6-21-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, June 21st
Its Draft Night, and there is rumblings about the Heat making a move. Robbie is on standby if the Heat make a move but made a huge mistake forgetting it was draft night when he booked tickets to see Jurrassic World days in advance and now he is in a situation. A Phillies fan got hit in the face with a hot dog. If Hassan gets traded will the guys be in a celebratory mood tomorrow? The Heat have interest in Boise State Forward Chandler Hutchinson in the Draft tonight. Tobin tries to catch an iguana at his neigbors house. 

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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. But the big thing. ET NBA draft the Miami. All other demographic. Merit list and there's the data traffic or someone basket she's daddy I doubt about it yes so what is happening boys so let me ask you this. And I'm not going to name meaning being so. What is more important. The shipping we're depicting chip in it depends on the player no in other. And circumstances of taking Gundy is right pollution and you make this LaDainian South Beach of regular Memphis Grizzlies trade and I give me some Luka. Walk us into bachelor Parsons. Check the cars is still getting deals what is this really you really good about what you're as a bad deal is still have a zeal or the other drill. I think it's as a maverick he's got a huge mess up toward a couple years ago I was a two years honesty I feel like John Parsons has been given half a decade won't keep the mine. Memphis. And it seems to give Memphis is booted. You know it's that fired his tail because met market sell the big crybaby. Europeans. No minimum food cool yeah did you lumbered around you both. One of the new stuff he would take that for data. Hello is it. Net post is still the coach of the knicks he signed his contract with the grizzlies between the 2016 offseason some more years 94 million the go why. The gold mind. Yeah the old summer everybody was drunk. The old summer we are got a couple Lotus. One of the looks like Wolverine the other ones change at liberty Neeson. So we got going on and so yes. We got this report that came in today. I don't know who's doing is Jeremy ware and thinks. He is now my guy. Whom. Reflect my clothes don't. You can ask questions and recoup those among us won't know if we'll. Before. That report did you even know who you're coolest and the manner. Now listen if if your reporter and I got more followers than you you know bigger flag about a month and navigation children for the younger reporters as I don't know I don't know you. I don't know but. You don't you don't realize how I work in this time and it's offseason. I know I'm familiar which unlike outlook almost like a rat I'll take any morsel and today we did they really do this is run that Riley wanted it. Yeah. Today. Did you have those those of Riley from the press conference couple weeks ago where he's informative draft picks. I think rodeo he dunked us all you think so rope and young. I think he's like draft picks what do they mean as so somebody gets calls from Riley. Asked for a draft is really. So you think members would do it pay you fail you take Chandler. They give us the sun. I don't know that on us on because that Marcus also an alternative to senators know that too early to think any Google one it's different now this president and position. The different situation those two. They aren't yet want us to finish. The ones decried any yet cracked 22 malcontents correct in my over some fish to coach killers O would betray more Gasol would take him. Now. Now he's been a principal he's banned from the sprint just yet he got roses there has only wrong says though right you know that happened protect our own clothes so. And there's a lot of light kinda. Day you can go shouldn't matter of fact you don't go against the family unreality and listen listen. What happened tonight. I don't want you and it is in the show but it thing. We have Robby on standby. To come in tonight in case in case. Love him you will probably blow yet. Has. Pretty reserved special tickets for a drastic world screening and now made its reservations several days ago an articulate and there's no World Cup he's been pacing the last two hours because his other is an action free night I'd it's slipped my mind the draft sign in the next day it hit Iraq. The draft. The answer right. So. It's OK so let me ask this to be a locked in to do my love and am flash has now Robby here is the tag. Media you're on standby. Ready at the thing is Eric question for the uses and program director. It's got what you XY and South Miami and WS SH TH O'Meara car so. In your managerial. Skill set here already bought it from but the boss yup. What qualifies as setting up the degenerate signal. Plate if that he traded into the twenties. Is that Robbie worthy. Or does that to be in the teens or does it have to be a lot of these photos and boarded a certain player to get shipped off well. Robbie I will be contacts throughout the night if it's discussion word the movement. Rob that this signal go out and Robbie will be on this airwaves these heroics. Sort of that may not get the web body ages it's like born you'll notice it you don't exactly understand what headlines we have. Up until the soccer because steals. Rigorous and that Denmark and Australia plea deal on onetime friend beat Peru won nothing and coming up Argentina and Croatia. That's at 2 PM a robbery has been. The six rafts actually. Has caught fire because a lot of people believe that he asked for he Portugal team shirt. Pool. Ice. Fever is denying it but as a lot of shenanigans. That. Portugal win when he was. Officiate. And it's gotten really dig into it and then it lost import tools not lost pseudo. Brit Brit again. And how's that. You think is it they say yeah here's a shirt that they're gonna get that favors to send us an American wrath irrelevant of a penalty kick early on did Spain. It could have been influenced. I think we can read Geiger did officiate that match and he's enamored and he is enamored of or shatter and I'll. And that's the word on the streets. I really is also in big breaking news of Philly fanatic fired hot dog in the sands had told in the head at a worldly the. We. It's a thing like a bunch years ago the lawsuits in the T shirts did I thought yeah I was a thing so when everything was OK like a hot dog would make like a perfect thing to fight this is ballot initiatives in Philadelphia now caddies. It's an wrapper at cranes on its own and that person sues for five million dollars she's not soon enough treasure hunts on boss is dumb we're easier modular is gonna to be warm and you can never do in my glove and bodies like he's got other studies was you don't have you can never do that in my name me one. None of he would be shooting dogs aluminum in. Into. She's out what is really did you Harris is Edna is his or her interview after she got a. Alan Cummings I never thought I hot dog which could carry it just came out of nowhere it was late. My heart and my idea and then next thing I'm. Appreciated that he shot it in our direction and and bam it Blake hit me like a ton of bricks. My glasses flew nothing's broken thank god you know it's going to be. It's very sure of it gives people a good laugh and if that makes somebody tackle and that's fine but I understand baseball. But not a MacBook. Those courtesy of six ABC in Philadelphia this did you realize that. Now she does not realizing she noticeably snitches say we by the way. I cannot lose this. You are that aspirin. For a bit when you have so some. To say. You do do wall. And blocked it also beast that's. Did you Wilson Shia only to unionize seabees now put my shirt over a mama who brought up at him like to do. Gala the story this is stupid as the stupidest story. So there's a NASCAR race close to lower level not terrorists right at the sell off in freeway. BWAY. It not Boston Virginia not. Austin matches in and isn't of the Austin. Is an all white people. Of course and that's still a father who serves as the crew chief first son right. This suns cadres round track gets an accident hedged on fire. The father runs on the track save his son from the burning car gets hit by now but he gets. Punished by NASCAR for running on the track. He's proven yet. Seems silly that's stupid stressed his son from guy he's probably worth the punishment you know what can you do all over. What punishment was like the last thing on his mind. What is the he who is on probation for the rest sees no sucks I hate that we have we had situations. Where. He's OK. CD humanity in the act. Yes and you know what I mean. Peacekeepers are the rules are gonna say a sub for the car he also pulled the trigger on the fire suppress it mechanism in the car to put the fire out because the rescue work area tees so he saved everybody. It's got there though right now. Nene bilateral. It'll get overtime and that's ridiculous we overtime and that's an artist he couldn't possibly do. From pit road if you're on probation. And. But I don't know if it sounds ridiculous to me. I like it. All right let's get to what's going on tonight. Draft lot this is officially the first night of action we talked offseason action is that why how did say I was not that was like guinier complimentary. Always been not been it was not. When Dwight Howard for the snot. This is this is this is this is where things get going real good back up to this. Do do do do you just ask them to do it could be. Yeah songs but yeah. Speaker Boehner and yeah. It's the total. Pilot does that on Gaza on its agreement analyst vigorously. They're ready to cast your glance. Tomorrow when we come in here to show us and we are coming into one movie tell when we get on the air yes she's all the equipment in order. Probably. That's. Listen if they can't throughout the Levitt hardline I don't know why hey you're this far because it's all going to be talking to Olympia. If they would give to look like we talked and anybody and I'm. I think who would as the purpose smiling don't tomorrow yet Adrian out there with his knowledge you know Orton radio or anything in the gun and it's a great. Anyways. We give coming here tomorrow and whose son has been dealt will it be a joyous show yes. Yes you unity Bechtel Parsons. Yes you are so unbelievable. Right. That you brought here is that that as a as a matter was crafted in the mean in the compared. What are the rules of professional athletics before he gets solid before. What is important all right Eli supporter I should stick up for somebody who result. We're not a flip flop where your good is it snowed under and I because and one's even while this was going on. I was Lu cautious. Because there were signs that I wasn't sure. Bet disk. Would less civil in their right. And you wish anything bad on. And so. Right now I'm just like. I mean I guess we could boasting Nissen because we all. Everybody. Like listen. Here's what I you'll pay for so you haven't seen. Okay just imagine it pinatubo is at a prom at the whole place of that get a temperature gauge fixed 'cause in my jacuzzi won't work. The guys up front in these terminal two and I would. Well an easy. Day and you you have no incentive to go and do what Latin who should pay up for everybody who orders ports. Everybody. If you didn't hard work done on your car inept or apart you pay first enjoy your ice tub. Lemon is at an auto zone and then I'm gonna work that's so hot outside meant yes so. So boom right now I'm in a please. Where. Okay it didn't work bush we could dude kinda seen this coming event. Problem. When you light. You are and yet you're her. Because it didn't work the way you word yet don't eat this don't know. It's. He is usually he's been a great player is ten minutes in a playoff game good players or bombs. Oh. Big men who gave positioned out to DC who also a position noticed positioned out of being out of shape. And run by dude. Or even attache many and he wants to play more anyone's shoot threes yet what what what will be a more euphoria is feeling. Ask the texture Obama Obama weighed against Philly. Or Hasan being treated. I think that it could be that team when we shot at Bristol it does a one time moment this can be franchise changing. Now weighed against way. So much going on that goes in the pantheon I'm not doing that in order. And nah not in good it's like if elected and he still doesn't remaining cap space added that with the time I. You've emulated even though it's edited by my answer. Now. Maybe Ole now. Somebody said it would rather deal Tyrone Johns meets I don't mean to you when you. Would you rather. A better player did doesn't give effort. Or less a player gives great effort. Usually okay did you ever. We're we're what do you think about Tyler you never have to worry about his effort in his commitment to it that's great and then and then three weeks in the season he has a shoulder. In the four weeks later he busts tooth as always hurt. Oh it's always soup course. Or your T. I'm right now yeah we believe I think more of a dilemma and rapidly changes take. Every weekend because. I. Actually read it to the digital point board that you wanna get it he should get the digital heat team that he that bright that everything's flat on my board that he get up to play good candidate by barely got. Got more bombs. Before things give it did it and I'm feeling a I'll bet it's. If it does well I sort. You win the culture right well with broke out your good command and space and say I like they did a month later they'd get a lot here. That's always your boy. Yeah Bruins could kick rocks no go he was made no goalie W is number one in my heart into Canada you get it in the well now and I have absolutely. Yeah yeah. A year after the playoffs go after the new year. And gore until after he'd he embarrass me about that. Tim watts Boca Australian member opponent which had some other dumping. Some dump engines looked I don't know what fantasy world you live and in my world and sports. IA cheer for results and book for results. There is no pixie world where everyone gets a trophy if you stick on the cult like a CEO but it's just pretty slow all. Stretch. Before this. Just want to vote bomb now all you as much does bill and told him about Winslow coach did you showed up. So you know sometimes. Tough love makeshift better and sometimes it makes US and what's not all. Sometimes you become he culture and you get infuse and you become maybe a future captain of the team or great piece in a trade. Sometimes. You mole. And you play ten minutes. And you look Spacey and a coach is talking to you and they say you want me to the front of that though the front of the franchise and then you go off to Italy and you make all members Cheney's. Okay. Slop oh well no we got. While the post just chimed in well. The heat has explored according the first rounder tonight one player to elect has Boise State sixth at 74 Chandler Hutchinson Webber's 27 during the season. Monsoon like. Six of seven is. He is white now a lot of black Chandler's boys state. Tyson Chandler it's Iowa it was actually. It into an important first name yet Chandler is very. Well be quarry to Taylor's tonight knows. So. How about this and it's not the same guy who is now your boat and a 71 wingspan is not that white. Not your ball mid before you were. Right. What about this Tyler for Melo. Not like. Tyler Camilla immunity is unknown reason then. But Tyler for Melo yeah I told judge be into that. Really yeah you. Really yeah you approve of year farm Elliott Sadler and his friend when when no big deal so you can head mellow. Eight you have the doha the real 102 yards on this team man what is gonna play. Eight the all going to play them and it doesn't matter how many two RG got to you got Melo bureau useless. Center. Really. We haven't seen Melo being a place where he could mean nurtured in a long time Willis too late now because these don't work. He's he's he's going to be imposition. What is going to be playing with us for a while like he broke a world nutcracker dolls that's fine. Dwyane Wade will tell him look you think that this going on offense sucks it doesn't it's actually great tailor Jones. Should Jim Jones who want this guy is not what either so bomb Joseph Johns Boller. Jumbo Joe's brother really insects whereas other when it was in Seattle the other players anymore are there is old yeah I don't think he's in league in America. And John jones' hopefully you don't suspend guys said their tray it would make sense. By which rated. From you did get out here of of the Tyler Johnson did it doesn't accents. Melo. And do you Wear it on a bit. Clinton and known. That. Hope you guys got it. Up or is this isn't a stack here. James on an interest policies guy gets a chance to handle. We stagger so we only got one turnstile on the way Kobe who went to college basketball. And I Joseph minority boy I think it might be great. They've IP but that is listen admittedly went when they said Tim Hutchinson I thought it was a white dude. It is crazy well you learn Boise this order. We are more familiar way. Bobo draft who watchful below desired eight. It did Eagles basketball. And baseball make me understand address book when rotted and no it was that ours because he knows everything he's watching as well he's watching Boise basketball. Uncertain how much Selena it was basketball. We'll detonated it tournament this year court Bluetooth. I don't know that it did you have an exotic courts not in the lead the golden girls don't want to stop all the equipment fast it looks like there was Florida Gators uniforms basically. But knowledge what is do we have Jim Hutchinson stats. Did he shoot like 70% and accurate shooter. Also. It goes to the rim bell goes to Iraq because of the Iraq he's got a seven foot one wingspan and Atlanta G. He died died for McGraw is he's not a great shooter. He can't shoot but not a great shooter. Okay here it is quite amazing. Didn't head by a mile and comments. So he's still Cuba arranged in. Sub you don't run into Andy who. Gimme a solution yet. This Smart assets and an okay B Roy tell us which are in each you do. Oh you do all stuff yeah. And and make sure that you do and and doughnuts ahead when you try to get out of that blocks. You can do you know about human though you can Google fancy ways to call. Ups and solutions here and I would. One. Offended if they keep Tom Jones you know defended Mel was allocate week Coca. I'm OK with that too but this. It's not. Even his play. Yeah he is. A morality. Killer yeah. We'd just the stuff that we're deep can it keep deal with him. Is did you mature you look wouldn't you as you've got to win. Offseason what I have just gone off of me as an onus on beginners who goes you have knows who has admitted as a result of him government. What I have is I have. I am out of Ohio. Going into the gym. Working with champions. Try to craft his game jitters rush you weren't sure why she was the appeasement and oh boy is fighting all our guys are disrespect her she wallet not disrespect rituals to bald man he can ball ready to fight. Yeah all muggles say not bad note two she was made MPs on the champions. He's huge for the president of course I didn't think complaining okay. And showed no fees the influence you wanna hear you you don't I want. Because you wanted to look for signs of lords has been married out of his hanging out his buddies and playing horse. Office mores is cat ensure all. It. A what do you think about a band and Dion Waiters playing. I love it up games roll that seemed to go beyond what best. That's a band says as the heater announcing he's not these student activities he's not playing gains well. Chet is that means it can't reveal that he's played the plane secret games sold chances that deals actually running I think it's normal course situation you things again. I'm against run and probably were a new water. Look I actually rehab. Releases. Should try we should just try movement in a boy. Who had gotten in really in our mind you always do right. But can sneak up on nobody would have booed on the here's the Davids of the guy that would wither Texas Tenet health comment. It feels like the heat have the sounds of poisons on the roster. Who had to have been am and have Cali elaborated there's other going to be seductive big. You know they have he's got input and that if a good looking to get into the draft to get the 67 guys that can't shoot tough. Who who who's the odd man out. Now I've been odd man out. Certainly. It's weird of give a report I would trade aside for Taylor from print and Taylor bring. I think you've talked about tonight and silence as an alarm he did in. The throat on Elliott and me pots pans and so. Let's reiterate. Jerry will. It says the heat Jeremy would Jeremy respect and but he says. That he would try to move up into the first were active active active Nat. There's going to be Jack there's gonna be addition by subtraction. Yes so. Who do you think it's going to be. When at least some if they say the sun don't fled we don't fly back to Miami. Just head on over to Memphis. Remote land movement is sellouts into buckets. You know Asia but he's got buckets government playing game. He is also with bullies on why some of the teams Boise and analysis grueling. As grueling yet there's been a power house sneaky under a powerhouse for the Los clippers. Uses and blah. So no Kirk so what's important in a note that you give the guy who can issue but it to get rid of a guy who can you shoot. Well the dilemmas efficiently about getting a 67 wing it doesn't it she had this point do you. No usually a big man yet so. If if and twenty million dollars of position n.'s getting played off the floor all the time Brett. I think that's a big win for the right now that's that's what I was did not to mention he's MO that's where this where I was in and let's hear. I want to be clear about this. With the sign. Of problems became. Everything bloodiest place. You know like. You understood that he was having injuries you understood that he was trying to fight through some stuff and in an ever as a formal player. It takes time sometimes for you to learn what you can McCain do. And a lot of times these guys do we don't run. That wasn't even the problem. The problem was is that everybody else tried to be understating what what he was going through. And he would use and that is opportunity to blast everybody but him not give in to do what you know it's our it's always a lighting give the opportunity what I eat and society can. And it just are you and what your situation is. And he stayed professional wit so you've got to give them a lot of credit and still are like as the season ended small shows like. You know hopefully it's not all his fault it was tougher Ambien and like they protected and to add other there's so that goes into yet there trying to protect a trade asset and and hope that they can. Fool somebody to go to get him. I just don't know one. Who would want that doesn't wanna look at this hour what's that as like a final peace complementary to Rosser I doubt those teams have the money. To afford a satellite Simon I give it about p.s that they would be using terms contending well two questions. And one is what I've been asking. It why don't you know wayside where's the loyalty. Who just so. Because here comes the next one. If we want the son on soul you Burton. While dean of the team won here. So through free since you are mean and you've bombing it. Dwight Howard's kindred sixteens everybody things that. There's always liked this sport and there's always somebody for you to be answered and he maybe eight tumor. In the locker room and when he heard you say is on the court for. He's been playing for tiger political team for the last three years. Good losing big just go to him right white known. The lakers they were at one of the one of the okay buses are we saving or bag there so he was he was pleased. Really it was Steve Nash late Steve Nash White House Kobe you probably coach Russ the most adorable odd those three broken Steve Nash. You had ice pack on his back more to me. Except you supposed to still be playing and in the worst Steve Steve Justice was the cherry on top man. It was posted what it was was a good point Kobe show again that ended up being the coalition do how long before you can Kobe said. Now players who. A back after this. Does this sad is that I take our sister station the shark rocked out the sharks out. Him. And the go to grow big as a Berman mr. present the coconut grove street scene with free fully plugged in sets from Alex taleo. Bonnie may and the dreamers are shut down the streets and turn the grove into an all registry party. As Roger by shell lumber and hardware guarantee low prices more than nine years does it show lumber dot com and the semester go to growth. All brought you from teams have an idea at the moment what three HD to the ticket strapped night here. In Miami he don't know first pick first round pick in August 2 round pick. But at the streets talking to the streets is talking questioned. This is aside though. We all participating in for the July activities. The Arabia from one to three and then. We don't Exxon rice new reality and as long as we get hooked up with the VIPs while it is on Wednesday. Eric you don't gonna go the struggle we weren't I was the previous clinic is too far and wanna build the MB in my town. Listen listen can joke she'll stay. We got we're doing and blah blah. Railroad man. Too long GSE this thing in my showdown NASA. Has mentioned it at all. And video. So. Like crowd about that indeed so bright. And tags. We. I run it. At this at a low on the line the unified and I got to give you some ideas but I'll get down the sun. So let me play video. And he's just as some would back on really didn't headline was the one that got away right so I play. You've got the video. He show. The video of the iguana and a son of fans and a right you'll Fella. She broke up did it. Well. Asked him this morning it looked around Mondays ago my neighbor came out. Different or his how well. You know if. I'm send amid a letter from my my wife and she does well is that real. As who says these are our neighbor and Erez chain link fence and we see. I mean this and look like Comodo dragon it was a it Louis. A bowed out it was failure for the summer you'll put this out there for the peoples are open it up there again but. On the at all. I don't get my sneakers. This whole time it was the Mike Bibby you know how on all the preparation time or does it a little when you're not there barefoot you stoic Hewlett. You use soaking in the sun so I knew I had a little bit of prep time right so we got a sneaker sneaker on the how and when I tell you went to video. Election is one B and participating in this nonsense. Trojans who got to go on somebody else's property. And so I. I'd a threat for a go around the canal first to see if the neighbors are in the yard now looks clear all right so no school today. I'm not called the wife it's not cool it's just. I would phew wears somebody jumped if it might never jumped in in my yard and my wife was there. I feel weird about it like I wanna be some weirdo figure among peeping Tom or something and you. And Asia all the meanwhile Rangel and iguana got reason to figure peeping Tom. It's just I think it's weird and played it it's taking gay kids that is you know little weir didn't random. Jump over fist kiss me quote. Yeah I mean like you just say hey I'm into a one sister and against. Oh no me like I know I'm gonna pay basis like we're or cool or not like I'm not going over the bonfires and often in way to go bar sugar got no. I do that from my remaining in neighbor with a yet to see it he column that this thing was bowed up lead lose it was it was majestic. And so. Sneak around. And not ominous stared down like where were you are that's for the best you the lizard but there's a fence between his offensive between. As we kept seeing him yet they're still. And get ready Lleyton he couldn't stand on canola oil on these things skittish you don't need Evernote he wants us in daylight like post and not eating either because like real pause until this went way up when they of the daylight them. The rating the gulf this is a nighttime iguana where it's cool and it's it's slow and lethargic easy to catch. This thing a go at full strength. So. I make my move and you wanna. Makes its move ash. And I'll read it go and leave all over. And I see the neighbor. And here's what happened so and I can't jump over the fence and this person's property chasing a lizard its just not not okay but he couldn't. I couldn't have if you are you would have ended in arrest. The and here's the debt I think nobody hears it figures and thank. I worked how the soccer is as it has happened. The lizard was it. The lizard goes. Runs right into the fence. And cell to have them do the movie. He was woozy is open and in this is the place and I don't vote spooked him he would have gone skills style. You just brought the studio you idiot. We did you went headfirst. Ram right into the chain link fence and then steal off of the other so the art so it couldn't get them. No it was Obama spoke on a do the American Gladiators out or he would have skilled defense loaded tired. Doing good ones skillful and since I thought they did they still true because there but they've caused date yeah how big. I don't they don't sometimes it's just all this tennis comes in the this is as early as this is so out really well I have to mount a veteran video look at him bootleg cops episode that the cup falls jumping a fence could these two fatten. Ball. I like that and do videos skills suck because I had no idea who's gone on what's the city. That's talks trying to tell them you're also trying to. We realize though let it go bro you need it you never know something you need to go blue and you need to go bro. You don't you go to a lot of hunting go pro. Yet but that the the bigger carpet the bigger purpose Joe Brown wasn't the video I had a testy lot protection why USC the results which is seated into the united elbow man could be. Have a go pro yesterday what you really need elegy re entry on these hunts you never don't exist or pop out. Let's might get a pro active we walk around the golf pro at all times why you couldn't put. You know like. To. Use act you have. Andretti had to go brought a heads and you slap on the headband well and it was Abdullah I does not a bad it was a mob like on. This event put on UK MO eagle could be. A lot of things has been a long time it's my Alaska to go along to us plus I mean it's been about thirty degrees warmer. Now that alone time it's my last catch what I what I have got a beast. And and and and toiled with the hissing in the tail a stuffed iguana you town he was a it was a monster and I've been thinking. It there's. It'll walk out audio. In just eat the flowers yet I was watching real Tarzan estate hours. Also bananas. Well the manner so while he was in an as yet you've used. It used to like mouth kissing in the U wanna wall while feeding in the band banana with ST that's insane. You know used. Looming in. Quote comes down with this set up and ready on any. Huge. Spurs are willing listeners on Kauai Leonard trade proposals still seek but haven't been proactive and chasing down offers. Yes it to that medics put that out there they're. Spurs are actively shopping while that it. Yet you mean like there of having you call that we will call you mileage should league but the good bosh on a treaty picks out early night as lame really except some well. Society Slater will still be well. This latest news is gonna he's gonna come out of this new quote. Who watched X Tyler anyways we've got a lot to draft the way it's mostly watched was that's hot Tate Robby a business flowers. I haven't discussed closet and I have bananas. I have been them I don't have a biscuits and especially the city you Toews and am not far from the great treatment of animals this is this that this has to be a bare handed casts like the first one. Would you go openly classic a cruiser weight Anemia have you know you had it dead weight of its ample enough. Monster wasn't a catch. Them at this rate relatively quite make it just wasn't as big as you say it was genuine spoken like finally chemo. Though wasn't good bit there was very green. It's headlines next.