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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Get a dose now. This only here Chris Perkins were taking up until close to 7 o'clock tonight. Got some stuff gets you on the program today. Gonna talk a little bit more about that McGregor. Mayweather fight with the as it can and I only correct. Him and I know Lee is one of the best boxing reporters out there. And he's been on top of the story from the very beginning we're gonna talk to him and 4 o'clock hour. We will talk in the 5 o'clock hour to. Two Brent turner from the LA times covers the clippers or no deal get us up to date on the Blake Griffin rumors what CP three is doing Jerry West join a new mode all kinds of stuff. And the possibility that that LeBron ends up out there any year or two. After after next season when he's a free agent again. So gets all of that. It's your headlines here is second to first here's the thing. So. The south between LeBron James and trim on green keeps going back and forth and mr. Singh comments here. From LeBron James about super teams. Well LeBron said that you started at the ovals are here drama green said. You started the super team grow while quoting James a statement that he never played in the super teams so James. LeBron was on a podcast. With Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson. And the Bryan took offense and that he said no no I mean in 2003 the lakers combined Karl Malone Gary Payton Shaq and Kobe. And in 96 when Jordan retired the rockets joined Charles Barkley Hakeem Olajuwon access to key mean Scottie Pippen. And Clyde Drexler on the same team. But I deathly dull looking and as I definitely didn't start the super team if that's what he's trying to say but I just feel like it's great that on the day you're celebrating your championship. My likeness of my name is in your head. I love that. In the run start the super team know. Now. You deny. He did a little bit differently now the teams before and we just got through watching the lakers Celtics documentary. In which those were two super teams Tammany hall of famers need to be on the two teams are going to be a super team. It's just that the way that they were put together was a little bit different. The lakers ended up with a top pick to get James Worthy and ended up with the top pick to get Magic Johnson. Not the kind of thing that they should have been able to do but they had deft management they managed to get those selections. I guess that this disparity and we talked about this on the show before is that. People only look it is a super team if the players came together. And joined the multi joined up. By you we had super teams. Teams are multiple stars multiple time champions. Over the course of NBA history. Somebody has to be really good. To a title. Typically need three also arson do that. And so LeBron did not start the super team he just again he just did it a little bit differently in that he was joining a team that was and hold the time. They're really only had Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem. And he was bringing another piecing Chris Bosh wins him. Or joining a peace and Chris Bosh had decided to come. And so my mom would LeBron on this I think. I I don't agree with him and he was on a super team but I do agree with him that he wasn't a guy who started the whole concept. And that's the thing now he and headlines. We'll let you Dick Sporting Goods headlines desk lease these WEB XY. M South Miami and W assets as each day until Miramar. Marlins president land tonight at 730 to start a three game series the Marlins are six games under 510. Games behind Washington in the NL les. Don't let go of the rope. At the US open Ricky so your first round leaders still holds a lead at eight under one stroke ahead of Paul Casey and Brooke stepped up. Dustin Johnson the world's number one. Is that one over tied for 58. The projected cut is that one over. And finally dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh appeared on nine NFL network today in C a but the dolphins do not fear the patriots. Now that must be kept in context and comic and soon. So did that Tampa Bay as the first game on the schedule. EC a that they understand that her New England is at the top of the east right now though he also simply undersea. And they need to have certain certain game plans for the patriots. As the patriots do prevail MD ends soon Syria taking that into a hell I think one of the great things about Miami and this team. We've never been scared of the New England Patriots we never will be. So with that being seated when we played them late in the season will be prepared. Those are your headlines. It's yeah I mean I I didn't take those that misses like the Jarvis land treats and re not fighting hurts right not Biden he's just being anonymous and and I I think is something really with the door opens that I think it's. Worth noting because the joked. Opened open teens were discouraged from doing this from. I'm speaking honestly about. We think we can take the patriots were not scared of the patriots Joseph Philbin was a very hey hey don't dole. Make any waves and and I don't even I don't think there's make him ways opened Jarvis Landry is making waves. I think did reflects the confidence met Adam gaze has projected in this team. And also believe the attitude of he lets them speak freely he's not gonna squash talk like this as low as you're not say anything stupid. Adam gays let's grown men be grown men I think that's what this reflects also. Yeah and the idea that somehow this is the thing that's gonna motivate New England has little bit ridiculous yeah yeah I think with the trophy and and there. It's that kind of stuff to notify me the dolphins are just another AFC east team really bright side they might they have the jets Seward or the bill a little weary and correct Iraq. Correct what are we need to show up where are overweight or are we got. That that's basically it doesn't Ali and that is so the I I don't I don't think that this is something that should be of any grief. Concern to anyone. Let's get back to mean. This topic here with a Brian yes see he's the east's. OK they're two different arguments here and this is coming in on its excellent. The browns are admitted he was not part of the super team on that I don't agree with Emmy was that he was part of a super team and it's great they got three hall of fame players correct on that team. Four when you add in Ray Allen although I know his late stage Ray Allen but still that that's. Panic itself like a disease was late stage three out of the cut they thought it. And parallels that's that's good good reality. I had so like I guess that the late stage a common cold it's you know that's and it being right there that's less yeah. So. And then some on sex and any LeBron started the super team in this area I believe that. But didn't Boston known well. To me you know you're right I think. To meet both the whole being is that the players put it together board did the coaches or our management. Put it together and so to meet there at the super team era started with LeBron. The players got together LeBron Dwyane and Chris Bosh bay did all that heavy lifting and it was the closer I guess you to say but the players. Did the heavy lifting. It did I did that happen would this Cleveland team I I guess a little bit may be. I guess LeBron put it together but to me it's only been in the heat and this Golden State Warriors team were Kevin Durant. Chose to cut this wasn't necessarily Golden State. I going through routines and saying yeah we're gonna zero win under rent this was derail kinda saying that that's where I wanna go. And Durant made the choice and at the other players welcomed him so to me that that's what a super team is because otherwise. Are we gonna go bay and assigned super team status to those 08 Celtics or. To the 83 of Philadelphia 76ers. A word to what ever team that had three or four all stars. I had to me it's a super team has put together by the players. Well we would have called school since super team before Barack came correct that is that's why that's why I say there's only been to and that's why stipulate this Golden State team. And I think LeBron did start the super team era but I think there's only been to so pertains. I don't know how did the the players didn't really get together and start this Cleveland Cavaliers team. It came together when LeBron got there and and against LeBron made. The moves are made a trade for Kevin Love right Tyree was there right. So I see it's I am I had two all stars. In the mix off Carey was all served Agassi was just yet this season that's springtime and were yeah time yeah he must submit it must cement or any by an. Text comes in here any team started by a player is called the super team. Who see their let me say this I don't I don't know the definition of super team there's been nobody. It seems does because you hear this discussion all the time I I really don't know what. What we should assign as as the rules but to me. Yet it did it's something that the players do because. Otherwise there's been super super team is nothing new what differentiates. These super team from the super teams those. Oh the Celtics in the sixties. Text comes in your super team as a negative connotation Maryland's Medicaid it jumped 173 win team not necessarily the wiry warriors front office. And CNN dot I'd I don't say super team is a negative stain. I really don't. I'm I'm kinda neutral on it I just stated as a description and what I think is is suspect according to how wide of buying super to. Somebody says here that you can't compare the Boston Miami super teams because the Miami players were all better. Say you're. The other thing with there. When you say a collection of all stars and enough point to this the Atlanta Hawks in 1415 right ahead of the world stars. Is was at a Super Bowl now while moreover none of them are hall of famers on the right the Boston team all three of those guys are hall of famers. So really say hall of famers in the gym we know we retroactively assigned the old three lakers win win Karl Malone and and Gary Peyton joint Colby and checked well I think they thought they had a super team. Just like Derrick Rose the audience is here with a mix for me as if I didn't quite work out our mental as anybody's definition a super team now have a valid pass hills. Else lives there or does the China's drug test right. This lease so I. And we're that we're getting a bunch of definitions hears that somebody does takes the in the 2000 of where lakers were a super team. Was the lakers would Nash Howard Gasol and Bryant a super team and again that was another one that was supposed to be no. In turn openly it and I don't necessarily think that. Even if you do go bad in retroactively assigned super teen status. I'm not necessarily sure you had to win a title. To be a super team. But here's my question this is what I don't understand okay. Why is why is everybody running away from the term. My dream on made it seem like a terrible thing right. Okay like or or that the you know what first LeBron first LeBron said he never been part of a superseding yeah. Then drain minus saying look hey LeBron you started the super team. Now LeBron is pushing back in saying one though I didn't started. Look at what all these other teams did try to put it will put great teams together put great players together over the over the course of their career. Why why is it considered on the part of the players look if you're great players. You're great players like and and the fact that she won a team up. If you can find an organization that can financially accommodates you. I don't see why it's considered. A negative now we can have a different discussion about whether or not it's good for the leak. And that the team here rating certainly show that they it is now in the regular season may be a little bit to menace the earlier rounds of the playoffs maybe a little bit diminished. But the finals were not diminished not in terms of the ratings on terms of people wanting to see that matchup. So I guess. I'm just a little bit confused as to why all of a sudden this has become this thing except that people just you know feel like derail latched on for a championship but. It would be one thing if Iran didn't do anything to contribute to the championship he was the damn MVP of the series. It's expected credits. Plus I think I think when you when it's discussed. When the term is used let's just they drain mono LeBron. I think that the the feeling is you took big you had an easy road not not necessarily that you took the easy way. But that you have it easy role look at all this talent you're surrounded by of course he won a title you you should've won a title. I think that that's kind of what LeBron say is when he says. What LeBron means when he say it KD went to a team that was already had a foundation established. I we have to put it together. And I think he means to AD joined a 73 win team that had gone to the finals where the heat they had to put it together did this was. They they didn't have. Previous season where they won fifty games or win suited more runners up. They had to combine their talents this was basically a brand new routine. I think that's what LeBron is saying OK I don't buy it you're you're pretty supports you constructed a super team. A team of three hall of famers in their prime. Who decided. Among themselves. Outside the management. We're gonna do this we're gonna get together to make this work. That's my definition and and that's why this team is different then. Whatever old three lakers or or 08 Celtics roared 8370 sixers were. Whatever other team that you wanna bring out from history the players did. Here's a couple of texts that are interest in here I feel like everyone's treating derail like he's Mitch Richmond winning a championship and ended his career remember Mitch like. Didn't play for the lakers and the winning a title and he was a whole thing parent is on her I didn't. In this one it's considered a bad thing because LeBron is chasing Jordan in trying to play the media into thinking hasn't played the better players. In Jordan has. And then this one here this might be my favorite text of the week the original super team was the Justice League. That's true we have the super for an. That. They all came together did they take less money I I don't know today it under the salary I came together on their own. That that is the super team complements Superman. And their heads and anyone out wins right. I am sure. I'm sure there that's that's going to be the young 3230. The big news in any simmering resentment you had to an op Amanda Wonder Woman had to sacrifice arrests since. He's. Exit to allow someone else to close at six. Who led the clutch gene on the same side that had to be Superman or less had to be Superman he's he was the LeBron of the word TD you're you know. Pretty soon or hear the Paul George wants to join that team though boy. You're that would be. They'll be on your it would be unfair right well we a lot of Texans aren't you we will we'll have some and easily come back after the break. So. Tyler so that it saves a lot of coverage of the NBA draft of subsidized freedom he's broadcast in time it's not thinkers Stephenson. Live from the city's closet the American Airlines Arena Thursday June 22 beginning at seven was on the radio our heads to the arena. For the party sponsored locally by Coconut Creek Subaru friendly and knowledgeable the price she won and by Orion fuels and downstairs convenience stores. Keep installment back here with Chris Perkins. Yet this is a distinction we should make LeBron actually had a great. Mostly right thumb. When a song about the rockets and nineteen has put together. And this Texans in the 96 and 99 rockets would Olajuwon and Barkley. Drexler for. Two seasons and one with pippin after Drexler retired. Who was it the didn't get along on that team was Barkley and Drexler. Who remember. I'm I'm pretty sure it was. That was much hyped team though that. It again and you know depending on how you won a wallop by the term super team that wouldn't. Could qualify. You know I I I think what distinguishes based super team is there is how it was put together and being put together with the players. To me is the qualifier because that that's the unique being as the new teeing. Amassing talent amassing multiple hall of famers. That's not new that doesn't lead to me that doesn't. From. Necessarily rise to a level of creating a new label the term super team when the players put it together which is unique. That's what rises to the level love all right we can create eight term I'll label whatever. And super team is just the term that came up. But to me that's when it. It's appropriately. In my own little world. Applies brakes on it was by the way it was Berkley in Drexler. Barbara Rosenberg he's come around said that Drexler. Was jealous of joy of it's. So I mean Drexel for a little while I was considered the second best player in the league. Yeah yeah when he was both Portland got the I like to do it all. While there were is that there was a time we're dead fly didn't end Grant Hill word. Complete all around players. Not quite as good as Michael drove well I mean really it was the the com. Grant Hill. Michael Jordan thing and trying to win back important in Jordan won titles and and really separated himself. But yeah Grant Hill Clyde Drexler there were a lot of guys at that time that we're. The current and jockeying right the net dispose of the next yeah right more than aren't up there with a tech sensing your wire people mad a player goes for money they're greedy player takes less to play to win their league pitchers and want the easy way out. All these people just aren't happy because it's not their team I love my four years of the super team here enjoyed it passed hoped it happens again if not always heat thing. Are you offended by players. Doing it but players joining. Other good teams if it if Chris Cole. Analysts say if he if he joins the spurs does that that's a good test. Test balloon ride out does that rise to the level of super team you just have Chris Boland. And I lied. I mean I I I just look at it like he's joining a really a good team and good to see another another move right there. Right in an effort to become a contender yeah Seattle and that rises to the level of super team now if somehow though. They recruit Paul Millsap who the players do it as opposed to topple mr. Arce view her or whoever. May be you're approaching super team status of Millsap and and CP three. Leaving their teams to join coli and if the players do it again. Maybe maybe maybe that rises to that will separate and hall of fame now though is EP three years Hawaii with fingers on his way rises and any and Aldridge there too. Yeah LaMarcus Jim don't short change in the disappearing live. So I yeah. Texans in this new CBA don't think we'll see many super teams with a rewarding players for staying home. Event that's that's one thing that's going to be very interesting though Gordon Hayward he could he's talking about leaving Paul George Chris Paul. Guys are talking about leaving they are they are because the money is so great anyway yeah and that they're making a decision is the next year for thirty million or whatever. Is it worth me being less happy correct and I would be otherwise stretch and yet in some cases your tying yourself to him for five years to a teen whose future. Probably doesn't include eight title contending season right. Now somebody texted him. About our Texan we were if we were at earlier. About. About players getting bleep no matter what direction they go into someone text in wow it takes a with perspective what's station is this. We have great text below is an adult but we did we lose attacks like quite a bit yes and we missed the reason we use attacks like quite a bit is. Honestly I know many in this forum you spoke sees a lot of calls. By you've always got this awkwardness of the calls that a call comes in. It's. Is the person on line and not on the line and then sometimes you can be filibustered for three minutes you know without any way to get. Right or they could be driving on that spot in the turnpike riskiest bad reception and familiar served. Sir right and now if a sight seeing India sillier than her right. Not I love the text and you know that excited that I try to respond to as many government like in but it yeah I'd I'd like the I like boo boos. Camaraderie that the relationship peer insincere. And I loved it so that was that was a good Tex I think are quite a bit. Fix it was it was a very intense yeah. Troubled couple things coming here. Says we need to look close it is worse he was I don't think we'll see another in a long time due to the collective bargaining agreement. Yet there was this one year window there's this one year window with a salary cap ballooned because there was no smoothing. And the warriors ended up benefiting by having enough money to bringing Kevin Durant to bring in arguably the second best player in the game I mean that's that's how this happened to. Another text comes in here I wanna sort of drinking game anytime someone says the words super team gonna be dead by the time you reach this Texas. That is true we'll where we send the flowers Sarah. It right right you know what. I hate I'd I don't know but say they're split. That tells you shouldn't but I'm gonna do it anyway in college friend of mine introduced me to this little drinking game where you did. And Elsevier. A minute. Which doesn't sound like much still you know you considered sixty sixty minutes up after an hour. The sixty ounces of beer you you not backed by beards. If they are a member AM so and you know the drinking game Madden you know super cell wonder of wonder super team would it. Ditch you more drunk Miller shot a beard a minute. Listening to the show. Mom. I opened his own team to produce I think so we have Syria using a lot of lives through the wishful over the last. Two segment less three minutes. This. Texas and why would LeBron go west. Especially in an older age. Well we don't know what the west is gonna look I mean. You're certainly in the west is gonna stay as good as it's been. Misled us like how many I mean I mean. How many years do you give Golden State I'm looking at the clay Thompson exit what two seasons he's got two seasons before. Here. I believe he's got through. I am very skeptical to project past two years with this Golden State team for whatever reason. Contracts injury. Free agency and another team comes up. I just think in the end today sports with free agency especially. If you project more than three years. You're looked in way he into the new year with little way into the unknown. You know you are and there could be injuries I mean that's the biggest thing but they I think what people are looking out with a school state team is the relative youth of it right that. Oh yes no that's that's an old Dell but the relative youth. Clashes with reality at some point right in reality to me so is. They're not all gonna stay this unselfish for that long and and they're all going to be. Health the well the things that break up these seems there's three different things there's there's health. Which there's no way to predict that Bruton there's age. And there's ego yeah. So and and I'm sorry there's a fourth thing there's there is. Salary cap. Now to save money but you're not yet not not because of greed reason spoke because the owner might not won a dish out when they're at their. Their tax their payroll is going to be. Incredible and a couple of writers as and yeah I mean. So yeah edited. It will be very interesting to see if after two years the the core of that team I mean. You probably wouldn't expect like it would follower you know guys are Rene your whatever the fringe guys but the core. We're talk in what's that clay Katie dream on. Right. I think that's the board that we're talking about would all due respect each year and. No I'm on the court the you know the other pieces are gonna change right over the course Sean living like there's always going to be the thing about them is there's always going to be players who want to play there. That there's always going to be once you once you have that kind of team you'll get guys to take less money to a would deter championship and B. Showcase themselves as they know they'll be able to showcase themselves deep into the playoffs for a bigger deal in next year's somewhere else. So they'll always be able to get guys someone your deals like they're never gonna stroke to do that and I think that again was it taken Miami and that was sort of what Riley wanted to do was try to tell LeBron was will always get guys for you. But the problem was was that that this time they tried to get LeBron. Or try to keep LeBron in 2014. The guys that they had the they had for him we're just rip Robertson and Danny Granger now I know with the palace soul thing's gonna come out here. And there's no way to know for sure how is gonna sign. Okay. Again I spoke to him directly about this and he indicated how much you like the city of Miami in and all the rest that you know has been a productive player the past couple years has he been a Lee it's like he was before now. Now he has not been quite at that level but we have helped a Miami team. Refresh itself playing next Abbas yes. Then again we we we did know at the time the bosh was any of sick so there's a lot of factors are going to this and you don't know you know look. You know that would have been a factor for broad state a Miami and bosh got sick that would have derailed things quite a bit. And you don't know if there's something that's gonna happen and Golden State this is completely unforeseen mean that that's. What happens here. This. Somebody's about a bunch of people are texting in that that drinking game that I see it and that Elsevier a minute. It's called the power hour. They sought a bunch of books next slate and a somebody said they couldn't have Lowrie as well com. I don't know if they would have gotten Kyle Lowry. And I'm trying to remember the exact circumstances there and I know we end up signing the Toronto. Are resigning with Toronto and I know Miami was pension expressing interest in him and I don't know that they could of the Gasol thing was more likely from everything that I heard at the time. When you talked about the fourth things that break up teen somebody takes it in which one broke up the heat. Good question yeah. Speaking of good texts. Submit. Well I think all four to certain degree. Injuries. You know and to weighing its availability was an issue right right money. The Mike Miller amnesty was unpopular in the locker room Lou age. Shane Battier and Ray Allen both at the end of their careers and and the other one it really didn't it was ego. I I don't think it was it wasn't an ego thing between the Big Three they all seem to sit collaborate pretty well what about between parent and LeBron. Yes. Yes. Up the scale little bit so if you want to include that one that I guess yeah all four. All for money ego or. Yeah that's an interesting point. That was a deter those good Texas and which one group that he. Sorting and money ego. Now beginning. We say in money EEO hello hello and was age and a shift. Yeah sometimes that health in the Ager are tied together bit. In the in this particular case was so much that again it was just wanes. Availability. Another Texans and clearly getting the number one draft pick kill me. Yeah that didn't help either. And then the sex is an interesting way to look at this. I think it's super team consists of multiple members appeared go to who go to another location carry a culture team to the playoffs. Mood. And it's that's that's ancient definition I have to think about that that's that's an interesting definition hum. There's that would eliminate the hawks team that I'd say you know what before all stars. I mean. Look. As always Celtics to evade. It could could I guess ray in tears in KG at that time for the day you know he didn't say win at the Texas and win a title as soon as lead into the playoffs right. So a paltry eighteen where they could they could have done that in no way each of those three could have done that yes. Now though all 304. Lakers right that was 04 lakers. That we're equipped Karl Malone and GP net Carl all CPU so that they give they couldn't have live team I don't think to who else but it yet they could've taken. You know whenever you wouldn't say 38 win team in tournament to a 4245. Or when he whatever I don't think they could limb. Less interest in the interest during the stab at the definition look. Right so then maybe Kevin I only have a different their mission. Who. Did you know that do you understand this reference the card UT TP Taylor in the American Airlines Arena kill the Big Three. You get that reference. No and I'll turn out there I came on the tax line. I'll throw that out there for the audience. The card the Taylor in the American Airlines Arena kill the Big Three. Lou there's going to be. There's there's got to be some kind of a story out there historians and gnome and I'm not aware all right it's do it's yeah curious about that. Iowa we'll get back to some of these sexier a little bit later. Lets us Kim and I only get back into this fight this McGregor. There were what are we what are we in the calling yes there was an enemy in. Oh boy what was what was the one that one. When you're taught them. Out of class that are cash. So yes that's likely go to my minute class your cash soon in the mail in the Mayweather McGregor fight there. Our Kevin Riley is one of the best boxer reporters in the country were tucked in next in seven and taken. And. Hi joined so then world famous boxing promoters wars boxing for the night of rising stars featuring up and coming fighters from the Miami Beach area is set to do Bill Beach resort on Collins avenue that Saturday June 24 at 6:30 PM and you can win tickets. Was a Tobin LeRoy and peace every day this will this week your chance to win. Come see Eduardo Perez you this is Diaz JD pretty boy Martinez and more for more info log on to the ticket Miami. Dot com we will stay in the fight game now go out to the Orion fuels and downstairs and be ensor is guests line they are truly steps beyond convenient. He writes for Yahoo! Sports seat covers. MMA and boxing for Yahoo! Sports Kevin Reilly Kevin thanks for taking the time. Absolutely appreciate having your own. So what do you make of the reactions. Are here look what do we make of their reactions to this fight coming together between Mayweather and and McGregor. It's it's eight million rumors forever and then it then a and then I know you've been reporting on this you've been on top of the story from the beginning. But didn't seem to us who just sort of on the outside a little bit like it was like all boom okay it's happening. It did did this come together quickly in your view what once they decided that they were filing and do it. They're really good I think in the last month things really happen. You know once these had it year old would call armored greater should the USC. And Connor has settled their deal last month then I think you know people figured out from the long awkward really because. To try to get a deal done an agreement with Mayweather. And Mayweather history has always been that it's going to be a long drawn out to deal so many of those fights has taken a long time to put together. But yeah stunningly they got it done end in less than a month then. When they really got close they they closed it out there was suddenly two hours since. You know things were meeting I think a lot of the credit for that goat to convert Gregor who wasn't sweating some peak else. Then other forward opponents sweat you know I he wanted to fight so badly that day. Those unsatisfied with the money a lot of these other things I'm good to do it. Yeah I was shocked if they got it done as fast that they did but I I was also happy about it shortly we're getting sick of all the back and forth. Hey Kevin Boss and speculation. On whether this is an official sanction bite date goes some way Mayweather is undefeated record but. It has that been officially determined does it and so it is at the F 100% do you give them an asterisk. It with despite telling him in any way your I had I guess Estrich is is wrong term but it is this legit. So to tell you right. I mean I don't think it's so legit to quite from the standpoint of pay your you were one of the best fighters in the world. And your reporter crossed to recruit one of the best fighters in the world now. That's that's not legit but. You know obviously one the powers that be at its sanction the sport. End in regulate the sport and do these kind of things say it's sanction that would it is doable. You know we have to count the record so it's going to count whether anybody likes or not he is going to tell us your past Rocky Marciano and get to fifteen now. I'm Kevin I only here on 79 to tell him and I the confidence and would she say that the price. I saw on that path as the voice when it's not a I get to fifty you know. It it sounds like you're pretty confident that this is that you know at this point this is going to be a fairly easy time for Floyd. And and that's no disrespect to Conner I think you know and I said that since they were 200 MMA fights you're a better at the ambulance back up to cage side exploit will be an anti. Thirty seconds after the fight started I mean you know but. This is one of those things you know Floyd is one of the great boxers who all time. Honor really took up boxing seven months ago he's never had to cope quite he's never had an amateur site. And there's a lot of home moved to go in the boxing has you know some people think well these emanate fighter he knows how to take it throw apologist. But enemy fighters have to defend the whole slew of things up boxers don't. So they take different stances at their way to the difference bought their partially recovered from different angles and they're not as efficient as strikers because of all the things they have to attack. So now when you put him in a ring against a boxer who. That is also second nature to him and his footwork and his ability to move you where he orchard beach. Is it is just instinct and Karr got to think about everything he does I just don't see how we had a chance to become such. Kevin who are the biggest winners in despite. Connor McGregor Ford Mayweather Dana White Leonard Ellen yeah I think that's you know really what it is I mean. And the people who all the hotels Las Vegas because there's going to be a lot of people come in to watch the show on the hotel rooms are going to be bought the crisis everybody saw on. Social media talking about the prices rise already knows who the people we're gonna win it. If you worry fan and you're sitting there that you know and you say I wanna see the absolute best fight the absolute best. Then this is a trio. But if you sit there and is saying hey you know I wanna see a fun event to mean. And I understand is gonna be a train wreck but I wanted to see what happens how does. Then you might have fun with this you know it just depends on your attitude I'm looking going yet. It's gonna be an epic crushed property it's gonna be an epic promotional from start to finish. Until they were in the first felt. Yet and you know Tim what you say about. You know that this is an event right in more than more than a fight this is a reason to have people let your house and have a big party and ended you know all that kind of stuff right this is something per jurist of either sport. I agree and you know I. I order called the should be posted a little bit on Yahoo! Sports and I talk about you know. Quickest people were out music and help boxing is it hurt Washington and help them made in her gonna make it to one off site. And it's like it had any impact on either sport good or bad and it's just one of those things go there how fond. You know I mean if you're repelled by the idea that hey Floyd Mayweather fighting some it has never bought before okay. Don't buy it don't extremists don't do anything in there and stay away from it but still there are a lot of people out there that. Really wanna see this fight for whatever reason I you know until given that they do I think the combat scorched derived. When the promoters make the fight to the people want to see and this is clearly a fight digital social media reaction I could tell you it. Just the traffic there were getting all my stories that tells you people wanna see this fight and given that you know the promoters are Smart to deliver. I'm Kevin I only hear the other pretty good fight coming up on Saturday tomorrow or was this ward Kovalev sign I feel like a lot of the steam from that has been taken away because of because of you know what we're talking what we've been talking about here on the show and others have been talking about when McGregor and Mayweather I mean do you think. 88 do you think this this helps in terms of getting some interest. In in the fight game here before tomorrow already think that they sort of got there was the short end of the stick here because all the attention has been on a different fight. Yeah I mean award Kovalev discuss destroyed by this tonight you know I wrote called mr. Wright talked about. You know Mayweather are used to fight for each go to one cultural Pete bitter creek damaged three HBO fight you know certainly tomorrow. In other promoters were already struggling in the fight wasn't doing well. Despite the fact it's a tremendous fight I mean they had a good fight the first time. You know purple in the top five pound for Pall mall a lot of people out or number one. The old it is. There's I'd just like between Jimmy Carter Center but it was already struggling before this fight was done and then this like it's made you know all the auction got taken out of the room nobody's talking about. Co eleven award in everybody's talking about Mayweather McGregor but also no golden boy has two shows that are now going to be affected. Miguel Cotto the future hall of Famer. And coming back to fight on August 26 get what they that is hand so who beat Hingis in a pay attention to that. And then the triple GM can LO are supposed to place September 16. Now they get a little lucky because it's it to per month and a different cable built with their three weeks of march. And nobody's going to be talking about can no triple DM till the Mayweather McGregor fighter's daughter. This whole lot of that promotion that they get in that free media they're really. Pounded into the head of the public good you know that you have to by the try you have to buy this fight is gonna start a lot later this normally start so. You know they really from that standpoint. You know cost. A couple of these other individual matches so a lot of money. But it is the possibility of McGregor and Mayweather is not much of a fight if it turns out to be a dud. Then there could be a little bit of a rebirth there for triple GN and can LO because. Okay do you wanna serial fight now like this is a real fight like this is it today I mean you're you're. You tightrope on awareness though right right and that and the problem you're gonna how is. They organist order having their press tour guide next week right and so cute theaters either go to new York and LA to try to promote what she can now. I'll under normal circumstances you'll be hugely attended people would fly in from all over the country to one of those two places they get a lot of coverage now. And then they'd have to our reporter were stories in the bank you'll come up between now and that. Odd now it's like a lot of training in big bear California which is 8000. Beat out Bob I'm mountain. Also a couple are outside LA how many reporters are gonna want to drive up that boat and talk to go Lockett who doesn't speak that grated English. At the risk of missing something to do it may weather in him McGregor. And try to stick it's gonna really hurt him from that standpoint. It's all that stuff that they would have had in the bank and ready to go. It is they're gonna lose interest that that urge because even though people decide to buy the fight. You know who Davy Ford dale is almost always does the most not comment on the tape by a but can they start to get equally because they here you know two months out a month got pictures here that drumbeat about despite coming company culminated in it has that effect gonna. And now we're gonna lose that so I think it's gonna hurt that I. I got you know its interest in point Kevin Riley does a great job. Covering these sports. Man has been all on top of the story from the very beginning we appreciate you taking the time of the sir. Any time and I appreciate having thanks. No problem right when we come back we'll get back to the text line so lots more stuff on the super team thing. And then this text them and no one's paying 200 dollars a month apart to watch boxing. I guess that's the problem that they're gonna have even though the pitcher to G fight promises to be great fights so. We'll see what happens there I believe your back on seven on the ticket. And one. Yeah. On Wednesday case. You'll want to see you thank you navy Bernanke Alan DNA is agent they've been silent any. This anti spam or going to take it as Thursday mornings and and our. It's not tonight he's both public adjusters. Got your assets covered call 855 Getty CPA or visit East Coast public adjusters dot com don't settle for less. I was and just the tips on hand 790 and FM 104362. The ticket. If installment back here with Chris Perkins thanks Ken and I only from Yahoo! for joining us he does good stuff and that was. Informative and that the uninteresting in her interview with him so. Appreciate him taking the time to talk to us. Get to your headlines here in a second. First here's the thing. So. Will this fight be a farce in May be. Obviously you know kind of McGregor is stepping up. In to a dangerous situation here fighting against the best guy in the world. When he's never fought anybody in this particular discipline. But I don't really think that there's a chance and I agree with canal in this I don't think his chances is gonna damage. Either of the two sports and anyway. In fact I think there's a better chance and actually bring some positive attention. Because I think they'll be more of an appreciation. And you know boxing can use this in the Mormon appreciation. For how hard it is to do with Floyd Mayweather and some of these other guys do. And I do think there's any attention that you can put on the squared circle. Helps the other fighters eventually now may not help these. Fights right away because again as the oxygen is being sort of taken out of there you know taking and a room. A little bit by. This sort of you know. You know eclectic novelty fight that they were gonna have. But I think eventually. I think he can be a positive thing. For the sport and that's the thing now we gonna headlines. Headlines desk face these WEB XY. Am South Miami and WSS desk each day until Miramar. My Marlins visited live tonight at 730 to start a three game series the Marlins are six games under 500. Ten games behind Washington in the NL east you know the phrase don't let go of the role. At the US open Rickie Fowler and Brooks kept there are tied for the lead at nine under two strokes ahead of. Paul Tracy the projected cut is one over and defending champion Dustin Johnson the world's number one would just sneaky and Johnson is at one over among the notable players who won't be playing the weekend most likely. Rory McIlroy at six over Jason Day it hit over. Jason Duff and her local kid at eight over John roam the rookie from Spain he's at five over them Bubba Watson is at war for her. Ndamukong soon raise some eyebrows yesterday when you look. NFL network and see at the dolphins. Are not afraid of the New England Patriots but context is needed in comic in sues preceded that by saying their focus is on Tampa Bay in the opener. But he knows new wing wind is on the schedule. That date he knows that New England is going to have a game plan for the dolphins the dolphins or have a game plan for new win win. And sold in some win on to say we've never been scared of the New England Patriots we never will be. Sold wit that being CN when we played them late in the season we'll be prepared. No true trash talk him but notable hey what are you doing tomorrow. Two great fighters at their best with the light heavyweight world championship on the line don't miss ward vs global live sued the rematch. Again that's tomorrow 9 PM live on pay per view. Those are your headlines RA com. You think there's any chance LeBron leaves Cleveland. Yeah yeah I think there's a chance circumstance I could see circumstances. Changing to the point where he's rush rated. Maybe. Maybe there's Seko adding there was sick of paying exorbitant luxury taxes. I decided I would say that it's unlikely. To me but I did I could see a scenario yeah we're in which he leaves. Yeah I mean I don't think he owes anything to them anymore does he know I mean he's delivered three straight finals. Salute for finals total one championship. He was great in all three final series. So none of those were his fault. He's not afraid to be in disliked the dearly right he'd he'd left near Ely Miami. But I would say it would probably. Be regarded. By media as as a jerk move it. And that's the not knowing what circumstances might make them leave some won't just make that blanket statement there from where we sit now. LeBron needs to keep his but put in Cleveland why. I think it's not honorable thing to do I think it's the right thing to do now. Guild because Gilbert is spending money right now. I I am I would be I would hold LeBron. Hours he would lose respect in my eyes if LeBron was a petulant little child. And if Cleveland was spinning to a reasonable limit like this steamy head this year AP left because of this team for instance he's a petulant little child. I I don't really see. Like what else were they supposed to do you know what I'm saying my god I think that. They they maximize their ability reasonably to get players right you weren't gonna go out and get pulled George this season. If if this would have been built a thirteen this quality would make him leave. I would say yeah you're being a child now if you didn't have mostly JR Smith or. You know Kyle Korver or Darrent Williams OK I did see the best half Stepan. I Al Al wait and see but from where we sit now I don't think he has the I don't think he will have any reasonable. Reason to leave. IE I think. ITunes Agassi is an area where he goes to Los Angeles and and I honestly I don't. Perk I don't blame him I mean he went back to a situation where you know the fans entry and so well on the way out the door we all know that the owner didn't treat him well on the way out the door. He owed them nothing on the way back he delivers what he delivers. And to me it's it's. You know I thought he would never leave I I thought that once he went up there because he made it about the kids in northeast Ohio and everything else so which was. You know I I didn't except that night I thought it was all about him and not. Not winning to be repeated in his hometown but whatever right I mean there were a lot of fact you are now beginning party hardy tailings coming and show. That's a good self we saw vaccinations and so. Yeah but yeah no. I just. I understand chasing more titles and if if the clippers. Give you a better opportunity EI. DS. I guess. But it at some point. I don't know what would you call it human decency or not the people were decent to LeBron as you pointed out they were they were like he right he'd. If he didn't go back I wouldn't blame him. But I don't know I guess that met that dumb that wondering I kind of kind of irritates me I can't quite put my finger run it but. I wouldn't. If if Gilbert is spinning. Tsui reasonable limit and acquiring talent. And they just didn't get it done they're just not enough to beat San Antonio or Golden State. And LeBron leaves egos their own in in my I am not in I hold him in very high regard now. Even after twenty TO and NAFTA Clooney fourteen that. You know I'll I still respect tiger's NYC. And I just think once he leaves once it's easier to leave again. And that and we sort of solidarity he left once and then with the Miami left again and then now I can I could foresee a scenario. If he if he thinks I think a lot of this is gonna come down to wit what place can accommodate the type of players that he wants to play with. And that's gonna come down the cap situation and obviously location and I know there's been some rumors that Miami I don't have anything to add to that I don't know. Whether or not he would have any interest in returning here to me that seems. Unlikely for a whole bunch of reasons Olson by it the Los Angeles thing is never seem totally unlikely to me again because he has so many interest. Out in Los Angeles at this point with all with his production company Spring Hill entertainment needs is he has a lot of stuff that's going on out there. It's obviously huge market he continue to grow is brand. Well let me ask you this now because there's if you are you gonna go down this road now. He probably would have an owner and Steve Ballmer right who had back to what he paid two billion for the clippers 2.2 were I thought it was some ridiculous. I he would he would probably would not mind. You know you keep. Get CP three to stay maybe you invite delaying or Melo. Recessed to eat you know we're taught to not this season but the season has realm they might that. But maybe maybe Bowman wants to spin maybe he's willing to stand. I do Obama still very un easy about. LeBron know leaving that if they are spinning. Reasonably. We'll get back to this insane we got something they came in Marc Stein for me as TN. Is reporting that the sixers and the Celtics are in serious talks on the trade involving number one overall pick. And so what does that mean. Well I added it is believed it. Going after mark hill folks to put her with her lose you have been sermons yeah perhaps. That that would seem like the most likely scenario there in the if the Celtics. We're not convinced him Martell faults is a great cynnex Isiah Thomas. You can move down two spots PM I'm assuming this would be. Two to jump up two spots for the sixers from 31 up. And then we see what other assets the Celtics again I mean with the Celtics be able to sort of would they be able to steal Doris arch. Away from Philadelphia I mean I'm I'm not sure you've got to give you gotta get a starter correct. Along with a lot of an in state in the first round. Yeah Yemen in the early jump and down to pit us I mean and if you if you don't love Alonso ball. Then and you assume the lakers are gonna take him anyway. Then this year the Celtics and say the player you've identified as Josh Jackson. Well do you think you can still get him a number three then why not trade down the two picks. And pick up something else I just don't know what Philadelphia has a great value though you could pick up a future first. So does he continue to accumulate. All of these assets. So. Though be at how do you think. How do you think that it will this BA trade heavy. Top part of those of the drill team. I think I think this is showing you will be enthusiast would dump him once the number one pick goes a song and dance on yeah everybody else or some jockeys are present right now are you there. Yeah it does to meet is that just brings in a certain level of uncertainty does it will will our guy be there who were they were they going after why did they do such and such I. Rhea now now we need to protect our guys. It yep that's true that that could dumb. That could set up a Maria well first room activity a lottery. You know activity. I'm now woes are reporting Philadelphia's winning on medical information about mark health holds the deepen talks and acquiring bosses number one overall pick. So Phillies identify the guy that they think like you said that it if I bet for them it's about. Simmons and NBD and then whoever this sticky rice bread. And. Is this early in the sings early to be talking about trading the number one shouldn't should that be happening next week or my mistake now you're I remember years it does seem Carly doesn't know it does seem early but. I don't know maybe not it's yeah. But but that's it's a little easier this topic at this point yeah but it seemed like NBA is usually closer to two days. Before instead of six days you know two or three days I should say instead of six days. Right. Well we'll impossible to hold such on this a little bit more a little bit later roles gonna talk to Brad turner next. About the clippers particularly about Blake Griffin how I wanna get into with him he covers the clippers what is Blake's game how much is it changed over the past. Couple of years and would he be a good fit for the Miami Heat will be right back on 79 taken. Downright grow. Business home. Guns they saw like the seven I didn't take it we've got breaking news behind the scenes videos pictures are. Goals and sometimes our thoughts on things like us at 790 the ticket. On FaceBook event's only back here with Chris Perkins will get sued this news about this number one overall pick which it looks like Boston may be moving. For Philadelphia to take more helpful so we'll see what happens there. But first before we do that we got derived fuels and down season being servers gas line they're truly steps. Beyond convenient gonna talk to Brad turner covers the Los Angeles Clippers does a great job out there in LA Brad thanks for taking the time. Marquardt here guys why you guys endured BC was up. But what are even if cryptic yeah 00 what up what are we how can I just played six years ago today he's domination now we're just you know literally it's Illinois or a little later married and then you realize you're here already here border Powell knows she's a mom waited and unity. Yeah. But that hasn't happened yet dominance. OK then for not for either of those. Brad wanna start here with the U there is you know some some talk about the heat going after Blake Griffin in free agency. And I know they're not the only team that would be interest in what would you put the odds that at lake returning to the clippers. While. Some very good question that we had that so what kind of Chris Paul and they have been. It got out of me. Eighty Passaic he returns. Because I know you like LA. I think he loved life and there's. Yes cool key hit here and LA. And that he's that he's become his family man don't really hadn't become merit yet. Kathy Dole's. Big factor for him. And now having your weapon on board. That changes the equation quite a bit because you have so why didn't hear who is no water quality. How exactly is a row including a guy you guys have done their Pat Riley. You know so I think that was repeated to them but until these that got it monitored at a press conference. Yet to be nerves. Biggio how how much does Jerry West changed things because you do have Jerry you have Steve Ballmer owner who is willing to spend money. Does it is there a chance CP three and Blake Griffin stage and then the clipper restored to recruit the team to beat Golden State. I know that they have the money here we know there's so much. Bigger if you don't see it they crave could call it these things with the clippers he could but so five years. 205 million about us is legal anywhere else is four years I 122. Million ballots not the kind of what you may critics you know I mean. Number it's not this has led tiger Texans didn't. Salary had to give Blake Griffin. You specifically it was what five bears and 135. Million if we decided to routine seed beat by the is four years 100 if so you million dollars. Soviet kind commit it being. Mood that much money but some like Chris Parker hurt him more because he's 32 years old. Blake got figured when he suddenly in those I think it all that being that no complainant apathetic about. But also the clipper cut to be involved there they wanna give them that much money Chris is not young by any means he's. Not always going to be thirty years old making 46 million dollars to make it had a history of injuries. Nobody got the always weigh in at that and even if another team if the wind that. Do you wanna pay his there's being a player like Blake Griffin who have had a list skill and although the year. And make him basically plug your T. Knowing he had the injury could be this sort of a lot play everyone away. The clippers. In the other eighteen million being in the two player asks. Talking to Brad turner here about the Los Angeles Clippers a lot of story lines that play into the rest of the NBA and also. Potentially to the Miami Heat you mentioned that Blake has gotten better every CR has gotten to be a better player. These numbers is overall numbers haven't changed all that much is dunks are way down I know he's become a better jump shooter. By ground how have you seen his game evolve and I mean has he lost a lot of athletic citizen. You can also I joke that. We're basically the American League conducted job in his elbow to the papacy squarely don't don't people. Now they're my immediate. A little bit more than critical of the square quicken up bad. And Natalie you've got help prepare how well will they either claim that he's now it's. Excellent yeah this school. If you do that you know so yes he had a lot of other athletics. Well I think it is cool built mobile. It is a little important game he looked so one that always complain he's still the clippers still lack of playing. But he complained let it what he does a quick check of play he's able to Lauren could make clay and I stayed out court. Mike what about who we Leo on the ground about the tobacco the plans to meet at the biggest what you played he had a cool. Is bill of course this game knowing that. If he complained a little bit more than it is critical golf. The Supreme Court he gave away don't get that would be create your your teammates because now they expect you to get back in play the right way. Also the Middle East yet become wired that. Now think the game a little bit more understands that negate all the intrigue not that I like but if you let that way. Goal I looked at next player you can be removed water he could be a better player we could see. BT you know how it in golf you have best player to never win a major I think Chris Paul might be the best player to not win a title the best current player may be. Does that is that gonna drive him to sue. Green chase or do you think he's he's cool with where he is in his in his I guess his legacy. You know I looked at one of those players that I really believe what the wind at all costs rather than some guy that I've been told what the years that. They wanna get paid to do what I get paid to wanna get paid and anyone who had. I believe Chris Paul cruelty. In deeply want to win in the B championship. And there had been talk that he will present critical do you prefer you. Maybe you can call every increasingly he does that they've not particularly if they with a beat Golden State. But. He knows that he's 32 years old and the clock ticking. It's going forward not Bob Baffert mapping that deal but yet make a decision. That you Wentworth and Antonio can't historic it would be cool that it all could make to the one who worked for him that he wanted the clippers. And collected about river some more. Cut and Jerry West put that people aren't bitterly they can put people around them. But they actually if he comes back to make her back it difficult for the cookbook and make a major boom I'm lucky crater one. Note that the only way I can actually beat all these god Becky BJP. Mediocrity you either Chris public record different situation is so cut muscle type. Bet they can't go wiring get a copy or small forward. The paper this Connecticut history but no problem with the mask. Years yet another death they have advanced console trying to fill that spot. Brad turner here with a son 79 in the ticket are what are the possibilities that any year we're talking about a banana boat crew coming out to the clippers are playing together. I had I had that happen to my output that you spiritual that kind of pad the lead here because you're a west gold with a flip of that to become good arena. The lakers might bat. You don't want the ball and grab the ball all the dad who. We have some of these stories caught on I hear that when I read the story is about. Maybe the drive me my when it comes to literally what it really seemed to put a little too late as you know that particular the scenario. Now I'll play NFL writer web. The various market very true that understands. How cool would clear and give it to the man. How they can improve their brand but also rich amateur medal those so I don't good cop bad. But it a step a year away. And until LeBron make a decision whatever crime being aware that the other campus gets picked he went to Cleveland Cavaliers. Then why we wanna leave that. Mean that's one of the question I'm always asking how do the clippers or even the liquid poured at all. How did you get him a cup replay yet alchemy of great guys because they're everywhere. That we he. Who who knows who he could hear the stories and playing in the and that he wouldn't believe. I don't see it at four. Here now I think he's in I think he just finished fourteen right. You guys only committed fifteen years in the NBA. Now he was about portal. And the finals but at some point you know he's. Look at the look cracked there doesn't mean it is unclear playing cleared and hopefully your typical pop act you know Katie we'll provide you. Appear to put double it was a good night because that's great capital. But he still beat that guy to lead it seems so idol winner when he fault somehow and then not come something off the cliff. I'm not saying it could happen next season but it is an app that did I don't know the ability to get past the way. Do you see Gordon Hayward a lot he's a guy that does is rumored to be in arrested and receiver receiver is interested in him. Is he worth 31 million and what could he doom for the Miami Heat. I guess but wanted to put a typical audience got to paint paid big money. If Miami Heat society given the money in the take that but yet he collected. And every goal I ask now. Some people can look me then he's really. A he wanted to add a guy. And that they'd lead guy all the way up maybe it over to you wherever you that you got dad he was at number one guy. You have got negated because it was problems he had paddling yes skilled yet Moxley. Is kind of a cool kid. Certainly couldn't hurt killed in the moment didn't understand what your door but he can play there. In the end I think equipment. Europe because of who grown you know what years. You know. I think that again this if I think he hit a position to make it what else how quarter would go I don't know. But give them pay another weapon is probably what are. And again you have got passed around in the slot man. He knows how to do what you need to make it work and how to talk to wondered to know pray for him. Talking to Brad turner on seven knighted tickets and his new arena in out now Los Angeles. This what one of the plans for this is going to be an Inglewood. The current leader in Gilroy California what can what the lakers used to play. Four remove it with Staples Center. And he would read this same area that did go to Google+ stadium. For the land of the chargers in the letter box that same. Gilroy area here now they have been without issue going on right now with people who all have formed what it meant he. Basically mad he led her to a little bearing the word. Saying that you have this let it go up while there's others believe that might be built here we have a problem with that because I thought about that. And if you pick eagle and I did do what. Not happening face when a few well. All the than I would say that they have four way perhaps the black. We see now lawyer to get involved litigation get involved with being can be held look no. No I think that it Groupon. But what can we had a who would remind you got the body is that the clippers still all we don't Gorky that you would Staples Center. So there's the small but critical of a pair of tickets they get people bigotry that they want in return. Who inches and JJ Redick what what are what what what happens with him how how did good how big a deal would see out on the market. Man that thought Olivier gay and straight is that. QB who could predict for the put the key that found well look make it all over playing the national. It seemed eighteen million dollars in a couple of Craig what they give everything. No we would know on the carpet get ill afford to have. Did you make it eighteen million dollars. Ought to really make eleven. They can make him very decrypt the ability five he did make a 21. And getting beat up bush wanted to play well again. Chain battle I went to bed I guess he's gonna have to run. Do got a long download can mean big big big bank develop the play book and stupid Lisa Walker Cup now. You're not able to put under all the players around the guys and everybody keeps saying that they have not had. A that this is really good small forward input analysts are thought to twenty years. That they're necessary article could you tool where it. Gold was when he was centered telling you all know what you thought it would be viewed Iran what you need to put landed at that post this yeah. Brad DDB DDB BB guess we appreciate you taking the time with a span thank you sir. It is in my development of Obama my pleasure to be to get a pizza Italian grand I go to our fellow. Take care BT I when we come back we'll get back to this trade possibility on this that's. Out there right now people want to know on the tax line what woes is reporting we will tell you when we come back on seven and ticket. Seven had a ticket for live coverage of the NBA draft that's hosted by Credo he broadcaster Tommy Italian Curtis Stephenson lives and X mideast plaza at the American Airlines Arena. Thursday June 22 beginning at seven listen on the radio or head to the arena for the party. Sponsored locally by Coconut Creek Subaru friendly and knowledgeable the price you wind and fire Ryan fuel and downstairs. Convenience stores. Even so only back here with Chris Perkins. So. Woes is reporting. That. The sixers are going to be trading aid package. Including the number three overall pick a future first round pick in something else. To move up two spots to Boston's spot to take mark helpful it's. And so. If they do. Its interest in this you know this draft we talked about. How strong it is. And yet. There is an indication that folds click stands apart. If you're gonna trade these kind of assets to move out. To number one overall. Is because you think a player is much better than the other players you can have a three. And that includes one's a ball includes Josh Jackson so if that if the sixers and of getting folds then they're basically saying and they don't have the trees so charge. That's four fifths of their future starting lineup and right wrong it was. Like how to Washington where bulls played end up with a losing record I don't know it's been a question and then we know the what what was the kid Inman in San Antonio who spoke com. Who was most beyond that while he's on Americans don't they Marie Wright and they and they have another one who who left earlier and was the first round it. But that size so I do see that but. This is college basketball one player can dominate. Did Simmons has team didn't make the tournament LSU but they had a winning record. Right. I don't. I'm not I'm not doubting bolts and all I'm just wondering like how does this. How does this have. Choosing by everybody and. My seems to be a stimulus apparently just Jackson's. Work out with the lakers didn't go all that great either that's what some of the reports are so. Maybe you know Josh Jackson slips down the three Boston takes him. Or maybe Boston is just accumulating picks is gonna trade at third pick overall to Ameritrade the third pick overall literature that future first of the uterus there remember they still have Boston's by the cyber Clinton's first for next season. Now if Boston news is. This tried to do something like better. Well well let me just ask you what are they trying to out run the clock with Isiah Thomas or do you think they plan on retaining Isiah like what what is that I'm not sure. It did try to accumulate all these picks in May be because they're they're gonna go try to get. One of these players in trade what its. Whether it's now called George south 'cause he's got to commit to resigns and then you know but maybe they making another run Jimmy Butler in Alameda and gold. Where my right yeah like let's go port in the next two years of some write that. Then assessed mom wonder what is Boston my what are they thinking. I might I think there are accumulating more assets. This text comes in here. Each and his boss and if it bosses drafting Josh Jackson to play the three I doubt they plan to throw Max contract to Gordon Hayward. So that's no nuclear. Well just Jackson may be able to play the two also and you know I don't know about Avery Bradley's future they're so it's possible. I say this and I and I. I responded in a Texas to somebody somebody asked dom some and about Pat Riley meting that would try to. Go against the grain and gold beat against Golden State and try to beat a mop. And I and I see that I. I wrote really think right now pet might be more inclined to. To do position was basketball right just yet athletes out there you're trying to be Golden State. Yeah you're just trying to put athletes out there. Guys who conduct in guys who can run guys who can issue. Com. So I. May it may be may be other teams take that a maybe Boston is looking at that approach that's how we beat Cleveland and then that's how we eventually get to Golden State that. You just gather athletes so in that. And that in that scenario I I could see them just you know gathering athletes. Josh Jackson in Gordon Hayward. Yeah. Then that's that's I don't know thread that. That might be the best approach to beating Golden State is at least position was basketball. And you don't have legal right because he can help big gum. San Antonio tried right right but they've they thought that that was the solution to it to. I don't know maybe maybe teams do start truck trying their approach maybe that he tries to maybe Boston as they commit. Sticks comes in here can't wait for this Danny Ainge trains and ever happens. It's a that's that's sometimes it's his fault that sometimes it's not something as he backs out sometimes. You know he tried to give the heat all those pics from Winslow. Although there's been denial since that the Brooklyn pick was ever involved in that that it was lower picks actually that was there were involved. In trying to get Winslow. Texans and Mark Wahlberg he's gonna front office job in the NBA if Jimmy brother goes to Boston. And then this on the lakers fell in love with cults is work out there could be a bidding war. Well what if any could pull the pick be traded twice. I think if Philadelphia jump up to number one and then with this package and end up getting a better package for the lakers so I mean ends up being a three way trade. OP. I would say they're simply a better package just slipped down one spot and they end up get in the guy. If if they're not if it's not false that they want to end up getting another guy that they want to we will maybe picking of Julius Randall and and De'Angelo Russell or something along those lines psalm. We'll see. Test comes in here. Miami area has the formula to compete with a gold state they just need a number one guy. And then another one perk is on to something what bothers blown save long athletic defenders like Milwaukee. And the spurs. As I actually don't know the numbers and any that I haven't well well. I don't I don't know what bothers Golden State really that's relevant bingo there I think that's why everybody's. There's no answer criticism of being a super team that's what bothers us that it expect because an S exactly but I yeah I'd I'd. That might I just think that might be the best born new out there strutted out and Liederman yeah you get as long in his athletic. As you can anything can. Another takes boss and really wanted justice Winslet during draft night two years ago I wonder Miami wants to jump into any potential trades Boston. Plans to get involved in I don't know if Boston's interest and in Winslow is quite what it was before he was sort of more of a known product in the NBA. At that point com. And good. The stakes are coached loses Boston is a difficult decision with the third pick. And it. That's good. Boston more difficult to do in the Golden State trek reference to that comment by tying Lou. It's. Another one comes in here can Miami trade for Melo. Train drivers respondent Tyler signed Chris Paul and Dwyane and wait for the bronze for the banana boat can. Ruined a lot of steps. And sit on those steps asks others and many unrealistic. Yeah. They're not trade they wouldn't trade for Melo. That they wouldn't trade ban and then would not trade from. Woody. And there's no lived. Es own INS Breslow saturate kicker to do that this pretty good yeah I mean you're gonna pay Mello a lot of money and he's he's almost gonna be alone right yeah. Is going to be a son and Mel under this scenario right trade Dragic Smith Robin Tyler. And you do it you know just this injunction by the. No it takes you guys are so frustrating sometimes listen to San Antonio non state. Aren't darn near wash the only got beat an early this year because their top two players are injured. I'll gamble that little boy will that we'll never know we won't but I I just don't. I I think Cleveland would have beaten San Antonio and best of seven. And and we less that five games right. I I understand what they're saying that I I think San Antonio definitely would've won that was game one correct. Tony three point lead coli gets injured. But I'm not sure choir and Tony Parker are good enough to beat well no I was not I'm not sure I. And like 98% sure they're not good enough to take elbow and spray. Tex Texas tech's Boston a screen so the bus stability of Folsom ball. Yeah I mean they may descendants say the same three taken just Jackson accumulating these other assets and then making another trade. With these other assets I mean Boston you know restocking its draft picks. Here after getting you know and then you know it's a little bit like the patriots patriots always and with the exception of this year because they didn't have the picks because. They traded one for Brandon cooks. And they have they lost the picks because of deflate gay. But the patriots always seem to be year ahead where they have multiple picks. Coming up and they can constantly. Sort of churn from hand they're always playing with house money. The Celtics are in the same position right now on will be more so if they had a big package. For this Philadelphia pixel we'll see if this actually. Happens when affects more your tax year on the tax line wanting to consider here is void. The within an out of a team be any good. The girls we'll we'll we'll address that next on seven and the tea. Hold. I don't. Guys thanks everyone registered for Dan lemon tarts Father's Day TS at present at Miami on tequila registration is now closed things in the great sponsors who are making it happen. Today in Miami on tequila the diocese since Kiely in Miami Miami loves them beyond. Aficionado cigars East Coast public adjusters come Rivera the Miami Heat Orion fuels and downstairs convenience stores and all cain's thanks again for every one. And AM 790 and FM while 43 HD two. The ticket each installment back here on. Seven knighted the ticket with Chris Perkins taking up and so close to 7 o'clock we'll get to your headlines here. In a second. Here's the thing. So. There's going to be a lot of talk over the next. Couple weeks couple months maybe in the next year. And now it's the banana boat crew specially after Dwyane Wade posted a photo of the four of them together again that have been sent to them talked about. How he enjoyed going through all the years of these guys say how it's been a pleasure experiencing error experience everything they've experienced together. Man obviously LeBron and Carmelo Anthony Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade have been unbelievable players over the course of their career. The question is. What would they be now what would they be any year. You know you have such high basketball IQ. Particularly with three of those guys Carmelo maybe not. Quite at that level although we've seen in the Olympics that he can certainly sit in on a quality team. By. I just wondered this is a lot of where were those four guys a lot of games that they've played a lot of playoff games for LeBron a lot of playoff games for Dwyane. And I don't know where they would be any year. They would need some youth on that Rosser. And the problem would be dead unless they take really really low salaries compared to what they could take I'm not sure how much you can actually add to their roster. In terms of younger as you might get some other veterans to sign up. But I'm not sure he'd be able to get sort of mid career players. To sign up for so. It's one of those things is fun to talk about may be interesting to see be fascinating. But it might be fascinating in the same way that this Mayweather McGregor thanks fascinating. Facts of how the three and how I think I thought I was. Hi I jokes I don't know that it's necessarily. A championship formula. And that's the thing now in the headlines. Are. Or Miami Marlins president live tonight at 730 to start. The three game series. The Marlins just six games under 500 a mere ten games behind Washington in the NL east Dole's let go of the role. At the US open Rickie Fowler Brooks kept guard tied for the lead at eight under one stroke ahead of Paul Casey and some equally good the projected cut is that one over and defending champion Dustin Johnson. Also the world's number one player would just sneak in Johnson is at one over. Jordan's peace is at one under. Among the notable players who probably are going to be playing over the week DN Rory McIlroy he's six over Jason Day AT and over. Jason Duff there are local kid eight over. The rookie John rom from Spain he's Bible over and Bubba Watson is at the world over huh. FYU and UCF kick off that was scheduled for Saturday September 2 has been moved to Thursday August 31. The game will be televised by the CBS sports network kickoff is at 6 PM. Do you have plans tomorrow. Two great fighters at their best with the light heavyweight world championship on the mind. Don't ms. ward vs cobol lived through the rematch. Again that's tomorrow 9 PM live on pay per view. Those are your headlines. Sorry it's so let's. Let's say you get average role players to play those four guys. Is what what does that team winning sixty games. 65 game set mini games or fifty games. If you think so you a minute you have LeBron. You will you're gonna have. Your dear to your right at my the so who is your surrounding cast going to be. Well that's the thing and it's highly expensive right and then you're gonna probably have some injury you're a doing it'll be on the maintenance program right now and also that derisively I say that seriously cool. Tom. I don't know that to me that's that's a team that's. Deal or best of sevens. You get the highest seed you can and then you dear people who match up with you and you roll you know OK well we got Melo well we got. I was like how late and how did that group B defensively mean Dwyane doesn't defend my keys to defend. No and you have to in spots right and Carmelo we know here you you don't expect much out of him my national. Right LeBron take some plays off his defender. At the Syrians yeah he'd blow the and Chris Paul's always been very competitive defender very good defender but my agent and aging yeah so. And they and they would give to me are you need a shot blocker at the side. Yeah you yeah you definitely guy does not need the ball correct. Re the sun what song rebounder Rondo it's. A pretty go there. Now. I just I just. Their aging. Where they're aging if it. If you could just get them together the best of seven slow. Maybe you're pretty maybe you're to be steered in the last two minutes but those first 46 minutes. I'm not sure what your really gonna get account. Yeah I it's it's an interesting concept dude we funded it be fun to watch I mean they camaraderie between all who would they get on each other on the court. And all. You know we know obviously a closer relationships with our you know that we we know the LeBron would be believed guy. But Chris Paul is a guy engage in your face a little bit too obviously Dwyane has earned the right to be able to speak. About things that he feels need to happen on the court. It's. But could you imagine you know I've I've always told you this I have this vision of of LeBron. Game by. Against San Antonio in 2014 broken down that bench at this heat teammates and go and this team isn't getting any younger. Did you imagine when they're didn't spring by San Antonio in on Christmas LeBron looked and on the bench it Chris Paul and mellow and we even know make it to Tex they let this Amy it's like did not even the playoffs but are we gonna make it to April. We've seen police say go to dinner together after urging us true. That's true text that was in the regular season wouldn't matter for the banana boat team. It takes an asset receiving US and you can't. Like you can't be a number six even go to the three seed and start off two games on the road Brighton all right I don't think you're not that the. Some great she's not a great shooting team either although Carmelo. Well terminals numbers are kind of in their volume numbers so he she tends to shoot better when he shoots a little less. This tax comes at this point and and a load team would be all about the experience would have nothing to do with a winning. Yeah I agree with that you know I I think it would just be about they they got the opportunity to do this they did this before they retired it wouldn't necessarily be about winning a championship. I mean on the tech side 67974. To a Texan and you know what do you think that the banana boat crew would need around them in order to compete with gold let's Sosa singled say let's say it's occurring Golden State team. Oxygen tanks on the moon. And it's just a leave it alone that might lead to. So my needs are content so that. I would let Billy Miller surround new whip that they can compete with Golden State. Another. One here warriors would run that team off the floor and a cloud of dust they be gas by the early third quarter you know. That about teeny Chalmers there they need someone to yell at this. The back thorough as the Ron Klein's it would be formidable except for the fact that they can no longer make it through 82 game season right. Know the tanks how long for the wade trade Wayne rumors would start. Yeah. This one and not breathing. Don't know via. Yeah yeah. It. At this hunt those four are made so much money they would take serious pay cuts and other pieces. No no I am a Mets insisting aspect beeping that. Deepening they would really do that. LeBron wouldn't write. Dwayne is the I don't know I it. Another one wouldn't work not enough balls in or around too many chefs. I mean whose hands with a with a ball the end LeBron is easy you can't. But do you included in mellow saying no pains me and how well maybe Chris Paul's hands. No because they knew he makes it easy used to be in there though. It used to be but look at it like this. Then you have to him that's one more pass you have to make it make to get it in LeBron Syrians were it's going to be eventually. Just started off with LeBron he wants Chris Paul to touch it. He will pass to Chris Paul and in demand that Chris Paul immediately pass a bank media right now seriously you're not gonna have. CP three bring in the bowl unless the unless it you know per per match up reasons or whatever but I put the ball little bronze there what why am I making an extra pass. I'm putting other little girls all the playoff ball well a little talking late game situation not you know second quarter seven minutes left out the outlets CP three bring it up that. I'm this on comes in would be fun as hell to watch. Another one and they need a bigger salary cap. Which of the players and then the balls to confront LeBron and his core free throw shooting off. But we do imagine somebody who looked broadened the knowledge of words like it. So atrocious and somebody else I think extract unique innate to a practice your three goals we're gonna go out on the banana boat you stay here in practice you recruit. Imagine that conversation. And another one comes in no back to backs. Yeah they're better be another when you a lot of lot of billions of beat theory disappoint it would make there will be a huge maintenance plan for the memorable group. Like Adam silver would have to step in a Christmas play one game a week like it's. Exactly. Yeah. In Iowa there would be tough way to mellow off the bench see that it could work. Wait a mellow I mean that's that's almost a given right. CC three weighed in mellow come off the bench. While I don't know that it's given it depends what else was on the roster. I don't know that either side I would just won both of those guys fresh for for late in the game because they eat. Well I think you're saying is sort them all together and then staggered right I do yet again in the loop that it treatment. Maybe yeah. Someone says they need a lockout shortened season no that would be huge wouldn't it 66 periods the would be I only want the banana boat crew of they'll shave their heads like the brown. You're trying to picture Carmelo like the yeah we've never been close to that with Melo I would. They were here they're really short pyramid and now and so. That the miracle. With a banana boat team we need in a seven game series against the wars is a rabbi imam and a priest. For last rites it's true true. You know it'll give away keep to keep these common 67974679. Some formal give away game fly. For the best wonder that one's balance out to its own somebody says best of three series only has entered treatment that's true too. I will we'll get to Wear this on the other side right back at 719. For corporal who. Lang joins solar world famous boxing promoters words boxing for the night and rising stars featuring up and coming fighters and Miami Beach area it's that do build reach resort on Collins avenue. But Saturday June 24 at 6:30 PM and you could win tickets listen the Tobin LeRoy NBC every day this week for a chance to win. Come see Eduardo Perez UC's Diaz JD pretty good Martinez and more. For more info log on to the ticket Miami. Dot com. I let's go back out to the attacks line here. Where we've got a few some thoughts here on the banana boat team. Being here were you asked so what would you have to surround them with rate. Yeah well what would they need what when they need somebody say is cartilage. That there's probably the next but it didn't suck if it's somebody else is a time machine the car woods is that might be the leader in the clubhouse right now. Adobe and that's outstanding work it this. Fs is pretty good. Says by the way this is a little more serious run by the way these guys an assault season next you're not good last year not career years. This'll better than 95% really don't think it was age so much is lack of motivation. Thailand leave the team that that the team they would that would play for would be huge factor. Team like he was first class coaching conditioning program and a mandatory two and a man mandate to buy and I think that can help mellow wade and Paul. To get in shape and stay focused and I don't think anyone would doubt how fascinating and fun they would be to watch. That team. Day would be if you would be interest earning. It would be into using this you know calm the that was a response. Who my response. From. But. Edit the first exit the banana banana boat would be permit a boy I think you guys are ms. reading this the pressure would be off each each one of those guys or not be. Strange hearing their respective teams are being someone like no way we'll have new found motivation. Com. Any sit out and he said also at that point nothing they would easily sacrifice the money if there's a chance they can beat the dubs. And I and I responded I said yeah but. You know Melo couldn't get listing to the playoffs and but to me it's it's all about the best of sevens with this particular team right or are they going to be held the end and and provide. Enough match up problems where they could get through best of. Seven's well I mean let's do a comparison here just at the start of this thing for best players on Cleveland's. Pitches loss to Golden State button. Our LeBron and I read LeBron Tyree law and it's routine include New York. And JR your assistant here maybe Tristan Princeton new approach all right so LeBron is LeBron. So he's just in time that went over carrier Chris Paul he's taken. Tyreke. Lover Anthony are you taking. Womb and. See now to me that kind of depends on what your surrounding them with. In general definitely Kevin Love. But if I need. A specific role like a duck shooter somebody who didn't score reliable. I take Melo if I need Melo to beat. Well let me melody though if I need that person to go 82 games plus the playoffs something Kevin Lowe maybe Russia put it that way. If it if I need beg item BA specialist. And I'm taking mellow him. Sold. What do what do you say it and let's say we need and Brady to Jimmie Kevin Love it and then right wizard some guys Brady to the season and then. I am in any way it Wade's better than any fourth player on on non on the cavaliers. Yeah yeah. Right right did you say your new major taken clarion love over over Chris Paul Carmelo. Yes because of a well we're talking now we're not talking right at the height of their careers we're talking you know on June 16 Tony seventeen. NN 82 game season. I guess I don't any idea and I guess and make it a direct comparison guard to guard we should say JR Smith was the fourth best player on. On the counts. Okay you don't have electricity Thompson would actually be valuable on a team like to yeah that's grocery and busiest they don't need any rebound here he feels a need although they they can use a shot blocker too. Someone's sex and in the banana boat team need Tonya Harding when he outside the words locker room. Like you know oh it any Jeff Gillooly reference. Is there is this feud with me. Yeah a lot of people don't like your carry over Chris Paul. Today 82 games. I know Chris Paul is is Lee is they better defender. 82 games. I think I gotta go Kai rewrite. Very well let me ask you I'm not god confirmation well. Chris I know I'm I I would say Chris Paul I would take Chris Paul. When it matters that I would take I know primaries is a shot maker who understand that need but. Chris Paul makes. Makes guys better. And this game seven against you toss side. He's been pretty damned good in the clutch too. Over the course of his career I know he hasn't gone to the conference finals I understand that that is that's been more circumstances than it's been really him. I would take I would take Chris Paul or carry. Not not will not ever not their respective futures both retired and are now. Yes yes. I know Chris pose a better defender I'd. Yeah. News may be maybe I'm wrong about that I. I. Decorous balls and I are superior guy and yeah yeah definitely and there's no doubt about that there's no doubt about that CIA. When you're talking Golden State I'm I'm thinking offense I'm I'm really not thinking I don't know of as a sip this last few days. People of Syria know you've got to have defenders will ideally yes you can't just ignore defense but. I'm trying to outscored Golden State I really am I don't think you can hold him to under. What a buck ten but thirteen. Renton. Realistically then they will average that put it did they were average that in in a best of seven. You've only got outscored. Yeah so that's why I always say Tyreke. Well. Chris Paul I I would take my chances are Chris Paul guarding stuffed courier retirees during Seth Curry. Mean as Steffi is still a step there's still got to put. Average were 2225. You know in the bronze got to guard Durant still. And Carmelo guard's dream on. And then yeah I didn't let so far I I think the best reference we've done that was cartilage. Yeah cartilage which is how we're just admit that as well based on I think exit in many gay. Stem cells and cried and other ones around with a cup colleges because there's no way it works. Banana boat team can easily be the word is only need is a Delorean. Banana boat crew need steals gold states talent space jam style. What's with him he's this is great do this is great I I'm partial to Carl has been this once great a bigger boat. No less an idea that it that it's the that is due. Yeah. Yeah we've got a good listener. And somebody suggests well they can have we remember that reference we had the last segment tune in any need in in in my name on a rabbi and priest. Someone said they can have among Shumpert. I. Said she should just check. Jordan Farmar are around my. Tremor priests the Prius it's. New pre so it's. That increase some soup. Obviously. There somebody. Who could possibly be the worst of the newly Kyra you're gonna. Yeah he's back re not but again I'm I'm thinking of of how scoring. Men and both of you people here's the sex card Rhee is better in the long run. Kyra Rican scores CP is a pure point pass first. You LeBron has ever played with a SharePoint are no current nanny never played the one he Ian play with a wanna hear I mean Mario. You know sort of made himself a point guard but he came in this kind of combo guard you know and playing off the ball great. Right and and Tyree is not a traditional point Carty either so he's never played with somebody like CP three. Would that. Would that help LeBron was at. Would then have any respect I mean with that I'm in the trial and were loved Colorado and testing and the posts yet because I don't know he can get the ball in better places right disease usually. Don't start off with the ball he wants it in a better place. Yeah it's a it's a tough. It's a tough deal fearing you know how that team how could have been kind of pull. Team could work. It's really. They're just saying they've they've they just missed it by you know however many years USA 67. Feminine that someone's head and and Panama team on the new friends and teammates when they start losing. Moves either you know that's it. Earlier this summer says James Harden is a worst dependable carrier. Tarnish it played a better defense this year than he did last year. Moon. And then someone tell us in this segment miss makes him a super team talk and I hate super team time. We someone reinstall. Super friends thought yes right super friends a cent a super team S yeah. That would that would work. It would where I can be either. You know that the Justice League were probably file a suit against them but I didn't take them their name. But the idea super rim they would be super fruits. And someone else or just the flex capacitor. Right so we enemy we we we need a a decision here what was the other one I satellites I highlights cartilage. Bigger blow a bigger boat. And I like the time was seeing was pretty you're woody as think any other site I was a little hard to. A bigger boat and go yeah forfeit if if if if it pager put the I think that's pretty good nobody gave us any serious ones unlike what other things and any on the roster. I don't. That's a question to get serious about is that the inferior or get serious about that you're gonna be remaking you now you got to figure out the financials and is gonna get frustrated right useless seated just wouldn't work somebody suggests Alonso ball shoes there. About Rick Mary truce. Repairs to a supposedly you don't sprain your ankle and his should write a provision ankle sprain that's. So yeah pretty good dancing. At the where there will be necessary. Let's see here. Yeah I heard. I have a bigger boat. Bigger boat I would favor cartilage but we'll go bigger boat 'cause routes of 21 vote okay. So this all sounds good now we come back we'll update you. On. Well anyway this connecting flight here during the break but we'll grow we'll listen we got and we got a juxtaposed the Kirk Gibson Phil Mickelson situations also gambled talk about that next sunset in nineteen. I was in the senate I don't think it for live coverage of the NBA draft hosted by Frito broadcaster Tommy tiger Curtis Stephenson. Live for an extended east plaza at the American Airlines Arena. That's Thursday June 22 beginning at seven listen on the radio or head to the arena for the party. Sponsored locally by Coconut Creek Subaru friendly and knowledgeable the price she won and by Orion fuels and downstairs. Convenience stores thanks everybody for playing in our games like contests today some good stuff that came in there. Another one was banana boat team in the life this once it sinks was a lot of confidence in this team. Know there was a four pretty damn good players. Yeah there there was there there were a couple of a ones that of the banana boat seemed side but. Ed though the one that. A couple of people actually surprisingly was slip Betsy if that they would need Tim Donnelly. Which probably wouldn't be a bad idea this. So we'll Louisiana there. So well here here's the deal bit dumb. You know Kuerten did Cindy the Arizona Diamondbacks manager. His his his son. Graduated from from high school. On. Yes it was on on Thursday I believe. But. It'd there's a line in the in the story this is Gibson missed his son's high school graduation in Michigan on Thursday night. You're supposed to graduate give sincere. His mom and the rest of the family will be there he's coming to see me next week. Now juxtapose that with Phil Mickelson. Right miss the US open. Or quotes due to attend him daughter's high school graduation so I just league it's kind of weird but. Not written Kurt Gibson at all like I think it's funny. So. You know the good scheduling conflicts have you ever had a schedule conflict like I have rim who got married this is like fifteen years ago. Got married in October. And that you know the bad thing was it was it happened to be on the night of World Series game McKinney remember who was playing. But during the reception I remember me and another group of of guys. Going out who watched them the bill CV in the lobby and the best the whole reception were shuttling back import trying to trying not to be jerks but. You know. You scheduled to your your wedding and a possible World Series night bright. You know so I don't know steadily come. Let's see MIA my brother got permits that on the night of the Miami officiated game. A lot of people were going out to watch that one through I miss so. A couple of weddings because I was covering a couple of weddings I would like to have attended probably should have enrich respects. Because I was covering heat playoff games first round playoff games. Yeah that's. That's that's. That's that's you did you make the right choice of these days I don't think so. It. Somehow I ended up here and I yeah yeah it as a very Doris that's right it's right. So yeah little whistle what are some other vessel we'd like to hear preview of some other scheduling conflicts 6797. War. And some other scheduling conflicts and who made the right decision. Kurt Gibson were Phil Mickelson right. Kurt Mann that is that that's why our line yeah I think you know I think filming the right decision at the I've been so. I think so but I guess it depends on your. The only structure and you know your relationship out of the key is going to be up there to see you next week right right you're supposed to graduate. At bat and boy did that Saturday hardline F could best can best is lying that's a stay of someday. Be me. Imagine asking them for par sixty minutes until it is pulls over the bulls take the school bus and pay him hurt them but my goodness that is rough. That is rough. But it hum you're supposed to gradually. That's near. Couple of a little while while the guys sex those in just a preview here a journalist or ASCII. Israel from the vertical is reporting. That the Boston Celtics are going to be trading the number one overall pick further in advance discussions of trade the number one overall pick to Philadelphia. For us so that's the sixers can move up and take mark health Fultz and essentially. Boston would slide down to picks in the draft from one the three and pick up a package that would include a future first round pick. From Philadelphia and so that's Danny Ainge should Q. Really more and more and more and more and more. Assets. It's it's very interesting. Because yes Boston. You wonder is is this the year that beard did the they've decided. We're making a run at Cleveland but let's let's gather all our assets. But let's just make this run. Ed Ed Cleveland. Or if this is a two years being that like all right we'll kind of see what we've got this year we will still be strong but. You know 1819. Is when we wanna make Barbara right. I don't know what they're up to I don't know what. They're well I think they're accumulating assets of try to get a big fish at some point at some point he's got to strike he hit in the aegis can't keep. Kicking it down the road kicking it down the road kicking down the road and I know they got a decision to make and Isaiah after the season you know. About. That's a strange one. Text comes in my mother in law's scandals as wedding for the daily for mothers' day goes through and stay at the hotel have the people didn't show up because they weren't gonna leave their mom alone on Mother's Day. Wow. Well. Oh boy now this sounds like there. Bad or actually a good sitcom on. Not a scheduling conflict but I tape the Steelers football game over my wedding video hole. I X spoof. Mahan. May I you know what I remember when numb. When Jordan scored the was the 63 against Boston in the double double overtime playoff game right. That's back in the days of the a VCR. And I didn't have minded. It did didn't it didn't go to boot to the double overtime at its stopped at the end of regulation. That I learned a valuable lesson that. Fleet next to try and isn't as well as I do that now my DVR game. And in one hour and minutes are there are a one hour after yeah. Another Texan went to the I had to pick between her and a beer guess which one I chose. Because she chose that it's this is chosen to be here. I'm guessing the beer yeah it. That's a dissident. Does this a fairly easy decision right ECU CJ lo on TV your DVR. You can always get a beer for twelve dollars. Us and stay in MI port all right that's asked S that you stood in line for the somebody sticks and how many guys did you put any time did you why should Wear wedding video primes are that guy in the otherwise I'm thinking looks at it differently. If you imagine making that argument to why he may be how many times you gonna watch that Bingham video anyway right. That would eagle. Would not go over well somebody says Weisberg a mostly balls on Father's Day. She has more days and I do. Yeah I guess so you gotta you got to honor the wife right if it's to his dream wife's birthday and Father's Day you're taken a backseat. Yeah death does that's just bad luck but I knew. No law. I'm from Pittsburg DVR and every Stanley Cup came this year plus three hours. 22 hours doesn't get it in hockey yeah just going to be key and be safe. Right now he. Now are you guys you have a plan for those. For those now see now seen this act that look at it. I know what. Sawyer good this is who takes their own wedding video that's cheap get a professionally done those tapes or dvds can be recorded or. You may be it was specially done but look there at being on the on the dvd where you can put a piece of tape over the back there really any measure that she didn't. Yeah or you could tape over it right right. You yeah that takes off I know you that make sure you can't sleep over yet to make sure you can't. Somebody Texan in my brother got married and Alam a Stanley could make because you're low income. They came two months later with the VHS video of the whole winning my own messy VHS player destroyed his only taped during the now has he done or seven months later. A young. Man. In those EL once once it went bad now wait with it would chew up some. Do you would chew up you're you're today. And then and will end this with a best Malta next. Imagine next year at Boston having their first round Phillies first round I'm Brooklyn's first round pick up a couple top five picks and and twenty or and the twenty or so paid good money to spend this year. Yeah so somebody text into my birthday is on Valentine's Day so it's always a problem girlfriends in my in my was always mine mine is the day before. They're great team early and I'm gonna run this is this guy this person has been so persistent as Texan is a hundred times in Arizona so I expect. The heat should draft Lori market in the seven footer they can shoot threes and stretch the floor at the force by all right we read the texts. Have a great weekend.