5-22-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, May 22nd
Leroy asks Tobin if he believes Lebron will lose 2 out of the next 3 games. Tobin says the Rockets will have pride tonight. Is James Harden super boring? Tobin finds a trade partner for Hassan Whiteside. Ryan Tannehill is back at OTAs. Tobin and Leroy say Goldhammer won't ever eat the poop. 

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No one to two hour is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. You. Send some columns. Believe some uncomfortable just in case and in Texan. Back inside you know. I'll tell you the flooded before ended the show it is it's this sort of thousand bucks in the win dozens free contests you were this hour is server. Server. SE RV ER server text that the 72881. If you know in this time connections of the top the next hour it's national contest. Message in batteries may apply don't text and drive I notre. They can there was a little bit of a reach I don't know. Those that are commit what Andy Roddick making a surf. But it did sound good Gulfport. There the board sees. Here. He tried as a follow up who says sales look at John Isner and distant sound good. It is sir Milosevic have served the Celtics the business. I mean I series is all even that to a piece LeBron jeans going off. It's amazing. How much energy the all the shouldn't play where and how little energy. The Boston more like there were playing with known they were play it would a lot of energy. But you notice how. LeBron. Didn't do too much. In any stretch but it didn't gain forty. Yemen it's it ethic for him he is getting into this crowd of his game where it's not. The explosive. Everything is in transition it's it's him. I temper and on the game the tiger really remember him doing this is the the finals where it was him ms. Goodell the doha. Further for six games and you really need to slow things down even have a shot and remember ya two games against the the wars that serious. Mom. What you know it's bosses have been made about how he's been able to for Nagle the game. You know tempered at his own page because it can house two possession of such as those guys around about it. Baseball. Every sport has. Puzzle. That debt where you can take a break. Like for me. If it was pass protection. Right. And my guiding comb. I just act like I was hoping to tackle we're not really open in and I just ease on now you know. It's lumber. Yeah this kinda has that pitchers yet you have some really really slow pitchers are now just delay but they they don't dare not go in. Continuous data center of reduced arrest and I do and forget is it's a comfort zone has some positive if you do it. Just to slow paid leave of pages humming along too much that's why you guys have been on the box too much right the Yemen it's he's now got a 22. I don't really know I. I feel like the cavaliers are a good spot right now did he blood usually LeBron losing two out of three. I don't have enough confidence in one of scenes from that team. Not hand it has done out of confidence because I feel like we can go back. To Boston. And boss to get smog yeah it's kind of reminded me a little bit of the the bucks series that they played it this immunity is a weird thing with and they are a bit of a Allen called team of role players but. They seem to be more comfort comfortable in their element playing embossed with if you same roles were reversed. As a better chance of winning on a row Mozilla rot right Mozilla Robin have to win on the road. There have to win on the road they got that they got they got the two games they need. What they do. You do you're gonna have to win on the road doesn't win it yeah it has yeah that's does hold on to a now Boston does. Not yet Brett now. But for me yet I would look at them and I would say. Yeah would've been more carbon limiting local runs done and those dire circumstances he's been in that situation before. I haven't to win this is a series where he can. Go lose this game and he's got a game release coming home. It's the situation like in points while where he had to go there and win news wanna go home. Well the situation becomes that thing goes to game seven it's game seven. But yeah I would continue would you be surprised in the next game is tossing goes out they smoke they smoke the the idol is by fifteen I would. Really yes I think this is don't be a LeBron sweet. Who's the first two and women export he's you replaced settlements reviewed your nose and then we lose you lose the first one in the wind and exports of LeBron stooges are more positive. Who's done it before. He's got a before and he's a little it's become now that there is being set to come for tomorrow night our pilots at the headlines. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FX Ph.D. drew Miramar. Was that against the main. Remote. The shade. You should be. But it meant. That greedy into. Not he's pretty yen is a pretty boy. What you got Robby are a little NBA basketball tonight 9 o'clock. Western Conference finals keep forward as the rockets in the warriors the warriors are big eight and a half point favorites tonight. I am sensing. To allow Iran is phrases. I'm sensible pride game tonight from the rocket positively. And it's your thing that you did amigo me back to the prime rule on the rod room right wing and the ball is with ball well. Win teams or go to the office at thirteen got a favorite ourselves through losers here all right we got James Harden. Chris Paul might did Tony and all the time. Losers never won in the big 110. Tonight Debby fry it. I know this team the warriors they'll lose. There as they act Kevin Durant home. However. However and he wants 65 games and by god if you don't come out tonight. And at least give me a fight. I'll lose all respect and respect didn't dance to it over sixty games with. Of Phoenix were gimmicks multiple times but it sure got screwed when European suspension oh we can as Stoudemire left of the mention of minutes left the bench. Kennedy rise. That's the that's that's that's got to be that it has got to be hard and Chris Paul pride. You know what bugs me about Houston. Is that. It's no. Wind may play well. The ball moved. Right everybody in the basketball world knows that horn knows that Chris Paul knows that everybody knows that. Why on earth does James Harden. Quoted top of the key. Durable complete music that is his thing and what would actually gave goals of via eBay is not it. Wasn't this thing. No way they want it was so they hit the lies they shot 45 threes don't you have to be aware as a player. Yeah I think you have to go bombs away and a because the only way obviously you have but the whole point of you don't got increased 80 shots don't you don't create those shots. Harden just drivel and back employed because that's solid him and everybody why mountain that's them that's still less than it. And I don't want to say this. You know hop feel about this individual. Yes but come out of mama. It has a little mellow in. Yeah and yet I would say I was a hardened since he's been in this Brad has been better it is hard. And here's what's amazing. It truly is hard to complain. About somebody that averages. Almost two and this is Gary gray and the average eight between eight lot of misses. Eight. So I Xavier was in Melo would say if you want to rub two guys who have been really really good who probably have the most boring games to watch. Like styles. That I would say is a fair comparison it is at war and Harden. Is it's like he's been playing like a wily old veteran but alas I do you have a general buzz you know heart and it's not even. Justice Scott has the flooding that does something good. I when stuff goes good it staffed Shimmy. Of shaking your face till trash talk for a little guy. I went harder does it it's kind of just like he looks like prince in the Chappelle's Show which is like Missouri it's. I hit who set a new face. And just like he'd like glides away so it's so. He he moves like. There's nothing. That James. That you would say he's got that explosion in his gay nobody gets by everybody. I know it's it's is good runner's game two watts. They didn't give him any files. Now give me any problems surprised somebody go photographs. To get. You know lower did tell his seasons and the pressures on the warriors. That's what he said. He said. Pressure's on them what gets more than say Iran does yup that you a Marlins and Mets tonight that. Caleb whiff on for the Marlins and Zach Wheeler record for the Mets Marlins trying to two's four row seat killed with goes more than seventy pitches. I know man what's that number he noted that 78 yesterday. That's exactly accident might. Now and the second start it wasn't like his first article it was a second start is this just Mattingly is is a mandate from the franchise though whether dislike him let's not earn out arms for this season. I think it's both I think it's. Invited to expand our news won't weigh player as bars pride what will see. But if there are like bees in your probably talk with a clear it's over. Dude this is hard and slapped Iran on the pass of the way to the basket the last game. Cycle that he just I'm telling you it's really or easy. Like how his game is so success is gonna be MVP. They. Don't read the most. I mean Steve Nash wasn't exciting although he was very good at Whitney did rose rate at which he did. It might. I meant I scores forty and it's any better. Yet I think to. Arden almost hard as MVP this year also feels they meant as a lot who I think have Russert read from last year relied on news should units on the four. We have to Russ. And so that's why I think is also held engine dogs kids look at the mine at that time. Pardons coming off the pitch. I'll talk about last year when their don't have that OK okay I think people have roster gras like oh we gave Russell a spur the the MVP just for travel dolls. And maybe should guide us and I begin this that's about. They kind I think that's I think that's a big candidate content account to post season MVP noting that go to that party and guess sodium and no yeah. Has regular season you don't sought to buy that hole MBP. Is that they can't give that award away like because. I mean there's no question the broad zero. I mean T. d.s UK you LeBron at the end because we destroyed a regular yes it is that they were LeBron and LeBron played actively. Trying to get other teammates on. In the middle of the season. You know like you people don't have the broad they're like well. LeBron James isn't playing defense like uses. I can't get it too much and that's the regular season edges on a not gonna go defense for defense Kevin James Harden and at the end of the game like I've seen LeBron James is completely. Neuter James Johnson at the end of the game not able to get a basket so it's not that it's just. A part of it I think is LeBron is graded on a curve because we've seen the level of excellence that he's been to add part of it is also. You know there in the east they were the four seed. And once he wants easy bug in the do you think that I think you know in a skill and a steal in ratings system I think that's gonna play a part and as sales rotting. All the other apparently the spurs play an offer while under the super pacs you know that's a desperate move. That's removed from a team that knows that the writing on the wall. Night speaking of trades. All. This is going to be exciting to people. Only reason why he fans are ready for the season in this is why this is my pocket Mimi think they have some records. Ideally for the Yeltsin's re like a lot. I may have a destination. For certain someone. May have destination it's not crazy. I think it may have found a taker. Diamondbacks. This is up next couple days. We haven't suspend them. Gotta come and others on how do you defend this hobby has this been your boss. Awed by the way. At a talks. With the let's just say as I jump little nuggets do to our repeated today. About moving b.'s to a more secluded areas so get as worked on. Peak their interest. It that the speaker engines. Some these idiot move like build an office space. Judy into the boiler room. All right so. Yesterday satellite side. Peoples of this video on social media. And its business and it's it's the team. A famous IG count. Because they are out and you know haters around me and this one all love no negativity on here and turns off the comments who beat up. Read into what you all might carry a satellite side doesn't wanna hear any of the noise. Wants all the negativity around Mariah to this to me the biggest question go to the offseason for the heat. Maw everybody's Wheeler dealer whales right now he's number one thing what's gonna go to all of a sudden they really have anybody who beat taker for him. All likely. Lightly so that he can however this peak my interest. So this report comes out. From the ringer and the Dallas Mavericks and go heavy into pursued a big man this offseason knee had they won didn't they wanted to. And some even say well yet they wanted to mini burn them and now he stinks. But one name on this list. Opened up. This on what side door 'cause. They said they're actually in the markets cousins. There's an end Julius Randall. And the third name this once owed to me because you remember what went around the summer. DR Andre Jordan. And he remembered the underdog and he burned them. Although he. You you remember the clippers. They locked Amanda in the house would all that means go around and reportedly Mark Cuban was in their driveway. Yellow labs and you did yes. So they still want to apparently. And Lucious and let's just say. They go big with him on all three of these guys probably because he's in the Balkans. You don't hi has been the guy that she's not me the secret to the Max I signed with the. So citadel got a just that nobody dozens dodger Jordan maybe ops and maybe stays. So don't get their options that the 21 prizes. Maybe a little horny Morin says Lynn mark you want to. You. Still want the big Fella still a somewhat at it let's say if you will. To go back to the guys who scorned you know for the clippers one basically kept under lock and key. I think it's I'm still gonna be in the good graces of the Dallas Mavericks. One small prop. Melissa. Mobile's other. Guys. Have Warrenton. Minute you're gonna get. Eric Harrison Barnes. You know my level Robbie slumping to rape and they're bombarded her bow of the same contract the same contract. As bonds is that you want Harrison. Wanna move. The that I want Harrison Barnes says no we don't want and if I tell you gotta like to call this the old Rodgers addition by subtraction. Oh against a guy niners and mark put on it was a horrible last year. So you lose or don't run from Harrison Barnes is there's a month or the little bit yes. There's some months or the ultimate notions in the finals so he's got stink on him. Everybody you know present minds when they won the championship here are some months all the suddenly big piece of that of them they just haven't prisoners in Martin Kevin Doran. A bomb. Terrorism bonds used part of the OJ you orders that got that rang. Yeah but the next year he was used nonexistent. Now signed a big deal does not excuse the shamed him off in the study noted Harrison we're gonna replace you with Kevin Durant. Nice now and yet. So sick and it peaked my interest when I saw the object joy it was on the list is all. Mark Cuban apparently. He's wanna go back to a guy. Who. Embarrass him basically. That was taken your money and then and then went back on his word. To say and use offers somewhat a 98 million dollars before and yeah. Maybe you did shouldn't opposes that deal are. Oh are. He'd sit back they can. Again they give it at 88 million I gotta think if you're willing to give big money because wardrobe oh. Would you and in the don't know nobody is. And he's gonna show you that you have a boatload of cash to seal locked into four more years of the hundred Jordan. Are. So much of a silver spring rolls last two years a dark and you don't earn your money big man's used to dump the money also re allocating money right. You read it you know what cannot don't you you get rid of a guy you might guess and yeah as of sides did. Yourself before lookers has Mozgov for the dollars a month let's get this let's say Wesley mapping Wesley Matthews. Rod he's on the tray machine with. They might as it wasn't meant to you straight up whites they may have to take on Dwight Powell too which also works. Like all isn't the and it in nine million a year twice by now. Seventeen and toy an airliner and the two Zia and the reason mad easy excites used as the last of his deal. Is Evers in the Achilles injury obviously. What did you on the last you're of that deal. Now talk ignited Frist is based and next year. Kirby to replace Wayne Ellington also you know old arm. Can I believe we do not on merit leader. Let me tell you Islamabad this guy over here and hope you its next year. When we go to he media day. In these guys on the team. And you loved him and you love them. You only love them to be missed a few shots. War some. Better shows and if they get mad immunity like welcome to sports Boris. Well. And that's that's unfair I love to fall in and out of love with their teams they don't do what's best for them I do a special thing. It's entertainment. I. All O'Sullivan straight. One tries to force his way out of out of Phoenix as he does like how things are gone over that put himself and a nice situation what if he stinks up the joint I you know that. No the issue is they Zhu called him go he and everything is greater. Top wall. Went to the show and health club is yeah. Of Phoenix. To get out of here. No matter what gonna go that well is there a majority is a miniature Glaus. Does. Right but if you take political are. You're absolutely the Slovenian national coach what do you want his captain. To tick god don't let me have you met an older. Doesn't know what he's doing. Just a guess what. A clue here. A guy who pennies. Demanded H three. That's. Four billion. I'll know just except dump like that. And I'm not. None of the different. LeBron James. He he he snuck his way out of Cleveland. And admitted some sneakers where we don't just mean that threatens the fun that owner chemical and it was a letter. You Suzanne attitude you have now and is why. Athlete has an attitude yet. Then you. Here I'm not regularly do you ask I'm not make you be doing. For different reasons not. Oh I wanted to how old I pulled out about a probably are. Fox didn't know that I'm luckily why but. You don't just say boxing a box that you have facts to back of the act now. Michael Brown rat bastard because he was disrespectful. To the man who gave him the blueprint to be a champion you know it's very easy it's very easy to LeBron did to sell there all high and mighty right now. But it was it wasn't not years ago that he was a choke artist who couldn't win anything. And he came here they gave him the blueprint. They gave him. Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade says go ahead LeBron now you can push this is a booby Gibson and Mo Williams. And some jurors that basket Drew Gooden a loser for a year. It's not that. What do you don't goddess championships. Now all saying is if you want Percival. Dogs that meeting went well it says pat. Thank you thank you for giving me all I needed to finally become a champion instead. No. Dude. As he does it's just it's common decency you don't sit there and waddle Portugal vs Uruguay and not look up from. The screen watch in the World Cup and not look at Pat Riley and the guy. You don't sit down there with Andy elsewhere with the Larry O'Brien trophies that they gift did you bet big gift did you. In the casino you don't sit there and do that. If you're a decent human being that's rap master behavior that's rest bigotry. It is. I'm now getting back to London and London. But it's another World Cup you this year he could easily do that again at Cleveland. Course. Rat. In return. Yet to think. We're just I know you love LeBron I get. You're an athlete you're an athlete an all time competitor and you you appreciate greatness. So LeBron is a great bass will play however. As a human being on. As a human being. Right. Right let's all LeBron let's column mr. acts. You write for mr. axe to speak only fly in on mistress. That that that multiply to publicly. I called him basically his property. NA comic sans letter would be right to miss justice to fly a person into Miami. In a sneaking meeting to Sam come on back to you baby and and then make mr. Jackson's husband at the time. Across the country. Instead of just stay in Miami and just let's just clear the air flight across the country in a meeting where you wouldn't even look up from the table. In the right. Is mr. right. All local reject. Mr. XX right. See what we're told by yeah that is none of them. Back to normal back to. Your bitterness. In hatred. Has to do with the best player in the game. Leaving you'll need it side doesn't. And very pro event and about that's what they all say here's the thing about it. The fact. Eddie left. It's how you live as David Holley levs what he's taunts at tuzla indicated not playing because the heat like three or four times and also I think LeBron when he left. Middle of the tweets they exist. They exist there's there's social media there's a socially to a foot of this note I thank him. Every back to back he always played because the other game of course always cite is that he does have new details and new details that didn't have painted a great picture that I don't like. And but the but the point of this we've got off track. The bigger boy this is you went back to Cleveland. If you go back to Cleveland and did Gilbert can forgive him why can't the suns ought to forgive Goran Dragic. Or an injustice to Tyson Taylor Devin Booker works Tomlinson and if you have a shot if you if you attitude is key Devin Booker. Well when you keep do the son of us to Don Devin Booker. Will always goes a lot of points on a terrible team had a easier position in the NBA two checks. This would have a copy. Of the heat blueprint Bradley gave to LeBron had a. And why this show doesn't have a third. I mean get out of here lately we've been trying and in triumphs in here way we also have some other things. Somebody says Chad Bleacher Report. They say that magic might have interest in the sun. End. Little fact check on my. Same conversation. Junior. Triggered a mixed. Did traded for a bag today and we know he was triggered. By the knicks and did they signed him. For ridiculous money to come back yet he he he he basically you recall that knicks full circle. It's a thing you'd trade a guy that they might be that you would. Maybe you did just get out of w.s are quota thing also met and the second prefer from Miami LeRoy what's. What do. On the field. Excitement. Practice and is an awful well people somebody's giving her so channel sound in the year I was on a detox Lamar. In the media is not open for today and all really there should I mean not. I do. This point I mean. That's not new weapons. They're out there are no shoulder let's get not let me cut loose nobody can it. Stress that they can touch him anyway. Has got to Rogers oh you're bludgeoning you get to. That's because it was improbably huge the last of those because they give us also opens that he was Wolverine. Rebecca to its. Went down. I'm looking back. For Brandon de same old. That would be fun. Homecoming when it. Not do that you. So. Grinds and it goes back on the field though just kind of cool it's cool for the fair. The dolphins if you look I know there's a lot of elements who aren't in the Ryan's NL but I mean that he's attending the bad. Good news for your team out of Italian drama yet Jake -- go to help steer listen in let me tell you guys. Just because. I say our room where Cleveland sport. Doesn't mean number enthralled in the moon and does it know we his boy goal there was gonna eat yet who. Will. No I'll say it does need that group never. Never never never. And if he does it's gonna be a bootleg version I'll tell you right now if that was may go to Rhode apple already in him by by by many it would have been done. Dunn's a man in my word this cold hammer I could tell from the first media moment that he had that this thing you about that life he was about that being life. So just what is mop out there. And as though it may oops Dell it's. It's waits his oh deficit and so is either do or or say they eat at Toms and yeah two days ago. You've got a group or ride out the problem wit us. You would have been the designated amount yeah. Because as you know. Horses do like meat balls. Right it didn't understand the badly. Then label and yellows that. Had hoarding your career home runs about that was made. I don't understand why you would ever make a bad for the first of all there's no I don't lose it like it would make a bet for the browns. Cannot beat the browns don't get that. That's weird to me put it out. In those talks laid was Goler citing sources like was he in the war. From what I understand being in the building in Cleveland even knew what what would doors who's gonna do. Here is David so secret and spoke. You talk about oh lead mean. It was a good. Mark that's what we hear baker may feel Mary fleets but I don't understand it. You know maybe it's like it with the dolphins at the surprise where you know Stephen Ross bosses through does that excuse me gentlemen. We had a some Smart zeroing in Iowa. We got a this is go with the with a cookie cutter thing that we've been doing every single year. Again and maybe gives him there's a surprise like that if it was just hold this one in the holster. I don't understand it but today godspeed gold Arab sure you're not in that group though not a man your word. That being said how cool would Newmont a normal amount you roasted them. I mean the first thing as to who you money it medium. And then I got mad to get to and I don't matter what ignited just. None of that character specially could you imagine it wouldn't just be radio personality be program director Paul man. Crazy like we always. To be honest with two. We always are a little bit ball from about some of the things we put our ma you know put ourselves out there about. Don't. I mean you think about it. And let us and right over to talk like yeah. I don't think that I'd ever put myself in that predicament late because. Well other elite to meet in the book is not funny it's just writes degrading. I mean obviously there's going to be people sports that are covering him eating group but I dogs would newspapers three year old who he's either. It's essential labeled a half for the rest your life. Crazy even these Monday night as I read that. But anyway get back the dolphins are good look at this team that that's an Els got. What kind of fun. Cut a fun way. Great now. I'm not going to loan board. And I said. When this all started to happen. Then you'll be better in the world last. Everybody seems to think you're gonna have the same record of. What is what I'm worried I would be more so worried. Obviously got to be concerned with ten Hillary has come back from an ACL buzz on the has been known for Brady did it rivers did it. It's I think Flacco dislike dominates Hilton seeded Flacco and is still time and he still stinks you know he's he came back but he ladies this is all Flacco self. Ray. But I think ten and Els held in a do like the bugs that how to think the question you got to have is on defense because that you're relying a lot of use a lot of young guy. Two things that I never took into account. As Boris deepens with concern last year and arms start to realize that it may have played. Some type of role in the demise of beef. On. One is there won't feel all that all the time I I mean it got so Mozart. Did he start wearing down because America could still got colored. So from that standpoint. It's hard to imagine a team. With three guys block you one guy. Unable. To book partial quarter. And so. If the offense plays better. I wouldn't be surprised if the defense plays better simply because there will be fresher. But that being said I don't want to hear people say. OK finally govern those guys. Then he you know at a mile Dave Gary and Donald consume he wasn't a team guy and where it. Hold team and a whole circumstance to make each unit better. Yet not just won't play. I look at it from the silicon there's a you got to realize guess in some potential on both sides like is a look at it's a set he. And the Bob Barker of the guys on offense and I guess canyon draped to a degree Aziz and get the full production for a year right. But that on defense you look at might you know be in Belgium Charles Eric. Jaws errors re gonna will make a Fitzpatrick and there's a lot. Lot of key players you think that needs to really step up and our and so I don't know I don't know which one's going to be tougher I'd imagine if you have ten Helen and it's got to be easier for those rookies. Or young guys. To produce than it is just for the defense of guys are and take out a lot of responsibility. Or hopefully grown as a response to news. Method really wanna see more from Charles Harris this year reviews and near dose last year. I don't want to be Dion Jordan to point out. It's all speculation in the Rory your speculation has no bearing in mind no disrespect. But are you in love with who show indicate any. I asked this question to everybody I talk to about ten. Doesn't matter if I love Taylor who now. Would you give me. A replacement. In deal will talk. It's not like there's quarterbacks out here gist. Oh what for did pretty taking. And people saying let's just draft one. Really sold. In Q I've run a long enough to know that don't says I don't lose. You're gonna tell me. That she willingly give up which you know you have. To just wing it on another quarterback. A young quarterback. Well I'm so let's let's put it this. If the last antenna those acorda and his team and the blouse. That developed for the better when they did development would assume a more balanced dolphins in the good running game. You seem really still think you have a really good running game because people seem to be very very high on can you drink it when he did he. And that's. He bought an. And now you've replaced the tight ends who were Julius Thomas is complete bomb. That he stinks. Olive hopefully by a Yong mismatch tied and right. So there are some potential that you gotta go for but I think lady if you look at the weapons. Mom. Danny Amendola and our wheels are placed in jars Landry they have ought to judge is between the both of them I don't know why. I think we all the jars lender like that was a value it was a question that jobs ledger wasn't good. Ages were sitting here for. Show on show talking about you gotta get value and that's just not that's out of that's I India and your position and yet. One thing I think that could really make a bright this team on offense has taken to new level as. If devolved it Varner can finally take a stab at that guy for you. Right right what you've started door and we your team. Is tried to build the wit it winnable guys that served as its. And it's been hard to do it offensive line. Because if you think about it most of the guys you read that depend on or dead you know we're team guys. Intended as a freeagent now. To send. Now. It's on its argument or drugs it was difficult to integrity can be you know. The my Americans are hoarding a crazy person this entire time last year olds and up next.