6-20-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, June 20th
Tobin accuses Beast and Amber of taking potshots at the rest of the crew on their Saturday Show. Adam Gase has the 2nd best odds of being the first coach fired during the NFL season right behind Hue Jackson. Tobin says Russia is going to win the World Cup because the fix is in. The guys go over the list of celebrities who have had a kid at a very old age and Leroy creates a rule.

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Enjoy the day it and celebrated before the July. And the city of sunrise just shut doors of the BB NT Sena for live music kids activities boot jocks fireworks and more. Lot of music is including classic rock legends grand funk railroad the American band are going to be the men manly man in the moon. You live as long. I like to win this thing let that's. I would do them any other songs. Gates open at 430 and buggy emission are afraid for your safety all eyes will be searched for the sunrise FL dot gov for details. Oracle not 547474600. As CEO at the sunrise on the fourth of July. And seven on anathema report reached into the ticket. He started singing it. The American man doing. Another son any song that gets song by a member of the show the song gets played the next segment it's the work. She's fighting us and I think we list of I've been so he doesn't we need rules because the start of the Rutgers oral and now we've got delight. Songs being played strikes on thinker read angry black belts undone against a hostile when they got boxed whom couldn't fight his way up. It's. A strange that a lot of leg and I don't feel boxed and didn't. Alone means we have a show meeting on the air. America. We're gonna work on to a right. Yes yes good morning in the morning in the morning yes but that's because one to four. No listen listen right in the middle of all of the festivities. That. Listened listened. Listen listen. That's because originally. His boys though Robert decide they want to work so is going to be historian amber. To have been delightful shall be remembered I have great chemistry together. Wait wait yeah east tournament as this is this hijinks show that you got going on the on the AM Saturday afternoons this side for once so. Though Robert joined the figured out there with the rest of us that if you work on July for the at a comp day so now they wanna works and how the morning chosen to. Everyone's working on the morning show. Six Dan Wheldon and some baseball implant. Based plug ins with the boss said he'd rather be local into baseball games so. Then once the more anxious at the resort and Curtis said he would work so that's the afternoon jail so that's like. I will do the mid Asia. We're on. He does hash tag ferret out on the fourth of July. And it's ten also this Friday we were third hour. It's Kazaa banished or off. And now and on the schedule that's why. We have this thing the reason why we have to third now we're. Zach is an ice. I know your. That let us know we will. Yeah and Zach comes from our view it's. Our PGO. Hole. And a line. A man. You want about me never won Saturday. It is on the show I've had a lot of allegations that and how good it is now oh my god and I did not it hurt as you have just been caddie Chad. Genetic at. Caddie caddie. What I've heard is. Lot of loose lips on the show oh yeah and I've been here and there's a lot of hot shots that are being taken. You're you're teammates you regular teammates that are so it got a couple of the a couple of players would get a little more playing time on a show. And then all of a sudden they're taking shots at the regs. Is what I'd like to say yes would Aslan here what does that mean for example just leave it. What was the first text that you opened up from yesterday. That's still only two under a lot which is above me. And didn't we were not trying to address of dead. And rob birds veteran radio menus and well that's not what I said. What I said was I always envisioned Romberg to be the next Joseph rose in this market. And then the techsters were saying better Romberg and you because Europe Miami hater. I didn't say that. You beloved fans of that context I don't even a little mud. And I promise you every person that calls and says among my immune heater. Hasn't gone to a quarter of games and of course that is correct. It's unbelievable. How little they actually know what you get the voice of the yen greats. I don't read all you could keep him in the holster. Now you consider a mugger read I guarantee you that your problem that I go to like attendance and yet can't hit it probably laugh like I need to yeah. I notice that vision called Beauty and the Beast they can magical hyenas in the afternoon I it to yourself and amber just did for the way she laughs yes. I just did. Two hi Nina who's gonna be I don't even had a comfortable and I heard she was taken potshots do. I'm not discuss what she was say one pot shots that amber and I all rat out my teammate all the while. C minus one. It version of John is the way do you look you know now is the best or the best post I've ever worked well she's amazing. Yeah. Yeah. That you were Amber's Tyrod Taylor. All we god is Eddie hill. Steelers had a hell of scores won't no this is this while I was its own solo. We now taken aback. So this week throughout the offseason at his golf that that the stones are seen to be really weird. Because I feel like everybody is looking at this like it's Armageddon the national perspective on them. So. We've talked Dolly the over under is on the win totals six and a half we've done that to be low was a hard six. QB pick the new three and thirteen this year wow and that'd be terrible not an army. I don't you have put another. Another publication as commode that really negative slant towards the dolphins so this. They did spread came out this is action Robbie seal likeness. Let me know Heathrow some carpet this so. The odds of come out for the first NFL coach to be fired. This season. Number one no surprise. You to XQ Jack's obvious paper. Number two. Gigs. Adam ace. Plus 750. Any better to get fired the Marvin Lewis Vince Joseph dirt cloud men's Joseph guess. This final that. I don't see it. Well I can't understand. That in any other circumstance. If I take your starting quarterback and put in my four year U team is good your team goes six and ten. You immediately say oh we should be a couple of games better simply because we get our quarterback back yeah. And I know people may look at and say oh you lost your leading receiver but if you didn't receiver is a slot guy. And you add a couple of tight ends. And that. Look I I look at the dolphins lost the season the only one day you're gonna be a little too and say. I religion don't know how that's gonna turn out replacing it I think is Ndamukong sit. However the money you're spending on him. And usually how dumb you really take advantage of having that guy right so I can't exactly look at it and not only that did take advantage. Statistically. No poorest defense in your franchise's history win them. It showed head coach did you. I got a head coaching job. And not a good show. It feels like those user got a wasted so there's all look it up from there. Well just real look at and I got these pieces that they've lost. A scene in the grand fall. Off here. For reputed being dead to team is going to be. That much worse off because they got renewed. Ndamukong Suh. Injure arm's length not sane enough good players. What I am saying is is if they had missed any game. What would impact of bin. As far as a result of those game. Like can you honestly say that of the six wins. Charles Landry one U2 or three of whom. I guess that's what you are saying that's what you're there. He does what you are saying when you say you get a jar was Landry Ndamukong Suh. Yet the only reason why you were six and Tim was because of those guys yet well the physical things of water it's if you tell me it's still obviously Andrea mutated away. When last year's roster he may be he's getting you win the you've replace him you think like you felt like comparable replacement for Jarvis Landry now I do you losing Jarvis ledger for the year and replace him with his version of Jay Cutler. Right but but the other thing is is depending on what position his own feet. Replace them with the exact same guy is ever really need to replace a all the way to alerts receiver armed none of them against. I'm not not really not budgeted really don't like because doesn't like British people. Is a bit of football Ponzi C schemer who it seems to think that he's got this unlocked offense that has never been seen before in the history of the game. I think is a little bit full of baloney however however. Got to the playoffs. And then last year. Jay Cutler is Korda now integrated. It was his choice that Jay Cutler's quarterback. Right they spent a million dollars and will ridiculous. And as crazy supposedly the general manager. Go to any figure head on this team and say that person's on the hot seat. It bombed on lake. And I saw those odds come out and it was for GM. Or president of football operations most likely to be canned. I would put my tenable very high on the list because he's been a lot of anti money. And has made some Austin trades. So I can see that argument let gays into year three you say it's make or break. Don't know sale on demand alleged targets catastrophic when they win one game two games immediately it is. The three and thirteen but I just don't see this is a three win team I don't think it is immense gonna be status quell. I hint. I don't. People don't want to innovate is probably factoring in those odds that we feel. A bomb the way we feel might buy tandem mama's got the same way Stephen Ross used my ten a bomb. As Stephen Ross have been known to fire coaches mid season in the past it was Paronto they don't filled. But here's the thing we're obviously going to say there. The first report we got out of Stephen Ross is yours is unhappy with the football personnel and had not Adam aces call. Not like he's upset where he's like I'll. Payable this. Big of Fitzpatrick fantastic what would you Vince would all the Smart franchises you do and if we're really not sure here the dominant and an end. If the loss which is not typically is stock sale but it is his right as it being his football team. If this doesn't work out any got told as of the well let's say may give Fitzpatrick sticks. I think that's a move were zero to do it. I try to warn ya. Do you think words like. We gives you better work out otherwise people are gonna lose their jobs right. They were fired Crowe's career before a pardon my terrible mistress he survived every regime this is going to be the end of late he's Mike hill to conduct and a sticky. She should deadlines. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. Joseph Miramar. The new year of the Mike Tannenbaum and Dan Marino and in the rural and. Okay. Yeah. It's game pay a great relationship that case goes to work in harmony. To say it. An annual work in harmony without notice and kept it all without doing massive amounts of blow otherwise. Possibly pull them. People who feather flock together is another rule we have a rule that says logic. This logic Peta cocaine does Nick Young. What do you different. So legalize the video. What are cities built on. It could function there's there's a couple of places. It's really can't go. And you know that Tennessee one of whom like. It's been a while before you accepted the fact. That there was someone who realize. Marijuana that's our. It took a long time we're dead you know I would like back today cocaine was again medicinal treatments. What is it man. What do you deal is full also stuff. You get it fixed everything I'd fix my BP is getting a little bit too slightly late. I wasn't I was his shirt off. I don't know with the champagne bottle feel like the next that is on TMZ he's going to be says he's gonna be Chris first and some winds right on camera. He's got to be careful that you would be perfect for the heat who is way if you were in NFL. The lobos to be who have to your house right about now being. Suited for testing at all yeah yeah yeah that is why the real yeah that's gets out of service desk in his disliked. This is slam he hit it would've been even more credible Jameel JaVale McGee was with him. I'll World Cup action I ran and Spain have just started on the square there Portugal beat. A Morocco off the hatter from Chris Jenner and although the fourth minute off a corner that school was one mil and then a year ago why beat a Saudi Arabia one nothing Luis Suarez scored for Yuri glide up Marlins and giants at 345. Little shenanigans in the series we'll see if it happens again this afternoon although Donnie baseball after be able Bob being yesterday said nothing's happened in the worry about it. Whereas all accidental or dogma and until Basra on the he's on top pastoral they Buster Posey he was an act and a leg. I mean how did he do this does you know Bremer changes might give them a call and say. You know it's not you were as young young. I hope it. I think a big business arm Alaska it's Kelly getting inducted into into secret society it's like it's like skull and don't. Kim Q we get some guys color today. No I was surprised I was Oz is abuzz that it was put his kid and I asked I just following orders yet he forgot he's a rookie I mean I'd brick chiseled that we can't shake up the skipper. Deaths of like you get caught up in these things you mean I even believe in. We to read a deal with that one guy. The deal were to team chairman rose two young illegality rumor flashes of Benito Santiago was Benito Santiago a keeper of the U rules of baseball. Now. Was college. You know now who knows that's got to be you know we've got to be a way that would allow aside non students that well. Really NAND everything that's the dirty like this. Nerdy. I mean well not nerdy I guess thirties the wrong word just like I ascent likeness Molina. Any of the Moly follow it is almost. On me now. And now they're now we celebrate. As I got these oh yeah IDs ovule ghetto it was Metheny now. Now player yeah. Yani has alluded to keeper liberals number host city was that the US and USA celebrated after people regardless I cardinals thing I think that's it's one thing like if your card alternated. It's like you'd you'd overtake him no matter what. Demand of the USA should apologize for celebrated as the giants in general. It's the brought it was a cardinal the odds of baseball. It's it's all Reyes. Giants cardinal Red Sox Red Sox. Kind of the yankees' C. This is not being that bothers me more and somebody come in on Hussein that's not the weekly gain when it. Oh by trying to hit her under mom out fast ball saw the straight. Swagger hunter he can get up here and he gets fist pump. If he strikes me out but I can't flip my back if I get a game tying RBIs by the always beat a lot of vital Latin baseball because I don't buy it. Let me 1995. Miles and I don't throw Adam he's like. Oh. Little more speed boat load should be it was. All our whole all of Roger yeah and speed of rules of the game Phil Mickelson has released this statement I know there should have come sooner. Give me a few days to come down by anger and frustration that the best to be last week at and embarrassed and disappoint about my actions. It was clearly not my finest moment and I'm sorry to apologize for his undefeated as a reader as it was blown though he thinks he does because the golf people who are out of their college garden the good people. He wanted to add it on a plant and he did that. To appease people who he does that really hear the same people that are on that hate tiger for fist pumping. Don't like Mickelson there you know and operated by upon a lot of evil. You know don't like. A lot of folks antics on the golf they don't like Patrick reads and he is annoying he's I am good at a gay men but they like public crying. Well I know and no. Worse. But some bubble and off they love them some bubble in government that. Anyways but Carney missed the cut he's. It's rumor it register them Messi has been in tears his mom kind of told. I really not true then he's been in tears journalist most of slip and said that. The guys are crying in the locker yet there's an all time now and don't ever forget so what does he do it was LeBron. Oh. Gosh. And brawn. Bob is up for the finals a low V hornets. Have agreed to send two hours that that that grows crying after after this looks like he was. I vetoes most because of JR Smith in his hand but it. He didn't like what I'd be tries to such a fake cast. You imagine if they want like in one. He beasts I mean that the swagger and LeBron would have all of his nibbled wood to call for Julia Baird and there how. I couldn't believe this NBA's auctioning off his Jersey yes the judgment Jersey yell call somebody said wait. Cocaine is still used in hospital settings. How work at Walgreens pharmacy probably not a drug database that has cocaine powder should try system check even though it is an airman was made illegal years ago. It is the Charlotte hornets have agreed to send Dwight Howard of the Brooklyn nets heard some of fame mas god to Sarah picks and cash. White Howard was is what he uses for him. Was fifth or sixth for magic lakers. Medic rockets rockets hawk hornets harness all that's where it ought assault on one originally gimmick contract rights of this is bush just tell Iran's so basic 24 million dollars so it's six loses sixteen. Yes it's abuse sixty who. Kerr isn't. You know that he's not getting traded because this play he has voters know little about he's not. The rockets got a lot better which he has no idea who's from North Carolina. Herbert on recently to good they want a senator. Not Moscow from. Oh see. Russia. From North Carolina in Los Los Caroline and you know grosses me Carolina who supports. Catch a cat. Cat hair. Do you see a sign. Was yeah you. Know mid to late yeah. Hold the word. Oh. Eight at bat girl he can't not hollow rate. Has ever seen a white Steffi didn't like. See you just did more whites and all I talent. Well I know that's one questioning already yeah that's like you did elderly and other brown. It's a Kamensky. Turned out all want to. User you do all the exit to justice Winslow joint it was the first call. Music. Take all those picks. That I wanna get Kaminsky. I'm always beware of the guy. It has. Links inside of it at at Mandalay by the way I did did did everyone see Hasan across the pond driving limos. Yet until LS UV he's he's he's he's he's just around the CEO of Lamborghini and on the gondola. Tucson wide side. That guy does he get a double the sealed Lambert is a hundred million dollars. That opens up a lot of doors. And it's like they got no it's like you're sitting was mores the cat and he is thinking. How what should we do today S mores should we go to a taller Lamborghini. Or cassis like cats deficits don't notice in the US yet and that there was another car I think it was a Porsche look like you drove in the viewers his yeah. A subtle light sides grand investment his first trade investment is is big and tall Hamburg he needs it. One. That's such a market daisy data seem opening up but dealership down here. Lol. Yeah at more forces use seven foot one. Do you wanna live in luxury well I got the place for you have you been doing what we're blogs last five years they've got some extra money. Back activists. We got going on and bullets or got Spain and I ran high. Blood rushes when this whole thing I don't tell you guys. Don't think the fixes that hit an 81 goal differential as it is right now via. I don't know does that does it look I'm on the soccer now has of the jets. Is there a way for Russia and Rinaldo to play in the championship. Or they in the C yes. Walt that are there and a they would have to finish different parts of the group of Russia wins their group and Portugal's second in the group don't play the next game of Russia. And Portugal both win their group that both come at second but can't be told him to wait he. Championship if she wins their group yes it would play in the next round that's what I'm saying let's use that they wouldn't get it is both win their group they could play in the championship. Correct but have yet in the blood of Portugal finished second in Russia finishes first or Portugal but his first a recipe is the second play the next game. Yeah it is a little too as the bush about to finish first is that a draw the first yeah Reuters Portugal's guaranteed grants that to my column in. Missed the Magnificent Seven yes I know those of losers were accounted for the fix would not. You said Russia's never had more than five points in any war. That is correct and recently and getting qualified to the previously well you know these things happen every four years so you probably have a different team did you have four years. Well also when you're the host country and wounds your president and your supreme leader you you win yeah mental notes over and I'll is going to be an opportunist first World Cup that is going to be told to think about. What's more Mays nausea and Lewis also inviting you call somebody supreme leader. That in itself already live to know. You do well I added and don't really call and the supreme leader of that tonight as well but still. And let's say at these reds back of the sparrows I don't know what the movie a little harder like stars though expires there listen they use their ways. It. Although consumer mobile yourself Hans some unable to come into my lead lead them and stay here this team. That title when it doesn't show open. What's been edge that's what happened it was my vick's yes that's valid or. Craziness of the others don't look. 81 Russia first of all nobody rides up like Russian. No actually you don't realize why watch a Netflix decorous the amount of doping they're doing in Russia. It's quite personable. They hate this is such shenanigans this is for political shenanigans that some guy I'm telling you. The draw that the urine is already in the freezer. These are supposedly on its unbreakable. Seals Romney's urine tests not show. Now Russia stoked up with a machine and and reattached with clean urine. I mean and they factor for us this lots. Of robotics involved in their doping system. They are the crime do the you can Miami's gonna doping and on and on and we're on training wheels compared to rush over the broad exit from Iraq so we know there's the situation if you see LeBron James. Showed up one of those Fuzzy Russian hats. It's 'cause you know he's trying to play the 45 with the sun. Chris he's like look Miami's good an idea interests at. I need. The rules. Like so it's not out there in Italy wasted his time trying to make a labor Gainey for giant. LeBron James is going to be in Russia. Just just breaking. Kind of society's rules. To make your body does it ever I didn't I didn't LeBron in some sort of Drago lab. It is going to be 45 he's going to be sitting on five ratings and should advocate on more from his his final trip will be five and fourteen. And just like one more important to listen I do you want more but you have to come play for Russia and it's like the deal that Michael Jordan made in space jam with the mob stars evil villain leader. Of you can secrets LeBron Bluetooth Philly is what you rested and shorts suit. Rios he going to Russia first. LeBron or Tom Brady. Met a front property needs Russia if you well it is usually feel like whipped us Tom Brady's getting beaten into retirement and outrage to back out today any he shed some light on NC grandma's three monkeys and current days ago. 45. Yeah is hosting 41. Has got five more years yet. I think he's gonna be done soon and I don't know not according not recorded ahead and exiles had enough from his nonsense no. It too I'm telling you she's got it until Guerrero is really listen listen you play and bring great I beat enough while McConnell I scream on the go food and yet Alex you've been great but for place now with outs from. His love of his son he's got the he's got TB twelve times ten but that's what it's going to be. Crazy Reggie averages a let them have their free for all in all he opened. The best I mean with the athletes who would see it be insane to me is although they're in recent anger management and that it would be like that Obama who would Damon Wayans sorely gonna shoot somebody LL lords and it like the last boy scout yet it's a break. I just. I've never known Russian and it is great power anything that they've put their athletic mind to a seemingly today. They got to go one on this is it's just it's insane if cyborg Russia. Which one. It MMA to go to should resign. Who brought content this is Brazilian had a good good you're good surprisingly good using down members though to me she it is. Dat yeah well I'd oh in big name like cyborg in a tester does believe that if LeBron I asked Newton for us help. That he would have to get LeBron for sports. Who listened among the it is cool but you have to give us LeBron junior if it looks like an animal away from gets in Jordan blows up into the brunt of the lab. Like the one did tools created some. I would just like to see the measures that goes to to get that's threatening. What can do is what what kind of temptation good program they okay it's Connelly demery and baking Satan and little lick you to do a suitable. Little Mickey. That wouldn't go Heidi that the listeners seem to Cameron about you first super clinic and didn't give it to be easy to say you see women can't jump. Bug if there weren't an Olympic curling team tested by the August trip but oh listen this right so. What they can't jump right. Woody Harrelson designed girlfriend now. Look to for Rosie I was already in Israel really rest right huge study on jeopardy and I was Gloria foods WQ. Right and then she got that category. When Roddy is in jeopardy. Using the Adam Sandler movies solid clean it all these you Rhode Island and parents. The technology is is really hosed this isn't some Eisenhower is who bit him are my old life. And he's going to be easy he's a smiling with delight at these games. Leslie let it wouldn't this single schooling and sucker. It's. One. We believe you scored the entire world to. It's amazing that all of these games have been 11110. Russia why if three. Did LeBron would go fight a bear of prudent. And Oslo ceremony lions have a Tuesday morning there. Stick me most skateboarding I got their beds as mold the Russian I don't know if I'm an. Who is he coming after Tucson curiosity. To be there was good to do when you beat what does it. The brawl and have a better chance of getting free agents to get a rustling Cleveland. Absolutely and they still enjoy the situation heading in the break about. World Cup right now. Anger over age. Pleading. That I was in jail and Diego costing get into it. Most expensive loans. Steeler Russia you was because YouTube decreed to truly. Yes I saw so it. And it was OK and m.'s I agree one. I'll tell you LeRoy did you two say it's so good that you had this. What would you do. A. I'm about. Let's go Paula let's note during the break LeRoy and I are having a discussion about rom was rounds are good return to Iran and total client. And also we got back from break toll is so show me the phone that bleak eating great tennis except. Literally and on Gemini group needs to. But that account since. I'm certainly glad to be your business today he added assurance that an initial. I. We need to trauma and yet. He's the that it constitutes his yelled at another way and see if he doesn't like any of them. We didn't do. Well men. I said the jury in the so we draft day tomorrow I know so all the press doesn't just rooted out month donation is the horse or pick in the seventh at Belmont. You. Does he treatment I have seen yet is how we have to see it so good sound checks amazing and light scenes are incredible. It looks like the sun goes this. This what you call it new drag up yet. Why do root differently. What's the story kissing his. It's not literally hits in the trailers by drug asides and it wasn't an umbrage in meals and struggles handler was and his wife was laws. To both Nokia and shoes. Yet. In May she knows she can make appearance America's I tell you what she went to try to go M Bridget noose and have any room flying via. All can you remember there was a point afterward Stewart who follows wife when Reno before and I like to lead that he suite can be trillions. And and her husband murdered Apollo. Guild was at cementing we'd she said that. And then drive posted it eat as he needs is he dies what can you do is Bridgette Nelson was known. Retirement before the show out of the summit is it we looked at her recently she looked wrong she tried to. To this sixty. LB pitcher like 52. That's no I think she might feel that we have this discussion about how you floor. Yeah the house pregnant before it's kind of America a science sergeant. And it. It's at a may be issues fifty. All right president things are happening these days iso and feel like there's enough there's a line there between fifty and 54 words like junior Vijay should be holding do you pregnant. Above the age of 35 it's considered risky pregnancy well. One of the goalies would have a kid in his eighties. It's their for the dudes man like bacon bacon you know he carried over yeah. He's he's one haven't you won half the pregnancy. Weight. It still making babies here. Solitude when he's would be it pregnancy should get her on there and give you guys just keeping him Nichols I would give you some hood. Good odd mix right here at Alex yeah you shouldn't have any more key and when your kids have key. What's your way of killing your grip you should not have many markets right. It's just explained and so reach it she did me Jolie Madonna six in my a mob would have been 52. When she when she was a grandma so it's a league that's not crazy right so now. You are five years older Virginia mean. It also I don't wanna Gilmore not just there's there's some ads I've seen cups and often to note goes on the trouble with its bright again. Similar to persuade people who. Trail are my people who had it in on diamond I've I've never seen so many meth teeth as a saucer in the eighties. I was what would the league is nobody is that there's two things either going on either everybody in the in the Keyes is doing math. War people don't brush that T that draws key lime pie. It was so bad dental work in the keys it was ridiculous. He tells me that if our Dan does that move ease some guys that rooms are seeing is increased. Issuing two under on the set. Cool and you'll. It cited as a that the tweet from the street like Ambien freedoms that we by the way I did include in the promotions meeting minutes for tomorrow. For Jeb money whose client is set a market. Q not only get us a screening of us got labor but also Corey best to kick someone in the head to who's who's the most we don't and a confidante. Helio your mom's here tomorrow could be the day that he kicks on the number 38. He bring his game I'll tell you lies in its agents and I got you know I. And Robbie can you touch your best friend there a symbolic and got some boxing pads well inject. What are my cousin has ten kids are oldest one gave birth when she was given birth to her job she he's snores and there was a guy yesterday. Or the other day I asked to my wife give blood work done often does she deserve this latest surgery and there was a guy waiting line. Who. Seemed about seventy. And had. He's like. You're talking about is again you know so glad it's summer my kids on school they're gonna summer camp. You know like well. You know bodies timely bureaucrat pigs again and I got kids got kids from my kindergarten and I got a couple that are you know doctors and noble leaders and graduate college like. Well we kids eleven. Well. Say good don't mean black look you gotta stop doing Brent Brent Barry has is a huge gap inappropriate Rick Perry has good date is kept it between his kids that's true. Yeah clinic amateur an effort to zero canyon and India as a legend Kay is actually his favorite son because candidate dollar under hands I'll tell him. No longer welcome in the keys began. Hey man look I love that he's an avid time a lot of you there with meth teeth amongst us. How to study and it's not Romberg. You did something so Robert has hit into a he has made no. Went on which they agency Utah on the suck up to one of whom want but I'm innocent and I know we do we discussed on the show amber. My partner and I amber. On the show on Saturday show will be on again at noon to three on Saturday abusing. You diskette. Anyways I'll discuss that does that those in different but trust to be Romberg by saints have about me that Romberg just released today. But amber has to like I can scale YLE 990. Out of LE amber was teetering towards it and you know production values anybody in Russia please. Bonded over strategies. Schedule tutored in Greece out and sell and look really dead at a dollar annual or just cited she's just all your food on us levels and us Nik Aziz you order that has led us drawn vulture that we had and we. It whales lovely wee bit mysterious leader lenses were bared her phrases mattered in barbecues and relax characters ago as the co restaurant tour. When you go anywhere there she's stealing your food I can't see that happening speaker people who look homeless. Tyler John. We Brooke I'm 34. I have an eight year old five go to war hero also have a six year old Brett. My dad tries to explain to my kids that his son is there uncle and tell them. I tell them just. Let's. I have a would my my my wife she has aunts and uncles that are way younger than her from her grandfather gaga song writers kind of weird. In limbo or else tell us that respect to Iran on a candidate. Can get the I had two real quick Tyler Johnson in UD it is his it puts a division I mean you day that's of that. When you did what we always have the little Tyler. Long lanky. A blow by Scientology outs and regular lives and as we can because not that small now he's got long fingers is a big dude. Six yeah yeah we got hops. No teeth maybe he's lived in the keys. And he says. On instead Graham can make a brace like a necklace in all honesty he also scrub and old's he mentions on answer Graham today and India he did. He says could care less about people's opinions. Did you read it as we've defied the odds and birth. Get the privilege of learning from the guys like this it's have been a beautiful life thus far Udonis Haslem. Beautiful. So it or where you renew and to let you read the tea leaves and the more the first line of people Hussein. Could careless about people's opinions. I think because he knows. He's got to get that forty million dollar pay day Brad has it reasons. That hey there's some stuff that said. I would ask this. Doesn't it and. A trade kicker. Sucks like getting traded mod that much out west if you have a trade kicker. Now Richard really enjoy. Where you play. It depends that we traded to. The city is a no trade rep trachea that means you get Jack can do little jacket in a regulatory treated. Elwood doesn't yet slave you get should quit if it traders Sacramento if you can get traded which you would get a little kicker. We are you ready trading get the kicker would rather stay where you. We'll follow this text you straddling the lakers and clippers they give that ticker that kicker back taxes to the top tax you try to follow that one. Not to couldn't not now it's the third text. Losses you don't have insists there's no China. I've got a cousin. I call my uncle. Who's been dead at like thirteen some. Is oldest brother was as old as my grandma. I'm a mother sat there. Rather than you know but I the amateur and all the listen and that and it's more you saying you and other remote from our listeners is there's a lot of complex imagery is a good. Everybody progress today we'll talk to tomorrow.