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Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, May 18th

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. We. There was among this morning. Do combined stopped by the pullout he's earning himself loved shows. Conference of autumn football in America. Limelight as any other sport. Grade where you know soccer did you just give them. Braves. Fast what did you do shoes I'm playing OK and I teach your room while you shoot. Football once you can't catch and some links to hotel employee. C you actually have to play with them like your resume play I do like I split up. I was quarterbacks both teams postseason plays is a place that's kind of diet you multi tools and stuff like. And I haven't run routes and run combinations of drugs in his suite driver and on the field. It's so we never catches on and catch America. To me that I usability there used to do with their hands is throwing the ball well let's get a goalie this good let's let's be career. Oh no no over their head like a soccer ball stuff. No quit it was fun because I know I look at. Sometimes we'd do radio where around sports. And everybody gives you their opinion on how things should go in some of whom don't even make sense. We knew. Our round he would then have no idea. What the sport is like and you can just break him into the sport. It it's almost fun. For me to inform him of how you know different aspects of the game so. Yeah how I like it it was cool on your best bet your chair cushion after puts up what I there is no way in how do kids like me. I'll be donuts here's the other half of the travel to another but you try to do another level to look at brightest in the NFL I'm dead and late champ. You know offers to you somebody but the other thing is is that like kids. Payroll kids playing you know tease him spores somebody's loved take coupon. Showed wanna shoot two whatever you know to get him interest in sports and keep him active. Problem is this the parents. So kids is still here and you will because guess what trust me I wanna teach kids how to play baseball. And he wants to go out and I'll feel in pig daisies simply would be snow. They went out and I was coaching Zach soccer team I mean it's frustrating beast just the way you judge had just just to get parents to show up on time. When you get paid therefore you just paid hundreds of dollars or whatever it is that society kid of routine. And like I'm counting on. Having that players there even though it the other bunch of seven year old are still enough players to feel the team could you at least get out there on time it down hard. More you do when. O'Connell with a dozen excuses that they get there I can't see I can't deal with I'm a very chilled that some might my. My love you love soccer sold millions and is. She can keep the ball the opposing goal and I don't care I mean I'm just a matter have on I wanted to try to do and work hard and learn discipline and be part of a team all that stuff yeah sports brings. But the other parents many a merchants not it's also all have those I'm next to the other day I had what were just insane are you that are you personally I just I I yell a lot. We yell what encouragement. Or are mostly mostly encouragement. Every once thought I'll yell my son's name a new exact in a look at me and we. Like judge now something to whom I don't I don't ever I'm not ever like yelling negative stuff at my kid. Are you during the game and yeah that of the kids where other kids that are in your kid's game you know gosh I don't like star island you know. So we're going to verbal altercation or some kid yeah yet though with a if you got a verbal or because with a kid and because listen to him he throws the ball as he's testified he's plan and a rec week. Not travel leaked he's planning to Gregory. So you Wear purple. Every day of sun city of summarize Jersey and bright. All the little. He keeps getting installment. In a light yellow. Has the ball you're not good enough why you play not directly you not traveling. You're so in on this as the game is going on because. We can't because it's a good strong Drew Brees token doesn't that yet want to keep this were gone but isn't that the coach's job. Note to coaches cousin. 'cause it's so radical and he wants didn't want to admit the little baby Jordan reed on the radio maybe he's on the wrong team so. What game you're playing. And kid on the team. Sure the ball. And he's given the low to be so three Shimmy right and waiters and the data yeah. They need Hollywood men and solid three whatever. I'm like you idiots. Eight odd iPod did that. Eight adult league where those six missed shots Bob YouTube keep on chuck that. Each other team. You know let die Neal and really bother me as much as much is the overzealous. Parent bothered me. The parent that came in sat on the sideline. And just like read the paper was on their phone or you can't do you don't even pay attention had tried not adults are and Tony Hayward and the kids are little they're looking over apparent for some sort of like some awards yeah. This lake. And parents are just like this so called playing tetris yet the soap form there might actually be worse than the aggressive parent as long as that parodies of like super violent direct and yes but if you're like the encouraging over encouraging parent I brought that. In the self compare how I got us. Cool Michael sold out I was coaching because kids. The kids are looking over the parents in their turn to sit there and they're you know phase cook whatever is like. Come on like its power of your time we cut off then. There's compared to what I love to watch her place at this apparent that comes over to me and that such as one but now and then wins wants to talk. Oh no they're innocent and it's really or listen when I got the other day. Can you believe what happens Karlsson fifth grade when they get with each other OEA had heard about making it can you believe so and so said the session look Alfonso Soriano IQ golden describe gossiping yeah. I had no I don't know I'd say I have no interest in the so. The first day of practice. You know the one dated everybody shows up. The coach said hey there's going to be a couple of days. Where I'm going to be at a make it and I don't have to says coach anybody wanna be is this ago. Right or right to step back. Maybe it's just the coach. Okay. In. Saudi games come right. An apparent start yelling. About what is sure. So finally. What do you heroes like. We don't win if you want to help. You took a step back and let the job he's doing now. And then I continue to west again so eggs you saying it's such a lovely LH relax it's a cute torrid farms and it is not a bit. And that's fine because somebody gets really little and three point line a spark. I know you shouldn't shake alike right the Shimmy when you're ready to break my I don't underscored dab. Doesn't act you're down oh. Zach won a game on a walk off corner. And he did the flying thing around the it feels like really via our got a long did it take him. I hope a lot because engineers and and here. I'd like they didn't work. You're listening to us up. The dig into an FM 10 boy reading did you want WA XY AM South Miami and W Passat fast and then eighteen to Miramar. Here's what's trending now common currency area for many headlines desk he. No problem that a thousand what's concierge. On this concierge then. Dot com. The headlines Rajiv by our last batteries are for. Many tough and designed to stand up to even the most extreme weather conditions with patented technology yeah. To deliver the most power during start up. Did not knowing them. Not ozone all right. The Marlins inaction did the first of all we have no basketball tonight after the Cleveland cavalier from the Celtics last night. We are off with hoops until what two more until tomorrow we're back with with hoops. Tonight we do a Marlins baseball though as they leave the not so friendly confines of my own spark they went on a one and a home standing got swept. By the Astros. Fun times may now start a series against the 23 to eighteen Dodgers the Marlins. Add up eleven games below 500 at fourteen and 25. Worst record in baseball. We're going to be split then had a warm the departures of a war percentage of the potters are fifteen to 27. Alleges moss last night he LE NN the percentage for the chargers are worse as far as what the record is but. So the least amount of wins and baseball what I tell the Phillies the Phillies are less losses. Yes I hate to run I don't know Robby has always talked about. Robby had a the end of pick for tonight's the Marlins Dodgers game. It's simple way to the Marlins have a lead and it to the Dodgers when he like anybody away they're using every miss has many more will remind unarmed on unmanned so you give me OPEC. What is only two words because no horse in the last few years has one win. Worse odds than 72. It is right now two horses that are less than that sort of means there's only Tim horses it is not really any really moan shots to put underneath goes to horses. Not gonna creamy thick. Compared to tell you will get in but if if if saw what to say if on the horse that won the dog in every almost as it was an almost streaming who on the need at least four to five and nobody if he if if he's going for the drivel clad crowd to release get a moment. It in the Belmont like if you then my aunt Susan good. Some goodies in the Belmont on pencil hold off just this what I just idle degenerate. And I'll find some way to make some sort of you know Manolo blood tee box or something like that because I. Do stupid things. For myself. Let's see David the Marlins. Beer wow. Teams all of these young no wonder why sunrise youth athletics or in the toilet parents like Q. No real sheet. I don't have the all NBA team on the front MCI yet go for first team all NBA. They're an excuse me if it takes moment there'll added the NBA action by the rental sort of peer who they are. Our James Harden you up Russell Westbrook yup LeBron James and knew why Leonard knew him and Anthony Davis was blood didn't think he'd be my team. Slow he's just gotten his contract just looked like 27 to brow second team all NBA stepped curry Isiah Thomas. Kevin Durant Yana Santa to global and regal bear. Which will make us unhappy. No lo. Says I've got to be their G thirteen. John Wall DeMar DeRozan Jimmy Butler remind green. And. Enter your. Hello. So why does got to be snapping as we speak. He's got to look this is you read it off they'd put an arm that on the being reviewed what they're doing this. A pack to what. Parents like me. Me. No kid Schobel in front of me K or all the other kids these 28 why would you get why. You go to after some kid in a wreck lead on the other team because that's how starts. No skids right here we need to begin play in in college indeed get a play an NFL OK we bitch and complain about right now what do you biggest starts. He's not and the themselves at a younger age to know him themselves accordingly when they get older. So your mr. life lessons oh isn't given a real. Didn't really think he really is when you tool play you don't do this ship. You're mr. keep it real best right and he should make that shirt on the big batch or even a real mr. keeping it real well Australian got. Right after I make. The black DJ and that's true and saved me isn't. Did get your apron and I got I got it reduces it doesn't say. This is visibly who's gonna be delicious. You ready to your cover photo in all school opened yet only tell you today where you are done and it would all those French people. And I was throwing the football and have a little good listen Omar it all comes to your life and who still work out as he week. Probe reached its. Hours watch my game. We've got your assets covered or call 855 CN ECPA or. Visit East Coast public adjusters dot com don't settle for less. Listen to sexy stats right here on am 798 MM 1043 HD Julie ticket. Tried to look at stats here's here's that tough. That's our I'm looking at you know just for argument say for defensive player perfect. The center position. And they're good people they'll look at stats and say OK here's this is why this happened this weather is now brutal. Bear have. I'm not looking back and let you loved that step to doing my god this is 60%. Teaches you just said that because to a antagonizing right. And no help or is here's here's the fundamental difference what is it sort of does. Her and Alec about her and mock her but like I gotta been dark this morning. I went to get a mug car in the net. Lose weight we get into. Getting your not your cat a cat I don't get that other but you have stray cats in the neighborhood yet. Yeah it was a black. Who's our that would freaked out every kid's like in the dark. You're free download is a black cat. I'm I don't like cats but I do have a lake I think cats are real sneaky. No they are I don't like cats so I I in my had a caddie passed away homes are most nineties into I'm allergic to cats which is why try to stay away from home really really I am really amateur and that's another list the things that I've gotten from the detested what they do good though pin pricks. I wanted to take cat. On their things and blow it up to delay yet we may need to put some stuff on that. Why never I never went over what when I was dating Allison. I never win over her parents house for dinner anything is they have Katzen nearly as. That is funny thing is that my cat for you most of whose 1918 have and I'm actually I'm sort of allergic to cats in the sense that. I can't scratch I base my eyes so I got used to it but I immediately found out it was the only daughter had. It by scratch lies that's all the years I have them I couldn't I would always have to wash my hands of -- play with them and stuff like that and what Smith I could buy such customized print about a star like tearing up my eyes give blood shot. So you just kind of learn. No I I I go beyond that like I go in dude that asthma and using near here. Understand what. You're humiliating Pete do you do you play at first for the record. You believe that I'm not allergic to cats and haven't had the testing done I believe board early lead me as a hide bolt went very allergy testing. And so I volleys. I'm gonna believe you. When you say you're allergic to cat. Here's where. Commitment is there yes they accusatory snorting author Karen no I think just think about it hasn't missed the net bragged that he says. He does everything would die when he's running yet. He's heading cheese on it that's when we like colon nortel's. When we're back and cubs that it's over what these stories of light. You did you choose the stories that's one kid shoots a three and she meets little cheese on there. We need to wait he yeah. I was so again the. The real quick about all NBA it is somebody else what he had to let these guys open gradual bit. I mentioned on the other side that the oil BA teams were announced in the oil may eighteenth sender was Anthony Davis which. It's a was barely ahead of Rudy go bear follow voting second team all NBA center was dirty go bear third team audience than it was 200 jordin. Some whites had nowhere to be found. Which I'm look and consider to us on had to be. All NBA player. Statistically standards that's. OK these standard stats aside as better than those three guys are not Anthony Davis the second and third team and go barren Jordan this rebounds is on average more points a sign averaged more rebounds led the league in rebounds. Re a goal bear averaged about a half block more per game you led the league at two point six Hasan a two point one. Both Paul bearer jordin. Extremely more efficient shooting go bear shot 66% from the field scheduled in just dunk so he shot 71% from the field a show on sat. 56%. From the field Europe so there's your drop off he won assess how would tend to take more jumpers. And I think is eagerly we have goes hand issues he's got a guy and that's where he wasn't shooting well shooting left and it'll it's a not each Hugh Sims give you stats so give you a sound breakdown he average seventeen points fourteen point one rebounds two point one blocks. Older fourteen points twelve point eight rebounds two point six blocks the under jordin twelve point seven points thirteen point eight rebounds one point seven blocks. Scientists to sickly and standard stats. Was better. But. Terrible bystander steps there are dance that's. Something called win shares to sign as much lower than these guys and that's when they divvy up power old Warner player isn't waiting and all that stuff. The bear was very high and played for very good playoff team. Jordan was higher than Tucson played obviously heard a playoff team. The sun. Not that high and didn't make the playoffs so I think that's where the argument ends. Well I think Hasan had a better season than those two guys I do eat IC every night I'm probably bias but I think stats do matter your standard daily nightly stats. But that's not the way they've opened lower in slow Summers and this Texan. That M plus minus. The sun rose thirteen. And go bear India Andre Jordan warning to spend all we had no and that's a Cindy the more dancing you're I had discussion on this book but texture was on with a listening history were on. Plus minus is the tough stuff to Iraq is really has to do a library on the court with you how much rally you have around you let's face it that she has in the clippers'. We're better teams in the heat this year. And which means they were more often all more on right and so everybody kind of what's my is going to be better you have Gordon Hayward next year making shots and end and playing a bit you know played a big role along with him and other players they have. Same when you've got Blake Griffin and Chris Paul yet you're plus minus is likely to be harder 'cause you're often on the court with them about this. It got a defense I know its sub will know the judge noted sir says. You can't be all MBA or an all star for. I think that's fair I and I think that's a that was another thing the all star game that but you have to understand sue. All star has been watered down it's not a significant was before because they don't Extenders anymore. So there are no it's full court press don't pick a senator if they are IEA peace and yet I can give you that argument if they still picks Sanders for the all star game but they don't. It'll it's not you know the people who wanna see lumbering senators you know getting fourteen points twelve rebounds they wanna see the 3540 point score. Again I'm just give you the stats. Are not getting greeted make it I'm sure a start on that terror watch their pleas. This is the second part so you know other the whole designated player veteran extension happens if you're all in the days certain guys are now he gave. John Wall and why Leonard are having good days. Because they made those all NBA teams there each now eligible this summer to sign the designated player veteran extension of four years. 168. Million dollars 37. And a half million dollars a year while I should. And cash in the first year and then he goes up after that. Forty years 168. And indulged what bin Anthony Davis at someone his two he was first team all NBA yeah but no heat. Is he had a accelerator and is contrary did meet. It's gonna make over 200 million net. We dirty side is cardinals last year we had a medial NBA team below slash am Massey was injured he didn't make it. Right. That's crazy just a lot of money very what does that say these motivational disarm I think will be on the on it tomorrow next year I thought. You see when I've had this discussion. Already drop lawsuits are Philbin in Idaho so I'm sure his worthiness this year I thought the big step this year for a son was the two things were looking out. How would he have the maturity wise there were no issues on the court do you remember one case where a son. Was truly immature and flip like he did early in his career with the heat you know when he was first coming in. Now whether times theater talk to team into the talked in sport to get an easier. You know Juwan Howard had to get easier sure the sun can still be very emotional. Number two in that similar kind of thing he didn't embarrass himself off the court I really silly with a snack chats and it's fun somewhere being still I think that's all personality drew. I don't want you don't mind if there's law leaders of other trouble. You're not causing. Any problems. For your team and organization. Off the court. Oh and it took a while to get because you see it early we saw earlier on you I mean. There's one other guy that has been this kind of goofy and silly. That an escrow. So in its predecessor in kind of a childish fun bray like a sweet way like. His late nights Nasser him talking to his fish or or going into his car to listen to music or. Chicken out like you know plane like water or guns or something silly still not a gimmick. At a club or in a car with Gordon a club with four girls and trying to like act like he's got some rich lifestyle like he's just. He's just a big kid had to fight that didn't bother me in the about it. But I thought on the court to maturity was look at stats were good he played through injuries you lose more money in your bag yet without even though the numbers show. I believe that there were spots during games. Where he made more of an impact. Vinny did in the practice actually I think that's part of grossed by I think that's part of growth like does he have room to grow to more yen that's what Riley said. No one of these pat said when they kept disarm last year. Was that not all we yeah I know we're getting a guy that we have paid this Max contract ninety million for four years which was a sounds deal. Oh how often do you get that guy and still expect the new proof that you still feel that he's got a lot of room to grow. That's very rare usually when you get back at that you say OK I know what he does you know do is give me that I'm fine who signed it he was 1714 this year with two blocks. There's no reason why he couldn't be when he fourteenth when he fifteen with two and a half blocks next year you know and make that next there's only question I have a son. Where basketball is go. I mean what they they figured it out Hasan was still useful this year when they started playing the way bass wasn't played now early in the season. You know was dishonor Boston and there he were terrible horrible when they started shooting threes and two and that's style they wanted to play and they probably figured out how to play with guys healthy. So postal productive. He was just you know productive in making sure to get the rebounds he was learning how to kick out in past. He was doing little things and then you try to attack them downloaded get the pullbacks in the Alley oops and things like that that's the kind of player Assange can be. He's not going to be in this offense in the way the Ambien. It's just that's not a game now and that's not my my question has to do with more the other. Side is. When you have all these stretch wars in it or be you know taken commodity game based on he's pretty much true. In the paint different. That's a good you know defensively. And eviscerate their boards they were to match up with. Say Golden State now anyone. That's tough match because okay this time. Is almost. Elbows take nobody did coward would Golden State did two years ago. They do it you know Hasan surprise this year in some of the games he played against teams like that he had big games. He found a way to still be efficient offensively right and still at least play some defense yet you get amount of per murder it's cool scary and spoke would try to mix and match and try to not put him in those situations. I just thinking too it's too big step but I think. Again I think this is. For his son he's only gonna this think it's a setback because dishonest that way he just he you know he he wants to be the best he thinks he's he's better than those guys we should know shelling out at best way to measure and that's sport. You know I mean there and I give you exhibit today. Rio. It's really is little different. Okay all mental so there's still a little ways Mario. Mario Chalmers he was the best heat player suited up dead. I'll have a Robert Decker is one history had in his mind displays for me it's Margarito beat the leg. Made. I had it again I think you saw Mario you shoot two for eight. But and so on you know as sun had games where he would can get over current mood he still talk about real we were two years removed from Rio. No he's a tough but the rate it. Because I'm getting heckled. Oh you're still hearing it what the tummy before gonna break to what's going on its excellent mother way outlaw everyone's talking about up Paul George not getting net and Gordon Hayward and Gordon hitting inside or lose our lives inside a 200 million dollar contract have not been any well and they were one was the one that everybody is watching because everybody's curious if he's really gonna. Leave Utah well. Do you think him. Not really get big money. Helps. Her show. I mean it all and in theory. It helps obviously helps other teams because now that ridiculous extension isn't gonna happen the big big super money went right they still get more and get a lot of money would adjust. And B he seems very happy there and they have a good set up there we mention go bear he's kind of the face the franchise he would. I still would lean that he's probably gonna stay. Back to keep you had to say OK did the odds in Robby is to generate heads independent and swing a little. Around one of the biggest us now for you wouldn't. I say his boss. May not Missouri's wires and a white Kagan at 200 million dollar deal with with you it's also reduce US coast of the same sites in Boston. Is that those are overweight guys go. I was actually control. Call one mark assault. What this does point to Paul George forty game. Seven from the others. Most. It comes from Saudi efforts and those guys profit more let's face their teams made the playoffs. That's the bottom line when you you have a team that wins in the gets six bullet if you get that attention. I guess tactic column in the U her game off but if you're supposed to read that and packed full like you're an all NBA player than you should technically be leading your team to the playoffs and I are kind of -- yeah disagree with you more off I just general I. I haven't teams and have a centered. So are you ready to compete where. Guy on every team I put put it this way. Looking at the all NBA team every single guy who made it is the blips. So that kind of answer your question right there. It's keyed by the way more but one last thing on though right I'd say this is this is the part that gets me. But one person someone out there ever voted for James Harden he made it he made the team. Everywhere that. Two people out there I made the same person LeBron James had won the second team vote Russell Westbrook had 12 team vote. I basic came from Miami. Barry brook and the bulls are on the LN BA is the very is it who is it a broadcast unless a vote knows its immediate overturn what's or any writers vote. Take you need something you your stomach so. I just that some salmon smoked salmon and we're not look you. Let me tell you found in smoked salmon do you have a great motto and that's smoked salmon smoked salmon eggs and how macondo. Which means they smoked salmon eggs and I mean it was a meteor Leo. The hell you're talking about no legs and an interlude or lock tonight and it's no legs and then entered does that get her to go Adobe can't go to the belly locks is you know I'm glad. They are very so you know what I'm glad to Vanilla parents slew. What do you glad about I'm definitely glad. The dead bride who were detailed in mobile by yourself. Don't like small rural smoked salmon. Wasn't on the economy now. Because it's a good help I think yeah I go you're gonna go in bone health decided to healthy protein healthy fat healthy side disgusting. As you like avocado I know out of an how to play out because you're welcome all great stuff. 23 ball. Oh. Would people have a common red yellow and could hillside and get away from me. You more shoot mid spoiled one of the things they don't mind like acceptable stuff like my little stuff like an old those who is out of got a lock of Malaysia. I told the doctor to bleep off you based. It'll change your life. No no change smuggling alone in July know what you're angry medical data raised the bar owner beautifully how do you know the I don't know I love. My guacamole. And protein shake this morning welcome William proteins are out of coddle him or protein shake is not a. And in their. Peanut butter out of Colorado blue route fuel all the milk. Mix it up drinker or read the gym feeling good. Feel right. That's Laura. That's where Warner has I am trying to we. And all of it caught all mixed together would protein chocolate protein you know I have not all of them I thought. The most disgusting combination because my wife does is all time is she's under the finish. He's mostly hot she's on a hot to an event as well do you remember a melt correct you know I don't like you know he's why not he'd gotten to him. These sort of you know I. Seems a little yeah it's hot I got a yeah after all it and showed it again I don't know if I'll tell you know I don't know who Nene to even though it was like my coach you like guilty pleasure like X one Arab. Just tablet and a note to animal milk them I'm doing it well at all until Andean butter avocado and to not have come on that's. You ready what would do their normal wise there was right with maid Alicia you ready for his own. There's not Canadians week. She cut slices of banana. Tulsa Brett. Lee is the banana on top of Britain SP as they would you eaten. Banana import. It's. I know it but when it joint treated. Just. Click this. This is more sheets. Richard BC's use reject you know sliced it you get places CQ bread I can't avoid rule horrible lie credit Ezekiel bread was a preview the people. Now it's chemical you put a hard court invalidated at these little brats your slice of Ezekiel Elliott you put a little a little hard Bullard. All smoked salmon on top slice of but I McConnell on he's trouble I brought him to change your life I don't like salmon. He does know you are we don't know eats you know you are diplomacy now I don't. Really hope it is worse is that this avocado was NCI I I'm going to write a movie based on your life it's going to be called metro man Miller and her hero yeah. We're outside the minute and oh yeah. And I'm good metromail Woody's eyebrows shoot them oh as you have to win gotten done yet much rehearsing all of the songs similar to Harold my cold it is. Laugh while the Turkish bath the brown spots Morgan mall row spot. All right he ran out artists many of predict that the New York about a tear. I wish I had to adjust here it's a real tear going down when they really a lot of character but it was clear to Amanda. We don't looking yourself you do and having that if they didn't do how I wake up if we didn't do you look at myself OK there that we didn't do it you have to Anthony Davis set to export with the guy for myself. They're the load of affirmation daily operations are you does something hand Jack candy no we've figured that that's a different one that I'm deep thoughts well I don't Stewart's George Molly thank you Al Franken senator Ralph by the way that's relative to them you would definitely be Anthony Davis if I would be in this news and a girl I'd get out if you look like cherished like shoelaces and I had to Sosa C you mentioned the table do now McConnell the sides are good I go to the you know actually making for Hewlett American restaurant where of course this is the first from me in an. Maybe at nice restaurants that do so often I go to a restaurant Saturday night two nice restaurant. And person with once he's yourself I'm not a big Caesar salad person but I see you know what two peas in short seasons are spot. The guys and so will we make our Caesar salad table side it's very good. And a great okay it's lettuce it to remain and it's no don't forget anchovies yes. He comes over with a big table I swear to you it's not much smaller then this theory here there were in and it's a big Jiri were all mikes are this this whole. Brings this huge thing and it's got like all the sauce in the Kreutz are the anchovies in the rooming list and it's in this thing. And he makes it like he slices a little piece of the you know whenever the little cheese parmesan put it in these make it there and does similar convert a conversation 65 minutes. I put some Ive played enjoying. And it's the decency to sell its its good bones of why why why the hole by the dog and pony show what why did they just have to watch it it may indicate urge you to when he more dolls EMU it was he knows person there you go. They because I need to watch you put salsa on Romaine that was into all limit to sue. Just in a rare terrible lemon and and so is anchovies and hey you know the thing I would hope that you made it you can make him behind the scenes it's fine. The block it's like elegant table side Cesar. Really positive remarks are just they don't really don't know you're a master reset back in the day that you haven't enjoyed enough set out. All season not exactly how salary and you know to hear his account I mean. Ha ha ha. I mean expand. I mean. But you don't loves a good table side Doug you agree or not until some bananas Foster well we'll get Don retired none of the men sponsored ever you know what I am but in a slam you know what I AM. I do love Brad put. Guess is meant to. I use group what do I look allowance for Doug grow will burglar so by the way none were not what Rendell and if you're listening not not eating any of the stuff I'm talking mothers from my past life. Meaning you'll have a cottage cheese a morning is sure he's locked in right now is listen here you really happy right now. Since we know you remember really not that interest on interest based. I wouldn't say it on and are you done. And I listen to me this area and did you say is that doctor Cohen yet doctor Breck don't say in my lifetime Cohen I'm channeling doctor call right now yeah happen. Trickle up front now the blue no lights yeah I he thought Matt recommended food list I will not touch it you gotta have a Roy you know it amounts. I can't even tell here's what happened. You can rebound he'll you almost epic I'd like. Your car over and ultimately is spoon spoon and out this morning and I actually I rounded slice and half her and get a spoon you're so thin it's hard to eat. Like I like food I can just go wet well unnatural and. Yeah eyebrows I can't be a match from within not to more in common I want a good number of the brow spot look me up are you going under in these two are just over the top I don't know what she doesn't look like this I strap myself in. And I just it just just tell me when it's over. A Libyan. I got to Georgia Max read it NM NM to keep her his running down my eyes and your. I lived in Europe eyelids are actually coming concert which I that's the problem that's a she gets she gets down and there are and then she or it opens your eyes you feel better use he better you feel better. I speak to you better once I got snows they're stuck in my teeth if we get down. I've never had a nose and stop them to do was moan when you gotta come to prosper when. You run its live strategy else besides eyebrow that I wherever I go and I could go we're all kinds and we positions did you hear word on it do your work. They do everything everything I need to Samir know work everything noble tack anything you need. Undercarriage anything though they won't tell these beasts are generous and and it unnecessary right now I know biting go on and on yeah thank god for an anti fungal keep those red string away from my undercarriage are over the hard rock tomorrow correct yes he would and.