5-15-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, May 15th
Tobin still can't believe the guy who couldn't keep his phone off during the show got a promotion. Tobin says he would rather give Hassan another $98 million if the Michael Jordan jersey would come down at the AAA. Tobin thinks Wei-Yin Chen is a clubhouse cancer because is swimming in cash. Tobin and Robbie think the Heat would have given the Cavs a better series than they gave the Sixers. Tobin rips TMZ for saying that Jay Ajayi wrecked an LA Mansion. This leads to Tobin ripping Adam Gase again. Beast doens't thank Tobin or Leroy in his long post thanking everybody for his promotion. Dwyane Wade asks Chewbacca if he should retire and Tobin and Beast try to read in to Chewy's response.

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Mayo AJ enough. I don't think I've dated itself around furniture over to our. Yeah you know my advice if positive about customized in charge. And W. I mean really. Knows what they were kidding about the failing a thing and infidelity that's how I look O line isn't it totally legitimate unbelievable. Crazy. Phil Florida we just talk radio show where you put in turn yourself on all failed forward the assistance. Program director correct. Which a lot of hooligans can view they think I'm the assistant to the program recollect on the secretary note though right guys. That's not what did you work. Kind of kind of I was a program coordinator the you died two chairs and stuff now let me ask you this yes you do this to keep Danny now. No Denny got promoted to give the kind of feels that you give him year old Digg but you just got. I don't know what this is ever that honest I don't remember what it's not understand I don't know what would as the system program director of this it's like the vice president went outside to understand Paris but I don't know Mike Pence those either. I went when the president can't make it to. You know you need to do but an important meeting this in my pants wins are the senate. How's the you know he has an crucial vote in the senate if there's time gaga I have a vote. I value as an extra hour of there. I told me now that I'm going to be jacket and and a second yes second yeah great second remember now go to about it. Listen I'm gonna have to deal people in New York Philadelphia corporate power down involves a telling a polar Anderson with a baby. Now wasn't complaining as you say that I'm because he's going to be fighting on the front lines for the show let them know. I'm in me you know I'm ordered to syndication deal. Am just baby steps. There's that you sort of a lie detector test by the way earlier you have this big Russian not a one room. What matters is not a goal of the mosque advisor before is like you know is that we're announcing you're paying today. You might wanna stay away from the lie detector in the and the hit does McGwire he's like because you end up without a job without a wife and probably homeless somewhere let out all reports. Should look at people public not to that he doesn't just 67974. To overshadow what's ten hours of. I think it's August and our amenity Ozzy he's been in the league for three years in the you know movies he's football some of these British. Even on BBC does a good ten hours holding cell BBC America they would do it it's the right need each other let's not even ten episodes. BBC America does planet earth investor questions what's that the earth or Michael Jordan. The year and now no intention. Of what's gonna resident Daniel what it'll tell you questioned the earth go around some of the flu. The entire episode of the flu. And into the earth hour on some of the flu could have not an objective iconic Jordan things but it we got the flu game. 40 yeah six titles yup shoes yup baseball yup. North Carolina North Carolina yup. Wiz the wizards juror. Having his number retired for the mining. Yeah yeah that call up some of the my sweet Imus we Riley. Until little boy in the godfather director for you if you will so what's a little hand was what the worst the worst decision by rials. Whiteside for 98 million according jordans I heard the door and I'm gonna. I'd pay a subtle it's an idea million dollars again if I got the Jordan Jersey out of the rafters and not doing about that would give a B two million it and as long as that stupid Michael Jordan just got taken down from the rafters it's who worst and it's so big. It's so big and it's happened had an awful Michael Jordan bulls though they Swiss city are agitated used yet and I'm doubtful Jordan. Bodes well and they have a dimmer and New Jersey apparently what that doesn't make sense people have worn number thirteen am is number thirteen now why is there Marino Jersey up there. If I make it distinct and had a look it was slipped on his back then withers government promotion. If they could just take those away. Please just take those away. I would be still happy urea to go to any whales this year it is a bike came to opening day next year. And the arena had nothing but heat stuff in there and no Jordan enumerate I'd be so happy. So on average as of a thousand bucks in the when thousands free contests you Wear this hour is new. Tech's new and AW to seven to 81 it veto witnessed on your next chance that the top the next hour to national contest. Message and data rates may apply don't text and drive. That. These kids WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true mirror. Or Amare. Got some odd tough watching for Tobin and I didn't watch these games or do you just guys oh what's all this no no no no I mean there's been good in a boss or is it too tough for you. Well I didn't watch much of game one I watched the beginning at a dinner gets on the and the weather's lust and it was mode Tuesday. It was Mother's Day and LaRue and I think it was has worn out promotional fighting that before the Celtics with the kangaroos. Two rats when I was himself through the ball that's right it was drafts knocking it. We've clearly a must and I busted a one game to none 830 you took time. 8 o'clock is when. We have the three and show right here in the ticket. Mean trio has worked contaminate. Bring him in here decent show. What do you do and some as yet as Bunyan. Oh I love that stuff. So rose all look at him he's a big guy he is fat bastard. Song I don't follow. It there are. You end all but ice. It's so horrible all he loves it wrongly low miss sax adequate revenue and he has maggots in his Bunyan. Alone and he is long and low. That video that want to know before you have been so horrifying. Iowa I added another podiatrist my list. And and I'm not that they just didn't look at movies oh my gosh. One. In a dead a bit and I'd based gates in game three washing up two games to none that. 8 PM is your face off. And that we will Marlins baseball tonight knowledge of the Dodgers at Marlins park and the way he and Chad may away Jen back guy's gonna go over the finish one and two are just a a little bit of my high ER hit ten point 22. The other athletes stealing money in South Florida Alice would locator for the Dodgers a 133 point 60 ERA. Tell they weigh in just become a locker room cancer. I just I think he's expecting Don Mattingly got to explain what and Blake what proof do you have of that. I just see the attitude that he walks on the mound with and it just how that all he's doing is spending his time ties it you know. Always do is counting his cash. When he just walks around the locker room which is want Leo's Dillon he's walking around with the Mayweather money phone there's also our Don. He came to this. I have arm it's it's it's kind of tired you know why OK that was suing him as Scrooge Mick duck Gould. The entire time honestly. He's still got a pitch is that thing. You know what I'm on fuel and other. To another Tommy John surgery coming up old Don Don you might needs might need to bench me for a year again. Oh what's that make in twenty million dollars next year looks like I'm gonna miss most of it sorry. I just I think is is to walk around that clubhouse pants list with a which is bleeding around his neck. Wayne's there's no way he's a good team player anymore. Why. Nobody wants him there he doesn't want to take their questions what's it is gash. And pardon my ignorance. Is CAE getting the speaker. And there are serious speaking there's been he's always he always is translator and a cup UB a clubhouse cancer if you don't speak the same when it's all attitude. How to mr. baseball did you see that yeah I love mr. baseball Tom Selleck. Club us cancer he was it was seated speak Japanese that is true although. Everything Chandra sort of lighting firecrackers in the clubhouse they'll have resolved following government run for that he was he was taken Fiennes left and right. Do you think the dot LEM a dot daughter because then in this case Wayne Jen would a date to an analyst daughter I don't know. Alamo and over and I don't look that up a body did you know it probably has smut a Levy pyramid because people like hash that he has. Wishes she still rich we intend yet. Would you agree Wayne Shannon you make it eighty million dollars and nobody cares because itself flawed leader is going about your business or you got to beat John Carlos stand and Unix written quite a million dollars. But you have all the pressure in the world. Unholy genre what did you and right now could literally lock you into anywhere. They'll order anywhere South Florida now is not that it wouldn't would know wouldn't care don't know who it wants so those Agha. Let's get your so he could pull up the wager right up to pull up in coral red used to beaten down corolla. Open to some sub shop a legged honey bear sub shop in Kendall. And go get a sub and know what have any idea he almost. Makes as much money as sunlight side lecture he will make as much money as is on why I. And some light side is getting ridiculed left to right by heat fans he's being all us to a subliminal and howdy and it's a grand because you are mean to him. What did you doesn't live that life wagered it was a stress free life and I imagine he's probably he's probably it's a hero's welcome at home. Range got the good living man just rabbit dorm. Just a normal no not without its fast food court that the guy. He's he's he's live in fat and sassy Ali you know we understand people are saying don't like you could you also insult and won't want to. They really insult what orthodox back seriously you can you can literally run and a Lou Williams and. At the checkout line at pennies not like he's got some underwear and socks you know. It was Tuesday denied until and into the Marlins and ask Hollandsworth. Would you guys ridicule weigh in check and even if he didn't know he rescind. You feel like that's gonna make it on the they need to in the and a man I don't feel like him again a lot of tweets on Tuesday as I would more listen wasn't bad blow up global duopoly it is always talk a baseball looks at Robertson can knows will be suspended eighty games for violating the joint. Drug agreement can be very violent in the joint agreement that we just again. He's a who's already in a deal now is getting hip with immediate suspension Connolly. I'm Minot does scratch today you might wanna have Dylan Peters pitch for me. On these conversations are happening every five days and other non way incensed try to get out of pitching just by saying he has injuries from money. Who's he's so rich. So rich do you what do what do you think Wayne Chen's house looks. Definitely gold toilets you think is no other way and Billick he lives like it'll off. And and and and and and a minimum. Wayne and Janet is blowing through his cash light mood like nobody's business not oh my god he is you definitely. Way it waned who beat you think he's outspending her song I think Wayne Jan is out there he's got to move. Gold toilet I'm sure he's got bottomless maids. That are just out there cleaning left and right he is he's live in a king's life and why should and he fleece the Marlins. Fleeced and fleeced him good. What is up Boris and it's got ports what does he have to worry about. There's an I disagree I think he lives in a loft. Mean he lives a very meager life a me your life yet he's not so much money why it's an issue and I'll pay us ten million dollars coming his way that he stated it well. Why he's got another twenty comet and that's what I took a look at the guys that. What he's got so much money coming his way. He doesn't have to leave and lead lead a meager life. It's still toilet paper. And now he white Eagles won it what does hundreds listen and listen it's the other way now he goes your soul goes to the wholesale and gets the one ply. Big Three us and yes compelling at all what did you definitely has a personal shopper. Definitely. You're crazy man you're out you're out of your mind you want oil CS yeah he's got that tiger the Christopher Columbus high school had the problem that was his tiger. That was his tiger on loan that's way that's said he noticed tiger personal of anyone in the markets and am tired to be Hasan no. It's not going to be way intent Wayne chip and putt tiger booking this comes in the show sucks about LeRoy. Still listening. So I kind of like it meant to you tell me way and says and does that about tiger. No yes I'm Tony doesn't appear I'll tell that you know what I'm Tanya what. You wait until it was a humble life very humble I'll get out of here. Very humble why he still rides his bike around the crazy yep. Date yep probably is too his probably is platinum by called god that's now now racist people are coming in. Roy is gonna kill foreign what country is way intent from Taiwanese. You other headlines man known I was on them want them. Units. Away. I think Dwyane Jen tonight it doesn't matter whether or not. He succeeds pitching because he's got eighty million dollars guaranteed coming his way. And all that means is. Is he's gonna be on that mound with a resin bag that's probably filmed cocaine is that the worst contract Marlins history. And cold hard to argue yes. Yes a movable which is that says a lot but has this franchise now. Audio lot of money because they always do in the trickery with their contracts. With a light well he'll definitely opt out after two years twelve million dollars he will. You don't even so bills get a may have three years sixty million dollars. You can because it was so that's gonna knock wanes and Sox over the three of 75 million dollar offer not somewhere now there's just such or execution. But according to American does. Seldom deadbeat Jason judge Judy's cousin. To not a problem to reach out to the publicist did I did reach out and it anywhere back in a Cutler bracket. Trying to effort judge union Russia I would love Judge Judy doctor Arnot buy into the team. You make that pitch on the air India. Or these buyout winter at a contract. The bag of us. Well back. Tell me is still with you on this again got Eastern Conference finals tonight. Game two between. The cavaliers and Celtics in no win situation. There must and situations and an a no win situations of a team Betty it's a no win situation. I think it's took the wind productivity the Celtics went. You feel yes I don't over the Celtics as a member of team that he affiliate and judgments of the Brad Stevens thing too much you have conflicting penny eagle eyed that they got parallel paddy I don't know over the where to go with that. I didn't mention the boats is gonna get negative buzz sawed by the warriors obvious isn't working out just fine. Both have to go for it to the both fail eventually. It is nobody that orders to. It was surprised at the would you be more surprises equivalent of the championship. Would be more supplies with Houston being able to stay. Cleveland in the championship. I just can't see can't see anybody winning against that team passing mention. I still think Clinton when the series with Boston would you be realist prize of Boston because one now. The not a very good team Cleveland. We will not a good team yet know that we yet we discussed in this fat and sassy off the raptors. And they got to take gone. They age eighteen that's is meant to they had no shot against them I feel like it gave missed a false sense of security what would have been a better series. As far as the results. Just. For one vs whatever if they heat played the sixers and he put the caps. He played capitol ordered it caps that so that he would have gotten to rebuild your country but beat him might be on the pace is almost him. Pistols that man. Swept to. Tomorrow's up a mental probably like to Ronald doesn't count big deal count there a big teams and don't fake team it would readily seen are there's just a regular season that elder paper champion. Their pay their paper regular season champion as they are it's that. I Kitna and loading up on that. Anything that happens at Toronto I can't take seriously that what they don't all go get doodles are battles exit rate. So well good job Toronto another guy who got swept by LeBron it's it's a real fix there you go off for area. Did to have that cruel altogether I'm sure. They should have done dishes prayed to god that LeBron left the east that's a vision about whatever they tended to make that not happen. Trade DeMar DeRozan to Philadelphia so he has no caste based ago there will move was to make LeBron boxed out of the east. That's what Toronto issued on us. There's nothing do do that they there's no there's no break at that can fix it there's no revamp the can fix it. The problem is LeBron you can get your rescued by a and it's also give their body a false sense of how good he's playing and how good that team that's. Because the way he was play in the B answers he was playing well. But he's playing well and they were they were all into wins with him playing those herculean games so everybody's like. Thought they they figured things out. There'll slope Austin. They got to walk into the bar at 4 AM and saw real slot or doctor right there at the end. And it's been everywhere as we'll his emulate this is the Pickens and Jesus would have for a little comfort to. I get to get the beat the breaks off the rafters and you think that's gonna get to right now he probably just gonna feel some regret chain afterwards. That's out role. Speaking of Hayes yup I want to take this point beast to. Defend. Someone who was wrong to. Words yesterday on the DMZ. That's filled. They reported that. By any mention already rude imagine downloading a mansion with parties yes. And said he shot the notre all of this mention of said mansion down even know how big does mention was. Well it's a mansion I mean saying he showed them in an aggressive. And menacing. Manor yes. Garbage was a garment. Jade as good bloke. You champions you have no proof you're just joined by a I'd like what you believe is of his or here's what here's what I have yes I have a man who has the qualities of a championship football player yeah. I men's British which means he's high class. Due to a very highbrow. Very highbrow mean do you want to beat you blunders bad state Britain. They'll like British with Irish. Roots delegates it's all intermingled can't trust it. Boat dead guy yet. I don't like the fact this guy says no parties at my mansion. Paid body. If you're renting a mansion you best believe they're gonna be parties especially into a Super Bowl champ that's right. As much a British Super Bowl champion. You gotta believe he's you don't really think he's British is just gonna be like champagne Indian out did you know Providence you see with the soccer hooligans threw. You sick only out of Rihanna does this I want ability that these dead fifty met installment in Portugal and attack the players. It Hamburg they are relatives of those children William and Putin are. The stadium. But doesn't the not a good time. Now did I loves also mobile. And so for me. Hussein if you wanted the championship and your rented mansion yet you have some parties. And for me it seems that this guy you want to shake him down shake him down and take advantage. And so he's just trying to besmirch his name and Allan appreciate it. I don't appreciate it at all you dolphin and let me tell you saw that oh god here we go let me tell you something. Yet the DDD. English. You think this proves that gays right is blood. Obvious thing I have ever heard. 00. And gates had a point this guy is trouble. We struggle. Because there's a lot of high character guys in that football huddle. Real real real gentleman. Port going out there and throw their heads and bodies into each other trying to win football games all are really well above the rest. Lamar are who'll get basket any manner whatsoever. And so does say that it's wrong for your football players double edged up you noticed Tom Brady not showing up to voluntary workouts. What's not said what kind of leadership does that not great. That's an outside public Rockies and with that chick excited with a chick fired machine guns you should play a football. Where is where we're at where it was the complaints there but engaged does it for some reason Adam is who has won nothing. Number I rituals is non college age of one all really. So we get this straight. The champion. Doesn't get the benefit of the doubt but the dude with a gravelly voice to pay Jay Cutler. Ten million dollars gets more benefit of the doubt. So for a muddy the thick. JA GIA. Being an alleged. Incident with the day and alleged mansion owner. In an alleged menacing show of is allegedly. Ate clubhouse cancer because of that is stupid. Stupid beast. Really silly. What I I don't. You still have this. These are gonna go away. Whose feelings of hatred towards that engaged to Aaron. And what he's sermon yet is a big fat loaf of it. Because he likes to make you think that this a mystical unicorn offense that's coming around the corner. When the only time is often has been any got a good idea what that guy as his main running back. He's good all. We're not hearing a pass in the past has has the last. Although but JJ dies my best players I have slowed down. From eight. That's nonsense. You are who you are just a race that you think it's a genius. Spread it out coach you knock you just like the rest of rotting and ride the coattails the players. But this isn't about a news this is about that way you're over in Los Angeles who's trying to besmirch is so. How did you know this guy goes up to date goes listen listen no parties in my house. Men don't have a party in my house in order Boris. Medical broke shows how local blogs ago made and we'll take. Gender should data don't let you get movie rocks to and it took a musical little bit what is it won't we. Or should bring old. Pull learn it and I. Poll. Failures sporting field off remote period that. Yes sooner or as quaint new homegrown right Nadal. It. Fact that it on Freddie Mercury. Died. Russo strike down. Don't tell made news this Baalbek is a ball. Open oval portion of the visual only does well. All this it's the parties like. Those are no parties. Didn't go in and out war ball it all how big and jewels and gold role will also go global vacuum. You listen ball. Ode to Rio says that don't proposal. And all the rubble that unit of grand kind of for your with a Obama egg hunt. This guy put in allegedly put in a note is that the remote. It is the it but it 5000. Dollar penalties for parties. That well for all the pages were part of a guy five grand. That's nothing but. The fiber of what how we notes that is one elongated party. With the party never ended is that five grand or that fifty and they had strict party and I don't know I'll definitely what does it what a party is what would the boy is a party. Does it have to be a massive house party or is a little get together. We'll do we know how many people at the Smart I don't know with a justly for blow oaks or Blakey to be heavily to have this happen LA now or some ropes. In oh believable is more snow mobile ovals both hopeful. And only brought the boys of martial or mullah article also once those. Nugent to. Boston leg and and it folds. And rolls. New with a gold. Big replay. Shale radio loses its FCC program. Were gone so hold. New York so we get blown my bako. O'Donnell voted. Mobile Arco. Boy is so good Tom H I always said as Scott says he's basically sit well Porsche are a shoulder in menacing. Manna was a while almost moved to right that. Walker isn't big athlete that's Madison. Who you are just some type landlord. Also should go said. Voice was huge too complacent I don't pollute the group who don't go don't. Ask don't. Us. ABC needs to do war and you want. My funeral home imprisonment a job back to back Giorgio guy games Super Bowl champion. So almost say. Texas says of police says no parties and their will be no parties. It is all over wore a minute ago that means a cold trucks of mumbo Jumbo. So state in a couple weeks. What about guy again. Do you why I don't know what we think about hiring out. Hang out on and it's the seams about or use it in there will was Apollo while. Well Paula was in Ottawa and all pull it. The single most of them lost in translation witnesses gathering what is doubt what she's simulating pulpits. Rule that the vote general. Rule in this weekend raw like. Is a boy was and was again at Uga loses social occasion. To me that that falls on the gods of this can be at the mansion. I don't know disgust that's why that's 102. I don't. Kokomo morning it was a shakedown. Classroom. This. Welcome back everybody. Don't they stairway view room is back tomorrow. I think so that I tomorrow and we think we take until he finds that among my promotion than decides to quit the states will look. I can graduate and promotion thank you. Really thought to be more congratulatory note well from into the and here's the thing man on the don't expect here's the thing yet. I'm a little offended yeah and I wasn't as I am generally have been Florio think it'll likely be little people's success and like thank you I don't know if you like that that adds to anything chair. When ever there's a mud whatever yet. You put up this long. Stimulus program ready answer very long yeah. The aerial. I didn't include the one with three children you think it's. Every Ponte. Oh endure the mood in stars right. You thanked the bosses yup yup you thanked the promotions department correct and added them. You thanked our traffic department would runs a commercials yet. Or sales. Yes hey Alison turner who doesn't even work here's my best friend yes tanked proclaims. Do all falcons ready with them. How ever you. Say. Act. To meet. Robert. Orderly. Well I also said and to the rest of my. Amber also hope that she's a senator and think her. Does not work with you every day she is not Ollie show that has your name on it. And this is what I was saying what I told you yet not gonna make it a priority to make is another route would get us another hour as I can already see it. Movement. As we move back further under the pile of priorities. And I think she still Mattie they tugged them. They either here's thunder stolen by early two key event in the same day that probably true but. Or. No imminent and none none none none none none none yeah. Gotta do to make good right now as what you do when I see your typing with the thumbs. To type and you are doing a make good post I'm not in that regard that the block and you get a block both thanked everybody. It is building for your promotion. What not they show that got you that promotion well wait a minute didn't didn't just show this to the show get me the promotion. Pay. Who kept you in the minds and hearts of everybody here. The lost my boss the boss boss sent really. Yeah interest in really mean. You tell me yet the boss. Who got a Nat is on the same level as the promotions department. On promotions department have to do with your promotion a mandate they had me out and a lot of you know gigs supporting the radius and then. So bad all the gigs there. He is in on their person. Yeah I mean on what she well bum on the show. Now thinks and acts now on the list. You put programs in the sales guy and you list. Shall spots and union put us on your list money in my pocket and a couple of pin on this list no I forgot about who did it. Some analysts were at a group and I need to put merely rotor or Robby. You dealers to. What mine but we aren't you know where I stand you forgot. In the midst of kiss and everybody's ass you forgot about the people that matter most. My mom and my grandmother and your family life until about this family my kids. I do think my dog you belittle. I think my dog little disposition. I think when not a thanks. Nothing employers come not even in your mind that it not even a thought. National television we got you on national. Sports center was out but yet you are on it I feel like you're wrong you were on who was enemy the crow stuff. We don't owe me yeah. The clinics I think she did thank you and social total Clint thanks was just a bit nationality goes on national Tom Foreman he goes on sixty minutes. That's Andy Rooney did a whole segment on my ass nobody nobody nobody has about sixty minutes it's that it it's fossilized all flash hurts fossilized. Or lose Armitage Droughns again thanks Anderson Cooper if we gives a rat's ass right. Distortion and a whatever maker posting a comment I don't want them. Banks couldn't put my app on there I actual and everything. But it sure you do that in every team ought to run here knew what and under a little to show recap because I respect the show. Because I respect the show its true I do respect the show no heat now totally unload your show where's my thanks. Thanks thanked Ramsey. I forgot come hoop and stop Warnaco Group and it didn't think I mean didn't we didn't check again no phone no technical project if no. It's a fake posts on every post whenever you put up its so fate take I want to make it separate for you know. What you did is a make good night Indonesia a did not make you did know I'd just didn't know if you look at them on it. Ever want to look belt nope won't get more likes. While a lot more than half the earth yeah that is about point pandered. Depended everybody in order to be nice in the in the in the in the in the spots were you adding the whole company yup you say. And and and lastly I'd like to thank the show that made this all possible. Wish it wouldn't wouldn't that be nice little gesture and said it throws yet again into our own little box over here. And you like to say on another note the word boys. I got you on that gets an extra hour it a million not I'm not enough on right now in it couldn't even cash acquisition for a number three. That's terrible hashed out hash tag admission to get our laboratory speaking at number three Dwyane Wade. That was where transmissible woolly worms and viewers number three. Filling his response. Them you know 33 again. Dwyane Wade has been doing a series commercially to buck. They seem to be so some little messages in these commercials. One is. A shot of Hassan Whiteside. Twelve he'd rather have to bock is a big man. But on I have to goods when a crew actually from yesterday to block because Bo crossbow shoot like blue laser blasters not Arabs. Also the single integrate Jena I had got that wrong type on as well let's hope it would blow the thing and then Star Wars. Well blogs with me I hope it is an unbelievable source. Bobby runs and there was Star Wars not really. Is his drop dead. But Dwyane Wade he's been doing a series commercially to Ibaka. And a big question was asked him to Barca and may give us a little hint to the future. We've sued for your question. It is your time. Thank you. He's back. You you know he's translated walkie he's you transit and Whoopi did tell him don't. About it is coliseum on was again listen to Jim bucket here that's clearly say in he nation and come back. It's who got a question. For the third time. Arm arm program. You know. Direct. What she about become a solid truck towed Brown's teacher. I am amber and actually something trump horn section is the only tournaments teachers want 11 armor. Because that the new guy that doing Cuba is certainly not been zeal. Or does that he retired. Just take it would lead today but he really break doubts about silicon its stake reported to speak bookie and there's not new let's listen to us and they think no he's not Lou it is to take its Star Trek there's people that speak cleanup. Yet. When you go to the Star Trek convention people speak going on. We took them. So people speak walkie they can't. We can't screw with the look and instead just got to make him an upload now now there's a whole thing you've just been just growls now know. You can't eat it like it's a Big Dig the looking language from the original two makah. In like episode four and just put it into this episode that wouldn't work because it's not the same line I don't watch Star Wars as intently as you do. That's not a little Q sounds like though. Arm arm breath. Like I said. Listen the voice is different but it's it's the right words. I tomorrow we'll. Come back. Arm arm current rule book wound was and I am. But it's possible. Possible amount moon I'm. The Batman. And is back. Just for you so you understand what. I feel like in this town he's in a room or more in our my mother in tone after. Yeah you're right I should play again but again rod of the whole thing. It's who got a question. For the third time. I. Direct. You write Q what do maritime for us about it he were reliant on my ass at the end these games what should I watch it much retire. I think I think he's back evident that I ventured to solve the case other he's joking about it if he is retiring or frankly. Remember I know he's gonna Colombian series about a out of that he's making in the commercial Joseph side so much about the place truths but GAAP. It was I mean Gavin said that he she she wants him to keep like this in the tweet right after the last game. She sits in now now she said I hope he comes back I hope this isn't it. I would not and neither did like the feel good doing an on time until Marleau and work together yet how they're going to be for a whole season. I think of it I mean it could be cool million if he would she's a good to chemistry together. Negative. Was it over the an organ from the plays us I'm back in the Philly that's the ruin everything I think what that is don't back that other they're gonna attach anything to get rid of them. Because I'd be dumb I don't know wind can put up with what's odd for an entire season that's fair point. But. If he maybe gets you maybe he gets what's of the chebaa Damascus. And it puts it over his face and that way he feels he's playing with two Barca and doesn't have to hear whatever the hell he's saying it would be and so instead I. And hitting a subtle outside hander and you hammer on about his boy finished the dissidents who. I am and we'll. As I've set the screen. Arm arm. What about it teammate he's almost Newsom was more agreeable this year as does the Milwaukee. Arm arm from the sun what are your thoughts on the on the and attend the disconnect you have between you and spoke arm arm problem. In my favorite things is huge positive deliberative the banister and all the public conversation worked Osama and what do you think nobody admits the so far this year arm arm. While he's acting role player T Blair he culture yet he culture right there heat culture yup. We'll talk to just my arm arm program.