5-22-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, May 22nd
ESPN came out with its top 100 most famous athletes in the world. Lonnie Walker says the Earth is an illusion. Leroy wonders what kind of stuff he is on. The show then gets weird. Leroy does not get fired up for OTA or training camp. Lebron gets irked about someone suggesting to him that he is the slowest person in NBA. Tobin wants Udonis Haslem to replace Shane Battier if he leaves for Detroit and calls it "Udonalitics." Brandi Chastain's hall of fame bust looks nothing like Brandi Chastain. Tobin has issue with Bam Adebayo not making 2nd team all Rookie.

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I. Back guys and don't do it on the ticket base is out today Libya to Boswell. Runners on in the things on the other side. The thing is nothing. He's doing things sayings. So and go back for 3-D sectors. Like OK let's clarify some something here. Okay Ryan Taylor who winter X Zain him. As a quarterback right he was the backup quarterback. What are receivers got hurt. NB 'cause of his athletic ability. They moved to the wire receiver and that's how we ended up that wire receiver he wasn't the wide receiver and a converted to great quarterback. Please stop. Well let me. That he didn't play quarterback he was a wire. Receiver that stuck on seven years now do what you do on the eight. O's doing Monica. Forget Aga Chernoff. So Alicia on the good in the break ESP two no matter what a mine that's why I got lost yes the world fame 100 and it's ESP generated the most famous people I guess the way they do uses some. Formula between number of Google searches your endorsement money and your social media following. And don't things one up from this one is there's a lot of cricket players on this thing united real lot of cricket I realized it it was so huge. Haider Lester it was series the other thing is. That as far as South Florida representation Dwyane Wade salon near he's number 31. I know wit so those hum Serena yet that your sister Serena is this is C South Florida as well. Kimberly Marie Cheryl Colbert is on that list yet she's bank and that's why I'm even the most surprising person. Terry Gross you Derrick Rose as high on this list that 37. Ooh yeah. Derrick Rose product you don't like is Derrick Rose banks from Tom Brady easily on a view of this or thirtieth Derrick Rose ahead of ahead of Tom Brady is Brady and a high school ball player yes. Okay yeah football's not very high like football and based based on a list of eight baseball player on the hundred list. Like I looked as you can break it down by category basal body gonna edit category you can break down to. That's that's and I guess who would be on the list against Bryce Harper and John Carlo and there and judge Kershaw maybe. Kershaw maybe I mean Verlander because his wife's a model true. But yet as far as the Americans ago. I mean it's basketball bass balls LeBron James is to Kevin Durant seven. Staff does nine. Killed dozens tan added we met SCSI as he has makes boatloads of endorsement money. What is that what is until that hasn't been endorsement. Call me you do realize that if you win a major. They says were ten plus mil cheese. And in your set yourself like these guys take what they may. From go off. And average guy multiply one and a half times doesn't begin to endorse for a all the way you lose that money is it you're not only two hours so Mobley and Jason his first year or two or. You get a nice money. Losses car he would back to making crumbs. Do you know what it. Here's the thing. It is off instead to Jason Duff never believed isn't as though for what he would even be Jarrett yet messages never with the PGA. I've got the PGA now more than this at you when a mastermind Russell did OK Bret let's just let's just say let's say he won the masters got more let's say he did. You tell me like. The soft issues like it was a common out was a well issues other than Orlando don't know you don't get constantly and I like how does that work as far as golf is concerned they get imagine that does. If you win when you aside and say if you've signed a deal with a conflict so for example we Jason's heartless. Right yeah when you win a major. All these accelerators bump into your you're you're you deal with him. Could there it was what speeds one that everybody made a big deal under armor because they were using their third golfer write an eight what would do which was Smart. They did it both more he was really really big and they gave him like a hundred under plus million and now. They cannot like did. That's wild made aware of the sorrow and dozens free countess is basic BA SIC basic except to seven to 81 now if you don't when this time we'll give you another chance and top the next hour on the sports slash the national contest message and batteries may apply. Auditioned I was the headlines. Wait. He's got what you XY yes how can I ask you sat next to each team to her car and makes two of 50000 a year for no reason. Is that act Derrick Rose just like I imagine goes on clearance like who is getting the did you even have shoes yeah yeah it will reward you in the heavy below does the whole why did he do when he won the MVP Derrick Rose. All my goodness not again to me who were once you told that you know when to accommodate his lip. To collide if there's any hope for you man getting a huge endorsement did just look at Derrick Rose. Turn condemn. Issues everybody. Stood that are grosans. With the inevitable let's thank you jumps and in. Only got a little personality on him. Is there I mean who that what it's all. In recent years besides T Derrick Rose. Had the least amount of juice. I had les robbers out of personnel and also have endorsements yet. Unarmed men two out immediately and let him document and it never happened to you never had menial those that want. I have to think about that biggest personality. Or no or worse personality but he got the most sales. Somebody fixing guru is absolutely true 200 to 300000. U. Mean tiger doesn't have a great hers not a tiger style was had a lot of personality. Yet what he did. How he does golf and pursue that right. May. Wanna go into any MO martial law oh god. Does jobs. Really he is the golfing equivalent the dirt road you with a what are. Hey you're good news unity. And very limited forum include those of the story. It's like who's gotta keep it all hunkered down because apparently likes to party here did he it was to ground his club to vote. Why. Yeah that's the thing as big thing is he doesn't have endorsements that's what he's got this yeah well. Yeah has rolled all the behind him just lots of DBA's. Super super superstar. And I love this guy and we need to get this guy. On on a weekend to South Beach so he's like coli you need to go to the spurs and held them I demand a trade to Miami. That's who we need to happen to debunk this super Max nonsense doesn't it we can tell that scared but he got Robby. Well before you headlines we have another Vijay sink sink situation with a group machine. Look at Jimmy Walker on group when you have you'll find someone it's not Jimmy Walker as a big toy treasure and has also golfer. Yes I do look at the golf that's on search for you the big giant pictures not to be welcome the golfer is the guy from Qatar yes bits that they have the information both we. Tool famous guy. You could mix Google local mix that up. The lesson we did not include other Vijay Singh. As you see that Google has in Massa with Jose Calderon's net worth. Jose Calderon's network from the man who has 2.3 billion dollars. And so all his team it's a busting on four. Are regarded as these super rich case scenario it. I don't feel like Marriott has a lot of play. I don't Billy he's marketed very much. I'm not looking good leader I think when there is asking is guys. Like Derrick Rose. Guy bacon at Liz and have zero. Personnel. Person slips or on the go ahead headlines let's start up with today's Western Conference final. Game four is the rockets at Golden State the Goldstein weren't there and eaten half point favorite tonight indeed for an article took on TNT merit. Austria is not only do I think that George street and our growth. How at a Seattle area Marlins and Mets tonight at Citi Field 7101 it's Caleb Smith or Q a with the available whiff. CMOs dom Imus and go out there into the problem is is that sold the Marlins and with no. We saw raw deal on Sunday. What I'll probably. Yet why letter he had apparently the spurs wanna give him the super Max of my year. Tool is personally I smell a rat I don't know that I feel like this looks and easy to stay away Felix does the desperate move by this mirrors where the throughout the super Max I'll leave it really want another zoo Max visa. Let's just say let's say this a guy let's takeaway Leonard. Has this mystery injury. You're all for that got the super Max really interest in doing this straight you can't get ahold of them. You don't know where he is. His uncle is is said we don't trust your doctors. Guess what on 290 million dollars we would sold I. Don't know sail on it. And I think. Like LeRoy said. This smells and try to throws to throw some smoke in the air China make it seem like on oh also the buzz objectives were San Antonio won everything to be. To be combed by Donald good alibi that men I think I think that I think I think this is shook desperate move by the spurs to throw this out there. All I don't trust a Robbie. Yeah I'd say three catchers. Also in and did today's score on drugs a move with the date on this has happened last July Libby. Two we did that man bun is in the NBA it is to get dunked on his pro talk about Aaron Bates and freedom in the last round and we could be talking about utterly. I don't you be the good the difference is Dolan believes Joseph needs a wrestling heel and so he's loving care. You know like door on this I don't like gore on donut. Gorgeous sweetheart. And so. Ottawa on August breaking character all the sudden Robin Ben Simmons getting embarrassed in his case. Has Benson is ridiculous money. Joseph can do that is Joseph is little have been taught him bleed since he's out of the womb. He's nonstop doggedly doubly when he went when he put he couldn't play basketball he was just sitting on the sidelines he talks we left to right you'd be out of character for him to stay silent. That's how rolls or so he's true character there. At all I think I'll probably. Not diverted aren't we got some names user names I. Eli mating but that's sort of a way that's quite as when he is guide battle for him even pay. Alan mentioned eight. Yeah I don't know message personality is out of fuel rich in. Terror as the Elizabeth the top five homelessness is number three. Nobody ever embodied that there at times should indoors kids live earth it is an analyst at eight dollars and on the list. That it. Oh. Andrew. Presented agreeing on endorsements. The endorse meg beards and their when you told me it. In the shoulder braces. Romo. All's Schable monarch could. So to get a personality this happened this this and with this tea IS today. Lonnie walker is that the NBA draft combine. Nannies on stage at this ESPN desk and ask you know about. You know just about his personality all that and then somebody asks about the Tyreke thing terminals carries seems that the imperil the earth is flat. Blunt talker he's taken an open notched he's he's upping the ante on why Leonard. Oh wouldn't talk about facts and things of that nature it's amazing to me he discovered so much about the world yes we don't know anything about the world. Are you with tire your ring there the world is flatter around it's not flat it. It's effective there earth. My exclusive there is definitely an allusion. OK let's shoot shoot that tail between that I. At Lonnie oh yeah. Eight list open. If you could to put. On it. Well O. Maybe he thinks of babies in this this do that world simulation is lost a lot of west world. Haven't seen it. Got to billions in. It. Gives that I. Really you don't read yesterday you know did suggest that what's it to you for as we legal and there. Is. Figures from Philly earth isn't illusion. Are. Anthony makes him. I figured it probably means he thinks that oral simulation I have heard this before. There's a theory out there really is oh. Like to know who's assimilate mob bag out of this jar organize these guys on August all the time where he's not people who have theory. That we are all a an artificial intelligence. Simulation. Met eventually. Artificial intelligence will take over to such an extreme metal AI itself as well. It's like it's like it's like a circle of doom but that were all. In this world not really here but yet they projection of somebody else or something created. And I think that's what Lonny Walker's trying to set. He to me an illusion is like a magic trick. He's John assailing this is earth. Good. You're not really owners like the woes mirage right we're really here but made sure not all really human I tell you what. And a drug Dudek told. It is gold some minutes hi daddy no illusion that exists. Or has real. To you. Put maybe you're not really LeRoy. May be you wore LeRoy AI. Artificial intelligence. Combined I mean with so many facts I mean did she do to us because we need this moral issue both because it's so like what. Part of me I do we do. Well think about it. Because. Put fort Wright there's a lot of details are going to have actually played. But say I did this blood let's just call Mario cart I think all the twists and turns we got to think about in Mario Kart. In life. Now imagine. Some. Thing. Is just using us as a giant. Mario Kart game. And so we come in here every day or like. Always a third hour wears a third hour yet AI just like to stroke it's at the point. We keep getting tripped up by the banana peel much like Mario does on that fourth turn. And we keep thinking well this'll be it again or get the next level we get a third hour. But it never columns and always slip on a banana peel it and then it in two. I'm here for keeping noble mine Boone you know. You can similarly do that's that's all lighting don't blame the wheat. Says the weed smoker I. And and these and to send my intentions. Back over the LeRoy knew if you on the ticket. Dalton does CAA started up today. Tomorrow. Is brides and no speak to the media. But to Mike's. Been seduced out. Elise is still the man we got snow sports. You know we're covering this. Covering this next to. They can't. Tweets. Stock is up stock is that. I want to run all decide who I can't way immaculate to be easier mas tree now that run antenna finds Kenny stills for a touchdown. In OT eighties Yang. Really enjoyed it yet reviewed Jones and Jones and for little football now. That's an awful it's a little bit of ruffles a little you know what I get excited. When it's Syria showed a hall of fame game in about three bullets. A lot. Yeah Jim waited for that big meal it's like to sit out all of the Richard you like this out Connelly you mean you. You know food has come assume you have a sometimes you go to a restaurant they have some really good Brett gets sent to table. Not too bad NASA like dvd bread at a it's easy Brit. Like we'll sees no it element of the that the that the rest of its its red lobster. Lobster and then the it username restaurant. Used these they have the cheesy bread Wald say in his middle cheese bread all past time. Oh and a freeze on good Robbie were used to we went out to eat. The problem bread you can get let's OG. You left behind. That's true. I would into its by the way that he'd spent lot of life finished one point shot me in the NBA all rookie team and I would say they're voting stupid. Made him play so I'm an Imus in the fullest but whoever it is is wrongfully there is that not Kim Jordan. So let's just set that straight. Or award so. The Saudi only getting you don't do seventeen and civility to teams in her Kia also you woefully short of Macon thirteen. I mean I can think yes okay so yeah dead means there were two. Yes well he should be outburst and Kim Jordan. By the way out Iowa appreciate everybody's reaching out and and for their concern about our family in. Although I went out for the zombie eyler then went on Lake Worth a world Kat. Is what their budget know that. I know that deadly with sent out this alert saying that day. Word dealing with zombie attacks and that over 7000 people in Lake Worth we're dealing with a zombie attacks and zombie activity. It was a mistake we're all okay there's no zombies LeRoy in Lake Worth is probably you put iguanas and night Milliken and well isles got holes got mugged when Tom by a do it is probably a zombie amused he was he was such it aid dragging crack head. And he I would say that he's probably on the level of zombie territory this do had the most crackhead shoes ever seen in my life. I know because as they chased him off monologue he lost issue. And that thing had. Nothing on the bottom it was just it was basically just Kabila's I was as well it was a slide of rubber left on that sneaker scene like one slice. There is though I tell you what though in Lake Worth. We do have Bradley. Personality. Blake why. There's a lady. Who used to to the united Sera while but he go to downtown Lake Worth you sit on the one of the the restaurants the on the outdoor side. This lady rides up and down late word on her wrath school. And she has. On her shoulder. While wrecked. Sure there's a red LeRoy. I remember it's at the somethings like you don't forget and get burned into your mind when Bradley he's one of them. And rat lady while I was enjoying maybe some garlic knots I don't know what was that what do what does having to that the time I was distracted from my meal. This lady is cruising up and down the street. With a wrap on her shoulder as if it was a parent on a higher children. It was or pat. And their pat stayed on her shoulders are big red. All it was that. Sat with a fat rat tail. I like it into a restaurant. Pool hot tea yes she's pops Hobbs was good yeah possibly good stuff I don't know who she's your bed Devlin had good roles for sure. Com this news came out. So shame idea. Shane Battier is getting a second. Interview Korda Barry Jackson. With the Detroit Pistons. Shane Battier apparently impressed and so much. That they are asking him back. So I guess who decision Betty is as it is on. They he's out you take a second interview was a second of your husband isn't a job hasn't really been at a forum office that alone belt buddies you don't does this Shane Battier he walks to the Romany he wowed you with his smarts so he's decided you look he'd appreciate you guys may get a position boy I'm out. So he didn't he's Izod about that culture he's not sick around you Shia takeover in his opening on file and that's what ever. If you does give others Ian he says you must be a management so what have you done signal we're analytics. Payable OG Brandon in the leading you can. Because he can begin to a good day old G Brendan analytics. What will have blood new steps to step yet we got we impose a 36. We'll have Udonis has them he'll rape charges saying. The I hate to be sidetracked. That a mambo no assists and snake. Yet that's cobra. This it is. The doomed do you think this got plans the snakes. Know a snake sitting out on nobody statement when he dimmer and strike. Yet of course is that the glasses on policy knows legit. He's got that spit venom all left and right. O'Donnell had X-Men you don't believe him and how is the blood spilled on the court 100 possessions in his own speed and analytics. UCL pissed LeBron got about this yeah. Shall I got a with. Also so LeBron James the story comes out. And he apparently has been tracked as the slowest player in this series by NBA tracking technology. And so the athletic goes out to him and they let him know hey LeBron. You are the slowest player in this series according to the stats. And the bronze says quote. That's the dumbest bleak but ever heard. That tracking be asking kiss my ass the slowest guy here get out of here. Tell the track got tired I am after the game and tracking that bleed. I'm number one of the NBA on how tired I am after the game. So all the and barring some of the process course in the public and so how do you know we should note is the most tired it should go sounds pretty tired at these games. It sounds time. We to complain about his productivity I am owe it to what we were what would you rather. The guy who weren't around in you just offered his production. Or guidance consider not to be run around. When you score 44 the does is give them facts that was the rug as a salty about it because it sounds like it to an athlete. Anything important to Adidas any time he's ever written a story about a player that it was it. He wasn't a ripple effort all the time he got offended by a ha. That. Ali it's. A little LeBron does take employees off the slowest guy. We'll steered it to you is no clear once you get but you. US is ready who write to follow these guys weren't. And right so that would even insinuate. Either argument maximum effort is whatever the next time you go in that locker room until we get intake back so the charges to the tracks are lying in what LeBron cents a one thing it does to you isn't too deep Herman. What his production news. It. It's just a step dad OK oh and let's slow this as LeBron and it's already ran and we. Let let me ask you questions. And slowly he is he's moving and how would do numbers let's not huge how word in the night before a huge which is why I don't understand why bothers them. I just why why does it put its acts it. Do it and grind man you need a lesson in 44 points and well I'm trying to help you as much as I can't. To give you an idea of what insults. An athlete I even a professional. We beat you in even in sit and wait. An athlete is being lazy taken time all movements slow. Any bold be won an elite athletes oh. Buffalo has almost say new giggle at you. You are the guys insinuating that he's lazy he's probably asking him how is too. There's a it's obvious that that sensitive though. Abundance abundance it only if I am my whole life. Try to be in tip top shape. And not being asked to play in most cases forty plus minutes a night and not try to find a way to. Give my body through that and and you turn on to say LeBron is the slowest moving player in the playoffs. Oh this'll. Probably shoot at him out there its players and her. Udonis has numerous players and guts. Donna Linux man you communicate yeah like you've got to let that go. Senator Jay got is don't have a door guys replaced. Jordan never got tired yeah. And a lot but he's got to go deep in the number one guy. It was entirely new problem on the Bender afterward acts. Full sense that although some humans and slowest equals number one deserving and each. Please don't take it that way even noticed that he still. This week is trying to figure out how he can play forty plus minutes every night I don't turn out of a witness. So people. Won't understand what is. Maybe the question was ousted him hey liberalism is sort of suspect on the if you put in 10 analytical saw that. It's idyllic comes back so approximately negative went slowly. August ideas of LeBron James he does Kareem Abdul Jabbar an all time playoff you go just. He'll set up that stupid and say I was a kid and I grant and I. I had never did jury about being there with Korean played resemble other facts and he doesn't wanna hear about that. Always tell about the good facts don't tell me about the fact said that that Bristol Bristol my whiskers. But is any rodents that it's not done it interest in fact would you have thought that. Now I would surprise. Is he relevant it has no. It brings it means not dated it's not a relevant because it wasn't ever a part of that was good. Let me wait you don't want among eighteen to know these interesting information to know that LeBron James didn't say it wasn't interest in that makes either it was irrelevant it's not a it is it's not. Does not everything asked him not everything has just be always it's either matters or not if I learn something from a statistic. That whether or not it airs on the results it's still adjusting to know LeBron James who is a freight train. Is actually playing at the slowest rate. Of anybody in the series so there remains. Gutter would you go. We know Boyle win but it too is slim and Soledad little Mitt it will LeBron come from the other side you look that's why its interest and is it when you watch him in those plays an explosion you mean he's not been. Some might need you some argue. I'll do the next. There's a look back on Thursday night. Just this thoroughbred testing and who their hall of fame black. Went. She does Zito a hall of fame plaque that they'll play knowledge dozens the most like Brett brown. From the Phoenix from the sixers. That's not that's not. Ready to just staying. World Cup hero to win the I don't know man. Is good books don't you do it in a perfect that's what I thought. I don't know what that is it looks like sister Jean. Known it then leave and have my. Understand it's like if you're sculptor this settle with Ronaldo to remembered all the stuff you cannot look like that look anything like him. If you're sculptor. Think. I imagine they probably have a lot technology these days. That back in the day with the with the Greeks the Romans make it statues left and right. Statue of David the finger all these things great crafting that was going on great artistry. What what is happening here with all these sports. Greats getting busts and statute that looked nothing like them. All that was slack jawed. I don't. Make any sense cement. Like its like got to die and highly just on the side to rotate in you. She's smiley by it. Me on that had to be the had to be there. Do you think of like what happened they'd like pull back hair and a pony tail is that why. They go with. It looks like the Joker. As horrible through that I guess is that a seven that's a great big chance they have both snorkel gear being used. She said quote it's not the most flattering and it's nice. Where is it sucks. At X drama for the Sox I appreciated. There's so nice to keep my feet warm Altman monogram loan. When I was in college. Every year she would soon meet some all the bull lake alone and so when now goal went up finally saw a ball back home when I started playing. Everytime I go over some with some well. She go all you really like to sum it makes Christmas like well bottles of the stuff that while. There. Here's the NBA about in the came out for the rookie team condemn mr. one vote. Donna the Mitchell first team with and Simmons Jason's Hancock who's my lower market and can't really argue with any of those very deserving sure. 600 incidents are actually rookie Lester and it's a very Marat he think he is if we go. Thanks thanks rob here he actually is ready is a paper are is give me a lot so it's it looks like Belichick month. So by that looked like by princess of almighty god. And nothing's funny though and submissive has played counselors at the BB a slogan that's still yeah. Yeah. You're the second team which I was I was hoping that band would make Dennis Smith junior on Dallas. Osce. Alonso ball nice bounce back in the second half of the year. John Collins and Atlanta. Were. Dom bug not a bitch on Sacramento. And the like are. Oh man oh it was a guy on the pacers. And other doctors and what about about it I don't know which always under my okay bold and right and Janet Jackson on Phoenix. As this. Shouldn't Phoenix be ruled out any awards. The worst. Am. I know as the office of struggle the second half of the year boom no pollution gotten a little guy that rookie wall though. Debra he got submitted in the crab like. Like soon as everybody got to give it grabbed just lost yes he passed on the crab. All these dogs that these so called second team is technical team rookies that I don't because damn it if they can shoot. Cannot buy you woods' putting out the most reeling dunks. This season by any rookie could. Tell me he's got these bombs on Sacramento Phoenix and Atlanta. They get on their decided instead to him who's actually on their playoff team. It's fishy to me I like. And squirrelly. I mean though wouldn't. Did he could've done I don't I don't have a big beef with seven of those guys. Except those guys definitely deserving I think Doug Regis MC put it was there on the worst teams. Through the worst so you're saying did you moon. I just think that ends up their own stuff on meaningful team is here's a here's why he didn't. You ready. Doesn't school all those guys on X. Doesn't score will be an average what. Six points he'd like the stand Dick which are what most people. Voting. Or this photo of guys who didn't they do like I got. Billick I got to seven now go to Josh Jackson oh he's averaging numbers on Phoenix. And averaging numbers on Phoenix anybody motor and right in a dumb Booker unlike. You'd do better as well where's the look at them out of my use real where he's put the clamps on step curry. Where is out on the weighing the one Clinton does matter. He's still easy pass in the past. Put out of that weighing at 200 feet man. Who is about numbers Alyssa tweet me then it's about numbers. What does this whole this whole thing is based on numbers are the things that don't show and sent this you Donna Alex is gonna pick up. On you I am takes charges god dots. Quick feet quick feed on the winning that's another unanimous that. Army does this Shane Battier contains non since the Detroit. All. Your efforts. Whose support you got. Reminded you would trade for a hot second biscuits center. It's like as the there's despite your budget and trade anybody. But if you're you're paying. Or is three. Did this to you package all of your players to get their blue. Not am. The only band trip put amid that was that the gore on trade that thought they need a little bit of a sweetener. Some potential. So now. You're willing to keep it for immigrant. Oh yeah. Oh goodness. We saw. It. I got actually go about what's happening and it just to show things last year in the playoffs man. Whose intense use and that's Taylor. Shoot new moon do more even remote shot he should not hire the new corporate deal walk back in the day hello. Member coombs with the rainbow three. By the way there's another number on the all rookie second team the guy said Pete with. Beef with who's our actual rookie this pod dominant from the kinks he was drafted to doesn't fourteen. Ex gays like three years overseas before connecting to be who faked rookies make the team. It morbid habit cements it is ridiculous. This voting system needs to change. I'm not I'm not here for this. Door bell shall just use this fuel for next year. He's on T you don't want to try and you'd trade. I'm not a traitor. Just real and do you were just that all ideas. We knew what freedom in the second. Not for a second just in they in a scenario. Where we're trading blow dry it back to the suns for Devin Booker. Just in that scenario. Oh boy a year ago well. If only about numbers Ted who would have been out of the lead two years ago and gays would go home playing men coaches ditched. It really got to push those buttons onion. Enough. I'm telling though man lake. Am I didn't feel good about that one and in fact. I kind of regretted. But I also feel bad about trading either justice. Or Josh Richardson. So. Now I feel I'm out agreement we usually go. You were looking for somebody to take just a little monitor right that's bounce back you know that shows. That shows GUTES. Guts. You dogs that Donald thanks here's the point part of but it's. You feel good about all of you young players. In Hadi turnaround except. He's not a young now. Which is my point debt Yemen. Because those are boring we're OK this is who use some of our young. This like it's eight year professional. Over the mavericks who. I'm called up to the strikeout. In new development. Idea what's ideas to mossy.