5-17-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, May 17th
Adam Gase says Danny Amendola is changing the Dolphins culture. Leroy says losing Jarvis Landry won’t affect wins and losses. Robbie is adamant that today’s Marlins game against the Dodgers was a “house money” game. Leroy says good teams don’t go on Hard Knocks. Morning Show calls out beast for sending communication email for his screw up. Beast is buying a couple books on how to be a better manager. Tobin was happy the Rockets got one. The guys draw from the Doombox.

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Stovall drug is there was your mistake blunder just through 2000 bust up that. In a couple of minutes you can tell you show a 67 at some four on the Tex lines. Mulder and are down seven. Just as Alice stinks. But at. Least a Vista look forward do Adam this is all of geeks to because. David Noah he's changing things in Davie. Change the culture. Working now get this all. Shown good leadership. Change that culture. Has Texans culture. It's got things going. You're not get a million dollars lender at all. I'm Dan Abdullah is definitely not definitely not going to now wait what I. Person believe me it has nothing to do with how good jurors who injury. This team won't miss. Because slot receiver. Is not gonna make this type of impact. Or any game. Dad. If he's gone. Oh god is gonna be like if they head. Was that wind share whatever. I don't dig you would be dead beat he's now moving to need to. As far as wind who wins losses. The only other economists and I think this can be erased some bad and I am a nobody really be a race of the month of are actually file has stepped up Torre should be. He is he has been ten or else they were receiver. More importantly. If wanted to tied and yet houses who says that right out to the lead in pointed excitedly because the August. All of though Brady has had success would outcry. Using the little guys. We've grown kids there everybody seems to get some days the mismatch Brett. So. If wanted to tight ends and basically what you need is more than one guy to be a group pressure to middle defeat. You've got two speeds who's outside. Hopefully wanted to tight ends can work one side if you go three wide there or not. You have a running back dead has some speed that can exploit a linebacker and then you have of slide into a top low or. We're tied in on either side so what do does is it makes you cover all of the field didn't ever really had to. Over the middle defeat. And I mean not just. You know five yard. In and out routes out your rounds by the slot god put me down the field one and it's things that. Brady has usually grunt is he sold all. Dead even if you're with him we can still throw it over the top diluted mismatch right. So hopefully. You know I don't like the way. That he's going to buyout saying let. Although what he's saying is accurate. I hate when you get rid of good player. And then a guy comes in in you immediately start praising their guy before he's even played a down. Saying how great he is that what he's gonna do win a match well they all your mind to do. Is give people off your back about getting rid of the guy who was. We don't will tell you that I was say this is like this isn't like quite a Ben Roethlisberger may as a rude off everything but. I imagine. Those first I understand it is kind of do his job and in my own conclusions here. With Jarvis have any idea in his own mind that he was the number one guy. If you were to work with the gallegly say he's changing the culture with that grouping of guys that he works out with if you were to change the culture. Having a guy he didn't Denny knows what his role is Jarvis how newest role at his role well the judge is still bottoms of the best player on the team. It would be imperative that you actually did have a veteran on this team that. They gala do on the mark could lean on. We're just say oh that's argument up to that's a criticism and he doesn't seem like he knows. How to be a pro did you have a guy there that oh that guy really knows what he's doing how to prepare. If you get a job did by the board action of a guy as a role model. Right to take that meant that BQL I think another thing is in and there's a couple of guys that. That have really gotten this across to their team. And and to some extent. Bret Stephens does. That. Nobody on that team feels like they aura superstar but they all contribute. Andy don't act like OK when you look at spot San Antonio. We don't buddhists or woods but that guy and team never acted like this all you Bush's one of five. They do the same thing in doing. But the problem is in today's society. How you can pay. Oh easier to weather a little easier to do a basketball because once you start you Max out either being honest argument to live right but it football. How can you imagine if jurors injury wasn't. Big guys that he was as far as. You know feisty in your face on the guy I've got more to it if he wasn't that way. If you adjust a team guy. With the dolphins obviously it. We've gotten paid by the browns in so you understand that. A lot of guys have football field. They put themselves out there like that because all the coaches want you to be. Is one of eleven until it was time to debate. Sun every chance for a thousand bucks seeger get paid or another when dozens recount issue where this hour is a watched Tex watched a seven to anyone WA TCH. Watched I said the seventy rated one if you don't want this time no another chance of the top the next hour it's a national contest. Message and data rates may apply don't text and drive. Let's headlines. He speaks WP XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. So. The Marlins not doing so all right now. House when he doesn't matter why do you keep seeing that through a series record for the sweep. Heading to the top of the sixth. Yes Tom of the 67 nothing stone yes correct Magellan dissolve. You put him in their memory it jumped the allowed out of house when he gains in your last place I don't believe oh. As we can barely won the season series over the Dodgers was gonna expect a sweep of the doctors to be real here probably with the delegate hype breaker against the Dodgers and that's gonna be small victories. Small victories look at the positives. Can't win articulate daughter went out breaking news Seaway and battles award yes. And when the resident. And will win because you gave me three minutes to all those back to rob these personal finances. Is when it goes to that's the problem that's sort of worried about what. This is way up and does want. That is degenerate city. Alec when they lose and lose seven does not as not a candidate could want to just move on. Plus Colombia's. So very are slow mania connection. May not come to fruition. What is does it Luke good artists yet now he's saying he may not. Go to the NBA next season. I kind of eases doing back there in the mist like the final four to thank you Natalie gives reason you either easy gonna stick around for watching get Serbian money. Or more being given how he plays for or does it mean for Rio Madrid or one of their big teams. Yet they've Israel Egypt but this can and and can by the odds for the first pick eight and is a plus 150 Dotson is a close to hundreds right there are now that news this sentiment Stan because. Late view the last presenting their affairs that that this was Maria Serbia and real solid over the timberwolves manly and it's true it's it's not it's I got to play out our costs arch suffered two years what is now the this is the case soars like Eli Manning Unita forces trade. We have no actual the night which makes peace that we do of hockey 8 PM Tampa Bay Washington and in these two games to one Washington has lead it's in the nation's capital so. That's at 8 o'clock face off the mighty hurricanes hopefully will be playing baseball tonight although the weather is. Horrible. 645. No sorry 7 o'clock is the first pit we're not carry this one we are carrying. The games tomorrow and Saturday of course Saturday's game is Jim Morse is last game. In a hurricane's uniform at the light for regular season at least. And hopefully they make you too wanna make it to regionals. They're the delivery closed doors to us today on the road I yell and yeah it did most likely it's his last game at the light. And we're gonna start recovered about one early at 1230 because they're gonna have a ceremony for Jim. I'll be before the game at 1240 and tickets are three dollars crude. For Jim Morse is last at some. At a ball. A stove and the stove and what do we do and I'd I forgot the share equally in Italy yet of a literal than Moscow he's got a bluntly I gotta we gotta brag about it as me. Be your own instant. Not now from the twenties that we need that would be you know need to regulate. William Hague which airborne are we go to thrift shop always gets in high socks man you Wear that hat that we're in quarters yes you need that yeah. The shoes I always needed douse him and chatter. There will be who Poland and to the bumblebee to a belief that we. Like. I was busy deal with a Australia. The other took precedent those international. Government Bob for apples. I'm alone for an amount that. Well. Whereas Josh McRoberts where were what spirit quest to Xeon. And discipline that once a week. There's ushered out of a social media understandably so contagious installment here that it. Diddy I don't know why the web site in my says that a SaaS watched you would want in the middle of Jason Jackson posted admitted I don't do it music and this is tax and. Yeah. So I don't know man. Those earlier violence on the idea aside from the browns are going to be on not hard knocks we're gonna wire up LeRoy as he watched that. Yemen well we got to have about a heart is fun. To me it gives you know let you know he doesn't want the curtain view. Stand. Good teams don't do stuff like this. Book they're not supposed to its four brands. Don't resident here I the rams got good though they are quick. Good. Let's is that yeah we go only seven and nine. Right but now they did you intensity get turned around quick affords won't actually forge well. It's what rounds once before. On an agreement on this point singled useless if the word that's Timonen. And I think their winter like. I'm not. Going seven and not. A big oops I was of the first ones maybe today it was great to the first ravens are the first ones. Ax to Axl did a while ago. Did jagr goes expose a fake hard knocks I was on NFL network before gallery picked up Al alana. Allen had recently what I Houston was used packages of the playoffs in the that it all know can remember armor mr. Garcia went about a distant JJ YGO. There was it was really annoying to hear a lot of his little his little cot. That it would go to sleep in between practices. In the jugs machine till midnight had. I did. Taken in between points so a solid week indentured. While. In the in the local hour against Dan last one of his their humiliation thing obviously dress Emeka and any well he would do that. I'll Roberts for us from the cure than he had to do a Robert Smith and Mike into where Ronald Roberts mr. Aziz but it was a journalist when he ate well and I don't it was off that it Roberts mr. Robertson has actually gave them a game one Jersey all. And I thought it was 28 and Dan said it was he didn't think it would be that small he couldn't understand how a player would get an overs pads. She is now. Which you have to understand is is that on the side so it's the last like it's stretched. Okay right so bad goals over and then it's like oh. It's a little hoop where it adds it in there and then. Eagles over the top Mike Bryan and gambled that crawled put in the shared on the no pads no physical it's tight. When everything is like everything has tightened running backs where it actually tied to that Noah can complete down by the New Jersey could argue Jersey watch it on Sundays we whole game I ever watched a football game and life. You Q what does it look like it does the Wal-Mart Jersey I had to buy for three dollars. I bile my jerseys buried this is like Tyson fury or your water first roosters that's too. Those jerseys yet when you get big game Jersey yet they. Support via right you get like three sizes smaller. And they put this last excellent stretches into this tight over here. Yet in your head's falling all over again softened them I'm media and our report both waits eight. On their shoulder pads so you pull that Jersey over his picks so he can't get yard grab the terms. Prop. Hold on. Jersey. And I don't know no you don't have. I'll bring moment. I have I'll bring one to show how small. If it's right over you. That's a really dumb things you're gonna jugs machine didn't homered in his conversation which. Well it's serious and poorly as one of the gyros or series DUS Burke has a jug machine in his living room. Catch. Well and it was because remark does leave the albino tiger and no he can't catch a law that's why it's called my in my community yes that's why they call the albino tiger is when he catches the football the coach says it's like seeing an albino tiger now. So horrible insult from a coach of an awesome nickname. That's terror. Spirit terrible. There's been a call out. On the station. 21 of our. New managers. And I do now. I'm well what would she reached. You make you do first week four or is it pure as they did make you aware because you said. That this new era of beast is all about communication we got the long manifestly us oh yeah. Eight I I didn't think. Damn it Richard new job title yeah. Got to admit you're gonna stars into ray and being Rios of motivation and we have to actually read yet. Like I read your emails when they're addressed to me. So we'll hear us and we'll hear this this call out got to be Romberg coming up next. Still you. Section 67 minutes and horrors of sex and the jets went this intelligent game when they were on hard knocks. If I forgot they were announced that was the year yeah some of those Jason Taylor is doing is on the jets had. I would just go to the death yet. Talk about that's the viewers many you notice that in those those. Valves around faster Parcells moved quickly on display. I did like you know why isn't why kids would be any different than if you. Get a better offer as we within any job all because I don't root for my accountant. Miguel go there and hear him just do your job and what would happen if he isn't going on to Minnesota you went to Cincinnati. It moved. Until. You zealots and students after Minnesota UN to greenback. Fans would be just went and the reason I would have probably would Green Bay is because Minnesota bit more. He anymore they just have been in these buildings and on an entertaining so as a we have another offer late irate Koreans have another salesperson has. Not rooting for them I entertaining. As boring meetings are born sports has fallen and take what more fun. What you do graphic moves. And go to the people and give fund mail like it. I'm telling every meeting there ever been. Here. I'm like I'm usually pretty active and he and I try to keep moving condensed from still hurts India ready. But I just one way I feel like it's instant no deal meetings here that the times natural. That's it it's times that just Goldstein by the way it is which he got today we got a mismatch here. I'd sell. Jesus started a new job this week he's assistant program director moves were big move saying. Let's tremendously. Though Obama team's on. Sure. I mean you do because it's named Robbie but that's my theme song sure. That you teams on average Sunday or Saturday or additional notes how to get things don't you move Assad to outrun his 31 about a lead and though analysts yes. Some isn't an impetus here. I mean you can't a better leader and then he weekly chart their coach are viewing the kiwis could be around until October minister. And currencies of his new gig this week yup. Off to a Austin Starr rousing start we're doing this count as when thousands for in excess of what's gonna run 37 minutes of another testament. Yes say the words are wrong yes they were. There girl in every like him and hired day's worth the wrong. Correct terrible job that's why the people who listen to us we appreciate. Which you may have heard drew may or may not have heard the words to ice is wasn't repeat now. It now has lessened my office yesterday and as. Like the jury I scream you unity self and getting history should. Yeah we want screws up. Your counsel. The ice known facts he gets no I scream I I I emotionally so. You most of the bill that would explain a lot of pretty slum and emotional ray wrote to gore have a couple of bad ankle. They play video. Ankle has gone to some stress right now Erica you've been liberal for three year. What you guys in the communication Yi so you nervous they are communication after you messed up and you want people communicated something you've. If you if something goes wrong Lemond well run. Well I just want to put it all out their communication wise yes is that this is a program director you should know how the rest of you how it feels about this I don't and little town. The magic control you need to know how they feel OK and you do it shouldn't have any idea is a problem contact and it's. Ago the morning show today you're a little low show. Not models which shall. They came out and as a although I will say something happened to them very good I'm sure I would get tax. And that's on site there Leo would get I would at least get an act. On social media corps that's the you know that you can browse it well you're you're so Reggie about which so I carry out more we don't you care about more. On is that they have to say your communication email yes the beast on his first day we get. This long neatly the entire building we get this long and not an entire building and out communications and listen and it's essentially saying it it's. It you see some say so you know it's essentially it it if something is wrong you you've got to come tell me OK I I'll I'll fix it for you okay. And apparently the reason and that email was sent out was because of on the state that he may eat or feel like in that email alerts KBC so in say some big two probably also be you know mention in the there was an error made yesterday. Which was my faults or. And next time that happens please let me know so that I could fix it not hey if something's wrong come Tommy sort of help he's too busy during the photo shoots. How he's. This is obese is it's risen through the rakes who is be be kissing and be past pass the blame right ST duke as he does made himself. Now that email announced the whole company and now the whole company it looked slay it looks like he wants to help yeah no beast is is yet he adds yet player right. Contact right anytime I please have my phone on is how you go home immediately eye on lot. And then they also sent private messages the producers right now are parading them want to know about that I don't. So so on top of so's first they work was it was dumpster fires there's there. Those norm. I mean his first day. He he he screwed up in a fashion that he had to send an email out to the entire building should not come into this whole thing that's happened in. Liars. I'm a lot of grouping millennium and hit the Miami waxy producers Miami waxy programming. A lot it and what any fish threatens Poland for. You see sharp increase in Wednesday's light did you sit it to conversational and did not look you can see it's on to archer in Georgia. Both station's solar. Listen you learn you know as Daniel looked the other day as the program court energy in my old job he is handling things over their for a taking you all job I was the program coordinator he minutes. Well. Everytime I have a conversation with you we peel back layer. Almost did yeah yeah. He used white he has this Italian. Favorite. You mean. You out yes. I don't do. You. Bet you aren't we do right. You filled my position. Why would Lawrence. An integral part of being in didn't get a position to live off this. I've been in regular guy delete them all the time I feel like I'm going just fine and also got a quick programming director. Excellent program right now where you are and pro I don't know the who did it though you are corny but it. Morgan you're up for a Grammy coordinate that sentence which you do it was you did times. In you know god scheduling yes all the it's all and who. Like. This next week is four times. Like we ever got emails when you sent for revisions are human error communications emails for that. This regular communication email. Communication would be better. Between all the posts it's always better with you. I. I did yesterday invest it and you don't have a duke actually page you for this copy in east and what do you invest and a couple of club management style books. Stahl from bloodied nose of the Little League manager for dummies who jubilant. I love. Yeah I didn't have. A little blond woman that you're reading a book called from bloody tough loss yes and butted what is. That and how to be a first time manager. Personal manager. I believe just like hey weren't watching crew that you're doing what do you sort of do a lot of stuff that I need to learn. Yeah the heat just like wait. Me. So many different people about what this afternoon delay of the recent aged. Promotion yes to do things yes to bring all too well. Communication and it's on the eye of the beholder. Opium management correct you tell me all the time I don't know to tell. You. Are certain things are above my pay grade. And many levels of lead this company. Hole. We have to be doing our show for it is. Right here it is a LeRoy and told them and then we'll see. You do to him before we actually relate to boss. Recognizes that we give me thank you is because you know we we brazen mugging yeah. You don't like myself thinking we have lets you here's a wounded animal and we feel him to health and got him new riches. And all the sudden we're didn't Wear an 800 emails or all bad communicators. What do you think you indicated below. I think we need their peak all of us because I. We don't feel like don't work would poison this venomous ideal four times a month and it was muzzle out of my schedule. So this is the end result. Terry like mechanisms. Are in therapy. Were rude I've been gone for so long judgment of those on. That's not what it's Forman. Adjustment. Or did what dog. Likes and done the same question yet. Total would stay correct yeah. This bill that would have been via word peace always competitor in some form fast right. Think everybody's gonna feel when they find out yeah I'm going to fare pretty but he says these next emails and about bullying. Can. Yeah. And awful. We're ready to bow forgery. It was good to use Dutch were it. I should not know you attribute say that to me what's that. I don't know to tell. Always a couple hundred. I. Don't think it's a you have in this situation. No doubt. Or the other line. That's Obama agree. So let's get. Short of my wife wrote a book from buddy Abbas. That doing in. Question can keep an eye chart. Oh just where you fitted so we know we're looking at where we direct question and answer if you are regular listener of the show. Two what do you think those tactics don't work. Ready your wife come and we do an on air session no no news notes and off their session of you enough sections on air for you pretty. The problem. Right he's not. To me problem. Sent it out OK there's two things going on Russia. As one I know I screwed up and I I took care of that behind the scenes. On the other hand you know you to carry all the scenes because you got to give my right okay five. On a couple of different levels. I got my ass handed to me. I I I I yeah I deserved it do you want to professional help. I can fix everything brain okay stop and lazy and don't copy and paste. That's if you've. Stufflebeem more I nationally were my decision making. You make a big part. Yeah didn't do so that you can't have a need to be buddies first. Why. Do you know in the. As well this is liars so if it were we what what I watching news good news got announced during the show those to accommodate yet he's just like the best part of it was sitting between bricks and just like. Congratulations and I thought I was ten ministers. Released let them. Oslo OK go back on the mass alt reply Els they went Adobe's. Were we weren't as many as I thought there would be. As far as he cried to yourself who probably don't total. People who who. Can convert it into heavy and slow our. Well Robby gets X seven point two that I deserve it too. They do Bustamante the last place I'm home do. Where are staying in the last week you do an auction items and that it last week was that would like to call home a good. Oh fair but it wasn't last week your wheels because you I don't know you add all the of the fights well I had I took. I took pride Keller over Dominic here does his nickname is one mouse. Probably god just to go what exactly about I mean am every cinema that was really mean what used. I need to pick Joseph gonna get not a blowout but I I like I river watch your wife and us last fight on the Allah the way this guy goes. And lose the lose in the way that committed them to get to play this period to it. But the way you all the way liquor laws what of his fights right with the way this guy wins I thought the matchup that is his opponent I lost that one. And I also a shopper Susan vs Kelly yes and that was a whisper that that was the closest of closest fights. Very closely but lost the loss of more than five to him that box wouldn't I wouldn't put up for the month were whose employers. Robbie NBC both print three year two and four so he's very tight. Class yet mature also warn him of the first. Tight race very Tyrus very time we had time. This is you'll have to do three games by the way. There's little movies what I wanted to do this grandpa I don't like. You know we need we have. Physical and even yes yes and we've declared that rule you posted excellent post gets to put that happens then monitored. I got my games. Already in a role. LeRoy says lots of lots of baseball god got Indians that Astros. Front I have raise that angels are just watch this video showed you Donnie Yen does. Just crossed off by Justin Verlander need to appeal stinky leg out of the box that is awesome and then finally I have. Marlins at braves will read his book just rough. Bridge the moans that is the it's at Turner Field to what the other would be on the road. All Robbie. Just the five vs the field as the preakness all along with the only eight or through an eye on it and just that a huge real. I have Ford Albert the Red Sox win that's always vote gives a Friday or tomorrow or tomorrow okay. And I have been yanked the person who wore it taught me about love and as the Yankees but based on him communion rained elegant when Levinson in the case of rain. Remove the game we had to play in the rose only make one trip to Kansas City so the point that double header on Saturday that it puts a divisional game. Which you have to sign got both hockey games I guess is the lobby tonight's game bright he had to like in its capital lightning and then jets golden knights. And then and gut of the next Western Conference final game with the rockets and warriors Golden State is 87 point treat. Let's get the pulling stuff out of the way the Dodgers in the nationals snapped back tomorrow. Cinema we know we're putting the and then I got my due Jack respect honesty no solace that. Fight right there I love buddy Jack I think he's the best boxer nobody talks about why you held on the Jack the Ripper. So do what Ozzie it's really good joke. Any chance slight favorite never stood sort of Goebel of the got a ticket out of that considered illegal. Who blew the Stephenson is piece of sweep these two can book. After every flight. It's amazing. And finally a candidate get this team dump penny pull the Celtics and the cavaliers. In Cleveland Cleveland is a six and a half point favorite to cut it picks have been on fire I've not lost many tickets witnesses not to which is but what I wanna do all right that's a Divx I was obviously yes the rockets one. Because you. You can really give me. About that seems let's see what they did little bit I was worried that I was worried because it seemed like afterwards they're getting a little shot an air toward alien and James hard or below its that you are these other. They came amid fault and guess what he shared the balsa Eric Gordon Williams may have. Who's right right. Andre and pardons still pardons two of them played a good decent you know so. Well guys yes there was must watch for those were world or stinky. And it was all pretty mr. Kevin Durant pay amen new listener can you please explain why you guys each give tees getting our new this okay so we have is this dog board of doom which is filled with up punishments. And we. Basically go per month who as the worst record after picking all these games at the end of the month. And the worst record SO throughout the de Puerto do moving up to do things like bees have gone a giant Margarita where he was singed by ice and citrus. Mom. Was over Don. My did get a quorum call back lacks allegedly did he did the back quacks had to jump into. A a pool of the Speedo. I'd in the water boy did a show on the stocks one time. It's it's just so. Mirror had a different dives into a nipple clamps ministers nipple threat. I feel like I had the Bulls and Bears in danger bring those in Jamaica. Not a it for you. He said it was big silver yeah bird they have heard of who you meant us and now we have things a Villa surely. We have we have the Ab roller. Altars of engines are we gonna do in the midst things meanwhile there's some people who are ruining. I got some debts to tag of some desperately via the bumblebee. I got a the bunting. The Clinton honored declared job a couple of journalism dump or was it on and others I was educated and let Tomo that Solomon's preparation I didn't have. My bad can that wore a bridge residency rules so. Me heated suck you through her body on defense sucked is that Europe has to go Bill Belichick would ablaze quarterback or. Yet but I am happy I am happy because at I didn't want but if the war is won yesterday. How do you feel that they if you get a feel that they don't up 200 and back home we did feel bad luck it's a bad guy. Mean doubts your words it was the same immune to fill the same way as when the cavs beat Toronto toys yet yeah absolutely but. Would you be surprised that goal Tuesday bloom out and sex and no I wouldn't be no I wouldn't surprise to me this feels like TC are these the games these series. Millions will be club are not paying book but to be obviously you. Connell would be surprised if Golden State bloom off for this reason. They pretty much taken steps curry. Out of the game. By how they attack them offensively and they put him those skates every play. Now ladies and Gideon's. And of the other guys. I mean you pretty much put a man on a man and you can head Buddha yeah I mean clay if clay is going. It's what do you do grant a site to be able you its own material destroys other guy yet it is clay JD can you where we just those two because I think. You know stuff. Might do a little bit better at home we just want. You don't do rockets. You miss a thirty foot. Three. Public school and all the way and it's lie. Yemen late calendar as the best all around player on the team bus after is that he's the head of the snake anyway he's the guy that has he he made Golden State what it was right. You know and so win it when they when you go to a lot of this is one step probably hasn't won a finals. And BJ everybody goes in the series and would stop him raised on the problem is. The in the wars count that was noted given her. Bump but some other changes things LaMont registered tribe did you also were out. It did paragraph I'll thank you that's right that's an all timer Perez media has been installed student as it stands on the it's almost wedding season. Did you don't know me and graduation. As some I was and Lebanese cup committee weddings anyway you want instead of that stupid old standing in at the toxins from the honeymoon. Wedding parties are stupid let's be honest. Just go up there are two people I got five people just go to the courthouse yet you know there's five people. Because he it's does the ladies they got like the entire trail and feeling good and people have not Iran apologists of what Jewish loves my wife had a made enemy in the Bonner. Really yeah. What made and have made in 20 on what you what you married your made in the runner associate a maid who wasn't married she ended when in the bachelor actually. Yeah my wife's best friend of the time won the bachelor should go use those to marry the prince from Italy but that never worked out anyway I'm Terrence it was on its TV and is a bastard additionally five years before she could celebrate. Really why that's the contract he son. Asked the candidates. Upload and then he's yet another best friend who it's like bulls who is married with a in the water and then she had five bridesmaid. Seven people in her it's over to stick did you seven guys yet its people treat. Them different. At a higher couple ushers it. And oddly enough and I went in the Thompson asked in Iran as it were redneck tuxedo. Oh yeah in a pullout ports. Rules I feel I don't don't just listen this is. The feeling I get. And I don't notice is that. Bobby's mom has a huge influence on him. And if when Robbie finds the right person to marry. I feel like mrs. Campbell is gonna step in maker sun. Resident of both the present a problem I met outwardly calm. You'd be present nobody only outside influence or David he's gonna he's a final of the sports bread and that's what's happened he's gonna find is related to degenerate who resist that a woman and elevated that and a new Harrison song love in a sports book critic for five years to be opened. Well it's kind of heart ready. Antarctic as the bar.