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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Yeah I am. Coverage on your seventh night CNN. Sponsored by Coconut Creek Subaru Brantley and knowledgeable. Free coupons and I'll write you. Downstairs convenience stores there surely steps beyond can. And welcome. 2017. Randy draft party here we are here broadcasting. From the it's been eighty east plaza it's a nice crowd out here thus far we expect more. Folks you wanna come down here it is absolute. Perfect whether it's your your cupboard here and it's still outside and there's a breeze coming off the bay you won't not behind at all as the he'd start their off season tonight picking fourteen. In the NBA draft good evening everybody we don't hear. Broadcaster Tommy tied right likens to mild left we will take you until 10 o'clock hopefully we will get the heat first round draft pick. Later in the show first pick isn't about 730 fives I would expect he'd pick right around 845. Give or take. A few minutes there is they picked fourteenth at least five minutes allowed in between picks Tommy you've been broadcasting this team a long time. What do you kind of expect here I mean I guess it depends like about ten maybe twelve players that pulls off a little bit unexpected event Agassi hasn't developed. Maybe a couple of big. Priority well I would think if you go for best available player when you get into the fourteenth selection and you really don't know how they're even looking for the last 89 months. Who's going to be available at that spot you really can't tell until you figure out does what they do from 101112 on so that's exactly the way the draft is going to go so we're thinking about it we've been speculated out of the last few months I'm sure they're doing the same thing up and they got draft room themselves. That's how I mean you take a look at a couple of years ago when justice Winslow was surprisingly available when they were selecting and nobody anticipated that so that's part of the fun of tonight is that there's this element of surprise that depending on. What other teams priorities are depending on if there are trades that we can borrow these rumors about it if those. Arm maneuvered in time for these picks you made then that he could be selecting somebody at fourteen that we never anticipated being there although. But what the logic says that yes there are ten to twelve guys you feel really good about and then there's a bit of a drop off so. Hopefully one of those scenarios that plays out in which they need get a guy. Then maybe we weren't thinking would be that. We'll check camera the director of pro personnel has been saying all along this has been the type a draft that you get anywhere from fourteen to 25 different players the QB rotation players. And that's of course which are hoping for which are right Greg when you start things off with a draft be the way it was it was the calm before the storm went Philly and Boston major trade. And then after that it sets up the whole thing because I get the feeling is an awful lot of people the first three maybe four picks are already in somebody's mind and after that. From five all the way down to 220 nobody knows what direction anybody's going to go off. And they're still I mean they're still teams are looking apparently to get into the top ten you know. We heard the powers and guess media would go to Phoenix at four bill saying. Thus far he hasn't received an offer that's that's worthy enough but anything could happen you know maybe it if Phoenix could sweeten the offer. LaMarcus all reportedly on the block and he could be dealt as well and all it takes ballots. He's one team to this deal the trap her mall and go off the grid if you will. In the domino effect could be could last all the way to fort. What goes exactly what grade would say win justice winds right a lot of people thought he could go its highest score five in that draft next thing you know when he gets to eight Detroit's pickets Stanley Johnson. No okay no I'm available if they can't let Winslow bullets and night Kaminsky goes it not to say up. Winslet just falls in your lap. Now it's going to be the same type of thing I get a feeling this evening because when you get to 89 then you start really getting interested around here. Where Miami's gonna be picking is only 45 away from there I don't think he even did an interview with Wenzel figuring he'd never fault them. Right they he was even under a bridge that's why this time they interviewed thirty different guys just in case as a parent you have to think about it for awhile. Let's make caution to the windy the idea this one yet the interesting thing about tonight he said. Although mark health volts and Alonso bald likely the first two picks. Up by Philadelphia Los Angeles respectively should be to headliners big headline after tonight might be one of these star established players only. Getting drafted based on some of this compensation that comes across if it's a crystals we're saying is deal the Celtics like we've heard. There's been shipping whoever they pick at number three to the New York Knicks or maybe it's called Georgia Jimmy Butler. It might though that headline might be after tonight he supersede what on the street guys as compared to whoever's walking across to the podium to brief the commissioner tonight at the Barkley. And that the best thing about a draft that the guy goes up there five minutes later you get straight to someplace else and he's all happier or whatever you wanna say that they say no take battle of gators another 14 in five more minutes greeted Dubai. The local medium another town not yet you pursue golf there your smiling oppose him Adams W putting on that hat. And then have to fake smile when you go to another team I was present all of this wanted to go all. Well and at the prospect and his family has two sets of Pat's right back at it and and tonight with a a couple of hats that are collectors items and some pictures and nobody really unique in years to accommodate their playbook for instance. Yes away it'll be a lot of fun tonight and again heat. Imagine. They buck the odds look it was it was in 90% chance that the draft lottery they're gonna get the fourteenth pick but if they buck the odds and got one of those top three picks boy this this would have been. Incredible let me ask you this Tommy because one of the possible selections for Boston number three is track Jackson but we hear he turned down. A chance to work out for the Celtics here's my Oliver Stone conspiracy theory question Korea. Because I I never trust a GM and any sports around draft time if they told me 140 NC Wednesday even the elapsed it. If they said one plus one is to break up a calculator to Jack and you put it beyond the realm of possibility the Boston told them you know turn us down for Warner don't call. I don't buy that at all you don't find them like it's ahead already New York he was getting ready for an evening on the town. And getting ready for the draft this evening has nothing to do with that don't have any trade or anything like I don't think so not always agree. I don't think so either because we did Danny Ames and his track record he's never drafted to guide that he hasn't worked out exactly and we have the first guy that they worked out after. Don't making sure that trade went through with the sixers posters tentative on Monday night so for Josh Jackson's say it was too late. You know I could make it there come off like I'm glad I don't I don't think there's some smoke screen by the Celtics I think there's just Jackson saying. I'd never planned on the Celtics taking me and I wasn't gonna change my plans as obvious visiting so it it adds a bit of a wrinkle tonight. But certainly when many have said that he's the third best prospect. Behind ball and bolts and for them to move down to three. Ainge said they're gonna get the guys that they were going to actually won any way I am so that might end up in Jason Tatum the entire time in just Jackson maybe it was not even a part of their plan while back to could have been. Had it in saying that just recovery loses but with the trade. So. What did it actually I just think that I don't put it out of the realm of possibility I think the only thing nicely with Boston. Why making its rate sets the buffalo wing that means they keep Isaiah Thomas because they had drafted a point guard poles stayed in the number one spot. Then you have to make a big decision next year dispute turns it and what everybody's off from Mansfield right exactly yeah and then you've got. Faulted Thomas got a specific about its fastest falls into their laps so well. Like either it's Jackson retain workers they need a wing player to go with the guys that they have right now so we don't want I don't think they fail either way. So if it's just of the Danny Ainge which one is his privilege and if it stayed in great it's not and you go the other way behind me you really can't make a bad move fear. Now just it clarify what was said all week is heap. They can trade the pick but it's got to be after the selection is made they can't make a trade. Before the picket fourteen Adams over actually asked to step up to the Mike and say with the fourteenth pick in the draft the Miami picked. Jack Jackson prick at the I had a wonderful update to make the pick then a minute later they they can create an annual. With as aggressive as Pat Riley has always been I would put out a strong possibility at all. To move up to the great note I'm notes to move up to take take and move up you know if he can you can do that. But they're not gonna catch. The camera back and be a weak team but they can get incrementally better and and so you know what this is the first part of the offseason free agency starting you know. As is through thirtieth turns into like personally and civilians and so that's just wrong. Our what's funny when you think about a great go back years 56 years ago free agency was great we always looked at the draft to try to build your team. Now it seems like free agencies what everybody's been waiting for it's almost say they can't wait your team's not involved in the finals. Let's get the free agency C we can do for next you're already thinking about that so the draft is a nice thing to start building your club which you know which you've been getting the last few drafts there haven't been that. Shack type of player that elite. Number one guy that really turn your franchise around with very few exceptions that really made a franchise that much better. Well and that the warriors that they give kind of thrown everybody for a loop in the sense it. All of these teams that are you know above average playoff teams and even a team like he'd move to just you know literally a tiebreaker away from making. The post season when you're looking guy gonna build a roster moving forward I think the Philadelphia 76ers have clearly said. Hey there I know they don't want a data wherever they say we're building towards a future firm. More more years you know we've had this process going on for a long time but it seems like the Celtics the rockets aren't these other teams here involve a trip over to quickly saying. We don't value the draft is much we just want guys were proven talents that we ought to get as many of them as possible. Underneath the salary cap restrictions so that we can try to contend with Kevin Durant staff curry Klay Thompson dream on dream how many years quote unquote. Super team itself won't get as much as the draft and improve especially teams at the top. Let's be honest greens is much sexier things and that weren't like first. And be very interesting to see how much how much they can put the full core press on convince you say Gordon Hayward to come here or Blake Griffin to come here. Resigning Dion Waiters resigning came just there's a lot of the plate they'll be a lot of moving parts. When we come back I want to ask you guys football does it differently than basketball football has free agency first and then they have the draft fastballs gaps that they have. The draft right now and then in nine days they hope free agency. I'll ask you guys if that makes it different side obviously the same for all teams but. Just a different dynamic there will talk about that next I'm Josh Freeman's Tommy tied these Republicans were broadcasting from the 2017. Miami Heat wrap party. Presented by Verizon and AM seven idea that immoral or three HD to the ticket. Haven't twenty to seventeen Miami yeah. Yeah BA draft. 438. On ticket sponsored by Coconut Creek super friendly and knowledgeable at a price you want. Downstairs can be. Stores they are truly death beyond can be. Welcome back to the 2017. Miami Heat wrap our. Freedom here alongside break like into the broadcaster Tommy ties were broadcasting. From the ex city east plaza it's a beautiful night out European time tonight's stop by there's parking below. The AAA union just come right upstairs and I come to this party they're ceding left some beautiful like great reason it's running through here. On the speak to our right here. Jason Jackson. Tony Fiorentino on the last a year of his fifteen year broadcast career with the Miami Heat former coach Ron Rothstein and Glen Rice and hoping yet. Very very soon. I think he's finishing up on stage hopefully. We will get him fellas. And into the cup win again. OK I think really get an infant Alonzo Mourning is coming up there so will we at one of the guys in the minute but until they come Tommy I was asked you deserve better. If the free agency comes before the draft draft Rick I think I'd rather have free agency in the press and I need. In the NBA I agree with this. Well I'd kind of like that happened is that I'd like to see basketball become one round show like it said so often the NFL become that. And an old maybe a couple of rounds after that right along those lines you can draft ninety players because there's still 3040 guys after that there are trending easily have a shot at making the league so. If I have my druthers I'd go that way I don't free agency and that I try to build into that with a draft. Yeah I agree I prefer the free agency is well we're just talking about it you know last segment that. Really the big prizes or free agencies and the big money there you already have that the salary gap structured place for the rookies. So I think the priority for most NBA teams is to. Figure out whether it would free agency that makes almost a roster and then they can augment things accordingly with the draft. I know an awful lot of people would say we'll summer league starts in about a week or so in Orlando and then moves on to Las Vegas. Basel welding good you can wait another I guess three more weeks of Bill Lockyer roster there because like so they give a lot of time in the ended July early August. To get a basketball team together and still another month to six weeks get ready for training camp to get ready for the season so I don't think it's that big deal if you move the draft. A month from now I have your free agencies started July. I'd I like it is like you're doing we can do in free agency. Let's go to free agency for a second we're certainly gonna talk about the drafters as the night unfolds. We're gonna get Glen Rice and as committed as he as he makes his way over here. You can come right over here we'll talk to former heat player went right. He's gonna join us here at AM 790. And have dropped when the earth reach you through the ticket. Welcome Glen Rice glad to have you with us there you're like right there and it. What do you remember about draft night and what what stands out to you. I remember being completely nervous and no one of volume one of the first time that I had estimated butterflies in my stomach and and also this does have an opportunity of this into the draft. Did religious OT all along what. What is wrong read eight point over the bump me off did you have a feel for where you're gonna go. I had the understanding that once I got past them first repeats. Miami would not let him go past them and as soon as that third pick to San Antonio they announced that it gets on them and I was like yes but wanna mind. After Sean Elliott Danny Ferry was supposedly in the mind of the clippers' best they wanted to do was well. So there was maybe some consternation out there thinking what exactly is the direction sprinters gonna take that when they decided on him what was it like you for young guy going out to Los Angeles. Ha well you know what. But I tend to think that I am not you know I'll I like there was goals but at the time I knew it would have been what. Good regards San Antonio. Which were great organizations. The wrong. I was I would have been happy little above that point you in your ultimate goal isn't to just did draft. And for me whether it been one to three to win the war how would have been. I'm glad I'm curious to me you're known for your three point shooting and you have your marksman ability and you're not that far removed your career what are you amazed at how the game was appalled at three point shot has become even more emphasized every year goes on. I'm amazed and may. It is you know every every time I'll watch game and I watch guys is really have is the focal point home shooting threes balance them isn't an all time high. I wore out there and I've seen you know maybe five reform something. Maybe not maybe that's not too many Hillary. And it out. We're about to see it now on the is just. It's amazing and it's made in the sense that it's good to see. Shooting the basketball. Has gotten a lot. How about that the center position heat are one of the few teams that's true senator it's how you look at these French guys that can shoot the three. Are you surprised that game like I imagine this is sick of seeing me ten years and maybe there are more senators trying to lead. But are you surprised that that the game has evolved in this direction. I am surprised because I mean when we when I was planning senate was pretty much like that the number one room. Spot yet you want to go inside and out. Now it's yes and almost becoming extinct and it's it's unfortunate but excellent time it did. It's it's gonna allow big yeah. You keep work. I tell them complete game definitely work to mention how nervous you were going to draft night going through those responsible when we get drafted. What's going through every kid's mind right now only about 58 minutes we'll start tonight's program and those guys that that was in my life and butterflies and it's something you know there's the one thing they are thinking about I just wanna be drafted. If I can just get drafted in one month mission as the basketball player is. Glenn assuming they're notes raids are hitting one of those kids just get drafted by the Miami Heat at fourteen. And any type of player or position if they did Pat Riley in the rural looking edit they get to this crap. Yeah I have an idea but I I don't know slightly off get out back. Hopefully hopefully there of the another dog and analyze it. Jim Hall way on loan the more announced we you'd be surprised that so many young kids and they're just so we freshman that can be drafted that's another way. Is this is different he's one in on guys that are so last summer developmental to be sure. But others can make an immediate contribution yeah I am surprised. Was in Baghdad you know a lot for us. You didn't think they got one hand around Collison who. Because when I think back to my policy due. They are by far one of the most exciting time in my in my life. The bloody noses so you these guys yeah work against government of look at they have the possibility the draft is best for now and probably a lot of repeats. Those cities that don't they a lot about the working so if you had to give advice to young it is which trying to make the debate whether or not stay at school or go. What exactly would you try to tell them follow is. His whole idea which you trying to say look you work for me one way it might suggest doing it that way. Well you know what you got to do your homework. Thank you got to really. Sit back and look. Where you may end up in the draft. Because it because a lot of guys that are out there first round of you know somewhat disappointed so you definitely got to do your homework and you know does this pitches and was going. Look what one has yielded by your career we'll get back you remain exclusive group. Players who won a national championship in college and I want an NBA title. Just reflecting back on 01 of those accomplishments mean your career. By me. You know first bought me it is definitely. Just a lot about my teammates and uncle giant really to win championships. Takes more than one person to board to. Well a whole team that consist of coaches and players and to be able to win on you know every level that note even in high school went to our attention back to back. It didn't handle it goes out our totaled about I don't particularly what happened I. Put it IV. It goes so even I timed it went in and I did my thing and just wanna do trying to. Anything you didn't accomplish that that you let you look at two high school college and NBA what's left. I'm trying to get fifty and over the Trenton cut out. That's the thing that it was brought up being known as the winner in addition to being an outstanding offensive performance. Bitter winter and it also like I think what's. At the end of the day when I want you were mostly filled mostly right is that just stand out. But as we examine that this is currently team I know you're not gonna let us know you're inside information would just fire Google knows enough when I break them down. When you examine what they accomplished the second half the season going thirty and eleven and I'm really coming together with the most ashamed I didn't make the playoffs and you obviously just the tiebreaker they kept them out but. What they about the direction this organization as we move. Forward and not Syria my site you know when you Biden speaking of second hand. This team operates as good as one human family. The type of things that we do we think defense first. Look at history because. It's in a few things. He does have a lot of the reason why the Miami Heat. Walk forward. I don't expect anything. I'm I don't know anything left I think we're gonna continue to keep getting better and better and whoever we end up kid. And look at the history of the mind. We always come out in a lot better than worth what they were before they got. Let's talk let's get ansari read the public's right about it let's talk about defense justice Wenzel in his first year was I mean almost right out of the gate was given. That the toughest defensive assignments he earned the trust that are exposed very quickly here LeBron he's yours etc. And a sophomore campaign. He was injured almost the entire your first his wrist and shoulder held right off the year what can we expect I mean I think. I can't judge anything by that second here to me it's it's it's. If I didn't give it degrades a complete what do you think looking up how can do what he sees potential for just Wenzel grabs just based on that first year. I think his create he's definitely toddler that the Miami Heat once here. Because he's he's first defense minded and great defensive player who has he has the body. But he blocked anyway I meet him as a community black and banged against anybody in and the other. Come where he came. Defensively. It's the first place. It's it's carried over to burst your legs and unfortunately he's gotten away but yeah justice is working hard numbers he's got to get back to the top. Bringing justice in the equation you look at the rosters are currently is right now I got Whiteside every other forwards and four guards. How do you like what they have a scores their forwards and centers concern right now and how much we eat it and to become that type the team to move up from the league level. He's trying didn't we start to get an ounce. The yeah if you look at the second half of last year how we play I mean yeah you're right we we have the right pieces. Additional players we. You can always improve it's. You can you can always improve. I just think. In this draft. We're going to get to guide them. And good that we do trial. Thank god given April persistence have. Glen Rice great player. Winner thank you for spending time with a really appreciate you guys think that I'm Josh Freeman along with Tommy tiger and Greg like Israel broadcasting from the 2017. Miami Heat wrap party presented by Verizon. On AM 79 Iannetta immoral for three HD to the ticket. That's what he's seventeen Miami yeah. NBA draft might. 43 HTT and I ticket sponsored my computer and creeks Subaru and frankly acknowledge. Its doors and they are truly. Steps beyond convenient. 2017. Miami draft party here. It's presented by Verizon by the way on aliens have an idea that the moral worth reentry to. The ticket and we're broadcasting live from the X Kennedy. East plaza here at the Tripoli joined by hole they were your first name announced hall of fame. While they were Alonzo Mourning. It isn't a big call wars and. Kind of memories his draft night bringing up for you a you know a big call or is especially in New York like every. Belt you do it at that table and I think about that night. I think about. A lot of anxiety. Pretty much understanding that I work. You know my whole foods and opportunity. And I'm sitting there. He was decency was totally it's a dream come true. Because I had these in the in my mind we years and years. About the only court asphalt outside in the Hudson. Working on my team and and all of a sudden I'm standing on stage in Davis turned. It's a dream come true considering the way people thought the draft was going to go was critical nationwide was going to be Charlotte. You know at this particular time you know my my agent. David Wolf he made me aware he's been no incidents of very strong possibility. To shock though we didn't know for sure but just based on information that he hadn't he knew that was the Libby case you know where. It didn't matter if I win one. Or 31. I was going to be NBA and that's what. You've worked towards achieving you know that's what you dream about me being sleep which of basketball. All I did it all you know Drupal all day home. My jump shot it's all came to fruition. Yeah. Well and for a bunch of ball players tonight they're gonna fill those that same dream. So when you take a look at the positive momentum from the second half of the season and going to the draft would have opportunities to have to really. Adam needs to help mom for tonight there. Well you know I'd say it's. Rap music on this year. We are very. Basketball market. Arsenault. Picked up boards. Yeah last year. Nobody expected doesn't drop. So you really feel like. Full a very talented and lay out his drive. Got a great development. Don't leave me cold snap. This culture here this gonna. Growing too. Media it's so we're excited about a possible. He'd start on 1130 and ended in that they've finished the West Coast for one and six Nick Harris Goldberg. Before they started that the viewpoints presented I don't know I saw a really good signs on the strip despite going one and six. Did you start becoming convinced you know one won't work we turn the. Always. And training camp training. There was a lot. Oh my gum balls because it's all the talent on the floor. It was just a matter of us. You know learning how to play together jasmine you don't. System. Understanding cultures. Embracing the responsibility. Of being a a responsible role you know. We don't really. How long it. You know it's so advocate. When the wow yeah. What type of players in the did you know teaching him. When he got to be the school's hall. What type of players who came. So. It's just trusted. Best secretive. He started to. We're talking within two minutes of the very first pick in tonight's draft. And you would talk about the nervous energy you felt Glen Rice everybody says the same thing I was any fun for him. As you look back on it now. It's what happens old. A right now. Camera. It's. No you know it's pure and work your whole life and now leads and right now. So poorly run on that one as well as some Whiteside and kind of the center position in the NBA. I'm sure you appreciate the fact he's more with rollback to two what you're accustomed to like it when it's not 12 you're down until about two most important. With the first pick. The Philadelphia 76 and select. Mark helpful. It. No surprise but no fulltime and one overall does so once that is development is maturity of what the prospects of the reward for. Is based on this. It's meant. Is that then. Okay. Bought into our culture. Now snow. Wanna see you when you. My thoughts. These days we want to see. Is going. Where. Impressed me about this team. Absolutely. These guys here this summer. Anywhere else the home relaxing the you wouldn't work even ready mix. Can't wait till. Talk told. And I imagine James Johnson. Wait a lot of teams never looked as good as it was last it was his development under urged both. Surprise you. Know what's probably impede development didn't surprise me. This surprised me is now listing goals forty. It was a rather helpless people off yeah. Did this before his commitment once he lost their way. So what's going copied sold once he got a message. Is no different then you take a sable. Hussein best use them. So we still thought oh that's right. You know he's ready he competed very well. Bull. Did this come down because they already drafted with the distilled. So you. Been very generous with the time we know you got a lot of commitments to go to war room for one so enjoy the rest tonight thank you for sharing your memories. Appreciate it. That was Alonzo Mourning to stay around here until the second pick in the draft. That we appreciate Bruce stick around to answer him that the to the second pick in the draft by the lakers then we'll go to break here we all expect that to be one's old bond beginning is going to be surprised. You know it in a weird way obviously Tommy and you would never happen. But I just wanted to. To be able Vick wants a ball just as you'll horrible trying to arm his way in here with Pat Riley and her school's secret. The funny feeling that that's gonna dissipate somewhere down the line he'll be bothering somebody else there's two other children I think once this kid gets established. In the rubble marble story kind of ends somewhat. I mean he'll be OK that very first your re talking like. The kid's basketball career is gonna supersede anything a father comes up where. You look at fall. It's like you beat your ice. Peace but we thought he's the first player picked. When you think Greg we might see a surprise could it beat Boston three Phoenix of war. Or maybe. With a 31 what do you think the first of August night I think the draft starts tonight with the third overall things are being read we know it's a foregone conclusion that when the sixers moved up their gonna take polls that happened ball's gonna go next. But ended the reign it gets back to the question we brought up in the top of the broadcast. It's Boston picking four. Themselves or are they picking or maybe in mixed in forcing history maybe the pacers and appalled tortured the bulls and Jimmy Butler trade. Or are they get a ultimately take began to day needs that they would have taken a number one overall and it could be either Jason data for Josh Jackson. And depending on which of those players is in if they're gonna keep that make. That I think we'll see a domino effect after that so I think number threes were the intrigue is and I look forward. And knowing and I'm sure we'll see some reports while behind the scenes if there is a deal in the works but a Celtics agrees horrific thing. You're not that I have any inside information Greg but I get the funny feeling that we hear this all so often in the past. The trades are going to be made are gonna move the draft making the other guy's gonna kick back and when they make that they get season in nineteen alone. It usually the top spot they don't make good deals on big. It's really. Great to talk about Butler Georgia for Zynga is moving anyplace. It's great fodder for the next hour or so but realistically I think they're gonna pick the players and they wanted all along. Which is why these moves have been made by search teams of why some don't make those who. It's gonna take a while the sixers development finally you think that may be they've started turning the corner if those guys are healthy then got. There you know Marco pulled that got Ben Simmons hello and feed. And if those guys can stay healthy and maybe in a year to add a veteran or two with with the money that they haven't read some. Then we might see possibly a formidable team come out of field. Real quickly coordinator modes arouse me. He says Chicago's finalizing a deal this and Jimmy Butler. To the Minnesota Timberwolves exactly LaVigne Chris Dunn in the number seven overall and one that you know what we heard the talented but don't wanna be reunited with Jimmy Butler there you go yeah right there man you know Chris Dunn was there it was a top ten pick lasted for Minnesota's Jack Levine's coming off an injury. And given the number seven pick but think about Butler quality counts and ratings as. Fourth there I don't know what Ricky Rubio Phoenix you've probably trade rumors classics assuming he's the point guard I mean. That's that's a viable team with a lot of young talent there and obviously the familiarity is set between six and above. Yeah so you know but what we're we thought might go to Cleveland that didn't work out we we are hearing rumors he might go. And other shows the bulls wanna get younger hi how are surprised honestly. We talked to a guy picks for now largely covers the bulls I'm still surprised there management has jobs I don't think they've done under your job at all. Our Foreman and and John Paxson but Gerry Ryan's are very loyal to the front office he always has been the White Sox notables and those guys sole power. They wanted to go younger we knew that and by picking up last year's number one from Minnesota and getting would be news. Turning into real good player not just a slam dunk champion and getting a draft pick in its seventh guy could be marketed or anybody depending on who's left that that's a lot. That could be pretty good deal all things considered I wanna would doing things now about his team getting younger but at what he wasn't going anywhere not to reform are here's Adam silver. With the second. Adam silver bonds stepped in my. Skeleton the lakers have selected second overall. Eight. Aaron you know everybody expected that now the draft gets a little bit interest thing. We're gonna take a break here and then we're gonna come back and hopefully be back in time we're. Overall I think as of right now. It's the Celtics figure to make it. We are broadcasting from the 2017. Miami Heat wrap party presented by Verizon. On AM 790 and up a moral or three feet to the ticket. Of the 2017 Miami yeah. The NBA draft on. 438. On ticket sponsored by Coconut Creek super friendly and knowledgeable at a pricey long. Downstairs convenience stores they are true. That's beyond can be. Back to 2017 Miami Heat wrap party along side Greg likens Tommy tiger I'm Josh Friedman. We'll take it at 10 o'clock future draft. About an hour's notice that as the draft as two picks already under way we'll talk walls song was picked second on his given name was horrible song. I think we'll marbles on his own identified Fuller junior respect. Martell bulls of course when number one the Philadelphia wants Obama would do. How it's gonna get a bit interest in the Celtics certainly could hang on number three they claim to be any claim the players they're gonna pick if green was when he picked. When he was gonna pick number one thought he'd still be available at number three UC impact. If that happens and again there was a trade the bulls timberwolves the bulls oats a proposed trade excuse me neighborhood or prosecuted and say it's done. He sent to their post that you. Healthy team is reporting is exactly what needed. And the exactly prison done in the number seven pick in tonight's draft and it looked like guys were talking under the break this exhibit is actually going to Minnesota. So there will swapper now and it's according to fortune well. Now the draft is this the begun that's right yeah holes in golf ball or anybody else you know engine power again why he was driving under Tom Thibodeau and and so it. Again the bulls usually 47. The bulls got a little bit younger. And Dwyane Wade now simply a little bit younger team that he criticized for an Israeli air and right here. But not good for Jimmy tolerant and look I mean it. I Iowa politics I mean it's I'm sure he's glad to be reunited with his coat but it's so formidable place I mean it's like Golden State and then everybody else at least as. The exciting idea Greg given nucleus of towns we consider him do so even though I don't think Chicago is any closer to attempt to. Competition and you know Yeltsin's contention in any of it's even easier still Cleveland and everybody else until somebody steps up after that. So right now I guess that's like it was a save life. Yeah so why that was a trade the first big trade is Boston's almost gonna make their their pick. And I'll go to go to the podium. Jason. I thought I was. I've recently I did like Greg was saying about Josh Jackson not showing up and right. Trying to be able to sell this disease just enough time to get there and Boston didn't really wanna go that direction anyway is they don't retain him. Yeah I mean this and say don't miss the beginning of his present here at duke because of injury but when he got on the court viewers tremendous average almost seventeen points a game that the real difference between those two prospects. That Tatum is a score he's legitimately can shoot. He's got to keep developing his outside shot he's got a bigger body. Sold their bring in the guy with a lot of offensive talent Josh Jackson the question mark with him. It is his shooting ability and he's a bonafide defender did to waive players so obviously the Celtics would dictate what he brought the table. They like his shooting ability and again adding that makes it what was element of you forget the best team in the regular season record wise Eastern Conference you know he. He's got to work on his three point shot but he can't be a great wings scored defensively he's got a little work is why I think that's exactly what that team needed which you saw against Cleveland they could use front court help. Corporate good flyer Sosa rocker some of the other guys they have like with the Isiah Thomas. There's really no need for anybody else what is set up with the trade. Is that they're probably gonna utilized him when he becomes a free agent next your son to a long term deals so I think this just goes up the roster rather nicely with a player like Tatum. I agree and you know he's one of these kids you know we're gonna save us a lot ads. They've been wrong before but you know he's only nineteen years old build develop him in terms of its defensive. Ability but if you're looking at the prospects. They're looking getting guys they did add to that war who. Who've been coming to be a score right away. And they can teach the defensive get a minute that system Bret Stephens hasn't perfect track records I'm sure they love is all off for its ability. And I suggest you Connecticut won their last year due. You have to love what Boston's doing seven number one draft picks up spirited time by doing what they did to Brooklyn holding the wrong. They've got to set up in perfect position and we've Brad Stevens like Greg mentioned being the type approach it is. But I think there's nothing but a positive situation that they're gonna climb that ladder can ever closer clean and don't forget again they could make a play and I'm sure there will make a play. They could very well sign. Tornado you know it's going to be obviously between you tart that Miami's gonna certainly be employee. Boston that's almost college coach and I mean what an offseason that they could draft Needham and they get Gordon Hayward as well again. Then there are six still over the next three or six number one picks they pick a moment probably got a probably convert some. In the end of players and I think your way this might even help the heat when you pick up a forward like this. He'll look at whether or not they wanna go free agency get a front court help you know somebody whoever could be forward it may be when you pick up a guy like this. I don't know if they're gonna go after another forward in Boston who's to say. And it's assistant defense. There'd be seems back now what they want right so going after another big and well player that can be typical for them to do then also the needs to be Gergen that might this might be the best thing happened in Miami right. You know I mean again Gordon Hayward forget about 40085. Million PC's use talking about a 135 million goes to another team. But if you convince them what you're only 27 years old and again another big deal you're gonna make up that money and by the way. The state of the attacks. Well and just to keep us updated on the rumor mill because it may have been reversed in coming in it pretty good on the last one made her look rusty says Indiana and Boston aren't deeds and serious talks and appalled George trade league sources tell the vertical so. Maybe maybe Tatum is not on what we don't we maybe that's the case maybe at the Indiana or they keep him and his Tommy just pointed out they have so many future draft picks in the first round. That that's what he has sites on their visits aren't going into tonight was that Indiana they're gonna make you feel Paul George will likely come before the draft. So that they could try to get in the mix in this year's. Class but maybe babies Tatum or maybe it is the future considerations. As you point out Tommy maybe there's a player currently on the Celtics roster limit. That's why it was kind of intriguing great the other night when the Russell Brady went down to pick another number one claim that having three number ones in this draft. Then maybe maybe detective team is they've been spoken about so many times about George. We'll be at the Los edges that is preferred destination when he becomes a free agent extra days that's what we're led to believe so. Maybe they get into the picture as well depending on what situation unfolds here. You know and we'll wondering what the senate bidding war Zorn would always be aggressive even though they're likely to get all of your. Maybe didn't want another team to have him for a year to try to convince him to stay with them and maybe that you'll aggressive you don't wanna do with the knicks it would go on and to cover. And getting you know get the veteran player there's going to play with. But you know it's still could happen I mean we're LA could step up and give something to to his. What India is not the best bargaining position based we either doing or rental. But if you get enough teams bidding to maximize that as much profit. What do you do get into a team like that is up with a pack that be better than losing him for nothing I think that's what it could end up being. I bet everybody wants to go to the highest bidder your Indiana clerk at the moment now looks like a team that has draft picks like this well maybe something like this and trade with Boston for talent like that. We were talking the last couple nights on the showtime you know rumors of you know LeBron James despite his time here we were he could go out of the lakers and I was wondering. Is it the lakers that really tracking the market itself for the clippers just hired Jerry West. In our payable over four million dollars you're wide to try to world rankings that could really. I would think it would. Makes sense to go while they're depending on his relationship with Doc Rivers and they want decide to go to that direction but I think the lakers are always a war. And even think back how bad they've been over the last few years there's still the lakers we know the thirty for thirty thing that's been on numerous times over his in the last couple days. It's just been phenomenal when you think of rivalries that the lakers settlement over time in the eighties and nineties. There's still marquee franchise today based on which Shaq and Kobe so they're really. Have had lost in the time but now. This could be another situation where they go just like that yeah and it's. Really intriguing to see you know who threw they may add them around muscle balls and if it is called George one way or the other. We'll find out its prey on us go to Adam's over with the play. Rick the court. Josh Jackson. Freshman once again freshmen go images dominate. On top drag draft Jackson through maybe you don't number three. But tonight he's gonna go number four. And and fifty minutes ago a great another great building block albeit a very young one well. On a potential that's an important thing with Phoenix you never see on television has not been very good saves and it was just Jackson as he comes here he brought it up more exposure at Kansas City will sons right. Well there is saying there was talk and no there was a bit of discussion about whether gear box it's like here. I think it box would have been their guys and they probably would have had to deal where let's go to send him elsewhere I think this tells fitness to do what what's the point guard. Never Booker. Emerged as a very good players second here and now John Jackson who brings won't defensive element zoo. A group they can get out run and play offense but they don't have a lot of and defensive. Shut down type guys that's enough tax breaks before we continue its ticket ten seconds breaking go to was stationed idea. Tickets WA XY AM South Miami WSFS and the HTTP Miramar SaaS. Amber weekday morning 530 tonight. And we are back here welcome back to AMs of an idea ever more important rebuke to the ticket we're broadcasting the 2017. Wrap party you wanna come out here. They're still seats here we are in the X affinity east plaza it's a beautiful like great breeze coming career. You certainly won't be out there a lot of video screens here we've been watching the NBA draft. They're good for pigs and thus far he picked fourteen was five minutes between 60. In about fifteen minutes if it goes its maximum time that he will make. Their first mix of probably 845 5855. Is when we'll find out who the Miami pick it will look hoping to get some of that first pitches. I'm the phils that were sent off. Well get back to the adjust to activate Tommy I I like this and USA players that there were some rumors regarding some other teams are out of the top more than they try to trade up to get him and ultimately the suns they point. They take him so the result of this older strain that we know we know that was the rumor earlier today brought at least as of now exactly what does Josh Jackson noted that got a young. Talented group out there fees would certainly a few years to develop once they don't come together. Yeah the Big Three isn't really that Big Three as we know all but there is ability there you're right. And I think they needed front court help more than needed Bledsoe can stay healthy that be great run than they need a point guard. As a typical thing that he needed depth so I think to them best available player is pretty much direction that they were looking. And I think at that time even though is not a great offensive player is Jeff which is good ability to shoot the outside. He can be real good player this week. Well I mean when you watch him at Kansas this past season MVP. He's still got it looked like he was NBA ready among them the other college contemporary city had a quick tidbit or your Frito. He's the only freshman individual in history to record 500 points 250 rebounds 100 assists fifty steals and thirty blocks who figures compiled. We'll have algorithm but it figures not me guys ideas in stats and it's a great follow on Twitter but I mean how does somebody come up with that. Well it's impressive it is impressive and even more aggressively just Jackson did it. And that's not exactly that now he's in Phoenix and little will be added to that a young for they have out there. It is interesting when you watched the tail end of last season the Phoenix Suns like we saw when they came down here when we need. They were. Legitimately. Sitting out there. Older players and they're veterans so they could lose a get a better draft position. Technique didn't win on the night the lottery because they thought they did in the top three they end up with the fourth pick but I think they should be happy it's not a bad consolation prize. It just actually brings that they. Another stiff resistance native Jackson's game there's no question anybody's mind but I don't think this is a bad consolation prize in the Josh Jackson where Vick is a lot of people kind of felt. It's not exactly chocolate tea movies to three Jackson former I think. A lot of people had feelings that most of the experts that this was the direction both of these teams are going to go yes I agree pain. It's lightly at least according to what everybody makes it here at fox will be the next but the kings but so you know inquiries I think the next yeah. Here it in the draft where yet and it's here where. A lot can happen and we're not sure exactly what's gonna transpire because you've got a number six after the Sacramento Kings like Orlando. And now Minnesota dropped for Chicago at seven so. This is my thinking is it even more interesting as this draft goes along that of course as you see their names off will be able to determine. Well maybe you left of fourteen release it right thing I think about Greg most of all what Boston. Does this move make them even tougher handing it Jackson daisy come right in and become that type of player that really has an impact in his first year Jason Jason Day and yeah. I would imagine sol. And the interesting thing to me is if it would believe that they're still pursuing Paul afterwards. It makes you wonder if they're going to actually present Gordon Hayward they're able to get. And acquisition appalled Georgia which may only be when you read understand what they bring in Tatum. Imagine Hayward may not being one of the people that they're looking at now if they've already feel old. Those roles on the wing and those small forward shooting guard types this area have Jalen brown. Big crowd and usher you know whether they be willing to deal him but Gordon Hayward maybe be deciding after tonight on the heat in the jazz instead of the Celtics being that their team. What do you think we Percy a non Russian tank thus far four picks for freshmen either red that there could be as many as ten freshman going in the first round at all. With freshman what some can come in and make an immediate impact is saying but others aren't you don't really developmental now you're Boston. You forgot to make an immediate impact to hear your another team. The Philadelphia you can afford to have them a long term development of the lakers disabling Phoenix. The same way. Self through the anomaly at the top of the draft with Sacramento is the type that he hasn't done anything the list you beat yourself that's purgatory they have through picks in the top ten which is great but how to use them a few years ago they took Willie police times the weight program that have to do something that's been the problem with them. That they haven't had players do somethings of to Marcus cousins and now they ship them all so. It's hard to say they could use just about anything and the talk is clocks which would be great edition of garbage. They need so much help to go and it's going to be good pick regardless of what is that it's any of these people that have been on the board that people talked about. Day saints answered question Josh I mean I figure would be a Donovan Mitchell or Luke Menard rupees sophomores. Coming out right. Do or who might be the targets as the first non freshman. Up by the waiter will thrust is updated report saying Bossidy yet talked pulled towards it being significant moment of but the sides still far apart on a possible. Our thoughts go to the podium and answer. Hold your facts we'll never see you again. It's put us. Actually Phoenix November and TNT double lettered that it did not enable them to make that perseverance the guys sealing its reach orbit again you look at some of the picks Sacramento was made and they just event. Missed calculations I'm not looking anything bad and this kid Lia you hold a special two picks in the top ten back to make it tangible difference long term. Your hopes for Sacramento and for a little bit more competitive balance and they they hit it hit those two. Well you know what's funny is it went logs Obama's life and of course became a showcase for his father Lamar ball. To break out the big ball of brand's high end any big ball of Red Hat that was weird Los Angeles Lakers colors. But now this is what we've become to know at an annual basis as the John cal Perry recruiting tool right. Because he had those one and done they're always going in the lottery it's all business. The first Kentucky player to Gulf Shores California right front of the is being cameras Tommy always bugging. For the cameras giving up box a ugly bunt was right behind him he'll be off the board. Formerly known as well so this is so this is probably the best recruiting tool that Kentucky has an annual basis one of these they talk about with your boxes in his speech maybe the fastest player and a tremendous amp. Is that what is it was just off the charts. Well and and Tom I think. He's probably for those were casual college basketball fans who didn't follow this very closely he's probably most well known for showing up on the ball. In the sweet sixteen that was the big map to be dropped 39 points on them. And I think that's where people probably heard gear box if you're nodding your style. Best home gates intriguing now when you think about these three guys coming together because there are times and give quarterback lessons in the NF well. Did you see okay they're always going to be good here we look at the 83 draft somebody other drafts over time. Going to be a similar thing here we get the feeling at least in the beginning who got the best of the deal when he went public bolts fox football. Hard to say right now is also really look good for the respective teams but fox is no consolation prize even just like Jackson. A lot of people out of possibly moving up to three maybe even a core. Five not a bad place is unfortunate. Police surround him with the Sacramento. Well that's that's the big deal and the other question will be from boxes got us on sound guys you mentioned speed. He gets up and on the court better than anybody probably in this class in terms of at the time it takes a good question will be can he development jump shot because that he didn't have that there were some comparisons. Because they're fellow wildcats the result Rondo because great ball handlers to facilitate really well but you don't run a still hasn't. Fully developed that outside shot to keep defenses honest I don't think he's going to be here for clock you only shoots 45% from beyond the arc and they in this day and age you can't have they got him some. It was much more. All wings or. Well we'll see if fox certainly happy impressed a lot of people and made three draft interview process because of his attitude and it everything so I think now though that he's off the board and the magic are up next big broad number of different ways this word because drafts. But it hasn't always it's time our question of regular think about so many times when you watch a kid like Kentucky brought up cal apparently. How many times you see freshman in the one and done situation they used more than anybody else. How do you do how do you change something like that you allow high school kids to just come out like it was back in the day do you like this idea because. They'll do they have to stay 34 years ecology and if they don't wanna feed there. And that's that that's the toughest thing to think about I often wonder if it's better to have a kid maybe just below tell level one and done we'll stay it your program. Or maybe two or three years of any words what I do know he can't maybe if they think you know what I'm not good enough as a freshman and the NBA draft. If they get that advice. And you know if you could have a team that's these together for two or three years as a probable that is. Maybe that's the best way to go and I'm not crazy about an idea what you think about guys going over to Europe for going too much and Australian plate right instead of going a freshman year okay I'll become a pro for one season and try to make my way back. Like terrorist Ferguson did this year it is eligible for this year's draft. Yeah I I they did it and out of silvers said that this is an issue that they're gonna try to draft went forward. And it's if it were me I'd say let the kids come out of high school they want to do but if they're going to go to college I think it's fair to make the statement. So they make that commitment may totally baseball or football right exact title baseball's three years but I think you here's a fair compromise so there. It's not the one and done phenomenon anymore they can't just. Pass whatever positive past the first message that not go to class in the second semester which is exactly what happens I was able. 34 years ago at the well. This being the so I think if they do that I mean look at all the other ways you can make a living you mean you can do that you know whether beer you know. If joint military team in all these professional tennis and golf players they can become pro when they want. His soccer players internationally or join these youth academies and if they're good enough. Like Christian holistic in US dollars seventeen years always sort of went yeah we scored two goals a game every time you guys inside Zacks. No pressure and not at all but I think there's. You're setting a bad precedent if you're requiring just go to school they don't wanna be there they should be able to just go pursue a living. If they're good enough and if they're not then you know they'll be cautionary tales of the gonna go to college degrees or more. As we know the score fifty jobs in the NBA it's a very difficult for turning that get yourself into. There's also the have to go that route just as the gimmicky and it doesn't make the bad players it's is that you have to be really the elite which is why they make the money that they make. I don't think it's that man of the kids in the I think that's what's to develop players to make it in the end these days that you can't roster spots began. For some of these other players who on the bridge between going overseas or maybe making it the NBA some. And I agree accident and their fear right and you're developing them within your organization I I agree I think that would be a great result of the NBA I mean. The heat's roster is a great. An example of players who have succeeded at the NB a level after going through. Well it's interesting is value add to our response to everybody's roster which will be developmental spots we think. The a lot of blame to Daly can only get a certain amount of games in the NBA I think that's really good idea on a few seconds we're gonna wait a little bit oneself or when it makes the picket that with the number six pick. Then we go to break they're gonna come often in just a little while items over who's gonna step of the podium. And look at the number six pick by the Orlando when pilots go to the voting right now. And Florida State gets their first pick selected sixth overall in the 2070 NBA draft. We will get that reaction. When we when we come back here. Here at. An American Airlines Arena alongside Tommy tie you right likens them freedom we're broadcasting the 2017. Miami Heat wrap party it's presented by Verizon. On AM seven idea that envelope or create three to detect. But 2070 Miami's. NBA draft like. Went 043 HTT. They're like Coconut Creek Subaru friendliest guy. Stores that are truly. Steps beyond convenient. Seventeen Miami draft party alongside Tommy tiger right like in time Reno. We'll figure till 10 o'clock and seven nick is gonna go on right now and others have proposed trade Minnesota as the big. The proposed trade sending that number seven pick is that we'll be an increase Don. To the bulls board Jimmy Butler and the sixteenth pick and here comes Adams over to the podium. NBA draft. The Minnesota Timberwolves select. Market. Solar market looks like he's gonna go to Chicago Bulls. And now it seems that it's sixteen by the bulls for the timberwolves again I guess it's got to get league approval so that's that's the pick up right here but that's the proposed trade right now between the. Bulls and the symbols. Makes you wonder how much better Chicago now we're losing Jimmy Butler how much more competitive holiday by making his appeal to pick up the young players and they ended up making. Well you do they look better off that I picked on the surface would have thought. Giving up but Jimmy Butler type player. But it will be an interesting mix right with Rondo expected to come back and waves definitely coming back wins now Lori marketed Zach Levine. Chris Dunn there's an excitement there there's also all a couple of players that don't seem to fit into the rebuild but. Dwyane Wade is suddenly going to be thrust into a scenario that he would set probably wasn't anticipated. It being a veteran on a developing. It makes you think what direction you're gonna go next. Because done seems he backs up Rondo because we saw how effective Rondo could be against Boston in the playoffs. Marketing maybe a year away or at least your way he's got offensive skills but defensively is not really that. He's not there he's just not that strong player. And you know some of the other guys they have on our roster the comeback make you think if they traded it with the Oklahoma City how much do they really have so it might be real difficult you're between waves of when he goes to the bank. But why can't let the market is a good three point shooter that's we've got to work that's when he went to the table right now that's. Best asset. Well ID seven feet tall he's done a terrific team. His father played at the University of Kansas. But you know there from Vince Flynn his brother plays for the Finnish national team as they soccer player. And as a professional soccer players so that they could play number different sports in the family as you both point out the guy can flat out shoot. At seven feet tall the question will be what the defense develop slowly be able laterally to move. On that side of the ball and development of more than just spot up shooter who has green flag. And become an all around score on the Avila. All reminds me a little bit of course Agassi when he came out we did know that much about him we saw that one video that came out we made about fifteen straight threes and thought. Wow did you do that how good players are going to be went. There were questions about his defense and his rebounding decides that he got to decide not as night and the bill putting except the pounding in the NBA. He's kind of shown everybody these. They believe there's something like that marketing gets in the weight room with the right people. And Lawrence defensive techniques you know who's to say what what kind of effective player can be I just don't think he's going to be able to be that type of player for years. I agree easy for the long term project for them. But I do think that if you're the bulls and New York. Submitted to its rebuilding process that he probably is the best overall talent for them take their seven I really mean we're talking about this during the break. Tommy the question I have is what the magic are doing it six and O Jonathan Isaac. As maybe the most upside of any player in the draft when you combine his athletic system is blank and what if Florida State it was a pretty consistent but you can't deny the musical talent there yet but did you need a player if you're the Orlando Magic in the position that he was exactly so what's the plan big long term for them there right might have been asking us since they let standing gonna get away though and it's. Oh and I'm thinking now this reminds me of the NFL and outside how it is because Phil Jackson an extra extra threat is being held in New York. How many times one year after next we see the fans in New York. Wounded jets things like crazy. And so ideal Phil Jackson. I think is in such disfavor with an experience right now and he just looks like he's almost incompetent. In that role and now we soliciting offers from. You know 22% posing as nothing has been consummated yet. But the fact that he was even listening look I I've always said I don't think anybody is untouchable. But it just almost seemed like what's happening and it just it just did it make sense were we his potential was his age. And he still rookie contract that's what's. Earlier in the day gray got to be very you've probably did you watch where are all the time divorcing his might be moving to Boston possible trade yes if that ever himself off and Tatum becomes the guy that moves down in New York that seems to make a little bit more sense I don't know what else is in there because. Palin is obviously offensive plays golf but supplier we're seeing is of course is shown some signs they're from Boston back to be the piece of the puzzle. The Boston as they really could use to make it up to the next level getting closer fleet. I agree his seniority notes again anyone NBA level and then he has you know some may argue as you can tap. The majority of potential because he still so young. And when you want the full series and Celtics started and they really struggled as you point out. More on the interior so you had a 73 guy and always. We might. Can help them on the board same sorts of let up when Al Horford that would make a lot of sense as a bit when I don't know how excited it's gonna make New York France three I had another rookie player like Tatum here we go to the podium. Ager. National player from France yes soul it's gonna top ten in most mock drafts he's been in the top ten for an awful lot teams down around that spot residency because it's going to be kind of an arms race so to speak between Dallas and New York. Who was gonna get this guy halo like hit Dennis math right they both love them so the question was whether you are would pounce on them or whether you bought the mavericks. Now I've always up to look at some fans or Brooklyn today but I don't think they pouncing was the right word if that's the that's the group. I had a look at my senior to make sure I get the pronunciation right it is right we will be looking in look at you pronounce it wrong when anybody know. Well out of so at a pretty self hosted a really nice job. He did a better job and Roger Goodell there was some of the dozens of names of the NFL but he he's interesting prospect is the top that are at the prospect his parents are from Wanda. They escape the genocide and move to Belgium. And then from Belgium that will be Strasburg France which is the professional team has been playing for a Strasburg an interesting thing about this kid. You flew over here for the draft he's flying out later tonight. To get back because this team is playing in the championship series in the frankly that's identity either accept the boy from an expert system. I don't know that the guy as we as the leave for real reason to believe a young guy eighteen years old and tons of development and as with the knicks it is another developmental player received a move towards Vegas somewhere down the line. Well on the weird thing about these international prosperous economy you know. They don't play a lot of minutes young guys and they don't hit the European league specifically is dominated by older veteran players listed. This year was named the French league best young player or a year ago in this season he's out of five points per game. So you know the stats don't tell the story here this is all about potential of the NBA draft is oftentimes the potential was specifically with some of the international players. There is a lot of game film and a lot of minutes they're playing. But the victim the basis of what he brings to the table physically what they've seen some glimpses of it because what they're betting. Our Jalen Rose and ESPN is comparing him to George Hill how excited you get over that. On the eighth pick in the draft when you wind up with a player like George it was your comparison when you're looking that solid player totally wrong. And he got them Hawaii let it go right about the type of player that he is. I don't know if this is enough to excite the fan base right now for eighteen year old kid. Who always wants being win now mode. I agree I don't think this bit and experience to be excited all of us right because. It's a give and take a few here memories of Frederick writes that if I thought I'd write about Baylor down the street from Nebraska. But some order that travels Greg mentioned the. But I mean they're the candidate and he's got several weeks man and it is tied as a point guard so they've they've believing everything you get to double row but it's not gonna happen for another few years. So catching a flight at 2 AM for 8 PM game tomorrow and plants. Dedicate dedicated Kidman bullets or maybe got his moment right you more than I assume walked across the states they're partly senator and it shook the hand of Adam silver and by all accounts it was a very good. So he has always have more guys he's gonna enjoy this but you have business still at hand for him in terms it was gonna do overseas I guess the question now. Is appellate. We're just bust potential might be it's had the hot it's 15% the highest were projected lottery pick. But as his all star potential is 14% according to ESPN that's also the best in the draft that he's he's perfect for New York. So I did it sink or swim right exactly so we have nexus. It's coming up next and I'm not Seles. That's right Dallas Mavericks in the Sacramento Kings won their second pick. The first round. Tommy I think I think there's a good chance you pointed out that. Either Dallas or New York is different point guard so to simulate Diego here. Dennis Smith is the next best player available from its estate sells sex. A likely fit their for the Dallas Mavericks the question now is though as we are you know almost nine picks into this first round of the draft. Is which players still available need to be heat will be target. Because we still have a you know Zak collings. Has been taken only months has been taken down individual John Collins as well so. There's still some names there but certainly a number picks older man I would think that Smith had bombs go off the board long before fourteen. If that could bring back what you were mentioning before we started this. How Winslow was at the position that he was sick and slipped down. I think if he gets to twelve in those names assume there be an awful lot of surprise people that point guard that Keller be there and it has recently you'd have to consider but I still think. Wings and big guys are going to be wonderful at that point in the draft I think Zach Collins Paul's support team that someone can be very attractive to us to Miami are so many people are so high in the thought he could easily been a top ten pick. That you didn't see an awful lot of Emeka thank you this year what you saw of him. Was just glimpses there were good enough that you thought this kid's got potential play in this league and does he really have to fly. You really doesn't have to be if bill that sort of role replaced just a few minutes exits of season with a great development group like he'd have as a coaching staff. It would be a pretty good interest that pretty good it's fresh for this fresh five you know in a fully read goes you know lead you to golf some much needed depth behind on satellites. Oh exactly and anything you don't even if you sign a player a veteran talent player are you brought somebody up from the G leak. Whether it's Keith Benson is somewhat like that. Having it was that third player like that with that ability and being as young as he is that they could be a win win for Miami well I I agree beginners it's one of those scenarios like you said he played limited minutes it's agony but when he was on the floor and ask for everything and you need to play with the best. Let's go to the podium and Adam silver. Analyze that hit when we come back. Break here. Alongside Tommy tied into Greg likens them freedom we're broadcasting the 2017. Miami Heat wrap party. Presented by Verizon on AM 790 and have them 104382. Of the ticket. 7170. Miami's. The NBA draft on. 438. I'm ticket sponsored by Coconut Creek super friendly and knowledgeable at a price you want. Downstairs convenience stores they are true. That's beyond can be. And welcome back to. 1017. Wrap party picks and beat east plaza wants I read likens Tommy tiger and. Freedom here and Greg we have a trade. Yeah according to multiple sources and general arouse the had a first to believe Sacramento is trading the number ten pick to Portland. Four picks number fifteen in twenties. In the draft so you've got Sacramento acquiring the fifteenth and twentieth pick and Portland moving up to get that tenth overall pick. In this year's first round so. We're talking about a little bit as we saw this come across. Really. Leave Portland season turned around at the end of the year when they're able to make the playoffs DC when you sit there it was treated for what they still need. Some front court help. So we don't have the official word yet on who they're going to select but somebody in the front court makes a lot of sense and also makes sense for Sacramento because they use an awful lot of talent so picking up more guys somewhere in the drafted it's just it's a good move for them. Before my biggest trigger heart they've got somebody in mind who they really want and might be sacked Collins local kid comes from the area. That might be the direction they're going based on Dodgers what Gregg said in its worst reporter for sacrament he says they need so many needs and I get three picks in the top twenty. Couldn't it's a good group costly for both teams I wonder who they target I wonder who they felt they had no leapfrogged. To go up from fifteen again. Numbers 111213. Fourteen are Charlotte Detroit Denver and of course the Miami Heat. Obviously they felt maybe they felt that Alex acknowledged when it got down to them at fifty probably not I think you know when you look at what the talent is it in the pool was going to be forwards in this going to be. Sanders when you look at who's out there but a lot of the projects that he even though Collins kind of fits that position. He's the kind of guy that did you know. Hi nice backups in our case which really help out I've seen. The same way we just talked about him being a player for the heat BP needs to fill in the back of white cycle. Right and it is funny that we are talking about him and relates brigade so obviously. You don't Portland trailblazers. Got there will listen to our conversation with the help. They know that hey if they if he's there at fourteen B hero likely to select themselves they had to make this both in the blazers one of the teams were 31 round picks and free tonight. They knew they'd have some flexibility to maneuver their way up if need be and obviously moving up to ten they've got a guy they're talking there was an opening to the victim just a moment. Yeah we'll get Adam silver and actually he's he's walking to the podium right now so here's the tenth pick in the draft it was Sacramento was it's now or. Good content. The Sacramento Kings select. That's one that maybe you would've like to call fourteen obviously that's one guy. Who they viewed as a possibility that now is off the right. Amazing story of being used in zagged his first five star recruit in the history of the program. And only played seventeen minutes a game in college but still. It was a tremendously productive player of the event to me it was hard for it was a press Democrat announced today. The big man who was in front of over 300 pounder but. We saw those guys do battle with arguably the best front court in the country North Carolina in the national championship even hold their own a terrific games so psychologists. Tremendously talented that it's not much of a surprise a lot of people had it going in the top ten someplace. And it's not really reached for teams like Portland the pizza guy the couple prevention can be developmental player this kid's got skills that you mentioned. In the limited time that he played with the Zacks. He showed an awful lot of potential I think. With the right people they are in Portland or whoever ended up with I think that's just it enhances feels even more eager via an effective offensive player and maybe even a good defensive players first. Here yes and I mean if you stand out his stats over forty minutes. And I guess it's not realizing Irish but he would have averaged over 23 points a game thirteen and app rebounds and four blocks a game against actors of the guy. It would have been on pace to have just unbelievable numbers but like a lot of these players in this range now. And like Jon and I as we talk about war because there's so young. This pick is based on a lot of potential there is some development to be had by Todd Collins certainly is a guy that that stood out in colleges and I think the bullet trailers got themselves a good player. But even though people would say gee that's a shame if the heat we're looking at him going in that direction is still an awful lot of talent remaining on the court. Over the next 456 days as we've said before the could be 122 guys in this draft. They can be really good players of rotation players that. Even if you don't get as sacked Collins or whoever goes in the next couple. There's going to be good players available at fourteen other three players like for the Miami Heat picked him some guys maybe they could look at. John Allen's I don't think Gary Giles guys had three knee surgeries I've run away from that. As best I could TJ we might you guys they might look at. Justin Patton media darling Karen Allen out of Texas so those are some of the bigs that they've got an artist still there. On the board right now I was sorry guys that they may look at an Al all of those guys only three QB picked up until there could be some pasta. We'll edit I'm surprised believe among you still on the it was another one because he was a consensus top ten pick. He is still here now is we're waiting eleven Vick and Donovan Mitchell's the other guy who's been linked him he'd rather Princeton you know I don't know how angry they are that went way comparisons but. Certainly a combo guard coming out a little so there are a lot of intriguing names still available based on what's developed. And if we take a look I mean Charlotte is on the clock now eleven and the recent rumblings have been that they really like Don it's. And so if they wanna add him they just acquire Dwight Howard a couple nights ago we are on the air when that draft was announced so. They're they're trying to do some new things they obviously don't need a big man there so I would have matched the record book there. So look. I would think so because you take a look at big a Kemba Walker even though with zoom does play an awful lot to. Depth in the backcourt could really help them they've had different guys to where they're filling spots. But I think they could definitely use that so anyone who is bush and talk about including bomb would be very intriguing for Charlotte to pick up. And if you want is still the best player available on the board then that might be they might out of it is a giant yeah who is here you know much slicker as well as well things were when slowdown so. Certainly. Lots of intrigue here is we're getting closer and closer to the Miami heat's pick but. For those who wanted to acknowledges he was just taken but a lot of other instance we had paid their showed on the monitor of the heap more room for Alonzo Mourning he told us he was gonna head up their eyes when he left us. A lot of series races I wonder they have my there's me maybe they could be sort of they wanted to get frayed. Maybe there is holding their collective breath that I they're targeting cost them again just reward picks. More than he picked it's a Charlotte Detroit and Denver and we saw that he is scheduled to pick. And then died in the Miami fourteen. Yeah like we said there's enough guys out there to heading in the direction. They've been thinking about this were awful long period of time how many players are going to be available they believe between 1116. You would think with some of the guys media that are still on the board may be yet in fact they will get a guy leave a regular part of their day for you would hope so what you're picking at that spot 1415 anything back. Ortiz with a very difficult spot the draft he'd never taken anybody fourteen before so this is a history making event. You look at some of the guys who've gone their Clyde Drexler added up making it to the hall of fame don't you think of co Y Leonard had fifteen in the brief break going there. You could only hope that maybe you can find somebody like that but also. People would he ties the weren't drafted by Miami Hardaway and morally so. Good players can be picked up in a position like fourteen assists a question. You don't wind up with the guitar rays of the rich king gave it stock perspective and about Roy's record when I was you know you go down the list and it all of the because there's an awful lot like that all bobbled a little lower than that but it. Sports scene that could be a curse for some players that's a really good players have come out battling us flashback memories of and that they looked costs that are sort of. Tommy drop that name on here than earlier gulf of Frederic Weis honest that's right so right now you're you're your New York legends your back it up a thousand when it comes and drop the name some. Memorable draft bust with unique. Names. Look I don't see fellas I'd I'd be very surprised if we heat with only three picks to go. Is there anybody that there is that San they wanna do they to make a tree and I just don't see that happening I think they're gonna. Let this pick fall where they are right now yeah I'd I doubt they'd move my degree stayed the question I would have though depending on who's available it is a perimeter player and if it is more of a guard like holy month. More dominant Mitchell. Depending on on who they go with their chronic back question would be what they do is that they've got a lot of those types of players. On this roster right now we don't know the future of Dion Waiters but they could be. A bit of even without him items out roadblock there in Tulsa Wayne Ellington decried the ability get on the court. Yeah the tough thing is that's why try to get out of Glen Rice you have four big men if you count. Whiteside and three forwards right now four under contract that you four other guards. So you could go either direction and still making good move. Which are right Greg you look at. The possibility of bringing him waiters the possibility of bringing back Ellington if you draft a guard this evening you looked loaded that spot that maybe you could make a move off of that. If you still be front court help there's no question minded than you think about the free agents that could be out there. Resigning year old and may be looking at someone else from the outside let me ask you know it's the draft by the time he went both these guys about free agency at 44. What do played waiters 4446. Games that neighborhood. Have you seen a big enough sample size of a European leaders to note that aren't that good good Dion Waiters if you will. Is the guy that it is going to be going forward based on buying into the geek culture the way that I saw him in the second half of the season yes I do believe that because if they can keep him. With the same weight in beer in that general area. He was a gods and considering what he was able to do not only with Justin shooting ability which has been sporadic throughout his career. What a similar thing with the all the other parts of his game here's Adam silver. At the seventeenth NBA draft the Charlotte. Projected to be a top ten pick and a lot of boards finally just just fell outside of that number eleven. And two teams are left. Before the Miami Heat selected fourteen Detroit and Denver. Well but no surprise me viewers' ID depressed. Player available problem a lot of wars for him sticking around and actually landing outside the top ten guys and terrific shooter. You need to be streaky and really good way to score 47 points a game in December against North Carolina or Kentucky so. This guy has a ton of talent can fill it up. I think probably. Most casual fans remember the dramatic game tying three pointer yet against North Carolina and then in the elite eight in which appeared to send the game to overtime for the may ruin your form. And us in North Carolina on their way to what was eventual national championship but. Between him and Darren box just in absolutely dynamic. Lethal combination in the Kentucky backcourt that is now balls and earning him. Why as I said earlier the area walker if you played the tomb of the two were you when he removed the three of this kid becomes that good. You don't need him to step right in as a starter at the moment we can provide you. With all of its coming off the bench at least in the early stages of his career that he doesn't have the pressure to be the guys step right in as the two guards though. I think it's a really solid pick it's one of those things that as we were at the Winslow picked for a couple of years ago. You're Charlotte holy month is city you're in your board if he's your number one guy out there just like Portland saw Zach Collins was still available and you gotta go logged into my people those teams did just that. I'm excited you're dead on and you're right I mean his body needs the belt movement is a very good athlete but he's considered misleading. That's a hot commodity and snow in even if that's the preliminary rolling he serves we saw Devin Booker did after the suns his rookie year you become a eventually be a spot up shooter now has developed into an all around score. So perhaps. A similar trend upward formally mom didn't Charlotte hornets uniform and I didn't mean the post write the Dwight Howard that was just. Say that I guess they go what Charlotte how much better have a baby coming the last 24 hours not only getting his kit according Howard in their depending on. What they wanna do with the team offensively defensively right edited Howard. Debates around Howard was shooters are open to visit decent shooter from outside. Kemba Walker more on the trouble then a spot up shooter but. If they if they can be played for the most Serrano was shooters mostly it was so when Jack was down here with the Miami Heat then that might be with the gulf war Steve Clifford. I alongside you just heard Greg likens Tommy tiger I'm Frito here we will take yup. Until 10 o'clock. 2017. Miami Heat wrap party presented by Verizon. On AM 790 and FM 1043882. That there. That's what he's seventeen Miami yeah. NBA draft might. 43 HTT and I ticket sponsored my Coconut Creek Subaru and frankly it's not only. Stores and they are truly. Steps beyond can be. The Detroit. It's not the only thing. Only got it was a freshman Luke and I regard that may have fallen for the heat would hold perhaps have fallen to the downed number fourteen he did not. A little bit down defensively and offensively I was a break in order to win the one of the new police the secret weapon was mr. basketball in Ohio and Weis points at. More points than LeBron James on Detroit's figure out a way to beat Cleveland. Just drank smoke in August wrecked. Everybody it's just that simple it was just a point well they definitely needed him because. They have no backcourt depth and it all coming off the bench besides Cole Hall when Reggie Jackson brought there was really ish Smith. Was their best option and we got a guy that is Smith as your best option coming off the bench you definitely had a good regardless of pretty good job pick the tape at that stage of the draft. Well and and Reggie Jackson the Green Bay hill rumblings that he wasn't happy being there there are some trade rumors so there's lobe dysfunction behind the scenes there in terms of some of the personnel to look and arsenic coming. He's commissioner right away and you know it's a public mockery between the two of them you can argue back and forth who's the best pure shooter in this draft. Both of them top notch. And yet he had a a great season for duke and all that. Grace and Allen was gonna supposed to be that liner Jason Tatum was the hot prospect while Terry Giles went. And end up being canard and Tatum the top two guys there overshadowing everybody else now rosters so. The pistons get a guy that I think that he would have been interested in if you was available. At fourteen but the celebrity no according didn't walk around studio betrayed just before the heat are scheduled to pick a fourteen looks like you talk. Is sending trail Lyles and the number 24 overall pick to Denver. For the numbers thirteenth overall selection. So you've got Utah moving up again big they have the potential losing Gordon Hayward this offseason potentially and now they're moving up to get a player at thirteen just. For the excellent molecular here's itself warning on your guns yeah. You'll put what we'll call. The cracks and get to the fourteenth. Utah it freed with the Denver at number thirteen and snatched it away. I'll maybe you saw Michael report figuring if they figure they were gonna resigning Hayward. Well may be but it did it again there's a type a team that beats backcourt depth to write off event so. This seems to make sense because as Greg mentioned before he's got comparisons that Dwyane Wade how close they normally is six foot war. And we've seen some signs that this kid can play in the past but. You know you'd toss a team is trying to build it they don't wanna lose some of the guys that they have right now so they've got to get somebody from someplace and Mitchell's not a bad player to pick people at thirteen selloff. That made up easy never would have been there at when he tipped. No we would have been there and I'd like to make I mean I don't know if we're Mitchell's Truby should preside in this draft but I think you watched him a Google me the guy. Has charisma he's the leader he just he epitomized toughness and that's what he did in that that pressing style. On defense for Rick Pitino he's gonna come and be able to play defense right away but he's a combo guard he's. Able to shoot the ball on the outside but athletic and strong and he can hold his own when he goes inside so. I really like the pick I thought it was a nice big relief he. Had he been there regardless of the other guards they might have had on the roster but. Forty inch vertical six foot ten its wingspan so he plays a bit beyond his sides of something that sounds similar to Dwyane Wade and what he was it would do. So I like the pit. And I do think it's interesting that you solve decided they needed move up three allows by the way couple years through me first round pick. For the test. You know what you look now a couple of guards going off and an artist and Mitchell maybe go after big now there still several bigs on the board. They could you have TJ we've freshmen at UCLA Jared Allen on a Texas so they're just been patent. 610 out of reach one of those three guys maybe didn't. The next thing you hear come on Adams overflowed or John Collins public course or the injured guys they had every files as I. I don't know you are feeling it and he never met my alma mater yeah university. But that's what he's had what one knee surgery parry 2003. At this point in his career. Or did. One now you finally get the crowd getting into here as we thought back to a couple years ago when Johnson picked over ten. Everybody got excited like here we go it's the Miami Heat on the clock. Nice gift guide it would five guards on the last six players going off the board the only big to be exact Collins. So there awful lot as you mentioned a big players out there as if that's who they were targeting there's an awful lot of them there for them to choose. Yet the question will be do it going to want those bigs that they would be taken into guy like OJ had an Obie is on the outside but you don't know how isn't comebacks in treatment could be. A really solid two way player where it is also I think is safer pick will be doesn't Jackson on North Carolina. But doesn't have a let him on the tournament right does have as much upside maybe some of these other prospects. But I think that if they are convinced that one of these bigger players can't compliment Hassan Whiteside. In that front weren't as a power forward mean. Idol no longer babbitt's gonna stick around right so that they have a need their potentially. We don't know if it's James Johnson is returning so I think that that would fill a definite need depending on the deck dominant player and we'll look. There also teams that are traded down Sacramento tree down at number 102 weeks later Detroit traded down. And and no two. It's betrayed right now Denver took ten yards or Denver to yes it did too so I mean right now. Could he possibly freedom. Teams that would at T necessarily step up and wanna that it still on the board as my points Y if you always happen I don't know they do that they don't do that very often when they have the opportunity. We're not I'm sure they've been looking at who's available mothers are pretty screaming let's go beat find us here. I for one player I thought maybe they glom onto one guy. Maybe you know I'm hearing name being killed by the crowd is getting very rampant here at the expense. Others but just over two minutes ago on the clock. For the team and still still no rumblings on where the other and we haven't gotten any leaks online interview with a gonna take so unlike a couple of years ago we had a feeling Winslow was going there because there was a rental crowd was screaming his name this way. They're like us. They're wondering as much as anybody else. A lot of guys are available which one of the gonna go for a while they only know that the war room. You know we're gonna get later gonna go like Ron Lothian on perhaps. John Friday as well one off rosty is a political she's been in the war room what now it's been awhile but what that's like. I mean the phone's working like crazy right now are the heat settling. What they've got they make in the phone called the pick in our public calls are they getting right now perhaps to what we're seeing good question bring up to. I wish I knew that like to be in the war room right now I'm sure it's pretty tense until Vick is actually made yeah. So again I think we all here again you see what I'm the last six picks have been guards. I think there are a lot of bigs on the board I think that's the way he coaches the matter of who they want it all project. They want so maybe a little more experience. Get TJ Lee Crystal City mayor lot of guys still sitting there right now on the board. The power. Organize and set her position was all like back in the day when you look at magazines when you're in the sixties and seventies try to figure out who I was gonna pick that way. The heated tried out an awful lot of players brought to me near the American Airlines Arena so they have a real good idea. Not only as players but as people as well. I think that's the main thing they want to be fixed their culture. Well that's I know something about war that we heard here all the time surrounding this heat team and there's a reason for having fun right one and up. Alonzo Mourning blown off its own it that's ingrained in everybody who's made an imprint on this organization. And certainly when we heard about the don't reclamation project would love. Describe the magazine you know James Johnson completely revamping his body Dion Waiters doing the same thing Wayne Ellington the same thing. They all use that you weren't so you bring up really good point Tommy that that is what this organization has become known for. And whoever's flooding here will be indoctrinated that. Very very quick. Those guys that you spoke of great field talk about the same thing. Not everybody can play here hopefully you can come here you embrace the culture that's winning means so much you can become a type player and those three players and and whether you're young guy or a veteran campaigners say like geology and Johnson has stonewalled. Which he told her recently how well it did it did for them. We should see Adams over come up to the podium. Within the next minute because the pizza time is something happening the pick here at number fourteen so. We'll just keep talking here he should be stepping up any moment. You'll hear the crowd as soon as they see Adam silver on this green coming up you'll definitely go to New York for the people there. No no no so. Or whoever they think. Look unlike Phil Jackson new York and happy trust without isn't it and he's earned that so. Again this is a team that's thirty and eleven in the last 41 games made here that really a tale to season missed the playoffs by just. This here but still here's absolutely. The history of the game vamp. Graham otherwise I think like it was doesn't. And when guys because we didn't mention his name. We invented a lot of players as a potential option here. Lewis on the question whether he made the right choice in coming out of Kentucky early. He did buy it at this atlas of John Gallup very players who don't become one and done this guy hasn't won a brawl physical ability. So clearly that he saw somebody that can mold into whatever they want. Playing along so White Sox don't really read the words but this does get a ton of potential I don't know how good is going to be run away Tommy but he's got a lot. Of ups and I'll there's no question about it in fact Josh mentioning names Jared Allen Johnston had some of those other players he falls back categories well. Just exact Collins and not comparing him and his overall game to Collins. But eighty will give you what you'd expect because of developmental player. And this coaching staff does as well with those type of players anybody so they saw something in this gift they've really like when they brought me here I guess you know. It was offensively defensively and as of adversity that's exactly what they wanna have to. And advance as appropriate and you'll want to dunk the ball because he does solar power and it's like the old Batman cartoons and put the bam. A logo there next film when he is around the rim with the basketball meaning. Guys you know almost one years old buddies coming up front and here is 610. Seven soon. Plus wings fans react to any place that are going to sleep low that's a question with the because his skill set would be that of a senator. I don't know he vehicle battery power boarded windows a light sufferings of the table and of course it's a deep run brain trust has an absolute had an idea. That's going to be the big question mark Condit thing is how well his game develops in terms of whether you can copy of the whites I don't know if he's going to be the primary. I think it's best available player in their odds of who's out there right now and we've mentioned it before they need front court players. Considering the four guys they have and have the depth regarding the size of these players would talk about waiters are Ellington. India I think you find in the backcourt. Picking up another player like this if you don't have Willie Reid like you said before Josh you gotta fill the spot somewhere. You need front court depth and you know again I'm I had good people. Would be surprised ultimately read too expensive needed and based on the season had another. Veteran came in here and very very well in the season and he's probably gonna be out price you know for the heat and so this is an I guy who adds front court depth. Yeah I mean I think if you're looking at what he's gonna do immediately it's filled that role. So really read the parts he's going to be factors on one side but I do think it's a ballot what's that Tommy brings up. Did he play before. Alongside Whiteside loans. If you this is what they're investing a first round pick anymore it's just going to be kind of backed up by complementary player lights out when he's not. Right you know it's always. We use ever and I mean this one was surprising. Miami yeah I Miami Atlanta and I'm talking on and on never solved with Miami and did see him. In the fringes of the scenes deaths in the 20/20 one reads. Well a lot of people think about like Greg mention his potential of some things he can do strength and power. This is the question of how long might it take. Can become an NBA type of player NBA ready guy any feeling you rotation right away that's of course it's going to be answered pretty quickly that it will so bam. On avail is the fourteenth overall pick. To the Miami Heat in the first round millions and I. Yeah like I say they crossed Pat Riley okay after the trust him. I don't know how many people saw him play for Kentucky. Around here's going crazy because they believe that you know what. The pat likes what they have the if you organization likes it he's good enough for us bump and speed are you talking about that's real wildcats now off the board when you include here or possibly months. And now spam or going to the Miami Heat all in the top fourteen picks so the speed machine keeps churning out. Lottery selections or John help America and Europe listen to her high school senior look at cal Perry he can point to previous drastically to this'll. One don't these look he's. So here's those guys whether senior prom another. You know their top fourteen picks in the NBA draft I got three guys in the top forty together playing the system the way you know the system is being set up to be playing so. What do you like that are not the one and done a whole concept. I've been that's just the way it's going to be and I agree with you if Bob high school senior and I'm thinking about a wanna be an NBA players work why wanna go if I can play at a place like Kentucky sure the ticket right play an awful lot of other places. Kansas Indiana good down the line but. Kentucky's gonna get you ready for the NBA's good as anybody if not better than anybody and I think Jon Kyl arias the master of the one you know look it happens in a lot of schools. But this guy just seems to have a Ph.D. In how to get these guys get one and guns to just come through that school one after another and convince these guys these really sounds come here. And we'll get you going every day in the NBA with a here. Well certainly this is I gotta admit it's a bit surprising to see his name come off the board as you pointed out Tommy. He was explosive first round pick there's no doubt about that but there have been many people connecting the Miami Heat. And his players so. You know as Tommy di Taylor earlier they had went thirty or so beaten players from down here visit interviews so they did their due diligence it was a very thorough process. And obviously with the track record they have here in terms of identifying talent. And of course developing talent this was a guy that I think they just thought they couldn't pass up on me Watson was highlights the guy is already built to be an NBA player. So unlike Issac Collins a Jonathan Isaak able remark in some of the players of global war. You don't have to get him in the weight room to put of the conditioning process that they see no real big Hercules city tournament Athens tonight. So he has all the physical tools that come in and play right away and via physical presence I think the question will be can he become more well rounded player. And how long it's gonna take exactly be that won't run. Wire while we hope to get spam on the show before we sign off to be sure also can get perhaps. Ron Ross being the utility Giorgio Jason Jackson or John Friday to come on as well to discuss the picture bam gets picked number fourteen Rodham Miami Heat. I you're listening to we're broadcasting from the 2017 Miami Heat wrap party if presented by Verizon. I am 790 and up 10438 feet to the ticket. 7170. I can't. The NBA draft on. 438. I'm ticket sponsored by Coconut Creek Subaru friendly and knowledgeable at the price you want. Downstairs convenience stores they are true. That's beyond could be. Justin. Adam silver announcing that he picks in the draft Justin Jackson. Brent the 2017 Miami Heat wrap party I'm John Friedman joined by regulations and Tommy tiger and joining us right now. Former heat coach. Boston. Juicy ham out of Ohio one out of him and anybody's. Rapport that we were going to the Miami Heat in any actor rapper was. I'm surprised you think that if there's a. The whole two weeks the last two weeks and it always this. Come draft time. You hear more nonsense. It never happens at just the way it is that's why I was hitting a lot of head fakes and all that it just happens all the time in any sport I won't leave any anything any executive says that the media. It in the weeks and days leading up to track simply not true. So why did this kid looks like a lot of times by the way I envisioned in my case was call overtime as the dogs I am right I'm actually was today. Looks like he's got a hell lot of potential what are your thoughts music moment. Or he's the person. In his draft who doesn't need people. And that's a talent itself. Every you can contribute to G. Blowing the as a primary job. Your role play. This second tier of the first round. You need rove play very very rare you clients thought their grandson. You can get pretty big role players are rotation when. He's not sexy in terms of three point shooter. He's not a big plays the three point line is more of an old fashioned kind of the we play six feet and in but he plays in the paint. Blocked shots yeah averages up half a block and a half the game. He probably changed quite a few shots and eight rebounds to green game thirteen points. On a team win. Monk and fox. And a couple of them Briscoe was a very good player that he really wasn't an option. Still most of those points she's created pretty much it's either happen or for their drives their penetration and ice pass. He catches the ball well. Get a 101 dunks pool which is more dogs in one season. Any cal Perry player beat Kentucky and tell parents Renee and he's got a seven foot three inch wingspan. He gives us a little bit of us security should really read that's goes. Okay so what happens series. Maybe you don't necessarily take the best player. OK when you get to this point you'd take a position player. With someone who's really good at its position. It's not like you're just been taken to what's it like that position. He's shown you. And he can. And play. Positioned very well so always is all around game under rated that he's not really pigeonholed as being quote offensive player or defensive player at this stage it's that his development his career not night. Tommy when I think he is and I think he's a role play OK and I think he's he's one of those guys that knows how to fit. And he. Look big guys who don't need the ball until kept the ball. OK and and that's an important audit. It's still underrated now where everybody shoot threes and only drawing kick in you know we took Longoria hit off the dribble. Three point. Shooting and everybody forgets if you go back and look over the last three years Golden State has ranked. In the top spot in the league in points and I think they score more points in the paint the game they can shoot three. But everybody forgets that nobody mentions them. The only way escorted me Jack big guide you through its argument pounded right now he went to work. It brings shame. We're a lot of it comes off the dribble penetration because value and as captain ran out and bought the three point line but there's no place for a big. Who can score inside the download the balance your team. And I think you've always heard me say in order to win and win big you need balance. Is there a certain type of. Player either old school type of player on display today he reminds you. Question. We'll it's not my head. You know not really. I mean come when all the way back. I'm really tired it was you know this but it's human I didn't know okay. Com I'm coming I'm gonna go away back and he's not anywhere near this guy. Like I remember back that was the lessons of. The greatest winner who have a plate the plate in the basket. Intimidating block shots that triggered this right. This is the kind of game. Is gonna become a whole payment and the mine and now nobody said Bill Russell was going to be you know this so many guys that have come instantly. That nobody thought would become all things and you can go on you know. I sit usually an enemy. Tend to wanna you wanna final place. Every once in like find the blue chip. Joseph Duma. Sixteen or seventeen. Call while Leonard Pope tomorrow home alone was thirteen fourteen. John Stockton. You find that they're rare that you find guys that can contribute and blanket. Coach how we've been talking a lot about his physical ability but knowing how important it the whole series and win. This developing and trying to determine what's helping him again. How important is the holy terror and and what he's entering the table as part of the equation as well it's always a big party. What this team will do what this team believes it. Moon if I made a few instances and run throughs ones all I'm sorry. And bam out of I was speaking. To the crowd here via Skype so we're gonna go to that right now I'm going to be quite. Bands tied. In the middle gospel into her personal congratulations. On going to sell them Pat Riley Spoelstra. Hassan Whiteside played next to play wit we think about the team environment you're going to. Alone is going to be incredible is going to be fun you know Marie T bone. You know looking forward to. So let's. It's supposed to mean. You know let you do you we get more stuff you know bring. Congratulations thank. On the NBA draft I made congratulations. How familiar are you with Miami Heat organization had you worked out there he spoke with any of them before you were drafted here tonight. You know probably cooler. You. And they noticed in room movies you really it's visited the Nazi group chooses new job recovery has mounted by the. Look Carol it's chronicle. Then you get to enjoy warm winter that you had to rebuild. When John it's here I did ask would strip device related. That way I would vote but not a big stadium taxes because I thought that. So posters that crossed your mind dweller your regions mine when yeah she's not it. So it's city county at all. In case there let. Droves of Rome no harm news Miami was out there starting off that way and we finished the season real strong. How we're excited that we need to be put to good team. Home. This vision. Just like we did it take you know it right. About those can be viewed so this. Bill that would in his home is imminent doom and. Quick follow what's more most important thing we've learned from coach Kate wolf the court. Yeah. Coach cooks. Week. Days. You know you talk you. A better. On the you know when I got. I was a young boy. You know the C you know and man. So he made as broke as he goes down. Paid candidates are Hudson from ESPN defeated on top of the balance of wearing tonight he showed. It seemed to like a three piece suit type of thing. There v.s. I get all things doing. Of any legacy. You know I just told the you know my big old news who. And then I got to sue. The voting pattern yourself after specializing in the lead. Home. Do not run this country is accurate it's nobody. Just life. Among Canada's. Well like you know like. Burlesque that could count carries influence he's known for being sharp as I was kind of curious. If you told. Directly into the old strip things to do when don't want it came to this decision choosing agents. Except. You know he's just so he will be here. We all of the rumors say be careful who you choose what I do see is good enough everybody's lives you know you don't get hurt. Good guys. All right there you go. Either way what these people later and one person said he went away the only other person said he was coach I coach K well thank news conference I have to tell you make movies. Any thoughts on who's seeing him I mean interviewers that he worked out here that yeah yeah Alan and I heard a shot the ball well. Both of these grants yeah look I mean obviously you see him on film and all that deal with the season what can you get from seeing into our work. What can you derive from that well you can get right. You can get a lot. Fultz. Hope. A lot of false. We're complete war winning out I'm sorry to interrupt you get kind knowing he started. Here Hispanic. Chance your work harder on that. The ban on the. This is such a wonderful. All the way it is brought to us. What's more viewers you move chrome. The Kentucky bit. In Norman is. In dollars mostly though. In Omaha in his career alone in his. Not a million pieces of spam. Let's let's start with some introductions Percival. Fault what point did to your preference. Weren't that nickname bam you called for. A home just when I was younger. You know you Momo wasn't Flintstones. I guess I could go look up to date and they're goes there. If you prefer ramble we're given first name. Would address it. And I'd say your prayers at rice or drives is these injuries each race so history of we'll see it looks and age race. It's this in the streets. Right now but it is fault just. If you will about your time during your workout here in Miami. And how you felt like we did business through the space here as dollar war. Alone in those great experience you know I competed real created. Who knows what the light hearted like. Well mark capitalists are running out of stuff to do but before that's ago. Just to work beat nation we got all your new best friends all gathered. He has been rated either. You know it's going to be fun. We'll see you never mind. We are joined here by boat from crossing at a later time tonight his name is. And in recent Eric rice ET RIC is bands first thing that strikes at right now. He drives the Drudge writes OK so we've not had writes no confidence. And I letter I don't think my brother and I lost my hearing only. So what can you get from me yeah hours. Sometimes you get a lot of false hope fool's gold people full report that's got to be very careful with the two hour workout. Some people have I remember one year. Now won't name a player but I remember we brought this one got sacked three times. Some edit some of the guys and scouting staff. Felt team here. He just didn't perform well we'll report back but he had a very good year. A very good career. And he wound up having a pretty good NBA career reading drafts him we never worked out well I. I don't know we what did you have to be worked out well he might. The most important part is to see that guy play over the course of his career over the course of the season. I'm sure he was seen by two or three of marked difference counts. Hughes starting game film you watch him go watch practice you talk to the coach if you talk to opposing coaches. Lot that goes into it and then the most important thing is when you get a kid to come to your facility. Paul get a chance to talk to. You get a feel for who that person is. Personality who lives. How we interact with a on the players. That's probably as important as anything else I want you think it's gonna take for him to become an NBA ready power ball boy yes. Anybody tells you they know the answers at reliant. Really it's on the mother if anybody knew that I if we look at sister. If it's against it's a wild guess com. He just don't know how they're gonna process. All that's gonna come. And look like. I can remember. Believe it or not my junior college honest about which was over fifty years ago. But I can remember it's all coming together all of a sudden. I got. All the things that my coach wanted me to do all the things that I needed to do me. I didn't have to think about it and it just it just happened I just wish I had with him. Our hotel wanna get back to the first time we interrupted you to hear from a man. Understood the importance of character and you restarted talk about that and you know where where that fits into the decision making process in terms of bringing in a player like him. Look everybody has a learning. OK if you bring any guy. Who's not a good character guys. They probably not gonna wanna learn he'll say all the right things. And he'll make it but he doesn't really wanna learn. So you need someone who wants to work and usually you're gonna need someone who's got. Decent camera. If you are picking wanted to address. Count them might not be. It quite as sized talent. Future. All star billing. That kind of thing as I said before this is this guy. Is a role play. So he's gonna happen just like he did in college take a little bits and pieces that affected him. And he's satisfied with them wily continues to work hard. Could develop themselves many guys have come to the NBA. Good character guys. On workers and become much better players. Have been play guys who come and been more talented. Blake and other issues and again that became the player that most people thought it would take coach thanks for the. I'm we appreciate it and and I think from the inside I'm bam. You've got it right now is Ron Ross the former Miami Heat coach and current broadcaster force and we appreciate his time alongside Tommy tied a brick likens I'm Josh Friedman. I'll weave back here with a one final segment from the Miami Heat draft party at the X did these last. The 27 two. Miami's NBA draft might have. Went 043 HT TU. Sponsored my Coconut Creek consumer friendly and knowledgeable and the price you walk. Its doors thank you are truly. Steps beyond convenient. We welcome back. From Miami Heat wrap party everybody's cleared out right now about number fourteen pick Sam out of bio out of Kentucky. Has been the heat's first picked him with the fourteenth overall pick he could hear just silence of that. Point people who are very quickly they do that all the time so we're gonna try to get done Jackson as well he said he Skype. Interview I mean this kid is saying all the right things and doing the right things and it was interesting just to hear from the input from a Ron Ross is what you get from a you know way. In interview with you know work out with the kid you can toxic if that's how he. Referred to when you get a kid in indoor facility well when I was really saying is now we know excellent rights didn't wanna tell us right so that's that's the first thing. Receive money had a feeling great is it's clear that within the organization is is that at a target. And that even though on the outside none of these prognosticators. Determine this is going to be typically need this today targeted at conviction about it you have to. Appreciate back considering the track record especially. But I didn't like the way that both Ross being described him in saying that. He's one of the rare players. In general that doesn't need the ball to be an effective offensive player. It's so they were looking for role player coming contribute and I think based on his. I've let a schism has pricing is and everything he can do physically and being around the basketball that that's there to be spent weeks in the immediate. I've learned one thing tonight like the coach says I'm not watching a mock draft ever again in any sport and it's a surface to go to the bears I never saw that one coming up right and I you know all these things that we see. Sacked Collins going somewhere. Belief among going to another place. And now this one. If you know who you want. You're not gonna leak it to anybody regardless who you are. And that's just what is so it's all speculation like fantasy sports and you know they like you said Greg they knew all along who they wanted. They interviewed him enough times they saw him play. And they figured this is exactly what we want and we knew we were decent big men there. He's just one and the top guy analyst and I said earlier in the show all it takes is one team to throw curve ball in the subsequent Domino's can change. Head doubts that the fourteenth pick but you figure may be that the picks behind the heat you know and now things like called differently than they what do they pick maybe someone. It was more predicted to go. To the Miami Heat right this is not somebody that that we both talked about a break you off I've for about. He was going to go when this first round someplace we've seen as high as 1890 not as high as fourteen but. If your conviction is that you once somebody like that you go for regardless where everybody else's tell he's going to go may be a lot of people had minutes when he 25 range but. Fourteen is exactly where they saw him and they liked him so much they figured what the heck we're gonna go for movies there and he was number one of the draft for the grab him. They did and so on players I like that if the team has conviction this was their guy again it's hard to argue. With that selection we got another pick that was just made just I don't wanna eagle watching over the pics here yeah missed us. Slower talking about I am yes since Sam was drafted at fourteen then at fifteen to Sacramento Kings who admitted deal with the Portland trailblazers they selected fifteen Justin Jackson before North Carolina steadily for the mid depict what it's going to Sacramento. Then Chicago was up but this is Minnesota speak after the deal earlier so. Headed to Minnesota is centered just in Patton out of great after that in Milwaukee at seventeen selected DJ wells in the forward out of Michigan who can really stretch the floor. An eighteen another guy districts of war Indiana got TJ leads the forward out of UCLA and and then John Collins cardinal Newman high school West Palm Beach before I'll Wake Forest when number nineteen to Atlanta in just a moment ago Terry Giles. The what power forward slash center out of duke was just elected. But Portland for Sacramento as the other part of that deal so Portland. Gave up the fifteenth and when he picks to move up to number ten to get sacked Collins announced Sacramento has taken Justin Jackson Terry Giles with a two. Because they received and before that fox so they have an interest in draft when you take a look at the three guys that even. You know Giles at that spots probably a lot of people thought he was going to gulf is not exactly project because we were kids and ACL. Terrorism both these you really don't know what to expect and or what his potential is going to be he's a phenomenal type of talent. Coming out of high school and yeah he did show flashes at duke you get the opportunity because he was banged up so often so. It remains to be seen but I think when you have three picks its advice choice for them take a chance yet that you would yeah right if you're if you're like that. Depends where you aren't in your organization. Yeah you can roll dice a little bit and look he says Tora CCL 2013 is right ACL. In 2015 maybe keep teams pause maybe you moved on the board a little bit more than if he'd been healthy but you know if he's healthy he's got a great value pick right. Well and I know surprise based on what we know about the pedigree of some of the programs in college basketball but so far in the first topped when he takes six of them belong to either duke or Kentucky. A three apiece for their schools though those two schools leading the way in terms of the most drafted players so far in the first round but you're right I think Mary Giles. What he considers their third pick. And knowing the potential he has as the former number one overall recruit in the country before those. Injuries I think it's a risk they could take but he's got to be team now with you gradually college Steiner earlier in the got a lot of guys with potential there the question is whether. It ever comes to fruition what's important thing that's been Sacramento Kings since that group with Bruce Weber Doug Christie Mike Bibby were finally he is sent to the wayside. And that's been a long drought just like. Maybe even more than Philadelphia of course but still. There's still searching for whatever they can again and any kind of combination now that this Giles comes up and gives them anything that's a bonus for them when you take you sort of the three thanks. What don't you think Josh though I mean after all of this of course locally the big story is spam out of bio for the heat but the big story big. As we discussed before the victory made is that Jimmy Butler is now on the move again established star at 27 years old. Reunited with his old coach Tom Thibodeau going up to Minnesota. In a big deal what's been the bulls were able to get. Not just Crist on a personal victory a year ago Zach Levine who. Is a budding star and then it was the seventh overall pick lowering market and I think that's probably the headliner. When you are determined to find one of these big superstars moving one way or the other Jimmy Butler is the name that's been on the. Moved in and I've been you know I still read a lot of Chicago papers I've been reading that that times have been a loose it was over the last few days. All we we got on the one all right hey we got them out of Iowa on the line how about that badly there. No I'm here okay and he joins us on the Ryan fuels and downstairs convenience stores gas line their choice steps BI can you first of all congratulations. What does it feel like now to come. To this organization a Pat Riley or tools for organization. On the fifth grade them is that they picked me. You know more word from doing our guys you know people. Pam how much are you watched the Miami Heat your days. Given the lady are going back to when LeBron and Dwyane Wade and Chris Boston together. The of the moment the another organization it was a phenomenal. You know they they picked the right cues there that you want. And damn minds on Twitter than this on Whiteside already approved the pitch he'd like the fact that you're coming down to Carolina guy though he what do you think about the big man. Feeling good about you join the team. On the blue grey you know a bit like you know that was that. But another you know game bookmark the American making Obama. They have. We just ask former heat coach Ron rosty what they can derive from work out what did you learn about a team. When you visit their facility for rivas to short period of time. Involved all you know. And around it and they've been great news. They're professional. They there's nobody cared you know that that figure you know that that they were gone and you know I think I'm elected. Could you gauge their interest in how much they wanted to make you their first draft choice. You know I think what occurred cubic bigger. Would be noted filled great interest. They've. You know come on then got Paula you know right. Our beat on him. Obviously played Kentucky you know many people familiar with your game and they have no couple teammates viewers drafted all ready in the first round but for those who haven't seen. I am not a bio play tell us about what you bring to the tape. You know are completely automaker Peterson before. Hopefully be here before dark rebel. And run or. You pattern your game after anybody in the NBA. Malvo was elected you. A lot of spree in taming the poverty either. What's on his game. On her qualities we did compete. The only competitor plays hard to please everybody like water. You know be humiliated and made better he struck me as a guy who had as much intensity as anybody who took the court did he see that in him. And you have did. You know a lot of that I thought about my game afternoon you know former high school might be years. Are you always watch these documentary way every home game. Grandma we have Alonzo Mourning and Glen Rice to the legends on earlier in the night and talked about the experience before they got selected and how. Excited they were and how nervous the whole process was how much of a relief is it and how nervous were you going to do this evening getting ready for this. Own. It was rumors. You know I never knew what was going you know and you have to report. Like. On the world former. One in the world you know when it on my game. News by god that is my pound weight so much so. They have more references early vote and what does it mean in terms of the the big blue nation where you sit here and fox in the league market yourself being. Three of the top fourteen picks in this years draft. All he did so you know. We came together as you know. Young boys they came out millions. Because you know we date we stick together. The only way to work so well. Did Calipari say come to play for me I'll get you MBA quickly is that how he recruits. None out and don't you know these are part of this and ours you know BO go to go to all the way you can make you can do it all work so you know bird. The brewers. Come up on whom you would look on the farm you know wired com or anything. Do I salute you do which is close do you work or your beer pay more. You Rhode Borough. Your view history. Have you been to Miami before. I've been more through politely. Wolf closing experience like them. Come on look at them in the foundry you know the weather is very. You know they environment wonderful you know they are repeat do not as much. How optimistic are you about this team I mean I don't know how much NBA basketball you watch but. This is the team you're doing parks injuries doing part of the team not knowing how to play together. Started out the season has 1130 and a lot of heat fans thought this season was lost. And they came back from 16 road trip and also won thirteen straight and went thirty and eleven in the second app just. Barely missed making the playoffs BC achieve its thirtieth eleven relatively healthy team. How optimistic are you was joining the squad. I'm into it really known enemies they got it to their children you know on this that was the fun great. So all humble on the gonna go in there you're nose to obviously be. There's an awful lot of your new teammates who do you work out in the off season here down in Miami how excited are you to beat them to get the opportunity to work with them as soon as possible. You know this goes. I want a I want a formal follow my teammates you know more work out when it you know you know. Where I live part of our learn everything. It'd been though you know they needed helmet were for the normal refuse you know I don't know much about. The quote. I've ma'am I know this huge moment for you fulfilling a dream now you're being drafted in the NBA. Who who was there with Hewitt the draft which we saw you up in Brooklyn and other three are right now but who family friends are there to enjoy this moment would you. My mom. And commented here would do right by a by agree you go through my little brother and are you going up there's a book called half brother. No one in my view there was no what you can make. I'll bet we appreciate the time congratulations. In the house and get down when you come here tomorrow. Yeah I think tomorrow we'll congratulations and welcome to Miami in the Miami Heat you're joining you agree or an organization. Not getting paid do we look to do when your parking under chapter of your life gradually since. I've known them pile up on that thanks to the Miami Heat very much for. We're getting in my Lorenzo great job by you we appreciate that and very impressive and he's saying all the right things guys. Thought and I think did it goes back to the interview process you know coast rosty was talking to us about. Not just getting little work out to watch him on the basketball court. But to get a feel for him as a person and and you know you talked about earlier Tommy the culture the importance of that here. It seems in the brief interactions we've had with him so far that he has that make up that they're looking. Yeah I can easily see great they come walking away from the first interview with an almost wow feeling. That this kid sort of gets at this is exactly what we're looking for and then you walked him through workouts again ninety and you've seen we can do a good talking. And some of the other things that you see when you watch him up close yourself for your private work out. It probably even made it even more. To the idea that she this is somebody we just have to continue to look at. Maybe brought me another time and they've really liked. An awful lot about you can see why just about five it is the news weather and you look at you know he's good good guy Kevin Garnett to patting yourself that intensity. You know you just look at his highlights how intense public promotion he feels on the court. And that speaks to like a guy like like Kevin Garnett Ron rosty was any average he rebounds. A block and a half and you can learn defense for much you're certainly gonna learn defense is going to be emphasized here. From the coaching staff infamous phone teammates Jenny wants to come down here as soon as tomorrow right to be meeting the guys probably by Saturday. I can only imagine how exciting it is for him and and for his family. They might be summer league I don't they made that announcement just yet but I am I mean he can't wait to probably just get out there on the floor and show them what he's capable of. Well certainly as we've talked about before I mean he's got the physical tools. That he's gonna come and be able to make an impact right away and I was encouraged to hear him describe his game. As they need to be make that fifty to seventy foot. Jump shot and coach rusting told us that that the kid shot well in his work out so that's not something that he did at Kentucky in just a one year and maybe that just wasn't his role because they had some very talented players around him. So I think that's intriguing as well yeah just realizing that you know he's got a body like Tarzan users will be as a player like Jane and we get the feeling that he won't and one thing around Ross the emphasize he can doesn't need to touch the ball that was something that. That really is a writer still these days these kids want touch the ball absolutely well a lot of people think they're Lorenzo for getting as spam Tommy tie Greg Lincoln's great job by you we appreciate it. Glenn Weiner for putting this altogether. Grants give more back in the studio Gary Abe are out of here I'm Josh Friedman coming up next ESPN radio.