5-23-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Wednesday, May 23rd
Tobin tries something new and it doesnt work according to Leroy. Tobin thought he was building a Doll House for his daughter that would take 20 minutes. Turns out it took much longer than that. The crew discussing the changes in the NFL Kickoffs. NFL changes their National Anthem policy. Leroy wonders if he should be excited that Beast returns to the show tomorrow. Tobin's pride prediction of the Rockets came true even though the Warriors had a couple runs. Chris Webber goes crazy on a Harden poster dunk on Draymond Green. Is Lebron going to be sprinting up and down the court tonight?

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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole hard rock hotel in his. Casino. Yeah. And yeah. Yeah. Bills and to join them in there. I just pulled that off. You've Jose Heidi at all. Yeah if you live with it if you live on the form hammed up north but it's at a left on the farm yes. So I've had this doll house. That addicted to my daughter pitchers both the building to have I'm supposed to build I had to build this is Christmas gifts from a sister in law school. School is not. Now and it was just a birthday just got a boatload more stuff very blessed little girl is the solar mine. But this thing is is it's this it's O eight and it was just a giant boxes like you know what. Just have those days. Sometime as a man when his eye on the tackle that today. I saw an open ended up. In as a do you troop deaths by a huge mistake and my dog is there waiting and these guys who else are you kidding. And so might. You know honey actually from summit tools are ordinarily can do this. So I was gonna put it back and I immediately regretted my decision I thought the some liken knocked out and twenty minutes Newt well this is union undertaking. And his problem. It was it's kind of like pandora's box literally this box once I opened it there was no putting him back in and so I can't have always pieces so it was no time. This thing they really took me three and a half. Hours. To build now it's the most to install house of ever seen in my life now you're not a man and machine has some extra pieces. Summation screws course. Now I was like afterwards they were this plastic thing for one of these screws for. That's the leader drawer now meal my wife K dude it together. She likes doing best. Be Al gold monkey and a cupcake on Neftali through team in his leg. What the hell is true. Two rooms he's malveaux is the words stock average estimate a thousand bucks are now the 1003 contests here where this hour in the when dobbs free contest is free. Three FRE text that the 7881. Enormous benefit payments for Iran on the show men pay attention. Seven to anyone tax free if you don't when this time. On the top chance in the top the next hour it's a national contest message in that area it's may have lied don't text and drive the headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and W exact fix HD two Miramar. Believe they're not actually lots of violence today. Really lots of stuff going on magic is in pieces that are having birth babies and I was series where you have a bird day our daily email us to remind him that we should never bird well he got a diddley beat Texas is like how your birthday to me this terrible thing is happening channels like. Why these teams and I kind of wish was yours we can do we do last you have callers call in with some happy birthday. Who. Went over to do you know. What are we got man artists are office of the basic the cavaliers and Celtics get the Eastern Conference finals 195. In Boston. Bossidy slight one point favorite basically pick you know what happened last night. Business picked up all yes it did business and dump in the NBA playoffs. Say. I'm thinking now why today game. And I'm like you know maybe a little disgruntled unhappy. Is. It was a blast Brothers the real one step out. It in clay clay because this little I just think he's. Their for the take it hurt his knee they need a big man. It dinners and then continue to big Medea. I would I would I mean we're running would have to take lake isn't the owners puppies hostage Steven get a phone call Mallon they're friends. Our friend that's a fair point. Well as a guy routing are. Big news out of USC Tobin. That ESPN has agreed to broadcast thirty USC events per year and a fight you're you're starting to 2019 to deals worth one point five billion that's pretty cool they double the TV deal and it's on ESP and so on surely get a lot of coverage of it. And it's pretty awesome and I'm excited about it they got that they at the SP and plus. And it's cool because I don't have to goes scramble around looking around for a pass from one FS two. As fox sports to Portis were to Halley ago I don't have asked WSVN. Blacking out the undercard on a fox guard. Excited about it now I have a question for reasons you know we've had Josie fun on the show plenty of times in their very very clean cut authentic to save at least. And ESP and they have more pristine reputation in order to is the opportunity to be okay with the lowest possible foul language air in light on their networks. Not a not done that they'll probably just you know you know the thing is though I feel like our show was coerced. Because we have Daniel Cormier on our show. Who is the nicest of nice he is like mr. Disney. Hearst on our show. It leads you had so how. Do you know why because on every. Why do we have about a quarter finger ready every time you have a fine guy you know. I. I don't feel I asked them questions. Don't go away so called deal here's what you do. When you know ones get ready to go through you start smiling. As you know it's common. Yes or no sort of as you mentioned detailed today Barbara was going to lose his mind. To know what you meant to GSP in my hospital but he is good. Well I was. Caught and it wasn't my fault I mentioned poker and he started cursing out I don't know those it didn't even leave them all the and is totally normal. I mean I Korea on the day after the saints got just dismiss the more align its. Well obviously it's host to be in Philadelphia for the tip twenty minutes weakened very upset about that. And ideally would decide about life. Anyway I think the zeal to bosh. Bosnia or Audi. David and seven yet but that's the period and tied all again and again there even with one goal game the desperation of empty net coming in courses. Gotta wash that final minute and then we'll we'll get our traditional. You know Stanley Cup on Tampa verse Vegas. Are proposing a man. Are you the Marlins in the Mets tonight at 710 and under dance really can be called that is a two disrespectful to get the stamp yes. And he's got his ticket to crop for the Mets is like you know fund. The guy when yesterday do you. No doctor Jack Ramsay is. You remember doctor Jack Ramsey. Okay. This this drummer in December the other day you know you never even met we were adopted duty he can be used to drive from Rome isn't nape. Yet every. And that yes Jack Ramsay is a legend in this I was dramas and amber is Romberg unless there besmirching the legend that oil. Doctor Jack. Under. As they are probably yes. This is yesterday by as you know this is a hot topic the NFL band. Running starts. On kickoffs and restrict players can lineup can cause a changing the kick off entirely and yeah so they in that's Iran and you have only a certain number godsey outside the numbers are solid I gather they had to be 88 guys in between the fifteen of the restraining line is also to new rules kick Zenyatta. Whipple's all knows it. The the reason why. It's so dangerous. Is I remember what my body care. Right he was special teams guru. Right that's all we did in fact we used to make fun of who we actually had simply run it used like Michael Thomas kids. You get on the line. And don't like would you it's to tell you got to be imported five. And why. Oh so what sorted. Into. Admitted star crossed. Usually some to beat her were collisions. So if we got pregnant or is my problem with death. You an advantage to. The re rich deep. Because I can't runners are so he's you don't have enough statement makes it easier to block. To that move the distance runners in the same distance. Walt we really mean is that I mean that this is has taken a lot of it out anyway because it's only touch backs now on the move it up. Would they didn't. It's just a week ago from the 35 notes in the case right now touchback you get the bullets won five yard line rent until almost no incentive to run back the kick it may well guess what. Every time they give. Every time make her to return. Every time if their closeness to return because it's forget change. And take that out and again you don't really believe you can take it out you can do things that you are doing. Okay boy it. You you can't take that please. Net effect. Bold position. And controlled. You know do a moment and gain. So forty RB two or mid with time. You've album inside the now. Big difference as an event so it is too much. That can happen or that way to illuminate how Pickler rookies they are good for no live explaining so. You realize. After 23 guy. And some quarterbacks. All of whom kickers. And you've got a few of the load. That you know did not really gonna do specialty. So there's the brats. Everybody has the plea specialty. Remember one did. What are the biggest season salads I got in his coat human. Clone who would want as a a series that when he used it not did. So wanted to be as good outlook. I've never in my life. Never made the tackle. So. I'll pull Keiko. Albums why don't. How bloody fools we. Should god it was blocking me on the two right at the guy with the ball. I'm like. Oh how Michael each year for me it's sort of I got there are terminated to decide magnet. Out out of the house. No insults. Insults he's a guy that brings an out of kitten we're ready to Singapore's CT skated it Barak and actually. Don't. Know allegedly. The following week I'll tell you that you're good at it occurred a week until you. Beckett are wide open always there's dub in mid remember. Everybody got to. Sodium to take their backup offensive linemen to build the wall. India that they stopped. So they're trying to eliminate it. But you can't really eliminate the plate so it I think everybody of football understands that. It's too much of a game changer to take it out of the gate. Right it's also. Lake. There has to be even for the rarest times there has to be those opportunities when there's I know it's not level but the house through the opportunities for. Duke vs UN there has to be there's already doesn't miracles and that's what. Makes it's all exciting does woman's global bet you have certain place. That changed the game. And if you eliminate I mean they haven't. Com. Eliminated any part of what bowl. And it's changed again they've tried to. Kinda. Protects certain players. You know whether it's the receiver. You know run across the middle to feel it they they haven't eliminated. You know game changing play educated. You can at what about onside kick eliminate kick off you damn attended in the game he owns like this there's no can. How about that but the rule would you place him as is forfeit it is here a minute fifty left no timeouts allowed again with that garbage so step. Recruits that you. I males are in the headlines idea probably should mention that the NFL changed their anthem policy you know. Yeah and he said hey LeRoy we do we cute boy it was a bye we. I. Don't know I remember the hello again to the the NFL they've they've done they've now they're not required players just fans all over the next. I welcome back still to LeRoy knew if you. He's definitely back tomorrow. You're not he's not from some conventions of can. You. Ability it's been peaceful. Know who say and how she review other deeds will be back tomorrow Liu Yi. We've been did go to Portland the so excited he's just lay it out when needed for the two box at chase we speak and this is kind of like that dollar that your and it's all over the place but man he he's so he's he uses that happy face and like you can't help would be. Obviously and sometimes I think. It's like. He's. He's beast. And that's really all you say is like you we hung out with him in a lot of different environments. And he doesn't always. You know do their pain and soul like yeah if you hang out with him enough. It is a menace speaks as beast this is what it is. So Roddick was saying. You have to read the last headlining has the NFL today announced seven new policy for the anthem everybody must stand for the anthem. You have the right to stay in the locker room off the field. And if you do own. The league can fine teams. The teams can also find play air. Which I guess is not as dumb as. When I read one of the things thrown up by donor was a fifteen yard penalty. That was interesting. A fifteen yard penalty. One's. Ability to reduce arsenic could deter penalties their point. They got to be cahoots. So I'll be adjusted to use only below zero with the like Kenny stills and he's got to say about this because the sales they'll stay like. Interest and Celek in the middle of the slap a lashes and. All. Going to rests before. Donald Trump kinda came out of nowhere and resists that he added as it is obese stand and that it was like. We remember we had the weird song and dance with them with Jerry Jones he's doing the canned canned before the anthem we all Neil. Before the anthem that we stand up on Jerry Jones amount you'd do weird stuff. Add it all just got rehashed. But. Okay yeah this policy now. Late as their greed I get a job because now it's it's your policy in the shouldn't be a thing or does he still not get a gig and you know I just. I feel like the whole or deal of this has made it go on longer and put a bigger bull's eye on the league. Then handling things the way they should have been which is probably just. Hey let let things go Diego. Again. A lot of people in NFL said look. They have that right to dude who didn't win his first came out. And it was an. Made a big deal Biden believe. Did you had certain people and the media or the president or who ever. That may be a bigger deal. You know what really understand what you're doing. Did and that's and that's you know like it's easy Ford in a vote to say look we have you know. A lot of different backgrounds. In the lot of people who believe in certain things. And if they wanna take a stamper some in. Did they have ever. And that's that's results are. All of the sudden some heavy folks come all out with. It means something totally different and got out of here. So did this artists that would doubt them. It came over to top it should basically this. You need to make old boys stay and a. And doubts once and all over again yes so. Everything was going. Fine everybody understood. Did you gotta hope you all. Yeah really before chum opened his mouth again lessen the only storyline left was Kong government not Colin governing not have a net. They if they did you right now don't always be the store even if trump or Dodi did you still have every stroke quarterback that gets signed it's all how to complex to deliver jobs debt. Dad was true. Why did issue. Okay head boom don't we you know. We acknowledge why do you win a you do your thing let's go play some football. Or. Is suited to heads and saying to me is league MBA also has a policy. You know they have a policy that is was a stand for the anthem and you know I thought like LeBron and he ended to right in the bud easily look that's not. I got a little platform were I don't need to do that rents and my message Brett you know LeBron that's most different bro open religious cult the president bomb in Iraq. Balls different. It is basketball is different and and and to be honest with Q. Look I can't say. That I would or wouldn't. Stay. I know I. I know would stand when a message got lost. In and bid they would say hey why are you now is Randy and bid that would be to play war two weeks away need to. And so there's ways to get over. Well you're right Manley that looked that was the whole the whole thing of it if you go back to with cabinet or cabinet didn't initially Neil. Governor was off the side on the bench sitting right and they found member you really hit the religion of the navy still it was like. This is brought the most respectful and did do was on the sidelines with cabinet while he was Dylan and my mom put your rightly says there is there is something here that. Got messed up as far as message in intent and all that all that stuff got lost for so I think the thing that if I just found most frustrating is. For a league that has done so much to make itself so popular and is doing it on the cutting edge of making itself. Must see TV for twelve months for the shortest season there is no game wise. I just feel it did screw the pooch on this every which way linkages to audit Opie. And just ham handedly. And really just. They should be smarter than this as far as the way they've gone about all of this is what. What have what happened was is that. If you noticed. It FO. Is a reactionary beat. They react. To. Outside. Stuff yeah quicker. Or you know after they've already may be made decision and more radically so what it would end up happening was is that. The league was like. We're good we're cool with this they have dead and then all of a sudden you sir to get a lot of flak from either your sponsors or or whatever. OK and then. They tried to. Go back in did try to do so I'm fine with them have a new rule. I wished debt if they really. Wanted to put this to bed. Ever comes is when you. Say look. We get what they want to do. We need to find a way together. Where we can colleges. Have everybody on the same page and move on to voices in a U he's a bubbly. Oh wait a bit late. Like. I could be honest from the state employee. I always say I don't know how while we're all in this situation. Or for guys did did. After the fact come and say they would pick a side. That's give them at least resistance you know so like these guys are on TV say oh I would definitely stay in I'm like I'm. That probably would but I'm not in the so it's like a lot of patriots have a lot of talk about people actually fought in war are actual national heroes who deserved ours back and look. I've never seems to be able to lure this patriotic because they got piazza the out of nobody knew you're you look around the stadium when an anthem is going on. A lot of people to stop and freezing see that's the thing I didn't want I didn't need one and that's that's funny to me like. We're sitting here and it's just like. We just did you the most deadly errors you usually don't you show resources to legislate man. Everybody I see people who don't get the nachos and watch here I wouldn't Daschle and split you don't should. Hey what is that everybody go grab a couple of bear that attacked and I can be back by the time kickoffs is that very few people who. Always respect and good for them Bob tell you that. There's if there's a lot of phonies out there who have who have like to you to throw. On the American flag as a cape in new law. He's among the leaders respect the country meanwhile that guy's playing candy crush as the as the anthem is going on in the middle of the stands while he's waived this to go down in. As it does mean who have been turned off by an of stop watching us I don't I don't my town personally there's not surprisingly quick. On the farm who's got like a giant sign on his on his on the front of his Fonda says boycott the NFL stand for are in town. Is that worse than we all knew. Like the that you just may rise because like say in gold that far even if I didn't agree what you were doing. Things Gordon in this country don't agree. Should like one or two out wily vehicles never has gone to. Their TV partisan delight when she. Why do you think it did a huge issue that they like to keep chewing on and going for right but with all because. Different guys that built similarly bills haven't got licked of his previous an early because he criticized Roger Goodell did that they definitely wield power over the media partners. Why it has got to be like show and that's by exit and revenue this season and Spain's just that's all they need to. Well. Look I give me an. Crazy time to be patriotic. Let's say it was a patriotic as the Russians on the Russia the world's gone on the like this thing is too long haul I got the fate pitchers to. All the worst and he did and that's why hadn't I'd. Like its ended did. And we will. She showed her well. Russia all men and all of the mentioned this yesterday this gruden. What ought to fraud. You see it as Robby this unlimited two missile that he's got but he pointed towards Miami and simulation. Ending after twenty miles. Get out of here with a shirtless riding horses. Got to come out here and the city got a dual missile that go across the entire ocean and get to Miami. What Griese wanna strike Miami just did justice to show you big Russian rushing to hold a race. I'll point two miles. Atlantic here. Fey do missile. And elsewhere in the try to overreach well I'm going to do I'm going to have missile. Formal reason Eagles all political solution and hits meandering. Would basically also makes no sense in all the Russians that are here you know they're doing a documentary crazy business. And words like yes. We will shield him we will show we will pick up the Russian hit boulders in the in Miami. With a local team wants peace. Only two mile a cinema is yeah. Like heck we bomb. That coyote but it's not. Oh the Yankees could the thing will go over sir do you have blown it cost and. Men. We'll get zero eastern covers bottles and what the rockets were able to do. As far as that big time witnessing huge onions by the yes it'll get that next Paul. Did you get an activist in The Today Show this leopard out Rick roll. Man that was I was those that impressive point does that by the rockets very very impressive then and now. Net. Originally gonna go to bed. But troubled by the TV. Something happened and I it peaked my idol I got to keep watch in this. In the game you didn't think it was going overtime. I miss the end of the game at all. Is we haven't gotten that current missive. My eyes and I saw I saw I've seen the end of it now right. But but I fell asleep because I was in his third quarter and I'm on the couch and console wars are making this run stuff Greg off Mike is doing is. They responded to create a little room I know I think you don't you think that the rockets and with Chris Paul and with James Harden being. With the reds may be what it is with them that they were Smith didn't fold up shop where. And I've done a shot at this is the notion you estimate Texas I noticed above and my over merit over. Then James Harden had that had a nasty. Dunk on Jameel Andrei Ahman Green geez how created caller ID of Chris Webber Chris Webber went snow we don't they are still happy. But as Don Budge it is hard and it was so. Like he'd like to remote agree I. Right. It. Lot of chatter. Following the young. It fails you wanna say. Belligerent and you'd like late. What's crazy but they gave was is that. All they do was take turns. On stepped car. It and they just kill doe to switch in early in the game it almost seemed like Golden State at figured out how to defend. And then Harden you know he gets it WQ star drew a low ball will go into ego but he made some shots. Ms. there's justice Paul is huge. Yemen that that was that was very impressive and how they got two games and handed the best two out of three. Mom still very typical big bed when index yet but game. And that and I was not in riles. Up in the game. And yet you know what else. I'll miss one or two free throws to leave it at three. I'm I love it if you know what it does what goes free throws and you page and oh boy what are the comeback to get I don't know why I wanna lusty critical timeout they wanna live. Each unit is that just because that's not to relive their style they did draws of about what about that they're very free loan here's what here's what I think. I think that. Where there's chaos. You have shooters on before. You have a better chance. Of getting it over and shot. Because they don't have a chance instead of defects. In every team's defense is questionable. Did you don't want him to go and have a coach draw so even those days until. Yeah will the only thing I thought was. They're not in that situation much. They blow the doors off people a lot you have when you're at it as great as you are out just think like. Men three guys on the court can issue from thirty feet yet so. Like what you gonna draw. Because of that I would feel like out of a timeout you have so many options to go to sell it just what it looks like it's dollar Reilly OK okay look look look. We're not use this situation. Why you know let's just recount appears. With all what they got there will be fine they're gonna finds of the dam break right so that was good that was the only. I mean. Again. If I have step curry played Thompson. And Kevin to ring. And then dream on who can also shoot three. Two are really need to draw anything up. Up toward guys of the five dead and legitimate shoot three it's what you said though it's not it's not so much just draw out the play I just saw it there or to spot where it looked like it was getting out of hand so like the three calibrated. Those are calorie if starting didn't quite late late late game. It was like street ball yeah if they were just go back and forth. Far enough and Utley it's what does needed because we're getting down this path that we had just don't yeah Bristol tests yet mr. Presley let's get. Now we have some drama here. You know not now the rockets in we feel littlest frog he going to the building. They got two out of three in their and their spot. Let's the other wars responses out of the first. This is the first little bit of adversity the warriors have faced with Kevin has for some it lost two games of the series the Kevin Durant percent of us at home with Kevin Durant. So school say and then tonight tonight's huge as well because. You got the most chuckled Hyde team in the bill is his public vote tonight. Go back home drug you don't all of that you know. I like Gerald Green yet guys like Eric Gordon I don't. Guys. Those guys really feel better about the rest but tonight as far as easing council's concern. You know the Sully Mercer be who we love it up but I -- see this. We got that story yesterday. Where. LeBron James. Went off a little bid because a reporter says hey they LeBron why is so slow down in these games. Why this is X saying you slow sky and so you know some buys them they give us your details. Well again loads of their big Boston's gonna chance it in the process. We desolate. You can pull the bear. He's gonna score sixty onion and well this is no ending the LeRoy. LeBron has been playing at this pace and it's been working for him is he sparked a quart every time and exactly that's what I'm worried about is LeBron James now going to be in. Are now mode and easy to see just like about how does he go into gas out whole war. We're really thinking of bad. He's not how well he's not he's not going to be able his goal forever yeah you don't think it's LeBron James where he's being he's being called a slow boat. He's gonna come out these games as well. And opened on the floor. This is like a game where he's just. Was deemed too. Came George's Q outscored like crazy if you hit it ridiculous for staff now he's gonna do it is just common tomahawks are in net memory of that there were. And Tyler Moore yeah Guantanamo only half an important. Them that it facilities most tired player in the end you know tired yet so global. Ideas. Goods group point nine. You know he's into a groove is talking stats now. Workers now where that somebody to be with a dollar speedometer and and and who. Had a fastball. LeBron who's gonna bra would buy the technology of the tracking system and shut it down if he's so upset about that. I mean no man I'm telling you eat you my nowhere near that. What an Angel say. To get a player going. It is the lazy. Or yacht she. I. No it's not there yet that's pretty. On what every league gives you a question and he's taken blames the but he. It's it's it's kind of a necessary evil form is there. But you'd think everybody does it. World it's like sequentially to spell the little weight on his shoulder and just like let me ask you questions like LeBron Bruins do and you can't. Here's the other. If that's bad. In did it when anybody else in the playoffs would it matter. Depends. And there was some news in the demo and food for humans and so did you do it in everybody's interest it. It just isn't. He's gonna about your doughnuts Britain and I really you symbol though he's good river lake Mary like Shaq. When Riley said he'd get up down the court did O wasn't it was. When he was an. And LA and then he'd scored a live lives on the court I know. We. So you think. Cavs go win. I don't know man I really got no feel for. It isn't crazy I don't know what it is like you you just don't know but I do know they kind of feel the gonna win the series I don't know if they win tonight it. So he can you comment to win two. Ali I I think they're deadly when game six. New dads definitely win game six sawdust and game seven I feel like I feel like a trust LeBron in game seven more so than. Meant twenty year old Jane I'm interest isn't him Tony years old Jalen brown smears of late in its iron and Al Horford LA teams here in the late game situation. So and game seven experience yet but it was just blocks it was against the yes exactly. They also didn't have experience and agreed freak and you still don't know who their coaches. Do the glass as well that's poodles are. Like you would know what you only have one bag right yet they tanked we have some animals emotional. Understanding. I. Think it pretty cold chain. I. Why aren't religious mutually and it added a mutually part where you want I think you want now getting as much as. Well as its front offset. Now you got into the coveted wanna be part of a rebuilt. You do that didn't that happen with that Battaglia the Alaska student Jason Kidd leave the nets. Wanted to trade and it's traded him to pit box. Because he wanted to be wanting general manager at one night. I did shoot somebody said you're gonna to slow like seven of nation army. Sport relate to see that and I'm telling you. Don't pull beer. We'll get to headlines next.