6-21-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, June 21st
Beast thinks the guys should have been in Russia to cover the World Cup. Dwight Howard asked the Nets for a buyout. Big Pressure game for Messi. Bam was putting in moves at Heat camp. Tobin wonders if it is okay to say Mrs. Incredible looks good. Mark Melancon says Lewis Brinson disrespected the game and Leroy loses it and walks out. This leads to a conversationa about baseball's unwritten rules. What does Green Lanter do? The guys draw from the Doombox with a 4 way tie atop the standings. 

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Perform well and yeah and that hurt him most politically other songs of children that are good. Eighties. And there may last until I was singing a song that. Deserted beer shortage in Moscow for the world job. Which I'm sure that's really surprising. Now now not surprising I'm sure there's lots of beer. There's lots of drinking and just general going on Russia lots of sex that's going on the world jugs on drugs while little and all those are going to be walking around and about nine months. It's gonna be. I'm sure it's crazy it's going on there just Emmys like easily Roland right now we should have got over their food. For the World Cup this why we should cover that. But WS. Even those who question yet. If we can't get a third hour. Big shipping you're gonna fly somewhere to do radio on Hillary gets on the real cheap and Russia. I'm really do. The sport pretty over there was OK we can stand and at oust Iraqi trained in. All. Of the needs to be followed it. By the way he admits that there are you thinking creed two but they're into the cabin. Because no because of lighthouses in the fight has to be here and cinnamon Russia right now watts. It has to be course is going to be in Russia and although they finally notices gotta be here. Why. Drug the drug is get a train and sloppy it's doesn't make sense. All of it they really were and recreate the scene that they'd rather. Weaker and this line isn't realist as David since the eleventh time earlier today and what a hat he has his movie reviews. He's Tel Aviv bull rookie pseudo sold with static route you originally due another yeah I would do another rocky was a thing David. Every once a while you won a little nostalgia in your life give wrestling it Hulk Hogan comes out there and he's not doing the company here. That's kogan if Rick flag comes out and he doesn't. That's ever flair it's still comes he doesn't stun somebody. It's not so called red deer in the corners is rocky goes down and it's a rocky first drug movie and there's log cabin resort island. You did I don't you know didn't do Roddick murders drug it's a rocky saga movie man. It has its staple that order should we got hit some they're not good idea better you got to punch meet their best. I mean I guess they're not. Good they caught a chicken. A market on net which it was realizes cruise with us in the rocky coast when these dual boot to did you Google schmooze. No Iraqi. You know if a person's life or 56. Creatures had that down three well. Probably caught enough about. Apollo problem with a color pretty quick so silencer is so you're no longer hunting whale here and did eagle on his can't wait to see that backcourt. Odom at one back or look like. Dealers. And it's a mix at the studio is not only are in a ham so he's a movie scores man you need one not Allison scores she needs somebody. Is that nobody gets to create a general shot it was an if it's great version year become a phenomenon scary Terry. All quite common Diaw is he giving some winning buckets from time to time and that teacher yeah I know you do you put rush order on to. At some idea of yeah it Tebow Jersey floating around somewhere and Albania and it. Still haven't received after two years you guys that's Gary Terry Jersey real quick on quick order. But at the headlines. These kids WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. Joseph Miller. It's coming down the nets in Dwight Howard will enter into negotiations on buyout of his 23 point eight million dollar expiring contract. Wow. Analyst quick. I really wanted to playfulness to lure them back in the day. So does is real choice cruel like what kind of cancer or are you. Hey. I'm telling you these basketball TO I don't there's other horse on the funny guy the guy who's unfunny who thinks he's found never gonna. No they're gonna I am now I'll tell what was it building is the guy and hold influence on you would everybody. But everybody can't be funny with him and serum Zain. Yeah man Chris Carter and you but. What about you no matter what too on what people may have thought about Cris Carter. Was never a bad team. Yet and never. What does he says for once Wear them acquire a lot of stuff the spurs and lakers have had no dialogue eleventh yet he's not going to the west. All of us in the west Philly that's why figures and what if you if you do subscribe to quite babies being a thing. Yes it was good for the heat with the Popovich. Shut down usually picture them meeting Ozal. And poison to an avenue still funny as the letters. But the reasons good is if the if the lakers know they have quite the Bagger thing to have coli in the back to transform but I get a facets in the and his give up cash. They're real IRA. And I could do the dumping the knicks did years ago Carmelo for everybody knew Camilla you wanna come the next user putrid for me no. Like. Are we doing all of our pieces to go get you know. Via on the other thing in the NBA Barry Jackson reported earlier that the heat are looking to get into this draft which was something that oh Germany Wu. Also. From Sports Illustrated but Barry took a step further and said he'd have interest and net. The 67 guy out of Boise State a Chandler Hutchinson. Who hit a simple one wingspan don't get out get to the basket throw it down but he's got a shot there's no and it just Hutchison. Can Hutchison question Barry Richard clear that up afterwards and what is plagued this team and it's a then not medicis. Shoot. A group they don't spout well on spells deeper consistent you don't have anybody that you debt is gonna consistently shoot the ball well. There is de Zoete shooting and shot makers mean to be about guys can create their own Jonathan has been a big thing. I mean shoes on. He's got rid of the record. I have a number given that not about mid range shots like tee shot he shot me you know he mean the shot that's dying slow in basketball that he has defined taking African grant shot me shot me not for Kevin Durant you're right congratulations. Relief. A Jack daddy bought me and battered and indirect peace and correct to disappoint our senate to order just randomly from all. Yet thank you. Have and I didn't. In this position is done about Brittany Davidson. We know you're right for Anthony Davis thank you about the joy oh lead. But is going to be to a three supporters Millen admitted the top. 56 X via the undersized point guard is not a things overstepped her. Six how undersized small. He's. OK you do want to slow when. Bullets and Mike Bibby noted that united might be hidden and I do from and even broke his arms broke low. While Milwaukee booklets and yet I'd like Jack point I listened a real quick in the soccer demo on the Australian side at one. So I am sorry deal waiters is out. Of France won runoffs lane and eight and early on its Argentine and ill Croatia Neil this is a big one for Massey. This can make or break isn't higher. World Cup. Reputation especially if if were not a continues to ball it is he specially if there's more reports of a messy crying I mean let's have let's listen right about. Losing and we missed a penalty kick that you've hit it about penalty case you spewed out there and get a tie Iceland's. On. Yeah it was a bad there's still no issue performs in Argentina with messy high Iceland. Iceland Greenland ice ice quite exactly what is dubbed one of the fighting. Over somebody get a bit ago. Or you're gonna be the go I did go to the of the of the entire tournament couple horns on you screw it up a lot of loans right now true. Your baby goat. Ago ago you'd Chris small time borrow we opens couple the horns on it. It was going to be a man you loved making animal noises what's. For messy this pressure game let's see if this guy if he's got some clutch hit them in a while now how. Our ask the nets for buying out. Of course at that was wanna put their four. So you can do a sign of what somebody will sign him now for now for what people want to get a team that wins. All I need is a real chance of a clean slate. Well you are we winners in a way not people talking about bypasses. And yes this is close to you Leo continues sent him a message. And let him know dead. Hey you're right out teams. Don't blame. China basketball intent Howard said he was blind side about the trade I was just really until shop because of what they expected it to happen. I thought the season was really good for one this is the healthiest I've been in and to my stats this season. Have been one of the best since I've been NBA pick but everybody hates you pay less in order to get everybody you you're blind sided by the general manager who you're embarrassed you you blind sided picture of women's club tech ended up in Charlotte. Did you not think you're face was too. Pain is very unaware very aloof. On 18%. And that when I was an Atlanta people are always good go Todd William batten down side but when I was in Atlanta I was considered the best teammate I got the award for the being the best teammate. I'm always prided myself on treating people how I want to be treated. Shouldn't if you come to locker room I'm literally somebody that tries to bring joy in locker room attendant talked everybody that you know the whole personal level. But not somebody that goes around trying to destroy your team locker because I want to win but now that demonstrated that seems like this it's a subject to get people talk about that instead of the value that I bring to the team. I felt like this year was a resurgence for me to question enjoy. Assortment is only one that thinks these things yes why this awful way to put a whoopee cushion on kemba Walker's locker and off funny actually happened. Can put. And Jerry Pate. It. Moon. Is that it. Malaria slowly at and is possibly could now realize if he does by out of millions of down here he culture. We have full we have full reserved to the to pull the culture column on. To see and measure of what's done is gone but grit coated. Not a not a dollar over the minimum. Not a dollar Dwight. I mean you wanna be it's a really really asking. You trade a sign. Would you sign too I powered in for the for the men. For the men would you it's Wilson will CRX idling jokes. Is not this is not that idiom prompts you come here you get rebounds. And you act accordingly. And no. Bad influences Alabama bio. My man as is on the is on the track he's Italian pay just the moves has put science and practice. I was forthwith to reach the right c'mon the guy was. Hey look I know you went in strong say this as the next Michael Jordan. And you've been run away from a prediction ever since I'll stop by and you want to about loyalty you re you say I'm ready to dub anybody and any single second. You all the Michael Jordan also a new headed for the hills. So from may or may. Stick a demo to bio mr. I am. We got Jordan the last seven tax of people wanting to light in the heat. What is wrong when few people aren't that went from the office. As. Good as. Cutters and Oprah you know. While I'm Aaron while governments one hour. But back capitalists. Back to over there is still had the pleasure out nice and yeah this opted. You can lose and she's not of course but of course but it is hosting the most beautiful and and so Florida many. You know I wouldn't Sawyer credible. You have a striking resemblance to listen Graham was a good. It's it. My in my in my in my off base OS and mrs. incredible to good. This equivalent TPC. As you suggest you download this GA that picks today is the baby got back. I guess that must be donated. Items beat you without bounds on the alas the bike yeah. You one hell. If Dave made. OO missing credible look anything like a real woman them. Plus escalating would that talks outside Vermont yeah ocean the last what's the name known and know what's the actress. And yes your. Her room and yeah. Yet. So this happens so we know the San resisted giants and the Marlins they got into it this this past series could do. And other closer hunter Strickland he broke his hand punching a door. Which is a roof we would get hurt when I deserve they got Israeli and he said that Louis Branson did like the way that he celebrating. And so is his bullpen mate mark my Lance and he when I was on he was on KM BR. And ask you this are probably. Marble adds that when I Camby are and he is probably trash is parked his. You would think so write it you think the guy who lost a fight to a door. Would be the the guy who. That would be the way to go run well let's let's go with a rookie who decide EE illegally celebrated. Give us your perspective on this on the friends and kid I guess in Miami it's sac fly and connect them like it was a walk off the last night it's called them right field line. Fizzled in the basket and and hunter when he's leaving McCain had had some form is that estate Iraqi maybe being a little bit too exuberant not maybe Nolan unwritten rules of baseball how did you see that. You have my perspective loosens its he just was disrespect to the game you know it's a small for me excited. And be happy because they sit there and there's nothing wrong with the pulled the bat out too long and flipped the bat in the round person continued net job. To me it looked like you look at history. That's showing it's not even you know be happy so riveted to be doing right but to. I would anybody's face. You didn't. You're bad. I knew that. At. All. And you. It. I. Here we're. Alms that it is. Beginning. Well let me come after you. Yes. That's that's. If you can't celebrate success. There's a way. To help. And so. I want over you and I did not want to. I. Thought I knew. I just won't want to dump me. Or. House theater people followed. Like miracles here. Not only did he argued during. All the disappointed. If you. Are. Wait do we do definitely we all quit. It's you know that's of the day really. And that's the way for beat. To stand ordinary day and so blogs and complain about what another athlete you'll. ID here with debt as it's got so fast. This is again. On this soon as the cup played LeRoy jumped up shut down his beats by Dre headphones on the floor of the school's entirely. Way out. It went in the control room and just started yelling that anyone who would listen. Like I feel like I'm watching and I. The movie Greenland. When he went to ask all of them all old guys on sound. We would like it. Kolb would be. When you have all old guys to help our and they were like the keepers of the universe. And he's standing there isn't we don't was. On Ronnie what was he what was LeRoy same line he was. And I can't hurt that it was it was applicant can beat them under the big big and we hit it exactly Dublin he was. Fuming at Mark Mullen says 33 year old stodgy white. A leader. That contract. He's going to be content so it was designed to be the closer and cleaned out as a reliever. Got the ball side to war yet McCall in the shark. Touches on the and we I was of the pirates. I don't understand it deep breaths I don't understand. Why I like it does not you know. Like you that's not a full quality that you just while it you could do whatever you why it each isn't you don't want him to dance. Stop him from school or you know it's the dumbest thing about this though it's that it it was images the celebrating because I saw the flip. It was so minor. And I talked at South Korea here Batista it was it was that was about the but is that an exit. And looked at a little too you'll also should issue in his eyes she read it. I. All you know that's what did you do next he should do like the jobs and you can't see me as he's walking as he's walking around the bases loaded big guy I've for a guardian of the galaxy. About it more into. A minute. What did things I enjoyed about playing well. Because if some little celebrating too much if somebody will stand and all of you cheer you know whatever. Chance if we'll get back. Just. All of god doesn't handle himself right up to you it's about 95 amount of ball. Which is hard to do it it's helped them. If you look at all is all ahead we'll dump. We just saw the situation today trees and and Mike fires were stands get hit by him against the guy who crushed his face. Ended his season so pitcher actually has the power on every play due to end the season if they want to possibly career possibly career. And they're getting mad get some peace. Added him to law eat you know current standard. Seles is the only people that saw agreement at our LeRoy and the person charted the projector. I would agree with that aren't gonna agree I didn't move Doocy got even Ryan Reynolds admits it was horrible you Ryan. It is definitely. You know agreements powers are. It was ditto weekend is keeping. Why is the worst luck or supplement we. Got off. We will beat him with our will. Because our will is stronger was I mean. Greenland and those who will be. Yet a little green bring his degree lantern ring. It gives the winner of the rain incredible and incomprehensible powers and abilities by harnessing will power. You know I hope I hope Louis Branson goes this next here as Iraqis I hope it gets off the plane dress like a judge. And he uses like iron out the keeper of the role moves. Knew. I shouldn't. Fraternity men should stick and the pitch and who I. Luna. Want to stick distill and Britain. Bed if you're not happy with the celebration. Of the guys. Do is beat you in this low moment of baseball. A land yeah well that's did. It on the big edge who did you pitcher is obligated to all all added I. Or less. 41. Let's go to this and that bothers him most of everybody says oh well it's eventually it's not a it's not it's dubbed and again because what is that what what do they do. The very next day they go to Hodges kid and they tell paid Derek Rodriguez. Lost Lewis Branson right in the head with a fastball. For some debt backed yesterday. I. Hear. You are too. Regular to write about a slow them back to Fresno at the bloodiest day. How would have to build a brighter stared at too low let's pitchers there yet the brother. To end it oh come on man but it's not if it was what it was one of the things I was most disappointed with Mike Redmond when he was Malone's been wrong. What the Jose Fernandez drop. On our leg. Balls aren't any and you can get out and eight. Rushed to his old team because this bastard Brian McCann. Look. That dug it and says. Fellow catcher. You share to let this happen and when you brother Redmond. Will not for the magnet you and I plays baseball. Oh and by the way in two in his funeral events on the status of that we will run all the Fernando as he stared watchers not spit. But on the run in the bottom third base hey did. Unwritten rules that everybody should know. It detects on the main. So. Is no we. Look is that that they be written to only that we have the Obama you can put him intact this is this only rule we have been able. One note Estes may have rules. Hogan people and I and smitten as mayor rules or you know any type of John treatment. No I that's automatic may rules. Where's the mail room. You could try to knock somebody out. Not all purpose. You can try to tackle them. Don't try to Maine that's it so it is a situation where you feel the guy you play begins. Is purposely trying to maybe you all bets are off. And guess what. You've seen a fighting book book that wizard and that's it. Submit your rules. Are rules like no individual could careless about your well being. Every right and connect them making a point church share. It seemed like the sports that have via the unwritten rules are sports that are ruled. Well does it just. Does not number rules of basketball. Get don't don't get scared yet. Yeah but you don't as well they have they have a system of punishment it's it's an almost is an org is a technical foul. If you do something that's a little bit too over the top ranked rescued due to break out here at your punishment is a way to reach with a weapon right. Or your teammate. And so if we want to team. MBAs does things that beat Dallas yet. Oh. It. Like our hottest chick lit. Where's the unwritten rule about trying to win a fight against the door. Open. Which could never loses its. Never. Yeah laurels undefeated. Dollars. Undefeated to rid us of the situation Olympics are coming up next. The doomed bucket chum bucket. It's coming up next and we just a little bit of association when it comes to the to the to the games will say about it. We got a good young core of players and we hope that one of the guys that we really like that we can sign Angela first. You might be tantamount to Frisco pick for us this year so to speak be really honest with you another draft pick up you know that. You know I've taken that team to the bottom and you know we got crowded tent and we got Dwayne. And we got these you know two and that really got to you know justice we got a bit out of Ireland so. We got young players you know you know I have too many players. We'll send a wholesale rather is doing OK go. Big news about a source field draft picks and Israel pounds. See something that it likes bliss and I love my mom and I she's been down home to take care in my life he's a miter saw the good news tip my mom made some grilled chicken. And it was supposed to crock pot that's going to be nice and moist and says she does she like grilled chicken it's not. Two bit dry. Cintron usually gives. Big team this. I think he's. So it's exit 67 ISM four. Over the goes out though is when I think you forgot how to attempted judged destroy the door once. And the season Ultimate Fighter and he's big he's heard about the value passed iPhone this year and I admit I did. I did forget about this way and when watching the video was sparked immediately by the Rampage meltdown but it looks so flee. Did and what their blood dolphins players telegram dual wall yeah Randall we have yet he was the juggernaut bitch in Connecticut didn't watch this out what's what he does this story of his acts it does not look like a real door. That's yeah now. Barred the door mind I would give it to your door for the hinges. Like tennis and nothing. Heavy do I don't also would also that's professional ass kicker. A picture. If there's good there's different levels of meltdowns I mean how tough can you be if you get a blister on your finger you going to attend a DO. Were you use it as a story today who got hurt on the pants. Yeah there was pitcher every it would one line got and got richer. Always at Dover to put on pentagon back spasms and was scratched. In the expands on the little ants are so we do yeah and subway and those bureau. We got we got too big to get to now. Whoa it. This tight. We we had a week like I don't know. Three weeks and it's three weeks and four way tie everybody is five and four. Am and I really screw the boot last week you own through to you you got to clean window to it to a to a non dog would do month five and one. Now you down here in the the bottom with the rest of outside away if anybody has access to shake weight. Please let us now. On so let's get to a man. It's bucket time. We got you the box so brutally hot soup mix just the good we'll just go on gophers take three games. Not just until next week. One. Moved up through there now some would argue that this because the first is on the Sunday. Right. The first is on the Sunday that next week stars in new we've good new markets to signal there are sixteen games in the heroic refused to put some muscle we don't. We need backups don't back us with our teams that need to put it to medium. A guy yet dreading possible off. NBA over under draft position she's. The kind of lead draft action made weight actually picked fourth. I had to throw my Obama look. Hey. I can't think like YouTube. Used well all we've continued to work or four minutes you couldn't wait to to hold to love down some chicken. I'm telling you that's unwritten rule and then send your new big name mister unwritten rule. I'd NBA draft position of Dante di Vincenzo. You've riding rising in the draft workouts to play out of Villanova. Over under 21 and a half boy is any guide at supposedly when he was twelve yet again those tweaks here is that it's our challenge. No but game. Like man the it's got held for a bit and held. Up everything that we ever did now lives we have a job in his country the united tell me on things that nobody done that he intends and there are. But a date. Dude called out March Madness once against us the first weekend that McCain's on it. But then you've been done for the last night stand on a stamp of that nonsense stated it's over 121 and the kids started nine to wanting to do that it's separately. It's a little power windows and MVP of the tournaments. I will go slightly. What wonders me that wanted to get drafted earlier. Policies with a slightly under with a slightly to get drafted before it you don't want anyone that that I got that pigs really. But I hold the ball odds against power you have the pick yet he and that I have. The Big Three million. Three's company. Now. A signal to on the first want. Three's company against killer threes. She's a supporting it. And I no hum. Hello futures. It's not a draft camp I can't figure out who it is. Yeah it's over this thing. Well under the pitching great. Oh billion. There even after Greece and out over on the way we wanted to charge so you went under funded. It all year ago draft position trade young. Seven and happened in the totals. Over SM and amp. I think goes. Hopefully. All right and I don't know let's say. Single parent vs. Panama Panama. You have the pick when that's the that's over the weekend update and I'm taking tangible point to have everyone in lives and light. 2110. It's about chemistry that. But I got to I got Japan that against Senegal us tomorrow president met at Saturday too polite fans don't know week. It's actually Sunday but that's the weakness against out of it now both Senegal and Japan have been picking up after their mess yes it brings already bags and they pick a better domestic. That I got Colombia against. Poland's. And that's what ethnic right now Michael Porter over under six and a half. Now every didn't drop mock draft I have hasn't going to Memphis at four politically trade. That's a problem. You know the history of Google us. Yeah. You know what. A daughter. Who knew somebody says Rupert Nolan Ryan this story because he was attacked by pro. Puts you out routing all right South Korea and gets in Mexico Mexico sleep with my topical. I also got Belgium but it's too easy Belgium Peter medical and a half president vs Turkmenistan and it's a test media whenever he can I cut the three headed monster as it gets that goes borrowers pay. Crazy that's baloney walker in the in the total yards and a hero to Olbermann. He's on power and yet he got insulted that I would even suggest that how you didn't just trilogy which would wish to give it. A lot of money walker had no the rosters and you're sick individual. All right we'll see what happens libelous. Well we'll Pat Riley get into this thing. If if they need to do something rod is outstanding and Robby gets the bad call that's the only that this one of the main reasons I wanted to examine a satellite that'd be off the Miami Heat and Robby is due to show. Oh it's being mothers he's got to give up his delegates to the drastic world is that Robin where they. What's that Hasan once again that yes instantaneously he's on Tyler Johnson getting traded instantaneously is really yet. That's questionable human. After the Agassi did start. Out dozens reload and are there anyway welcome back to these kids. That's why welcome back to return. I don't know a large shallow. Of Guantanamo. Melons mellow and rob were the only knowledge certainly right where it went a step. Think when they Lyman ravaged it. And he gets a plea. Anybody you meet him near Malibu language that can beat out bride to emitted. Oh you mean like sands did you know. Made it through stuff about them. Including identity but yeah I have does bird again mellow. I mean it's not a million some cute little mellow South Florida on for him I'm not doing that for him. I mean he's not gonna be west palm Greek or this dame boulevard is not but in the for Melo isn't hello but he. Pass on that. Most rapid growth looking forward to it may be Robbie will be on tonight who notes that to be blind I'd be crazy the Robbie signal might get thrown out their cell. Keep it tuned here to the ticket would be we tell you tomorrow live from the I the hard rock.