5-24-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, May 24th
The guys argue if tonights Game 5 is a "Nut Game." The guys try to figure out what Pat Riley meant by the Nut Game and it turs out there is a difference between a Nut Game and a Survival Game. Would Dwane Casey be a good coach for the Raptors. Beast wished a happy birthday to himself and brags about getting shouted out by Scott Rogowsky on HQ. Tobin called the Lebron tired game. Michael Duga listener and prominent lawyer gets Tobin fired about Lebron and his times in Miami. Leroy rips a middle school play he went. Michael Duga breaks down the state of gambling in Florida. The guys wonder what Robbie would do as governor. Morning Show rips Beast again.

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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. Well and everybody's so busy Roy Vizio which you all. Seven I did executive board until today show you this hour in the way it does for countess is blocked. Half an hour. Patently not have a better reference song. I don't know Robby Robby you know that the way to LeBron James flopping the a couple of years ago. So it really come on Robbie you better take seven to rid of one flop if you don't miss out we've been a tense topic next hour it's a national contest mess is better it's may apply don't tell Johnny what what is the best the worst way to die area Africa's deadliest on it is getting a little war emblem yup that's our rules man that is nature that is nature as sized pieces back a little beast guys you miss me. Now about what you missed it right. And a. I was nine lows yesterday when zealots on Tuesday. Showed prisons open. Chaos and missing Illinois in my Mike taught to charm match are real big question yeah. If the guy. Who wasn't beer yeah since that was missing so correct and he's only got it feels that way yup. Really I'm the only opinion that matters. Now and I've been promoted also oh. The suit today to watch that on. Also a zoo as a friend of the show my producers and studio to those who joined us recently when the gambling laws went down we're all very excited model that the overall to be able to especially around because he's degenerate. That we're going to be able to illegally gambling gamble soon and then a new kind of our reality it is in Florida is like and. Florida is not pro gambling and in any sense and I am very concerned Loeb in Albany well we all are included and discussed before I mean in the show she that Michael sent me at 4 AM from he actually ponders whether Robby will still be alive in five years I put an expert on it. It's a fair question and I'm sure didn't you request for publicity brought into the islanders yes into. This is going down and covers about going out lately with not to answer the studio because enough is a vacuum here. Why because the vacuum belong to the Clinton people I try this once there and there was a mess I try to go use the vacuum cleaning up and I got I got admonished. Because the vacuum his property the cleaning people need to know you okay. Sixty years it's a broken record now they're cleaner fuel travel with their own vacuum they leave each year for really all the stuff in the closet queens applause owned by the cleaning company in if we use it. So please drop a dozen book store bread its patient I was so we can do it is fear I was. What about. What do we do like an outdoor fun nobody outside of violent the hair blow all over the place on earth hour. Did you over the parking lot. It opens in Atlanta. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. It's all fun and games. We have basketball tonight Eminem too big and little bit of a serious. Go state digital route company today tides in Houston goes that is suing him. Not. So what what does that. I don't know Buchwald by the sort of the not game though because it's even. I still really noted not game it is is muscle Pat Riley was specifically refer to it that he would've won he'd forwarded to to going back to Philadelphia this wouldn't quote quote but not game nobody is due to this was not in no doubt that Tutu gamers and game out partition that night game is winning it late that's the not game. But game. Wait so I'm not it was not a gay and number game it's a situation and what this team Mormon not game then being a game at a situation where you would have been down 31 I don't. Well right it did what again once again I don't really understand what and gave okay is so when he said he was talking about. When it was 2121. Right. He says that if we win that game that's finished that all right let's get a whole different ball that's where I was playing really well the end of the game so they're not games before this game. Yes OK so this is not to not to why did according apparently that he would be nice mellow. This you'll find the kind it is in the post not game did go look at last month file around it's definitely and that someone gets what he said it is it's it's a post I didn't catch your definition of the night games. Com. So that's at 9 o'clock tonight on the T and T on the radio on the board video here we will have cain's ACC baseball. Against Clemson who blew out Notre Dame like 7000 an ugly one. I love from both sides and play. India did that Carlos by Eric. Use a switch hitter hit a home from the left side and right side and save me and look at. By the attribute pursue when you just pulled out. I was very impressed us. Horse you're in the stands know I was there when the ball bounce off was that it's Eagles though. Residents. Those Orioles yankees they'll really learn to turn got apparently sound a death is also liquidity into the net gain can anyone stop. And then go to game five weeks and not game I'll. Not a game. Game if I don't know if it's hot it's time going on the road and her roommate. And yet I'd. In Vinny got and Eric Philippine towards the net game. Especially if you're down. No what is the definition of not keen on the notes heat until finally he gets so what did you just kind of know what it is no don't. I just like this doesn't Hewitt what did you even understand I don't know well yeah. A nation. 83%. Of game five winners in a 22 series wins this year note game. So that's why you have nickname now go to this game right here. Pretty usual kids and those warriors net gains last night that gets. Is not game in the same swing game or is not a game a completely different meaning of what game it is just different. Feels they don't you is totally different so you can try to be bright when you're 10 yeah until and he. Well you're OK I am wrong he did to her he did refer to game but was denied gamba. I'm saying is it appropriately did not immediately what it feels like if you lose game five you're pretty much statistic showed he had no chance. So that makes him not to say McCarron and engines. No but LeBron to last night wasn't LeBron is already come back from losing the mitigate. I got the longer quote maybe he explains it better out he says OK okay. If you go back to game four in game four back and I think we take it to game seven. Give me game for Beck. OK one point lead analyst at thirty seconds back and forth between its two shots. In no Simmons dunk in the critics dagger in the corner. Give me one stop. And then you go to game five which is not game excuse me. And really it's been in the news yet they can respond with that kind of pressure and then we come back to game six is that could be a survival game. And you know never got and I was actually got that. But came forward with game that made me feel like I felt when I walked out of the your green here. You know 2000 and we got beat by the knicks. The not game was for Philly so did not game yet didn't it's about the amount of pressure. So if it was not game now not according to riles snowed out to end of survival a difference we don't even I even thought about. Wasn't by any means that like hell couldn't go back home plays of the game meant. Yes well as gunmen yes oh just in though what we got canes and Clemson tonight. 6453. And hopefully. Of the game before it ends on time what's the situation of the well lately when the united legal under the semi final downwind and Ike is comfortable out Saturday and then they they're done male to win the tournament the stands I. I don't know if they have to win the tournament I think they have to at least get to the finals over. So we're talking two more wins a courtesy call for Jim Morrison is Colo. Maybe there there is everlasting RPI haven't looked at there are united and there are piazza in the sixties it's not good you wanted to be higher because remember all the conference tournament winners. Even if they saw a dark Red Sox. They get it. Right right so eager and sometimes yet largely. On the other thing is if they do win today they will play 5 PM on Saturday which will carrier to. Very cool also the NBA the pistons have hired their basketball operations guy and Ed Stefanski. Kaczynski who's that he's a guy. Yet nothing bottom he's Griese is a former prisoners yet executive did need a Rhode Island to be an executive of Coke should. No they didn't they know you're probably Casey to be there. Let's. Not a bad note and you'll probably Gracie just because every interview every other team it's taken the cavs but lately except for the raptors doesn't mean anything amazing. Coach of the year how how I don't Lowery and DeRozan I'll watch this machine. Patient. But how much political idol if you win the players ought to blame Dublin Dublin the players I blame this is gonna put those two. Detroit and you look at what Toronto disdain you really well our first targets the guy that does not want any. While not. Actually in. Then what they are better team win before him before he got to they asked doing Khazei hate change your coaching style modernize he'd did. They were the one seed. And there are stars who the bad. What is supposed to know and I mean. They need to get who's the surge. Don't always 4040 marine on us and Estonia. It was yeah I knew about it but you like what position did he play as. He wasn't a said he was center. In connection we shouldn't race right. Odds is this take OK do is take is not the same idea watch. I yeah as a who doesn't know the guys himself. Amnesia about it was getting he was getting looked at for the head position usually game looked out for another front office spot feel like worried immune for her miked GM position will who's got the Jimmer is yet had a basketball I think it's like all encompassing while promising because Riley is the president and Andy Ellis urged the GO. Listen you know we always wonder. You know or you could give Texas as you guys what are unchanged from the stage. Yeah and and let me just read. But the because these are told by knowing the nobody cared about anything else. Games like you know when you see. Me. I. Point. Tell the Texans play the next. Stop saying ultimately. The best possible has called the nuts. Sarah. To rob who led the way though and while because he's brought me. Back up. I I just got ten games against direct aim. Not because it's a game that locks up the series do you think we called Tim Donovan from the senate where Pat Riley for one question what what questions. They'd let them tomorrow does that have fun and not you guys stumbled Bette Davis of blame to worry. It's a game where it comes down to we've really as the Bruins that's why 22 would be when it happens. You know we got urban dictionary which active club it why. About Philly too soon especially for the Rhodes is not really not what I. Just like you're gonna go back home you'll get an opportunity in an eagle a survival game but the smother it also feels like it's a game. When you're down as the net gain. In game seven anything I haven't always in the game. I mean we're. Well you five games in his hurts because Gaines says 11 and again game said it now that's ridiculous game seven is like a Brazil not. Huge. Huge need to can't crack it. You know I would say like its Alex and pistachios. Oh man. Well. The question rounds on this one. We'll get these are governments found that business. But game. What do you minus two is inappropriate. The club techsters you remembering and today. Text the blessings from just right to last in the penalty yet and I like which tried to do their way you UConn yeah I learned that. And I thought there was two others has told an ultimate double but didn't yes. No no he said game seven in his penultimate game and also the double game. He did he have murderers don't know he's dead near after referred to do as the dominant on game yes yes though. But note why. You cannot sit out an email. Horry to wheat or text. Letting everybody know. To bird. If haven't told you. They don't hear what's her. For all he's referring to yesterday where you were saying something what you worse you are upset about something and you're like. Had a birthday to me. LeRoy was only once he was happy birthday to himself up when it wished him happy birth no well two of huge huge I don't support it well happy birthday message. So yeah I get my wish is now. Not a good day for me more the family we often talk about all there for reasons I don't wanna go into and it was my birthday and it sought. We're beyond that ha. The most important thing is is that because. I am shameless I did get Scott Oregon ski on trivia HQ it from a million people assay was that. Covered us is that the Muslim student or a c'mon. Well knowing he's the most famous do in the war I mean you're just with him and told just that while he most ovaries will welcome girls we'd better get what you won't know you for small. Knew what was going on the show more won't let me. Don't don't don't get it twisted right day I called last night LeBron but I enjoy here in two white guys figure what let's listen. Listen I listen good good Wright who would do it does help when it was closer. I'm so woke. I didn't sleep barely reach Eileen we're those little. Or read a source right and solicit. I didn't quit at the truck to back mentioned me. Said hey he's London in front of a million people in the wiz Khalifa try to console the king James yet quiz Cleveland track to back what is the he's a host of trivia aged Q which is capital to catch a plane. A million people that play every day and cooperated and gave Hillary he's absolutely no buries its mines over. My father's studio this front of the show. What does he. He's absolutely nothing to know never hurt my eyes. And you hear it and he paces the simple way is the man don't be rude listen. Listen but you listen to me he's mentally mostly UN me a little sports editor at a regular Roger like 1000 whenever listen. I'm a million people that people are. The last man to reach you know like every sports I don't care at a market. It doesn't equal to what Scott yeah she's done for good 24 hour notice Bosnian. Listen you as a fellow members to try to my peoples there you go. Seeing. What at a dude yet so he's he's he's he's a dissolved famous black people. So he's an easy game show host of an app. Preference not ouster backed up a better shot to Novo he's an awful lot for small idea song he's not better than ouster back to talk from a royalty he's better. Really yeah really good jokes and even the best age hubris on his own master. And set English at the big eyebrows because of the question you get to the questions quicker she. Proud that I announced Dominic. As British summarized above that she had British Hewitt like here. Legacy got a birth they shout outs are good for you know yes it Britain thanks Ben and particularly pay it. That's that is hopefully instead of so. Is still on all of my sources. Pieces without a doubt forty years old in the next oldest person ever been wished happy birthday by the HQ but mr. doubled. So steel woke pay where's my props LeRoy where's my points for today. I hold you I told us that he is most common and I hold here. And he did here's the problem. Like. You can see it happening. In restart to roll the ball adjust anywhere. Hum like I can't believe. Did you know really gave it away. Now in anything athletic that you may do. They tell you. So the war don't chug it because you don't want a good cold water you bell yeah. Did you showed what a this whole league. Folks like oh he's so donate what he thinks in that looking Cox he's gone. I know with the mine. I realize on on I don't use some type edited out there is some. Was well lit lesbians beast. Clearly yes you're unfamiliar about how postings were. Because you never been near anything nutrition listen when my tennis but you can't. Just take a simple solemn and did all the sudden be. Right look let's give LeBron a break or lets you know he's old slow down so swell. You watch these greens are not the guy told it. Years of eating possible hone what. LeBron in Miami that. Software exports we've had in a long time was inordinately on wall remembering wrong I Durham of the good times you know. Recognizes him as. Well it has something to set definitely. Portable he does is listen you went to Ohio State that we just don't know until the Ohio State University. At this point. And time slot square garden that. I'm comfortable that the scoreboard look I wouldn't. I would appreciate it out of appreciate the four years if you have appreciated for years. As a fit and we enjoy the four years as the word. Unequivocally let's. Do you listen and that's saying hey you know what my last girlfriend some girl we had some great Robin going on she got me. He actually was fond memories. These are the selective memories are living life your right but I don't. It's yeah I imagined or der productive yet at least the pro Israel but his is that they are. Just memories the exit I can't touch them anymore element and they're gone. They're not gonna so I have to go but the facts are. The facts are he wrongs. The man who gave him all the riches. He just gave you a trove of treasure he says sorry I got to watch them at a numbers as to why. And I can't pay its NC right now so I'm leaving Bershard commercial but by Miami and you would think you would think you have the comedy easy to play games here when he you know. To this fan base that had his back when everybody was ultimate choke artist and a loser and a bomb. I would rather have Dwight Howard had him these things that people don't remember what it's very easy revisionist history is thinking like. Nobody would have that the people have these conversations. The over the indestructible force who is invincible cramped his way out of Miami number 790 gratuities with students. As wonderful the derivative I think I remember them riding in the parade I remember all the Basra Ali but again. Over titles over to over Olga and you didn't yes it's over LeRoy. It's exactly went eating and sit down joy at. Yeah of course I enjoyed solemn announcement does win it all right so much hate I don't. I don't know it's jealousy that we don't it's envy it's definitely and I don't have any you can combine the petty between me and Tobin and it will not outweigh the body that LeBron has. Here's the thing I don't have it's not hate hate is about to not outlet the problem Riley has the problem nobody nobody calls it for what it is. As they also sit here and I'm supposing you sit here and any platform for the rest of my life. Why you do. Great Campbell he of ice and ice was to heat on his work is something I call him a ball well tonight at all that I thought that terrible basketball player you a call the morass think. Go rest faster. He he. Is little Nader's. So that could apologize if you still played here you'd be happy. I would doubt that is resting which you would come on the situations. I would now averaging. It's. Ridiculous. It bears wouldn't be trademarked term I should. I should do that don't ideas I should rat bigotry on trademark in two like seven Lott agrees so now you know let me pay it. That's an even worse toward Auburn the last Coakley dates. Adam Beasley said. Explosive anti my. What does that as opposed explosiveness. That no though. I've rode it down to those that because he didn't hit an eight minute apart it's flat it's urgent care and that's about it is that we're. What who's your turn to. Wonder why our receivers or something like that off then and worked up over CA's rented a looks amazing Amanda won't change. Any word on their. Well. How everybody take a step back a line a lot while I understand it he's doing good what's wrong with that look on. Who. Seized the tax that we are getting last night. Our suck it you get as good home god. Let us off other headlines it's slower you guys are better and you have to bury in the lead there the worst thing about this and yes I just get teased you guys are bigger news huge news. Tremendous sea port I didn't big news you know I. I knew I knew something stupid to have some access to. Oh we got a third how does it took only when you coyotes to talk into the rock wall. I knew is gone and I and I. And I hope UN and hit you could tell that Bosnia and once I don't play when we get a third hour what would you know. Obviously the the play. Oakland. Led. Let me just all well and I'm certainly weren't exactly what does that look okay well as from me originally from Jews do not. This. Wow I hope all. And make fun of people read. All would key in direct. It's terrible kids that as a special kids in Dublin. I mean. I think that would have been the lead and reminds me of blow. Sheldon. Not long. I don't know. What. On. It opens them flare on that. Really. This is a real thespian. Of deploy everybody's. Is at the same play yet it would things. So they can in the same place for that long. This digitally re rack by the the same customs alternate. It built and Brendan horrible things skits were parents. That's what we deal and I. To get to learn. From it. It. I don't know she was behind the curtain did this to. Show us. You. The sort of guy were to rule after the PT. And Smart person and world. The whole scene. Curtains covering apple and saw these kids don't behind the screen and premium and all that it would just didn't sleep. And dozens of college educated people that. Let's go. Back. To. It's. He into. Back up to them it's. He's still ahead just Thursday. Western Conference finals game five tonight. Warriors take it on the rockets and. Among students do it does Mike you joined us it was a Monday last month their it I think it was I was someone. And we're talking about the passing to legalize sports gambling or I guess they beat the strike down the ban of it correct federally fur and they it's not the hands of the state by and it Rhonda thank you for the Burt Burt and so Richard. You know obviously music again. Again. I mean your Brittany texted everybody to let them know your birthday is is did you get. Think. Had a negative of I over 300 people thing and you don't make everything right knowledge to begin you know like lash who you'd lost your charge in basements Mcguirk thinking goes into a charger back. A okay. Can't let me. So I think they get. So let's I don't expect is we're so glad it warm that's what I like to coalesce so the plastic one as far as as far as progress in Florida as everything has has there been any. Things have turned or are gone the way that it makes it seem like. Maybe it is gonna go along fasteners it's still stuck in the ground and were probably not the way I think you said it was a good five years Lester Maddux. Solid fortified years solid fortified years you have a legislature that is ensconced in being of things of that nature of being. And we've done into governor Scott's credits this administration has accomplished a lot they've got a lot of good work stopped that's not the issue or it comes to issues social reform like. Prison reform marijuana. Gambling they've really taken a conservative turn them and that has continued to Statehouse both in the state senate said so. Or taught us that led this means it's just a matter of like to have and the right people command and influence of an away there is adjust or they going to be set in their ways so I could. Could a certain a certain group come in and be labeled this is how can benefit you this is how. We get this thing author and does it seems but it just seems silly like it seems like a no brainer. It seemed like you have to bet on sports now I. Will that be some of them be done immediately if it's going to get more money for the state especially benefiting and really good like the state lotteries from that as a tourist destination so. Anytime you can. Have another additional way to collate. On the state monies what I take advantage and immature to have on sports books. At Disney and universal and for. If you really looking at the architecture of the Statehouse in Tallahassee. It's really ensconced with people north of the I four quarters of the greatest mountain influence really it its hand in Broward County you have for instance on average through another four voters will vote Democrat. So at the end of the day how do we go about forcing seminal change on any issue. It's up to comment about box they have to get motivated to Donald Trump was present he went where the votes were in blues turn out models. In doing that enables you to win elections and it's just that simple you have no right to complain if you don't get to. Clinton isn't a feeling of play that I would think that gambling is one of these things almost like it it doesn't it feels something that's not. Divided the most pipelines against everybody likes gambling not know but let's see there's the and a monthly and correct me if I'm wrong there's the what really happens and then there's the platform of well. Gambling is immoral and brings with it in other immoral things like drugs and prostitution and alcohol and all this other stuff. Which is. You would dog but the pox it politician tells Jose Angel will yes well it's also big business in the right so there's there's all sorts of other stuff that goes into it yes. Everybody gambles both sides of the I'll gamble. But the but there's one side of the aisle at least I think how I read it that. Wool do it would not tell you they do it because it becomes the other stuff. I'd guess it's just silly this sort of those things well you view it in that if that really was a platform that you want to run on. To me. In two point eighteen if you're gonna tell me the highlight. The more immorality of gambling is something that is still out there aren't obviously you're absolutely right through it seems so it seems so out dated to me. The real show's going to be 20/20. Republican side you have two nominees to get Republican Ron Santos who is president trumps fear panic. And then you have Adam. Who is a long time state officeholder who is well established who has tremendous amount of cash on hand which one likes to gamble none of them what's. That is correct to Robby to run. Governor scout and boy that's got to finish the governor's got an amendment in campaign for both came out and me against online gaming with the exception of a compact. Avis and really has got to just look at you can bet on me. One give us an idea like about the actually in greens concerns here and I even during the mart announced don't have and in part to come talk to about is gonna wanna Indian descent and play. Look if it is the thing is though when you're around him as much viewed as we are awful low. The thing we agree last week it's not the and in what killed. My. And the one depending this is not baseball Romo might not know how big is to relate to the it's in the nation up. Yeah yeah yeah. The process yet we don't care how he does. I was leading swinging at home runs as what he's got the metric to it I've last time and what what has transpired between then and now besides them eating I don't care Robby is like Louis president strikes out. I want he's like 011 home run and I all I care. You would it be kids you have Louis prince and strikes out but he looks good doing it yet to. Mind you. Packs plenty of excellent while making his bed yes to the point where you can get if any of read about it so confident. Absolutely track if I talk about the like Robbie as a politician he is he is he is very set in his ways correct he has great morals and values that only he leans on you can't be Crowley is no moral while knowing the rules here is his own I mean look they're not let me. More right out of definitely. A lot of the Rutgers rule. Couldn't play he would go there and you're reform education write you reform transportation rhetoric talk. The economics. To have all these things and you would leave. All the all the all this speech is getting into debate with him. Don't be flustered everybody upstaged by. What is it it what are what does this issue talked about. I Alex. I but this will be my wife as was beaten beast with the type guy that wears Mika. I say yes while blowing sauce and blue cheese doesn't although would that. Not an I. I influence he has no idea ideologies blow was the buffalo and that's on that'll that'll literally a million things going in the run directories can you explain mile an FT so hard this morning when mussina all caught doing that you like you and reading emails our view is tactical he really he I mean it's a Grammy. Have a better understanding as to how this has come to for a well here's the thing. I think what happened was yes stink and call. They're doing in the six to ten shift these next couple days. They felt like you you put out the a sneak attack schedule. With it already in tries before they were even asked to do so well. In my own defense I was told by someone above me. That they had been told. And that person also okayed the scheduled and it sent out. All they feel completely to the contrary yes especially amber at felt it felt it felt it's a sneaky and I got to tell in the amber train is definitely turning on the issue is and she's three years and she was ready to walk out Baylor yes she was number one in your corner and all the sudden she is bailed on the pollution and his thugs to tell you and I do not send the schedule that. Endless the boss tells me it's OK to send out they can put on anyone but you fat but here's the thing yes you say that put. And I would say good 75% of the time is sending out a schedule that's wrong anyway who who who. I don't use as I do not send a schedule out. A game every Monday or Tuesday as in the what's called the prelim scheduled time. Three people Antoine Vicky and line got okay. They look at it they approve free and they get back to me thoughts ideas what's going on. Then ascended through everybody else out that's the process works of the scheduled and so I doubt it's been seen by three other people before a. Well but yeah there's a couple of US army did not take it and so. In your efforts. To explain yourself. You actually don't for the Evelyn but it really the Veba because when you copy and paste right the wrong information correct. That's not saying that every other people checked that. Not my fault just throw it is the Turkey goes from you beast. You're looking into the incident like you look at. It can't. That miss fires constantly and your blame the people they get hit. That's what's going on I mean honestly it is like well. Not much Imus fired how come they didn't realize the fuse was lit led to the sense of coping. And we tested at the end date this is a good. I don't know I do I do I do think tonight honestly honestly I grew up what his wife you know in a room and it was family I don't really glad my wife is insane I. His contacts in these two I mean that's that's the issue and Andre tonight one of the better human beings life it was or teachers who could benefit from more money in the state from gambling. Is behind them. I was you teach your kids got to gamble because honestly what are they learning curves have long palm other got to learn how to do throughout the season and finally an art is comedies in ESPN has the ball into the budget for funerals and it's on you let Lehman probably would you rather have your child herself or partly is Marlys sees that.