5-16-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Wednesday, May 16th
Tobin say's Father's Day is nowhere near as important as Mother's Day. Leroy goes off when Tobin suggests that Lebron does not want to be in the Finals. New Dolphins TE Durham Smythe from Notre Dame says Canes fans threw stuff at the team bus and they had not prepared for that atmosphere. Beast was so proud that it felt like an old school atmosphere at the Orange Bowl. Ty Lue says the Celtics are "gooning the game up" and that the Cavs need to do the same. Tobin calls out Nick Saban for calling out UCF. Tobin says Nick Saban has a button fly. Leroy says the button fly is the worst invention ever. Beast gets grilled again for not thanking the show for his promotion.

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Get a chance to win. A bus coming up in about three minutes. Western Conference finals game suited the rockets are already falling apart they hate each other. It's not James do almost no. They're good then there's going to be that the ball. Mentors monthly. These rockets that were all fat sassy and admitted a role though like on we got this. No after one game party infighting the other still favorites and it's weird and the lines going up not that that's fishy that that's receive horse. It's people accept that and Melissa like the sea horses bidding on television right now that geo wild. I believe I believe in in seahorse consumers can't believe the mail is when it gets pregnant I believe your right Robbie. It's truly truly the sea horses the only creature on God's green earth that can say. What do you know I I I had to carry you for all these months like there's that deal there's no mom deal. To the general it's good to see yours community fathers is a much bigger deal the mother's death. I was really. Follows is gonna pay a three week as the rounds as a father's and let's be honest we don't get enough of. Is such a scrappy compared to Mother's Day. Not even close not even close. In comparison. To what goes on a mothers for fathers they'd take grow yourself some murders a US open fathers and leave me alone. Org said that's it all we want is peace and quiet peace and quiet golf and maybe basketball. Maybe some mass of it is just lets lets out of the overkill here. I don't need a whole song and dance a while ago brunch. All the fake president I don't know a president like him impressed by their new necklace. None of that nonsense. Fonds de BA it's it's a jet. To jet it's like oh we don't wanna spend time with the family now. But that's the lie day out and do what more than halfway through decided day anymore exists on got a doctor Mimi. Experiment to got to go out there and do. So you this hour and tell by the opening song restores the right word this time dream. Next dream to seven to anyone DRE. Am dream. Taxed at the seven to anyone you registered 1000 bucks. We needed a chance to win at the top of next hour in the sports flashed. Obvious tonight is game two. And if the warriors went and I. We met in four. The real quick conference finals and how has the wit one this is what is this week that's going on between gained three. And gain to what is that on the wall because the in the final start the 31 they don't want a long wait between the conference finals and the finals this is the way to push him back since. Much of the series ended so early in the last in the last round. It's just a way to. Past time for the point and nothing on on. Aside from the conference finals games that I ardea sit aside and wait for game 3 of the eastern Thomas hostile Saturday. And they can't move up a final state of the finals it has to be that thirty persons like god what a pain but Sony got that tonight at 9 o'clock to and it wasn't that scandal. He should be it's ridiculous and Levitt points finally realizing this after all these years. Not cents aren't just similar consult and chewing. It is easy to roll those commercials then they're really he's doing he's doing a good job that I do do it would rather be starting in the stow was commercials will be in the cavs right now. I don't or stick at it as big a big audiences but he you hang out too yeah. LeBron James the blood didn't give a rat's ass man is there after the game is easy easy yuk it up with Cambodia and relinquished remote. There was it was forgiven love. And this is that the prop. You mean you know these you guys are down 020. Yeah that he believes I think there was a litmus test it there you're here. I think you'll see the finals. If he knows the way in it's a drubbing from the warriors. And he doesn't wanna go down all time a couple of against Kevin Durant. 12 in the finals matchups early. You have not been in the sport. Any mile why. He's you'd wanna compete follows this is cup committee ride nonsense at you to throw it would compete. These. You're not competing you're just showing up at that point it. With ms. zero point zero JR Smith buyers cited don't have a hey it's Oleg you are surely shivered you don't get to. He has he has played Thompson. Mr. Ewan JR Smith Richard quest got. We could go one did you think that we're gonna wind and no. Oca is this team has good Edwards doesn't matter isn't viewers do it's our. Technically right. No but I also said the same thing about Boston. I do nobody everybody just assumed that because they're two players are out. That they didn't have talent and look tell Bob match ups man written and matchups until doesn't match what would. There's a couple guys on that team will match what gives anybody if you know you're gonna lose. Yeah well you just fold up shop would rather lose early in the ball woods do one thing that's also seem as it was you one thing. If I knew I was gonna lose that didn't know that from. Against. Denver. Modesto what are go to Super Bowl. Wouldn't. It's inevitable would have been the. I you don't have a chance of winning. Allege she did it view of pay and eight. Some rubles and you had three Super Bowl rings and you know it's admirable nine. You're gonna you lose you're going to lose fifty humbling enough funding by saints will. Unless I'm saying the ninth super boat you've gone tonight some. Gigi it isn't yeah although yeah. All of its own. I was saying if you if you had three championships. You've been this eight symbols in a row but I did a reasonable number nine. But on the other side of that war is officially nothing ass kicking. It's a trip. I mean look. No buffalo milk. This is I would believe this is a BA one. Wrong word believe. As a competitor. That if I got here. And had a chance to win it maybe I could do something. To change when everybody. But you can. And I'd take much. There are questions that merchants redeeming there's no chance isn't OJ the giants this is Kevin Durant to a to get sniped. It doesn't matter is they're going to be in assessing and has stepped Perry something. It just murder. Oh. What could happen. If LeBron James I don't feel that whatever terrorism and apple. You're not LeBron James right now you LeRoy awards sports observer. It is generally what is Deutsch and how. How didn't need a cavaliers. Yeah lawyers Syria Egypt and LeRoy would you just couldn't sports. Observer. Hate your professional athlete how off right now you're a file on it yeah yeah. Are you got to Cleveland Cavaliers DNA. You're not Cleveland Cavaliers are looking I don't tell me what's gonna happen and it looks like there's no let's right now. All in the Boston Celtics as a positive for steroids in McCain's Lisa Thomas files LeBron advances right what is happening. With this school that LeBron has were met. Point triple doubles against the Boston Celtics know we can't name three of them. What is happening in eight cavaliers. And warriors. NBA finals how many games the cavaliers winning they have LeBron and him to the it's a model I didn't say they have a chance to catch us. It's not who we hear series prediction it's not likely. That you're gonna win the series against. But give school gives you mean series production does everybody thought let me do him give me a series prediction we series is H. Tabs. Warriors. This team verse that team. Right now Golden State not the 12 years ago that he had also run against. Not that Cleveland Cavaliers team. This one with Rodney put the quitter would JR Smith missed zero point zero with mr. DMP joint Clarkson. That team first v.s warriors with Kevin Durant. How many games do the Cleveland Cavaliers win against them to hole. I'm on. I'm new I'm I would urge Golden State. But don't tell you. Yet if you had the best player in the world. You always gonna have to have the best player in the world he just put all all the performances. They lose may have a video player who was a whisper under him. Plus everybody around him or all stars. The math don't at a man I'm not denying a bronze greatness. I'm done now. His greatness. It's just that it's it's like he's going to he's going into a don't fight with with an. I understood. But he's a big. It's you can ask you question. In my being so unique to mob believes. About basketball. He's been away in most cases that you have. The great player you go at him now. It's likely that they'll win. I'm not saying net low bond can't win. With the guys that he has because these LeBron to they can do do you think that the dozens others and now. And anybody even close to Kevin Durant. Look what he's doing all of your theories are coming true he is putting up all the best performances. Triple off 42 points. The force first quarter. It's not enough. Will that be enough against the warriors under extreme. But I am saying I have to say that guy is all one big team. You have HA. To headlines. These speeds W. He XY KM South Miami and W except that HD true Miramar. So he would Tom Brady and the browns with the idea perennial suitable candidate and even more amazing because I believe. They Uga put it. The greatest quarterback to ever play gain. On a crack team and he's not gonna win which you guys stink. If you have a great quarterback you have a change it's not take that same theory with a team that only has four other guys. And gonna have to play defense. And or sit on the bench while his players in and you say I'm crazy. Let me ask you know. Is Tom Brady get the dolphins bush YouTube clips yes no yes yes why it's no. No man no let it aboard the Tamil. No now last year no that's ridiculous. How how how can you think that. I would say they'd be better. Don't don't you there will be able to block form. It would give a pillow and that's a protection does a New England due to reasons and I continue to work here is dedicated. Blogging. They fixed on the on the laugh of the line equipment everything you'd. Let's say other big stories Mort is Michigan State. Has agreed to a 500 dollar million dollar 500 million dollar settlement with victims in the Larry Nasser case. Obviously that was horrendous and discussing and he should burn tomorrow. Are the Marlins back yet it's an audience Dodgers 710 is your first pitch of my own spark. Got passed on the night right here on the ticket Western Conference finals game numero dose used in hosting golden state Golden State up one game to none that. In the series that clock is it took time but we will have the pre game at 8 o'clock after an hourlong Josh Freeman experience from 78 right here on. Your home for the kind of funnels in the NBA finals and have an idea of what a 43222 in the hockey tonight little puck Vegas hosting Winnipeg. Game three there at 9 PM as your face off blitzer is all tied up. At one a piece. If they don't make it who knew it and didn't they did make. It had a good point. There at the pump blood for the actions that. With the proper accurate but by the and the elders you know organ music of king and renewed mood and behavior. All yeah direct this guy is buffs bid Darth Smith who's the one of the new tight ends the dolphins drafted the Notre Dame. He said. He says that hurricanes fans smashed the windows of their team bus of the game this year like an old school he says we kind of expected a lot atmosphere but nothing close to what it was out of the lot of stadiums ever played in my five years. We're gonna authorities over the buses driving up actually our window shattered and we had to get a new bus it was pretty crazy. The atmosphere is great obviously the outcome was terrible but I do love playing in the stadium that reminds me of Obama until or people ask how about that. Used to I was the it'd huge jump to the audible in the those bosses used to get pelted by things men. You remember when Reagan must show does but yet Mayo were you when your backs movement. What was the mentally echoes of the financial and when you go to Green Bay right when they're visiting bus pulls up. On the eve of a stadium to. So brandy was still a better response than that it is is get. Insult. The and it's probably left bad. Adam and it's only going to today became a sportswriter I can overlook Joe Buck and hopefully everybody eggs. Everybody except Minnesota Green Bay may have. Didn't let that. Joba as a bird that's right that Miami Notre Dame environment was. Reminiscent of the environment at the Orange Bowl in Miami played Washington 2001 when it was a night game and it just felt like. Look like. They're events can I get yes I mean this is the best way possible. Like they had the lay it all prisoners of all general Austin in Dade business I was the best what's over the last twelve months. Nobody out in the Washington game even before before this was last might well like when the visiting team pulled up like they were in danger getting off the box idea. I didn't think it was capable of that stadium being like you know it's been such a big topic since they moved because it was away from campus. But just that whole the whole thing because. We have that's always times where it was false tease of the abuse by Ellison and a terrible and in the season but leading into that. This is always the game with a keen to throw up on themselves well all the expectations correct this is going to be terrible page jobs killed it took those top lineman and took him to task it was awesome and somehow those guys are two putt and picks and the it became defensive linemen are barely getting drafted collateral damage and brilliant in cult referrals Notre Dame was still ranked higher in the final polls yet even at the same record ridiculous and I don't get what is that it's it's loans that are in it hit Miami we hear it. Bastards on agents yesterday as doors today how does that dish rag. Guys were hurt styles against these guys. Like this it's this guy. Did. What's it said Thomas struck in the third round. Yeah that's the old men. If you saw the canes game he says a boy did you did you you have to issued draft off this game they look like do carry it 31 round. I don't understand. Reason I would like to know what his thoughts were on the other than they play lycra. With it's them who would you gains since master bus. We feel so good that's ruled out on them why we need more than that more of that war that. Woody and Margaret to do in a speech to the attitudes of McCain unity that canes walked say. And special buzz that. The vertical oil. And with that'll wing element and over Napoleon devote more quick one hill. Well. It's it idol audience they went and got. I was as well he got caught up in the middle of the bold words. Oh very slender and tonight's it's like ENER laurel it's you gotta for the middle got Marc Rich's look at the canes and the guns gangs in New York do you hear ye any laurel. Oh. When I first heard it heard yeah any via. But then after I put it on a loop. Her moral. Ali I've only heard laurel and I've and I it's been pointed out to them because I have some hearing loss experts in the high range. The bent on and here's laurel know all news or. Laurel morrow then my I think he added people are fake it. Yet no I did hear you anyway that's for a later date I heard him donuts confused just what you wanted to hear what I think it does say laurel I think the Yankees in the state. What it says oral and it says laurel and an animal so it best when he says there what's the point well because a lot of people are hearing any. It it was as if that's the frequencies. What is his failure it. Now what you heard. They teach you are you rigidity and wrong I feel like people are picking it up mid play and they're getting half the word and it's turning in the Annie. When you play through it laurel. Custody. I don't know this quarter. Curriculum dress the same person I don't know sane person but it seems like this and this person needs to be put in prison for stuff and productivity today I can't believe lot and it's about that every meeting last night from the game with those two are Yani in other. On the baseline when our mortgage. One. Right now it's well my gallery dream land Allah Allah hi Lucia donuts depressed I was in the sweatshirt. What does this dealer yeah it was like Tyler who's ready to go to the sponsor like at eight and Newton and Robert and it got bunny slippers on easily one of wanna do convert to attract a lot of them going after. Any. I'm still playing all the way and that Ballmer holidays I lose weight that they have any who Julia and I'll give you you nothing to discuss how to tie Lou is coming up with the at least use of the subject for booting it up piano and it's that's Alec. Mega business was given a one time for Michael will bonds are being in this year's inducted into the tool Louis called fame will Bonnie bill Walesa Kim Jung and rob Manfred Nick Saban was a bass about you see evidence that the second Bill Parcells is up that Michael will bond. He joins the likes a win bowlers Heath Bell Jeff freely. You think so. He's bassinet and today's. When Billups present these into more I really should be in a national one. Well maybe if you're if your promotion was in line with you mess up the code words that then you lose an army is a good chance at the muttered. Or fired. I don't like you know what I was one day you couldn't I don't want to get fired and the shortest rattle us we have fired but it dedication position after one day that would make me a little bit. It's gonna happen the mosque is not tough economy. When you're in trouble and you want to make that apology phone call. They bush is Bristol won't be that durable good he did it on the phone and then there respects after that. And now it did it's not a silent I didn't put in the corner now character and the best part about business. We discuss a my manifesto. Email from B is about communication. A manifesto you Miller communication to who to all producers. And town and talent I think it. Woman you're not only countless which lent me. Doesn't it you ought to be on the list and wait idea users are not on the countless. You do get only no communication. Or you just sent via. You know is if you're. Lucky you didn't get it finds if you were not I was gonna fall on the floor laughing. The big story gulf name. Back on the I don't know I don't know what we're doing here on. I don't know Jerry yeah Euro laurel I don't know what we've liked. What may have to do our son cook or a completely girls. Okay. Even got it. Let's. Say dues in this in this co sponsors say. You should've played with the securities and yours mark Weller cargo downloading any legal stuff I don't wanna do that weird yet desirable. I'm. Not. You better pack you've already got it. Well yesterday the cavaliers. God they got. The LeBron coming out toward one of offers corner and then it is and in through the flying to appeal album rated his jaw. Instead of locker room. There's a lot of shenanigans Aerosmith music and beautifully gate giving flagrant fouls towards the end of the game and tie Lou he says though Boston have been booted out. The as a calorie it was it was kind of brutal the whole night how did you think you guys handled that and. We gotta be tougher you know I think. I plan tougher and we are we see that they're being physical on the go to the game up and we got to do the same thing so we gotta be tougher mentally and physically. It. We ought to be tougher but say miss all them up in Jemison. I love element. I would I would say that of van Gundy last night it was all over Cleveland for really not being tough and off we went on and a bit and defend well. It's you know and and that in the thing about it is he kept saying LeBron is gonna hit LeBron and urge them to to be tougher. And not doing it man. I mean it feels to me like they know it's the end. Lately this is the end let's me honest Cleveland got a break in the last round the fact they got to take a team. That'd the site laid LeBron pentagon out there and he could have iguanas in Cleveland Cavaliers jerseys. And they were being in the Toronto Raptors it doesn't matter they see boosters and they see him and they went their pants. But there aren't a dog fight with the Indiana Pacers. Are seven games those also need to herculean efforts by LeBron James. And balsa Indiana. They are. Pilot who molested that on the group text lessen the city and have no legs in the third that to me. On the which is lake is seventy hour work out that she. At least get I appreciate that you wanna go out there look like you're put on put in all voted and it looks like it worked. The fact that he hasn't scored 21 points and they're up by five. At the end of the first quarter that's great man. That's an honest I don't never is it's now. His style to go out there be Toby. He's just kind of let me once. Pretty patient more efficient but that's the answer Italy but that gets everybody involved LeBron usually is laid back in the first quarter let's get people involved Caleb going whoa. He tried to first game in May get up to the slopes are so we tried to be more aggressive. Yeah and then we owe that made him that made him the matador on defense because he's out there is though that shop notable budget shots. It's it just makes some kind of a statement he definitely been slacking on the two way play. With that roster again it. I get why he is why he's not be in that same guy and also looked at your age is a factor in that to Uga Uga play an amateur games and that many. On that many seasons in a row. And you look at this one. He's got to dig it hit it breaks goes and gets he gets the gets shoulder checked right the jaw. This time. Yeah I mean. Let's talk about another rat Fink Nick Saban whoa this guy. Like Eugenia. He is such a jerk you don't hear us anyway and the circus or else they wouldn't be with team no Chevy you don't beef down. You're up you're up top on the mountain. You don't have to take take take you ha got a new urinate all over you Scioscia and upon. Considered goes you have to don't think that's what it's like I don't want a picture Saban with the highly doubt he zipped his khakis. Okay and meet rained a little bit on who I believe it's unveil. Never exceeded these it to me it took off that's for 200 prisoners were right. Doesn't that mean to protect me. No sesno. Here is asked about. UCF claiming the national cherry Asia news what what what what book says if you honor and respect. Which of two things that should go in the statement. If you honor and respect the system we have. Despite some of the imperfections. You have to understand that system that you would do something out of respect for the system. Is anybody is the bride to clean it clean anything but self proclaimed is not the same as actually hurting it. And there's probably a significant number of people who don't respect people who makes self proclaimed sort of accolades for themselves. Love your outlook to I didn't. I started. Kinda defendant. I mean you have to understand that. House or even rewards these players both this all year. You go undefeated they don't make the damn schedules right. All of this team knows they want all day it's a bed and not to even have an opportunity I don't know it did to tell you nick. Team that beat your ass we made their grass and we want all our game you lost rent late for the system. You get to going to company sets it would all so even show you guys are so. Bye week during lucked into it right so from now at that point. Like yeah man I mean. I give why he would say that because he's trying to defend. This champions league he shouldn't kid doesn't matter no no no you can't pick and choose when you care and none out. It wears on you you honor your mom and pick and choose when somebody else cares to listen listen if it matters he's should face some uploading. He is sick and somebody biggest kids feel that now. Would resonate to rid it got you're an edgy yeah he's right UN that's judgeship. When UCL a went undefeated. Yet but the but the prisoners actually it's you know it's like it's like the boxer gets upset because dated beat. The actual champion let's say that champion lost the belt for drug testing rally yet paid chip you know the real Tim lake. They say the real champ I showed up all of the yeah. Hey look it's like it wasn't my fault judge those kids don't stop don't cocaine steroids no. Texas has an opening statement. Zips the locals. Or Barton flies. Over. Oh no way he wasn't. Tom I know you'll. But I don't know and what. I think personal personal it would be too cool for. Them into uncle and two it's not efficient and that kind of bug house yeah. And it but it does not let you go. Oh would have particularly gigs in about eagles' starting at LA where a mic statement bulb efficiency. In everything they do their entire operation you can isn't it time for in flight movies gas supplies. That is where he hit the button so lighten the guy who invented the bug via that got caught right. Yeah he was some fashion editors like that has to be had anyway it's news outlets have it was too dangerous what's the movie with Ben Stiller. Also about the merits Obama our president and the F racer Ricky did not pricing remains about the butterfly yes. Because of the franks and beans incident before prom back to invent the buses Fides. Italian. You can't just be going down and women didn't he didn't need an incident yeah. Until flooding as yet what are your boys can't lose it there are some residue is Lago won the first cell phones and it is gotten. Could really use a fly and buttons here. The other mixed they've always feel assassin is himself it's because I feel like Nick Saban genes are still from 2002 they shouldn't Wear jeans but I Roloson why none out and run the mower. Now can lease deal that makes him a little loan. Yeah hole in the bed and more. Now you may that moment you all were command would do if he gets a new to you minister now. You now. But blower. That blow what I I'm using the I didn't. We don't need port. Like it ranked a while apparently aren't my. An abstract and and that it. Maybe you should go until the week off and were backed up to the us. Bring viewers and this week. Four were standings. I'd check out for three normally one of us a bill that last two and one eyed and check whether you our wanna tumor only pick of Akron apartment that he always get right and handle business. What I had to make a comeback this nearly three you know week. We chased and what a couple weeks we were in Asia equity tomorrow. Yet you have to remind later addition court. Well it all these old college going to be getting from if you have any problems. You know and that that you listen I don't know Michael. Oh it'll get there. Your in my VIP list yeah. I would not really a thing existed sales still it is that we are fake thank you didn't know. We got a fake thank you LeRoy yeah he put a higher list of the entire building. Kiss ass CF kiss ass here to assess that many thanks for referral told LeRoy on the you know off and what does he do. I don't know I don't know I did that intentionally. And give you measure imposed I did it was it wasn't a bit. He forgot it loads of but it wasn't a bit even realize that he's in the guerrillas I was gonna read it I four I brought it to air if if the boss was cocky to me I would have him tell you that it was a bit suspect and wasn't it wasn't that I talked to moss. And Boston's blinded me bees yeah. That's funny to be every bit it's yet. Funny ha whom I'm not following her down now button and Rubens beast funny. Based funny. And gold big old room opposed from just so many of the problem. It's horrid. I'm really not money finding. When you that's always Welker now knowledge of what I could have gotten you know that's a two babies has had its funny moments. In a way Jan now. Yeah like yeah like funny moment clear funny volatile line with of professionalism. Right Mike Smith this polite yeah in one liners this thing here. Where. Given up. On what if my tactic when Obama because they're. Call given up that the Coke doesn't get since the since the listeners have the codes are we now eligible to win the thousand dollars this week we needed that. Art feel bound for the ball and I'm out of timeouts. To lift the big you said that to. We told you where it was it was like the Google said with great power comes great responsibility. I've I've screwed up more in the last two weeks shock. And yeah I've item you're not you not Wear a button down shirts and by the way I know I'm in my own head. I can't get out of my own head and threw it in your element as February a scary Terry teacher so I definitely has that Robbie. That's his body is a boom Herron and let the legend with a second look from here listen you've got them. Right now it would be. You gotta stop in Boston Celtics in the building the yeah. It's enough to do Memorial Day weekend going down until it happened one wartime. No I'm sick of sick of cities aren't on cigarettes in the Boston all right Brian a couple of terms were Lucio Robbie. Robby maybe promise that if the Soviets go to the files that the go and enter them. Your little hole is Celtics Europe and it looked preached the Celtics are doing the lord's work right now and bounce in the Galilee miles in Korea but. The scary it's just purchased that they can yes it is it's like two weeks old I got to suit him not surprised by the way they give it a white face. Like doing white paints. And why. Not surprising that the Boston moved. No assurance that British. Troops to insurers to kick backs on it scared to submerge you. Still it it'll be like. Others there have been there's this bill that you ought to go at the white man ultimately as I as far as scary and a shipment individuals analyst Gary Terry app deceived them in a black place. They don't. He hasn't happened there. Unbelievable that they definitely have. Because I want you really didn't just mean don't. You love blacking mobile G do you love blacking Mo G right where does god. Well basketball player Boston Kenny do you Blackberry those direct. With a Google with a mask off the litany clearly shows that he's a man of color. What yeah yeah what's elements get in the run in Boston. Didn't little guy he's holed the mask has led that he's got a wife hates the right. Volley that's it felt like the white race is now let's go to Doug Yates. Oh I know you do. And he's dunks whatever dunks daughters Ali we used donkeys and honest on keys out of all the days and we don't keys. Pedal to two if that happened Tijuana. Another way bells on Nightline Hattaway a funny line where until it. Nice bonus money funds they need you with me adopt a huge. Blow a lot of would you pick would be in two or. I don't. I. Felt like I think it ought to be different. That of. My other doctors have supplement. No one really. Cock eyed the other girls that would be. The rep as the examine them for their donkeys just itself and then. Yeah. That's. It and it did. Well. Oh. We. Know. And donkeys our issue. She donkey show. And it's watching and participating in the occupied cities. Assuming you have to take you down Matsui. Well guys I think its toughest. Day. That enable them. I. Man. Some days. Ago. That would be Jack ass that's different. Oh. A it was at play in Hialeah really move when he addresses. This is the only radio Jones Oklahoma. Were there we are bringing you donkey shows in rubles. Yeah by the way into when the ball to it was Asia from the pro on the promotion to have a meeting of the update La. Tobin was in the meeting last week on the organ on like your ball was always a call with a group balls he's usually in alleys of the you know response as of yet. But sent a donkey show on the Jennifer Martin now thrown out of the meeting. Right blonde beauty is that just as is especially since you bring it on Waterford of that right what do you do or die on the road I don't know you needed to be 11 o'clock class Morrison did set on the meeting again. Yeah your to do the eleven and the twelve and make sure Edwards right. Don't take Robbie down which Hilliard Islam right now man. So wait ideal Andy Roddick has paid a vehicle which isn't aren't quite as good and it. All swears he's he's one work I need me and SS PVW you're like John Carlos and join in the Yankees that you got his new responsibility is new attention on yourself and your wits and yeah I'm with him you're with hard. Good luck. Thanks for bank Ernesto I. Mean it's only people I. You got to tell us what you for two hours a week and that hey it might as well company email including the executive vice president of program and the companies I'm into you yet just as I want to span and don't know it didn't because he wrote it out Diddy Chris well there are on the bottom. Chris is Chris Allen Aaron known and Nagoya on an artist suit. Terrorists are terrorists not not cells exposed greens you do you get yeah Nazr and read your email today Santa when I'm with a left with the words Marty the idea that and I'm going to serve him so obviously yeah. Lebanese where everybody though whom Buddy Guy and somebody's at. It was being. Oh you're right on that their books. Out. Aussie team. Also doesn't hate you but why would like to think and I'm just speaking on behalf of the bullets run I have a boss I don't have faith though but. Our suite and on behalf of boss like that think. That you could give everybody a couple words that eight. Would outs and that should be something that should be left and right you know what you copied him eighth in all occupations where every minute. And we ask you did you check yet it. Is there trouble. Because would grow and college. She. I. Know and we. One of my. Body feel guilty. All able to guilty. I'm sure and starts and you're not thanking us yeah. You go out of you tends toward his words deep if it did your body right street well. As I walk up this corporate ladder right. Is. She may well Tobin feels he's responsible for my promotion. She. You that you wanted to know he feels like he's given me the opportunity to blossom. In order to get the promotion groups in the boating I think he's admitting you're Jewish Thomas trying to.