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Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, June 16th

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Our back till LeRoy arrive from the Mandalay bay in Las Vegas we're here on the rewards are good for the blood to the rematch showdown tomorrow night. Flop on HBO pay per view. Talented men and that. Across challenges now how excited are you as I mean late the FBJ is pretty hyped and yeah pretty. They're highly. Lou amend the U who bit you know here's here's the question. When you go in. Julio the fight here early. Regularly flew I don't know who the like only been around that. Knowing we know it looks alarmingly little like the curtain Jerker. Flake most of Kuerten played the first place material for. 50 million go for the main card yet it's 6 o'clock yeah do. I tell you amend this a thousand flight stone that. Manager of Kovil it's a scary public he's like easily guess mr. bond villain. And schools. With need billion moos list time we listed in the hands of the mimicking geologists these kind. Not to handle geologists. To my whole IO. Mine so good at doing that do sinister view here's what I'm. He is the feel and I'm getting over just talking to people. You know I have. He would have talked to dad who is news. You know boxing game. Then. They've said that. Kovalev might beat the better boxer and when he has stamina isn't very good. And he usually punches himself out and that's kind of what got him the last fight. It did last night he says he's over here over train I mean does he campaign people out quickly anybody's guess he's got that this is for him and looked pretty pretty devastating I don't. I don't think it's a question of he's gonna punch himself I don't know I think he's probably smarter about ushering in this one but I mean. I don't know man does that does a lot of things about this crowd. That just worry me for Andre Ward. You know it's the facts that. You hear and that is going to be change it up a little bit where. You know he kind of is who he is I don't want to. I don't know on George and go in there and go toe to toe with the bigger and the national bigger man break and it's gonna work out well for him to give you put yourself in harm's way. You know that's. This is not what that's how it got you here any time and I feel like he's she's better off. Trying to execute what he did in the second half of the fight and try and and pull off early on. You know Kovalev has watched what was of Muslim that. That's that's that punch that put toward down he goes. It wasn't even launching them would they be part of her hands full put real thought the panel will look like he still put that to help us. Who I've meanwhile. I don't any time. You have to make drastic changes. I always wondered. If you make him the right move. Our members. Who we were here for. Pacquiao Bradley run Ben Bradlee never not the sole allowed in his life. And used on about how you lose them go and it ended early. No more who. Like you never know Peabody up bright. So. I don't know if she's just you don't binge to fight came in the fight went the distance so I don't know she's just say he had met. Or if you really believes award really believes yes do something different. Well certainly he's getting a lot of flak from the fans about a style and and that does not anyway that is you know he's got to take it very exciting fighter. And bought a home was you know he wasn't apologizing for it and then yesterday was saying I know you're gonna see a different Honduras and I don't know I don't like cannot setting up a new Wii maybe we maybe haven't done I think we're probably had done towards trilogy I think I think Kovalev do you think this one's. And we'll probably have to run back again that's what I think it's great presidents haven't. How do I Greg likens baguette or studio beast is out today said Greg likens you'll handle the honor of doing headlines. Well let's take sporting goods headlines gas lease these WEB XY. AM South Miami and tell you except desk HD children Arum. Are. These headlines sponsored by C season now it's CC's party would chicken stuffed crust and new grilled cheese stuffed crust pizza joint in the original topped with pepperoni on the unlimited golf ray. Just five in changing SEC school. Prices may very will start on the diamond after a day off the Marlins are back in action this evening when they open up a weekend series. In Atlanta against the Braves. Times expects to meet Justin ward back in the lineup after stints on the ten day disabled list because of bruised ankle industry really won't toe the rubber for the fish vs south boss John Newcombe. First pitches 735. From suntrust park. To basketball or after being called up my dream on dream during the warriors championship parade LeBron James refuted the notion. That he started this super team during an appearance on the road trip and podcasts. Most of my teammates Richard Jefferson. And Channing Frye. And finally the second round of the 117 US open is under way from Erin hills Wisconsin leaderboard is sponsored by Edwin watts golf shops home with a ninety day 100% guarantee. Let's check you're LeRoy out in Las Vegas for a leaderboard affect. Paul Casey and Rickie Fowler still tied at seven under Paul Casey has a couple of holes to go on today's round if he can finish. At seven under got to be pretty much where to lead to be see you Kim also finished for the day he's at five under. Zander learn tries his last name he's a 500 but he's one over on a day a couple of notice. A couple. Notable names. Jordan seat is there a couple over par you have all Rory McIlroy Jason Day they're not gonna make your current. They've played terrible this week. But you look at it. Dead a group full of Harris English mark policemen and Brendan Steele. Cord donned for the day that four under. Dare pretty much good for the weekend and they're probably going to be contingent. Thank you LeRoy they Greg did. Line India. The venomous snake bites they demand as he slept when he awoke you realize you can survive for long he did his wife's arm and attempt to spread develops they could die together. Would they yes. He did die by the way she received treatment idiot. Did you think like. He's a vampire. And and things like gross things and David and he gets still likes for the little like maybe that venom had him thinking crazy was really that was really a spitting cobra. I don't know post Lincoln what circumstance. Would make me want to take my wife Whitney. You know they've been through a leg would you take your weapons say lately you know when you're done with few definitely. It clean. So like what was he thinking in this say. I'm I'm taken or which may be that animated bosom and so quit or maybe you really just his wife Mosley they'll all die and you're done. And don't you go with me I don't know we've heard some stupid people do stupid things. In recent. Yeah pays the duke who got a got house rose who's trying to rob a bank just get away from his wife right and he put him under house arrest risk is quite. That's like life in prison I mean I know I know divorce can be miserable. But I feel like some of the circumstances people are taken. Relatives lawyer up. Met and most lawyer up and so it's a run at a bank or doing the venomous bite however not as bad as the dude who put his head in the Gator. I hope we get about the old regularly read. I'll put enough of an out. They. Now. Periodically. You know because we live in Florida. We have these Gator. Enthusiast. Who think they contain negated. And here's a guy. He's the goal and added to the got a little sticks Kapanen gave Gator Gator guys mouth open everything's go find this fine. And you know he has to take that extra step. Yeah he's got to put his head he's entitled to put his head giant mass amount fair and his mouth. If he does it. Any kid just put I didn't take it out there's something pat. I mean yeah he's got to play you quit is he's full Joseph dirt style he's right he's been dragged around. The southern appeal about about the danger of an animal I get it like when we were yes they were at the the zoo here in the Mandalay bay fan mail that they had prominence. And very late in the lady's lake area we feed him lie a thousand. Young extra fee yet this over my defeat of this is like home. Remember telling us people are out right so let all that lifts it. I should be just valid if you're gonna put a pool of Toronto's in front of me Q what is a computer more. They're very unbalanced mean. Policy to be alive in two but watching them in action well. You would have to cut the liberian. Because they said they're attracted to blood Shamu little prick a little via some little prick. Saucy don't know analyst eluded to style work comes out like a skeleton. I do and it by the way I have to say. I was not that enthusiastic the Bogor season sharks. Will we went to see you sharks in almost worked there was worth it. And he doesn't big guy sharks man and you're all over ending of all kinds of fish in there whatever. Now I think today I'm gonna go in the sun. Because have been outside two days well. I'm standing side you brought them doesn't sweat it's gonna be a hundred a night. I'll tell you have some heats whoever some heat swoon material for the heat fan who Alonzo Mourning and all man I was love in this. So Alonso has asked us for the Palm Beach because of its next rebuild. He's asked about the next rebuild and he he says. Quote this one's going to be even more special. I think is your view more photos considering how all fell apart talk about the they've really been great he says I haven't I mean illness. Pat had to rebuild with Chris and LeBron doing relieve insane things rebuilding is one he's one of the greatest bass barked architects on the face of the year. He knows what it takes to win there. He knows what to do what it pertains developing a champion who see him do it time and time again I trust this will be no different. Ha ha speaks sweet nothings to me so no question was. Kudos though workforce close post man. You are all right and what are not great I'm not saying that anything that he's saying is it accurate. But AM soon. Is that he does work for the heat. They don't ship to take that into account when he's explaining. Where the organizations don't fine and OK I will take into consideration and thank you and ignore it. As how early is one of the best architects and bass and uses the things on special mid they got the gas plant we don't know about LeRoy. Maybe maybe their route to sneak attack free agency with a vengeance when who went oh I don't know. We know maybe they don't get would you look let me ask your questions and Blake Griffin's. And they'll get James Johnson. Let me ask you questions. It's at in the free agency. We have Gordon Hayward. He can work Hayward. And we don't have DR waders. Targets in Johnson. Are giving James Jones a guy. How are you feeling about Gordon and next year I feel real good. You know Yemen folk music kept Gordon knew early from Austin so okay here's the other the other thing is though. 38 million. Yeah it's a lot of money to let cheese for Gordon Hayward so are you willing to give Gordon Hayward. More money. Did you gave LeBron. Why won't why sometimes. He's the salary cap goes up the salaries go up okay. Are you willing to have Gordon Hayward or your team to thirty million. Zeke the fact that you have to think about it means we should grab the damn you should be making more than your points per game that's it. Not a real thing Robby it's. Throughout the that is proving get aboard the the image when he points given the first time in the semi your career this last year so he's never averaged more two way voice to listener and somebody with some people would say that's improving. OK things are going well so both the trajectory is going out. OK maybe we should be happy are you know where are you satisfied. He wins thirty. Million going to Gordon Hayward I'm not I'm not satisfied with thirty million going to anybody who's not named LeBron Kevin Durant or stuff Currie. It's just how it is man. That's the leak you can always tell us. Know you got to get better. I will us defense that's because there's no did you really just so you look at the crew last year. Let's hope you get a full. Go over at the season and you got no big injuries. Or. Do you want a spark things up a little bit try a little bit something new but it you know anonymous is back here's my question do you want to try something and at thirty million like you need to know. It's not let's try this in Hebrew words you'd need to know you need a definitive answer as to what your team QB with a thirty million dollar player. I feel like you'll be O I think you'll be able to turn to Gordon Hayward I cannot even though yes he probably is a New York's thirty million. In today's NBA I feel you let's ages is a colossal disasters somebody gets injured what ever. I think that you'll be able to trade that deal because of what this. League is right now probably. We don't did you issue in Canada and a Blake we talked about Blake and cool injured all the time which I don't like I think that was geared heat. The thing with the stay with Blake said does intrigue me is just that. I look at what they do with a guy like James Johnson who is an afterthought journeyman right that you think the lakers to an all NBA player he you know a guy who's finished in the MVP voting. He moved. Yeah I mean I can't I can't say I'm. I can't said completely wanting to stay away from that yeah you got I might get to get a short term deal I deal leaf. You'd get to Camelot CC you know you kind of have that out that I would be more aware about giving him a full Max deal that would be Gordon Hayward. Because of the because it but it has to go with the uncertainty. Over easier to be healthy enough. Two we know he has the talent right easier to be healthy enough. To be able to BR UT because if you look at what has failed this team in the last couple years. Meant anything evident health yup I give you a healthy heat team in the last two years. It'd. Sosa they beat the cavs. Who serve he said. Obviously if Chris is going out in the tournament different to restore in the eastern comments would probably go through with the Cleveland. Right throne would probably beat them we really do I think we would have enough tools has gone once again reminded people who he's employed by. He works for the heat OK all right you that he's using key legend just he lifer. Who dug this current. Just as he left for today and lately he's kind of got that beast go and oh lead on the outcome. All the Roy learn how to hear you. You're preparing you dipping deeply teeth you can hang Alonso more into to ask this in beastie and he believes he can kiss kiss a powerless us. Was taken that truth it hasn't tens of brokering. If it has just a slight bit of occurring if Chris Bosh either get rid of the lip gloss on these get rid kits and I don't know if if Chris Bosh would have been healthy at first you never got hurt after the trader for gore on. Yes they would be in that caps that us. Ogre who tell the nova obliged golf oh OK. Okay now it. That being said if you'd just give me hope to heat team be if I give you one better. I would have felt better about the team two years ago wind. Who signed up her. I'll I'll see how that T yeah man be using it I mean so injuries that plagued this team at the worst and Dion is here. Right Deion this year tough fair man. But us sports America sports the sports I mean you got it you need to have a lot more luck. Then. You want to admit to sort of means when your guy jumps up in tweaked his ankle it's not a season Ender. Speaker of the house Adam gazans and things to say about my county and his tells us time about next. You really proven we've we feel like we're a really good really good track right now and its way to the next. And that is doctor big hit when we get kind out of work back in. We'll see what they are next steps you can towards home if anything changed no better or worse. So we're just trying to really focus on the steps. Of the doctors tennis right now. But still my man. That. And college streets its. Welcome back so really you overload and then later today Lowell isn't it. Believe Adam gays do rebounded and I'll bite bouncy crowd of people might get caught. A you are you worried. Yeah. He digs his visas and is improving either. I hope I hope isn't good may have made of doing things here. Here's the fifth improving from a live to be able to walk doesn't mean you're any closer to being able to play football. That being said. Is there any position on the field. Where you were required to explode in squat and usury trips more dominant center. No I mean even though he won't yet but in eBay's. EBay and the guard and tackle on offense can get a two point states. So. How horrid man might get you know. When he came out when now when the Hernandez funerals going on he was on your views on crutches or McCain whoever Allen was asleep so horrible way. Europe's phone boy. And I just him I don't know I don't know how mistreat you can have that he's gonna make it through the season I know gays loves them another week. It made about a season. We need to know when he's he would be ready. For this season if he would be ready when it starts he's gonna miss some time early because. If he's gonna miss some time. Or visit them missed substantial time. Now. The question is gonna be. Why didn't they take somebody and address. If you have blue even though. Like I told you then I said I hate taking a live mid. But did did go with the punting situation is I can understand if Dave where did you pick up a guy that can play both guard to consider to have some flexibility here. Yeah I get I get those that have you don't fix the defense I'm I'm not gonna look if they didn't pick office live I'm not gonna. Like I'm fine with yeah I just they're like yeah. They knew what the situation was very and we did. But I mean it's it's it's pretty. Serious worries some. This offensive line then becomes a question every year he is. You know he's a very important part of the franchise as far as you know they know that he is supremely talented Dionne is out that they are a lot better but. I knew going into year where it's on a given 350 touches. Yeah I can't help coming off a knee injury. And you wonder about what is mobility is going to be like Iowa it's a big weapons form he's got a knee brace on now very acquitted him as an effective firmly tells always been a guy who. His legs have been the is that there have been some anything goats do it now well I don't know they gonna are they allowed him union. Nuance besides being a little uncomfortable. You can move around find it and I mean using quarterbacks don't worm until they heard themselves now Brady wears one deft hook so statue. But still I mean only time we get hurt as we've stated contemplated throwing it. So from that standpoint I think you'll still be able to run but maybe it'll stop him from being. Overly. Excited to run. I wonder this is. Yeah I think the stuff we would be the last year they're gonna they're gonna gamble on it constantly if he does not make it through. This year or may be candidates articulate and he's got to become after the season thing. For reduced cruising and questions. He's such it's such a huge news notes as we decide it's it's a huge part of his position that specific injury. I somewhat I don't know shall we can take that beat. I mean. Load go to the prop. Mayors is that it's almost like a recurring injury. And they and so. It's if you keep fix and it costs continue to succeed to where you beer group perform at the level you know perform. Yeah I have I don't know man. Without worry visits especially toward me with the with the fact of you know for the running game was and and just get them to be cohesive you know you're gonna that's which indeed you have changes as it is that lab are also going to be left tackle this year. You know. Salt. And the fact that at least you know counsel's gonna be there a title yet to be changed but. You don't have a question mark of brand Albert and his health and not an aggressive as public Izzy is gonna be good enough to. You know stop a lead pass you anymore late yet some cover though these are going young member with Powell sees a slight. If there I almost feel like he got you know for the show us this. Just copies. I mean I don't. That's the problem they really like him you have men and end so that means that there's a lot of things that he brings to the table that we may. Not be aware. My dad being says. It's kind of one of those things like almost like Chris Bosh it. Like everybody says it. To dump Chris vices. Salary you try to get rid of it and that's what he's trying to do in here and he one quick point Chris plot to be able. Play yemen's. And so from that standpoint. Like you have to keep that in my would all these decisions go it on. Though the dolphins have to say where about two. Hey he is an elite center in this week if he's healthy so we're gonna try to do whatever we kid. To give him. On the field. Yeah but I would I feel like with a Chris Bosh. If you were able to know about his health and I'll you can drop men and you can figure out a lot quicker basketball man it feels like in football star at that position. You know yes you gotta put an America and he's got to make decisions he's got to make calls he's got to read stuff for them. You know. It's different to me than men like when Dion Waiters was out for the first time in the season and then he came in and the team was spartans went off on their lives. It's a different is that it's different gave. As far as like. If you have a score that day goes on to game somebody else and take shots somebody else can. You can give more opportunities to. In basketball. And football when you lose a Pro Bowl center. You're probably not gonna be able to replace him with a Pro Bowl center. So you have to figure out what's the best course for now. In the future but I think as of right now. The dolphins are going about dislike. You know we want and we need him on the field and so they're doing everything they came to me. You don't rehab. Gym go through all that stuff we don't know with the doctors tell them. We don't know what the doctors are saying as far as what his recovery is going to be and how he's gonna be able to play after. The Serb we don't even know what type of surgery yet right and so from that standpoint does a lot of things we don't know. That if we had dances may be we would feel a little bit differently but just knowing that hey here's a guy who had problems for the last two years he played center. It makes you feel little an easy not knowing. What his status is going to be going into camp and into the season. Would you can mentally for him you know you you have the same engine housing concerns like how frustrating is it got to be for him to know that this has been hurt earnings. You're not gonna have a lot of activity probably going to Kim cherished child at the bit to get. Like I gotta match as a player that that this is going to be and just really mentally taxing for. I would say that the toughest part of it is the uncertainty of not knowing. What you're gonna be able to do when you give bat or when you're gonna be able to give back. Might just be around the guys that they've been patient witted and that everybody understand you want to make sure that when you come back you're able to perform rough but internally we yourself feel like. When is is could have wider Rickie bad news arms wide. Can't they get it right sometimes you know you have the surgery in any got to go and clean it up would do something like debt so. You don't Wear make it assumptions about the situation without fully understanding. OK yeah once or did if I'm not mistaken. It's the other hip yes so he's not as Sergio both fits that bill O didn't. Sounds like a problems but we don't know with they didn't win yet the surgery so like he has a tough spot. And you know we just have to wait and see I don't know I have four radio reception but here's some Spanish who had a background where you guys is speaking. Now man cider cider radio or on radio row mainly and yes this there's there's a lot of Spanish speaking stations here as well man and I'll tell you what they are far more animated than the U. Hulu who has yet ready to golf and he's he's excited because yeah. But you are you're heading then I tell you you what's in the gym this morning and I saw you would wrench oh yeah I was did not and you've got after today I was did video of the holy hell it was like yesterday I said then I spent two days. Try to find a way to do this because you go to the website they don't say never fit vicinity say they have a spot right in so I didn't noted they even have one it's overlooks their abusers. Yet I'm gonna have to go to my room to a prison work out a path to home plate what his rock okay with him ahead. I would suburban snippets of virtues of Sotheby's held down let's go there and after access. But you will accumulate so yes did I did fifty minutes for a know what those little machines. Fed this and stretch did. You know I don't over the legs just what you did I could slip somewhat to gives way to go and yeah their lights feed people that's not a very big fitness center sauces like after I did like four things away it's an area this winner right because there's like doce going every time we get around somebody who's very ridiculous. I mean. You know it is now people there. 6 in the morning. If that's sub levels below seven I was on Molina was trying to boast of but instead it's pretty good but pretty good. It's Vegas you would think people will be taken Napster or just give them all the restaurants are closed its yes no kids. But anyway. Oh alive for the Mandalay bay here in Las Vegas we'll get into a little bit of what's going down here with this this fight is socially there's a lot of dual pissed about. Next month we'll tell you about what happened at the press counts and what they're trying to do to improve the core of who expect build on going down nearly bankrupted us. And I look back over. Vegas one man. You saved overly gory. The drug resistant to the. They show more obvious. It's team has great killer today that man's. List of the top tips alive from my bounce here. Of the top. So yes today and during the press conference. Mike New York it's up there. Videos. You know we've we should love this fight it's been passed by the bus which it and these are these two best al-Qaeda fighters in the world war first Scoble. They're fighting each other for six months how some circus that's going on your next month. You can tell that there is animosity is already building from other box promoters of what's going down with. War kind of McGregor and the Floyd Mayweather fight that's going down its next August at T-Mobile arena. The the pit box injury I don't think is taking you commented this well. Here. Here's why. I hate about us. I'm not boxing purist guy whom he but they are entertainers. Yeah. And how they make their money. Is by people watching. Your fights yet. And sometimes it's hard boxing to get interest from. Now. In mid may is on open come. You don't have been around for awhile but in those Qaeda is kind of leveled off a little bit at would you say I would say. They hit that boxing doesn't have anybody in their primary and out into the business economist Gregory does for the usage right. And and all that being said. Holds. Institutes. Could use a boost. Why it. Having maybe. It may have made. Guy. Being adjusted in boxing and or boxing guy is being interested in event because if you watch this fight. And say you're a boxing purist. Whose decision next time Connor McGregor fights you don't say hey let me check him out. I agree with that idea I think that there is good exposure are both sizes and you know there's also. There's a part of me that there's a lot of fans too who are just fans of fights and they like it. All to give it to doesn't like boxing is not above the gimmicks all Cabrera it's not for the if you're Tyson Lennox Lewis fought. Wailed April 1 for Mike Tyson. He had no shot against Lennox Lewis right and you know it was a circus build up in it with. Tyson fighting in place looses my A you know saying really volatile things of the reporters a press conference sizzling. Tell you this summer and that boxing has been above and its past. And I can get the frustration from us. Golden Boy Promotions or main event and and roc nation burdened. They're fighters taking the troops under is being taken away I just don't think the thunder was it was quite there I think this is something with this event where did you should watch. This fight if you'd love boxing because it's going to be a great fight it was great for the first time in a Fabio great fight this this this next go around. But. Do you wonder like is that enough and will it ever be enough for the is that some and that they can religious wages paid we get to -- boxes were going to go and that's the cell. I mean I am person like shenanigans I wanted to see shenanigans no doubt distrust government course and I thought that would have shut. That's how you get the people manages the way to lose you don't need to look. I think artery want all the other promoters. All our. Upset which it does not whetted your guys yes and if veered job. As they promoter. Is to promote their talent it. And this was. Brought to their attention. They would facilitate broad because that a money generated and that's their job and so are you kidding heat. If you don't have the best fighter. And this was brought to. I think two. What's going to be staying for. For this and I think boxing wouldn't because he's a gnome I know the MMA family this was such a thing. When. There was gimmick brought into mixed martial arts like and I met a reference to kemba thing last yesterday. When when kimbo. Was really hot on the scene there's a lot of jealousy there was a lot of bitterness for a guy who's not see your mixed martial artist. Getting that kind of stage holy drew the eyeballs and that led to more people watching it was the first time mixed martial arts got a national. Got a national broadcast platform like that. Then you accused on the road UCL the fox deal. Meadow lake. Just to show that that had success of one point. Yeah it was gimmicky yes it was it was a guy who probably should have been there with the lead mixed martial artists thought. It did show case that you can draw the sport can draw. If it Karen Burton's the key for my dad. This is entertainment. Okay and a lot of times people who looked him for. The entertainment value and where this is gone. Even more so is too good green fight stuffed up in every. Combat sport. System preflight stuff they gauge your interest in it so one you need the personalities. Yet to. You need the promotions of it. And did the fighting is almost one last blip if the fight is great and you don't have the others. Right it is they've made it tough to sell. How well the thing that the tennis also differently from the comparisons brought up a lot of follow hockey out Mayweather to this fight and it's just. I don't put them on the same plane at all not even with pre fight build up. The pot kill Mayweather build up was five years so bright ideas to guys who at the top of the sport best pound for pound fighters. Monster draws this thing had had a microwave cooking of seven months. Bring in reality like there was some talk about a last year but nobody really thought responsibility right. Up until January. I mean how did what it was say we have a better chance being in the the backup quarterback Tom Brady the suitable in this fight happening to a January showed data suit up because I am here bushel the pats on yet. So I just think that because this thing has happened so quick. Even if it does cost Lama nobody nobody is look at this and thinking yes this is going to be an epic fight this is gonna be the now let's let's say. Let's see let's let's see let's see these guys talk about each other. Let's tune in that's where I to a dare you atmosphere and let's CEO let's see if if a guy. Really can't do anything against the best box of the last fifteen years why do you have a fight like this. In Vegas. Because of all the pomp and circumstance surrounding us about the shoe it's about to show that she knew that Baghdad is correct and so. What happens is is that's why you have it here and an hour these two guys. Come out and battle of what's a lot of watched a lot of craft fights nothing's ever determined from the sand. I'm not gonna watch the sport anymore Fred I'm excited for this fight comics I defer USC to thirteen next month. I'm excited for a firm McGregor Mayweather in August comics I defer chip would you miss Canelo. Incidentally it doesn't determine if any one of southern half of those fights you have those could be good Huff will be terrible. Is the way it goes this is a way to instances where it is right if you get this was sometimes you what sometimes you have some games they saw three years to Super Bowl has been a blowout. And you very rarely did they close. So mobile dodges what some of the worst NBA playoffs. Ever. Yes and we still got the spectacle. Of super team vs super team and ratings highest in twenty years Brent. Late. You know widely because all the stuff surrounding. All these things. Right is what it. Made people watch absolutely. Get those extra curriculars man they were none too pleased that no look circus. Certainly hope the circus and down for a while meant they gonna have a tent over Vegas for a few months break that was. The yet the circus there yup bearded lady freedom all out man. I wanna see at all actually it's it's it's a it's a trivia fun fun things I think all of hears ago word. So we would you think what do you think about the compromise of since their boxing did they do you have seen linked five minute rounds which list total rooms. Another none of them have monetary Alonso went right through the box into it. And and the way it's gonna work is like after after Conor probably gets works he's gonna get on my my your phone and he's going to say. Can you won't you won't Norwood just silly rules let's do it in the ought to at least medicinal fat lady very is that you know he could be in a real fight. Very that's it that's that's were it's that's what to you the result of will be. Right but they have an adult. Good stuff tomorrow night where Kovalev soup yesterday about HBO they're review we appreciate all hospitality they have. Put for the list this week. And factual debate parting gift as we get out of here war Kovalev to Jack economy through the cot does Lara now 786. 534079. You'll get themselves reward Kovalev to jacket check out HBO pay review tomorrow night the rematch Andre Ward Sergey total. As Kovalev looks to even up the score with these guys LeRoy you get out of the golf course then yes I am more enjoy yourself you guys have a very Rican we'll talk to on Monday youth.