two days in a row I can't. Think on this phone at Wal-Mart shoppers. Are in theory we all bugs. Get to headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS at six Ph.D. to Miramar. Probably just breaking draft news but we tell the slash rush to buy made a lot firm. Mittal offer my harbors a dedicated to your financial recovery fighting the insurance company is worth that relates to the dolphins the NFL network is reporting that. The dolphins have expressed to ride ten hill that they could take your quarterback and they want him to be prepared. For that's an area. So to look at review its. Look at states. It's crazy as case wants his guys located in spine to try this. Software and Josh Allen Hague the recent weeks that's all fine droppings the hole and writes it is not going to be quarterback thanks. No. Shared his minister John Azinger shares and they live and Dave I heard him Dave Dave assured him in any and GM's and color codes that don't lie. We knew. When you have eighteen. It has a boy Jimmy. The last thing you want to do is draft the guy to sit and wait. Between two and a nine so here. Quick question. If the dolphins draft the run. Quarterback he had he led the way they have gotten any better. The Moscow Amano here is is no Aussie to place it right to. Insult I would take this step. Now. Do we want adult lives have been winning or losing. Bid always because of why Nintendo or whoever is being quarterback there's a lot of things go wrong. Would just ask them a full alone. You got a quarterback that you drafted eleventh and the right you cost yourself more headaches. In fairness though she house money move. They did have ten hell last year. They're getting him back this year OK so it's like to get a free quarterback let it be like you Cleveland drafted to. Anyway now it's possible now I'll tell you right now. If we dress. Who quarterbacks. I'll go burn all my stuff. It took it. Did you first round. Has before I got excited they do wit like the Kirk cousins and RG three and one in four. It. All they each. Hit the fourth down into the twenties and like Lamar Jackson. Does still two quarterbacks in the first round I heard some of the Newton. That's all you can begin to. Here he's not gonna beat you that you're not you're not the only negative. And why you know. It. By five it's over to reason why teams and who's the big bad decisions. That now. So I. Sent me a picture of the last time. Eighteen drafted quarterbacks in the first round. Right well thanks yeah. Yeah. Well I mean yeah but it mean in fairness it made all his friends about it that you can really be bad team could do it. I'd still let's just move on why. It is brown you're gonna wrap this fall and now all signs and I don't know if this is most are now a bit every and a reporter saying that. Most out of all GMs and scouts and ever in the with the knowledge knows that the browns guilty baker mayfield number one. And I just wanted to see right up in the little box. Showing your new starting quarterback. And run eight fat cop would dress shoes zone. Push on it. Also. Honor. LeRoy his favorite quarterback in the draft Josh Allen because he was so highly thought of in the Mountain West Conference. Where he was the honorable mention quarterback yeah. He evidently had about a racist and insensitive tweet and high school stuff with this. Either but it beats and obviously you're. Just a little less I did some ensued yesterday. And it does get this story you've been furthered so you just hold for 12 don't care. You as it is. Security. This has been done by another team that wants Josh Allen did get him to fall to them which means and who liked to gas mask exactly. The dollar's drop councils is going to hold the dolphins' draft Josh Allan we know that there is and taste of the rat bastard a league all the tweets. And tossed in the gas as. This just brings out. There man in his heat like. Yellows he's Idaho's know what I'm saying wait as gas man's deal. Has really look at it here as an excellent garden hose or is here. I was as a candidate that both an insult to us to each spiral carts through his baseball. He says than in Kabul the and they. Two words I don't wanna hear via industry yes attract quarterback. Out eat at that spot and spend but I just know dead at their set themselves up. Issues during a football sees telling you. They the bottom line is this we have a unparalleled unprecedented draft showed tonight to president. President unprecedented. Times president whatever we don't have one of those either anyways. And no way can keep you keep the lawyers and apparently no flip side totally am a snowflake you know you and Kanye and snowflakes. Con is the anti snowflake in almost the same size 20 kind is it. And today in the wall old he's gotten me. Bowl maybe he's even babies all the music out he's huge. Outs yet. He's he's the solid I don't know of those stirred up and so one put out there that the president to real physical numbers. Like not the numbers that they then did doctor Ronnie gave a press conference. Is this anyway I'd like to 39 is the number real numbers and it was 289. Big present there. Oh yeah. I was very impressed and I knew I would get a polite to pointed even went from presidential stuff. But euros after tonight to 7 o'clock we roundtable Friedel with perk. Beasley. And Omar Kelly let me a net a ho yeah I like this love and then at 8 o'clock it all starts with Orlando of the area we reported dolphins camp then. MR rush hitting the dolphins' draft party we've got Chris Willingham and Curtis Stephenson and then over at our draft party. We've got. Alex Donna know Butch Davis whom and Ken Dorsey. Wasn't. Well us so no no hyper. As Josh how are we going to enter. Yeah which would be because he's been he's doing which had facet Allen's which makes the Denver dolphins trade really feasible. Omega I swear to god there's a Broncos traded today with the that and is on the lose and that's my scenario. What's that gonna. As soon in the thirty in the gutter because he is moving to London. His teeth he broke my heart's content Hebrew. It. You well as a four or Austin you know. Him as of now. Yet you missed it on the under the jaguars is by Wembley Stadium at 930 every every week to watch football. Slow. Footed security. Islands that phobos is nine. Out of this week than one. Or HBO boxing. And Jacob smear command well drop tonight possible you play you know with what game. Boston three games do and I'm LeBron plus one such past. Lifting a road trip over Tampa next. All right the time has come. Raw he's mock draft who. Is put a lot of work into this if you guys have been listening to her couple months we've been doing Robby is draft room. He has put all the pieces together this is the definitive drug there are no other drafts no piper Matt Miller. Todd Election Day. Rescissions. Greg Cody you all can kick rocks we are so broad that degenerate. He's given us a mock draft coming out. So yeah. Jonathan. Who would let him. What is the Cuban TV and you're good do you judges on the moon. Whose bones and Max wood of the community guns had problems and was known. No and I get here. So good you. So. Today is like Christmas. Came down to Brussels. Now for me it's more off. We'll talk about it because your ability to correct you never put it lightly go to the movies and Chinese food correct pretty awesome it is a brigadier. It in my book well. That is if you haven't already seen the movie. Who all yes as a lot. Winslow. I think that's a giant crawfish to Zune looks like he's the underdog. Articles in I think it is as a giant cross their dollars and that is that is not a statement after bro do there's no river launches she's due to their called crawfish have to know. There after lobsters. And other African lobs and why. They do that's a that new law suits. Me I. I'd figure out heroes out. Africa ends. Waltzed. Called south short. So what he has. That's not the same thing we want is a tree and you can't get it right. We did most other until after it was the Australian river Australian lumps. Eric math memoir about the subtle thing there's Australian lobster Australian lobster. Was discussed at all. By Robbie you have youth homes over the prospects. You have your order of today's draft pending trades. I do you butcher singer my job Rory. One of them may be one or two and there may be does not use and so now will fall by the rules of either go your draft door or Jumbo drop I don't know what you which you do. But either way let's get to rob his mock drafts. All right insert off the Cleveland Browns with the first pick in the draft. Not a lot of smoke street coming out of the speaker mayfield. And amid this draft and stick by it is all smokescreen the first pick of the draft by the Cleveland Browns Sam. Arnold maybe it'd be wrong on that community can make it I think it's a spokesman all right if Harry Arnold edits. What a smokescreen quarterbacks is in it makes sense we went Indians. You had the first look at I don't understand that it would seem like unnecessary spoke. Just wondering what was adults they wanna smoke there's fire who said that. And he hasn't said that technically this is in the smoky the bear Al Golden threat to the now the giants are on the clock. Sequel Barkley is available they still ticket quarterback Brett they didn't grind it out with Eli. One more year with the second pick the giants would take say call on Barkley. You LaMarcus happy. He didn't go to Cleveland he's super stoked. I don't know not afraid of surrogate global. What's erratic the New York Jets. Even they don't want to quarterback they they traded a thousand picks and move up to the spot they're they have no choice and the pick is going to be maker mayfield. At three. Merritt British standard thus far this route its interest right now number four the Cleveland Browns again. Parity draft Donald. Barkley is up the board that's right in my go to DiMicco Chubb immigrant busted they don't know to do and all of a sudden it. Let's act as the Buffalo Bills this. May have the Cleveland Browns have traded down in the first round it seems that every year and the Buffalo Bills once gave the browns 21 round picks to move would get Samuel gets back as part. Hence so the the bit of the bill should think that the bills have twelve and 22 in this year's draft also to set tropics and the bills also the first pick in the third round what's that got. From Cleveland so they can. I think the bill a trade to be worked out they might mimic haggle over the second and third round pick record trade it's dawn and buffalo moves up against the browns 21 tropics. And the move up and take Josh Allen. I don't care plan is passed well it's easily Alan Rosen and the united you know or to the California kid can put the buffalo. How would spiral because it cuts through wind. Like a nice like a Knight war or to listen cuts like knives you know I won't tell you go as an ally when it's got a house. Yes but let me just say this is again it may mean let me just say this. If he'd thrown it to the right T. Who gonna say. Yes and October yet is because he was seventh in mountain west. You both look to meet the buffalo did and did meet the playoffs last year that they still governor Tyrod Taylor they desperately need corporate underwriting don't AJ McCarron and to do whatever takes Corbett. Now five the Denver Broncos. They're on the clock. Hit the three quarterbacks already gone they did invest in case Keenan does a phone call from Adam this is getting nervous. Did the dog catcher of the fiber they don't have they don't have the exit to on the pixel camera once you do your housekeeper to number one to Drew Brees ridiculously stupid could be difficult quarter. But I did go there wanna protect key skewed and establish a running game and they're gonna go Quintin Nelson at five. And slowly loses it. Israel is top on guard while when they go sick while Barkley because it just got rid of these on these these are what did you it was and went to the giants department empty to have a month to. All right sixty Indianapolis Colts now back in the day they were did the third pick in the draft. And they trade it all those picks to move up to six but when they had the third pick everybody was senator Tim Bradley Chubb and guess what. He's still there at six and they get all these draft picks in return. Is genius move by the colts' big team Bradley Chubb. Do you think that adds immersive as thugs and murders he's often a cap somewhere with you know but for the cash. Adams' car whatever. Is going to be on TV. It's odd alliance it is only every jailed an album saying he went on live feeds and Indianapolis game. Should be okay. He's like Jerry Jones less attention you know these should be read. I'm never do you not do you go look like a mile bike and then he left. Alamo like and now. What's number number seven route Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now they have a history of drafting Florida State players what his team is once in order to give -- thousand picks to get Robert guano that and we were gods allow work well now but. It's you know why it is this is the ticker off connection he calls it an eight in Decker. Decker off it wasn't there. Either way brace now that's that's true Darwin James he's still there and I think he's going to be like the types and I didn't particularly James it's pretty good Becker off. Period actor off of course unlike interview once that did him. Now and before your time and we'll talk about the law forced me to death particularly when James of is there. Number eight I've Decker house numbers and wonderful knack I've talked him before to an interest in. Okay you need to write to take a breath sounds like he's about to face very excited over this like just give them a bit what is outs and expect me. The Chicago Bears some terrible team is not and they're they're panicky because Nelson's not that they desperately want and also bodies hours or so it settle. And they dictate that the linebacker most resembles. Brian Urlacher and that will be Jermaine and. Some little. Good thing. Again noticing somebody is quite absent is this is this this is as of today and here here when we are wishing something into exist right there under the GMs here I'm I'm just saying. You know you want something happening you're making it happen to death. I haven't heard anybody with a name that rhymes like that so far this lookup lists and lists thing before it gets to the all right if you say so number nine. San Francisco 49ers. Now revenue quarterback they have all the hype in the world are a high tree that way over hyped Ottawa. Tell me and for overrated niners isn't a very very wealthy. Until that that everybody goes because they beat the hell of the jaguars are one we. Just building care that we QB Jay I want to hear he's got a hose. Who knows. So they're gonna want they're gonna wanna give Jimmy drop below some playmakers on offense too impressed to be dropped low and so the 49ers there for real. And the best receiver in the war I think it's a little too early for a but the niners they're there there on a full hype train and gonna go with Calvin Ridley. From Alabama from moving up. And Houston ramifications might complexities related these examples that perhaps perhaps or maybe you're bluffing so I go down in the doomed at all. Maybe I don't trust. I'm pretty I am on a wall we was the last place he is the only by game Sasha and tyrants and it's a sweet chase and a few. Give us your tenth pick Broderick had through the the Oakland Raiders now yes. Broke once Smith is available and this is a spot potentially throw consummate however I give me this. The secondary last year was awful. Jay Cutler threw for 300 yards against these guys terrible and I know they drafted Gary and Conley last year but any off. Work on etc. they tackle real Mac that it's a linebacker. Made to a Fitzpatrick is still there. They need a corner and safety this guy to possibly play both and Jon Gruden loves Alabama players to the raiders at number ten take Mika. It's Patrick Reagan Robbie I. Noticeably we stopped short of number eleven yeah talk about perfectly. We're in some of the dolphins are gonna do next. Business and Abraham. Lydia know. Where there's smoke there's Jake by the smoke. What a big day coming to Canada smoke in leading this is better ask somebody where the somewhere in this building he's got in the remote. And a plate of food rest of those come we realize that I think is doing this time I last year dressed tres amigos yeah. He was doing that this time last year and the result of the ten million dollars script. To say and it really stop doing it now does need to be good for this is. You look it up when he had a good position. Eight being mission doesn't MI to Barack. They knew it arrives at diseases Jack to the gills the other. He can be done and television has been assured. He has been assured that he'd insured today. Not promised to tomorrow listen listen. They don't know that a lot of change their minds and. Earlier about a million men out of the gore about his about it you don't know about his leg. Lay is mix don't Obama does get a bomb they made the dolphins do about it among the all. All the votes is it's like the whole debacle with radiation has surgery and a leg that was the bra. Yes he's got injury prone occurs it is shame damage to cars and it was wolverines Brett which it look okay way to. So that didn't work and that was the problem. What's gonna end up happening is. It just because they problems some job done meaning. Gonna head job. Why do you say hey I know we issued by. Like so I have a hard assembly unit that job cement he's not start and we want them. Let somebody comes in wows them with the offer for him. Right you think big trade. Idea. I think if the offer was gonna get you to flip the thing about it. Because why not immunity. Why did it fare coach if you gonna start now lets you drop lets you really thinks it is not ready like let's say they draft Lamar Jackson that is you know what one month. We want one of the that's it that's the big that's the big problem in Boston is they think. He's the only quarterback that worked out there very impressed by it and that he's the future than the belted by the way I tell you right now a major it's. Do draft Lamar Jackson the sound you'll here is the entirely crap the pants and because they know they messed up. On. Oh yes. Because here's why oh yes here's why until you hear so I don't. Guys get dressed in. Because they fit in system can do. Their skill set fits what they do on ninety and it doesn't everybody. Oh it doesn't it everybody. Well if it fits the team that always goes to the Super Bowl. I think Vick got more figured out and Tina has 21 round picks you also hear gas from the south on Sunday in North End section of the town why. Rejected. We knew in the super silly let me get this right ya we get white guys catch it. We get the black guy that throws you know. And in his favor them by. Mean he is I tell you about it I want it happens about it but Jackson ends up on the dolphins have Lamar doesn't have the die were so that's fallen. I'm into that. Would you know that. In what. Either one if you mend the bone in the video on the on the dolphins. More jets yeah. Now your high you be really what is defense fixed it on the street what did you want to boost. Looks at it in and understand this. In the last. For five years. Which were about quarterback. Whoever's been quarter. The problem has been couldn't stop the last year and they put them both because the offense was so well OK okay don't we can't count latched Digisette whoever was the quarterback are. Take was quick yet he was you us. And then won game. One play of game Matt Moore. Came into the game. Now or started the game certainly that got rock and they said is fine. Gates who Mormon and anywhere and gotten wrong little edited it may be. I. Is like listen we don't like normally blasts on the concussion thing. This one's kind of hard to deny we're gonna have to invest 230. A read it back to Robby specks not a desire to rule. Need a break I'm just trying to figure out who's off the board. Agencies should lessen and rode down B Evans all too confusing there's live phone ringing this gene Decker how can person Asians. Okay will do well on the board for the dolphins. I just wondered what quarterbacks left on the board Rosen is still their Lamar Jackson is still there okay. I just I'm just trying to I'm trying to thought you needed to try to roll along Robbie so what insular all the news try to roll on here. Doesn't mean you may have considers that. Of all the positions of need. Would that be harder to get hit eight quarterback. Later. With a harder B or in your pillow below the spot. Depends if you want it and EG yards depends if you want a quarterback he's he's an actual prospects. Have you actually a guy has a chance if he they're not as guy if there are guidelines and we were just bought listen if it of the dolphins guy. Whoever days. Mr. quarterback. Thinks is the best quarterback in the draft falls to them wherever that may be. When they should take it. Applied about the draft that's. Borderline hilarious and sad at the same time. If you are. Only one that thinks that a guy best maybe you're better than them. Gauge how good the. Realized you know here's the thing how how who who'll try to trust because what we're off the a miracle that this is all the teams that are bigger above me right there and worse than me. There are as dumb pretty good now runners on recently. They are just a guard's first pro. So you get you guessing too highly of their thought process. In bond goes a long time ago and in some data from South Korea wants to an ailment and all right that seems odd. But if they were good ago defense I mean it definitely sound you go to defense. Mom. Fitzpatrick wrote quantities there mean it seems to me erotic Muslim on the re he's not gonna be there for the arms body is if he is I know that you have a notepad stance in year. You know war room where the hell that is. It is fantastic young Robbie as a war when he doesn't have little to do it yet and when I'm talking a horse and too light. It's a war room to war room tonight it's a war. The court board and it really again. His answer question I can't answer. But I'm. Guessing. One. What lasting longer good offence or good. Who are these other quarterback and an off balance. Yet a defensive guy he's handsome guy gets in the community integration challenges are great for loan problem and how long was the Seahawks window really. Five years. War that's a long. Yeah I'm Brady has been. Kick him with a bunch of different pieces Roethlisberger. Batteries are room breeze that's one bay quarterback but he you don't do supposedly that's one goes out and taken it too well. There Rogers. Yeah I mean they've been. Its value as we did personally as he was heart muscle last album just say might just even before they've been there all but. In relation it's there all us and hasn't hasn't been the problem that. So you find the guy there I mean it's usually the position that's gonna last the longest. Tell them there hasn't been a first round and that's lasted longer on the dolphins and Ryan's analyzed there. None none not knows it is not hasn't gone. Larry slamming your immediate and I was Mike Wallace airway and in every wasn't personal and it was a by the what was what was on the dolphins ended. Okay. Zach Thomas. Wasn't a first topic only lose the the wide. Receiver. And my time for trumpet or bump when. And again the only guy has been a lot of materials is a Rashad long snapper by getting and Los nevertheless. He's got his dad who they'd draft indoors if freeagent does that mean that really has been a diamond finds them. Who donned an engine. No medical excellence its own. At some point is Corey played O linemen. Some just gonna go first round pick Shawn Johnson does fine but it did it for protection the dolphins Charles Harris Larry Larry console Delonte Parker to one James. Dion Jordan Montana film my county or Jared otter. We'll Vontae Davis. Jake Long Ted Ginn junior Jason Allen now question Ronnie Brown Vernon Carey last had a pretty long time question. Quest yet. Is any good. If the guy ends up having a bone careers in NFL yeah. Easier to mean that Ian Johnson a lot of good players in the first on the dolphins did not elaborate but they have way passed upon frequent. It will listen notable pass on the draft Jamar Fletcher. John Avery. O'Brien Urdu a real green and Al Gardiner played for a long time. I in the door what's authorizes us student at Texas question. Used to go in my back yard pitch to those questions that he's on a core I instantly go into last lawyers and get the most chances ran out in. Well. Dumbest. Knee weeping about this big of all the guys that you brought in we teams that suck. No quarterback and then turned a franchise around when you look at it and they may. Teams. Know what was first and then it went on to run. And then there were excellent color. That's on there with a clap I was always say office. The other quarter but but really sourcing dolphins were saying quarterback so that's why mask in. If they really do think that these guys of the guys whoever it is. You can you really had not and it if they don't think ten hell is a launch of innocent. Who's this guy is is a problem. You never end of which are going to be too we see us again. Well everyone big part of what I today. We've got a guy that. Every coach every GM as you say they won. We got our guy. Yeah I mean I don't want my Sheehan saying I believe that's. A bit in order tickets they believe dubs the gun it and has taken on time. Oh yeah alone without the O from the yeah my coach of ties ties my tights and a torso was just does this downplayed. I did. So but even though into office. If you say you that your guy quarterback had let. Right. Your own person that thinks that's the gap. Has gives Rio there for the quarterback he's gone before didn't. You gotta trust yourself. A guy with a manly you got to trust yourself and what it's like. I don't just just because it is and you I imagine those losing you probably ought to be realistic about it is if you really really want to be the guy. Then you'd think harmful. I think what would end up happening and address. Is. If you all. If you all in all dressed quarterback your draft will. It is not an emergency change her mind which are one and you get your final now brings me to my point. That is critically umbrella. And everybody says. Dad another guy is the best guy. Then there's really no importance to grab one right away. Yen to seven on say. You know and you thought anybody would understand your go to the spoilage there's not one clear cut its does that not clear what is known as you get any. Of the hybrids are true like it yeah it's their job to know who is the guy yet either would. On the Khyber. A reiki like that no other draft board. No man during I don't I don't win I don't want to send them all they had entered guy at present directed Chinese men's Zell in everybody knows this. Darn right it just means that they have a a decision. I don't want I don't want to among come. And sand. You know images too hard because you are no sub than it was mixture I had this guy and I we don't use some. Based in this all of what anybody else has to say I'm saying this based on. Of I were doing. And I'm saying I'm going into this draft wit some neat. Okay here what my knees are boom boom boom boom right. And then go ahead the first pick. And then I have the fourth. Now it only wants a quorum bar. When you're six quarter. So can I should take the guy that I'm guaranteeing. Is the best guy at that position. Or. One of the six. Because just because you think that's York. Did you think that's going to be the best guys. I guess from what we got their break we'll continue this on this site is a do you think that there is there's this still. Another thing that you have to consider when you do on the whole running back thing as well back up to us.