5-31-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Thursday, May 31st
The show was hype for the pregame show Vegas put on before last nights Game 2. Beast starts the Headlines with OTAs. Leroy says tonights NBA Finals is a pride game for the Cavs being 13 point underdogs. Tobin knows all the name of the thundercats and wants a thundercat show before Florida Panthers game. Beast tells a story of a radio broadcaster going #1 inside Albert The Alligator's head during a baseball Super Regional. Leroy and Tobin wonder why the Univerity of Miami has a different mascott for baseball. The guys try to figure out if there are any rock bands from south florida. Tobin asks the crew if anyone has the cojones to pick the Cavs in the Finals. Leroy wanto put his picture all over the building so people would know who he is. Tobin says Juwon Howard has paid his dues and not in the same light as Shane Battier if he were to leave for Detroit. 

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Venables it's definitely. Not not as 1000 bucks in the Wyndham street contest suggest that Obama doesn't botch your word this hour. Killed. And DHL meal that LeRoy the fish meal that he has real sports sporting act on. That's got to seven to edit one meal would be don't want this hour go to as the top the next thousand national contest. Messed that it may have lied don't text and drive. The reached radio showtime everybody over there I'd be used to within the next couple hours by the way yes. I don't care nothing about the Stanley Cup. We guess what arrested after last night's game you're fired up man. Good to get to come back to Vegas so I concede that pregame shenanigans again. I mean they put on a 45 minute Schobel for a game sort it to Vegas man everything's glitzy glamorous. It did imagine drag and got a little concert. They got late Randy could tore there which had me in oh. Also you you the natural. Putting out there and get you ready Captain America. In. August in the canceled out out when Sony fighters out there well OK okay and letters and what fighter. Would be as notice. Noticeable. As Randy Couture is a big it's Floyd Mayweather. In a little Floyd Floyd Floyd basketball he loves great. And at that point you may view the I don't think any of them all here. Just you don't hear it could be like rating couture. We X Louis blues and does he still works about. You'll Romero you or map and oh. Dollars. I can only when the championship and and a newness and we're gonna happen via men newness champ we wanted to champs. And at the hockey and it's not. To use and I'm telling you I'll be doing local content in doing OK now I thought. I got buried few things on the book of lists. If we go back dear. We're about you know get a crowd hi. Who them chin can call. The cats let's go to the debts. That's. I. On my gosh. All the bad news it said the pain at the Pentagon a little show together with some thunder cats like a little fund accounts on Broadway and says the medieval times. We have some cats going on my got to be fantastic while it's early show for you to lose a point. This will put the cat out on the Zamboni like an actual puma. Now there are any real Florida Panthers are Florida panther yes is now with the bastard a lot of and his Olympic cross bred him with moments he had they're not real. I see that I think there's real ones not at a grid exhibit at the Palm Beach zoo the Florida panther yeah and upon beats you make fun of it every content analysis to me it's. Send up if things boys like communal coding to electrical Wallace of his banana yeah. Yeah he's sleeping. Part of the exhibit. Feet big typical holiday ball look at that they all replaced at one point that is great wallaby exhibit at the department zoo not legislate to aux I don't know what's going on there will be probably. That you that you think that the while they spit the bit he's gone. I mean it happens and evidently Comodo dragon W Olympia Miami's if that stuff but I went to replenish these animals die. Yeah molecular replace him it's hard to get along meets this is show business as a customs there's tariffs. One thing China they act on and they they don't care that is take the animals left and right that's true in the in the in the in the name of showmanship. The headlines. These these WT XY AM South Miami and WS SS SHD true. ARAMARK. Generally speaking. I would start with the cavs in the warriors tonight but since the show will tell you that. Dumont got shot really has high expectations for himself the CO. Haul ass on talking about an ounce soda alive because he showed flashes last year and that it's it's time we salute. According to for the Lycos jordin Philip and help this offseason with a very good that passed if that's sukhumi organ of the shall like it's. Well you know I have all of you this the biggest ones as the biggest headlines right here ready. Linebackers coach frank bush said rate on McMillan has regained his form from prior receipt. The entry below. We're now. Only a personal. At least that's the story right now he's Sims Kiko Alonso wanted to tell you don't have cavs and warriors to around the station. And other lawyers are up to a thirteen point favorite but they and we don't care about stuff like that. I give an odd radical information. On I don't start times are but to say it. I don't normally do it. Pride game. I think thirteen points other NBA final don't fish. No it is fishy was it's sort of an eleven I have to article out of thirteen with LeBron did a lot of points. It is a lot of blogs especially now that's your own personal net gain if you believe thirteen points. And first game can be in the is gambling wise Roddick and Andy game yes and evidently and yes and this pride no it wasn't talking again about the not game but isn't this the knights have gone on here. Where they got a dude with the Winnipeg flat it's a little broadly show right. We do this we take under casts. And we put them on ice for the Panthers. Blindness to Tara. At all. The tax rate that real Obama put ice. I. And you have grown as a man you all don't look at me. And it used to power six yo white. You grow some you know all the names of the undertow of reason being though is because the public cat reboot is coming its way to. To network with them do it does give evidence reduce the revenues and all aid to the creators name. Tobin will. That's pretty it's he's a wall and is open about that. Pretty ironic soak up undercuts lessons wolf and his Tobin. C'mon. Ads and. They don't call them told. Don't understand what we want why would you guys be in this. It's stupid yes learn I mean if you bigoted ignorant if you think that having fun to catch show. It is stupid I don't know Italian. You gave you gave him. It didn't work out. This. The advocate things that's. It K do you as a student according. To me ample. Sure it was thunder cats live on a show before every at this game that included live. Lotte pant there. Would you go to market is. Lordi chime make them more pressure on. It's kind of like a semi pro to try to wrestle a bear before the game started. It was the code word spy Maloney now. Bastards acumen immunity corn dogs. Mechanical or dogs it's terribly deep but on his own teams and it was score them. It. I we're two of the cats love on ice. I honestly do believe. These and you know today the kids today by the Tobin is the behavior. With in the hour before the show. Completely lets me know that. That it might be the eight. Are is what is all right. Were more armor being there. Katz was my favorite. Monroe will be whatever enters the Panthers play minus no appointment knowing the creator of thunder cats out I have Wikipedia game we have ahead under under. The other cats. One man. What about the path I think what. Drug marketed well it. Got a cat thought it's what volume on an audible have you had since the Florida panther. Is no longer really in existence according to its its hybrid weird thing bloom why don't we just rename the team the Florida thunder pets. Oh let's do it and you have not just had the Mighty Ducks it was based album movie. I want no part of on the Internet based on the cartoon I would to go don't listen to those other two idiots told him. You guys they get mud you don't look we know we could look with a logo before play on results Siri now yeah and literally after every Panthers goal we're going. Under. Under undercuts. It all up all of. Under under but it gets. Tell all book about it. The way it. Way. I mean human ones that didn't look and make it. Oh wickedness and the Panthers. Or lower. Or. We could just record. It every big scope to put it it took. Arturo. Thunder. Thunder. Attacks. I think that should be I mean we have a couple Twitter campaign until we have passionate third hour now we have hash tag. Panthers to thunder cats. Yes. Or just. Danica Chile and only ingredient is once on the cuts and ball that the coach let's not get. A hologram. Of the cavs logo comes across the ice hole. Let's do this all package that's going to be the sort of moment. You tell me and we got some we get some we got some parents Horace and some and some lying in those marketed how to taxi that you're Jerry come pouring. It gets its bond so are you might have Tim points for the non under kept people. It is believed we were we are in sun. Yeah. The printers these days. That seafood item in mean violent died at a seafood is like Doug Steve who's like the guys aren't LC through we won the Panthers you know we're not. You'll market. You'll remember during the school. A dog the dog eat large right he's the man to see yes yet. Robbie tracked down Dodd's seat facility we get on there she will induce some with Alex step children flagship station yeah we have a great religion with them it's such a meet and know and named them on to get to if you're listening to Scully and and we like to talk you about this we get in there that is look like that stat that looks it was granted in the rat they had a good run had a good run the rat that was cool. It's time to move on to 1996 anymore. I'm telling you after Y two what I saw. Last night. I didn't even tired at these games start at nine and start and I would act has little viking Warren. So did the drums. Or violin is all the and even some marching Dixon's spin would imagine drag you love a good Nixon. You the National Anthem who didn't know how would you not like. I mean. By the way the game started forty minutes at the stuff started. Was there in DC no no no and there are a lot of and I haven't caught all of this so is given that the biggest fans crap right. I mean this course because it like all Vegas they're not real fans don't deserve it. These biggest fans were so on point with their National Anthem chant. I mean you you know sojo yes we had the chance to get there and everybody was in their seat. All believe nobody give you snacks. I will say this though it's their first foray into professional sports. The ear and I don't like if you go back to the the stock if you act like the first season of the hit it to stop debate it was kind of like that. It was very. They ever really imaginative. Than they sucked right. Yet what okay but a match beast we're gonna bird you've seen this is an Indian Vegas. It's Vegas. Have a rhythm bowl kittens funk just missed eight. You don't wanna keep the panther thing they can keep pant throw as the as like does it but I'll guys look the other also the cats on court and keep in the pit the name now men but. I want it's I want to or showed any thunder kept team somebody is was to win what went thousands spree. It's meal he says WTF. Is wrong with sports talk radio today thunder cats talk really. Estimate spec has blocked might as well for him yeah we're back after this. So when we come back from the pack. But a dollar from YouTube would have. For the goal. So. Yeah this would say yeah. Get the dividend is one of the boom. Is going to do who's going to be hard to imagine driving. Who was going to be our med amendments from Vegas yet they are. That Apple's music videos is tomorrow yeah eight floor autism is for like whatever whatever little hockey rocket. That's a good somebody is not a government so the Kid Rock stuff man thanks. We've seen by those of the game all that Kid Rock performed for for the NHL all star game icu rooms and lots. Who have set to run was in the the the and it's all star game is these are reputed. Laws and rules. Ness of Merck in America the lake is also correctly he's got some at some bangers. Out of them I don't know of local. Ads from mine in the who I mean if you don't know do we don't have anybody. And think every I don't who magic dragon means. You give those ultrasound machine not a model. And all that and six evidence important magazine is their rock band from Miami. Or summits. With this. Oh who's the who the does it to the benefit for Marjorie Stoneman Douglas tried if a dollar or Dashboard Confessional they are too. Never forgotten art I mean. Well look at the magic dragon does Alec we're gonna do it Led Zeppelin like we don't legalism and really heavy. May we could add the regions at one point the girl that I say that the dispute thunder that imagined I'd thunders on. Top five Lisa it's on the all time really paid. The and a he would and then like a name he should gene in the and a stones I like it. Hi I got an Obama plays with sketchy I did you read and a quiet in the admits Robyn Rihanna that that's in the Clinton are now and then on. You like this I liked it's. And judges Disney on. Hollywood premiere. I'll give you call is right there yeah. I'd change him yeah. It. But the jury do is. And for running and thinking you know. But both of them yeah. And that's something over this song or down under. Down under easily ID and under the weight of red. Was definitely way what were they being your playlist. But they gonna kick. Doubt on next on W secular Catholics who studio where you don't have to dust up that you and go back to these champs. A mr. Marilyn Manson from Fort Lauderdale I asked now public Zimmer elements is today. There's a story that came out he's doing and sound and leave the men. There's there's a story that came out were Marilyn Manson used to take away is on corns. Catering before you would go out of reform that would open a program. And easily allowed to do it. So this morning he's been late in the jerk who. I know it's on the ticket leak in the gators. Albert's head. And though. We're up in those Miami and Florida in the super regional. And I will not means peaceful one yet in baseball hard core I but the have a new orleans' drew before the sugar and even bus that's a bastion of the baseball game to them maniac club until Albert. Hello. Boot. Bootleg mask blue and the mascot for baseball. He's Obama's two and by the way. There is no school don't stop it does its troops schools. That has a stock or difference will listen you spend it right I'm not get a I'm not good dude I have not how dare you. Leg mask you know my affair it is the. Before you for roses are in my favorite is when the mask of having a birthday and they bring out the family and says the old mascot costumes super dusty. So like he almost messenger like he has birdies today and is light years Bernie's mama it's just faded as Bernie from 84. An eternity just. Well it's so. Sources creed is from apartment that they can never had that can crimp and cringe made their Mark Scott Stapp has Molly's back his reform. And I just I just got offered to whom is performing live where remote area of where. I gave. Minus two point Holman has cut console on display that's a statesman and it is by itself Robin Gainesville and and should I say eight. Let's just say a radio broadcaster. Not on WQ I am in at the winner of the games are at the time so the gators spurt there are no Gandhi and sent. Went to take is a huge Miami guy hates the gators broadcast in the game went into the bathroom. Dirt in between innings. And Albert had just changed out of his costume and leg left the costs and there. So move. This broadcaster. Instead of using the colonel decided Riga did you leak in amortize it. That's. And so it where you to fill up the whole thing it was me. It wasn't me but it until very well known on cloud is Vegas also has the killers. Who raised those of the delivery of non point. And Phil Collins looked down here no. Doubt wolf. The ball real well. Not pre game use our citizens. Don't don't exactly. These important advance. That's what I did it got out of view and. University of Miami has played him here tonight before the games is that the sun came out. And have once they had Phil Collins come with a song live. For a big game now though the liquid. Works in marketing now on the island that we had them on the Maury show that your two years ago and Robert accustomed to do it. Yeah you know been doing it gives you reach out. All war yeah role and hopefully go. And the 49ers yes in what is the hurricane the what is the meaning and it's nice neighbor isn't. He's who I kubert Q Bert yes it looks at cuper took my main actor Bullock kubert same thing. While ago one white separate does not run frame and a market the baseball team in and didn't miss Lois. Sport now know why do you have your mascot called the may be. Listen. Oh yeah oh yeah but he'll quit today job when we see. Not the maniac we the rights holder. Really that's the my dignity act ample humor saint what is the rest of it is now pulled kubert I want a couple of kubert. Mascots abuse oxy. He doesn't like kubert yup you got but he but he also looks like the bomb last Philly fanatic. It's companies is like the Philly fanatic gotten a street fight and lost. So yet to lead through the community actively and it's like the Philly fanatic and the Marlins in the my mania wants to Auburn as the war eagle the tigers. But they're tiger is their actual NASCAR yet I had a warning of a stadium. Did we do and that would at tiger. Yeah I'm talking about target real animals I'm talking Constance right. It's is weird so random and if your kid in the years. But we get behind this I get the guy that knows I don't know I don't want deep. I think I would get the regulator of the mighty media on the air right now and norms nodding your hurricanes resources I know that run deep. I'll get an early in thirty seconds someone pay one story just tax battle him in the file for a game on texting John route right now. With the Negro. League brain from our may news. I'm talented man really Jolo we are we are making as a hockey town somebody also one idea at a time. What the believe. Is the kubert. Is a video game was a video game back and you know when people can but no serious that I do think the Panthers that'd be that they they'll sell so much march if it's thunder cap related. So much march would be amazing what are you get out of you by Egypt that writes you get okay yet. Also adored I can't speak for Tobin Walters affair as a fellow Tobin. Where were allowing miss. Well a biz with family. Now has is his first name it's my last Sosa's two live crew to. Good major so called DEA agent could you imagine all of Canadians. I BIQ he should discipline. Tier medicine and visa hockey it's funny me Heath and all I need. So keep. Working. Me so yeah. He's kicking off the bat well. You might ensue because she kept calling it. Yeah that a mob. Man. You you know. You saved Robby Robin was probably intended to jump in we need to know to recruits. A note to us. You can Roddy once he leaves there is a hockey rolling down the street. With the boom box playing to a record. Over the shoulder would need to start winning first report. Anyone would think I think they did the state with the thunder cats I think people would just do about it because it's like fashionable it's cool again. 22 things one this a draw fans to this'll draw winning the pan is a win immediately. But Sasha Barbara if he is in the thunder cats teams Panthers Jersey is immediately better player. Me pumped Q long time. Ahmed talked. Fantastic mentality and a lot of people have been inquiring. If a certain move by a member of the heat is rat Fink theory. And needs discipline thing about it next. I'm in now. Oh. Breaking you've gotten some stability and and the people I can't say that it's available. Thank you appreciate it. What for you. It at. So NBA finals begin tonight. Boys among the four of us. Who's got the one who is the big ones who has the great routes who has the grape fruits depict the cavaliers anybody. Anybody. And by. Auctioneer. The cats at one and McNabb wanted to see 11 game at one yeah I can do it one game a kind of kind of wanted to get one would you get six. A senior official pick captains warriors and six. Now. Now. And it begins to tune to. Obtain them. Catch you putting a preeminent switch you can't you can't know. All he has Cleveland winning in nineteen Golden State reply. True. To I Silva does come to another game Cleveland is when I. Here's what I can't understand. In news when a kid. Like. Dole's guys who have formed independence. Oh poor. JR Smith has been day. Kevin Smith I mean Kevin Love is budget on Twitter at right. And and so. Leg and young guys the new guys bigger excited to be playing LeBron but they're not really going to need it now. I mean Giorgio I give them a lot of credit Giorgio. You complacent defense. And he'll he'll attack the race. Chosen Tom says come along. Right. But you can't easier he's a rebound that because it always shoot threes here here's the problem that I have win. Rebounds in general. Justin Thompson did. Twenty rebounds. Well it. They shoot a lot of threes and didn't get back on defense to stop the feds break so you're almost there and indeed the. Richardson your product is how to be Q is it wasn't in his opponent plaza was implying right Eunice right. They've really that you might not play this year equivalent to a point where. Now that they have equipment I only of the art Tristan what if they don't then deduct the lineup. Which do rant. But it can do it because it would dolls are but who would they go and play the old Soledad well bell. Blow to assume you're gonna see fascist and let's see if we let go ridiculous penalties he would defend animal. So you've given up a score. To go with five guys issued to the re. I would even go I wouldn't trying to chew the warriors jam and try to muck it up as much as possible the big pull the before plus why DP will be fun. So he'd be. I can't believe what them your friends say and sway DP in your bill he. Rooted in. Roads out of this this morning about about weird champions then thought to a site that occurred when the heat. The Geneva thing. And I was looking back that 2012. Championship roster you just all the big men who did nothing for that team and they do the the turnstile of big guys like. Roni Terri off. Poll Dexter Pittman. Eddie carried all respect Juwan Howard all these guys who just gave me eat. Norton. I mean a thing like it got to a point where can you use them because there. I mean I you know what that was ultimately get towards the end that run into bunkers bust him back from injury and then started stretch in the floor. Scott Rolen is one way you know it's been this experiment remember from the before Erick Dampier. Who by the way let's talk about underrated rat Fink Erick Dampier. Who then went celebrated with the mavericks after they beat the heat that's a rat Fink move their Dampier bootable near you know what's there. There so while some in the finals so. Gold gold gold sold by yourself hasn't cider beer. And and drink it all there to appear you don't get to be at the party I don't think he's side. Wouldn't you is. It's history it's. Well either way did you want out so you wanna judgment on this. Because I was very hard on Shane Battier for taking an interview. With the Detroit Pistons right. Said Qaeda hitting great move they made a good position for a Miami. And Alison first is that an upgrade you know often run and and and and speaking tells them. Now. Familiar with what you. We commend you were. Word next to a guy right yeah no I wouldn't keep him from. Yeah and I wouldn't I wouldn't you know want chain that is character to reflect beasts. Along and just smooching up as well at the collateral on tomorrow as well at the latter honestly say beets then I did not know he was encoder with its yeah. Stewart quits the people's characters though. You do and what the cup in replacement for yeah and Trent went with if I would tell you that that chain Betty is using the beast model and management. Which by the way is the guy who's reading from body to boss as we speak he is footing through those pages. He's reading a book and also called somebody the ball also book called the first time and pose goma the way you we see you through laureate thumbing through it how does how the reader to. Don't cut and paste. You work will probably more hack. For 33 hits for you for it but did boss you've got to read a book form part of the strange I gave it a vice right. Promoted to a bus route that you don't know from your friends. Now she wrote a book Juwan Howard. Defense need to get a third out an element like well there's. Juwan Howard even noted LA animal run here. Amid Lucia wrote one of those. Do you know who I am pieces that please you know I'm Hala kitchen. Do you know you work with right should we should stick our pictures all over his build this thing like sticking don't go. What would get 400 copies a mock photo. My best thing. Owners are like that. All respect them for office space camaraderie Pia they think that's going to cause anybody to stop and wanna read about their coworkers by putting all those things up in the in the kitchen yeah. I'm sure by the wall and Allard a heck of a lot of buttons I gotta tell you now you know everybody you not read those things are also you know why they did you know he's doing. He's basically role in the waters. Who is you don't want to know as the go by that he probably could accuse and did you know I just need I mean I don't know. And it may allude to notify everyone knows their likes dislikes like long walks on the beach and number eight Lashkar of them are corporations like not a victory it into place and please let's schedule I learned flash card at all memorized when he needs now -- but didn't take non members and now Sony these awesome coming and he so wants somebody has a high position of power yeah I'm where I'm in what's there are plenty I am like I'm honed in what's that thing when a baby bird is born late when they and they may imprint is an imprinting. Yeah you immediately know that's my mother yet. My askew said. Anyway so Dwight Howard. The reason Juwan Howard and shame Matty are not in the same category and I'll allow him to go interview. With the pistons without repercussions as he has paid his dues. That's why the difference. Shame. He got a made up position and they'll be here for a year I believe it to made up position they admitted that didn't exist and they created it puts me now. Mean I was saying that it's not real which had a right now that's semantics that we're we're seeing in the same thing. No way. You forgot somebody then. Big Jamal Al Gore. I'll attempt to be the industry into our chat via. But Juwan Howard he wants to be a head coach he's paid his dues in the top jobs available. Speaking go. No repercussions. And it doesn't like Tisdale. What are the right opportunity that's cool story. Not allowed an issue about his in the same place is still bitter or was around for a while as you started out coaching Vento was loyalists now. John Howard Wells and also drawn out I guess I can give JaJuan how do you feel I do you do want to excuse because I can understand why did you hello from a somewhat. Here's what you have been saying. If you get a call them as same Betty and this war. 21 now yeah. You have. Yet you have to know yet and want to have to because because it is what is it about a hero and I what you have to do what you failed to realize yet. Is that every opportunity. You can give an older. That somebody will go formal player or somebody who's into. Analytics can have that job you have to put yourself a product of late you have to ask permission. To interview these people. And so Juwan Howard school is he's paid his dues. Jim Battier when he gets the Colorado is they pay guess what chain. Pistons are asking about (%expletive) they want interview. News. Yes. Kind of failed. It's kind of it's kind of yeah ot my question well it probably throws it up videos let's let's see if he's I don't know yeah I think Betty says. I. Coats. What do you think I should do. And I think Pat Riley says look you know gay communities up to that unit absolute Mobley may say that but I don't know if it means that. He's like you know who knows what we just as much in the 3230 on bill ago. Yet seem like there was a lot this what you're talking about between knows too well. About this. I will say it. After all this chain Matty has proved his worth is is now twice. Where he has turned down the temptation. To leave the Miami Heat. So has proven himself for government maybe can fill the shoes Pat Riley one day when the godfather hangs a mob may machine can take this all. I was questioned I didn't know is he about that he culture. Perhaps he has perhaps as he didn't he he resisted the temptation to follow those other two pied piper rats James Jones and Mike Miller with LeBron. He stayed he said proud member of the heat retired as a good for you Shane. Good for you and now he's done it again though listen you have to go on net and we have some mob breaking tangential. Rocky news. Well it's packed into an.