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Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, May 18th

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. And we have to play some garden I mean you have to. Given the circumstances and things happen yeah I just reading about actually before the show had a relief I don't know what happened and just flow and in. You were born with a successful. Dutch terrible story and sharply on music fans and its music and you can't just hand over fifty years old. Hi I have read more pills than that TMZ you know they always have that stuff we'll store sold because I'm sure and these drives and he'll have more peace is not here he's been businessman he's doing his thing so. You'll be late to start the showed can get more time to die he's typically not only because I knew we do well for the station so I can't really do my part time really. And I will I will anyways. Equally but should you be doing your work. He's only when we've seen him do mortal physically no men the only idea of so you do the screen. Is legally. To work. Have you. Get a Robby is nodding his head now eight. In eighty. I think he does some sort of entry level work. Go to Linda finch or maybe to list. Guess he does the schedule this year can estimate what SP student puts a schedule yet he does the schedule gets into five schedules so he doesn't really due to out of the revised schedule yet he. I work herbal Dominic about 10 what are the schedule that I only can do for one day moment. I was mentally oral or drugs and other side we mentioned beast will be here at some point surely he's doing. I'm very hard work somewhere stated Rick Clark and not legal or at W bush to subjects but obviously we're to talk about the cavs global domination of the Celtics last night. And I hate to say I told you so that I'm not talking to you by the way because you gentlemen so too I hate to say we told you so. I'd never job offer opinions in a mall for people say oh the Celtics are from a series but I can't. Understand how anyone going into the series could with a straight face look at the matchups look at what the cast is Don look what the Celtics are and say. Big drama series and I was getting less right I'll come on mended Celtics are number one seed they can go 67 games like a ticket to big series and I like collect they'll be lucky eagle five who probably be sweet maybe he'll steal one apple last night Allen will steal one I don't go to steal anything you know used to do this. And heavy feel this way. All this time it's the lakers Kobe and Shaq. Like big limp into the playoffs. Every year and then it's. And the heat perfected it with the maintenance right with the they remember that there was always the old they wanna go in playing your best in the playoffs I don't. You want to extend the play if you put your best in the pleasure wanna go and play your best you wanna play your best everybody always talks switch. Any bad day in sports they're probably isn't a real switch like you took Nauman play well. The teams when you have the best player and when you have obviously good players around them cavs do. There is a switch there is it there's that switch that LeBron goes into that he's just phenomenal what the end of last night 3738. I'd I think Kerry's head by street thirty point games he's averaging over thirty in the playoffs almost had a triple double. He destroyed Isiah Thomas on a couple of drives which is unfair by the way I mean LeBron and I think it should never have to get in front of the brunch or guard him. And total domination. Kind of what we expected. Do the cavs lose a game before the NBA finals to the warriors lose a game before the NBA finals. The warriors are closer to lose in the game and cash apps. Physical place corn please the maybe not it is correct rob Macgregor from wrong or Lira zero in those I obviously for all the wells but I wanna make sure criteria. The cats we know swept the first two rounds the warriors did as well all right the war's not lost in the press that is correct we are likely going to see a scenario where both teams get for the final without losing a single game in the playoffs I can't imagine that that's happened before nick hasn't covered every game since the Indiana series Indiana's only tears give him a little bit of a child Toronto forced recovers and an illicit Obey the same way with the but the celtics' -- Regis a note you know that's a fact right there are no teams no know two teams have ever bought I don't think so at the checklist is only been one team to go that's sixteen and won two dozen one lakers right Dan is highly unlikely that two teams went undefeated. Going to sort of find out if that was title itself almost impossible but it sure looks now I am not a betting man and your general view but I would put money down to say that it will happen LC either the scenes look how would say. The spurs winning game. Now. I don't know if they could win that game or 25 the other night and ya know I got hurt anybody you know they get it let's say they nickel linebacker as enemy huge difference there if he's if he's to impede the way they're playing now it's not gonna make a difference and I didn't say it's gonna it's gonna have to say it's not is economic a huge difference no -- 3040 point swing and game well here here's the problem is that. I think Golden State's gonna have won those games. Where they go back to the means is they're not gonna make eleven threes. And a half again. I mean. You say that kind of seed. They do I think yes they're that's kind of their their game commanders is cool game but look at what idea what I'll make you know three. I mean less sentimental threes to know I know. They had eleven point lead in the first half went out Macon at three because they figured out that they're bigger and better than the Celtics LeBron is just the drive in the zone when they what was beautiful mile last night's game the way they played was when LeBron went way and they kept Kevin Love is a primary guy. They figured out immediately but the sober sort of anyone can stop Kevin Love. By Kevin Love can just post up all day. And sit there with a Smart jumper and Brett glass who he was a remark Smart swap the left and right trying to stop it wasn't gonna work they. Even when LeBron is on the bench the cavs just go to a guy Kevin Love who was kind of guys we don't bash superstar that's always the big question. When dealing with the caps. It is. When LeBron sits. How are they gonna play without. Now it's it's fine against. You know against Boston. It has the big question going to symphonic. Hour that'll be the interesting part of its final site in which makes you wonder to resist. Is bad for the NBA. People have been you know all season long like that and availability of the fact that we're going to see this series has been and we've known this since what. They won why bother in the last year let mother of the season. Do you have the season to me is always fun I've I gotta admit I've been born in the playoffs. The season this one because you have moments like prince's let's just put in the deep respect of the winning streak or when he meet the wars in that buzzer beater we all know the heat aren't. Teaneck in matchup of the war as we know that there are a team that that's anything close of the worst but for that one I was funded no buzzer beater meet the worst. So this season it's kind of like okay you go those ups and downs that are fun. But the playoffs and even boring because I mean I've you watched outside of maybe what game was there that was really drama. You know that really really draw that game six to Washington and boss yet that was that was a pretty nose goes in one there's one. Didn't Santonio plague or was it men who played a game that was a really good game where there. Been a couple close games but I remember talking about this in the first round that. God these opponent. I mean there aren't they the most anticipated theories than the story the playoffs they have yes it play out the most anticipated series was washing Mumia was. Houston in okay Seawright but it didn't play out no not at all. Com. By the way I mean LeBron James is one for six last night. Behind the line and did did I had no effect on the game. Why is it LeBron story it's the cat stories. I don't know what to say in his leg in it didn't matter with him the way you'll drive and Leslie finish like fifteen of 24 we can Torre's usable without any C he pretty much made every two point Johnny took. I apologize for being late by the way. Well that wasn't gonna give your time as we know you were to win we have we had a worse situation also though I'm in a bad mood because some. Some ass hat. In this building decided to steal my a phone charging cable are that was plugged into my computer. On out of my office unplug it from my computer and took it still went to a lower my interior office. And there. Recent I just want to borrow. So you itself face to face confrontation that you took yourself and you put it away freedom but about. Arnold had jokingly. Yeah. Up see what you're gonna do you sound like the man has or knows you're good yeah it's not in my head. Is that I sit down and eat ice that we had you know I don't know did you as a group green eyes since the company no I'll everybody's 00 yeah and Miley. The wind we have views on what is the other implies golf yet. Oh no you don't hear a guy or when somebody sit down great news. Lives are Parker yeah I just used. The all company email while building email to say. Who ever took the damn court bring you back now and Mac guy. We have a few decision like the league like somebody took my makeup it's an SP 25. Mac. Studio fix please bring it to my desk in my will why he's sending that engineers I'm pretty sure that they're not using makeup or Steve McCann. But what do you do well the problem is that. With an iPhone cable that can be anybody that could literally be an engineer or could be promotions again I still I think I think most of agree that the Dawson the only no knives and golf no he doesn't know if someone steals summing up your desk. Needles and no. Do you want to let you know you start with a hundred people that I don't normally there's like five people I want. Automatically anti rob merely were because they're the ones that you were there today so no that's not true itself I would never know it's all that it's all that ass hats that walked in my office and they just see your court and say I'm gonna take it yeah. That's what they pence at odd pens or pencils and I think now I in my you know why it's an email like that one is your emails full moon. That too where by the way Annika. Please can I have mortified you you eight cents last spoke you can appeal so we knew. The reason why it wouldn't be me or I could never send an email. Because five minutes later our remember oh crap unless it in the bathroom to your point so I guess I did I forget everything so I can't. Ever send out that you would not yeah I mean yeah. You have Mia tougher she yeah. Thank you go. Back dig into the crowd. MI and let you I'm just so glad I wouldn't go our way to keep the go to CL AS and so what happens with that. Email. Another. Well the same thing that happens what the bad double eagle Mardy sent out back was cracked. Now somebody else I want someone to go like Wally you'd want you here. I'm on the air right now you'll not in my office drop it in there good drop and there by you I don't learn from a car. You can I. I don't mind from my car are we need to charge for the head like you what do we already do are you ready you eat eat on the army to sponsor you do the headlines in literature about them too. You're listening to us 790 to dig into an FM 1043 HD do you want DW eight XY AM South Miami and W Passat fast and then eighteen to Miramar. Here's what's trending now common currency area for many headlines asking me. No problem that a thousand with a car. Let's concierge then. Dot com. And hello. There's sponsored by Sam's clubs take your backyard barbecue. To the next level with instant savings from Sam's Club. Similar electric smokers rats Pepsi and more fun these savings outlined two words there at Sam's Club. Near you while two words we scanned and go. Sims Steve we know what I mean. Scanning did that woods shrimps. All you gotta do is go. Put it nor your phone scam that today. They give your receipt of your phone and you won't query out to store it's good business. It's good stuff so Daniel is being grilled announcer how much I'm angle of the head and every time yeah I'm confident guy. Yeah Obama cus will go myself to be you know 'cause I don't does their vote and they get don't have the same stuff. Cost goals so smaller bowl. Also. Costco has like a dollar fifty hot dogs themselves. So sentenced to an eye candy hunt and so doesn't matter but Anderson who. Quit. I don't need anybody eked. That's why you like good headlines we go to the update desk usual Manso thank you very much. Cleveland as you mentioned dominated Boston from beginning to end this wasn't even close actually the finals medical center where was 171. All forecasting a 10 series lead. The bronze age is good beast mentioned as one of six from three that's not good the good news is he was thirteen of eighteen elsewhere. Finished with 38 points nine rebounds seven assists in 42 minutes Kevin Love quietly. Put up 32 points. Twelve rebounds no answer from. The Celtics what what a bit tired of it is for anybody over 65 they just don't write like you want it's become an Internet mean more ready was the mobilize and Thomas on Isaiah and Isiah has just writing his body of the pace of agony. Suspect a runaway train racing over you. I thought about Vegas says this is a great player you did we'll talk about it later after headlines is it's set up the narrative already already after one game. But the Celtics can't women is this I was trying to think of it is there eight. Is has there been a match up in recent NBA history. Where the one seed is considered has no chance well all. All the rules and we just talked about all those years with the lakers because they would just wobbled into the playoffs with Kobe Shaq and beat a fourth. Did seen them all really. Well even in those years though. You know and that is ish in the west you would have teams like the spurs that you would think can give them a battle I just there's Doe's know spurs light team in the east they're just isn't. You just can't you know you can't. Seriously contend. For. A championship. When George Best players five and a that I hold that thought the British headlines knowing that accident that's already become an air of Marlins back to save that list. Two weeks Marlins back on the field tonight and I'll be fun no too late night till late night. Tennis and is thought you wrote I don't spend what. It incidentally that this is what we'll do is you pay 11 o'clock know little and I hope it's been an open game on it and you'll you'll be until one salutes. Well let me explain what is what is your really steady your it was advisor was giving her an English major step in. Well let me tell you how to sort. You get home watch a huge turnaround score there will be five boy are you so I know when you'll be so excited. You go get ready for bed and come back to 65 in the night and there will be six six RB 12% and simple Kaz and it's 015 record and 441 hearing on the mound for the Marlins. Most of the worst record in baseball we're gonna see this tweet dodge for running outta that pays for killed Monday 210 losses the net and a move that list. Robby moved I can't wait till we try to bookseller on from the Marlins leave the auto winning streak. Because then we're gonna get. Well your pressure he tweets at us every night you hate to we have Marleau beat these guys are there Don it's also to annihilate every two brutal hit homers a great job remote so but it's a doing the sack to answer to dock forty points and be almost. The bully me. I mentioned at Marlins all you. What he's he's he's replying to there are no yes no he's not no you're not the donut a touchdown celebration dumped seven point no you're not you are creating the original Greek and hate reading at the Marlins have seen you do it like every night. I actually feel for the person I should know one of the people who does host meet the Marlins and it is a it is a tough job because you can't be negative and in the old course is so let's just keep it simple like twelve to them would like you know like the seventh inning you know tell that just the give up what can you say I used to to score. It's it. Not hey let's start a rally would remain so. I do want to Curitiba rhino it's a DeMar has got told to going to the bottom of the night doctor always pretty much saying if for everyone he treated a while ago man what the hell is going all my Marlins. I've been saying that the US. Cheers and it burns you have the Marlins to just sit here decade. Tomorrow than that. There and wait Dixon. Took. Our advice. Yeah actually do you have loved you so McGregor says it he said. On terms for the fight now he's just waiting for Mayweather sign that's you talk in the languished metropolitan. McGregor and Mayweather I don't follow it either but that I would lens and of the names one is you see Garrett the other subs have boxed in America. Sarah I had no idea were talking about are you battle I don't know you don't want this old that's a news sports director weed that's. Lone goal ten when was the last time you saw. Boxing or martial arts is on channel ten or any local channel if if if not I thought Mayweather only local channel yeah of the bottles and let there dude you wouldn't make your 600 sportscast because it would beyond after hours would be a late and we couldn't show the pilots who have rights reasons is a sin though we don't show like big boxing matches when do you view that you have the right ESPN has to show that. We just don't know the next day we can show stills or show like ten seconds that they sent us crappy video which isn't even a knockdown in the big thing so big joy last night Cover Flow Mayweather would you not do that. The next. It was the highest paid for you ever we would do we don't know like Mayweather yeah I'd say like yeah and second but we certainly don't preview look forward to it would protect the Eden under the learned and why don't they were I. I don't know what the status is of a fight or something I don't want to say that the Walt in general wants them to fight. McGregor evidently assigned to term she now waiting for Mayweather again McGregor is not a box of them. No he's a UFC fight and that's what makes this low interest loans and I just sitting you rolled rice. Hey by by the way I said oh McGregor the USC guy annual rise like what to whom he hits me roll my eyes are you asking that question. As the question was just Gloria I know like I I don't follow his cult rewrite how this poster up my room I egg. When this yeah. Kind of live. We've played Muddy Waters. A dirty water right. The latest case of baseball so stupid with a tougher rules. Now last night the Braves. A plane the blue jays and what about what are we get a better and there's. Well first orders do you see this investigation now let me set it up there's there's two boards the story the investigation she not a Major League baseball's looking into one of the blue jays players I think there was can implore. I set a homophobic slur at the pitcher. Basically the guy thing that pitcher Jason Mott did this crazy thing where you like flipped the ball up he does want to Wear the slope catches and then once up and throws. Eight quick pitched the guy any kind of swung and missed for strike three. Annie looked at him and he said. Homophobic sore. Mean it was pretty clear from the video what he said I think yes go figure it out so of course mock took offense they need dugout it's clear they start yelling at each other baseball's not a terrorist nation whether why he didn't you know did he do it which he did. But that's not the point the story the next inning Jose Batista is up the blue jays pin and we know joy that's of that list. 08 are now 83 the blizzard out 83 he hit some on the left home run glorious bad tell you. You hopeful but flip. And immediately. Embraced every guy that catcher sizzling as he crows over run first or space insistent in the second or third he gets of the catch the catch is waiting form the bench is clear they all yell at each other blah blah blah. How stupid is this is so stupid. His wife. And forget the black bat. I believe that if you do subpar and as. If called to do is it a baseball. And you should happen to hit it 100 feet. You best believe you should be able to celebrate some type away. That being said I would be out of duke and even with touchdown. You don't celebrated touchdown when you don't when you. I mean. It depends what has some noises that I I think I I have no problem when it use it use portraits done and that's when he when you don't when or nothing that's 117 you spike the ball in the fourth quarter. Both say they Soriano later innings. Break. Not a solo shot. I don't usually flip and a bat and that but who cares but then I drink it all these letters seriously man they ended like sport golf. Here's what else I'll say yeah let's. You know beer is not hurt. Not throw the meat ball to him daddy it's 450 feet. That is true point like you it's like you don't like your political run somewhat sore loser to me. It's it's it's a dumb they had solid ceramic who cares he says it's based boys aren't fun when he more bad flows from any more fun about the way if you win the game don't you get the last laugh when you screaming and important to any installation. You know it's the whole. The fly in football you know you you're up by four touchdowns. Need to start taking knees with ten minutes left her Hayes a year earlier in the other team's job to stop them. Actually stop the Mets are running of the scores always dumb like get out okay say if you're throwing deep bombs in in a 23 game wears a bracelet before it's probably no good etiquette here's the problem in. Football. Especially college football. When the other team takes all their starters out in the young guys in young one scored touchdowns to. Guys that's not gonna get a chance of played a much during the year if the games closed so when big opportunity to play them out of order scored a touchdown. Make sure Indio to your point be sitting home run as it is a natural thing in baseball bats have been that you're trying to do hit a ball hard and it goes on offense great. It's different if you're stealing a base up ten nothing in the eighth you know that's that's right. I know guys that an unwritten rule let's just stupidity that say don't do that you'll rub it in your opponent like that up ten nothing stealing so they obviously sex there. Makes a very interesting point and I would have to agree where. Why is it that the Braves always a ball Denise to overturn recent rules. All our daily keepers of the game itself and where's what is -- what to Don Bryant and as for the Astros Mary breeze bringing his he's the give green is commissioner values too so stupid get over yourself in Houston it is stupid. Are so we Ed talked less about the cavs and Celtics and I hate the narrative because it's already a narrative after one game but she knew was gonna happen and that's. The Celtics can't win with just Isiah Thomas is starting kit is it Thomas can't be the starter at least you because he's only five and the demand like you're right believes that but here's a thing Isiah Thomas is whether he's 59 or 69 or whether wherever it is. I don't think anyone can beat LeBron the bronze the best the do is me and it has now opened the door being brought. When I think it OK it's we're picking on Isiah because he small but I know Howard's won a lot this year up until LeBron. Being 59 being the leader being what that second or third leading squarely NBA okay it's the premiers its LeBron knew he he's the best player in the world where let's go with all the elite teams. In basketball. What is he gonna do gives Russell west. We're gonna do against James Harden we know in in the Celtics can play those teams in a good series. And maybe win that series because those teams again that those who are playing anymore for reasons that we know they have good great players in west Bergen hard but they won't have enough around them. LeBron is not only phenomenal but we see what Kevin Love can do we know Kyra can do. As it hasn't happened last night the guys who were thrown out there I'm I'm looking around going how does anyone ever think that this team had shot. And the print the fact that this small I get it but I mean reliever Brian this of the world how or through. I mean. They gave Al Horford a ton of money and it's just a mediocre guy mediocre big he does a lot of little he does a lot of things but not being. Well in the eye dominant you don't keying planned around the needle it's not like he in this way could he do what Kevin Love did last not no no. He can't. An and you pay them my Max money I mean celebrity went to trade Kevin Love her right is like tree Kevin Love. I that was that was stupid metal from the GM who stuck in that there was rumor with I don't think it was stupid at the time. What I timed and they weren't get along and instantly you fitted with the team says it'll. As LeBron you took only benefit our fate is trying to fit out and try to fit in. So we got eight wary of the sub three Robbie Robbie Robbie brought her and I locked and loaded like what can I use this one. Dad got into the holes that now yeah holster for teacher is huge and so early detection and out of his seat to open Sesame Street. If they talk about LeBron which you know LeRoy will. Okay here's a couple of things you could throw wet. That was definitely one of the X. But I think the mayor to his silly and look they're gonna likely sweep them in the never once unassailable Celtics well apply this and that. And at least the question of what so to do with their draft pick because. I know you don't like Paul George. But it's not I don't like them we just have to wonder to me I make a move and I get pulled Georgia you read that Paul George and I do your mother. Yes. Now I know is it not by much now because I think human but it's not a good player. I just think Paul George some of the more ups settle more dynamic of a player Paul George to me is the kind of guy who can go nuts in a playoff game score 45 or fifty. He has the makings of eat your reminds me of a Paul Pierce oh god younger version. Where were you moaning about beast will Willie Williams is opened up at the gym. Willie Williams the former king yeah but is he out of jail if he ever played well what's what's the. What's the line you don't get you caught easy I realized I did on as usual you've got to Willie Williams boot camp. Wait a minute I just read a story. That somebody posts a social media you guys may have cedar god because it may be a mutual friend boasted I don't know who was. But that there was a work out based on a guy who was imprisoned and it's his prison work out and the guys like Mike. How did this worked out like making money off this work out and selling it as a prison work out maybe it's Willie boy is not willing. A may Willies thinking well you know what I'm blah you Nortel Willie. Where's this where the deets Maria I'm not I'd. You got it you just get under my Twitter feed them like what. Lowell. I mean we've Bernie we heard you like three times 01 when you what's the red lobster with Channing Crowder up enough Florida. The story and pulled the fire alarm. 20. When you got into you am and then the flow of flamed out. Than three when you went to jail after your seventeenth different college. That's pretty much so I rumored to stored it was a Carol city went to school. He's from Carol city duty go to Carol it is a question I think he did because their coach was all Walt Frazier right yet nice guy though Gerber interviewing him. Many years ago about Willie yeah hey who doesn't creditor. I think mazes that then Michael the conductor Kazuo was of the conductor had on not to use the predator. Here's my Achilles in June 2 things we're gonna have to go do that work over there it is a cigarette Willie Williams. Sign up now. We love and somebody's tech's eleven Horford or save. 34 tier players. There's that too was a highly about the when. I think it's closer to. Artest Hialeah Florida on the well isn't that says that address and it's as highly of Florida I do surveillance trying to Jack but your dad hey you know that means. You know that means he lives on the outside to do X channel ten. I c.'s children's story here. Of you go to work out a Willie Williams Jim. The redemption of really Williams he turned his life around his gym owner of and taken notes pay US and you know what and it gives you a chance to show open your unit tarred on TV he's gonna go to a poor ocean here and because Sotomayor can be a joke boot camp yet in comeback quit did I I hear it's. And new taxes to help raise that the all right. I mean. And. Yeah one of the I had big I never saw some gardening life blood of years ago I saw Chris Cornell holes. And Chris Cornell solo. Where he performed. His own songs sound garden size and audio slave songs and yeah. I mean I'd always appreciated his voice. And his range before that concert. But holy crap lives I mean it's that guys pipes were just on them freaking believable. Com and this unfortunately. Some of the most sound and wants them to be some of the most abhorrent that we know let me say is listen listen there's no there's no doubt about it that it's. There's definitely correlation between now. You know having some sort of a mental or emotional issues and being an outstanding artists usually doesn't have no doubt about it. And into the early world that word is that it could be suicide we haven't gotten anything definite yet but we'll CNN's vindication said to. Sad to lose him at only 52 especially since he'd all the reports some guard was out on tour and that's a less noisy LSI Detroit and all the reports were is that he was doing Gooden he was singing well and they were named as sounded as good as ever. The teams here for his wife since she's had no. Whatsoever it's Indians who sent bought service that has been terrible story tonight and ate it just like it's a weird six degrees of separation one in my drum instructors take you I'm in the marching band. Was his drummer when he played solo. So like there's that I had always kind of heard about how great of a guy laws and what what have you from. From Jason Sutter who is who's the guy that I know what. Decides no matter if he's terrible story that from chuck. Musical today. Romance so you heard at least fairly or more Robin Riverside taking the 3 o'clock here 79 the ticket. We continue to discuss that we in the playoffs some of the things go on EC is just in the opening of LA's new. Multi billion dollar NFL stadium. Delayed by year I had this crazy barn that's horrible twice when he was a sale between nineteen heavy rain. Karma surprise of their guess that would happen when the heavy rain in Newark and LA you know they'll set things back a bit. Elsa they are a bit lucky Whitman College. You got the look on your face. Men and they'll so what are they playing in the Rose Bowl in the coliseum where that plane rams who play in the coliseum and the chargers are playing in a star soccer stadium yeah titans are saying there. The chargers off the side this little what does it. The style policies the sum of sentinel California five or thirty of the 30000 titles that are soccer stadium that you used to the new renderings. To a news are steepest yet I saw less and I know the other released him last night. Eight that's still. And they cannot let this is it's either I don't wanna stadium in Overtown if we have a debate about then it won't be aware that put him but there's no parking. And there's no metros but there's no public transportation's confidently feel well and here's the thing that I'll give you nutshell the meeting because that was a big storm shelter of last night so we had a reporters on and I watched the story that he had no idea about kind of McGregor I don't study Tom -- Ominous concern and I'll start to be so learn more about him before this big fight habits of Mayweather spent to make you happy purchase up. The whole struggle has this so they had this meeting last night this town hall there in Overtown. Out and they allow residents to come and watch our Reza split let's let's get real here. And this is not an insult to the people wanna bring the songs I understand that they want to soccer team here the emotional spring soccer too. Miami but they're in this town hall meeting but it's really just a dog and pony show. Because the reality is. We know the residents of Overtown. Are gonna have their fair say if these guys wanna bring in a stadium and spent a lot of money into a third and get it done just the way catcher was the last time. That he or area stop which developers from building something. It just they'll find a way to use money to build that this is what they really wanted to do but the funny board is LeRoy is the people there really getting hurt. Was a community right next to Overtown spring garden which is a much more fluid community. Hence a lot wider let's put it that way it's a wider community where those residents of this that we don't want cars coming to our area so. Everybody makes in this thing about overtime overtime. No one cares booed at the developers visual I don't mean to make it is to know to get their heads but if they wanna build this there are now worried about. Over talent in the radicalization of Overtown they just one of the old bear black. All landing and osteoporosis. There's no parking there's no infrastructure. I mean no way cheers. I'll I'll play the side of the Beckham group in this with a certain but they say is that we need to start we can't. Use public transportation and try to make a wave upon return to chase of the future without trying suit means you can't just say. It's not gonna work because we don't use public transportation while South Florida really personally hey there's no metro stops and there's say there's one near where you could park their talking about Botha about amassing agree with this must think it's gonna work I'm told who their argument they're gonna create 2000 spots have cars. Nearby that you can shuttle chew up. The hubbub bold. That'll be a little shuttle boat both whether it's gonna work I don't know honestly what this is what they went to say last night but the bottom line is this. Last night those residents have no say now though those commissioners and the people locally. The big by the Atlanta and I'm million dollars or three parcel and left and they have the money they say they have an investor that's gonna put in the money it's. The one that did come out last night it's 500 million dollars initial talk was 300 million he had no lay the renderings issue lessens him it's gonna cut 500 million I don't know million dollar stadium Cyrus they didn't when he and they wouldn't give. End. Me and remember this is our this is why doesn't bother me. Because they're not asking for public money now they are getting they're saying market value on the land there. Could be true because that lamb let's face it there's not much development there right now but they're probably getting a good deal on that land from the from the from the counting his. Is this going to be privately funded. That's the that's the plane into this is an end and I still think I wanted to be here to like soccer. But I still think it may not work because I think what's gonna end up happening is don't run into some sort of robot financially. And analysts who say look guys we giving you four years you had like three or four different sites. Let's take distant Vegas or take it somewhere elsewhere we can easily get the land easily get investors to put in money. You don't have to worry about this in Miami to a bit tougher because of what happened when other play with other teams like the Marlins and you know but every team this town it's only tomorrow and -- Every team in the south tower and out at some point really to rust tried really hard for the upgrades Indira obviously and kudos C Ross for putting and his money in the stadium looks great. I don't know what's gonna work idol deceiving and get here. But at least they're not asking for public money so I honestly don't you know. It doesn't bother me to stay below a look pretty nice yeah and the mayor looked a little bit really special to CN. They see no. What does a picture of the stadium that's never gonna exist we'll see it's going to exit this what's gonna have an actual picture nod here. Won't hear much that this is how it's gonna look look look there's always say you look just like most. Birdie it's nice it's open air. I would love to see soccer I don't want to move over and then and is it crazy I would get every NFL team I guess season tickets. I would you always Madonna loves what I would lose some of the most. I would get season tickets. We spoke to LeRoy. But can we go back to the fact this time ready to some it won't work you got to bring in stars. That's the way things work in Miami the only way teams are successful and is by winning and we talk so much about the heat culture and making years and Pat Riley it's great we you know. I know they sing their praises we all do but at the heat suck we were missing and embraces. If he were all off franchise at the last twenty years have been crap. And an had a bad product and in cheap. And it's the we wouldn't be talking about the. So everyone has talked about. Well you know soccer will make in the United States what have you and we've always talked about the reason why sometimes it doesn't work. Always is because. A lot of people from. That are from Hispanic countries or from Europe have their own allegiances to their national teams or the teams are playing the Lee weathered slot league or. Syria. Or. You know. The league in Mexico or what have you. But if you got an MLS team in Miami it's the way like everyone can agree everyone would be able to root for that team. Without having a conflict what I. To what you would capita Miami is I think guys. Near the tail end their career star players to the tell the career there may be not going to be at that level anymore of a legal right and the Premier League. Would want to come the Miami because most of those guys do because it's a way to filter to reassure our Americo we're all get a couple of years left ankle didn't come down over and play a couple of years get make him the face the French is named might not gonna be make him when he makes overseas but he's not going to be you know what you're endorsing replies yeah you try to make up and that's why thinks like that could work you probably have to have. Two or three of those guys you probably have to have one big big one and then a couple other guys that are noticeable recognizable may be like some star Colombian player on the end of his career and get that market in a Mexican player and a player from that played lovely guy a superstar like that. It's not going to be easy but the bidding get back in this franchise into all this too I can't imagine they came here to put on a crappy product in a brand new stadium and an. Dynamo MLS team that there was here failed Gladys is bella is the fusion I think they played a locked car stadium and you got for less railroads and I love that guy it's totally different time is afraid played in Fort Lauderdale at a crappy stadium different situation. And where how well or fifteen years removed at least from that why I've been Chilton nineteen years almost and that was early in my career where ray was the course of probably talk about 1617 years ago yet it's totally where you were were. We're past that. I'm idiocy in the I don't do you. We are all used to go when you nominee Namibian. Hereditary as segment. What is he about teacher Rita may be in come and play for us eat I eat all the Hamas. I'm curious I hate helmets.