5-21-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Monday, May 21st
Tobin likes Drake and wonders why Leroy and Beast don't like Drake. Brian Windhorst says on the Zach Lowe Post Podcast that Karl Anthony Towns might be up for trade. Tobin wants to see a close game tonight between the Cavs-Celtics tonight. The guys wonder if the Celtics and Cavs combine their roster if they could beat the Warriors. Leroy says he can't play in today's NFL with the social media the way it is. Tobin calls out Goran for not recruiting on twitter. Leroy and Beast claim to have Tobin "boxed in." Leroy watched the TPC last weekend in Jamaica and they didn't have any annoucers. Badou Jack apparently has a history of punching the referee. This leads to the guys watching non stop referees getting punched.

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Can join the thousands and thousands per contest here knows the war this hour is over. And if you would have been listening to the song you are now over. ER seven to edit one where you want to access your registered connections will be. At the top the next hour movie sports last national contest messages that are its man why don't text and drive you're never heard that long before you. This is good but it's a brick my influence. Electric you have the ones and electric. Did you find weird. Because I'm glad I just like what we don't like about tree that'll get it. That's coming out of England is LL IQ is music some of the but you don't like his his his flabby floppy phantom you know aids it would it change we needed a thing for Miami and got clay got Miami everybody Miami side and none uneven year. So until well pop up enough pay good people we not wit. It's a make or from candidate yet invasive weed out or folks up here to what they need to in his hometown. Really yes and to remain on the yes. Yes I'm like hey you know and what to do a good thing is. You know I can do that as you want also vacation. And you that you know well down here and I'm enjoying my my in my second city. I'm religious use the most himself into the listen listen listen sometimes listen listen if you wanna make you irritable you what are you video audio on the north. Or here on here c'mon. Name is late. All the videos are done done here I mean what's walk around up in the north items. You Canadians that came down weren't there yet but then again to Jamaica before they took off the layers. Jim is doing God's plan in Canada he would gladly deal bow hunting from loosening give all the mile. Sensibly carve it. It rattled me. And Toronto knows likes to likes Saskatoon. Anyway the thing. Not a city that is a sick because I used to remember Randy mole on the day broadcast what Saskatoon. That is not sitting Cain it is been look at. Any mullets from red deer. Us and it is the largest city of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It. I was hearing say that isn't success a statue of or Randy Mueller from red deer yet I was home. So that over the last point but he used to he siesta and yet some say would Billie Lindsay Monica. You have some say about Saskatoon Ubuntu and they care remember. Like I pay attention that's that's once these like rats were the worst in the mutilated Saskatoon Millie resolutely that. Some we throw it Canadian line that read do a drug they was awesome I love a love that's Egypt is like halfway between Regina and Edmonton. In Canada's got some cities. Canada hasn't cities man and they're all two hours away just Jim's job. You learn a little circuit peace pronunciation quick draw. I'll need to know tonight and into about two news about it and home. Raw. Underdog it's what these guys talk about. Also does this so. People get all I got this this got sent me a lot this weekend. As UW fans the Jones and they'll get a like a bunch right because they're listening to is that not everybody is evil player I feel like I gotta have a new sermon beacon is and I didn't. People are a little bit. Offs tilt with what is under certain categories Herman so for example. Buddy media this morning. Zach blow and Brian win horse they were doing this show they called the low post yes it's yeah that will spot gets wrecked. And they were talking about sluggers there'll short. I don't know having ads in the play in his last hour he can't. Jump. I don't know the wind was looking pale than ever untie them a bigger it looks like he has and he has the sadness on renting glued. Seven months. But. Zach lumber owners were talking about the Minnesota Timberwolves this is ultimately a playoff of some things at the Celtics to do with their assets right. And of one of the big rumors out there has been in this the Celtics are dying for Anthony Davis with a hole but it it is things you'll rise. I like what they did you ever happen because he looks like a generational player corrects and you'd be crazy to trade you have to leave on his own volition. Apparently there's some rumblings whispers expect history to top stories out heartland that he town sock is not happy. With some episodes ago that's like bootleg. And it's kind of brilliant that the sale. The record trade anyone unless a just a crazy offer just walks into. Last. I have an officer I have a preview not about. But as anybody noticed that what's going on in Minnesota with Karl count them at organization. They are not in a good and I said on some puck has recently that I just have a gut feeling that something crazy is gonna happen there this summer. But it's not any good place right now internally. We got it but it that a cult that they would you take a counselor currently Irving. That's an interesting conversation a little bit that the realistic I don't I don't think I would it's. I would you say that with the Celtics weren't looking for you know how they look for opportunities and go to lay in wait. That might be one right there but they're acting like idol but yet they Davis who don't want anywhere any time soon. But Carl town about addiction MIT a different story by the way the reason that the Karl towns in interest in news is that one to the new rules. You retain super Max right that you traded on your rookie contract. Yes not just stirring the pot you're just are in the pot. When you don't ever feel they were personally yeah yeah aggregators. Will they did use immediately Alter it straight on his rookie contract gazillion as a Macs are. But its existing out of this for his career there already there are parties some unhappiness there with Carl Anthony Downs I know I know did the eagle it. And I think at a time to put those thoughts is too soft on defense. Mean it's not that he would need to shoot a ball the first. I think the problem is that the that you should the ball to actually we wanna play a little bit bigger date is likely to do they win to tell him. And so he said I'm not gonna shoot it ultimately had to stretch where are you taking any shots and then they bring in Jimmy Butler announced content most semen. We've ordeal with a also there was none and Andrew Williams not exactly abdic is about it and see what degree is due to play and I gotta be Gaza that it seems like. Yeah 'cause everyone the lockers he's been and has been this we've Jimmy Butler number like everything kind of afraid with the with the Chicago bulls and decide between him and Derrick Rose is. The need like new guard in town. Then the only guy seemed like him last year on the bulls was Dwyane Wade hello and he hated everybody there they're like wade. On. And so he goes there and now the sudden this this call of the towns apparently as a set but. Here's sort of set people straight. Song get all these these these modes he's over the weekend. Where the holes left threatened. Getting out of all of this is potent sounds well. Is Sheila tremendously how you feel like you need other Phillies got his water wings on bill. I mean I appeal like that would be just the basic treaty to shoot 42% to three traditional. Sure. I mean it. If you. Don't short all the time he's human being and it in I don't care how good you are. It goes cobble playoff games where he refused to shoot the ball for whatever reason. That's in the back of my head yet and so results point to who. Okay. OK. That kind of stuff doesn't go away though you know you know who load because the Harlem basketball players did a lot of people. Except Tom Thibodeau. Well Thompson right he did a living like humidity running for the hills does he knows Tom tomorrow's gonna cut his career and half with debt. That being said it. Everybody. Isn't. Fit to play for the Miami Heat well among have you of one element with the heat regard in this area to headlines closed that multi site. It's got what you XY and south why would you accept it teach her car. We have a basketball did it tonight at 830 tip off game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals Celtics at Cleveland so there's a two games to one what are you doing with a sword. A world away. You do everything else arrayed and throw the sort this thing's awesome. Real pirate now you know we can using here some samurai swords let so the world oh my god bless world. Guys it. And wrote anything I'm just gonna tell you like you think you with a bunch of cowboys. And its western pain oh that's right as an oiler alert spoiler alert that the new world right now or Shogun world with showdowns in Oden who. And rodents. And Ninja's. And it is the station guy should girls geisha girls whatever they're called raising. And I'll tell you that I want to know what to show. I just picture big question mark and from my face like bed linens. I didn't see it but it just like I like it it feels like the red as the west roller just taking you into elaborate to a noise you. Every every every time I was O'Neal did this show is good and in its gonna be selling the dream and I'm gonna ruin a TV. I could do Fulbright double Tobin LCD it's like hey how about this. Or white side Colin and put the mean inning guys you realize that polling up anybody. And offer in the months on what's out right now is not getting you. Jack Lee. Net present months. Yeah. Yeah Boston and Cleveland tonight 830 till we have another to get at 730 game for Boston he gives once and we've got the game right. Tampa Bay in Washington to have bacon punched their ticket to the Stanley cup of financial same punch to get. 8 o'clock faceoff in the nation's capital Tampa Bay is up three games duke Vegas is already clinched their way in. They will be an expansion team that's going to silly cup finals after every once that they would take a years and years to be good that's cool is it to Panthers all the papers. And a coach. End that we of the Marlins tonight Marlins and Mets yes that coach is going to be a while for the win another game by the way psychologically broken yesterday. I meant it did seem pretty bust the stock. He's gonna be belittled the national leader it would always used to it always a great job this team has decimated from last year if you watch the games he knows a good manager Robbie does this. He means business with arm out. It's not working out arm and he means business I'd say the Marlins beat three more for what's better it was a predominantly mr. would be a good team but three of what's better. Assume the position. Tonight's pitching match up. Italy is or Hernandez going to the finished seventy pitches. You said 77 last leaving room after two more. The generation that's one more Jason bargain easier Matt who knows them powers ambler let's have somebody sit as a 76 Cincinnati semi that he's had some recent. I took the under our there was going to be a short leases could be taken on the fourth and probably. I mean we we haven't starting pitcher Don Mattingly should do that raised that -- starts a reliever you would love that. I was really weird to admit that these diamonds they want people to do you could start eyes so I know that I can sucked on Guerrero though most of us who have started. All of next crazy. These folks. They started to go funded page in Akron to raise a million dollars to portable life sized statue LeBron James there. Read it ain't gonna do it cost a million dollars that's how much they're raising. Hey you're not gonna do and donate I got to go funny address if you want you think only gonna do it now. Old are you on the day goes impetus that you LeBron know why maybe he will light. I don't know that it's going to be as. On good and aliens edgy here. We'll know the story I mean listen listen listen yet Jordan's number on talk about. In the wrapped what does that documentary that's apart ESPN in its yeah. That's how are sitting where two hours I liked to run Jordan get his number retired in Miami. I would like to mention this. Who thinks we have did what. The Yankees. Why is the man only hit improbable pars is hitting the 200. Like you got a whole bunch of tourists this year. Evolution over a minute to lead off. Really he's well what Carcillo probably try to get his average justice Osama would take on his contract that's the going to play him. He hopefully goes a hot streak at someone trades for you to trust this contrary to tackle in Nagano there. Or do they want to two million way and said not terrible those last a few games. The guy that's collect your money in the LeBron statue has had a meeting would Dan Gilbert. Also they've reached out to the sculptor that did many of the statues of the lakers outside the Staples Center. What isn't anger over it's up means it is cheap pass him by himself another good go funny page. It is got a week immediately gives the he arguably could be the best player ever in the history NBA and they're raising money to build stature. Are they was funny as in men voted wasn't easy maybe the greatest player ever Jimenez and a but the statue anywhere. He's gonna get clear Zito knows and why you. This is going to be might be outside is tackling like a bullet it was flooding. At it and who's putting in the Teamsters is on you. That good Jordan has the Jersey on whatever team and it wants and good luck. Who bears Jersey on your Blackhawks Jersey. White Sox. Cubs. In to move in Chicago. But her LeBron did the did it to them little of Chicago and made the final four course free noted that puts a robot is on and what freedom do you crossed a marksman is party. Because I was literally all the while Seattle on the wall has decades long it'll blow in my going to do you know yeah Patrick I don't know. Memory is that in a small. And it outside what do Matta was that you the skull of its announcement next. Talk about the birds and came. I really don't care who wins and and obviously I want you I want the cavaliers to lose but I do want to let you close to interview some whining. Because the whining about all the sports it's it's it's since like this BBC. Yeah it's fun anymore some might say do you think if Cleveland Boston combined their best players. They're best hoping please thank you need to warn you now know. That no so way. Wayward. You go McBride yeah. Hi I read it and you've already done it anyway and giving up carries and other health not all don't know them now yes Salma go. LeBron yeah. You know LeBron on the Celtics is what you gonna get a huge bases that read that you bring LeBron anybody thinks there's anybody have any particular way. Devil I think maybe Kevin guys take a look at a at a quarter before Kevin Love at that Horford or something like that you'd take catalog on the bench know. Find. Your income Kevin. If you read books call click or leg pains. Well it is going to be in Boston they have to it gets really have issued by to see what city it's and I think. At bat and goes politically lingo crew. No I don't think so I don't I don't think anybody's been orders I don't think so but look at this warriors men. But Healy did a history among agreement would you be honest would you be shocked if tomorrow the rockets even this thing out. Don't know that yes. Now that megas shocked really shocked a little anyway we think is the game in opened Wright has an Oakland in no way towards anyone needs to hit a role in Oakland. Understand. The seat once 65 games this year I understand. You'll be stunt its best advantage in the NBA it's tremendous tremendous. Plus. Anyone sick I think the average margin of victory at home of seventeen point is I took away the names hardy and Chris Paul and just put the resonated the team. Is that we're doing because they're both choke artists. So don't want to avoid looking like no I'm not even factor in the imposing opponent is on factory in that the warriors are unbeatable at home. The rockets' bench isn't very good in the hunt there on the road or pro players plea works on the road but I think it's inaudible rob it was a lot to our. Gold assay minus eight and a half. I'll take us. He. In order to where we end up this week I was two and one I was Oates went on one X that draw I was O for. I I made a big orders to eliminate. The points. The runs nuts and it's all right so I figured hey Austin yankees. They flew to Simon. And so we got one weekend left right at enjoy a space in between picking federal court this all one of course is which is week. It is this weekend as a chase with the jays began our. We sit pieces five and four. Oh boy is ugly week Roddy is 35 in one blow on three and 60. LeRoy students of all. Wait am I safe thing to say what those four games it's four games is. Odd that. Tool. Yet heeded the era have been talks London. Who do call Lewis it's it's become be out. They should just send him down if you ask them yeah. To fight these. Two home runs according relaunch of the passenger actually went to three times as many strikeouts as hits that's the game today. It was the faster on strike I seven Sox don't you course. This is really breaking news that Matt Patricia is not very disciplined. Some that it is on winning years ago the top headline is it is image is breaking news is. He wasn't convicted he wasn't I don't think of the climate that we live in today no we'll put him to sit on the line I think it. Like on air it out it is. A top story espn.com neglected for the headlines those in Mike. On me in my. Had I don't forget every beautifully. Full boulder and in today's got to do because I know for metal bar. In somebody X crazy Ottawa about waited cause trouble if somebody comes over to acted a fool you'll get knocked out bosses it's it's and it's NFL lie WT IT MG sports and Alex it's really it was part of it is it's to it's it's. May Tony first and NFL lot you know the practice ground and now I guess but I I would say. I would say that for the four warbler doesn't mean I'm and so a mole where you don't defend net debt Imus and I don't care what I do. If that way yeah. Bush yeah I would definitely. I did a prudential. Could lose I would not fools so. Goran Dragic. Now. Slack he's doing. Text. Lit or you have made it correctly in two weeks. Do you like. Pigs operation against get a math some. Of my feelings are like I'm sorry that I came in cricket champion in. South Africa like it's just crazy football is demo will have for the sprint. You to loses bring it he did his spring game yeah I'm into you know what I've only got a point from there. Dealing simple I want out you is why that's three weeks ago it used the annals and had a bona stimulus that and yet you can't know yet no retract that negative point. You lashing out. Can't make it personal man. The bloggers is slacking so why. So that he tells news comes out. And lots of it right away put this this'll sneak Devin Booker that little rascals when he puts out the good guys emerging you know that means. Means Paula. Interest in ingested. And then tweet a picture quality towns wanna suns Jersey also he's put an extra work in on the recruiting. Think it's been on the bulls even he's put a deal. Ugly guys emerging. He's got Chiming or call our doubts and I'm glad for a well known Zach Levine wasn't feeling too little little older. Low on dry ditch. He sees that there's there's a fish out there than the Lime Wire. Look tweets. He's looking for houses on the able. To tell you why one because you know what he did tweet. Well congratulations to look at doc to win in the Euro league championship and MVP this past weekend of course in the media and it's about. It's about. A little collar than towns just want to read about Donovan Mitchell yeah. As you mentioned that number about Slovenia did wind up did wade tweet about Carl Anthony Downs tell waves it is. What do you recruited LeBron did UD waits watches over Winslow. With the doesn't. Relate 10 you don't get the game the president tweet anything but didn't tweet anything. Critics he'll attitudes about the Luka and this is the man who can visit to ignore it's what humans always about Luka never about the nation anymore. He's changed he listens to our show here you. Oh does didn't have a book comply with around the Kentucky yet you did okay which is why he's putting in that work OK okay. I and that's to Devin Booker wants to get call into these now. Other I want want to won again Paul Anthony Downs he's too busy to read about Luka you really been hard on Goran lately. You know what. Yeah he deserves it no he deserves it easy and got the joint and swagger around that port flex on Elena and all you have them for ransom for the arena and keep it out in fact it is just because of course dried it shows up for a fourth quarter in the playoffs he'll be the first. It'll be the first well we got you yeah yeah. I bet. He's he's the first of all why does he deserve. More criticism. Because he's zero. Because he's handsome because he had a funny voice he's got a great suit why doesn't he get more criticism because it suits he makes eighty million dollars he's the and he's an all star and all immediately went and it isn't it boy we were. If there was any other person. Your next line. Would have been he was the sixth altered. Yet but he wasn't all star. That's a fax oh boy or so to argue the pro bowler liquidity is. I know what that bogus Pro Bowl in Miami where everybody equip its young but I was Wikipedia. Okay put aboard is what the look and morals and also are now. If you're not beating a girl you know he might have been does play a bit liberal yet Elena have a trash that there. And he stamps. Yeah. Yeah you do and has served the eggs. I. Yeah. And it I don't. You're. And it really does it all started were not say OK now. It is like elves don't know there's 200 homeless now it's no matter how Robby you get the sound but the quarter hour just ended. You could pulls out from two minutes ago when he just sit. Facts are facts hold on hold on now let's come down and let's come down a little let's have a reasonable discussion here. Are we about you can call him I don't find it poses a global. He also gets criticism. I criticized the portals when he six of the joint out there oh so all say is what wanted to get his fair share. Also. I would like him to show our current call Anthony Downs and not look at Don rich. You know when people we need to do is because they know him. Is shaping would you wait a little work another anonymous. Book or did about. I'd be terms you know why they play together are fine I want is Gordon's. Connection. We're Carr and his connection should be on the heat captain and I should be. Riley's lieutenant and get out until the week we do if I'm not. Oh up trying pardoning wanna turn it would and multiply it because you know I brought the. Oh he wants to go play for Igor and player Luca. In in Phoenix and maybe sort of a joke anymore because it seems like. He's more busy trying to convince mocha to sweeten the deal the Suggs to get his ass here that these didn't call it the need to ounces of gold back to the sun's heat and the suns would. Different sons now it's all right now it's from by Slovenian. Well he's Serbian but he coached in boulders. But what it but would who's really in charge now and I got James Jones there people seem to like him. I mean it's different what Blake portals make the Pro Bowl was the year that he threw for 35 touchdowns. I really don't seem to record just go to Wikipedia is a better among among would be OK as I told you to make the Pro Bowl to all of beyond that I live in women doing it and leave. Your altered. Quarterback not a that he had probably made the trouble RR did. Rod did I remember that own one now so we were didn't make we have like 35 touchdowns and while one ally line. To stats. Are you buy it says there but tocchet is now when you throw seventeen cents a the other team. No you only like twelve picks a year how many were pick sixes. And half. Which basically means is 35 touchdowns become 29 touchdowns. And still out there. When you're down two dots on the entire time I watch that you're you're watching. Or watch it stinks. It's a great Tennessee quarterback. Was. Not anymore now in the handcuffs on him smartly. They did or does he he's doing he's a listen I'm hit the ball off. To let afford at a hundred times what he said when he first got there with the ideal number of times when abortion pro. 000. Point zero resulting notice. Crazy I mean that's how you got two old guys run in the been too much instead you don't care and a anime and and they just seem to run on a highway and they ran out of play is some guys with this offseason to lift weights get a better shape. Prefer aircraft. Hit man and we got a new team. Random pearly whites there is no way in in the history of heat. Yes debt demo we got teeth that whites whose own Tom Coughlin. Oh yeah. TV or why he needs a new face some problems so early in the he's fading means make government he does need man's face club now is the space systems DelHomme and ugly ugly custody and they also to cringe that. Avenues and it's stuff. The tight up under the eyes. It's just. Mark they show her. On a version of the tour via the phone at royal wedding they came down to. Okay well I don't want to yes what last week I was in Jamaica and yet. The two of those who like they have owned. Channel seven from here. Which elements so. We were relaxing. And I wanted to try to turn on and off the golf globally ESPN two and we know announces. Ernie because there announces a firm. Like CB that's right so there was know announced so just imagine everything that you regulate it go to hole fifteen to go to it. You can hear was the caddie told the gulf. And it wouldn't publish. And like I thought I would sit IC a sudden I says oh I don't want to hear Afghans meg talking would ever. We know. It. We could get a big don't always put up the caption of who it is not no we didn't. We did always with the caption. So it's sort. I'm I would think it would be incredible the calming if you definitely taken now Tuesday nearly Ogilvy is good now. Authors but I into the net during a little too. Very good nabbed ambiance oh knockout of the week and kind of others as this weekend body jag vs the dollar since then about Jack. Right. And that. The refs are men. And out of it without. Take the entire society get try to break the mountains about it Jack. Well I just realized that he's of this Weis now about it I want to Europe and of itself I think at a track record here but it doesn't like a year ago and he's good you wrote. It. Is sucked right. Spoke due to do something about. The new person to build an orbiter to re. Coming to. Us. Not me you know new music so loud echo in here. And say you know she's beauty queen and a signal to me he wouldn't go so go overboard. To. You know be pretty right pretty she goes. On and do that becomes natural. She's results that and lot of rap was mentioned as a viewed as a Rhodes scholar on your rings on the table as an Amaechi is a tiara. Sort of old girls most talked about it in due to the polls and out of zen thing man not enough and then. Let's check the said the project he's done before this was last year. Here is again and he puts the right. Movie and that. Everybody laughed and indirectly. That netted. All right endlessly module face to replace this Anderson as again. Don't. Know. We're gonna monitor the molecular you know he's endorser yet because quote unquote removing an insurance in the island. Never happen and I think I saw lights car to run apple removed definitely. Terrible. I mean he's he's now pushed too rough for you square in the days off. Can program. It. It attaches the refereeing that both sellers are about that there. Britain is somebody asks with so we see a bone. Was. That means playing nice fight in Chicago. And I don't know he's really fighting a real fighter he's fighting a guy who's ON one Newell who has you beat fights and he's also a writers though. Maybe he'll wait. Finally now eight yeah. Yeah don't. He's fighting his body parts and put. The pilot Greg coding keep your goals for the gulf that kind of eased in this guy Mike Jackson in my Jackson does have some combat background. Kick boxing and I think boxing too on a high level it is but it's what it's impart such a simple to lose but yeah there's good guys. Yet but they're definitely trying harder to give him a favorable matchup. But try and say it was gonna go see a pocketing Portugal Phil Brooks. Out of Libya soon that's true name and he's his first fight on no Brooks. I get an idea because it does have a contract with WB ready 9 in morning it's okay they fired him. Look at the bottom in the at a lawsuit. I think maybe your I mean it like you know Brian the license at a Phil Brooks not a museum bonk. But I thought that you and Zeum I wrote him having an interview about this. The embargo that's what. Alan Lee and I don't mean like you can't even say that all candidates in Arlington. Oh no did. Oh yeah. Eight and the ground and I just crushed all manner so that we are going to read out when referees get hurt in boxing it's maybe the greatest. Of all I want. What line of dialogue about the ground his eyes across this referee gets in the mid and they do. A lot of the ground. Yeah in the old when he didn't. This is a tour. Oh. Does it. Read to you without him and they get better. Like at the box in the corners and I'm sorry balloting. In front door at regret its. Commitment across the Japanese bonds. Good news but it does of those gentlemen legit it looks like little drought and how does yet ponds. Oh look at him in general. Well I mean look he does exactly the PW guide it into an elite. He's here whoa. Season and Japan analyze yeah dissent in the Japanese commissioned. Its kind it's gone awry. We. There's more than we've gotten gifts. That it's only next would need entertainment. So anyway you think cavs to win and I do I say they do wins I think they will let you know win tonight at my petty not allowing. You know bloggers in this montage. All know how this can be bad. The New England yeah. A to his credit he stood up he did rather delegates and couldn't hear that it. The idea as to mossy and a.