5-18-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, May 18th
The guys asks Tobin why he did a sports flash in his old timey voice. The guys debate it Junichi Tazawa is one of the worst relievers in Marlins history. Tobin wonders if there is a Vegas curse like the South Beach flu to which visiting teams succumb to. Beast has an answer an it gets him a point. Spurs are looking for a Grand Slam offer for Kawhi Leonard. Hassan Whiteside is spending a lot of time without his shirt on to prove he is shape. Is Mental Fitness a thing? Tobin has a conundrum with his daughter's birthday tomorrow at the park with possible bad weather. Bill Simmons said that Pat Riley laughed Danny Ainge off the phone when he offered Pat Riley a package of picks to draft Justise Winslow. Tobin thinks he can run a 5K marathon. Robbie gives his Magnificent 7 picks for the weekend going into uncharted territory.

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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. Looks like Dynegy does now got the runs avenue John Cheney after the series finale fish got shut out seven not the end. Let's strap them skates on the military guys at the Tampa Bay Lightning dugout bludgeoning cattle seem able to do that's doubled among you know now that's either. And all need to look east let's do it. This. League brits get via an old fool wants. To know why. You had nothing better attitude about how a movie that's how other judgment Austin admitted I don't know walked into his office. And that's why it. And it's like his nose or just the cause of the board I was dropping happening I had literally. I feel those Preston is our other I think Iran get up close do you is this the radio. And if they lose likelihood of us just of that coat would and let's hope that. As though she's she eats. It at any stock. Which don't have time frog features when a thousand bucks an hour the 1003 contests the war this hour's bulletins. Other mothers the word MO TH ER mother thinks that decides it'll TH day not. And rather. That bother us a month. That this problem. Hello Ramallah is is that's about this passes in that it's been applied don't Texans got we are alive from the symbol hog rock poker room the deepest deep stack poker series started up yesterday it's run through the Tony if they got over six. 650000. And guarantee prizes. You guys gave a complete schedule at SP HR PO dot com. And very excited we're the intended to them LeRoy for the UFC championship Kobe Covington you just EZ free winner of the poker room. Yeah he's also troublemaker. That means. Thank. You fight the man yes like you viewed as successful in the business that you it's their rodeo that's right. Except the Tyson. Tyson just went year rise he says it was just he which is a bad news is legit crazy. This guy has a bounty on his head in Brazil. That's why couldn't fight last month. He's fighting next. Though just just move on Robbie he's he's known for movie spoilers as yells of the day that you wanna see. Just let me know so I don't have that you know root for you because they know that that you run your mouth but you know big thing yet Olympics well few months noted Hutus coming up this weekend I wanted yams CNN Sunday so we can do who. You rules that now. Me I'm done your time line vote here but it like if a career can take anything. You know community hood. Moon. He is taking. So. Treatment. Don't know I'd be sitting here who can that you did it but not seen anything. There's loads sports it is going on is let's get let's get the headlines. So it's got what you XY and south I ask you sat next to each. Orson rooms others tons just did you just pick up a fake. 80. Last what was at stake and that was real news who's just done in the twenties men's voices heard so Odeo Odeo. That when he knew characters are working on this year I don't know Tata has now. That. Before we get to the hijinks in the silliness in the sports and stuff and not important. Just an update obviously a terrible another school shooting. Being Santa Fe Texas at the high school eight to ten. People are dead more wounded positive upon a possible explosives. To us still to be founds. No real details yet on. Who what when why how and all that stuff but Prioleau you know it's pretty grisly scene. Wasn't three months and four days since. Since it was day. Yet I'll keep tickets on Election Day yup anyways so we move along to other stuff is not as important as that but we'll keep up together sort of anything breaks obviously. As Tobin said but my desire lie after that terrific. Performed just in the bond got blanked terrible I don't know because the pantheon of worst relievers ever. His is out it really have a road is closed so I feel like the closes don't know the hours no he's about right but also he is terrible this was also done import and use that terrible teammate. Like to Heath Bell's move was not only hey I'm terrible you know that is dollars on a cancer. I don't know that I mean that is very. I can be answered. Raikkonen through all this they would Wayne's and he claims that way instead of the cancer and that and that clubhouse but he doesn't begin to shoot it yeah Abbott is dollar had a bad deal. Weigh in Chan's got so much money coming his way I just I just picture way and send well everybody else in the whirlpool. I feel like Wayne Sanders in the Scrooge Mick doc. Half of points. While these is that gateway and should you be re having knocked. Sorry the money is suiting my skin. Sorry sorry man I can't bullpen session that that's what he said. Yes you know we started this currencies boosting. Dozens Boeing has is to perceive that to battle for a I've just skip a step. And no he spells and of his life is responses ala Eagles who was like. On when the weather reduce that showed the balls on the the show the franchise which is like they are not yet I guess is on showtime and I think. And he would get mad because they were never focus on the other guys who were terrible on that team music. No delusions focused on me knows how to Jose Reyes got off to a bad start. John Carlo is often about so a little about them usually play it once every five please. That was his that was his move that's what made him the worst. Bella had. Like two good years in Boston and then it went up there turned on him because he was normal there. And now he's rightist towns here and is equally as hard core customers you know maybe. You know a tough time. Beacon pictures. That one could make that contention that haven't paid a lot of money took a reliever all of the deep in my relievers of terror and they move heartland to the bullpen yes with a trying to keep his innings down. It's all about controlling diseases and we still don't. Any team today we've got a great 1735. Marlins and braves at suntrust in Atlanta on pants currently. What an O five point 54 ER re going against John nuke on the lefty for 12 point 51 ERA. Some 35 again is your first pitch Aaron we're in due by a speed of baseball changed baseball game was mostly 7 o'clock. First there's tonight. It will be a 5 o'clock first pitch them that up because whether we will join in progress. Coming up. At 7 o'clock tonight after Chris and personal pledge and right in the well College Baseball we may still be in the first inning but hopefully around so it's great and maybe you. No no no no College Baseball games are much much much much longer. Then mentally games was the mercy rule in college I don't think 25 runs somewhere that that's ridiculous. Anyways just made about the hack yes and it. Nice when McCain last about the way they're they're keeping their hopes alive in the post season there and there are 500 would have authority they got to they get a complete game shut out last night so we'll see what happens. Do and after three. I we got hockey tonight Winnipeg in Vegas or Vegas up to games to one it's in Vegas 8 PM face off. In that. Series even as the biggest curse much like the South Beach flew. Ali I mean I'm Italian you imagine what magazines going to tables all night lies he's told people I think it's not the shortness. Stick. I. Hit it in Munich know what to do but it. Think my first point for the funny ever. In New York man who. Rod used to revenues are problems of his swagger and on the hallway just yes to persuade. He's like he was using him in the midst of a bit of a slump but he came I just said it was like three homer game after the first and whom and what it's swing and out of issues. But Dave Kingman. That. The youngest delegate I'd go so. There is he Wii U review hands and then why because this the start of the Canadian that's that's the sense that started some kids just don't tell nobody that I got it. That's his aides tell a little if he gets it but I'll get through later. But there's a report out there now is this the streets talking. And it's said. That the spurs are said to be looking for a quote. Grand Slam offer to trade collide Leonard a military the team Grand Slam. So on look at the he crossed them think and know. You don't have the grand you have land or you know singles and don't know I mean we've mentally plot holes what do homer you know have a home no bases loaded now be known no no you don't have a we don't the what your team is his guys have got a slap single left I got I got justice. And who. We're losing I will say this but good justice. Turn a lot of hits this year and I mean we just assumes power edge usually people don't. Come on an excellent manuals and MBAs and follows crazy it was great grades but we may do we do we learned that it was it was health. Because he was pretty banged up the year before hand so got off or just on the table. The BJ rich. Is the Euro article on dry it's enough to its way into Grand Slam because we're talking about the spurs. No because they need to point guard Tony Parker is old ya know bush and gore and right behind not known and records 3131. 31 still spry. Look at rifts in Slovenia you know in Italy and now you're protecting Goran would prosecuted you forget bolt that money your net and I just had teach a lesson because I'll just show up. So I'm but I am genuinely I think you're going to writers peace is a good piece for the heat this offseason in Brad talk about thing. This isn't all about straight white side. Note Fred Thompson. It's like guys but that's a real discussion here for a talk about what the accident happens assets break here's a guy. You know I can't I can't I can't start a conversation with use of music. Wants to applaud the money lords river trade machine says so now that's how it works. Just just eat eat eat he got to give to get. And so. Ability of the spurs is looking at the get go on this. That's torture of of of Euro ball that goes over suit whispers ads with LaMarcus Aldridge. You got some young wings that they are able to put out there but it's not the most fantastic group it's not the Philadelphia is that it's gonna happen. Who's gonna happen they needed some situation they need it inkling from the collide can't that this is a place where it wants to be. So he won't give everything they can because you don't wanna be in a situation where it's like Indiana and Nokia CE OTC rolled the dice and here's the thing. Okay it's added up the pass them because they traded electoral depot turned out to be awesome when he left Russell Westbrook blow or what our problem is that. I don't see how okay see me you know bed this way because. We got some every term but at the same time you have to understand that all the people plays a position of gross. So you were never good you were never gonna get that. Kind of at the same issues with rust and also get PG apparently it wasn't fantastic fit there are battling all year of the top. I mean who who okay. I mean it didn't lose its stock is quote George. Utley bulldogs lose too much stuff. Only loses to a sort of the is still to be highly coveted in the offseason but a Max deal. Yeah yeah definitely. Agree would you move the team him I wouldn't I'm not the you know I'm not a huge ball George that's because he got cat missed -- be honest. Yet yet you get tricked by slap my fatty got some questions about whether or not the face of a franchise but I don't I don't think it's enough I mean you you. He gave a guy down here Max contract talks to it is yet. But we'll blow you know sometimes sometimes animal loving union nurturing qualities. There are some duds can respond like they might have been but by the way. Oh. Has anybody. Been spent the offseason more with their shared optimists on whites that mean he's trying to put those used to put those out of shape rumors to bed. But here's the problem. He's so out of shape that he got run off the floor by Jolo island deed poll was also odd shape. Of a problem. Let this play in the sixes and I'll ask the point where he was confident popped in on the court. And that guy was David Hasan Whiteside business Mary if it was a shaped thing as Reilly Sosa. I don't believe it was a physical shipping Emily was a mental shape thing. I think it's his mental shifted to work and those it is essential. That's a thing it is the thing that's not you've got to listen listen you gotta be fit mind body and so. All I know about it. Well I got to really. You opened three. There is that there is a juicy little. Riley. No get out there by but one of our sworn enemies he is thrown you but I think that I think is going to make defense set is it windy now. Now you have fun and that's what it. Welcome back everybody felt at peace there and I alive from the Seminole hard rock full room he stacks series started up yesterday. Guys that SH RPO dot com all the details give details on today got three more flights for the opening event so. 1 this evening anything to tomorrow yet Barry very very on weekly aside split grip as the go to the weather's gonna stink I'm. In the midst of the disaster mode with the government dollars sixth birthday tomorrow on yeah that's right you schedule now scheduled for park not looking great I'm. The Expos beat to we. We do have a party. Out of work to do this all the what does it fantastic that an outdoor party in Florida well. It's. High noon the hottest. Tries. To none you know what for six year old I would do 10 am. He had do you breakfast. What happens on bagels and try to natural out the door reports and am on the weekend it. X. And there in court to owed it to hell or. At least heard you think the door explorer that's how listen listen listen you know. Cartoon mode I'll bet it's impossible if I told my kid when he was six that there would be taken. Now he's out the door but then again he's a London's solution to project. We have problems was expertly parties we did the park thing in rain poured. And it was just like. It just a crowd of people underneath them we call those things the shelters. The rent like the the only thing because he bogey day and we have we are all huddled under there it was like pews ridiculous it was a worthless party settling a strong refund policy that this this park has to sixty days in advance that will how much was but it will make up a farmer's almanac so it. We could do it. 'cause like I'm a few. Months this is the sixth birthday it's the first time that weather has been an issue. But normally outdoor audience. Smashing success it's just don't please go to monkey Joe's now and a mild. Any bites out the house do imparted your own house stinky you know united inside Egypt use them in these you know against these hooligans make it seem like Woodstock six year old that juice boxes all over the place. The finger pain on the trees. How the B Raman the only that you also the benefit of having like you know a lot of space. It's not a space they emit don't have offense to protect them from the gators up the kids did. That's that's of them problem parents got to be on guard to let him be watching them haven't all the wildlife but of code that would that would certainly have and your party that definitely would but. Yemen I don't know it's it's it's a big thing tomorrow as far as its on what the one I'm now here it. Is win win. You have a par is sergeant to yeah see here is what gets me. My wife. She likes to. Have everything you are done at 5:30 in the morning right. So what is your wife if you do everything bush cats dogs and go to actually I'm going down ons polo beach I'm due in March for cancer right so I'm. That's tonight's seven non. Takes and one half hours dual five. So you run it locking. And I've been I've been trained in men and trained to look this is LeRoy it's a bit. Idol that's a bad hard. You pay as you people prick like to be lesion Lehman. The extremely leisure the end as in not moving. The steps steps and I've been doing. Headed back at the new runway heavy I'd have to do a project and go for it because he wanted to be swollen utility. Doing curls as in the run maybe. The page from its its orbit and all of that I'd probably just yeah try to avoid a monsoon I. It buys them to are the big red X liquefied. There until that went out there. You could have put us abreast question for you. You know it's it's a weather situation as the wife blaming you. Now sometimes that would happen in my case is that I would get blamed for not knowing the weather three months in advance. Ed has been this thing is this thing has been going nonstop with debates and what to do for good three months now and what to do present expert to be over are you are you'd like just didn't stuff. You know like Lucent which is whatever from now would do popcorn chicken. In the plot from public Alexia and getting they guessed subs from Africa where both the NC the and you don't and everybody comes miles. You know I can do re Samberg is you can focus the way sometimes have a showdown. No. If good. Went out when fond of him and the parties have him here and indeed be traded next party will be graduates from college. So. There's there's a nugget that came out and love nuggets this has been from from one of our sworn enemies Bill Simmons sports guy I'll Boston. He he was on the low post. And was talking about what if scenarios right Celtics here. And decide this trade that Danny has been offering in all these years to meet for the Charlotte hornets everybody knows about is he really love justice Winslow who lost them. Who won't vote with little Willy Bill Simmons it to death you stick in that people who in and beat. Talking about two and asks you mentioned with the Celtics so we've we've talked about how lucky they were that nobody took the justice Winslet chain re. So you bad. I think the knicks passed on it I know the pistons pastime whatever it was like 8910 it was. Pistons past they after the saint pain they would even talk about excellent picks in the Johnson. The ninth pick we Charlotte. Jordan couldn't figure it out and kind of find it in Davidson they passed on those four picks one of which would have been Jalen brown what another one would've been rouge air. And then in an attempt picked a comrade in rally just laughed and hung up on. So that was it. Well that's that's Iran as they got taken just as winds up again later so that happened to that so that was that here. I want I want to see these Riley conversations on the ahead. Of him just getting on the bat phone and this is laughing and Danny into space so. But it is so Danny Ainge. The report was offered six picks for this to to move out to justice Winslow but. Yeah how did Riley say. I'll Wear around has now I get it. Now Riley wanted just the right Riley said don't hate you screw you better money and everybody and their mother doesn't everybody knows that the Celtics wanted justice when so much that they were gonna offer six picks one of those picks. Value their pick ended up being terrorists here who has blossomed in this playoff scary turn. The Romer was one of those picks would have been one of the nets picks that ended up being Jalen brown the next year which had a chance to be the number one overall pick and ended up being banned Simmons but. Ended up being number three they took Jalen brown who is also blossoms. For the Celtics this year so well. Little Willie is trying to say is how lucky the Celtics got that they didn't end up in the such rob Dyson all these picks for justice and look at another way. Doug another yacht to like this take. The apostle dawson's Winslow would be better player who claim for Brad Stevens. Bret Stephens a surgeon. Who affixed to shoulder I'm just saying is it possible. He certainly has done a lot with some of the all the other guys imagined. I mean nearly a and he tried I hate it I mean it's the publicity and negative any credit to Spoelstra for having where does with the where he is the mumps are very not. I am I give credit responds under would earning about 50% three point unity wouldn't be the fit the gravity I. It is a Sig I gotta be honest that this sort of things are joining about with this is this Brad Stevens as sort of like the monitor are all Mike got it is solar city I'm Brad Stevens if it is they are yeah it is if they win this series. He I mean he is Gil I mean he will be in the and the kids you don't he said. Bellic text is that he'd be Belichick on the slowness in that was sentenced to. Get the hell out of here endlessly to operate. I guess Al Horford. Question. If Tobin does the five K and thirty minutes. Out papers his birthday. Oh totally totally integrated not a five gaze at three care. Five K is more in great it's like through one. A good. So you gotta run at him minimize. I would do atonement. Where worry. Where you're. Thirty minutes what's gonna challenge you to humans do have a bit late in the past but it's not dirty to be 34. I know at least a dozen on the treadmill or to open. You you idiot. You actually an old. By the way that ideally if it's not thirty it's 35 it's not that big deal I've done it already at a time that I've. By the way the I. Average just for the average person. According to the Google machine and a strength running dot com. The average time for a just an average person not a runner but an average person should be thirty minutes for five. But it should be a great if you try go slightly below average it would use about my life what have you been training that they are now hash at night he should take above the he does he. Music you putts at the bets that the but it just told them to fudge the numbers and the lie on and move on Tuesday here's is a nice when your. Stevens is developing first round picks something he's supposed to do you suppose reviving roster rejects indeed the players. That's fair. Turned it job troops in that same draft pretty good yeah pretty good player but all defense budget would be better under. I give you a fine. But like the military assault was playing eleven on its not like I can't like Spoelstra took a as it's taken a a pile of dawn and molded into clay pot. But that's that league it's gospel we're talking there commitment to a ninety million dollar player very pom. And then but it's about it done melted. But pots on how to say it explores and let's say president hasn't done a fantastic job he obviously that. And me we could chill on you know making him the greatest coach of all time. That would that would be nice if we just chill on that for road so that's big bullet is not God's gift to basketball which is what they actually. I mean how much better do you expect him to turn just when do you think just when those going to be just Tatum has is Tatum is that top three pick. Projected may be should have been a number one overall. You know it's not and we're not talking apples to apples at this point somebody's it would bleed as the new guy. You have these tough for mu Hu whose work. But as far as the guys that everything's paid for it to us I really have known as happens in new guy. They. They give Utah. A you know he'll learn so you know those levels next an out. There are those officers access to ruin your little ones that would stop for snacks. You don't have that they don't attend a union league of a bagel peanut butter afterwards. Some for what a you know like your a year he music going like what's your soundtrack to the front on the beat you're gonna bring in music you you'd you would probably. Hey you brought to tees or earlier if you're if you're that good. If you're right. Five kids eat at burger Fries and you would have liked the rocky yeah I mean if your run of the patient really that's around there really should in the five K let you put on roller skates. Had two rules could not impeach. Could that's on the man I thought it was solved that don't meet that rocky three are not running in the San with the pollen. Not so much but it too. Is Leah back. Memphis had Solomon was the about a policy that leads on him and his via the new guy. Spitzer got a erotica Magnificent Seven going to be next. Everybody is Magnificent Seven did and all that action. You guys get on that action right here it's so hard rock vote may I hands prizes that is worth a thousand bucks every thirty minutes. Up until midnight tonight checked out on out man Robbie. Read a role many a best plays a mean Paul man. This exciting news this excited I feel like when there's the least amount of sports when you reach your peak as you don't know balance. Every action is action is action older please just got to find the right winners. Ruler who know Perry was voted you back. I still a lot of pending action from the NFL season coming up his co. When he got robbed let's go all right Celtics and cavs. Game three the total is set at 206. Now this series and undertrained so far back neither game so far in the first two games has hit that 206 total analysts which in Cleveland. But the Celtics play really good three point defense. And right at celtics' defense and the under its old is looking more take the under 206 for the Celtics in the gaps what's next. We'll stay right here. The first half of the scheme. The cavs are favored by five and a half points now they're favored by six and a half for the game so given that four male pregnancy horse what's that yes. Yes at the little fishy how to be clear from my six only five and a half for the first time. Is it that it's really really disproportionate here and the chasm but good in the first that even when the brought the team of his light. It deemed too they were only up by five and so I'm to take the Celtics imitate the five and half points in the first half that is been strong boy it's been strong. Apart what's next we'll stick saying look petty LeBron James total points is set at 33. And a half. Now I I think when they go back to Cleveland the role players will get morn ball animal out of the bond is going to shoot as much as he did in game two. And he's gonna have getting a guy that the crazy first happened in the last time. And LeBron in game one he scored fifteen points when he had excess amount of rest and Obama complains about rest and stuff. When he actually plays matter once every other day at some of these three days offered six days off so I think is deathly gonna be under 33 and a half points from the wrong Saturday night. Under under 32 and that evening out of that there. Now. You Vizio over oh what is yet but. I always go with forty is that. Before the last game at fifteen to give before. Miller for routing. All right rockets and warriors game three Sunday night the total is set at 226. Now the rockets it finally you know broke broke wind and it is started scoring too much into however they're going back to gold state. And to the rockets are gonna resort back to isolation ball and deeds is gonna hold the ball for the entire shot clock and take up a ridiculous shot. An avid flow by the over way too many times I knows Golden State notes Houston to escort he's not fall for that it's too easy and the last game ever recorded 27 points. He's considered a bench player a role player not gonna be the same on the road in the rockets really don't have much of a bench outside of ever recorded so are taken under an browsers also brought. Yes. I hate to interrupt your Magnificent Seven oh. You'll ever used to breaking win. I'm not in my youth and break and we do Google alerts yeah yeah. That's noted there. I. Willis. And did a hires him by intelligence side of the ism is an international management and moment. Let's narrate. Now get some nasty stuff. USA. Vs Sweden as of Saturday in the IIHF. Semifinals. USA is a slight underdog applause when Tony five. And how many top players playing instant lover's knot in the Stanley Cup tournament so far they're the plane in the top was probably the Olympics. USA has every game except for once so far. And USA they own the Swedes this year fact they stole the gold in curling and that's the NetSuite and sport at the Swede beat in the US of possible. So what. Has that dominance over Sweden already open priorities. You pitched just mentioned in the post war I don't know what's going he says it's country dominance yet USA almost lead in the suit and and the tournament is in Denmark I know it's much closer to Sweden but it needless. US beat Denmark on the road and hostile environments for an episode and I'm afraid of the road environment take the US and ultimately five. Does kidding me right now the battle that's the that's the bit to justice and one of the reasons why you go with the US is because they beat Sweden incur. Mental affair mentally yeah it's the only suites mental fitness. Mean it's I didn't like in the new guy is just like everybody here with probably the only the only two guys go against their you to. I'm just like a hum emote limbo it but it. He used her. S law and market it'd be Denmark and hostile Margaret Ford upping its I'm about sex never never guardian says boys we got this today and the pirates got the Indians I. So again it didn't. Erik Spoelstra called organ to figure out how that that spread offense for the Big Three only if it's sports. With numbers that's Robby RA. Again it couldn't homicides arsenals juicy. We believe loves so yeah it's the jets at the rounds on a Thursday night football he rounds are favored by two and a half points now I can imagine the browns still being favored by the time is funerals tried to jump on right now where's is given. It typically. It's what it's it's not quite 500 miles it's just short from New York to blow to Cleveland. And Tyrod Taylor. Each of the last two years authors and a football heat loss of the jets pretty badly not very good to get to jets that take the jets and the two and a half points we three Thursday night football. Because I've been adamant that it's going to be in and out but never we three a bit weaker. Moon. What's wrong. I don't know drips and at the browns are feuds and about the pick. No. So that we talk football. And only win by a priest he's not Toma. You know offseason it's OTA ones account we're talking tomorrow. Week three. I think are adamant it when we three was in and I could it was too far away like in the September. She yeah Robbie. Let's let's what's numbers aren't out is I keeps that nice snag them early. That's that they ought to do it why the movement between now and then are just on a doozy little got a little oil waiting going down tomorrow on my. Well there's a night out there want to meet. This. Is a. Profit out their Kate Middleton and the queen will be where the same hat yeah. Yes that I'd gone big yes is a plus 2000 that's when he don't want kids now employed five TARP and at this because. And that's that's really hide that dollar to two point dollars would be surprisingly coordinated what hat they wanted to winner and then it maybe they know about the pay out. And and by the way they each have individual profits on what I have to go to where. Both blue and green are very high favorites for both of them so it's very pot if the fate of both were the pats are favorites they're both gonna Wear the same pack. Robby don't they have like Roy will tell. Well they're playing around her tiara yeah. Won't. By the way the the record to witness. What kind of fish to eat surface targets are now aren't known it's Britain and you gotta throw conduct and I've gone by con. But it seems like Robby just look at and they say that's too juicy to pass up when there's probably zero chance that they Wear the same thing only if that was where the feed the happen as the favored in each of the wears a hat that is a fever. Then it it's gonna hit. And if you wanna go no no was minus ten out the door risk a hundred dollars to one dollar totally not worth it that is mount rush hour. He's and in a wake up at 6 AM tomorrow to watch this thing and yeah exit. It's sort of that open.