6-13-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, June 13th
World Cup is coming to America! Tobin wants to know what the fascination with soccer and he comes to the conclusion that there is a lot of drinking. Its Hassan Whiteside’s birthday today and he got ripped on social media by fans. Lakers are heavy favorites to get LeBron and Tobin wonders what the face to face between LeBron and LaVar Ball. Does Andy Elisburg have a super computer to work out trade scenarios? Ryan Tannehill says he didn’t have that good of a relationship with Jarvis Landry.

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Not this. Here our job easier soccer fan doesn't that yeah well I'll be fifty remove this should be the seesaw back and isn't enough that Ricky Martin Henderson. I have some ideas for soccer. Number one this you theme song and this is not the theme song adjustment. I've been doing investigation on the soccer and I'm trying to I'm trying to infiltrate trying to kind of investigation are you doing just see what people like it. What what what other what Kamal went. Well I I've I've. Realized the growth in popularity with Americans and this has been very limited to them only gonna wanna watch party with the other southern legion down here okay. I've realized that not watching a lot of the game what did drinking a lot. It there is a all line there's a pub culture that is attached to yeah this is on a down note every month. It's kind of like excused hooligans behavior correct. I noticed this at the Irish what I want to watch McGregor right in Vegas right. They think well McGregor is fighting we can behave over drew however we want. We can drink until all hours of the night. I can pass out in New York, New York pizza parlor. And it's right there on top of the heat oven I think on the line at the Indian grand they think oh McGregor is fighting. Irish to due diligence hires being Irish we get an Irish pass because people want us to be crazy and so with the soccer fans. I feel like it's almost like a cut loose where they feel like oh we can behave crazy. That's how soccer fans behaved with the chanting in the hooliganism in the craft beer and all that stuff correct these soccer fans. It's a good excuse to let Lou you do you put on your Mike. Obama still doesn't explain to marathi. No it doesn't it doesn't explain it more info married until you I'd see her achieve marry Ozzie it's all the same deal. At the headlines today it's a very special day it is it's a very very special day here in south still celebrated my award of course that's already award for sure blunt. It's also a certain someone's birthday on its right Hassan Whiteside. And sell. I want to. Give us on an idea how to community feels it's his birthday that now because they need to get out. And all you can score of ephedra sun light side as we celebrate the big man's birthday and take a look back it destroyed seventy campaign. Think he's mentions went not well not well. The first one. Can't be chip. A second wind. Maker sun life size three screen that says I don't wanna be here. That's one train him with a Judge Judy clock just ahead. Want to trade him up next one bleep out of here plus one bulb. And he's straight the bomb next week amateur greater than bomb another Camby just did is we got out of here. Held in the playoffs and be got him trade this guy. Bomb. Another Camby Jeff. Let's go check every one trade him please another one get the F out of here. I'm gonna show up to the party like Whiteside didn't show up in the NBA player. Album he and I. I can't be just another kid reads if oh my god. More impressive before he got paid it was dominated with a rebounds blocks and catching lobs its workers global has no post game. Every time brings the ball delegates should big men want a one it never bring the ball down that's a very detailed way say in Oklahoma. That word that word trade him trade him for Dexter Pittman. She's at some odd it's not once did anybody say the had to be marred day or. What inside straight up garbage but. Right now he's an aging malcontent somewhere his trade value drop even lower. Next week. Your birthday get the apple might seem well almost let birthday let's celebrate by trading him. Mickey elected though didn't. Add another can reach it. People love him I hit it down and I am so sick it out of my seat of my time on Omar done. So the most of deleted. Two of the decided that remains weak data out. Wasn't probably asked me do. Well. You got him because if you're dead. Which Dan Craig happy birthday you go to share hundred million dollar senator birthday until there. I guess to have to know. Her did you think there is Sydney is they pay. Most recent epic Burton out. Might not go so. And it's not as bad as the mourners tweeting out after the super boy it's our turn now look I want my nose and he's all or. So here's one to run a correct and gradually their coach. For coach of the year and he was gone any part. There's more. Is it done multiple posts on this on now and it's accurate and learn the first time. Headlines thing. Delegate support happy birthdays out differ satellites I can't believe this though this is a good idea I mean who would you shouldn't shouldn't waste if he. What do you do. Let's push Hassan Whiteside a happy birthday. Damage if Camby tipped candidate candidate can do damage if everything person damages to the ultimate evil ugly political group blow up. Negatively about trade and that's you know for me dog breed. She's as how holy city let me guess 1112 traded him to every shift every just every just trade candidate no thanks. Every shift a mean of a somewhat of a milk carton. We got the blood. I've spoken to sort of fell one. Happy birthday mr. Whiteside and joy hope to see better results fear we're next he's don't settle for being average he had great big man dominate the game and get out and rule the floor. Like advice from Jack. Nuts from Saudi dame JB underscored 221. Championship. Can't we just did this amateur David did damage if another another another oh another please trade him thanks. Keys. Manning got to miss mobile phone all over all of happy birthday from France. They from the entire country and must differentiate Stan the flu or maybe they were doing their life MVP JR Smith. Every shift every tip. Simon tell it to know for me Jeff. We pitched his bum a Max deal instead of paying a wave a guy who did everything for this franchise. What's that hasn't even made all star team. Sheets. Feldman of another team we wish him happy birthday. So he's. Every just every just every just trade him pleased every just can't we just can't we just never Jeff. Oh happy birthday big Fella. We exactly now the middle finger in my OJ. Scenes. So mad. That is that is. That's really I mean what do you do to it he. Yeah to stop tweeting. I was bloodbath stop tweeting I was a Twitter dot I was Twitter bloodbath go you know hopefully he's only moments ago. Hopefully. Today at him of course they had him now getting every single one of ours is all business. Immense more as we have headlines and a it's WXY. And South Miami. Now normally you don't like you and you love the on the Marlins time and who's pitching on stuff give them role of a little turnaround and they've got to it's a special night tonight as they former local kid went to Columbus went to the UN do Suarez. It is a start of the guys I'd to a 45 point 06 ERA and Doug get sort of who go to the Marlins a two giant tomorrow incident and bones Clark. Anyone notice haven't lost coming on start to the pregame. I didn't lose a crash my phone those many Camby just there on this thing of still I don't need to can't be unified it's so ridiculous. Where it says he is not extending is deal as of yet at the Celtics used to let it shear play out yeah he's out of games. It so question yeah. When you make a big deal about you know he may be Joba player LeBron enough wanton and just beside me. And then he goes to a no the team. I think eagle so another team and didn't know the team this. Reflect poorly on you. Denigrate can bigger than you don't say they're bigger they're currency without you and your former team both mid Eastern Conference finals. Well let me but not even now defect day. You know. He said he wanted his own team but nodded ECU though these young guys you say Otis saying going to be his team. So what do you like that the more this goes on in a more different lazy ends up going doesn't look quarterly coin hit. Do Russa silence and said Abby birth but I hope rapid trades to its summer nicely it's. Soon as there is a but. A couple of other a couple football stories. I'll first well OBL found out this morning the World Cup will be coming to North America and 20/20 six United States Canada Mexico the important match will be in the US. Hard rock stadium is one of the sites and bidding to host some of the important games how we best so wolves lawsuit it happens I think the attendants. The cap on attendance might hurt a little bit to host the you know semi finals here you know what have you but from people they need to sucking him that I've ever had. Many people a day payment yet and we know the atmosphere is like and a place and the rock. But they want money money money so that ties places like. Pasadena yet I mean so Wolfson out to so fossilized stadium it's okay it's socialist idealistic policy are jobless stadiums that seat under growing by the time as World Cup gets here in the stadium will be fossilized and I'll be fifty who looked and I want a couple of MVPs and you wanted to play forty yet. This olds have literally six older they had a World Cup games are not personal to the Havoc they see 200000 of that stadium. Tuscaloosa. Really. Michigan. Now they house it's as though you might try to open a New York to a big final is in New York it's that mettler. We got new U Jerry's world Europe just got ample they're gonna have Jerry's world like soccer in Texas. I do indoor soccer tennis picket dale. Thanks dale. You know I don't have one where airs on a true you know why did they can put natural grass and I. So we we we go from that to Tom Garfinkel addressing the how have the dolphins out of the World Cup. Our is coming to North America and damage has to be host to do in the future of the dolphins facility right and they're making a decision kind of as soon as to whether they wanna invest in data your moved you know like Miramar. Why. I 'cause they need new facilities picnic state of the art new facilities. Some fields never enough grass still grows listen listen. Isn't any state of the art drama well. It's always been their for longtime bull is it's not that. Shaven most of its not that we we head when housing cleanest years ago but we had the same. Type deal that we price this. Korea. So local. Community college based group and pretty soon you know you. He gives state broke puts you more you need room you want to build your own place of your own building and you can't really do. In the confines of it apart during football season. I mean she was going on stadium in other words on the putting tennis courts there yeah all sorts of their leg. And into our. Certainly doesn't normally on yes and the next your dad's moving them was the idea was an original idea alike have pedestrian tunnels are yeah I just an avid but they did some garage because as of right now there's like no spaces I don't know we're gonna park. A brother who were there and go into a garage in the stadium game has no one in a million. Off its argument we outsource the Bayside garage. Off the wayside this site right after he'd get well let's hope and now it's horrible. Sorry you haven't lived until you've been up to Cleveland and see them. Small demeanor is. In other Ungaro a couple of the football stories engine block is back try to football but it's a college football. Those high school football no smaller to smaller football from whatever it is a college football. Whether to high school football or college ball is doubly not regulation and a couple by the way and he wasn't really throw while he was kinda shot or so we'll see. Out of ministry dumb college football and a little ball on the same now and put on a stride now others substance on now the NFL once. Just kind of says why that's why do you talk about hands. According. To fans Lamar Jackson is playing a lot of positions in the armed. Let your farm system want to play with your football well I mean little different just like basketball still a ten foot rhythm in the same says all but I mean the basketball the three point lines different. That's true but it equipment your plane went. He's in command based on the minor leagues. Not non College Baseball though they have metal bats right all soles there you go. Why don't about wooden bats in college raised outlet on the ballot though when Babson College Baseball would they change the metal bats they they used to have like yet they used if crazy I know not gotten they got my yeah. Thanks yet stupid slogan above is on how do you feel look. It relates though blushing and the Washington football team is awarding two bull rings to the replace him players who you know over the scabs they came in during the strike here when they. One Super Bowl they went three and other gonna get Super Bowl rings now. Why did you make good on. That's seen as you know I mean did all regular players at the time that went hearings did did that Richard count towards direct evidence. Is go wild and I can I can translate us. In sports marketing yes you need yourself some publicity stunts if you think you get a stinker be mediocre right. Figuring ceremonies a good way to get people there all are weighing the music parameters of the game as he got the lead for three games. Definitely. Just it just Siena got assembly and remembers the chevys or season. What cockamamie crap you push it but it's like the mayor crab I'm just I'm on the inside the mind of Dan Schneider who are you yet. Feel like you're not go. I mean that's almost as bad as when he celebrated Florida's. National chaebol. Our house that was. We and I'd advise our neighbor we have Sunni names for our some new dolphins. On Cornell Armstrong is called big country. And thirty taken Julie Davis is called surfer. Why Jonathan Austin has called snoop. Problem that I knew we Bob and make a Fitzpatrick is called tide. Speed its new. This is wonderful we come back. Who knew snoop dog maybe the greatest journalist of our time back after this. I'd look. Thank you up until 3 o'clock today. LeBron James is next destination may have shaken up. On the lakers are heavy favorite file. I had Gary Payton report perhaps and looked horrible to an audience and put his name to quality that I he notes we'll runs coming LA. I want to go like this Lamar ball away. When he does have his first face to face LeBron James should LeBron joined the lakers I don't penny and it doesn't oust his son let's just say that. What each to pitch in the idea of playing with Lee Angelo. Gonna to not well. Here's the guys over for a failures in Lithuania I think. Brown will avoid mental. Lamar. Does not talking about this in a vigil weasel his way and I mean. Do you honestly think like what why. Why LeBron LeBron wanna talk to somebody's mother fought. Like maybe hi how you doing Wiki wanna do with that nonsense you know the PO Lavar I imagine that every lakers game guilty in weasel his way out of the court. No and find his way to excellent run against it I mean mid while LeBron is in the whirlpool is not his way into the back of the city. Never allow us. I think LeBron gonna have Balkan traded. I am I on the LeBron for deaths as your members of the bad said about his son how is someone to be a success to the tale of LeBron. We know that's a big thing LeBron and possibly the sun in the NBA eventually. So I think that loves a ball is radiated hard. We want to be an issue he gets chewed by AO got better as the year ended who'd take him until who's got Marquez bolts faults. Faults of the black hat he doesn't know who didn't mean. It is look there's 33 young guys that need improved their shooting and tremendously. In Simmons. Ball. And Marcus ball. Oh yeah but the thing with Benson's Israelis and Simmons he makes a difference in the gangly kids should but he also shot 56 resemble the field so he can get points and a school. I mean he's average in sixty average sixteen game as a rookie right so when he when he does what images. You know towards everybody physically which you can. The guy's got ability now yet this Judy Devlin has to improve to not be. Nonexistent. Course and loses. I think it's hard to teach a quarterback how to throw when he's twenty plus years so. You know how to throw you know them and every quarterback did you bird working on mechanics of throwing. If you don't have the basic fundamentals that that Gordon into it is hard to improved. Which thing you can fix that. Why should. Also shoot the same way now like. The corkscrew. At ho man. And now I'm in another theory with I would Benson is issued to the wrong hand. Examine actress and you'll think that he shoots at the wrong hand or you know rose today. Isn't tops yes he switched his senator. Gigabytes of it yet no. I missed so much what my lead man who starred Schumer recalls what the right you know like you're just bigger let out a. Crazy. Some Snoop Dogg. Might be the greatest journalist of our time really yet just like Dennis Rodman is the greatest ambassador Yasser long time. Well he does the show double G news yet. You know and AST harassment but we love Stephen Smith we do. I needed to get done nitty gritty of what makes Stephen A ten. And we found out. Here make you some questions you asked to the best you a bit sure. What's the first thing you do think though when you wake up gotten hotter quote how Michael didn't. I'm always in question we eat hot or cold hi Angela topples our burgers burgers ask for. Always oh. Pasture I. I'm Lance that neither knows a lot mama Scioscia Walt Disney but dammit everybody knows it on the bottom TOK okay. Well nobody right. Dual band severe dog guy who. What do you expect with the call your GW GW news don't you new rules. This dog is that it which has about I didn't know what you political beliefs on you. Know. I just so I mean it's good look at his face to what he said he you'd like mesmerized is like and Leahy just the perfect one was visualize in his mind. The way it article Luis we will would tell me what you mean. On or go. Nervously to coal. Hello dean yeah hot stuff and listen glow Italian food Georgia's attempt anything at room temperature I call I got a cult and it is always left on its letter here here's here's the pro. And if you're an oust outdoors guy who. In the being you enjoy doing out do yeah. You would rather it hot because it's easier to cool off in the warm up to do your outside and that's I don't know want to wait a minute. I put it in Minnesota. Golf was shuttle route. I'm pleading Cleveland. Shut down real quick. It can get hot. As hell down here. Lou waters in the wet towel and keep going 115 in Nevada still gulf right. Who to dry heat we. Is they are insane when those people were like diet. On the steal from media and legislation. Greater god elevated and at the dude. Would have once you want it to do so I like taken away we you know all the makeup and stuff. He was an issue. Like a baby. Right he didn't girl he will let the Ned. And I sit. I don't know brute UT QB Mitt if we take issue I would delay Mets would have to take she. No it's like against child I mean but holy smoke I mean. Beats you it was naked people who like it I mean they've really close but just imagine it. You until it is eBay knew where everybody's scantily clay it right. In your chicken audio hotel in the same stuff yeah. So I didn't want you're really in in the cause you know it sounds great today. And they don't hump and a cactus. Known cause. We were in downtown on it and it was. You know skier as you you pull up to downtown Miami during the ultra and you'll see so one Oliver palm tree. That's that's. The object who love to man. That's how it goes. Barrett Jackson had in his his sports buzz and column. Some nuggets nuggets he'd know it's not that none visitors to earth shattering where things stand notable players. Can turn it you know Larry. Sauces. Multiple. Say there's interest. Assigning Wayne Ellington. However though enough that Dan does the capped out well and we don't know. Could date to around did wait this and they can sign over in the aberrant and so that could go over the cap assists. You wanna go to get the wanna go over the capitalistic well in the end I think the heat really do believe. Day. There's a bush to Wayne ellington's. You can find a shooter I generally agree review I think you're just found Wayne Ellington. I don't know he wasn't doing that agree well like Ray Allen you know it's like the balls and closes back in the day like there's a will find somebody did any Ellsberg is in some dark room right now with like seventeen time regulators and spreadsheets I don't know you know I was trying to think he'd not do anything yet. Ohno he's doing stuff I thought the Sharia the agenda. The hills where fires at ESPN's trade machine that's child's play them. His don't trade machines so yet I was in the do you think he ever just you know messes around with. The SPN's trade machine or do you think he has like a billions type. Supercomputer. She does yes that has all the ramifications of every trade that he would have a decade I pitcher any Ellsberg has a room at the American under that somehow looks like mission commanded in Houston puzzle and I think. I think he's had his best. Play tetris is up. And then dials Rouse walks and would have definitely not playing tetris says. Here's what we wanna do. May make you were made itself he read he can use this Eagles to four do you think you're accusing India Ellsberg have in the fix spreadsheet. Yet is in that's a move in the offices Elvis big spreadsheet. Of course he doesn't need right now I dare I had and all that as of right now nobody's making any moves but I am. I'm more than sure you'll think that you don't think he's doing all the permutations no I dig Riley is religious and can exit routes can be highly and we want you on super. Umi dude it's now Jim we do I think you're wrong and how can we make this a that you read in the situation is correct. Wing he doesn't make decisions don't know Riley makes decisions so he has no idea what. He has needs to work and yeah is that everyone thought. It is every possibility ready. Riled. Down you know listen we want to add a guy from Mars Ellsberg bullish account completely does he doesn't. Port Cohen at un podium facetime and until Riley comes us facetime you during the show. Weird developed on a broad based on people all the time it's not knowing. And by the way he can't use ESPN's trade machine because to us Tyler Johnson making five million as updated yet for next year's contracts. There's got to be super seeger trade machines at the idea that any Ellsberg is disease and on that. Dozens over yeah well you a little ago just me and you know I love ultimately ours to our viewers are great affiliate. This does not most accurate information. ESP and its reports ESPN's coverage needs to get gallon. We love you already man. I Kansas town Tyler Johnson. Willing elite at five million dollars. He's no where we stand well I don't know certainly done that labor they don't update lets them to the new league year starts I just. Used to be a problem whom I could you know when I got the gators who set the record for most consistent for Heath canyon very repair his son but he night. Effort doesn't really put an eighty Ellsberg is not doing anything. Until he gets to order. For him to make some have I don't think you have include social I would rather do not get on. Now I know he'll call to say. His would've worked you know. Mean to work. So do you think that the office set out for the heat is like any Ellsberg has an office far away from Riley. What do you think that this one of the great there on destroying Britain right now digital. That's easy that's what I think too I feel like Riley has a button that push is almost like a limo federal open yeah. Is it. And yet as balls you remake it's aberrant Amal and so that's. That's the died and he did nothing to do now. Except. Maybe he's trying to work out the numbers. 40 Wayne Ellington. And how they can make that happen rail spur and have an apartment or home or does he does limb in his office only us. Now. Not that he's got to reorganize house. Really now. I think it's something to work with the light the thing with it and I feel like he doesn't leave the office from now a regular flights about spreadsheets and permutations not to let that dude cuts loose hey. With only an item to block from you re leave. Or would that permutations today electorate is a good future out of force that and every conversation I can't spell. It to be a word. While the other the other nugget from Baird I'm Kolb was the heat. According to the team official who has talked to my his offices in really try to trade Tyler Johnson. Here but not optimistic. You may. Regret after the that's. And they need jobs and it. And is there and read the. Thank god and. Assisted if you saw. Bones. The phones could exist on the big guys ahead. Don't think it is going to be talking about the books ultimately songs that are clean. We kept it bottoms off. And I'm just saying it's even bulletin dogs but you know I would like I would like to exude right in that Clinton started about the that I don't have come member and his dad's vigilant notable bottom feeder I do wish. I could be a fly on the wall where some of the gets the memo about Steve and his appearance on double G news. ST today did you. Claimed to be upon him Peter. That's right okay just want to clear that us out of this though it's the media. Everybody is talking about Ryan's NL now is looking in camp right now and he was asked about that to say in this meant what you Agassi look what we Jones. All of them for all around dole in. Is key in a real. Pain plain old bowl you tell me gaze of the curia. The law is not a Britain keeps it real. It's a real I'm just saying don't get the look. Don't get overly excited. About guys more than a round. Touching each. Heading for mobile. Well he. Is talking about his football still loves the leadership LeRoy via loves it is early in the set. You see here if he jumped right back and Aaron. You know guys rally around him and ready to go and get a good report was like oh skill guys who knows those guys around each other lives. Offseason when no more not so those guys. Listen to be pretty close in their work from all together and I know those guys are pushing children. It and about it and then in Rome to be fair. Cut this clip. Coded up. And my name another Waco. He's saying the same thing about his quarter. Romance a little loan I know a woman usually it's really care they all you pay. Coaches saw positive doer OGA is it may you know why. They want to guys gear Allison juice. Always just scanned before a boom all of us some scandal a scandal. The other member had dollars Landry came out last week both somebody reply dishonest about it Twitter landscape okay. So jars that is said last week you do as long interview include the accounts and as cornerbacks in Cleveland a lot better. On the set of the dolphins corners in order on the offseason. News just apparently on NFL network did cut and get there we foresee. A mentor Byron. You bet you you resist on NFL network. Right right he told a news is Ileana. He hasn't heard from Ryan Tenet health since moving to Cleveland and says quote. We have really have a good relationship anyway Salma suppressed. And. And in and let's be clear area waste and none I don't know here yeah. Let's be clear and get the Illinois explanations. Of why it is in the big deal what was wanted to problems which are resilient. Freelance. And imagine how difficult that is spoke quarterback. They were favored target steps it's good history. Aren't sorry I'm just say I'm the same late. I don't understand why did I have I genuinely shocked by that but him saying that yes. They had good fielder you or year. Let's look at it this. You break a which old girlfriend. You get a new girlfriend. Oh girlfriend moves garments. No matter how did it ended. June garbage there was great. She just trash did did did team that would pay you vs team net page. If you've got and you know that come across that you. Should know. If one team don't pay you. Another team pays you. Is depending gonna come out I get it but here's the thing right him being rides hill's favorite receiver over the last four notice he's way. Let's be clear. Just because you had the most catches. Doesn't make you his favorite receive. He uses it to two of safety blanket is different than paper receipt you know at a remote every kid's favorite blanket has slipped the safety to security blanket whatever. Permutations showed. You it's. Wonder if they repeated Permian patient to permanent. And little grateful. Jobs Landry. I don't listen to divide that it's the corps doesn't throw it to you don't have all those gadgets. On the other hand though. The senate I'm Ingrid behavior I. It what he's saying tails instead of viewed in a duds bill yes there are those. Understand what germs Landry say it but there's a lot of other things coming out in his comments and he's basically attacked in the guide a smug and reply it McCullough. He's in the last. Week. And a half has said that. Rides are those not as good as Tyrod Taylor. Or baker mayfield right he has said that he doesn't work as hard as either one of them right and is also set by the way personal legit not that great. Okay. But understand that's right ten who has not won a bit pain. So normally when guys leave teams like that. They attacked the teeth right would organization. The dolphins didn't pay him four for whatever reason which a lot of people agree with. What I wanted to do it do you all managed to. So you back two years to complain about quarterback. It just it just doesn't make sense to me eighteen but I didn't. Yes this team ready you've lost attacked somebody. So attack guys attack it is like. Moaning for. Because if you attacked Oregon team you know he's not gonna you know. I bet he's not gonna say they. We did it as a race I did reach out to Jarvis. And that weird feeling a little credit and we until a lot more like what I wouldn't like it did. Let me attack oriented and he's not gonna do anything about it. In packages. Say would come along well wonder lake there and those remember though there are those things are like rides and a came out and it was like. You know musically young the price once user role joint practice squad trophy. I easy as sneaking Jerry. Is that would that says. Or or just plain and Landry I enough is it my initial thing is a look at it like man his ledger ledger is a complete injury. Amid this a writer they'll skeletons we don't know about. Like one. The only reason they won maybe is there one sure somebody sit on text machine doesn't this seem like a trend for ten of the team. On nothing comes to mind immediately Smith as you can refresh my memory but I don't I don't feel I'm at another meego Grimes thing that was a huge deal to. Hey is that said I feel that comes to mind I mean that's the play in enough to get there. I don't understand bits. Witty you did no light you're coworker or not. You did benefit from him growing beautiful ball all the time all the time so we. How could probably do it. Does your question wiggles at this open to future. Some strange she is the only had seven catches. It will. Amount. That is storm watch out for religious lines next.