5-25-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, May 25th
Beast wants everyone to know that he will not mess with Zaslow's email being left open on his computer. Do the Warriors have a hard time closing out tough games. Beast does not want the Rockets to win. Leroy's son gave Robbie a haircut and questions ensue about his whole barber situation. Beast says he used to style women's hair in college which leads to him explaining his love life in college. Could Hanley Ramirez come back to the Marlins? Tobin says the Warriors need to make some serious changes if they cant close out the Rockets without Chris Paul. The rest of the crew thinks that is total nonsense especially when he says they should replace Durant with Lebron. Robbie goes to new levels with his Magnificent 7 for the weekend.

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No one to two hour is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. Let's do it. What's up everybody out of I'd be smear. From the Seminole hard rock pulled. For another day. You know out of the weekend weather is nasty what do we get that get on some action here. And it didn't choose you in a little known as perhaps. Perhaps today and tomorrow thousand dollars every have we're pretty pretty it's pretty well but they wise. They got back on I got the thousand dollar word right now when the when dobbs for confidence. Nor the star's future text future the seven Q 81. And you are registered future. And you'll be eligible to win at UT you RE future tech that sent to anyone. The national contest messes that are it's been applied to text and drive. As via we did some things swing last night demand is why I was presently you're pleasantly surprise element and a team waited waited for small offer but this one's for the records as the left his email open. Aha I'm signing him out. So no shenanigans can be blamed on me. Good news. It would oftentimes. When things happen around here. I get blamed. Well no nature of but that being said I'm just saying. That oftentimes get a claims about it right now. Currently I am in the clear yes yeah. It was amazing about Latham and what you eat and not that every chicken going dude seriously. But he got he brought indicated is that I have been in the latest you know wings. Every flavor. Evidently it's just every container every yeah flavor that they have at the hard rock cafe he guy I was feeling. The immediacy. Any anyway. You've been amazing about these layouts. Is that. Go technicals. Yes ten days of Corey came close games I mean he can't. And it's amazing it seems Ike. In the most recent years we haven't paid attention. Because that you would just run over teams. When it gets down to crunch time who's the guy that will take over again it's kind of funny it's. There in that mode of 111 at that you were and but there in the second year together for you think that's them be figured out it was almost too much of believe they time they may have gotten a break here. Yes wrong yet that's. That headlines blood yet. That's it's a huge it's huge bomber I just over the bomber yeah. Yeah I think a hundred for Chris ball all this whole this whole you know I do love Chris Paul but on the other hand like the rest of the late Mike and Tony bothers me and sodas. Period yes he does it. Justices is just got to Kansas got an arrogance about adjustment. Is playoff let's look at about the offensive league that you. I know put and then there's this is the part in with his beard like an album you're below. As it's it's like all Martin's personality it's just his. Games does either way. It is is like. I would hate losing that guy anything. It can shave the beard Abdullah the beard now though that I mean Robbie achieved yesterday filed by the way I watched that video. Have an hour ago. I need a little pick me up and that I was laughing now. And the air that was coming and then you know obviously is bonds like vandals trying to give them a line with. It was on content in each. League he kept like enemy that is that like there was no sightings of the didn't like it is like trying to little I don't know Bobble. Right now and it's in Robbie I don't know how closely examine yourself in the air. There is that definite light. I would say bend it in the front of your head. No no Nene this is in light funds I don't think it's his fault that the Euro moving. Like there's part of it that's higher than the other part of it I know plates that was definitely notices and it is font Shania and looked at right. And you can tell that routed never had that area of his head cut because there. Is a different shape. A whole host like. Since this is quite noticeable. At amendment that I think your loyalty to use sketchy part words it's been costing them or have we got the real story no we still don't just explained yesterday on the FaceBook more details have seen it seems like members of Robby Stanley Dell like the shenanigans whoever it is Barber's Poland. And that's who got reported the he's dealing. Drugs I don't know mentality that is that probably collective activities he's probably is. Why you're getting your Erica by an unlicensed person. Which. Is like at least eight in those eight Robby do you hate or do you know gambling. Well in gambling guess what the whole point his his thing is tipping is forbidden it is not allowed and that's the total total charge is zero dollars and zero cents. So that's why is the best he's is doing aunts and hobby. Yeah he offer McKee well one day at wal Kabul on last year I just come up my haircut as a brawl could do that for you. I really what I I have a story on this I really sit and tell because. So. Back in college. For some reason it might my girlfriend and I was dating who is hot in tall which I don't know how that happened. Talk. You closed to six feet. Earned and so together you guys made to number 100 yeah yeah Q is it could be I mean in there is I don't know while I don't know what I did I deftly out had recovered but anyways. You know we're she was their pork college student I was the silver spoon kid. Anyways she had we cut her hair I became her stylist yet. And I did okay job but at the time I went to the library read some books whatever I did an OK job. So then she started recruiting other people on the floor for me to cut their hair the other clientele yes. Yeah and I did a couple of the girls but I like I didn't really wanna do it because like I felt responsible by scrutiny out. So then she got whatever suite mates Kara. Two. To suit for me to cut her hair in a league listen your hair looks a little bizarre like I've never dealt with what you got going on. I don't wanna be responsible I'd rather not do it. But my golf pros like now and now you need to do it because Carroll wants you creditor maybe your girlfriend didn't like her and done. I orchard the crap out of it like it was. That wears you you're ready like it's she had to immediately put a hat on and go getter on that awful. If headlines. Speaks to what you XY and south. Would you accept each each. Here's the breaking news basically as a relates to the NBA which is Chris Paul's hamstring will prevent him from going in game six. So. You combine that with the series going back to Golden State and the crisp ball and is a lot of the game yet policy to ten and a half point B Yang thing. So. That's what's going on of that so Chris Paul's deftly out game six hamstring injury. As relates to the other series that's tonight we have Celtics cavs. Will have that one right here on the ticket. Go to Lebanon. Really yet like that just like that whole rescue Romulus Holland mud rotting must dump the load on it a home. Cleveland and Boston is likely lose hosting the Boston. That's an 830 temple of the game at 730. Right here in the to run was alana Mallon. On the cows it's gone down the cavs are steadily six at half went beavers but it was a but it was at seven yesterday. So it's gone down. The other news. And just nationally is the Red Sox have designated him leader Ramirez for silent because basically Pedroia is coming back today. And if he reaches 400 plate appearances they owe him his millions and millions and and and actually here. So on that basis and Dubai will pay for this year we're not paying you next year we need money. The people so poor and the annual one Hanley filtering. Comeback story let's go man went on nearly back now on the cheap now and after about salary. He's not. Because because of the clears waivers is to get his money anyone you don't get somebody for this year threats to the pay of this year so yet they can get him for this year but then actually you know did depends on. Or state the run he's on the team Red Sox contract on hold for yet they can trade well there isn't a catcher sociology T real utility and it but then it. But then I was thinking. On now to the Marlins will try to stuff in a way intent and I don't want that anywhere near Fenway it's her way to send his men has been that whales live 19 in I don't need that anywhere near. Fenway Park when Jen has busted on the verge of the greatest comeback story of our time. Beat somebody. Takes returns in. This is news to her she didn't know they were that you guys were dating you know and I mean I've got so many pictures to prove it and. Other things. Somebody also called all the wars when Donald again it is hotline ha well wars who beats beating Stewart listen listen listen. You you get a program. Again I don't know what I did. I don't know what happened I mean you and Amazon's labor recognized in the college I had one Amazon while I went to Obama promised the six foot Russian but that's not really an ambulance plane. This one girl I dated and knowledge into those preachy on me. Like junior senior year. Was amazingly. The high and tall much Gina. I I'm and I'm not even if and when it's you know I mean. I mean this literally. I mean I. Of you wrong. Though. She ended up get that a work study job with the law library. And who's been all these lawyers to be so she got to make them yeah. He slipped pared some lawyers on guy driving a Mercedes picked her up. Commands are they didn't like the way in which had in goaded. The is it god that he is not easy to know you guys gave you by did you. Two to win and a bill she called me she's like you listen we were together for long time you're big part of my life I'd want to be there now is like bleep off. The odd thing is is that guy cheating on her and they got divorced. On after abdicated and and she Marty got the now literally if at my pictures it took them out but I don't know where they are key he is my twin. Seek Pakistan's into your house correct. Yes that's what. Oh man this BVW. And Kevin giving them. An outpost and a big well maybe it's great personality and then. I can't meaning college I was a little. You know as personable. You know. Some buys it was receiving. College girlfriend pictures. Well that I mean I have been saved but they're not a convenient place because they're hidden from him and he also says an assured us. I'm 42 will fund work while voice hilarious. I don't get one via via plus plus. Plus. C.s to be seized to be moving up through the boys can be another one out on now in a one out Yonder about it next to blew. And while. Back everybody. Over the royalties they are I. From this total hard rock poker area and an ally and every night from 2:30 AM to ten and a few guards that late and I don't plan hundred dollars and thirty minutes from anywhere but that. Who's got the thousand dollars that was a dual bay view if you're stroll it was a late to do. My lately lately but there is rising at about Gaza minutes. So it is Thursday it sent that in due to a man yeah assessment five dollars and thirty minutes so. Come and check that out here at these several hog rock poker room. Was ago response last night yes the Houston Rockets have it reduces lead. I'm very surprised by it but. I'm on abbey I like the idea that it's been listening in the chaos on four when you really don't have much really different interest you wanted to see things. Get all down. I. It's ox that we are in this position where. Crystals of game six. Don't sound very early in the zone when you're very optimistic he's going Julian seven or if he does is not going to be very active means of digging about did care it was a strange as a strength well. Think about this. Who cares. How much as 40000 in a matter not much easier Adams namely that the reality of it is is that. If she. Gives it dry for game seven. Ray is stereo. Still tender Brey still under thumb now. I mean if they close it out I don't think anybody sees it close enough right. How old man because. If they close it out I think the war's got to blow this thing up men when. Yeah. You can't do this and as you couldn't you you can't you mobile you can't you my boy Harry we pulled the picket they would. On which you. Way as the frame. I got to stand out of front you. In stop you witnessed non profits you dude it's all that what every team you have what it. Where did that one moment and a mortgage doesn't work out and you blow it all you campaign team. That has two MVPs on it. And you gagged on it against the team that lost. There one of their best players arguably the best buy. Directory to know they're down 32 I understand YouTube US it is indicative. If they if they put the state does just blow these last two games. And go to the finals of innovation and I'll say though that if I was dotted line they got to be changes. At this point out of for losing to a team that's a bad winds that didn't have one of them BP's. Well you auditors have been released given no there's more they are out there with a chance to be before he gets used to go yeah. Boy there we go and visit all. And I this is related to do that mean that I'm about so little time and add yeah. It. You know elements of the reason I. Everybody. Is looking. At this summer as saying. Well LeBron does have a destination. LeBron does have a perfect fit LeBron averages services and see that great. What about this kindness felt like stepped curry Kevin Durant can't get this thing quite on the same boat goodness gracious here it just seems like that. Why not a for the warriors. Just Kevin Durant to take a hike and some of that's what duper Tuesday November heard about how. I. Well it will pay my point my opponent that you are going to do a grant or. Would it be great. Let's give him do ordinary let's give him with two minutes on the clock a gay guy you got to me is the tide is altogether if Kevin Durant and stepped Kurd. Blow this. They don't quite CI and I you gotta make a major change not have that that big of a downgrade still want to keep championships. So. They matched dollar for salary. Kevin Durant opts out LeBron gets to go to his place children nuggets you know he got his championship just like LeBron did done a Miami Heat got to do his own thing and it's a new little twists and its new super team everybody's happy LeBron it's around out compete for championships. Was that crazy. Because you're inviting reverend. The lakers did that in the eighties somebody take him. And I would say if there's anybody who's oddity here it it's clay Thompson. If you go to trade somebody. That's a unitary. You can trade a whole team you're gonna keep isn't Iran a free agent that the rest fridge get enough asylum. Plays appropriate also like to get out the red click again played an extension and the idea it Democrats are set as opt out. There's an opt out these experts in the super Max or is expected the big big Macs you can surmise is not draft by the ms. Clinton the big salary bump. And the like I'll I Kevin. Great granite instead Richard Paul LeBron is set on his rat thinkers like. Now. Kyle welcome overall. Here and they and they take they take Amir the run is if you know why I don't listen to you death and playing together I mean. And you want to make it worse here knows. Here's the most incredible thing. That I've seen on a text machine. Mark Jackson would have been able to play games six and seven Chris Paul is obviously not a great. Certain sure Bart dirt that is told his body not today he is not now potted. Plus. But was that crazy. If you wanna shake things up she wouldn't. Because this has been this if you if you lose the series it's it's a collapse unlike any other notes it is for the any hole that got to Italy shot last night for the wars I don't own that I did it but I don't know who he is he's not Kevin Durant where Whitney. The tape that public this is gold and Olympic I didn't have a problem Kendrick on Google say are might be that much of a hypocrite it's cool that a super team put together. However you can't the guy right in the hotels. Which are not in the coat that's silly. He's going to be that you're you're you're supposed to the guy here ads of the party so they can't miss it all and he's not to her when you do understand. That other teams play defense you can always get the guy you want. Idle and not do. It. It's like if he's worth it each. City. I. Like peak it's okay sure after he looked. Like it across the street. He it would be like oh. What now somebody advance rodeo show. That. Oh while Robby who's criticized his mentor and that means over the idea and be relief being number obviously do that because he doesn't pick LeBron deserves to go anywhere he wants to rot in Cleveland. Right but if it were to look at this if I was just refused to look at this objectively. And we want to make a big seismic shift you why. But here. Come back to reality. Welcome back to be quick here you can't do it at a lot of may have wanted to do as a sports. Okay just because you didn't have success. Doesn't mean you have to make drastic moves to get better. Sometimes it's just the plays though. You'd need to play better Youkilis missed it especially history in the most in stable person in the NBA all all his Kevin Durant he's he's a rock bed. Really like who you think LeBron is unstable. Well he he always has those one year options is always threatening to leave every single year into the put the cap is going to what is drama nonstop they got a championship. Yeah and I'm digger be relieved when he's gone. Can I think what will we see this. I'm making a so what about it he said organizational fatigue. So you're saying that the cabinet now let me point out a couple of points is two years. That once brown leaves. Their franchises values volume dropped 300 bill correct right yes but another Donald out of room recent. So as a businessman. OK as a franchise. You're telling me. That they are saying and thinking. No Beagle Edward LeBron leaves us. Got to beat armored and don't know because here's why mark you said this. Them of the by the fringes are going to double Soviet summit LeBron James it was written Nyhan. But his franchise is going to double those of volume with two billion what does it matter. What does matter. Okay. He's getting so OK okay and it's up between nine teams and how many of you would take a berm when it. Who would take it and I don't know what's worse the fact that you've both answered it together. Or defect that you really believe that we are not just gave LeBron James a pastoral targeting LeBron James the GM and the guy wants will control the entire organization in the year to year stress of deciding whether you wanna people that's a big deal the brother Jim thought Rodney hood was the final piece. It was a toss eighty million. Did I put ordinarily tune. And don't disagree that text from Google you a check the number is what I wanna cities. So here's something stupid that's going on so. Obviously I'm my Twitter feed I do a robot alone a bunch Abbas in turn those. On streaming through. And there seems to be some sort of a movement going on. That happened yesterday whereas off the west. Doesn't seem that great. Well which to which team to beat the Celtics are going to be. That that that the thing that's happening. Well I mean look let's say the war the said the rockets do get through this series. Mean do you find that praised the boss and you beat the rockets. Yeah really. Mean if Chris ball comes back if Chris ball's not healthy then I think he's going to be healthy men like that doesn't look like sultan. A dozen of those nagging things hello was Dwyane Wade out for for that that Hampshire train two weeks. About the same age range. Very well say about that tidbit of information beast. Is that. One of the things that everybody is talking about. When it comes to Boston is. Is there waiting for. The shooter drop. All these young guys. And it has. And so at some point everybody thinks oh bigger issues are playing like 1920 girls now they haven't done it. In whose city but you know once you get sued the next stage. But a stage they have never vetted I personally believe that with anybody they play. With Tatum. And we're we're rosier bruising year and in with. Al Horford. That they could probably compete with anybody. That they would play. I'd imagine the gates smoke tonight. Because that does seem to be a thing where they play at home they're just they're just levels better. So you'd expect them the probably to be at work tonight and game seven. You know I'm not gonna rule them out winning. I can't now with a with a series gone we can't. Mom is technically series and start you right winner take all bomb. On the idea that could they be the warriors match highly doubted it just easily. You know your edited but I think I think there is there's a slight difference. With with a guy like Chris Paul and if you talk about the age thing but Chris Paul he did go out there when the games out on the road. That you know then asking Jason to hated to do you want right if it's huge that Bragg the. But. Man right. I don't know why I don't think 65 wins is the big deal. And why you can't take Houston series. Figured good and they they're a good team and and Golden State has shown. And a lot of points this year that they'd been inconsistent. Now. Can they win two games sure. On that Dana was. We didn't think they would have we gave two games and scored on reports strays we like to forget. The fact that they lost. Haven't scored hunter pointed to gains. It's it's it's pretty loud and as you know everyone's going to out of them when they say a given Geneva dollars out. And it's like. Melhuse you guys don't get to do that one though that's that that that one is felons that went out is though. I mean. He's probably would get 20/20 plus last did. Yeah he's looking pretty hollow when the injury first happened and you know that. When you have that many guys began much money you aren't very top heavy NC our reliance locally was it would be like with the time with the heat with things is going. Super Ryan had Mike Bibby out there in the finals and it was so it is terrible. At it like art pilot's cracked open Chalmers. You know you don't have a lot of great options of those other those other things and maybe they can make the slight difference exists. You would hope would be. The generational talent that you have elsewhere that would open to be able to overcome Roberts Magnificent Seven is next. Welcome Paul back everybody it is the Magnificent Seven. Robby is best seven plays of the weekend several hard rock poker open is coming your way August 2 through the fourteenth three million guaranteed championship. August 10 through fourteenth visit as HR PO dot com for more information allotments all right poker room. As we are each and every Friday great action here great action on the show is Robby Israeli give you his best seven plays what she got fresh initiative Robbie. Audience proceeded to meet a fresh set of picks coming enemies that's when it's coming up as you know what the long hair was too and all that good as so who. Let's let's warm up what little nationals and Marlins tonight it marlins' mark Coca it's Max Scherzer going gets Jose when Pena. Now the total set at seven runs now surgeries maybe you warned the suck for the second best picture. In the league is ERA is honored to always pitch as well it's the Marlins at rooting. I know he's only seven but he hasn't been that that. I mean the woods a loss don't mean anything anymore for pitcher anyways but at whole reason is ERA is under four. I can't see serves are giving up more than one Ron. And boring it is a bad start he won't go more than 45 so I X of the total of this team to stay under seven months. Very good rudderless over to our more baseball the Astros at the Indians tonight. It is Dallas cycle over the Astros it is Corey clue record for the needs of the total the total is set and a whopping eight runs get. Given that two catfish there because. Dallas Michael and he's given up. Three early runs in the month of meek told. That's it in multiple starts in May he's given only three runs and court clover a two time Cy Young winner pitching at home sometimes just that simple take the owner. Cuts of at three Robbie RA. Cavs and Celtics Eastern Conference finals tonight the total is set at 202. Now this series as a whole has been an under trained as you'll know. And the Celtics their way worse offensively on the road mechanics but I can't see the Celtics get it to ninety points. And for that to happen at to go over the cast to score 114. I did the Sokol still play pretty good defense. New I don't know that a win or lose it's deadly going to be under the 202 as a whole series has been just about a couple of maybe one game now las going so far in the Magnificent Seven Clinton. All we. Got drug okay keep it going up the rockets or warriors tomorrow night the total set at 214. Now. Even this series has been quite the younger tree. And the under train yet its role in math is right. Is not Bentley I thought it was going to be it was going to be bombs away in this in this series and not the case. And so they've they've been all lay's lead to putting the total somewhere in the mid 220s it's finally come down to fourteenth but even with that adjusted total the series hasn't been. That high 62 even within the lower total of 214. You we we just saw two straight saw 100 games from both teams. Any got no crisp ball from the rockets I'll keep an under Trimble have taken the under on this game than to change got no caboose yeah. What's that throughout the Wal-Mart might as well keep it going he got. Capitals and golden knights team one of the Stanley Cup finals the total is set at five and a half goals now the capitals just come up back to back shut outs. And Vegas has given up two goals lasted for a row and five are the last six. And biggest has fired shots overall throughout the playoffs so a Cuban trade going under five and half goals sentiments. Lots of blunders. What's next all right little French Open action in the first time tennis has made the magnificent. You got roughly on the doll. Again it's a Ukrainian Alexander to local law Pomona that's that's all the time and try to pronounce name Rosen is still below yes. It is Ukrainian team as blizzard think you Nadal is giving to one half sets not a play three out of 51 because the grants as a giving that. The recent look at all the secret you guys do is win one set however. Nadal has won five sets in a row against the Ukrainian. And he is 82 lifetime but guess Ukrainian and all either the victories have been in straight sets. And at all has never lost the set purses this guy on clay which is his specialty take the dull give it to would have set it's gonna get. Straight sets will be a news media types Garrity you have us a you have a tennis guy that you went to. I'm honest this is very out of out of left field for you. Once it's Sunday at 4 AM accidents it's always good and yet I mean with a Acosta majors you gotta have acts on the majors. That's the rule. That would influence what's the bottle around and okay. So as you all know today. The week one college football lines came out across the board. Now in this September yup first week last week of August but he yelled at me for not putting this in the headlines the other team advocates came out of three point favorites gets Ellis may I set it up from the two in the flash you can put it out there. They're so many juicy line that could've done retirement of the seven I didn't want to all women it was a seven in the future so for the first time ever until though here's what it did. 85 team ten point teaser for a week one wireless. Yep from those you adore the tees it works you're getting ten points off the spread. Which you have to win your top all five of your games girls it's basically a loss is some portable partly so that eviscerate this is the manners and seventeen get thrown at us. But it is well Leo we maybe going to get technicals twelve but it's all five of these games count as wanna have to win all five of the loss it's it's it's it's one and remember this I don't keep ledger. It pays up plus 18 cent a regular event go ahead. All right so that they use out of Oklahoma do originally getting 21 points with this ten point teaser they are not getting 31. Late delayed train is in full steam Oklahoma sir please make an Oklahoma sir please make me you'll marketers and Oklahoma's defense is really bad I love it that you post we wondered in this teaser Getty 31 points ticket after you you should see the look clearance has right now. He's so exhausted. That's game one when that let. We have five side of the Magnificent Seven yet it's one bet becomes one bit it's one teaser. Heard an article rules to the world's working Vegas alright or against Oregon State is at Ohio State do originally getting 38 points. Beat up and now this teaser they're not getting 48 points. And I think Oregon State can have some pride here that's too many points in week one for power fight to be giving another power five team. Or is seen as the new coach that I get blown out by forty points and Ohio's there's a new QB even though he's a Heisman candidate take or to staples forty. Often what gain of three days ago. Texas at Maryland. Texas is originally a nine point favorite. Texas is way overrated the bill also home to Maryland last year so what is new teaser take Maryland plus nineteen. In this teaser. The rule or blue or what two more. Indiana at a fight you it Deanna was originally giving ten and a half points. Indiana has not good enough on the road to be giving that many points I believe a bush Steve is and as a revenge game here because two years ago Indiana came Donna quite you'll be number three touchdowns. Tonight getting FYU plus twenty and a half to that bush says that vengeance he's got that vengeance. And and grabbed the appear. Magnificent five within the magnificent that it accounts won't let. All right coastal Carolina at South Carolina. Like. South Carolina was giving 29 and a half originally. With this adjustment it's now of course you're now getting coastal Carolina plus 39 and a half now coastal only lost by one at Arkansas last hour to. At South Carolina they're very defensive oriented will will must tip the only beat Louisiana Tech by one at home and only beat Wofford SES Wofford might frequently one. And coastal Carolina has the coach back they're coach last year was out on medical leave is a billion or coach Joseph Moakley at he's back this year. And look opera the tackle coastal Carolina Jack Florida sleeper sleeper and a ball prospect of diffusing. Please look realizes that the coaches the coach as a rich guy how do you remember. Now I'm the kitty cat guy I don't know this guy is. They got rid of the guys Adobe Adobe cats and dogs that guy who's that worth that kind of money and he just decided to quit his job. And become a football coach that's weird menu he was out last year and what in the horrible last year he's back this year. They're gonna be getting 39 and a half with its South Carolina that's your fight team teaser what do we do with them. Yeah they're pretty they're pretty good with the RA. Bomb is a bit of show they aren't they yes they were at CES he took over another FBS he's transits in the prime. In a hotel and I've looked sat across from beets. And told me it have given them the look. And they knew that they were. Into some shenanigans. But I don't know what it's like and agree it's it's like. Also much about them after a five month wait. How do you know this juicy. A one of the alliance might wait another three months lines might chase might that be to save them though that there might be you know in my corporate outside at a catch catcher won it. The good. Back after this.