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Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, June 16th

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. Doing. Hop crowd everybody welcome on total. I'm real live from Las Vegas in Europe radio row or Andre awards Sergei Kovalev who. Rematch go down to call live on HBO pay per view. Cause rivers of shed get this new hero at depressed it's beautiful boys and I just someplace. You guys do you guys understand I had not known until last night. Let's hope is that bit vague plot at home mom and so it's on the he's never been to a by eight he's never been to a press conference. So after we did the show up like. I'm out like you can tell if there's going to be in the nuts. Because. I mean you come to a fight. In they'll put it into arena they you know also going down because people will get fired up a box is going to fire. And then all hill's number groups. We're told it's like oh. I'm staying put a press conference hopefully some habits yeah like you only got in this building this that was rooting for suddenly go to laws and so Kovalev said some walked out. Told it was. Solemn. I had the only real noble who will be civil but. But you with that is is that's that's an appetizer. Is coming up the way and today they got to square off and that means that tempers will be how to will be you will be. Highly row assuming you'll get even some more bright more jabs that each other let's go. I gotta tell you are remembered. And everybody wants to get some get back means so I remember the very next year. We lost to Atlanta. We played them. I think real early in the year if not the first game. And we beat them. And I got to tell you I felt nothing. Often not the not so accorded him boxing. You don't because. It's horrible what's at stake. Will there be a little more excitement about you know. Eating in my local lib even more. Our thinks I think solidly outlets in 24/7 outside and watching up until now. And let's call list this man it was cool look he's he's somebody would be used to be with his little girl wanted to. Often I'll watch. I thought oh replay of I think it was Kovalev hit somebody might have been ward when he knocked them knocked him down yet. And ward was stolen opponents yup. Didn't think Coppola caught him if he's still true to pledge all the way to the ground out like oh my goodness so I'm wondering. You don't do you do the same fix. For you do the same things or do you check do you feel it has happened to sports all the time. Anytime you don't win it will be a close or not. You feel you have to make drastic changes. To what you were doing because you weren't successful. Whereas. You know maybe Kovalev just thinks I got to shore public things up. And not leave myself vulnerable to mood this or that it did my fight planned last time was was pretty good. Yeah I think Kovalev is probably in this league he thinks it was a party no issue like you really wore down he city over train in the last play and were down in the second half of the fight. Andre Ward I'm always worried about the guy who feels like they got approved the police. That's gotta guess not that it's like yesterday's that the press conference after the whole walk out half men's and you know. You know the promoters young elect Kovil well real distrust rear real respectful to stick around here. And I'll do Warsaw and about like after. He's like he's he doesn't see different onto ward. You know I think he's had a little bit a veto snipe you with the fans the media narrative he's got corporal boring style so. Yeah MM always a little bit hesitant than that man way our board. We're gonna have a you'll mark yet you hues and a nice suit could have manhood. Like little doubt had a roc nation he's you know he's gonna join us. Talk about this fighting men and also have a little bit about Kevin Durant use in the in the whole recruitment of him don't know the warriors and Canadian allow the warriors are gonna be here. Seth Curry's close with the under word to him in and Kevin Durant tuchman has served very close. Stuff curry walked about before to the ring so. That would be cool man of the hour miscues getting real real electric here. Let's go out Leo Greg Greg likens the studio back in back in the home base of the Robbie beast is the Father's Day event today at the British out. Hopefully women's as a don't get into a fist tight. But until then we gotta say we got a great pleasure not a great likens do headlines for us. Well let's take sporting goods headlines gas lease these WEB XY eight. AM South Miami can tell you except Dennis HD Jo O'Meara. Are. The players all my guys are headlines they sponsored by CC's party which bacon stuffed crust and new grilled cheese stuffed crust pizza joining the original top with pepperoni. On the unlimited books ages five and changes he sees. Prices made the very will start on the diamond after a day off the Marlins are back in action this evening when they open up a weekend series in Atlanta. Against the Braves minor is expected to Justin for back in the lineup on her stint on the ten day disabled list because of a bruised ankle. Stand straight and we will toe the rubber for the British forces south fought Sean nukem first pitch is 735. From suntrust park. To basketball or after being called up my dream on dream during the wars championship parade LeBron James refuted the notion that he started the super team. During an appearance on the road trip from podcast hosted by teammates Richard Jefferson. And Channing Frye. And finally the second round of the 117 US open is under way for me Erin hills in Wisconsin the leader board is sponsored by Edwin watts golf shops home with a ninety day 100% guarantee it's let's check in with LeRoy -- in Vegas for a leader. We're a fifth Paul Casey is through twelve holes he is 107 under overall. He's Ty we're Rickie Fowler in first place Rickie Fowler tees off at 236. C woo Kim. He's got three under on the day at at six under along Alexander from ninety minute try as last name in Tommy Lee would she battle. At five under notables Rory McIlroy is eight over you duty truck slam this weekend. And mobile Watson is at 505. Over so. It looks tough is getting tougher. Guys who end up. Around 78. Under after today's round might very well be leaving because each state this golf course will get tougher. And unless review file is just it is just his week. You'll you'll shoot a couple under and in maintain is sleek. And we've we've felt it some gambling on the us. Yet last couple high cost may have let me tell you is tough because they give you a time. But the times. You get screwed up with the times so they tell me come back at a certain time I forgot I went over there is more minutes a hater Ranariddh stardom like a 6 o'clock in the morning. So that he had been I have Superman like I'm only gonna look at them I. And it's like Marlins and it's unfortunate I'm like. I don't get like. Moon. Right that's right right color or if you don't call home before. Like seven. Denise Richards are right to be sleep yet. So I do they assume Carlo it's like 77. Mood. Right in my head. I don't and the sun comes up at like 5 o'clock here. 'cause that does Wii or I'm gone full vampire in my room like I don't know I don't. Open their cards at all who's and pleasant valley my view is in fantastic Gallagher much of their ducks have a look at that cannot tell what do you stewards what ones. For me you will not do so yesterday. We go to eat at this please call the burger book it now. They have some fabulous embers if they do. They we have somehow appease you pop gruesome Wayne's. Had a burger. And wash it down would have beverage an idea of alcoholic because we reliever routes of Sonia. Now we did done some wobbly not a displace him and are stuffed. We cracked the door. Out of the restaurant. Toby looks at me insist. And you know what's really good. Those are mushrooms on a hamburger a cap. Like what. How did you think about food right now so he's like he had had a really good item I made it their man. What goes it was over the you just need to it was delicious. And you already talking about I'm savoring it. Right savoring the greatness that was the build a burger right Ed and I would say. That only Robby would say something like dead dad who is also professional either in our group. I rob relate it that you DJ Kay are you like portal motions on a burner like that's gonna make you don't wanna save and two early in the second wind exactly the sake. Let me tell you I went. I was gonna go include them please and I got poker investment gates. And I went down there in the table they'll they have a couple of tables. Tables were full. And I eat a cheeseburger in their food normally you know I'm jasmine go to the room. And it was 9 o'clock men now is out. And so I might hit comb through seven man. Who's good who's good who's good putts they want those those wings skip class to you have these that they said local medium. Bull the road they were with the extra dragon fire the man. I'll it's still wasn't that big hot this is the vinegar when there's a lot of vinegar in the saw Zimmer go wing Tai. Boom by accident no fall my way. Hopefully 1 o'clock AM yes tell you as umpire. You go most terrible. There's an error there topped the sharks this oh yeah we went and saw sharks probably we saw the biggest and sharks in this moos huge aquarium. I had cited. I was I was I was feel like we were hidden you closed because we went and barely able some damn fish when you walk right did well. How but the move that they pull when you go here they're like all right Stanford in the green screen. Oh look like when you go win they'd make you take a picture. You know like if you're an a ride at Disney or universal they make you take a picture in it on the way out they have costume and try to get you to buy. We'll meet its noble when you have an it no man we just walked right back when I. When I take in the family photos for of the greens streaming and charged forty bucks for and the other thing is you begin later she won in there correctly I don't know why what does Dick phony. Shark pitch as if he sure does it tell you I did a real style. Yeah chuck was attacking me because he's damp sand tiger's delight with these no Harley ask vampire teeth over yet and of that damn sausage. Which was like. Eight feet long and not anything out of them have a thing loses the fight anything in the ocean. Oh yes I mean it looks like it low is with that thing now late I think you definitely slash slash Daschle that we're you comfortable. Now I mean who's been busy he's he sneak it on the bun of the few wants to the very real camouflage style. I feel like he's got that it's it's on tax. Live from radio row Andre Ward Sergey Coble of the rematch going down tomorrow night the way in this today we're live from the Mandalay bay in Las Vegas we had two little bit this LeBron James drama on grief. Green beast that is going down these guys are in a war of words be royal talk about next. As though I hate her so. Gonna lose. Health plans for super own. Believe you know. Probably your solution here. So not really. Just whom the course usually do not see her at all times. It's LeBron James brought extraordinary. What did you guys do what are my doing browbeat away so I expect more. Life for you rather know don't told and I don't don't let him don't let him talk you out of anything Robby don't let him do that kind of talk. Turned so he's like you guys are really here for awhile except you're gonna hear from every single day since fits into that tennis finals that is now because I'm going to be in a war of words trim on greed. I will say this. After he saved you guys we're here for real war while they do we keep your throat I cannot defend that yes but I get that McVeigh is. Like I guess what I'm put every in Steve Graham posed and it's all going to be any shots at the warriors. So what's gone down as straight month green men the apparatus he shows a big Quicken Loans modified logo that says quickie with the Larry O'Brien trophy. Erik LeBron he responds with say connoisseur and screen shots and goes that's for sure. From the office. So. Drive on responded and he screech just LeBron whose doubled. He has shaven only girl hey welcome to the club he gave up more of that injury different stop all you men out here stop trying to chase that little patchy here. Alicia will get it done professionally just a little to cutter off the bottom five for look ridiculous when you hit looks like Cowboys Stadium he wrote the super thick head man for awhile in the last year via Miami it is headband look like Yamaguchi did you pull him back. Back to bed until late yet the look like a little hat so. Dram and Jamal was was talking user views all over the assumed he would commute is the parade already goes yeah anything goes gonna forget that ultimate warriors T shirt last year. With a 31 or the through on cookies just go to all heading. Bomb petty. Yes and so he gets up on the stage out today after they have finished the parade route you know they have to hear from dreamers only and a whole year and so he goes. Of all the buses he he didn't you know clippers have a team you started the super team brought. And so. LeBron apparently. Called an emergency podcast with his cool whatever their effort but a merchant generous at a Channing Frye. But it emergency slide says hey boys guess what it. I'll believe you guys that podcast. Because I'm not laying down on this and so. He goes on with this super cast podcast. And isn't cabs yeah I don't know the name and it's. But. He's like I did so out who the super team. What what about shock go to the suns what about 03 lakers after go to one chimp to genetic Karl Malone and Gary paid to prepare prepare prepare. Little rug Boston. I'll about Boston's. They did the Celtics. Ahead. Quiet but no you tell us NEC he started it. It also lodged but to say he never played on one. It's silly. It's silly. It's silly Philip Roberts quit. What is he knew the reason why he's saying unit. Why is the what is the read I don't know your series I don't know I mean I don't. I think. LeBron threw out his whole career has been. The ultimate team guy. Than to. Make it about three or four guys has never been this thing right even though. You need goes through four superstars to win them. He always makes it about the team how we plays how he does things. He makes it about everybody. So I could understand from a team perspective and how he. You know. Considers the team the whole as a whole. That being said I mean yeah you wonder if you have an opportunity here. At some serves. To your team rotated to increase your chance of winning I don't see anything wrong with the. Boy did did a busy it do you think EU the objects that could he finds himself to be the missing piece all the super teams. For you is now with that is because it's like wherever he goes that's with the super team has. More do you think he genuinely doesn't believe what what they did down here was putting together I think he genuinely. Doesn't. Believe it because you lose Jordan his friend. I mean I like they're well we all know the reality of it ever is that it was a celebrity does friends that. Who's the top five player and a leak in the league at that time producer of ribs. Busy so you don't made it happen. But it lipped I look at it this way. If we knew what the conversation was between him and Kevin derail. Which one afternoon. Refused very. Gracious congratulatory. All these things which you feel differently I think there's a feeling he probably was right there and so so. This beach there's going back and forth. Doesn't have. A feeling of being a Porsche sport or sore loser we share a beer it's just it's just basically. Him going at. Very mud and this is mingle and all four. A while now. So like yeah so like we're making it about all these other things it might just be. If you or anybody else he probably left but not yet not a dry months the save and what not they all I remember which dip last year. All are I remember well when you kick in the nuts and you call me the B word. And guess what. Yeah I think it is lying down right so so I think there's a lot more to YE's. Responding to dream mind because guess what. You've stepped curry who will she be awarded T shirt. That looked horrible you think so yes I do. I do you hope you take on anybody on this wars team believes I street and because it's drape Mullen in deer history. It has a little extra stick to lead lead a great if or anybody else he would say well I did the same thing medium hot hot hot. He I'm. If this thing is with with with us who runs. Position is. I feel like. The idea of with the heat did. Putting those two together I mean it was kind of the most manufactured out of all of them you know any references. Feel Karl Malone and and Jerry pin might. Is Shaq and Kobe were doing damage by themselves ready but they'll run roughshod on the leaks Rex knows lawyers team. Yes I mean. They they had a Kevin Durant after a year where they with a look through on leave but they were champions there were 73 win team. But also. If those guys are all kind of homegrown from the warriors you know I've been called the heavyweight champion defending LeBron faster. I should have. Yeah you ask we're the theory I don't think you'd I don't think you're being out of I don't think you're going out of your way to defend them a feeling you're being in your lane. Real fair defense right now Tom I say this other thing no I just feel like it's a strange thing for him to want to defect like. Because here's why here's what. What LeBron did I feel like what LeBron has been about this player empowerment. And you know he took a bigger role the players association and who you know he had to deal with that with that awful letter from Dan Gilbert originally when he left. And so I don't understand why it is this this this thing that he should Sean OK Kevin Durant when he joined the warriors. And he is credited you with paving the way it to be sure cried very it's a weird thing for me that he wants to run away from that. Well been in these last two techs have kinda killed that. Terry mud LeBron or cool. Straight miles talking about it in the brown called him family. LeBron in drama and her friends and who's even stated by Dre my when he was explaining the quick teacher you have matured and know like their friends. Political hit it I played pick it up for the talk a lot of sleep with and they get so make me mad. Now let me know so I mean I did it but it it is it's kind of like I mean. Anybody that doesn't like abroad in their league. Pat Riley. In the lead to what years in the league ball playing. Zero. There remained quite she's always been cool with everybody. So I think that while we may be Macon a lot of this their lesson and up. The stuff correlates abroad. If Vick so why wouldn't stepped early. You know John out of in the finals last year look. Penny in sports golf and it is is stronger than did any team ready you can. I mean you you week we goats across all sports I mean new leader in team petty is for a sport has to be baseball. Ray you mean like thrown at people could throw it at people. We gave you that you don't you gotta watch how you how much time you take after he hit a home run there's a time limit was unwritten rules sort right. So I mean that is alternate team petty. I mean I've never. You never really hear when does go back and forth when these guys go back and forth. Okay the only thing I will say is they never. Use that as an excuse as to why. We they won or lost just Seahawks team studied like he soon has the report search share result of beef over. Over Pete Carroll still over the civil. Still team audio I mean understandably. I mean you win their second Super Bowl though where does this say for your legacy would have just you. Coached Trenton thrower when Europe has between two guys within five yards when script was a dummy. Who we got one lives Stephens. Definitely doesn't like LeBron Dillon said he was blown sweet nothings in his ear. You have bush he's I. I mean I really don't believe that it likes them only like some fear how Dutch homers Thomas loves loves match not after you get the job of the cavs this year. But he said acute he had the tryout and I don't know if Charlie's leg is messed up. 01 but I feel like all those yelling from LeBron a few though all that was done with love. All yeah yes I mean this is business like man I gotta tell you. Yeah when you watch somebody bed just beat you celebrate. It sucks the mean it means you can't be gracious about it. It doesn't mean you but it sucks. Like to at a point where. If you lose and change your game. Can you both had a team I would assume well. You know how people say well if I didn't do it I hope somebody in my coverage would have I feel it's always weird no under no circumstances will I ever. Ever ever ever. Yeah like a fourth house they never root for Florida State right so so you will release our carpets one no no no it drizzle when your comfort if you're rival. His chairmanship. I was there I was assured for close election against drugs out of Redick hit save them. And get the hell out of here right. Nixon even fooled a lot of moral brag about SEC price even the bottom Peters SEC were to Alabama went to go SEC SEC all the time but stupid no you don't like hustling because that's the teams you know that's the teams that never have a chance of winning. Those two teams that. Talk about SE CR Tennessee talks a lot of SEC pride and they don't want anything. Right exactly. You can work your way down but will it. If you look at a team like LSU you DL issue would be rooting for Alabama no right no right you don't wanna you don't wanna beat you on. The actually getting stacked up on news you know he gets. I don't know hesitant to smoke when you play every game we just don't you face some sort of led LSU and Alabama go at their Alabama and Auburn going to add it. Right. You think Auburn is rooting for Alabama Dinesh championship game and say yeah SEC. Union slimy is that a poison in the trance. When we go now he got no cell on the let me pray so so plague. I'd do it you know these guys be friends with it doesn't mean it. You don't handle that is easy for us especially when you know here's what you think it made it. I'll make you know these cookies and doing all this stuff. We better win next year because there's got to come back. I'm elated. If you of the cavaliers. And you're you got catering which gravestone cookies it's like. He's got that you got some sweet talk him coming your way sorry plate if there. Is like excuse me baker. On he recent gingerbread men and and then and also some grave stones I put 31 wars on the you got to dress up of oh definitely and I think. For the most part you'd laugh about it via is still eats at you. If men realize you're from the Mandalay bay at radio row from ward cove left to the rematch is tomorrow night at the way it's David tomorrow night live on HBO pay per view won't. We'll be back right after this. I welcome back to LeRoy real live from the Mandalay bay we are here sure Andre Ward Sergey co loves to the rematch. Totaled five the first time there are men this is excellent the rematch coming up live on HBO debut this Saturday night and he was closely contested. Wonder what you want to intelligence scorecards. And surgical blows none too pleased that result. Obviously. Onto ward a fantastic never loss of four. One of the best judgeships we got Olympic champion real demand roc nation Michael yo mark girls all stretched the Florida Panthers might get that demand thanks for joining us. So my pleasure being here it's a pleasure to talk to us. To the South Florida community. As I mentioned before I still little Boca Raton I commute back and forth to New York South Florida still my home have a big passion for the community so it's nice to be with you guys today how does this poses different fear amended code from running it's OK hockey team in south fought a nontraditional market to getting into those the boxing world owes this transition like for you well for me it was more than just the boxing world that was opportune doing. JC north as partners and be part of something really unique difference approximation. You know we're we're fully diversified company obviously fox as a part of his foot. You know we represent athletes and artists we do music tourism industry news service. We do music festivals. Com we do corporate consulting so for me it was eighth I was able to join the global platform that was a little bit more diversified than just winning team on a daily basis. Not that running teams advancing but quite frankly any tools to more at this point in my career. From had a great journey in South Florida. With the Panthers organization with the community. But this is where I belong right now and I can't say enough about roc nation Janus partners have been great to meet great to my family. And it's been a terrific journey for me. Would you say you're the idea that guy alleges in darkness you just want to get involved with sports in her everybody terrorism or about who they really this is this going to be a thing recognition and that sports is a partnership how do you think that I that journeys gone so far for you guys. Listen you know I think a lot of people doubted us when Jason you want to get involved in sports but you look what we've done over the last four years there's been no agency in America. That is having an impact on this business that we have during that period of time you look at our client list from Robinson Cano who's our first athlete towards second after Kevin Durant who just went off. A championship on on Monday night I was there in Oakland it was a wonderful moment for all of us. You've got guys are just as Wenzel for the Miami Heat are part of our company Ndamukong Suh of the Miami Dolphins Dez Bryant of the cowboys so we've got incredible star power. Armed were very attractive to agency. To an athlete dad wants to be a start not only on the field but off the field. On the opportunities that we bring to the people to fuel those athletes brands or what we do differently. And so long winning answer your question. Foam it's been magnificent and over the last you know four years I give a lot of credit want Peres the president of course force division one of the founders of roc nation's most. Because they've really steered the ship on the sports on a part of our company and their vision has been absolutely tremendous. I think one of the things that he boom. You know look at when you look Iraqi nation is this wanted to few organizations. That would take an athlete. And expand his friends who all the other avenues of entertainment whereas if you have just a conventional agent. Or somebody like that they might not have the ability to Dudek so when you see K deep and you see all these other athlete you zoom all over the place and so many other things other than just you know the issue. Contractors something like that you know there's no question reads I remember my first meeting with kid. In Oklahoma City graduate the company through their years ago. They've given George roc nation quite frankly because he went to expand his friend right. And I remember sitting down with him and I asked him you know get near wish list would it wouldn't think you wanna accomplish in oil support. And and and we get a list in and together. Alone with his agent deal which climate we start checking the boxes are all the ones that we were beginning to accomplish and and so that is or put a different generation listen I think in today's marketplace because of collective bargaining. There's really not a lot of negotiation coasted to a contract for a on the quarter on the field contract. The difference though between what agency and another is what you do that athlete off the court and how you build their brand. It how you create opportunities for them to not only for the short term but for the long term. Post career development but also with things that are important and and that's the dish that we have right now. This the so we have to find justice Sotomayor about that was such a war when that summer for him it's time now that he's got on the result you wanted. Take us back to. Everything going down last summer from from your standpoint watch who has gone on being in the use of what was going on all the sues everybody wants to regret that you were in on it says the Celtics were four and had to push him and many. Making this decision that was gonna get backlash was it was a tough for him. This it was very tough for and I think getting whenever you have to make up a critical decision like that. Com yeah you never know how which could ultimately helps turnout but I will say this this was a kind of a decision like Kevin had to make. Not roc nation not anybody has Stanley's decision that Kevin had to make it here if you're comfortable with the com and NBC may have. A tough decision you know the easiest decision would have been to stay in Oklahoma City can be my it's been below is elicit nothing challenged it was just count you could always no matter what happened. Arm but he didn't want that he boarded more you were revealed role. All made it clear between eight years old you know we will respect the decision that he made. And I'll tell you know I was there on Monday night you know it was a great moment for him and his family his friends I was just very blessed to be a partisan. Home and it was a culmination of a ten year journey he's been in the league for ten years we don't think about that because he's only 48 years old and he's right the prying. Com. But but we think about what he was with the criticism they were two of the last twelve months spin it how this season culminated with him playing arguably the best basketball of his career. On the biggest stage when he via VP. They're not jumping on the bandwagon of the words were really wants. Leading the warriors to the championship because when you go back over those five games spirit they need a big bucket they need to be shot. Kept his with the one who deliver. Ideo that's the point every everybody loses is that they think as Kevin joined. You know the warriors and they were already a championship winning team and I'm like. How like they all looked towards him. To make those plays that you know they could make in the past or last year. So let's remember to go back a couple of years ago when they beat the Cleveland Cavaliers for their first championship in the case. They were that the cavaliers were depleted team to get tirade was injured loved was introduced a one man show wish. Kevin with with LeBron James. Foam and so you can make you can make the argument they couldn't commit whatever is that if plead it was a full strength. That debt that Goldstein would not have won that first champion to your point Kevin lit this team right let's also remember. You know people talk about this super team. This is a homegrown team they don't play. Three other four stars he trashed it in any added one piece in Kevin. And it's also like the fans love it like it's it to the ratings depicted two like fervently that the T blacked out or is by it so to do like the bug would receive an answer is that something that the people are checks to most of this fight underwear vs Sergey cola the first I was very close I had it actually exactly how the judges had which never happens almost 100 home. Was like. Pollock and Kim actually haven't this is so what do global for two of the day and never get that never happens Michael com. I but there was some talk when this when this fight ended and and going into a rematch on to talk about retirement a little bit maybe not going into. And doing very much what ultimately led to him deciding how we wanna do this you know what's gonna attack I think. Audrey supporting his career right now that he's very thoughtful. Right and he he has the right to be thoughtful. Alms he would Russian to the decisions we made very clear during the post fight press conference that we wanna enjoy the moment. And hundreds don't enjoy the holidays in December come back in January and begin to think about what he wanted to do. I think he always knew that he rematch was inevitable. But there are some things that we had to accomplish internally and externally in order to set the table for the foundation. Fuel for this fight which we did. He's excited about it I mean this this is another great opportunity for him. Com in his in his career. Foam and end you know I think that the fight a starry night is going to be much more decisive. There's no question about it Audrey is in the best career in the best shape of his career he's more motivated. Arm for this fight that he was back in November of he understands what country of which would which Sergey brings as an opponent and now having being with him for twelve rounds. So sweet we're really excited he's excited Staley is excited but it's a big opportunity for him. Is it is it tough with him doing is is has gotten pretty personal between the two a lot of jobs gone back and forth verbally. Through the media. Getting the situation with a going to be closely the ups the fly that is there any worry of anything that's gonna happen leading into it having to hold them back or or or be separated or do you think it's gonna. Go and everything will be settled on Saturday night it's a little concerned about that's beyond Japan you know I think surrogates. A crap I know I I think some of the comments I've made you know throughout this you know this the last eight weeks I think some of the going back between him and Andrei prom. His gotten him a little bit Russell's time so we'll have extra security here today north of press conference allegedly Rome. I don't know if you go back to the we've got back to depressed or armed. You know you you could see hatred and seated dislike building. Arm that book put an end in Seoul. You know that's why I think that this is such an exciting fight for people to watch for people to purchase on HBO pay per view and work. You go to buy tickets and sea life because you've got arguably two of the best fighters in the world. Getting back guesses range for the second time in seven months. Two guys. That are the possible that the peak of their careers. But don't like to try it doesn't happen very often easier films we yes the wade and they've got to wait he's got you in their funny don't like each other. Foam they think quite frankly he each other and they probably warned not to tell Doral that's exactly what you want. Going into a mega fight is that's what you have here on Saturday night so he got to fight is on HBO pay per view of cannot come to Vegas to see the fight you gotta buy that they still pay per view. Among numerous develop a sudden oh thank you for join us Mike it's good to have you back heard in South Florida thank you and I appreciate Jonas will be just and I thank you.