5-18-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, May 18th
Leroy says Tobin makes the most ass out himsleft more than any other of his friends. Leroy says the show will be on facebook live one show. Mark Teixeira says he was not surprised Robinson Cano getting suspended. Tobin reminisces about the glory days of baseball of the steroid era. Colby Covington joins the show to talk about his upcoming UFC 225 fight against Rafael Dos Anjos. Things get interesting to say the least during the interview and Leroy got nervous. Tobin says FCC should grow up. The guys make their Doom Picks. Leroy is still shook from that Colby Covington interview. The Raptors congratulated their fired coach. 

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Come back everybody is still open Google and b.'s real live from. Yes it is on the table they'd be too. Date time that hard rock has started it through tomorrow later on. With the third slightly improvement in the tomorrow with a toothless because you know they re entries and more people are. Yes but you can still play regular poke like or you don't have that I'm always Toby who. Look you've become here you see is packed and don't worry just YouTube which enabled list they get that gets immunity get to use it you know you never have to wait. Here's TVs all over the place. In a drive with state action action action the action. It's speedster to resonate here reed surmise that action Ricci we should make it teacher Robbie aren't making it rain. We're money thing and I got action that. And I tanks. What did you as a dozen bus of about five minutes those sellers had to be joined by Colby Covington is going to be fine for the UC welterweight title though and be beautiful time. So. This president be to a tweeted I let his with. Well it's it's magically he's into the chip right now as time with a who's been dying to with a shoulder injury and he's fine he's got tougher as Biden populace on is not an easy fight form. And I'm curious to see how is it reactors but a lot of new attention on him these last 65 months six months since he's been on this. We can trash talker who has the country of Brazil having a bounty on his head. Which is something I mean when you have angered a country to the point where they're putting a value and ahead. Assets of probably talker. Album that level. But you know the very upset if Tim watts says I guess what buddy boy bounty on head. See that the Australian role like that. I did give of that yes that's a federal against known you you break the record Obama friends guys who have made this out themselves. How would that you back and maybe I would think you should. You know better. I tried under is very set in my ways. Arguments and then if you wronged me no it would if you wrong moron. Turn on like rattles you want to tell you what that is that. Is that Tobin throws hot out yet and we don't react the way we shoot. So these are thrown cheese lettuce tomato and use bacon on it not a good mix you know easy street bird. Hit it off like a miles. Well we can't lose ha you don't want. Bit the bets when we do dorm we're doing. As did. Okay which only one US action is worst than two did or more don't. Yeah in my side action is built in the roots of integrity and honor you know. Not sure I did find an iguana well you you look UBB but that was on the just went way back. I mean I'd like to go to court. On it like to go to court because. This behind him was how bad that word is that. The all all wish. To really get all the shots he wants I'd love Dwyane Wade however. However. He has shots point 6% from three in his career and listens to I don't know how many open shots she wanted to break. But of all the shots you want and I believe just had a better three point shooting percentage even in the times when we've was on the caps corset like if you bet on a hole in it. That's every bit just started to pull away before when we treated. Justice was through and boom were there was no. And with the moon Bono was fit the crowd loses its claw but the grows back in the product group back was primed and ready. It was primed and ready. What was your analogy about a horse beast and say you know he been on a horse in a race in the horse breaks down in the race that you don't get you you know you used that and if you got a jockey you've been on and you don't know that he's high on cocaine in that race. So that's you problem that you don't know and here. It's happened and I mean Sharon and so we thought it. There for hours and experience. Have a chance to a thousand bucks right now on the the without any time. Where this hour's Holmes CEO and 7288172881. And register to win a thousand bucks the national contest messages that are it's been applied don't text and drive most headlines. Speaks WT XY AM south and W sat next to each each O'Meara our ancestors speaking that we need to be on TV. Later showed an entertaining. I'm telling you re in the near future this is no lie. We go rig our studio. And really go FaceBook lives for a whole show you'll get whatever we do. During the breaks everything we just. Vigor in what we need you know what though we're gonna have to figure out away in May because in helpless to the action is produced golf what he's not trying to be fourth member of the talent on the show. Is. Please. Is also had to rig up the camera somebody to Robbie camp. I can't. But you know what here's what here's who we should. We should find a way where you can and if all of us goal line. You can get a different thing. You you you know we Oakland electronic pastor Rick so slow. Like if that's possible to do what we we're so we've been talking we go we're gonna do it. Just so you can see that no we do this all the is weak like currently. Yeah. You'd be amazed at like I mean we just happen to be a radio. Reese do. Bessemer. Yet announced what you got men. Unfortunately discovered just for the serious news Brooklyn an update on the shooting if you missed it there's a show us another school shooting this time in Santa Fe Texas. Which is in between Houston and Galveston. Right now they're saying it's it's about it's that between eight and ten dead but they're leaning. Towards Tenet looks like that's gonna be the number at least twelve injured they do have a seventeen year old and custody. I'm not going to I'd I think of that Kennedy's been out there but I'm not going with it. And unfortunate there's explosives that were also involved too that are still out there that they are still trying to contain. And they've had to evacuate several neighborhoods in the area because of that so. This is not done yet and I we will keep you up to date as we have given yup another. School shooting known what are we two months three months after park went out and I just. Magical and I just had a benefit form last night and I had to call my cousin she worked she's you were in school she's teacher that's. She works. And those who anarchy middle yet. So I wasn't sure what's going crazy you don't normally have those conversations it's teacher. So yeah I just found out. In the non serious stuff of sports we do the Marlins braves tonight 7351 pitch. Danced really gone over the finish. A shot nukem on the hill for the Braves. And that ones up at suntrust park you know lanigan some 35 as your first pitch games playing at. The second the last game of of the season of the Jim Morse error at least regular season error. At the light to this afternoon the game Thomas must be seven and got moved up to five we're gonna join the game in progress at seven after Curtis and perk. And we will do that and then we will carry tomorrow's. Ultimate game of the Jim Morse regular season career that is twelve. Thirty pregame show unity because we're gonna carry the ceremony as they honor three at 1240 so we'll have teams baseball tonight and tomorrow. Here on the tech industry dollar tickets for tomorrow's game as well. And we have a little hockey but two nights in the in the NHL. It is Vegas sorry yeah that's right it's Vegas and Winnipeg. Based on two games to one it's in Vegas 8 PM face off. Does your. Tool. Says yes he does story with Mark Teixeira. Where it came out and it was like not surprised the Robinson and a suspension what do you do them wrong. You bet you Don that will bring it back so they you know goes yeah I knew because as assistant who's was on the bio Genesis lab and a slight man. Why does there was it was going to be tied dust up here. The steroids. Her what does that. I mean what have Connecticut shut down. You know got shut down and and Victor Conte became like the anti doping expert. So like wherever people we're trying to get away from steroid use. He's that he's like that a guy catch if you can who did it right on the right of his duties argument suggests that that's Victor Conte. For a guy to break I didn't believe that the guy's name that's right yeah. Board what what do you lately you know that to show that Obama does look. I mean you guys got caught. He's serving his suspension. I don't think. It's anybody's pleased at all I knew he was doing it could find it might violate some sort of players code this. Despite a game in whom he's already punished what. What would you didn't know by Iraq. So. I mean if someone asked him. So what do them and ask them hey did you did you think you know is doing it then with what he's not so you know dominant I don't know army. Wait what. Is that it's easy to stand on the soap box after guys being caught in the in just a point. I catch you but if if there is you know who's to says in the median house out it is if his job is to get inside and can knows at this site O subscribers can easily. I don't surprise me in your system was running the buttons and slam in Miami did you almost early but I am with like there could be some clubhouse code there. My I mean there is echoed forever. I mean I just think you key players business. You know. Do business like we all have stories. Themes that have happened. You know we just say a Reno going you you know go to it does not mean term. You know do for employers this is confidently with. You know desolate big old stories about a lot of guys that used to work in this market and don't anymore yup there's you don't put out there. But it but if if someone asked about it I mean I would email and I don't know you wouldn't plan passed. They. Like you some him so Bebo lockbox pieces an open door Houston CNN. If he knows that you had these talent you it's not a good it is that's just like to badgering him to embrace all the secrets out again you do you do them away you have like some sort of budget I'm my entry you heard me. Of the problem is that he did it so lesson that. And you know put it what he's punished and call. With somebody in come in over the top Wednesday. And you know like. Ortiz for a former team is just what does that do you what. What it won't work. Did you just okay used in your soapbox. Mean you you know point fingers somebody else that we. It's too crazy stuff I read replies that man just because. You know. I grew up watching late in the the home run race and all us and that's the that's prime John sports for me I loved it. Mary. And the other thing that that's kind of been a the domino effect from. All the steroid chasing in baseball. You know as this was all happening the money's gotten really really crazy. You know you talk to Bryce Harper might make a 400 million dollar contracts next year in free agency don't cost it 300 we've and I. The problem is look at these countries don't accidentally thirties forties. Big hit naturally keep doing that and that's when there at the most expensive so. As you look yell as people are saying this is a terrible thing well is as terrible as them crippling a franchise is they can't produce that anymore here here's here's the problem I had. Is that. Mean a long way and everybody knows. Who kind of watched baseball. Condom insisted that you wouldn't seek in baseball. Great mills hump homer recent morneau. It was mostly towed. In everybody bit of food. From the writers. To the beat guys to television. That the owners. And everybody bigoted. In alms which is likely. You know we get from it. And point the finger at everybody welcomed us in front row but I am saying is that. If you had an inkling bag then we too were benefiting from it why you choose. To come out about it after the guys to hit home run yes but I also think about this let's say. Let's say some performance enhancing drugs were. Some morally right. If that gave you a better chance that John Carlos and it was to order or to the sport Tilly was Ford. How is that a bad late in the end world news mcinnis say well it's for the safety of records and numbers well global deter another it anyway people judge baseball differently than they used to used to just beat Arnold runs RBIs hits pay batting average now it's. It's on base percentage OP yes it's analytics it's it's all looked at differently anyway perfect perfect example. If Fisher island CM she would known Iran. Felix Felix would have never won the Cy Young if we re using the same numbers we used back then yeah. Okay so times have changed. Here's the problem is is that this all mean swing of medicine's. Be strong swing at bats eggs with 600 plus a bet nets what city it's a city but I just. I think it'd be better if we look this is that sucks a K yeah rods and those doubts suspended his team and I'm in the playoffs and he's probably not can do it anymore so he's probably gonna stake in the latter part of his contract. That's terrible but that's all of your teammates and the Mariners. Only benefit do you feel bad like. When you have a situation like lose him in. It sucks that everybody. Is civilized because one guy's mistake. But there's no way you do. And and that's what's on the buns that look you know looking at you anymore if you have eight guys. You would directly. You have one guy as Jews. Why you penalized them they. Yeah that's what's right at the Marlins. Could give way and send all the steroids. And now it's sixteen. Maybe it's a lot better. Maybe. And we just don't know he's used to be. And here's what's amazing watching. If somebody would get a bowl 600 feet. Against your pitcher. You would be made that it was Houston. You'd be mad at Joseph vigil was Jews that's it back. Yeah. I just think we should grow up it's like. This is this the shot a man that people looked like it says it's. It's not tolerate it to you look at it and not end with Sylvester Stallone got caught with a 700 and compiles an agent you know it's. If you're gonna play Antonio Tarver in a movie you can't be looking around republic whom student and he's also one. That's how it's all I can. Almost at a forty years old I give thirty billion dollars he's got a little Russell and the law but hold steady and it. Back after this. And it didn't like graduate Michael Lamotte is this is inducted into the National League hall of fame induction junk food. We don't build ourselves is huge news LeRoy. Does brought about Harlem bullets you'll be tried in the studio and wrap up to us. So we got several hard rock hotel room as we are each and every Friday as exciting. Yeah and there of the world USC to 25 still enough there's going to be a championship fight between Colby College in populous and just the interim. Welterweight championship and Kobe is kind of to join us here at the table there's just a really appreciate it. I was how is trading gone you is is you feel the feeling good this couple weeks out. I am afraid to get my belt you know this isn't the answer to how this is undisputed title as a reason. They've made this paddock Astaro with a duck so you know I feel is an upgrade of a crowd were you surprised that he didn't want you. Get a fight with you because you know at times been very active and now all of a sudden we haven't seen an action very much. I would say he's been acting you know he's had he's he's his claim as a life four times one year if you'll look at these resonates four times in the last three and a half years. And that's not me that's not fake news equal that out. But I'm surprised we used to train together you know Islam made us so he knows he can't stop you sell. You know he's over at Hollywood gossip about the card actually it's easily come back and defend this crowd knows what's time it is my time now that. Go betrays locally head American top team in Coconut Creek. As far as this year has been for you this has been a bit of a rocket on your back people are really. Talking about you more there's been a lot more headlines call becomes. What's it like for human has been a lot more attention have you been enjoying it hasn't been different experience what was this experience been like. I you know this is everything I imagine you know as soon as I got this board you know I. I knew I was cave wall about history with the best guys in the world that American top team right up the road Coconut Creek self. You know I know my skills and I knew I was gonna have a target in my back and short matter of time that's what I do you know that's what I have right now everybody's talking about me. Everybody wants weather is negative or positive all they do is talk about the self. You know it is what it is it comes with the territory. I've been OK with the negative stuff because you don't you don't seem afraid of rough lip as a split heroic in a Stanley told me. It was originally or allegedly was ruled that we're going to fight him Brazil. And it's sit like everybody's eyes that that's a break point it's just angered everybody out there what what was the talk that was a chance you were gonna fight there and they pulled back on what was the plan always Chicago. And I was just rumors masses want in the dead and they say they're gonna kill me before I mean it's the octagon itself. Yeah I ain't scared I want to look myself busy on the king of the zone so you know undergo brain chaos back to Brazil. You the closure accidentally of this out of this thing with Brazil. There was that there was like an incident at the hotel with the with the USC employees that. Well how did you observe that because inaudible news. Upset with the comments it's Amber's those full of filthy animals but. The view that as soon as they go back there is a bad incident around the hotel. Yeah kind of it kind of reiterates what I was talking about you know they are filthy animals they acted to conduct themselves like till the end it was not a filthy animal in less. You think your filthy animal and you say your filthy animal cell. You know I was everything that I said it and you know I heard David you have the Internet they didn't know I was on the cards so they are actually looking for me but they were able to find me so they're like okay we'll discuss and Jesse officials instead. It's beside you could have phone with the so probably like you being in the in this followed this like I was just went to LeRoy like. This guy he's going out there he's he's he's he's he's he's getting people riled up. With the spoilers that that I think is fantastic and I don't care about Sowers orbited but I don't LeRoy it's LeRoy as parents is a lot of guys are all Arizona ahead. Would you like your I think so are you aussies are you getting fed the spoilers I can hope is that a host the idea come to bridge you know that's going to anger a lot of people. Yeah I I is gone the way beyond the spoilers they come out here in the you know they come out was still not ideal life. That's that's that's that's that's a. I saw you this up everybody about movies did you have any goofy exactly yeah. Everybody had a shot at the opening today 9 am. Yeah it's gonna pick in the draft assessment it's a bit frustrated young. You know Robby. So I told me gold reserve begin to be fighting Jews take a hot villas on just how do you see this match about a half mile of do you do you find this to be more Johnson and Tyrone. Or no differ your focus in on yourself. I yet definitely had a bigger challenge is Tyrone he had he has a lot of party on the tank to display a five rounds is Robbie Lawler ready BF brought you all for five rounds so he showed yes cargo. That's not a joking and I like people thought that to Robbie Lawler self. You know tyra what he doesn't have a light gas and chain with him when he quits around ground want or want to Israel explosive as lot of power but act Jefferson secular he slows down. And he's really he's really predictable you know as a write in itself. It's a little tougher match up but you know it's easy matchup because you know what he's good guys when I'm better action and what he's not good as when I'm the best that self. You know mistakenly deep wires image around him. An image with the United Center the same place at Michael Jordan plays on cut from the same cloth as Michael Jordan so it's gonna be a dunk competition at the united center on pay per view that. A man. As far as as far as training camp this can certainly is there anything you want to bring this to the table in your front and just what you do that like how do you how do you do you prepare any differently when it is of a fight of this stakes. Yet and paralyzed difference of five round fight us I have to have a party and its excitement put a lot of action rooms in the badger and now self took him. That's gotta keep my card up so you and you don't you don't sides of the deal fighter myth of I. Apps that started fight can't you opposite on the outside not completely opposite man that's a lot of carded a lot of testosterone pumped him when you're in the bedroom itself I gotta make sure I keep that. Go out once he would take on this is that no you bill have been chatting with John Jones on on Twitter from time to time what do you make of love him and shook the doubts are put down John jones' a new a new viva that's that's stood up on social media. And Johns being quite disrespectful to the it to the old legend what do you you've been I've even seen this a what do you make of it. I you got to really make anything of it took those out of the game guy's been retired you know he's. He's not come back to front you have CEO before he left do you have season off that a couple times so he is alleged much is that the chocolate velvet. You know John just trying to keep his his name high you know he's he's in hot water and now he's been chief need to line he's been doing steroids didn't. Party itself he just try to use something to get his name back in the media get people talking about it and that's what this is. You were just I was discussing hazards are a must some of the baseball players they got popped her for Sarah's from premieres a fighter's perspective how do you look at the whole thing is it's been an instinct time you had sonic clean up the sport. This is Tom you know where it was rampant with TRT and it was kind of a wild west of things as a fighter wind when you have to craft your body as efficiently as possible. Do you think some is okay none is okay where do you stand on that line with peavy. So I'm completely against the cleanest fighter and again I've never taken anything any my supplements as wire that's all I do so you know it's not fair to people like me you know he's gotten all that big money on the paper view all the big money out of work mass sometimes that is the hardware tilted up the promotional way have been entertainer. In and out of octagon itself. You know it's it's not fair you know he's got paid big bucks and I and I feel like he did the wrong way he cheated. You know he did steroids and justice is not fair. What can you do you know that's that's against how often do you go into a fight. And you look across the cajun like the 'cause gassed out another appearance this thing about it not along with that guy that happens he before that's happened a couple of times and I I've noticed in the first round where they just feel Michael rock clinical latest on the golf I'll kind of fueled their shoulders they just feel like. Michael Roth fooled there. But you know I know that McCarty is better in those guys you know he's get them into a high paced fight eventually they're gonna break. Which are called cut and zinni is going to be fine forward yet what he's saying is the title fight for the while too its satellite UC to Tony 5 June 9 in Chicago. Really really exciting because I have seen a pump on it he is so that that is good for you it's always been that he is going to bring bring paper view buys the what do you make of a guy like CM punk who is. Getting his second fight is going to be on the paper view you quote do you think he should get a place in the game. How do you do you see that situation. I you know they're just they're trying to bring it attention to try to get byes you know self. CM punk you know he's a fake as it is in at least jaws loosened can't tell pro wrestling itself then I don't know where a lot of people don't know that but that's where you got almost professional wrestling moves look that up Debbie Debbie so laws whose best assets out. CM monkey he's fake he's a Friday he's getting exposed Chicago. We did you come and allowed the some hardware that you do a lot of poker plan is that like you how you've lost steam and not training camp and punch people on the face yeah like come the hard rock love to play Texas hold on map a lot of turned aside cash games you know I just kinda keys mind away from fighting in. And you know I live fighting every studied patient mandatory. Played poker minute lead through the rich guys good time and I know here's here's the problem would you vote. I can't sit for an hour grass and not getting paid so I'll get up early. You definitely goes you know hopefully poker here at about four hours I'm getting into it you know a month. Don't let it don't matter how much money while playing on Google like world and asked are you double play to me. She hit it good basic guys could still I can. You obviously out of Fred talk when it comes to upon the do you talk trash and table a lot of you are you know on how have you how do you work yeah I'm very quiet table of yes in his vocal players and never saying make anything lion guys they yelled we wanna be in the hands of that call you up bro and I just. I just about that's why I Wear my music I had my chancellor and I just listen to my music I'm just like I act I got out here you know but guys that. Trying cuss you out sick days and just stay quiet you know I don't ever same thing if I lose I get up. And a walk let a real man. We'll now with a word of your employee this trend down here locally you come here regularly where every single Friday we're gonna be Rooney on and hopefully you'll have a big Ol strap of of gold around your waist in three week's time you come out here and and showed off to us to launch to the room here. Yeah that would be fun meant so best of luck to you against inside the sun does since we watch him for her to go to move. Al-Qaeda. Yeah this is because Paula for at least watched the whole. Aren't that's her cubs it would background after the us. Job man so my book goes it was by phone review of this a little hard rock poker room. I'm going to be on switch. Up. It and I mean is it this is a truthful. Statement. I don't normally get nervous. I get nervous. Every time we have fighter on the line even fighters bill. And I text him. Movies. You're wrong I have. Read so it's harbors and Robbie harbor every. But Robby is sweating. Like I like it it's like he just ran the five key elements can run the it. I don't know anyway I got the I got the the biggest safety net in the game I got robbed. Rob has put jobs and profits each who there was a couple of times there was one time we ended doubled down that route dump. How long your routed them four we are a dumb for close to the minute you guys are fine do supper 12 separate 32 the gaps well here. That would have been beautiful. Because she should have been either in there which Robbie you open it don't. Or use should let Robbie you don't listen there was a do let's be honest and you know that's issued grow hugging and listen they. The big. Acts. Listen I will definitely take whatever comes my way when I deserve it but in this case. When he said the first one. Robbie didn't catch net for on. So at that point when. When I say it Robby you've kept that he said no I dumped it and then Robby gods we double it because we were both on it. Then we are without a dominant power and then the next one whom. We came from from the holes it's. I want. Well let's get to do picks there. You're first you're last. If enough first and last. I've Marlins at braves might go to fish I think than dumping dissolve postmark into the team like us real. I'll get rays and angels should be known of the diligent and honest there raiser at the angels into the role and they're playing really really well so I'm gonna go with Los Angeles. And the Indians are at the Astros and idols go to the Astros at home playing really is defending champs. So I'll stick with them rewrote young man all right I guide yankees visited the royals. I'm gonna go with the Yankees. I got a Red Sox hosting the Orioles on going Red Sox. Then I'm going justified. Vs the field. You don't just by the wind know it that's my bit. So I got a deal to justify. How many errors at seven horses or one horse that's a pet. Outtakes of wars I'll go to views on the field no chance of the Triple Crown this year according to LeRoy hoard. Not just against them gives won't run would you comment. Ours over the boring stuff the Dodgers in the nationals it's searchers pitching at home the Dodgers are horrible Mexican nationals. All right and then I do Jack wears a Donna Steve it's so sentence by I did reach out of box insert for the produced hope he's allowed to influence picks. And so on this this boxing it's asked to be that this could be upset Stevenson is old uncle for jacked so go with captain Jack and upset and in the it is an upset and he's way better. And Stevenson told on the took on the decline he's never fights the dynasties and assume like once every three years is like an eclipse. A body Jackie was blocking fools on the on the on the Mayweather McGregor car that mean you got all eyes on you you know you're gonna be a big show on Allen he's just steam roll pools so good. I don't know you don't you know bush is crazy Swedish. Wouldn't think. The split that but discovered in Sweden you know discovered them Shannon the cannon Briggs. About that not Obama. Although somebody Texans their radio dot com don't. The going gets into the pockets that are. I I. Hey there no more than a lot more I forgot about it all right now petty gave the Celtics at the cavaliers is my fourth week in Rhode drawing a pay agreement on Perino the cavs are six and half point favorite so you know me. Imitate the points but it resulted in the rose fast so why not. It hurts. So spreads in the playoffs have been very very often me. You know whether it favoring the raptors ultimately you know what. What are they doing as a game two when there was still six an appointee of Massachusetts is strange to me. It's the these what you got man. Will start. Not put the hooks rockets at warriors. It's the Golden State by seven I just. I think you're gonna turn around it's at home I'm gonna go with the warriors I know it seems stadium that thirty point drubbing. But I'm gonna go to the warriors will be beating and and don't talk about. That's been. And so much in the building. I anticipated. How do you get being picked up her whole. Greed it's that time comes to the public how have you ever picked up with me. No little cost tiny teeny tiny Winnipeg jets at Vegas golden knights. That one is tonight right Robby is tonight's game via it's at Vegas I'm gonna go in Vegas the mr. witnesses is as you dubbed the strip this yes. And leopard at least I have the other hockey game tomorrow the caps at politely now. Normally I would go with the home team but the caps took the first two games. In Tampa Bay convincingly 42 and six to two so I'm gonna go to road team in here and take the capitals won every game. And all right ago due picks in the books. For today. And men. Still Lou shouldn't be shipment of which are only because I. It. Accidentally let one slip out one time did enough go away your pro pro. With. But this is what we do for living like that guy does he do radio program that I had a good to see. He trolls and rectal and Rex from spinning. Worms have you 'cause in the goma a bit right yeah. Google is too. We I think maybe we should come up with a rule that from now on when we do these and then a boxer tied to maybe we should record the UK but the timing sometimes they only come on well. It may wish to stumping it's solved. And to me. It. I want to keep my job I mean granted I mean loser and finally they don't. You remotely supports the gas the FCC agent the probably the chair of the season. Irritate me right now BC a lot of things that FCC aged they're gonna collect that find now. Beast yet. And heaven or Tom believed yes. Then. A couple of cuss words due to fire. And have all the other stuff. Arnaud is in the hierarchy of radio and the one thing they'll get you fired it is breaking FCC rules. And that naive fired not because in the days up to go where no because that doesn't hit the station find. It the prerogative that's NCA Zeke you know that these offices than just some do and and a black suit glasses on to delight in black just look like one notes like the guy like the guys in. Changes in trade polices. And Cooper with that would mean we have and Brian we understand that you must of the code words you know again upon others in the FCC we looked down upon us. Speaking look down upon us to to see with these rat bastard rafters as. They can grow if she does that act as sober. Oaks. He brats coach. Kicked your ass out the door open Hager a finalist. That's the raptors to just go away. Go away I don't. Know what went with great it is. With that the report doesn't wasn't on the team and he came back yet you people get over to just MBA Jersey yup. Within its innovative. Contract the raptors. Yup well I think you need to keep track duties how to make even to think you know on let's relocate the raptors. The winner Montreal. Team Canada but take about Serrano. Because this needs to just this has been an area that mission and this has been the most and he's. Understood you know the most ever Vancouver's relying on on how how embarrassing has been for Canada. You gets what LeBron yup with would that would that vagabond crew that is playing with him. You fight your coach after getting soft by LeBron he's coached here. He was coach of the year rank and you congratulated him on being a finalist for another coach of the year with Richard dutrow. You need to pack of shop and well. If you're there is nothing he you don't exactly do not you know and Lori you they'll be plenty of two weeks. Ignoring. Big and they really the only acceptable thing would be if you played it and it from a comedy standpoint and just like to be pleasantly old maid who were wrong you know it was like it was that you would never do know it is. To keep his abs like you remove the Marlins the traitor by this offseason and that's the Super Bowl. There to be less now it's our turn. No it's not your turn its back we're still waiting in line. Waiting my number to be called it's not your turn. So why don't we just put the you know social media accounts it's okay to put the bombs away every once in awhile I mean it just away though you know they have a little. It's the sickness elect called the beast. Where you feel like you have to respond to everything going on in the world yet it's the least and is that these these these are asked to be tightly on remote Goran. The heat up their asses kicked by the sixes and had been Simmons got as much money taken by the Celtics who are on. It's the way not the time they'll put rookie of the year vote. At the time and place when you play Benson is next year brag until then. Columns. In the holster you know the more that this this should be this should be at the rookie symposium. On when it's weak and when not that we didn't yes. Don't you wouldn't be able to do wish focused to live on the public. Session between. Them ought to know. You could move this yes. What what if I lose it like a chance like when I lose to Tim watts Australian member of parliament. Yes it props to you I don't what do I know the work you have a preacher would. Meet. It's a bit more open these days. Of open communication. And public this I didn't talk. Robin Simmons afterwards because my. Just I could talk a lot of wood about the incident he was terrible that Celtics series I could have been mocked and met Arnold block and to block now you you. This term to which it comes away yeah. When you got a no way ya gotta pick your spots because spot yet he got like this just by it has been hot with the Bronx for the last three years give or could it be. My my stance doesn't have to change and act as it remains the same does win horse O. So with this with this this lunacy of an article where he's like LeBron he he brings organizational. T. Just like he did with the Miami Heat like. No no no no not you don't get to do that. You're crazy guess owner there in Cleveland win or you don't support him in the same block box as the Miami Heat agree that's not the same. The a lead and he can go take is when that's fun to say that he got exhausted from it. These that he left but he was ready for more. In fact the opposite of the team he got into a drunken rages start signing Slovenian guys and guys from Lebanon and he still enraged he's not a team. It fat liberal politic arrests. Open your riles but he's he's got such rage of revenge on his head. But when bush is that it's the same it's not the same. Going to be coming at them revision to these guys. Going there's a Grand Slam treat him. As a Grand Slam trade smell. What it is but Selig Riley is like got to respect routs notre. He would act he he besmirch his draft picks. Was Riley this week at did you come by. Talking to Bruce brown. It that the rule besmirched. Yet and yet you like to tactics Smith. Folks that's the best at there university have all right you smarts to Amanda Amanda distinguished alumni hall way. I am and don't roll. There's a mention. Stuff there. Is that. Is banned list from the fraternity. Are you an outlaw. Mexican bond developer or recently and made the commitment to display case that I made for the paternity. Not there anymore. They get kicked off campus. And. A may be acting get a make elated it's. You know maybe if we can bring it back because a number of dirty back. Yeah this is an old school. Would be a blue. Rupee blew. A portrait public's hustle until then I thought that goes we'll cut his handle. You think it's a moment please don't rain tomorrow. Please don't read men Ottawa again it was a Wednesday. This year folks stop. Asking for no rain what you need to ask for and you don't we isn't leaked rain oral window. My little brother Antonio weight on how big how big do we do you. Too hot until 5 o'clock I got up to five window to Fatah Party and I 78 window of five dead. So you can rain from like eight until two. Bogut and then you can reign again at 5. O'clock. Yeah that four hours you'd think those don't work like I would like that no rain no rain around. Good luck to you. Tell tell the weather we can negotiate the interesting part the other day when I'm driving to work it was poured a car hardly see them when I got to work part of so you can hope for it made a cloud of mission maybe you are way up north. Yes but it didn't rain leg up in Bangor Maine where you live now it's crazy we have that soon. It almost you almost four in the north where you might get a little slower yeah. What Doug's got the Monday.