6-13-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, June 13th
Hassan Whiteside is still getting ripped on his birthday. Tobin is still mad at Arkansas State which leads to country battle between Arkansas and West Virginia. Greg Hardy won his UFC debut. The guys draw from the Doom Box. The show challenges a member of the sales staff to kick one of them in the head.

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I. Do do do do do. Aussie Aussie. Aussie here but this. Isn't like. But yeah there is only nine years old. Hewlett. I mean. Those same instant and comments to the field reviewed cleanly as a little bit you can delete them. Happy birthday is sunlight side. Comments. And black test senator. Another comment trade is lazy ass you've got to be home playing video games. She needs. Just brutal. And who love more vulnerable girl monster and. OK. Okay I get here and given the and you cannot trade him now he's back next year how the hell do you handle. Just all get us no mere all the way he plays well this is what I do. And how do you make that happen in his here's what I do and here's what I'll always. Always wanted. Coaches to do with. Don't tell me I can't do anything give me opportunities do and then a phone failed you can send us soldiers. With a sign. Everybody in the world seems to have an idea of what he kidding can't do except here. So early in the season. Put amid a bunch it'll situations. Other things he says he can do eleven so that works and makes you better let it should threes away. I mean look that was silly when he's like others did to him being able not being able to shoot Indian not allowed. He put he put all of his downfall is on the could all that Riley and Wright be so so my point is. If he Indians return. You do. Let him attempt to do two things he says he can. And did if you can't do it make sure ET bet and we also have to hope the house real little. Twinkle of hope. With heat fans that. The injuries were problem this year that it really was never able to get right and that a full season of rehab thing. And him being it'll work out in the offseason we'll get memorized. A question. You think the things he was or wasn't doing. Anything to do with injuries. I do think I watched this on why it's up I think I felt like. Even physically I know that it makes a lot of mental mistakes but I felt like even physically I was watching it deteriorated somewhat side this year. I don't feel like it was watching the same guy who led the re the in rebound linoleum blocks you'll have that same guy. And so I look and I give it all about giving him the hole out for that Brett that's the only I can hope for as a heat fan who is probably. Gonna have to accept the fact that he's going to be back on the team this year. That's the only good really Lamotte is meant to this guy is completely healthy this year. And that he really is like you know like Barry Jackson writes this column that he really is motivated and working on his effectiveness RO NS and I think zero fixes quickness at those are the Nixon. You can't you you citizens these these these are giant British it doesn't mean. That he can't be that. Bush nobody again that's colleges while ago. No I likes to hear two words if you're now the slow and number I am just don't like hearing now I just I wanna see the guy who's I wanna see the guy losing gauged and let us now. How do you fix that. Because guess what. Even if you hurt. Even if you know your teammates understand. That you're sucking up in trying to fight through written. You can't you can look at what is our goal what you you can't write anything you can't throw shade at. The coaches that went everybody's being understandably situation room. Home. You know I think there's situations where he could handle a little better. And maybe people would have been more understanding. Instead. He put himself out there like the only reason while performing like this is because of what you do Whitney and how do you lose it. The most the most damning thing that came out of this thing with the satellite side injuries aside was Riley talking about the kind of shape that he was and that he wasn't ready wasn't playoff shape. And that he was getting outplayed to have that series by guy. Enjoy all and be you do then the next series played the entire series like he was out of shape ray so that the fact that you're getting run up the job the dude who's out of shape no. But I will say this. I'd give. Credence to an injury when it comes to that part. Being in jail being shake. But it almost seemed like they were putting him how do. Because he was being the way he was. So that he would look. It's on our Joseph well the sun. So dead he would look out so they can prove a point to hit them over what where he needed to be. Either now or in the future. So if he comes back like me and you got to fight through injury. It in every professional sport except raise welcomes their fifteen day DL him you just know. Alone. But in other sports there are certain injuries and certain bowl which got to fight through you've got to do. And the guys that are able to do dad still held their team have a lot of success. The headlines. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami and WS FX Ph.D. to Miramar. In this. Because it's nice little story of the local kid come back home sows have just go giants are in town on the 12 in a row and Russell street got going considering giving up tonight but green because Andrew Suarez who went to Columbus and pitched for the U is on the hill for the giants to a four. Five point 06 ERA he goes up against Caleb Smith five and six of three point 70 ERA your first pitch in Little Havana is 710. He MR. Also. In the world's of the dolphins doing more oh DA's and can't wake spoke today in some other players and initial offerings. And on a chemical store about a drop tricky beard 2005 and Ballmer now registering streak whiskey that's sucks. Do you see Leo warriors parade. But it would jump player was used to him the Jordan meld jumped off the bus and having to go get more penny out of the crowd. And a time he drank or used it couldn't straighten the mile heavy and he finished the heady. Lot of more Henne signaled the crowd who's got some handy. Someone had some petty he jumped off the bus ran into the crowd. Got the Bolivar penny continue to give the parade know why. Who's who's to. Mr. Nolan is having as much fun those are ovitz can go. I wanted and I got zero vesting Maceda cardiovascular the parade as well but he was limited personal. Members in a Russians about it. Do you had a smile. Which. Included pictures. Did you or is it you said the story that the Russians have to be taught how to smile for the top of the miserable people mess and is forcing them to smile well people get arrested over there if you can street just smiling they figure up to something. Yeah well it's in its books articles and look. I've never seen a Russian smile. On the arms your blew up there and those in Russian boxer smile I've never seen the smile Drago smile number oh no no we talk about no. Like it how does that link does the tutorial he'll rule. The gloom loose Miley wore on the one we need to to be had. He we need you to believe Russia is beautiful place now. You most chic muscles is good in him you least want a game. In ValueClick you're doing creepy smirk yeah leave there. Good you have a smile you son had below the pool today World Cup. Let us roll man on talent here. I always been so announcements I can't believe me just actually did that I needed just. Doing the radio you actually did for us. What your fellow do the show force for your guts. Out. Is that it we get imagine what he does volume dot detailed. Oh Richard Nixon yet spent gets the boot booed Deutsche which I got a crazy man all these other countries back in the day. We don't vote to vote we just talked to had yet to that's how to get things done but nobody happier that is about skin Russian. He needs no training he's very happy. Lots and lots thing. This morning here. Sane when my. Son. Good. He needs them winning it but even in this had its moment. You still. Sounds really Abrams and the last time he was sober. Whenever games dividend or whatever game five ended tree. And over the job to job and the they cracked open ever is bottle in his business. What it's for they said from. The warriors have 400000. Dollars and champagne yet. The the World Cup is coming to North America. 20/20 six. You'll medica automatically qualified. Yeah we get it here. United States Canada makes gold partner host in the audience you know all three countries yes yes yes yes hello. For such catalysts the eighties. Mexico and orca. This year it yet and it at that time ago. And they're not like cents earned scenario CONCACAF opponent I guess we'll look at you. Yeah. And I. Oh. Yes yes a great victory over Dolan soccer. Once he probably knows the standings of the World Cup unlike Coke and a half you started up the show by saying he's been doing a lot of soccer research habit and yeah and and mainly boot it's it's already. Which are some power via via us please for you know it starts tomorrow rush against Saudi view us open and yes the answer I mean my picks. Edit and only hustle bustle all I know you twenty bucks there is an excellent in the toolbox dirty Schuettler Glick and. I will later I've been valued twenty bucks who have won Monroe. You do you actually did immediately I just don't know who's not used to use I don't you have. So I got to go to my finger over Dallas. I don't have cash allegedly said you're supposed to give and on about should. I don't have tornadoes on me it's as I and I about it. Larry that left him just what about some other way. Anyway bright energy anyway entertainer per Zoe using yours although it is so hard because my could be windy. It is not indicating that even. Which is Long Island right yeah it's only term where anybody could win console or defense. That's exciting stuff like that to us it's now time. Two men LB out the next you guys I love golf and has still taken that one Tom Garfinkel. Says the dolphins are happy the World Cup is coming as states maybe will be able host gamer to know somebody I just so we're just sick is on this oh the text said the it's between. New York Atlanta for the finals at a fund your skill and ninety gains or whatever the hell and into yours and a finalist from new York and land. Is and they're not getting Texas they still will have a chance to host and game near times are reported today that it was going to be New York. But but I saw so much misinformation that's I don't know pitcher I mean you know you're gonna have to use they have games in Columbus. Om du demo they have one in Pasadena because makes goes right here. Hum. Figure heavily here. They got guts and the handle have a gimmick to relax. And then on that Tom Garfinkel says are still pondering whether they want to invest in their facilities and Davey. Or move to another location like Miramar move right across male house to move. Literally right across move. How far is that from the stadium and does that matter it's minutes it's yet write down you dispute is blocking down Miramar or are you you go mere martyred to to read to 199 that are there. It's. Like it happens. If they don't do they need to room they need to of solely a date to your facilities. You can get a lot of speed of the yards in millions David bubble. Would endorse terrorism it's a bubble we're definitely would still donated to a nobler or something maybe noble powerful pain levels open. Oh no. But that the students what is McCain's indoor facility openings that are hardest. Law August. They got all the money for Alia there and it took like five years Buddha in her now that doesn't that went on an element and that would've known what a really quick. Well they start of the construction it went up so I know is it was they were still show wouldn't. In between. You know. Plays off as a defense there was still have an awards ceremonies to people donate money bubble all they do that every. Every tool unlike. Us in this year where is gonna be built not only is it went actually what was the big problem going doubles terminated her. But in colonial easily build anything and Alex seven billion permits. And that's what I was the big problem with the with Thea Watsco center when it was just the come complications that are is it took like ten years to get a permit to build what's annoying is an oil. It was a sad what is marks thirty years go into yet. And not too shabby you get an indoor facility and as it is done. Homer in the Seneca. Vizio to do you really. Miss football men on this college football I mean you look at McCain's picks in mass this year bad LSU game yeah. This is that dummy at George I was that guy yes you do come on courses that guy wires and yet you want it. So are you seasonally. Course I did I did it for three years in Minnesota the big showcase in the neutral C idea because your life in maybe not as much now. But when I played week we'll only be Notre Dame mullah here's the here's the trick with again. And which is LSU was a big name but it's not like you're playing Alabama. You know saying now one. Let I and it's it's better I think there are bigger in Maine than they are in talent right now Ali necessarily allow about it and other Blaylock one of those bomb us teams that we self following of course they get Riley we're Savannah State got the embassy in the SEC total waste of time that is also got a regular decides that they get a fight you on the schedule this year and then that's a bomb and Anderson there on scanned August unstated and they they they they will never hear from the canes the other country I think they're gonna do something what's though bad dynamic it's legally binding admitted they did RD place here and how did you return trillion I missed it. He could. I. Played a home and home Arkansas State already came down here played a game McCain's fulfilled under the contract. That is Bob from Arkansas say we got dual before I had crybaby that writer's death row. From the dvd. Arkansas State and as much hoodlum sound dire year. Go out there that they read my post what can't they just take a break from their cocaine are reason. Enough. Look at. For us well we looked cocaine and get a piece of material would canyon are right. Of originality can lead us right from them girls on the boats hiking. Shoot hurricanes get away from your big ass is and your co tying them. And Donald recheck that you got some new material. I mean do we can nobody does it's 'cause love and all the time and Arkansas State yes no yes maybe put it on does something. Guys because the other Dudley. She eased to Omaha. He's our it's our state to his older cousins more Arkansas State or western. All. I think once he started all of the water and Jose Fernandez banner. Thousand U techno wizard and that's not quite West Virginia food pretty close it's a state. And I told grows worse than I'm Morgan down yet but I feel like I feel like it was Virginia they got cousins standards. I. If you got married and ugly cousin Arkansas State they'll give Iraq that is it in West Virginia. Everyone's oddly I have been did not play eaten. At the highest state. It was ugly expect what to expect replacement that is the mountaineers. If you only representative of Boston. I know pillar of luck suspended but aren't that not my problem literally settlement to eat. Biggest passenger and there is fox happens. A little bit of a drug where the month. About half of those. That then there would divide is between slimy and Alabama EE and Jethro must do. Never applied now. I mean all. It's okay Bob hey your guess Bob Denver answer. John grabbed him what you know yet Wrigley billion. Bob Denver. I don't know it's good yeah and give him was a Dem girls yeah above it and I was billion John Denver got the same guy now hole. Dedicated to the other died in a fresh no yes we'll go play let's or skiing accident not guide buddy died in Colorado. Went back to a club members only rollback of the day Gil again and I know early on that show before that he was wrong. Crap like to do it in the rest of his life or was it though evolved Gilligan royalties Gilligan royalties that's good that the man. Post a nice feeling of film star back in the days just win that we're in the red floppy hat and white Columbia. To subside to some comic con is always he is also a Dobie Gillis. It was a plane crashed by the way to urge under and I notes. Yet what's. Earnhardt last night. A sign guys like to have the real play makers and that was it did last long I can't wait he personally didn't do tried to boil down will be written and then got it would obviously gotta describe though. Dude that guy the guys apparently got four fights I mean I don't know who he's biding it's also Laney Pete trains in Jacksonville I don't care visa. Us entries they stick to Italy I would have been busy because they are. Saw who it looks like he's gonna do some work Greg Carter comes and got a little meat on his bones IRAs not let go crazy. You know also the wall of the training here. And room. She didn't like it out of his seat and Alia seemed annoyed that happy ever. I mean all I know his guy there with the one used on the all out. Gamble or he had a chance to get the ground it would no news really weird it was like as they went to Dana White Kim is eyes turned to the dollar signs. It was weird day it was crazy. It was strange you know. You miss this point late yet we're all assumed that this show is dale witnesses that they do is you fight. And then he makes a few times maybe all because if they do on the shelves of Nicole. Mom. And the wonder who got a project you've rarely fought last season and they told to go get more experience came I mean I'm gonna do in the nine seconds craze. Where Susie contract now. Let's think so like yeah we wanna sign Greg Hardy. Tip of the USC at one and well that's that that does it and why that's why they kind of said. Sitting there waiting probably told me you need bogus and train in. Need to do this you need zero homework fly down. My ignorance my nine at tank if you will on the UFC. Today have a minor leaguers like our dealers cleaner like skeletal or you know from Blake. On tore down somewhere I would say pellets or do you see a more like rivals it's very rare there's got there's guys there's very or rather the guys jumped from bella toward USC and they're not so I'll just the government of sued about tore. There was what's in the fighting that's not PFL which could be kind of the few leads them. There's what locally here tighten FC ran into all the fights in of that extreme action mark Kellyanne. They fight on UC fight that's made a lot of feeding to the UC I don't even know that heavyweight division now Beasley. They don't want to figure about a strike force strike forced a total apology to us yesterday it was is no longer really. Got bought out. But I haven't done it they did to get a lot tally run around it was from try to run right Cormier it was from tried for right on as Brothers Colorado. Cyborg. Tyra Woodley like a tough with the current guys are Warren strike force it resistant and Danish merged into the deficit but the BZW. Yeah I don't know of the that there's a place lovely tie that see that disputed I don't know them heavyweight division another way that's probably wouldn't do it probably wouldn't. Like five or six by its very. Maybe like 33. Big thing is I mean to say last wall Ming I mean he needs. They listen evening went out of a total crap and that god but it didn't pay it wasn't like he looked like you lose in. Leg ready to go daughter those two guys came in to that flies look at like were coming into this to get a highlight knocked out. Last grandstand and boy is right or there was panic they makers ought. Did you see that that picture assay of Los out of the south of Austin Lane's face. With you on that cracked through. It was like cartoonish sideways man yeah it was it was something crazy Dana White I mean he was he was he AD. Giddy for this to happen. What I'm curious to know what the numbers early as far as people's side of that eyes of his verve by president says see this thing always is not a serious into the guy's got. And of the date on what's probably think you have to just say like. Are but that's best case scenario and today I have like a training facility for those guys they just each is a really Dejan he turns a future as an American top team Banco McCree it's one of the bastions in the world. Really yet. So you figure by now the you have she would have Lincoln training academy they have the thing in Nevada called the UFC performance senator. But most places most gyms the big multi train on their own. Yet there's more that a lot of places like the best guys they'll train together and so that it is probably a good. Does engines around the world that's. Only unique thing about even like boxing. And especially UNC. Is at. The guys train. With each other and then at some point time and the tightening one and. Yes it does I've been admitted anything does it mean cause. Some real or those dogs with Covington Covington is an entire will there in a fight for the title. In town and used to fight is to train down here and brought Covington. In to his training camp one point. Haiti to lol. Agent. But anyway. Yet so Dana White all all the drama that one aside late music. Soup has got and it's. A good you lose you he's gotten loose he's got have you had power and will soon becomes a Greg hardy's mixed martial arts career. Who knows that it wasn't and I can Tennessee's have some shenanigans and at the first by it was a 63 guy Iverson 57 guy. Yeah here in. It was an era I was like what is this it was it was a 135 pound fight. And the one dude was like skeletal war so he was six what are. Yeah. They. Don't need a bottle a ridiculous. Out is like what is this nonsense. Six UN's. Do you weigh 135. 63. A toll road but 511510. It's it's really about we don't want to counselor do you six foot on a book. And routed it you know everybody cares and self taught the rocks with. Maybe it's here. Ali now my 62 there. It's almost it is almost time or haircut already a couple of weeks maybe another month CDs. He's he's unbelievable he's gotten it yet he can't grow haren is back I still telling you to some freak out now. Demonstration at. All. I would like to get as some sort of bound to professor and here. To explain what's going on what was six plainly it's it's the same thing as people probably aerial over the back to that lose their topped the okay. Owe them an easy glibly and you don't lose there when you yes you don't lose or your package age they'll put there are people who are actually Harry but there are bowl there's no pattern baldness on your back. What I'm saying is he is his genetics don't go towards the back. She like so it's like me lake I don't have any hair below my knees Lowe might beard you have any beer I mean even aired that dobbs. Down in my ankle as he beard is it genetic phenomenon. And it. But below the beard is no hair that's right and that Rutland family grandfather my dad and no no hair below the knee did pass the blue county it's in. As Mavis you know. You yen lower area just adapted ya alignment my dad has should take some. Well that is an event that's the well let me years ago on out right now as far as representatives noted some of those next. Biden. Hey I smoke filled room paradise. That way with the perfect little Celtics plan. The departed head off a dead. Movie like there was more movement and their body just kept getting shot. Well I did not ended so they just wipe everybody out spoiler alert to the southern ticket eleventh I'll cork is gonna be more Celtics. Need more white satin clutch pump. Now listen. On this town yesterday this this carrier becomes obvious. That might mean it was you I'd be a little bit worried with this with them. Seems like there's trouble in paradise I worry Ali elect a scary Perry sheriff's remember you read that you want to be the man all the sudden the other point guards the mascot. Now the talk about why leaded trades. It seems to me there might be some trouble impaired as of carrier god has sent me an article about the plausible way that LeBron ends open mosques all really who has not. I don't. One well it would be funny cited Drew Gordon Hayward if that are read an article if I finally got traded back to Cleveland. And LeBron went to the Boston. Be terrible for Irish mobiles and bleed view the officer. Mom bought the thing about vision about just to the big news denies that elements on the extension doesn't make sense. And gotten back on on. With on some of the ads isn't Tatum kind of Immersion as the guy this post entire race team. You want to be V guys Nelson's isn't it and the guy lust and minorities and white in Boston that means is automatically going to be now. Question. We do Gordon and that's the more. I mean because payment is planned Brad Stevens is this guy put him women to emerge same. And amid a figure that out Kabul wings like that's not solving this league that's a problem. Mean of Jalen brown come off the bench been out earlier it's an issue that our but the guy reasoning. Re I mean it for support him every year we're on the list. Was almost. Miami. Old sailor and loves. The and all says about what I wanna be where it trouble you need to push the button in the window go down and he needs to make that work. Son of company why kind. No you know actually initiative body. You trade and Oklahoma City for Carmelo. Does dole really that his videos personal law and Althea Bombay's deal. Basically you and the 47 million dollar expiring contracts. Where it comes back explosions got a little bit. Below what culture Mela. And culture. Yet Melo Melo is never got on the diet plan if they get Mello the diet plan in the refer a year. I'm I'm due to Johnson. Doubles to get to the and on a test where you shot when he came into the game it's. Still hang in man out of the doom box or doom chum bucket. Mr. Is it last place because for whatever reason is a bet that's pending for a month. Certainly against Mexico Germany favorite my goal to many is the champs right on the defending champs face defending champs of the supporters are saying yeah. And won it last I've needed to added automatically qualify. Oh really and champs are right tournament matchup US open Phil Mickelson vs Bubba Watson an enemy that today. I'm I'm gonna go a little left you know what but it that the US open they left bubbles or Obama that ballistic. Yeah those cult lefty BM doesn't name is it lands right in everything else except golf yeah crazy. You know your story to when you choose to be left and I'm right handed left footed. All mentally because you had the bulldogs before you can only mean that a little time left foot. The rants against Australia. Are involved Frank's favorite Michael. This game yet. Merit this here off the mosques Jessica Korda. Ozzie. As we have laws is adorable koalas on television. I know we just saw Tasmanian devil you vicious. Elements of the Tasmanian devil mountain. Last time you go call the Tasmanian Dell all time all the time. His regatta Russia and Saudi Arabia that is tomorrow. Kilmeny game unity candidate from. Russia's leader Michael. I wonder if Russia does it feel like it's definitely got to be crazy yeah he's got to get it right. Had a connection has not have a fixed or any target matchup just in time as vs Tiger Woods. We really hope you know. I'm gonna go tiger a little bit ago and around the I either I know I'm not a good not a good week for him he's the king and his drug street Rickie Fowler vs Jason Day from a Goldman Jared Fowler. Who will be Jason Day you know. But dude JJ just as cool man I. Pool Jordan's feet. Verses. Which is named Justin Justin Rose. I'm gonna go. Win. Roads. Doesn't jobs numbers is Roy Mack who were got to go doesn't. That's the world or all the worries played really good. I have Iceland. Brazil Argentina you don't have. They're taking it. Because. It believes it London there's a split our attitude is a nearby gold half in this Islip. Iceland they did the critter raced in the Euro on residents' right guys in the plot that is there are come upper. And minister. Iceland's got themselves in regs in the World Cup yup. On just a win you know America yet we can I'll still wait for the turnaround yet we can't do it. And all these soccer hippies it tells me that's come in they've been tell me now for fifteen years and it Iceland got it figured out. What does that. Wait what is so sad Melissa mixing Tasmanian devils were extinct no they're not. That has been the assault on television I see a month to build on what is that in memorial and the stars. And you know like industrial. Would you abused. But I'm going to go against now furcal goes golf globally in tough one for because these guys they're not at the top of your life. Know the nuts. Paul Casey verse John Rahm javelin. I guess I ticked up what it is this I circled it before you told me. City circle mini. Asked you for advice and there Dixon didn't. That I got a World Cup is Portugal or Spain or injure my outlaws huge rivalry I think Spain but not yet I'm picketing until his leadership that. It back. Not Odeo violent that I got drug Su against Switzerland. I'll take Brazil Michael and I have been some some of the beats there's those images of chaos they'll do that will be chaos. Men. Coliseum that it's not good news medical Germany we have some and won the last World Cup semifinals than us there coming out in Brazil. Eight if Saudi Arabia does beat Russia's own dead right tone dial for sure according to sources Saudi Arabia supposed to be the worst team in the deal. Yet understand that if that happens what they're just. Trust me it's the Saudi Arabia and not occupied Udonis here to see here to see the goalie he's gonna like for daddy's gonna go on behind the goal it's gonna look so fishy. Does that there's no is this game. It's got to be right right yes it's got to be looking at the refs and ended it is Vladimir put tango just they're not they're not they're not these merchant. And in his in his games they need to get a more win to negative minus one. Has made that was definitely most definitely not extinct. I just saw 1 this morning kicking Yosemite Sams and plus one. Plus one. On. That drive. I'm telling you it doesn't look like a little too cartoon I mean it looks. Issue I want one do it like a stray dog. In our new building if we remove their. To get to a petting zoo I'd love to but we don't know we're not really. Legal and it's going to be they would have a big problem we tried to wrangle up an Australian beast and it tried to be like art. But he got it looks like me from Australia who. And the root ball and I couldn't grab the guy and those errors that I EST. Hey you it was a strike called the rumble I'd do it now. Why. EE I don't know what put him on what put somebody else on gay gimme gimme young buck who wants to get. And in a million Ramsey all you don't wanna get and what about Karate Kid on compliment okay. Off the table was so. We just eager to Bob apple lost the top your body Utley talked to Robbie Yorkshire and every afternoon. Q did you just bodied I don't need to I mean to the next I would pay off a bet he has to come over kicks a monopoly rights I don't know. Why he's gonna start. At the start shortly start which you know unpalatable to meet you. I'll tell you. It's excellent. Gone out properly between a taller than you probably shortly and probably I'm totally I'm not I'm not Linton trying to it's Obama I see his skills. And don't. There is. So. He's got us now. So now you say in short and fat but legal round how can I wouldn't call it if you in it before I even think about him things on the comment he's in the break boredom from me. Amends. Comedy is credentials. Yeah and eases the credentials of karate credentials if anyone knows jazz money sent an arsenal guy. Who I guess a Wimbledon that was divisional play down here on the election Tommy John surgery. Is commendable that in the onslaught but companies that come over here in two excellent office on. And tell me so where the as. Yes you done this isn't gonna be sure you're not trying out karate still lots of suit you need everywhere in big. Since he's played in black belt I want the receipts at the black belt. Or so recent. Does his buddies own the Dojo there. Those college degree you just get by like signing up or somebody else and popular Dojo dot com. He got a belt. Like bill he's well if you like about a woman and injured going to be I don't want them podium. But the two guys tomorrow.