5-15-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, May 15th
Lebron is up to another phony move showing up to the arena 9 hours before game time to work on his shot. Tobin says its the reverse Kobe which leads to tobin recounting the time Kobe was shooting jumpers after a loss to the Heat to get attention for his "work ethic." Tobin says he has his own scoreboard and doesn't care about the show scoreboard. Tobin thinks Lebron might want to lose in the ECF so he doesn't have to take the L in the Finals. Beast thinks the Michael Jordan rings argument is overplayed. Tobin flips out when he founds out Beast is the new Assistant Program Director.

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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and. It's easy to sum it up we just talk about track as we Cynthia possible be franchise player and we in here talking about Pratt. It's a me listen we tell them I'll practice not a game not a game not a game we talking about practice. Yeah accused man practiced that since I'm not that much right now on the 1000 spree contest practice PR a CT ICE. Practice. Seven to anyone as we wanna text value registered. Did you know at this time we will give you another shot and about an hour's time to win a grand. Tonight. Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals. LeBron RD floating up. What's he saying now he's practicing already he's to get a practice he's already practicing at the TD garden is letting everybody know about it we call this the reverse Coby. I'll never forget this when they are doing is that he when he was there working up until all knowing in my time god 10 what do moves so this Kobe Bryant. It was only. This is the time with the heat actually need this win because there were beating any good news is the narrative back into 111 when he could beat any good teams and self. The lakers come to town leave his big win. And Kobe Bryant obviously jealous of all the shine here getting at that point. He he gets tools that you reporters feet nice I remember I was in the locker his feet and ice ready to roll. Then all of a sudden you know is so walked him back and who's on out their shoes and color Bryant issued an up and just like. Uncle go to Brian is to show you how much he wants it. And you know Figo Xenia to publish amidst these stunk up the joint teams to go of the joint and a diskette Dolan. Dahlan. And don't and the media swarmed scared to bigger. And bigger India. Well the L code is at least. Do with the for the cameras believe you should always dedication. Not like he's got a hold a host to host worked out press coverage is he. Wrong. Of course he is time to leave there and stayed for his press council iris you what's going on it. Not a target each other look like MM hmm. Was like all schools and all we're seeing one of a lack of dedication and we're personally I think. It's. I mean. What's the star of the NBA at the time of these he wasn't the Saudi Arabia that's it that's why he was doing a big star the NBA he was losing his grip the big stars in the NBA allotted some attention you you just left tells me at all. About time we were talking about Kobe Bryant grew we were we were and it pulls out dumb enough in the Big Three really give a rat's ass about go to fat. I've ever bosh go to Levitt talk show. It was the next day of the couple days afterward bosh is like yeah ocean to shut the lights off on them up just shut the lights off on. That's LeBron doing right now he shall we knew that there wasn't Kobe also the guy to get that dude that got to use the heat like hot tub. He did he get a pass relative relegate Kobe passed a filly goes much later than those retirement tour boat negative employment gain yet as UC was injured in the would suit up you Iran does and our field geezer get in there and he's not the mood like there. Malaga plan. But LeBron is doing the reverse coat today he is he show you how early genre no excuses to back. The Brad Stevens doesn't manipulate and get his little wizard is we'll get to him in the second overly humble Brad Stevens. It's a little disgusting opt out. He's got his little it is little minions out there if they go and they get another way and it's 20 but also includes electricity Thompson factor about the system Bobby's he's gonna he's gonna count and the Al Horford fact act. Just Thompson who are we talking about here doesn't bomb. He is a bomb beast the series not to really tough for him he's an 81 ball this series must just. Does that it doesn't sit well with the the end must haunt you it doesn't sit well with me but. The conclusion LeBron as a wanna win. That's would have gone too well. Gotta make he's got to make him look good this is not make it look good this is this was made via text reaction is one made. The last time LeBron to got a catcher he was in Boston. My theory is. You wanna go down in the finals match ups team to Kevin Durant would you what exactly would you wanna put out that no but I do think this is something that's under sold here. You know everything in these great debates of the all time greats. Really all we go to as the finals match real talk about a times Jordan missed the finals. Or did he get to the finals or you know at any any kind of struggles this team away and play baseball whatever. It we all know Jordan six and now 60 in the finals that's all we care about is the number everybody holes up for him to be the all time ago. LeBron. Not only does this finals record get worse but don't watch it last that Western Conference finals it's quite possible that this is going to be Kevin derail it. Down 12 in the series all time head to head in the finals. This and if we started. Ranks for Kevin Durant. UP. I hadn't column if he catches you and rings. Last night was. Overly the just ridiculous with the amount of people I mean there was people weapon out 456. Rings for Kevin green mountain. Enough to know about it now. Which in the team that put who says a team state public eventually all things must come to an end like way and let the big worry Kindle and on and I thought the same. This is missing is and like so that's something I have been no it's not something we'll have been remember like do we you know what's the biggest concern that a step curry missed twelve games a year because of his ankles we'll have Katie big bulls Gordon Hayward. Would mean delegates foot goes the other way I guess yeah health pending but that's only enemy you've gotten wealth is in your pocket freak injuries are not talking to break let him Greg Thompson wants out. He doesn't want to address gonna want huge Max after this year is our cities and op now and the so the girl there already honorary. There'll there competitors and automatically tops in the future maybe you can afford to give clay Thompson we want it wouldn't wandering gets arrested on the court. It's the character and it doesn't ever complain about anything it is he gets to be on the best team ever she does the breeze gets high. Women has had at the dopey face and just goes about his business logic to go to the dopey things slightly lower summon the heroes of the you know having to us you know listen. What you're shenanigans I would usually and I am not okay with you making fun people's looks why. Not nice view sorry she's got a cleft palate cleft lip let's stick to think. Yeah the headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. Every day leave the show wondering if zones and be picketing outside. To be that day. Ticket if cleft palates. I dare you. Would you do that. Would guess what we got to gates pick the right want to get. The ghetto and sports that Britain Italy won the rewards. Would. You better put on your padding that lines up in the dark and. It. Yeah we got basketball likely animosity you have it done right here on the ticket. Game two of the series Boston a one game to none at 8:30 took time 8 o'clock is the pregame show right here on names have an idea for what a 43 to do to get your home the boat to conference finals and the NBA thoughts. No doubt about it art gallery carrying a lottery also. Twelve decision looked seem pretty well tonight. Not a lottery is that halftime right notable for the chance to get no Baltic if it's on the pregame show that will we will be carried we're not. There's a special program for is now over the last two enemy and Robinson emblems. As evidently as great radio. I loved the best part of my blotter as well who each team sentenced to represent the team and that's the yeah you gotta yet in children Gilbert's kid he's going to be there. This idea area occidental an analyst and middle visual rude and it all off on the news and business in the we'll go to that. We'll hockey tonight surprisingly. Watching now is is up two games to none over Tampa Bay. And to that and you know quarterly doesn't mean much hockey and don't steal all the time. On court doesn't mean much dismisses the Dublin core yet I see it morons. Saint Paul field sizes that hat. It's speak you know what size on number is it's an eight. And it's not big enough news over here I don't like I only have this half wanna have my massive here. What are we on the countdown coming days and the achieved I believe right after Memorial Day weekend that we mean sort of gesture so we're looking at two more weeks. Yeah I got to the Tuesday after Memorial Day or maybe Monday night and it goes down why Memorial Day and that's what has paroles up yes that's what he's out that's what he's out. There will be designed and do another crime. Please please don't commit more crimes and these tests really in the record cut but if not we're just doing it. Like we're get updated Edwards were discovered on it. Lou listen this dude that was a minority owner of the Steelers tempered tempers on its own the the Panthers Carolina Panthers he says gonna give me Charlotte's Alaska made it to Jake Tapper. No it's temper not temper your credit particularly poignant. Is out of the zone does not phase in the board. Jack I. I'm I'm all I'm in LeRoy seats I don't know what today clear does that 180 perfectly. Day he's got yet ultimately also good leader is off his Mike also today's a good day for Tobin and try to attack the board himself points. With me guarding the boards Italy Roy this I don't need a points. Hug you about the disk is jointly run out on the same wave length is evening. And so therefore what I don't need your approval it up and so I decided to do is I make my old school board at the end of the show. I go by that. Was hoosiers that Cisco in boxing you have multiple judges. I'm scored a 109 system and a lot of times of coming out the unanimous decision so you're succeeding from the union. Succeeding or does a I'm I'm I'm putting it under my own review. And it doesn't work like that you score me now and he's more in your in your beloved in your beloved. Boxing ran eat a lot chair of the boxes to they get to judge their own rounds. I mean because their own mind leg on the box and a but it doesn't mean anything nova and the boxes come out afterwards and say I want that fight. And so in their own lives very but it doesn't mean anything but does what matters for example initial judge's scorecard no pleasure abortive as Roger yes. That's what steroids and Bradley beat many pot yeah out. But who who's the people's champ who got the real public back now and many topless and what matters getting a lot can get on operas what. Matters is what's on the scoreboard at the end is not what you feel your had a what you keep it real personal scorecard. As easily and instantly right. A guy. At the plate. It's a looper into left field probably get. Doubled me on vegetable. Men. He wants and as it. Right okay well but has talked to anybody it is hit ya he did it did misplayed the whenever what are the scenarios obstinate they call a conference call with Obama. Reich told by the food businesses though right yeah let's call let's call this person one. Correct you want to take on an error guess what. They ruled an error it's an error when they don't get it he can appeal it it's happened before they added chase it's to Eric as months later but is not happening in this maybe sell. If you want to start an appeal process you can. And maybe so I don't I don't wanna go to the appeal process you can but you cannot keep those Miller. Knows maybe sell but Juan Pierre in his own minds like. And about one. Well and so. Maybe your money maybe your algebra he score book I will be winning but in my mind. I'm went well in your mind you're always winning. And the else. No. So it's soda said the Boston. Yeah. Sure. What lies ahead Texas except as a pork. Dexter writes I think preseason that he was big but he took credit for success you blast it may not give credit for being truthful. To the point. Guess we'll never know it. Just eleven of sir you can sit there with your own beliefs. In Atlanta. But right now. Some phony. It's fake humility. You know phony phony. In the series yet it is it did it's it's to fix it and asked what to think out leads the other. But seriously. If LeBron James and he saw what happened last. He's got no shot. No shop a beat that team outside of B scenario where. Kevin Durant and step curry both trip. In a sewer and they tethered their Achilles. He got no shot. No but he. My my point on the war yours is yours we're sitting here projecting now they're going to be the most dominant team. For years to come and you never know what will happen as far as personalities. As far as money wants as far as. Egos and all of that's you have no idea it's all working now you have no idea what it's going to. He met that like it here's the thing with the warriors you really have to look at it from a new era because the direct era and when they won their first ring is different the different team when you that kind of a player to. So if you look at data from this damn one of these four guys together. I don't think you can look at and say oh that they're gonna run out of steam with this one and it just started man. They just got together and they don't lose in the play offs so why do you think that's gonna come out that's gonna come apart at any point. And for her it's not that I think it's going to come imparted just we can't project would go an avenue can't reject the unknown. My composite direction as well just because Lloyd did it you could say we don't know summoned back and it orchids is continue to be awesome. Eight could but and there's mortal when there's more likely of a chance. That at some point along the ride. Some pulling wool splintered that thing up was so. Because LeBron brings the drama with them what they're different says is just because LeBron has chances and locks that is just because LeBron is a row. And he leaves every four years to find a new project. Doesn't mean these guys well. And if they continue to stay together and they do racked up rings. I think LeBron for this year if he knows he's gotten a shot with the with the the the the vagabond crew that he has together those varmints have teammates. I think he brought really you know what is the sort out let Brad Stevens and his merry men go up there and try and take this one. Because that doesn't count against the cardinals gonna remember embers to rant if he never makes the meeting. But if he loses. And he goes down in this all time one to. I don't know say hey there's no shot to read in their mind could ever pass LeBron James is an all time player right. You'll probably have a CB analysts say the brought you never pass MJ in my mind is an all time player. Or talking about this in their careers are all wrapped up but it's also end up with the best basketball players of all time. Kevin Durant comes out of this argument with a more rings and more wins head to head in a finals. How can it how how did not have some stick to the claim that he's better than LeBron. Get out of state to the claim I still think people would be all over the bronzed god can be you know say that he did it. You know in Cleveland or no one else did it and you know what have you. No I didn't think Cleveland we have he won one for Cleveland as the job together with a eligible NBA players I just say they did it in Cleveland. I'd put it in the matches against each other. If he goes and he loses this year he that has not only losing record in the finals he does a losing record to Kevin Durant correct. Has an argument for Kevin ran in the all time meeting. Whenever this has a double culmination of course it's an argument so you don't think you'd wanna avoid that when he's gotten ocean. Gotten shot meant. Does say it. Well immediately look at today just shows up for the arena that he does the war it I would LeRoy I would tell you from an athlete's perspective they never think they're out of it because NB let's stupid. That adds it's a stupid delusional thing the thing like how can he actually go that hug LeBron look around. And say like can't clone myself my best asset as is Kevin Love who have ridiculed. And told to fit in fit out the last four years outside of that I got JR Smith media piece over. Joining Clarkson won mispronouncing his name in the in the post here in my Arnold Robinson and Yemen phony play by play recall. You got no shot compared to big guy. But yesterday. Do you feel like they've played on all cylinders yesterday and stuff was a non factor it really wasn't that close like maybe a little bit of rubble but the rockets. But when when the lawyers wanted to put the pedal to the metal as it was took a look at Klay Thompson three and that was it will go over that it was over too many weapons too many weapons. And so. I'd just I'd adds that they say RA if I was in this case you know it's like yeah pick your battles and LeBron is if he is in the situation. Why don't you wanna go to bed early got no shot of go to just because why do you think you'd think if it add to his his legacy that he gets to the finals of this team. Don't remember that when he loses. The gold against him. I really think that's the case. It's all it's all fine and dandy now people early on. If LeBron gets this trip to the fire okay but did it do you guys do that with the with a finals where news. Drove it around there was development nobody give any credit for that you know not eaten Noelle I'm beasts. No they don't. They just say I lost you lost. It's it until now the result is a bad program. Because it's it's at yet it's a rings final score board. So let's say never catches Jordan ratings okay what's he gets no more rates. We Kevin Durant needs of our animals maybe gets through it it's four. And then you like well not only that he beat the breaks off LeBron in three of those finals. It is if you go look at their careers the end yeah maybe I'd agree with you and say. And LeBron was about a player. But. Mean if we're gonna over the ultimate prize here and there was the best player and at the peak of competition he came out on top. I think grip I mean this is gonna go to the MJ argument a little bit but I think rings is stupid way to. Acknowledge who is the stupid or is it just an overplayed what Ed in The Who I think it over the anyway because. Obviously to team sport and it's. You know it takes more than just one person but I think I feel a little bit of it is listen. Michael is great and he wants X rays. And yes he had some good players around him. But now at the school states and and certainly not I don't move would do was jordin surrounded. With has been of the players as LeBron wade and bosh. Meaning that they ought to put David in that argument not a Pippen's there are those events to who has or third that has been is botched. If it coats. Is completely shut Ron Harper. I think you know it's so apartment. Run well there is now they're crazy all of gamer and an ambassador. There's no matter oh he's been ambassador is out of battery in this feeling keyed. But do it it's also another in the book is written about peace on the Korean Peninsula. Dennis mark Robbins now about goodness he's in the story of my. My kids will be learn about Dennis Rodman and ambassador mr. pirates. It's in even if that is the days late. Okay put the time change like if those if it sort of like this are you don't think Jordan border of recruited more super teammates just kind of a different time men. You know like get back in the day you'll pennies at all I still had my team and that was it lets enjoy and didn't you know you don't think Jordan would have joined up with Charles Barkley eventually. Well if that was just the culture of the game that's the culture of the game and LeBron may that culture. Yes no doubt in any given time I it's just catlett I just don't like it this whole compares ending is stupid but it back to. LeBron. And the cavs and LeBron legacy and the ranch legacy like I I don't think I don't necessarily know that rings as the way. Overexposed to decide this one how it goes decided. The I'd just. We mean to the eye test men will how those guys think OK I just they're playing against each other has had as the reds winning all the time but is a better team so. So I mean it's just the attention just got to know he's got to know he's here you see when you see it solely the straight. If they both came over the same summer yeah they're free agents tracked that both had pages of the warriors chair and the problem went to the warriors right. You would have held that against them you just continue to get to still be the best player don't know it would have been held against this year. If it was held against the when he came here we are remember the narrative now I went around there Joker. Right correct always coming up small had to go to Miami in order to win. Had to go to and win a proven champion. Didn't read it all that. I mean they're just mirror images of each other really they haven't done anything different the only thing that was different was. The warriors Jimmy Choo was closed the Dwyane Wade's ones that's the only difference. But a dog but they got their betting odds are you really don't have a giant step Perry. Ends. I just I. There parallel moves to me. Like they've they've done the same things in their career it just may be that Kevin Durant. Doesn't have to keep moving and leave in because he doesn't wanna leave his franchise and rodents. LeBron he's like well. Is there's the thing willbros nothing about the KB chase he's always thinking about the Jordan chase and to me the reason he went to Cleveland. Among all things was. What is legacy. What about going to be able to do that is going to be able to sell the bush used that and be able to put to a Nike commercial a double Miami thing I got a ratings. This run of four years maybe and I would think his Dwyane Wade. That that means the good real squeaky. Although Betty BB BBB kiss and Dwyane Wade's feat to have mama's team for tonight well. What what what what are some that you don't like you said earlier winning Cleveland nobody's done right nobody's done in fifty plus years for a as the great Jim Brown legacy. Legacy yeah. But that's over now. And now with your back up to get back to ratings to conversational way. His little Q and it was nice it was and as little fat that you went on. And you know maybe maybe some flipping levity to get one this year and that really talked. And so that what does he do doesn't stick around does he go for another super team and it LeBron does. Go to Philadelphia. Or Houston. Doesn't that negate all the Kevin Durant suffered you have against them because then we'll broads is reloading again visiting him. So. But that's kind of a dumb thing to hold against Kevin Durant. This. It's a silly thing. I'm a hole in against a not seeded and I'm not holding as it I'm just saying. I wanted to be her player player and I'll do that Matt's. The eye test. You know who got a good mood of the but the but you what you watch Kevin to rim B LeBron James your year and an ad doesn't matter that I put one on one. The bar none other and that is the most important is it that dean is now once he immersed in. No it's not yet it is the Steelers teams not one on one it's not a one on one game. Honestly you wanna make a while one decision of who's better all time just based on the eye test. What should not go let your eyes to really do the test because the team sport not one on more yup that's a poor formula. One. Because you're about to probably leave the studio. On the league let's do. You might. What I get to this. Long long. Yeah. Never seems nutrition knows and doesn't yet I don't know why they let you listen. Did you see that Netflix and he has dinner coming out with. Ten hours. On Michael Jordan. Ten hours a lot. The line to take you thirty for thirty and didn't know this is kind of definitive it's like it's not their biggest in the third but there needs to like. What is it is there have been thirty but it's more than he'll go to the OJ thing except they're doubling it. So is it documentary sellers like someone's playing Michael is it like no I think it's good documentaries Huggins called the last business. How does the law that would disintegrate Jordan is out. That's or. It's too much. Has the episodes. Ten points on Jordan's career. I mean you don't think he deserves it. But the Jordan what a lot. Also with shoes left to play baseball possibly again which is mentioned the end. Ten episodes the revolution as a given fastball he revolutionized sneaker marketing he reveled I don't start up. The OJ Simpson yes who also is a perennial running back. Correct it's more chapters into his life then Michael Jordan did well maybe this. I really needed five more maybe this'll uncovers some stuff we don't even know about. I mean the relationship with his dad is on fort though unfortunate death of his dad there was began in June in the news baseball's. You. He would find I mean North Carolina is the legacy man. I think in Ohio is North Carolina. Yeah we need nor want a ground war and all week either wanted to have that on the wizards couldn't get him was the coach of the doubles in his first there's a Doug Collins yet it was to call he got him fired I mean you know we let them as a lot of time on the clock going out late into high. Legacy of the Celtics lakers. Rivalry had to. At ten episodes on what I did I know he's. The guy but it was so it's it's like overkill. Is about eleven parts. Or 91212. In the world to ring again. I don't know present hearings and have hearings what Hitler Kobe instinet Kobe let's go to get. Oh he didn't write to an Oscar. That's ready did they all that is needed to lead announcer. What just happened during the break what are you talking about. I need I need and into Canada and in a minute here. With so we know refer to notice is just gone out to our studios not just studios are pro our company our entire via team. From a boss correct. And he says I'd like to share some promoter in this yeah Oregon and I like to share some positive changes to our sports station programming staff to increase the productivity. Nimble and enhance the content improve communication that did do between departments. Congratulations. To Brian the beast London who becomes a six. Pro. It was when the mother's own both WQ I am and the ticket. So Tuesday. I'm taking my talents that demonstrate to him in the building and a hobby or but I I'm also going to be. We have to. But everyone at three out right here that you'll idea economic incentive right there he will remain as co host on Tobin LeRoy between what is your new responsibilities. I'm Ahmad the vice president eat if one goes down I'm in charge. So you're supposed to improve communication in the island productivity was and wasn't selling out of the land needs to get out by mr. revision yet. If he hits it out I'm and I'm on so it doesn't hit men beyond what's in let's say let's say our bosses that nasty gambling habit does appraised that's right this is guerrilla forget would be legal so he's Robbie. And he gets an gets taken out by a hit man right. You broke damage arch yeah I give you the tournament. Seattle assistant program director. Some like the second in charge and that we have Danny were bit bullets is Danny from the other building hold on he takes my old job as program coordinator. The new job now now my new job had a lot more responsibilities and flexible home of the radio station. Now daddy moves into my old job. At one. He's pushing paper like I did you push paper all you're doing as well now what a lot more paper is eager we do in the liners now so it would. On their he's got a ton of paper mr. Bremer to land about first of all yeah. Nobody used and papers its old computers and other papers though that we now know that if we use we we get agendas at promotions means. You know back it's you know milk they have yet Kadima although that at a different date stately government. So. We can't get an extra hour on this. What did you actually station. I get an extra station yes a promotion. But now I'm promoted to believe that the good work you've done on the show correct which we've lived did you while I mean I've I've I've I've drag you from the depths that is your eyes to be in the cage. And has gotten you to be assistant program director of the station's correct. But I and I yes wouldn't sit here sure it didn't work has been. We can't get any backing of getting another. Well I'm. You know moved up into more managerial territory that woods guy I can have a bit of bullies. Ends. Are note the writing on the wall is what's the running a little lesser priority to you or going to be me in the aren't it was RD. Now for a good month is in my contract. That I decide them twit at the pictures and that I must remain loyal to the show it says that in words in the contract. Does that mean and also. With my new position I get to attend more meetings. Batter with higher level people and I can make the case to the high level people that the show deserves another hour. Yeah but yet not gonna. Did you just got a new job so that code be giving yourself more work. So I would just say I'm highly skeptical you're gonna get into these meeting with so called super suits which explains now why you've been way more button downs. The hard to believe edited part of your gonna be in these meetings with super suits and every basket from all work. You skeptical that now and I'll listen skeptical listen. Skeptical it's been discussed. All what's been boring a drought. Of media and what's been the sky I'll be attending. But higher level meetings having more input on stuff. I will gladly bring your case up when I get to this opted. OK so industry in a case that we've been Macon now for months I didn't have quit our that I have now you have any more power than I have a new title edit. They've been you know. Power occasionally my contract but there's more power what's the power I got in dogs and I don't I don't have to share. You know the truck driven. It showed none of the treasury sold not to trust it is. It is in fact. Nobody in this in in this in this area of radio cares about you more than oral audience that is there should be loyal to them are very loyal to them all day and you're not here I. I can say is it's like the difference between. If you're. You know the that blew the labor secretary but then you got made big vice president. It is that it's exactly leaded fuel again is that that's that's not to say is that you know I'm I eat and now you know I've got about my own staff. The people. Oh I don't know when I'm gonna have to build the same people were all year. Exchanged. And you say you're gonna get more influence yes did a much influence of that as to not ruffle feathers and an end and and and rubble the wrong now I. Idol ruffle whatever you need to ruffle milieu won't third hour media and done. Not no prob don't believe it no problem. Believe what I see it. Can't help but will I get the flags that I deserve if it happens we'll have we got the thanks we got this position now. We. We got this is and what who go and come back to you who this is no way I'm separate vote on that way no doubt ointment of the street I get promoted. And you want to point to the board. I would just like to say it's interesting. It's it just saying that all these great accolades have come since being on this show. But I talked about that below show that was on that you're in a cage before it's pumped about but championship global show that has gotten national accolades and coverage. And all the sudden you keep getting new jobs in new and new responsibilities. Yet. It now. Let's just say. Mo wanted to on the show we'll give forged an extra hour of work. For this radio program which is so heavily successful. We just considerably in summer like a hot dog water. I will now have. A lot more influence. I will be able to get myself and fun of the people that make the decisions we'll have more. And I'll put a good word in from my great buds totally right now. What you gonna do you say what you think boss. Whatever whatever whatever doesn't ruffle feathers Seles is beset rough learn he's a flow offer that strip. You're you're you're titles to be assistant plover. Phillips and off again got an STV from using them to us it's unbelievable. It's unbelievable. Folks. Let me lessons he would. You want to see it as well what do you think pat lots its apps that what he thinks LeRoy it's that you right now as he's getting ready to board a plane to come back here. I don't wanna send him a screen shot of the email. For fear that we may have a United Airlines are Jewish and on our hands. Sawmill always told not. But I just want it and now. Do you ever fire Bristol because. As the great. What's his name its source. You used to say with great power comes great responsibility. That you ought to know doubled and we mobile users say it was with great power comes great responsibility which means. You can now officially response we're taking the wrath of LeRoy. Which means good luck. Mean the force be with me. What did you estimate a thousand bucks. Beast doesn't need it new he has got a promotion. Well jets are a thousand bucks coming up at about ten minutes with the wind thousands for count as a backup to this.