5-23-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Wednesday, May 23rd
Hassan Whiteside is snapchatting again. Talking to his cat and showing off his three point shot are among his snaps. Ryan Tannehill speaks to the media for the first time in 10 months. Leroy can't stand OTA talk. Josh Richardson gets snubbed from NBA All-Defense

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What do it today and. The Fed's move. Who was what I was just yeah. Let's not let them back on snapped at. He's back. And he's talking animals again. And I felt like we needed some positive that he with the sunlight side on subjects that solvents and negative and maybe need a little reminder why you love them. Yeah I've been told itself McCain told back. Played you so he's sitting there it is this cat. It as a kid already Kenny trust well I think he's got colleagues in north Carolina's minutes is monster OK okay but. Got his cap. And this cat is just laying there looking at them. And has some let's of course has got to have a conversation with the. Small words small arms saying is that says small words. Since the share. More. And swarms. So that I d.s morgues. Small words. Smaller load. More. Or you have a bit like gore do. Well some cat Debbie. Are you. So now around just go to our view is in the gym talking about. His shooting ability because it isn't the interest in one video on the juicy nugget. To his Zeum. Andy's he's shooting the jumpers legend. The high school vote in that he'd not each and now he's in Carolina mom. So he's he gets the gets the top of the key let's let's the old reporter cut loose nails it on how to takes took on nails it. And it was a 100% sees appropriately that's fair that's fair a cents I visit blasting his Tuesday portability. On. I and he said that that people don't realize he's a shooter. That's no mean. We've nightclubs and you know don't. Go about it until. Love. The difference between not being issued to LeRoy and not being allowed. In a minute. Know you're seven foot. You need to be close to your roots and you give him rebounds. And there's nobody else is 74. I ordered that somebody should he makes my stomach hurt. We just love that man when he was under the animals is to be charming every he has cabinet of people. You meet greet what's worse cap cap version of fish person. Rappers really yet this is. Like well contained. Though many reefs can be read in tips. 'cause. If you talk to cat. Intimate knowledge in this case here you know we still talk to pitch. Now fishes so we don't have on the glass that. Made that made it Indo by the shadows that that food is Cummins abided Texans and you're loaded the box Meehan. Let's get digits without emotion on the when dobbs free contest your work or is learned has Jonas said. Learn OE a 81. And you register if you don't win now built another chest job next hour in the sports flash. Ten national contest message and data rates may apply don't text and drive the headlines. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true. ARAMARK. Well we got ourselves a little bit of that game and tonight in the Eastern Conference finals. Between the cavaliers and the Celtics in Boston. To post 830 and I believe we will have the coverage start with a pregame at 730 tick nice. And also he or Agassi can call this one and a game to game seven in the NHL. It's a game seven and a game yet there sevens for sure and it caught fighting I'm definitely qualifies rials. It's a washed it capitals. At the Tampa Bay Lightning and the winner will get to the Stanley Cup finals take on Vegas I don't know we've about Lieberman hockey but I definitely wanna see a vascular sitting at the end of the ghetto. Policy hadn't policy crisp ball. But I want you both Carl over the or semi global marketing to the conference finals right by the way. I know how people use the field but the sun. Tides turn. Or be ready to hit the cat thing he makes my stomach turn. He has the cat already can't trust them. I would never have sons snaps from the gym. It's always him shooting three Reuters it's gross. What he has horrible pulls pulls skills and looks completely loss. LeRoy the suns. Where. All this outside his ass. Where were those jobless gives him lead when he was sag off him dared him to shoot. Like 95% of people know you can't dribble. Fish or more of a hobby did a pet. Cat person whose words Richard decoration. Cats will spew your breath. How many times that you are ever heard crazy Christian lady. Hey god to god that were given a day you know I don't callous and so little social media and you know penalty or go to social should be viewed. Who really Dolly got mugged right. And I don't miss away. Time that I got to I don't around. I assume that you sit inside these balls work outs. Impasse in the ball in not mopping up and down the court more open up and on the court on man. She's that I. Yeah. You know change the tide playing ten minutes in the playoffs. No. No. You think it was build build and give us what everybody sit in the first series. Right. No no no surprise that went before a playoff god here. Don't know know soon I hope we get to play him be because it gets played Beatty plays his best basketball a couple of Obama you was. It was a dumb ams are I thought is gonna be engaged I got thought because a couple of things one I thought. Okay he's not that we played off the court is I feel like the sixes are going to play ambient. They didn't plan until I think two. RD phasing out of the series. And yet and it took his launch funnyman and everything bothers me most is when rod is talking about the shape that it came as in the playoffs and slate. Great bonus of Riley saying he's not. We did it's exactly how the Celtics played him was to run a dull and beat ass and so you'd be half and above and of the and a games. Well John beat tickled shot two men. Alias so little these guys shooting threes. Of phantom of the process. And that he's confident often by the end of the above the front and called himself the. Self dubbed wells ago Robby you know. We got to get their little Marlins and Mets tonight are at our tragic death series. Should enable us to kill west. Dele six desserts of some basketball limited it to broaden. He he accidentally hit have actually been excellent through a 204 limited amount get 87 going into passivity about for sure you can hook Mattingly excellent amendment. He's a young guy is the oldest in the world. Tennessee is like pushing thirty. We Jimmy's has been in the league that long is open gala. Smith who has some top prospects stood on illustrated from the acutely yankees last year and seventy or wherever you did you last night on this that's just point six does. You got that he's got to get that sloth lefty look. To where he looks like he's 36. It does that LeRoy doesn't obesity relate. Those lefties who don't have a lot of movement to them they are in the middle of the same elect Tom Glavine looked the same age for ever ever ever tell you or you don't like. But it was forty when it was towards Texas yeah. Yeah. Louis prince medical debt just and and and their teacher went deep Phidget rumbles. Revenge revenge that revenge if your friend. We at age almost got rocked last year and he kicked him in the 93 run lead and blew alligator analyst and it indoors all the guys that it was on the team actually hit while off to an editor Alison Junco stands still live together yet able playing in New York Brooklyn New York with the still live together when woods and co signature of the Yankees. He's got Jeff Rouse is not pork. But like Jeremy. They are as good assumed a victim. I don't know man was ever facetime. I don't but based on people all the time stooges don't problem. Month ago embers based on what suit SuSE. I. In. Edinburgh but I'll. That's the worst much this means emirates new economic yourself and she's on my name. Out individually text of a much use immigrant group chat embodies that in turn keeps play Nick Young. The rockets will celebrate as Nick Young is officially. Officially scrubbed and classification. Well it I think the war on the cats like they said it. A status when we change the change the way do you think the Buck McKeon. Haven't. Got cocky do they they they want a ring with JaVale McGee. And soda like you know. It's time for. O.'s Oz he's almost on the team you play dead David West distillery on what we are in need banged up but it wasn't Mbenga he's he's banged up it's called in 518. We can't play what do you. We begin the door. We did west. Chair. Room saying yeah well as Indy Jung jump in a gym. And it can only play more than David way right template to us template last. And there's mice or whites needs to show himself. Sitting down on the chair I was used to worse mores would tell what's get animal fats and we get yourself in (%expletive) you. Small wars. Small hours small oh Richard is when the moment this which you do your he'd play. He prisoners saving every year with eating they're loving then eight was Norton a sports guy. Yeah. Sport let me ask is a man who is the sports fan. For a guy when a guy stinks up the joy just like still love you man job. Believe Kenya. You yeah. Get it next to its results oriented business that would Wayne would vote when we'd keep putting it on Dwyane has put in some mileage correct. You you reach a certain status block any. I asked. Why can't we wait before aside gives is so before we just go all gonna blow back into the shop. It did it's yeah he was like look for subtle it's not mineral defense team he would lead the league and arena yet. Seconds. Middle infants this year now. It. It's about two years ago do you goes news second team all defense and we've led the league in blocks is when he middle depends. And and you led the league in rebounding and they get seventeen. This year so. So so it's like he had nothing but the problem is the son sounds like. It's like values man the valleys are so that we now. Now you understand. How a guy. Can only give an MBA when he's 27. Have depleted level. You have. The sport. That's what it is a disappointment you just boy away at it and I was doing. Thought he was disappointed in him and I'm disappointed that I yelled that he blames it on their spot I was an air tools doesn't have fall. Maybe in some lakers Erik Spoelstra but expulsion Chaucer trust no it isn't a cement. You have a responsibility of the guys on that team if you don't within the signing star driven all peoples legs and Egypt as it's an open guy. When you have a budget three point oh. Three point shooters out there. Aren't idol limbo between its correlate with problem resolved Ridley it's got to frost frost level you would want to know he wanted to eat. We just what. It wasn't because Marcus all do what it did it wasn't a great player Horry go. Nobody wasn't as good food until they until they until pop sat down commence and try to start to exit eight. Okay put him at his old in his comforts we're here's here's the thing. You have to have whereby effort. You ever have to worry about you know this guy's a professional. So he could go have that talk yeah okay ju oh. To take you guys serious. Lesson that jets talking to catch some fish. The gap to bridge. It's. Right and giving cat. Over again. Why you all well at IG. A dude at. She. Yeah. Your image he wondering with a rat tail it's more it's. I didn't look the problem isn't I'm. Almost destiny is acquitted yeah I think so. Do you think is going to be any different next year. I don't know man I think that video differences Leahy I think at this point the heat are definitely going to be in. You know what we we messed up we're gonna eat it or not we're not going to even try to do in the token stuff next year this it felt like at the end like they have to do let's see he's got it. We know you look. Not only quest. In you can explain this or you can try to answer. For the guys on the floor. What. Can you count on the sun pour. On a consistent pace what. I can't answer that if you got three point shooting on a lower. They you have a big Maine you need to big man to be able to make a case. He was they were about I'd like I'd like him to be the defensive stalwart used to be a late people feared going up against him there and that's what used to be with him. You know even fitting into the system light doesn't seem like that and where there's just too many times are just like it's turnstile sitting friend. Right you know. Because you know that the dumps it all that stuff. Dominance notable bonus like what we look at the games and assault be it be like God's design he's he's good for 1515 every night. But don't be 5050 with three blocks or four blocks or five blocks right people who wanna go and into the paint against the satellites analysis like. Rights mourners who do. And ever and it and we all. I. It's small arms gives top for love experts mores and put him on the bench so Morse right. Seed in the body also pointed out Aldridge and a proven track record of success solar. I mean this yeah and it's not like his son was a ball so to me as I was overpaid. He was over we'd Eddie we're not even talking about the money where. I don't care who you okay. How does he help the team win. Small arms. About get to the its. How does your business is literate you know throughout the rehab process you're pushing you know I'm I'm grinding it out running and cutting. Him. I'm doing a lot more agility and movements that that I won't really be doing in and play football so. If Vinny has been tested its. It tonight's degrees you know. Pushing it as far as they can go so. What a lot of films went before you know its its past thinking about it our. Wrong question you know analysis go on and do my job. Dolphins cornerback rod fan and I took the lead for the first time in ten months today. He wanted the press conference and sent back from the dead. But let's. Admit. No frills word leaked. Oh we were OTA's maybe it should follow we're chills and what you all. David fails to deep bomb you don't sound of it to say no disease of me on the dolphins so perfect attendance at OTA's today. Perfect attendance. Courtesy. The culture changes you LeRoy let me answer your question changes that we had reports. Among the rodents out after. No I'm. Not Brady that they Rob Gronkowski. Obscure middle T get Julio Jones. Skewed in OT yeah. Disease amid. We've got between the dolphins. Well I mean if you're talking talent I mean I I don't beat him last year. They need to be able to pocket and the patriots last year and it would target talent against Julio Jones good. Mean it's it's great to see the harmony in the organization I did try to bite mud on my list to let YouTube clones have bet. It. Voluntary is there a few teams that if you wanna go. To. On Henry probably would you go to. OTAs got to cut and only two he tours ACL yeah along and has been done as rumors that inebriated it's harder so called a page is a Gradkowski. Are restarting. Things we saw an interview gates. And it's fallen. In the end. It's funny that Rob Gronkowski. Is so good that bill can't trade him. Because I think any other time within his antics and how he acts. As soon as he got too expensive Bill Owens it would ship his ass out rule number one. Life is about tolerance. But he is he is the least votes a player ever Indy idiots award for Gradkowski did Belichick doesn't RP he's not each. You give up a one for Robert is too fragile is it too much of abuse not vetted that's the problem he's never played. Watson's put more tank engine. And all the gonna be like three or four it may take you slash UW before when they won a Super Bowl he barely played and he was even on the suitable team right. He is yet but he. When he's out there he's he's a mile he wasn't he wasn't out there for the SE shares are basically you're knocked out of the game solicit and Tamil might wanna start using the phrase later rip. He he's mists he played eight games and Tony sixteen and he played seven in isn't one to thirteen. Other than mad he is and then eleven is a point twelve so his head of is not anywhere last year you played fourteen last year OK but ports in last year. But yet he has he has three seasons worries missed a lot of games. So you think and mean keep reminding came into the league but a bad back. Yeah boy you know and have back surgery was suspended for against Muster so. His memory abilities you Leahy leveled a bottle bill yeah. The chiefs. Oh. Yeah and knows. How bad is bad and bad. Those. Yeah men like obviously you want to talent but it is. I think it is big you have tailback U has a lot of new weapons and that's got to be for some of them another and on up there has already. Any time. You know quarterback and receivers to work together. You know and one of them the hardest things for young receiver to lower. And if you go to a practice. You were here it is she yelled to young receiver thousand ton. Hit your head erect. Because in college. You get old learned quarterback throws. You know you see a ball lead the quarterback's hand the whole thing. In NFL that ball's thrown before you come but it turned and you got to where you're had to run a pick up the ball. So a lot of times when you see guys it looks like they dropped the ball right there hands. Eating get your head around fast enough to pick up the ball so. It is something and where is. It is just from quarterback quarterback some Corbett got Canada. So you know you've got to get around. And some quarterbacks don't have a kid but the ball's gonna be accurate so you can cut it just lately come out and a break. And the ball's going to be nice and saw. Well he's also he's a passenger issuers got a lot of these is his favorite targets gone. So he's got he's not funny say to you wanna hear you wanna heroes though that's been going with Danny Amendola. I'd do yes. As at Denny's grinder and I signed to play with them you know he's. I guess is he's been around while he's played a lot of football understands the game. I it works really hard the first that impressed me is just how hard work stated you know we're thrown back in March. Off site and and he's trying to you know just keep going keep going keep going there. They're the question never looked tired or anything you know he's he just keeps going so. It's been a lot of fun to playlist so far and it would have to keep building that relationship and get fully on the same page in. That's we have this time it forces do that is to iron out the kinks and you know what's all council in which it. It. It. Excited we got to grinder. Course elect has a grinder. Course it's been so basically just explained Matthew Della would go yet. And took a flatly if you are there. Are camera. Pray that doesn't we don't put into words that he used. Like without saying how good a guy is at his positions craft to his craft the gym or. Oh studies a student of the game Crist grow again hey Chris and. Oh yeah oh yeah. Boom the Bruins. The other jams not a ordered up from from the ten man. This is this is this is riveting stuff we have heard a dog and ten months oh yeah I eat you guys asked about how is replaced Jarvis Landry. He's in talk about terrorists planted in me. Yeah it was Garza's stuff he's heck of a competitor. You know one of the most competitive guys on the football field loves the game let's plane that's competing goals and winning. A minute ago. Obviously. You know it's not the easiest guider it's replaced the softer placed plus I'm really excited about the guys we brought in and you go brought in veteran guys guys that played that. Residents play for championships moment and I don't know that we may generally helpless you know with a combination of of the guys we have we really have a stack receiver mourn our dead zone. You still really cost in a matter who's in the game. That we had good match ups and and can win you know yet. Although Wilson yet Danny Amendola Franco in the backfield all these guys as I've played at a really high low for a long time and and I'm excited about playing with them. And so right leg stacked pay. And the forty you bid homey college and an excellent. He gave a war you are not. It is accessed. Dead meat and the bad guy. All into the new what you freelance due to coach or quarterback for your. But you think they were complain about that just from Jay Cutler. I think everybody can win and more stuff as the that. Everybody else cared so much to be bothered him so much. And the guy that was bothered him so much. Into a and again. Ten million and you'd be shown to be in shape. With a rib yeah I don't. Oh no somebody said. Wedge Mayo guy I'll yes I'll have. What about the hard at the heart out and David oh is all the way so I motor. And you got it all. The way below YQ. And a club high blood groups. Although the you've heard little about football be the first one here last one to leave. Yet I can tell how it's possible. All these people the last ones to leave right someone's got to leave first did it wrecks and at 5 o'clock. You've ordered about 530 critiques every athlete says this the hardest worker. All hard workers. To lead how they all claim on the last and only what you have somebody just say. It'll probably wasn't like three here on out. Blue collar. Absolutely we've had some debris to seal that leak it really does Debbie first oh no it is my favorite. You know it is guy absolutely has no athletic ability whatsoever. Glue guy. The Irish. Got ethnic and who got Danny Amendola brings the roomed together yes yeah yeah. Brings the room together. Unbelievable wait let's not get the old chip on his shoulder. Please have an edge. Yeah it's nice. Are you behind motor if your lighters or the feeling that saved more from linebacker low a year ago. Are worker keeps those that book Scalia yeah. Always studying is in the playbook yeah quarterbacks always accompanied me. It is such economy sides and no easy company man this argument culture change from last season the season no holed up in a month. Ryan's had a hell party feels the culture change yet there are trying to put through. Let's get a man speak. I don't think we had a bad apples. If now I think the guys we brought manner RRE Biden and and powerful airline and the blackboard. Com culture that's a big factor in and performance teams as. Is that wrong being on the same page not not having. Nominees attractions you know we always going to be batting tee into the right providing. Writing opportunities providing energy to each other and feeding off each other so. I'm excited because we and and the opportunities you have for us. You know it doesn't Amendola has. JB should it agree on a. And you've got to. Bring an array local residents course gridlock residents. Who. I'll probably do. Is give the scene that you definitely feel the culture change their attic. Tremendous. And second day in OTA's argument it's already here man it's like this is the team Adam gays wanted all along I think I've read six articles about that already. This is what he wanted all. When he got here don't know a team along let's see let's see what I got. That's Fed's that was great policy did I loved I loved last year. Act never really wanted it had Jay Cutler even though I wanted Jake Kelly campaigns a million dollars. The this year. Clear eyes full hearts can't lose this is what he wanted at all. All. Is what. You know. The weekly. I should they be better I don't go Obama puts on the look. The changes that they've made. In the bed they got rid of okay. Everybody's they're losing a lot. A lot. I can't be your main receiver in if you expect to win and you have to have a door somewhere. Now there's acceptance or rule you know we have. You know the patriots what everybody thinks that deer. Slot guy is their main guy they got weapons all over the field. I am about a minute jostling one should Julie and wants to elect Julio Jones is that some mystery well. Oh. Really. Ha so much. Yeah rhinestone oh. Oh yeah accused nose to grindstone and stole faith I gotta tell you I feel football development. But I feel football and so basically we just listened to. Five. Or six. Comments Bryant and then we learned a lot though you'd call you or would I be taught him one bit smarter. Bob dolphins football did you work before we listened to disagree I feel. Trees it. And so I didn't say it. Is is. To view and that. Say the same thing it's not pretty neat stuff. They don't have culture changed as Julio Jones and there. Really. It is so how can he get better with Matt Ryan. Rests on the laurels if you are in Atlanta and you hear Julio Jones is there you know to say. Combat when you feel better. Make sure you here by September seems to have another snub. After these offseason awards have come through it's I about it next. It's again. Good either. Cookies that opened understands the moment. That's that's. My. Am so did you guys see. Richie Incognito. Is down here in discover released by the bills Susan and probably just got released but authorities. Well he was apparently parting his ass off and our way. And it was by shots review of this barn dollar that the story comes out today. That he was is accorded Susie Richard card you know four dolphins guard was involved in an altercation with another man an upscale Florida Jim. Alien Boca where the victim is playing indicted on three dumb bell at him. Being dumb bells ring tumultuous. Multiple sources tell TMZ the fourth time Lyman was working out early Wednesday morning when he got into another guy knows more about. We spoke to the alleged victim who tell this anti NATO the first three tennis ball autumn for no reason before grabbing a dumb Mellon keeping that as well. The alleged victim says in god you know is rambling about the government and screaming at the man to get off my answering playground. Law enforcement confirms that costs are college in the meeting coming you know multiple sources ten say they can newest video about police because when saviors formally arrested. They've been attempted then try to be in touch would think arguably no luck so far. And their up in the story was enforcement law enforcement tells TMZ Intel I knew it was placed on involuntary psychiatric. Evaluation. Which is essentially in the equivalent to 5115 California is a deadly was not a race arrested but forced mental violation. It's up the first on that he's been placed on that so we have he's managed to score yet you went crazy on this Ferrari. Yemen and that's that's that's it's like Gallagher junior is obviously different of the morning show is a friend of Roberts so it's a bomber to read dubbed that he still don't do that kind of stuff. Obviously there was a lot of winners have gone on is used like remember when he went on the Twitter rant or is it a retired armored car Madonna or dominoes on retired. The result is all right so that's obviously not cool that he's thrown stumbles and the guy that's true that's grades on how much the dumbo as though on CO impressive that he was who's in the five pounder yeah I mean it needs and now needs and elegance and I think there's a difference between me even he even AA's small way to refused chuck him like thirty. Norah about that shoulders and knows thirty pound there are. We talk about the little dumb. Number puzzle that is the weights none enough. Access to in that would be like plate he's not pro played them and decrees. It's an efficient way to throw somebody telling you the other guy and he plays it buddy you. Crazier it won't but don't know what you start all week three you're already crossed well if you're a certain distance and you get hit by a play. You slow. Western it's slow frisbee coming your way. In solid reject her new nose is Superman amuse strongman seem merit is has been president is our impressive oh. I've been called. Bieber called out for what LeRoy you really beat the dolphins got better deceased. That's not what I said. I said if they kept the same team had last year. He would be better simply because we got quarterback. I know everybody can tomorrow Ryan Tenneco. Now. Offensive line is gonna probably be a little better. Do I saw this Josh sin that they got. The attitude is a caller if yeah he he reeks of guard you know the he has the man on his head like when your dinner or guard you have to have the full beard yet he's portly. He has he has paid a massive beard with the value that it's gonna be good I don't know I don't. I don't need to see philly's big boot out an agency felt he is he's big he's worth of thirteen million it paid them. He's been good following. Yet mature they got him. They especially the guards divisions better you got mad I imagine that's gonna help Laramie console. And looked. It's got also you've talked about the go he's on the offensive line so positive practice last year right. In practice. So I figure you got Lou that they kill Gore's got they got from ever discover. If the Fed is getting out on the practice field that is huge and makes them better huge JaJuan James played for contract. Contract CNN day. Day Hezbollah claimed that there I ended you don't globe but do not only once this. Understand but they were gonna what we're all the reports there are gonna get rid of his ass. And is like oh the stagnant market is expensive. These guards again can't. I can read it tackles again. Jaguars they sign and drew nor all I had to close deal so much money. Yemen I think I think that yet you see the names that the dolphins got rid avenues like oh. This is this is a rebuilding year bright because of the names but not because of that I do yeah I think is gonna be some rebuilding of the defense. It's not a says rebuilding its does you wrong. Yeah you gotta be a little different too because. Yeah actually have three safeties and so who's gonna do was when he gonna bring you probably gonna have a safety played somewhere in the box. At all times we begin a dude at how we you know work your card so it's gonna look a little different and my thing is are you still have to have passports. You still have to have a pass rush. And I would like him to have a little more beef a linebacker up the middle so that they can be better to stop the run. Just to give the president at seized a key player getting snubbed Josh Richardson did not make old defense. He he got three votes. A three votes although looking attic it's a lot more it's that it's not as egregious is bail out of body not make in the all rookie team yesterday because. Look at this roster. I imagine he's gonna make second junior was an enemy for us the media are really pretty regular beds and is Vick Dodi but drew holiday Robert Covington. Understandable all those guys the second you Joseph let me dream on green Al Horford. Desire to Murray and Jimmy Butler garrido was great feet great to have known that list clay tops in it was ahead of he received eight votes. Kevin Durant was ahead a ham. And points. Of it like. Then the honest and Paul George has already know. Over time we're derailed a split log on defense. I think it's been more noticeable that with him on. Golden State you mean he's really AB he's he's been plea to meet heat's new missile the blocks to oak which is a bad time you're seven foot tall. I don't you achieved as you don't want to say assembly Kevin Durant seven foot. Enough it's not for let's stop pretending that separate ending a seven foot tall. Listen to hundreds and there's is that I was LA Vista great I'm surprised. Looking at that list though like. Hart are intimately judgments read an excellent and that's horn missed again on. Adds a whole our lives I mean when you figure of the guys were and also mentions yeah. Yeah I mean yeah but the guys who had Biddle a defense the guys are about how are your Cingular didn't like three games this year had a deal on the go it's a bushel but up until like Christmas. To replay of the two months. You get as many votes as Josh Richardson. Mean as stupid does he issued and also all you do is play defense. But seeks. Only. Allah to. Not not not here for the party means so now. You have stoop to that level of I'm gonna look at the guys who are all in the also mentioned this and be pissed off. Why shouldn't be usage wasn't above men should be in the same category. Really there Fred van fleet is getting them and is getting a vote really. Really. Oh LeRoy if all eleven missile replaced why they're being paid so much. Already screening room. I'd say. They wore replaceable. What I said woods is one of the most important. Aspects of the good offensive line is cool Isa and the fact they they get to play together. Were blown periods of time. Okay now. Some of whom are gonna be better and others and get you don't get paid. Well it is not necessarily. How much you pay or how high you get drafted. Is it. Put Amendola Basra she always finds into the gear. Oh that's one that extra gear yes that actually geared I don't have always admit I didn't have achieved but you're not saying to him that I had that that the head coach since they were the head coach got music off on a guard. Funny that's been put it in a million dollars to the divinely guard merit I mean. Let's have ourselves we've been talking about stupid guards ridiculous. Non stop looking for guards and they have been fleeced by a lot of them. To growth. Who's this smiley. Thomas Dallas come home. Early turner. It's in its general Douglas and crazy demand so. Will say well I like to hear from Tenet today smells like things are in the right direction. You can tell. Yes you know I know from now every day rug lest I didn't sell for mobile quarterbacks in the league and less. Take notes. This is saying I don't agree Angel gonna tell on the shoulders all. Another like attempt.