5-16-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Wednesday, May 16th
Tobin is basking in the glory of the Cavs getting their ass kissed. Dan Gilbert's good luck charm is too old and wore off. Leroy is back from Jamaica and said so much weed was being smoked and people wear clothes that don't fit and stuff shows. Tobin says there is some beef between Don Mattingly and Wei-Yin Chen. Leroy takes away someone's man card in Jamaica. Beast gets the code words wrong on his first day as Assistant Program Director. After last night's Draft Lottery the Kyrie Irving trade is officially terrible for the Cavs. Tobin suspects the couple in Jamaica who had the lady's dad staying with them that there is something kinky. Tobin says he is going snorkeling and Leroy and Beast lose it.

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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. And I am pleased that this election oh yeah. Yeah ago visited. Pre be asked Fred must murderers to get our code word. There's statehood day toward the salaries Selby. Korea went thousands pretty content sell the as CL. FIE. Sell pretext that the seven to anyone and you registered in excess or being the top of next hour message in that area it's may have applied don't text and drive. It joyful day in the land of team paddy the church we had Danson in the pews. As the monster will soon be sue me but as an 80000008. Celtics I do we bite. Business business has been taking terrible business to be taking care of and I enjoy and watch necessity. Especially because of that phony ass work that was going on yesterday. Get here in nine hours before the data show how and how hard working I'll try to drag on the that's and then he goes pedal to the metal. Hole at one point my first ever. Where it'll LeBron james' playoff game the most ever LeRoy. We are tobacco. The most welcome ever. And it wasn't enough. 42 points. Sure double. No. It's beautiful it's better than him sucking this is better than LeBron James sucking. And put up set he went triple doubles had trouble with the L. Then I wore it can go over 15. This is beautiful reports is so he has not wrong to. As all these and the captain when the water leads. It by the way a business that you good luck charm when is it has grown a beard might be done from new government to. Who was a boy no man that runs a Joseph. Thank you. Let's just say. I am not voluptuous. I am not a we've smoke no you're not Mary. Dead didn't stop. Every one. From smoke. And the way awards is now there's a new. Law in Jamaica. Bet you can you can only smoke in designated area that's really wrecked so they have these like. Five or six areas wears a walkway. Surrounded by trees. And there's chairs at table and umbrella. And like you planned on the beach you have a good time. They drive Deluca news around the week looks like her light moves like they're selling artifact yet disturbed man young it is. A layer. It used to be though a nice good Jamaica that. The rosters would come try to sell you we'd. And then. As soon as you would buy some or the you know beat who allegedly. There would go get the police officers really income and rescue my object is there yet they would get. Little bit of you know like protection. But in some of the Taurus arrested. We have yet Eric so. That's what you mean besides the weeds vote oh man it was I'm surprised that haven't done this before. We're the only clues yet yet so you wanted. In your bar. Is in the pool no you don't do it. Do bars burst in your room yeah refrigerate stock we beer soda. Here's bottles of each you don't now Obama all the same company. Right sort of rum company also makes the vodka and and and I'm and I'm not I don't know he would run. But I'm familiar with vodka Nassau and Damon Ed buck and I know. Don't touch or morals Rahm know who you rooms gore as bucket where it was just anybody. So but that's not even. The part of the now. If you just wanna sites. Have a couple cartoon insights. I realize. That when people go on vacation. Wanna Wear cute outfit. No matter way so it's not made percent. Whoa. Even if no even knew that may even sue does not hit. It's unbelievable. Also had a man. Come behind me on the bar room. Would lose the banana hammock. I might. Have been to get two minutes ago you used to reach over ordered drink. Right those beta two I Anderson right. And came out I mean I'm like yeah you need some yeah oh yeah oh I don't I. No no I sit in that outfit in his plea Ruble but it loses 'cause elephant trunk and now it's paying and put it like any point in time. He wouldn't you. Though. I've realized that by the way only people were here. Were Australian. Beer. Canadians room in English. You all English so don't hold tie on thinking moments. So that led to the top British media yet some limited time I want to. So I should you be there was this lady this bureau. Like. Went into the elements yet all of us is it that Lebanon. Or get to twin peaks it. These speeds WEB XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. to admit. ARAMARK. Is all about in it'd cued in the code words and get a lot tax on this and that surprises. This technical difficulties. With the code were accused of getting through there's just weird algorithm thing that the message was that so. Trust us self is the word. There's just some winners of this company used. And Villa in the cash cut wasteful to do all morning Baghdad's wondered just yet I did a digital it was a rightward and I am pleased. This election. That's LeRoy in the Jamaican pool and I'd headlines of breaking story is Michigan State agrees to a 500 million dollar settlement with the victims of the doctor Larry Nasser sexual. Assault case. Back guiding the burden. At 9 o'clock tonight we have Western Conference finals game Newman road Dulles. Houston. Hosting golden state Golden State up one game to none that we have right here on the take 8 o'clock pregame 9 o'clock. Is your tip off red sky as well if you're into the into the pocket like I am then you be watching Vegas in Winnipeg game number three. That series is all tied up at one apiece. Is Vegas is doling. Our drew Fuller I was asking you know that's me let's talk defense. Jim for holds a big part of the Vegas a club used to work here level a loved him from mole and nothing is and obviously. We got there we got to hang with the minute that plan Hollywood. To informal my guy. Everybody big hockey and it did though they have two players on the Pentagon. Probably apparently the Riley-Smith that it other coaches they knew they sent back in. With without a cab. We have remember that was so where they were at the airport they too much fun ride. I guess yes go on. The Marlins and Dodgers tonight the Dodgers are plain horrible baseball. They've they've had a lot of injuries via the bat the Marlins one last night and wielded against nets haven't yet shut up my chin. My boy. And whose name is is that we could be going on between China Mattingly there's no doubt about who may I don't know man I can smell your. Ever since he inlets and you know no finish the deal there's been a wrist there's been a risk there well yeah well you are gone Tobin latest thing is that. Way Inge and it is a cancer in the marlins' clubhouse he's too readily gen now he's too rich. He's too rich to can't speak English speaking at an answer to Helen you when these meetings are going on he's there in the in the corner of the locker room trading bitcoin. You know counting his cash he's polishing his bowling he's too rich I told him he lives it'll Lofton drives a corolla and talent you. Alan you. Two with two outs to go 81 pitches not not getting the win that's a little fishy. You recommend well talent to nothing lead. I'd like to talk more about to hear what does yup groups. This is usually picture some gonna tell you the story again after. We've been there and by and a the comments are not safe for work. You'll be at least. We're in an animal. Well yeah yeah that's right now. At but I tell the story. As well yeah. So we met different around. Yes so naturally. My wife Leah is going all Kendall and everybody from can't permit undergone a case that the records got limited by the way. And they queue up a bit but so. We're so we're all you know hang it could you know what jail would you you go eat together throw it right thinkers you find out about you know the people whatever. Now beg euros with. A guy who she was engaged to broker a nod your bag to get. And Dave PSA or you came on a trip that's nice trying to you know keep going. No. They came with her dad. And there were also in the same. It's the weirdest we Bloomberg now. They're not I I told him. I said. I don't know you've been talking of the data the boyfriend abort a I don't know you I don't know which circumstances are. And you know you sound like you know a pretty decent guy he's you know. Educated. And it would be that it didn't have of being yeah I'll laugh so what president and mrs. bush. This solution trial. I'll be sitting over to. Reach into your pants pocket and give me your mink coat. Whose dad is not a team. Now don't Serbs as were obese mom that. You know sometimes in these trip to plan so far ahead rides on that wheelchair bound did you see that. Dads is hanging to him that is in her room two beds yeah. One's the dad so I don't know that I had a good car got together there to get. Data code word. What do they have some freaky no no window. Three with Lynne Dunn I don't know note. To know her father Robert situation not a lot maybe he's not new daddies babies down a little lower is just an older guy I don't know maybe he sugardaddies. On their own view no. The other you should positive there's not some probably. It. Positive and now I started thinking. Like there's a whole bunch who want to move mine had a couple of drinks in a bunch entered Conway for. So I've been treated actors like they're crazy. The problem that put him and he's dance because it's right well can you drew to the rule. They'll pick the cubs selected yet you know a very big out when it now is that there's a tree. Folks if you go to Wendy's being. Here's what to do. Where you can't bring your victory Dinka. And he filled in you don't have to Q going back for. But he got it where I was ordering a directory. In the shadow on the sat civilians show about central yeah. No I don't enter really. I think because it was Ohio. I'll sway at best I could tell how would you figure distillery and that's how to tell a forward. A quick customers' web app that the second day. Saloon is the side here being. A star beaten so I knew you know by it was a black house of food. Quantity over quality. Yet but didn't do much. Was excellent leg big you know Hamburg is about dogs in Cebu by area they had all these like dishes that was great. Jerk chicken whenever it ahead it was great. Here's abrupt in his state. Place at night he had aids have placed an Italian place in an ahead like the buffet. Right. Buffy came as yo go find some you like but at other places so example. You know Asia plays I ended up eat might attack or. That's all that was really good it was actually really good but this place. Somebody could stake at that restaurant I'm like taken which it. May like yet oh compared. Now I don't know when you saw the the the trio but that big boobs and her ex fiance back on did you receive an enemy of the other debt. And so has gone on though I don't know that I don't I had at that point. At that point was now while the Dow was given a dollar shoulder loves snow. No I don't but I'm pretty sure there's some kinky stuff don't know the number can we call. Now you'll. Note that from. And new more this Eastern Conference finals it was delightfully yesterday after this out of printers don't remember. I look back. They look. Bryant businesses and program director for this team has gotten off clinically and couldn't get it the wrong color. It was key week. K I WIs. As in math development over. Text do us have a to anyone listened to encouragement like dogs lose the work yet to get the whole hour and a gecko kiwi. Seven to anyone who registered. Brilliant leadership. I'm on the you know the boss is about to flip his lazy sometimes just got an email from corporate. Like two days ago saying too many radio station has screwed up their words and and you've got to make sure your words are right. And yeah. The demon check after that game yeah plus there's normally you'd think about everything yet I don't wanna get to abide by any chance did you checked to make sure you were accurate I I believe that I did but I guess we got a wrong. I I did you check you do inject a did you. Boy did it you aren't worth and you you would have found that there weren't accurate. My goodness. And it's not a good day. I'd bought it and balls as baby. Did you relate to keywords that yeah. One. There's a program directly is element hey we have a guy. That is a medical minute. They can't even copy and paste correctly that is correct then as well that what does he got it worse for the sister station right yeah him. Yeah I mean I do get to Q and boards right now would give a rat's ass about that. It is scary perished at on the my station to. Hypocrite is somebody has it been since out that in addition to the proposed somehow abuse and the CEO of and a town. Yeah I'm sure RC you do get the code would read either. I'm just that's our role. And anyway so QE. I said seven to anyone that you Wii isn't as an Australia. And in the next forward be go to LB's now that's not a word that the code friends of friends. Let's encode prisons. About lesbians Holtz and so yesterday the cavaliers fell to in the Eastern Conference finals. To the Boston Celtics series hasn't started it well you all right but I can argue that the there's OK. Now I never said that. Okay this is something that's come out of what do you too. Mount that the bush deserves not started yet however admit the series is running out of time also yep. The shorter series. The shorter series and their dire straits and it looked. I did the others just say I've hit it it had to be on his couch and let. Figured out Latvia. JR Smith giving you a big old who Sagan 27 minutes Rodney hood. Rodney hood Jordan Clarkson at the end be coach's decision but had I changed the balance of that locker room. Giving it away when it was offered of the MBA said. You can tag in and help your friend now down 02 in the series would do it. You don't do commercial that you mockery now you can go try and help the cavaliers and the not so no net now. Mayday it because big it is a problem. And there's a problem with anybody. The one being to have Boston does. Is run. In near Lowell. And that kind. That doesn't favor. Our tournaments those Philadelphia and he gets buckets might it even still no way he showed them from playoff games. Well you've. Thank you Peggy widow I think it is you're. I need to not to use. Not that you know look at the bench me like. 2 o'clock bulletin here's the problem. Everybody is Gannett the point total and looking at how much everybody scored. The problem. Is they can't stop anybody. Okay. Stop and anybody on that team to their run and around what. It wasn't a whole point of this great culture shift change at an earlier was because they wanted young energetic guys. Who had a defending get after well here's a lot of its war emblem. Yeah it plain Ritalin refused to play two games ago. JR Smith. And he'd ever know what's gonna happen maybe he shows up maybe he doesn't. You know it is that it is it is it is a fun group but I. It's it's great this Cleveland thing is coming to an end and he's about to pack his bags he's. He's he's he's put some peace and some windows shine on this to make it look. The bronze vacant eyes that you know what this terrible display in my window right now but at least a shiny window so basically you're saying. That LeBron as late as last road game in this altitude that's on science and Seoul times and he is done. On Celtics uniform you mean count you know I mean it and he is done with Cleveland it's over yeah you said beauty you know that last that was the breaking point I think last no I think has been I think you've been in the back. It's been in the bag a Wilson Celtics aren't really that good on the road they want robe worn road game in the playoffs still got to his wife and Boston like four billion enough that when their two known playoff extra room. A ruling out a game five talks there may be a game that happens to all of them are either way you gonna back there. It can come back in the series. After the job by the warriors he and Allen back it's all over me and there's no mood he made. You had the the cavaliers swaggart is that draft lottery yesterday that an old wooden award boot. Would you would do Regis no word and other asset and they'll note Richard Pryor Irving for about a crap. But nothing. For you. You you went in there you guys you guys you got stronger by carrier ring that he got strong about LeBron James and here you are left with the highest payroll in the league. A payroll of crap. Just nothing and no moved to be made it's been left in ruins certainly know who let me I'm good to be back. I anticipated do this on my way back did you yes. I moon. Can you say it's anything but they eat. Low but one story. Oh those contracts. We. Well applaud him of the Renault already but hey. Stop you say about the cavs. Got what Joseph does the heat of the cat with the can have it. Not know often. It's especially. Especially the fact do we LeBron James after he gets out of that uses luster great historic attraction in your city. Sports such as he's gone. What are we going to today burning lake or LeBron. You know it sucks. Brent has been drop like 300. Good so just breaking on Yahoo! good. This and actually comes via an athletic for the Yahoo! is aggregated it which is there's a quote that Jason Boyd wrote for the athletic. Where he cavs player but evidently at some point this season. Said about the carry trade. Danny Ainge is a bleeping thief. None. People don't yet. You know the comes down to it is the mayor's it runs really leaving owners owners terrible he's terrible. He wanted to you want to jettison all of his gentlemen exit cheap bastard and he thinks he can do better than anybody else. You visit the Jeffrey Loria basketball. And he thought he could do better than anybody else and he was gonna swindle everybody and what he traded for was it dwarf and a mediocre job. Good job and Gilbert you deserve it. But that happens when a player wants. Thank you can't wait you just did which is caused by LeBron he forced career. You pushed it pushed them up or give a little notes. Yeah but yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You think. LeBron would have sucked it up book every now. I think we'll brawl of style and if if Kyra you would've had to come for the toy it's time to stop calling me son. Stop called me little guy stuff called mere year so called me a little protege so called me a child. I think after on the hundredth time that LeBron can do that condescending way in the media I think he would have been better off. But now he looked and then he's like. Sky as looking at me. You know look at LeBron James. And and Celine. Guess what he'd be in the same spot if curry was on that team. He's not. Any. And those who have been little balls and force. But it got carried it will never know. Was all the televise had Isiah Thomas who to cast destroyed last year is don't had as it was team. Which would stereo. Not polite hello wrote about it is that broad Israeli energy. It is broken so awful lot that sucks in distorted idea crowd integrated emitted at thirty million units are about you know the in his luggage yet. Five. As crazy after that scientifically best. At your best fees in your career. And then. Your body breaks down right before you get ready to two comeuppance. Look roses has been a islamists to do need is about a hard fought battle against Cleveland than an undeserving fan base a bunch of angry it's repeal the bronze facing guy you Arnold picks. Also whose main radio host has the plea to you know there may radio that your your radio host your OP it's edible things they're radios seats we. He eats through. Both pros at all oats and noses and it was notable though it was men especially as drunk as I was the parliament where are you. Do you think it's good to go into his soul work I don't know it's. You have worked imagery college drinks got purchase for me that they oh I mean I knew that I have but I thought it was after. No I guess I have my timeline up. Your timeline when they got there three hours early for the event and I know is I was in the bag. Hi played W on sport center drawn. Every other radio station drawn looking to add to that out of all of Paris and Frito or for our park in freedom that was slush all over the microphone. And pushes us. Spread this hopefully all those who blah. It's about volume of the even. February oh yeah audit profession like sort of be exciting things left handed them right into the hole. Oh kid. Well Hollins. Was islands. Built it. Hilton but this this team ready this team betting that goes on to another I mean this is this is not a this is not a burden we can hold up for much longer his. He's getting off somewhere else puzzled when he leaves Cleveland yeah no longer our fight is over. I'd say it's like a pass off the soared to another so yeah a bit more we Cleveland in Auburn. On his pastor moves and targeted forgotten but it's that it's now his qualms with another. Nice to take a back jealousy apologizes I I stand firm on that that's over okay let's face no cap space we've got things to do. Did his budget business LeBron the markets comes as a follow the pelicans we ourselves disgruntled fish out there oh he's at what. He unfold pelicans on it. And needs disgruntled. Once. Now I issue if you wanted to mark his cousins a while ago we Ed no doubt but now. And of them someplace that series. I've changed. The tide change as times change. Some things never change. I don't read the sign. I mean can't get over a sign that they need a little guy. Nobody any good wing guy with an illustrated for him he's stuck here in joy enjoyed him O'Donnell's injuries cited drew bumping and no president that we have it or lose DeMarcus Cousins anyways. It until mid June 2000 are you ready. To give the more his cousins. The Max oh is that they. Have in a subtle Whiteside. And always on as they did his lies disgruntled is not get in the Max. Does his leg doesn't work the other blown Achilles so again we got ourselves a rebound year are you ready. To head. DeMarcus Cousins. Dion Waiters. Hall. And Hassan Whiteside on the same team with some of the fund. Soundly soundly a grand old time you ready spoke. Million and a vacation. But again medication but I guess I don't whom you'll see some sites. He's serious he's tough to know he. You don't worry you've got a modem a career and Hampton. Does we're or pre in the Slovenian sons. Did the dread that dress that was the guy Embry. Aden and an NL they made enough food that the that the Slovenian can't. Don't. Slovenian national coach who just coaxed a guy named Brendan. The code name is Igor. Does. One and it's seamless and it's been raked James Jones run in the team and he picked Igor. The odds Robby. And draft. Yeah. It's wrong because. Those legitimate academic. There was. I'd. Say. A who's Julio. Cruz's. Are like you just didn't but better. So that's all things pop. And then I just I'm not gonna get it because you're gonna say genuinely votes I don't know what they're almost drowned in the pedal boat. Yes. No did you stop we stop it puts you stop their own island we eagle. A boating so. Me and my wife you know first thing Jewish whoever they like the bowl. Right so we go everything's included right we go get dependable. Whip them them were I'll Wear me out there and look at the ground through things and it is. You know sandals is right next to us we're over there like where law. At this sport will mark existing home right right. Hello down. Were taken more I don't know I'm like turn Iraq. I'm pedaling. She's. You know relied given not given she's given immediately after the team just give me no Gerris mistreatment. No points in thirty minutes like Euro. It's only through we're we're about to palpable Titanic here in Manhattan it's rattled and in light you don't do well is deep. You're on the double album in you do and all the work well. I can't say her legs your movement. What I haven't felt the full wrap of because we know that lately you've had some medical situations like you can feel your legs. And and some things happening out that your wife wouldn't understand it maybe you shouldn't be exerting. As much as you did legend movement. Because. It was best to leave his mind here in the me but it feels like a village gave me because it was the best birthday ever. Right. I didn't want to start a distant right mr. Taylor I'm like looking over pretty damn it I'm like looking over. You know. Like kinda talk and indeed it's not into go go from day in your truth or not then we got to get a movement. I hope we do it and we're taking water there were far. Right but it's how we got in the bottom of the bowl was on the same it was a blow. He and eight. Of what. He's mug every outlet is every. Is it for everything. So. Excuse me sir rooms on fire but like if you. If you go would your wife. Just to people watch. This is our tribute to lose all in listening and lose your your any excursions with sea animals. And Obama. All meant that way because that's my thing when I when I go out. Where we'll edit were tropical ala galling on a stingray. Encounter penalty we weren't allowed to go on like a dolphin encounter a sea lions won a wasted day. We don't hear comedic icon wasn't wasting a day I mean they're doing it makes it that. Not get below catamaran them. No it's in it and bring you closer is under the wife to to be one with the animals know it will the public view and why why yes. This. It would be a better trip. If you become more which are white. Yeah BK you can't be can't be a hot nominee for the whole time he got to go get did your energy got to go reboots little bit you got kids share. Share. It you going to see. You tell me wanna be thrilling aphrodisiac even made if you go and do a little bit of a shark feeding. All let me think what will we get a diet. Is all bit of them to be doing some UB do some real estates. Have time. We really can't we just we just gaze remained fresh. Rise led us with you today for a hole. You're into it like that than that the couple Lee met as bad as some I'm just questioning like there's some freaky thing going on there and now here idyllic adventure sex slave what is going on investors say are you regulars actually. Honey your personal that you need to tell us some columns and is it it's not adventuresome you know having sex while your feet in the shark. Nobody put you back. But that adrenaline gets you going to then you get yeah bright but I guess that didn't feel like you're going to a certain way they normally I'd be going that direct today. You seem to be on in that perennial because you would be braided down indeed tail on explained scenarios. Yeah. Yeah Tunisia it was your best birthday ever. Yet. No nobody ever took me a trip from Albert Pujols. Owns a little good in all yeah. Think about it you've got mail wife were together fifteen years when they're gonna trip to get glad again without the kids right out to you that it blew my mind right. No. You know and then her mom's in Canada and so. You know just gone so it was awesome. It's awesome yeah but telling next time seeing animals. Oh yeah. Boy that I gonna chip we already got a snorkeling trip planned to yours. You know that's not doing that listen you was it was a shark yelled we're going god we're going to see a shark down down please. So. So. You see sharks you got to go to the yet and Australia. All of our great whites and minority I know what out of you know that you know where we lived defeat do you know we wouldn't want to adventurous sex. You know you get one of those book the book the cages and get acknowledged but nice sharp look. A key I don't need a fictional is outstripping our beat a big shot I don't either I don't Indy big shark out of it to be a great why didn't. LA Boston that's the dumbest thing you've ever heard yes I'd put now we hear the phrase. You know it really. Really be exciting what it viewing your wife from where to go to Australia yeah in just go run two to weeds. And escape whatever comes your way that would be exciting out of our reads in Australia I think it's an outback okay album. When I go yes you're right Salim if we threw so it's it's me and a wife and visit visit digger do in the back of. Any. And I a. In real hot we're seamer Rogers. Like you know we're we're about to pass out in armament one left in the canteen and figure seasonal that. To real small kangaroo. These odd ball in the us square up like that guy with the dog and I stuck a dagger right in the face. Almighty god out begin such love and after that or post kangaroo knocked out low. Or. You go to put him. And you get a little bit too close he raises a ponytail. And kicks the living crap by now and trust me trust me. Members got notion. I like this. What. You think you would do law and trying to animals. A what you think Q would do in front animals. And the reality and you do what you do and while they found a great white Mickey's last week the elderly and get that yet again in the cage. No no not yet in the case child open open diving now get McCain's free open diving. Yeah that's a story you'll relate he's more into being and Katie I'll tell you and occasionally you'll get medicated he didn't Newton. It's very near Italy and it's little boy out infinity cable is out by the sharks to these shapes stirs law winds. Listen we get a between. Stern. Law lanes. Our jets are a thousand bucks we'll have the right Q reported coming up about ten minutes.