6-22-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, June 22nd
Leroy and Tobin declared against the rules that they are going to go 3 hours today. NBA has weird rules with the draft trades and the guys wonder why they can't do them like the NFL. Tobin said the draft was too over the top with the draft pick interview especially when they could get traded. Tobin says Pat Riley is upset because his 2021 1st rounder ended up with the Sixers and its stings more than if the Suns have it.  Telemundo is better than Fox. LiAngelo Ball not playing on the Lakers summer league team. Friedo tweets a hot take that Luka Doncic and Goran Dragic sound very similar. Robbie gives his Magnificent 7 for the weekend.

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No one to two hour is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. Let's do it. See it because everybody welcome barn and it looks like your fried alive and sell off on October. You know is that is why he's Brian. Tobin has advice I'll see him in line just short. Do with a blue shirt. Win. Parents in palm trees shrubs you. Pieces picture to hold the fool is this some discipline. You can maybe it was self defense where decade wait for book you can you stop likely CEO please. I'm by the beast credit Princeton you don't even understand. I looked at the shirt no way nicer did not look tendency. Got them since. It. Via the prize is of deep sex going on here at the poker at three edited out by and 25000 dollars in guaranteed going on. As you get to weekend start here at the poker room today Tuesday. Historic day boys historic day it was historic past act that out. But it up there. Our elite. We will leave it what are you talking about we just so much to go long we get a replay the best of that we played I know when I tell you what. I tell you what. Make me united seated to recline and what makes us what you would be doing where's the boss Macomb. Where's the book in his office none of them big rich off is he in their buildings in this building today oh really yeah. So to be honest with him I don't think he listens me leaving their through you know I'll leave and what do you look out to vote decided. You know on stuff to say what did I hear you mean you excited and I decide I got things. We got the Wii itself to a Riley talked yesterday. I guess stuff guys who eleven to our best of we have to get to pay now check this out. What are you talking about podcasts podcast say some game minus one. There give you supplementing what on yeah I would be with you you can't dictate when you go on there when you don't just did. Who we've decided it's all yet and we're decided that we're gonna start taking advantage of you being a system program director which means. We just program to third hour. I'm Muslim for me. Oh yes I get a good top of the box office don't do that. There's a good there's an old saying in management just might let it apologize later yet there's an old saying amendment is chapter three but is the boss. Asked for permission. Astronaut and is not permission yes correct. They'll apologize is doing so when I'll go walk by his office I'm disposed to like not. As you know here's how is what you do you got your friends old joke you keep your head down in eagle gives him he's here to new act like he's not do what title wait. So war gonna just take it like like like we're gonna pillage the schedule. What's this really go down here to get me fired now all you have to do is bring your boss and overweight realize coffee listing all the forgiven. If you get fired you you couldn't get too far. Does not I don't like this is seems to I mean I know we do a lot of shenanigans and stop the seemed a little bit too much. Yeah that's right Dexter has tech third hour takeover that's right that's right. I like to address analyst who is gone guess what no draft excessive heat we just draft the third hour. Yup boom headline time. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami. And WA SN best HD true Miramar. You better have some some. You better have them realize that three. I do a flash at three because then then then come where you're just a little ways indicator right back to throw or run baby. We we talk we can't do rats in. The past Pat's doing. Adults. With Leo died this volumes if we probably almost died. That's amazing. I let's get to the important stuff World Cup real quick result somehow scored two goals and extra time to beat. Costa Rica to no miracle cover the miracle. Robby Robby who's sweating like ridiculously Nigeria up and Iceland you know coming up it's surreal and Switzerland at 2 o'clock. We have Marlins. Rockies. Coming up on tonight. My my friend Wei Jen is on the hill so he'll be pitching. Maybe he's turned it around but that we have more important stuff to get to witches from hero to zero in real yeah a couple of anyway gen which is odd to see EG roasted on the mattered band's last night the fake mustache full stash you on the Bobby Valentine the full stash sunglasses ability. He has not officially retired and there's some. People out to the believes he's going to. Play when the Mariners make their trip to Japan and next year. So who of this kind of getting in here up yet he's just kind of tune he's got to make in those games he had no doubt I'll also. Also on the NBA draft was less than Russia view in a way that. Yelled at them. Couple things happened there. One. They screw that guy from Philadelphia home like. And house brutal man. His mom worked with them they're overdoing it rod in our zones for Asia. The one thing with the NBA draft. They overdo it on the post draft interviews rise during ham it up too much and but out understanding. Yet. Things can happen and so that example Lonnie walker yet. Line org has just by the spurs shut and good job bigger Robinson's. Absent that they look it's it's distribute donated to the prop. Think we don't we don't need that it's cool enough that he's gonna don't shall there be a moment because what if what if moves are happening at and he gets flipped it's no question that. That's what I hate is OK so these guys so. We all know these trades are happened right when these guys drafted. And even to the point where. They're told mother Egypt as a walking up to the stage hey you're not gonna play for such as a team you're labor such and such being. But the installation go through as they put this hat on even though you're never going to be does that again and do you. You interview with what's her face. What if the hat on as a witness to you but your knock him live that team and we're gonna get a look stupid. Arnold why they can't change the draft toward due to the NFL those were some moves up in the draft. They get a guy that that was my question I think. You can't trade. Peaks during the draft unveil betrayed the right right correct you have to base again and so you can't we can't say Rite Aid the third victim if it picks up. In his knee exchange dragged. Out of sober comes out of announces well Leo the street is gone down. Why it's happening. Late in the NFL they do that is they announce trades over the aptly what it would it would would they would've done is I think the big difference and sixers went to the sons the sons yet where they would instead we have betrayed yet. And the suns have acquired due this week. And we get picked they choose and you choose to kid it's just we addressed about Philly but they like Luke like they're trades already worked out. Which you still have to draft. It makes it weird the united to show Watson walking up to the commissioner wearing a bra outside and ask and answer questions about what's at play for the browns Kenny rescue the browns franchise would have been a funny vision for Brown's sister and I mean it's so stupid. Anyways. The other thing you know at times. The the cavs Cooley Altman you know him. Nearly he he's he's he Dem dose new puppet he believes that he's he's got a great relationship with all the bronze team. Hello there having good dialogue. Now a group grew. I mean goodbye. Good nice nice knowing ya by the way LeBron pulled another one people the Shabazz Napier on the cavs where he told them that he loved Colin substance of the drafted him. And a well it worked out for rials. Miles had pulled strings he would have the eighth pick. Roz is doing I was doing like jujitsu to get that paper Shabazz Napier had to give a Tony 192 rounder to move up two spots to get. Well look at least at least on Texas some kind of prospect Shabazz Napier was such a reached and it dwarf. Houston now called emerald balled it up in the chip to two game. He did you know what's amazing is that thing and everybody snacks to yeah no I don't Dre young is bigger than them. He's he's tall he's you know he he looks like to resonate here when he plays by the way but he's actually you will be told thumb. Back to the NBA guy for a moment you're a vice see one more analyst. As a pick has made go and I never saw this guy play by what I've heard is. Like why don't address it when I meet one of the draft show I hate the looks like game. Talk a little secret that's a well law a lot of locker he looks like he's going to be. Let it window is a doing weights as they do anyway note today today in the in the San Antonio and everything they should a lot of lockers going to be Lance Stephenson. What's the Newton like with a user you want without the blue and these are unsigned shoot. It was that garrison who seem as he seems much more mentally put together the list of Steve they suggested a lot of locker threw the pick in the draft. Because they. Gigabit that's what that's Larranaga was Tom obviously and this guy has his game translate like Donovan Mitchell. Donna Mitchell forcible for the NBA that he did it if you don't have made that does. Things move when you think about. Only at the University of Miami. Duke players. Come out of nowhere and end up being great in the NFL but the most hard. You don't have a lot of situations. In the NFL. In the India an MBA like. I mean you have the more an NBA you don't have an ally in the NFL. To where a guy comes out of nowhere you know may be an offensive lineman was something like that that was dreamt of for the most part this skills that you see. Right. With acute no matter what college he went to. You can use those skills in basketball. Like a guy who averaged nine points you know especially at the big school like Kentucky or duke. They don't hit these and then all of a sudden they blow up like picture it like. You think anybody being new he was that. He got draft when he did now. And so it happens so much more you know because the way they played team basketball team in college. Become a hole to let these kids back. At some point I I I'm anti union bill riles midnight presser where he was Debbie downers like nothing's happening. Digital's Kennedy the son under a real. But he only where we are a lot of talk about yesterday but. The heat did hold media availability last night in which we didn't think they were going to because and OPEC's right and that kind of peaked our attention because it's like. By the holy media availability of desire to 86 maybe they're going to be there returns and someone's gonna happen in the we got the German one story. Do you relate hustings are happening and then nothing happened in the Ras lovely yet nothing happened. Not a lot happened in the draft to cement it was no no such as. Noticed they anomaly and rob no real time we don't know that rob was ready to go. And the one and the one big move that happened was rally saw one of his rivals in the conference to head. That's nonstick for Goran Dragic and used by. So what like. Once you've given way. Yet you mean you don't about it yeah I mean you don't get that team probably gonna treated or where I have I mean the fans contract can pick but if your GM and you typically. You got your countrymen because remember when Riley did those pics away forgiven LeBron James the extra extensively Hughes talk about those things years later he's like. If you don't keep those picks to get those picks back. You don't make it does it it's going to sting a lot of war once you give them away. You know you really you can't tell me it doesn't feel different. That this that the team that you had a very heated series win at. And that is in play for the same players that you wanna be at the table and actually has the money to go get those guys or make trades for those guys. It doesn't feel that different than that having it that it does for the sometimes they don't treat you it. Okay but like if you've got to have a problem wit who ends up select it would depicts you train don't try to get it but it. I'm not about saying that it sucks that they are saying that. Having the Pickens is it was bad the trade the picks I'm just saying it stings more that the sixers have it that it does in the suns having. It does. Him no. I mean I got it it's I didn't tell you expected nightmare. Because especially this Brett brown who at corporate deck over a decade. Decades with the spurs where he gets along with the is delirious RC Buford still think school while others stand. Do strong. Yeah it because it was paid but hey. It's that I got. Near Reilly just. So demand that week why would I trade a pick again. I mean. It the only reason why they you know I don't feel that way is because Riley never chairs whose draft picks. In some organizations do. You know some some old age we you look at teams like Philly or you look at teams like oh Boston. Date try to get as many weeks as they want Pat Riley doesn't really care about draft picks. He doesn't care about young players yet but it has about just exit of turn one Leonard how much sorry it's more colorful and at 221 point for oil under. You've already figured out how to scum who are. I saw so many three team trade last trades last night on the eightieth PGA machine being just thrown over Twitter. Like now sigh it's not happening. Look man I'm I'm I'm negative and he has been as he did the trick respond yet I'm depressed and begin as a star Robbie. Still there's an automated trades of the draft have been quick to Howard's minutes hey. Take a deep breath. This is not Riley's gold zone is common. Okay he is a mimic I had to do a lot of stuff during the two right now the other thing you could have had committee yesterday where there was this late. Bush these late rumblings from loads that. The nets word that you're the mega deal and that's all we and obviously in a while but we were all buzz on the group tax like off. We know that the offer above the deal I thought it made you Whiteside is in the White House that was gonna maybe the they wanna big man brightly if you get a last minute dump the contracts. Now owed any doubt ms. Morse well to me than take it somebody at one time on their way to but again. Okay. Now as little distorts. You see what I'm saying why would betray your contracts in the dumping of this in bad news in there would never now that seems to. Like I just don't but but I've always said this especially recently and everybody talks about. You know that assets that the heat head. I'm still confused I don't understand what assets they have. When you look at all the teams making deals in look at what they had to make deals where it how did he compete with that. Will be back right after this. Look up to the hard rock proved that they're not here on Friday. World Cup action that's on all the televisions here. Did it to be profiled Nigerian eyes when Roddy yes as a final two not a measure of Iceland goes. We'll start up now. The next game I believe is Serbia and Switzerland which starts at 2 o'clock beyond Robbie the most crucial role suggestion ever in the history of the world which was turn on telemundo. Because up whereas on fox sports that do a little break down and done replays a telemundo that he's got hot chicks. It's true so I doubt it may not be talking about soccer I don't care doesn't matter. So yes there's draft he inactive. There were some reports of their trudge into the first round. Riles him on did a press conference late last night into the night. The only guy I heard of they got they have some Notre Dame point guard who's come into their summer league team and don't get Robinson. Suzanne of the news or use spurs fan or whatnot. Thank god that name but he's a subdued from Michigan strokes that he's going to be on some of the team you know not noticeably team who. With the lakers lead Angelo ball. Informed him passed by the way that stupid footlocker commercial side. What do immediately. Because used to pull it out with a light what do you think's gonna happen with glee Angelo hash tag lead Angelo lottery. Has tightly Angelo first round has tagged Angeles sector around or has steadily is load no drafts. I'm like. The shape. You do commercials with something that's actively promoted they don't get draft. We had to be man. Really weird but this they've David for a quarter Mona shelter in the they've said it's it's not all just possible reasons either but not so Boris. It'll pops on the road with the with the summer league teams and that's going down he's not going to any summer league team. I don't think so I would I would highly doubt it. Maybe Lebanon now do you want military. No exit as the word out in Lithuania or that. Where they were in the door literally don't know where you think the Kurds opposed the word around I had very little photos of him in his dead Leeson Doug's brother Lisa. Booms did pool. Boom boot. In the league and you'll. Bowl plot middle worse than Carmelo. That you guys know that you know I felt really amazed glasses at that they'll wanted to object. Dokic but I doubt it's yet he sounds a lot like Goran Dragic. Those amazing did you seek to strip three for freedom want them with the really don't that was that was a real tweet. He's like crazy that moved down to sound exactly like his coach human voters in the satellite dad. If you if you want to disguise. If they want to pull off deal switcheroo via phone. Just a few little. Jesus Buddha or does it well he did a double. Double it you can't tell. They settle all Slovenian satellite. It is. I've started to eat normally. Really hey LeRoy you know the the penalty Brothers looked pretty close I don't know that backpack. Good deal little. A little mama just you being mis is Buddhist she's good on that they can give of your son over the years if we winning liberals. Freedom coming off the mound with a tablet telling us that two Serbian sound alike this woman. Pennsylvanian sorry you're right. That is hard core reporting right there. So Rouse us it was saying that nothing as big as Saudi Amanda with a satellite side. That is he's got expectations and that things are within its most ought to roll saudis at a Sybase then let it cool we're open to be cool response but that's if what death. Yes that's that's but here's the thing though so I think everybody was expecting to the Solio peoples and all rise silence he sounds defeated. You know visible that basically in time that they got nothing don't mean it was everybody could just gone home and had a nice dinner prime. It was set ideological as you get paid nothing happened. So I can't imagine he was going to be a tremendous mood at bat in an hour anyway. You thought he was gonna come out swaggering nipple Saudi none and now. Cat that's got does down pat and I don't get the whales somebody in house Coke we might like you Beth and her. And a glass everybody you know it does it say nothing that good you know everybody else are we had a good. And they had to send I don't know of Lewiston Don manner which one of the spoken loud bed helix send out out of spokesperson after Riley left to say. No we didn't offer justice went on anybody. Because neighbors or relatives. Or meeting political problem and they did offer him like that's got to the trickery that the spurs did with a like we are not actively shopping Hawaiian landed. But if you call will listen. So if somebody Colmes as they pat what do you want to just Winslow in the light. Top ten pick and LA has 49. No. Out to me now so that judge you're not you do offered Joseph he wasn't really in your trade talks uses talked about. I I would think. That in of coming. Couple weeks. You gonna get. A lot of edges. I mean he. Do you think it's a statement. That if it's definitely. About his bluff and let me ask you this or. Or Miami fans. Brady who and who seem exactly. I am Mike gets his book my guess is you lose golden arm. Use Ellington yes. Every means that could silence isn't it tries to shine elegant but obviously another team comes out blows away with an offer forget about it. Well that bird the bird rights that early bird rights so they can offer more. Life. Ellington is duplicate tax for the team that's the question no rule is good no punishment. League over the captain's mrs. June stokes man and boom mean you can. It is what is it 800 Whitaker with the I. Well let's say this if if you look at this Rosser and you think OK we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna talk a facade Whiteside. In hopes that union trade him at the trade deadline. Do the rules on you you're not you know punished by taxi to the year's over that's what they go by see not you not. Credited being near the tax offender or tax Payer. Into the years up until after the address that is we had brought its out of the beginning so they do pay. Wayne Ellington that and they can somehow get under the cap by the end of the year. That can be wondrous that they look at. Bomb. So it in a trade somebody take him expiring contract human seasons overweight boom demo and he's off in the village right but it really gave him. In that sounds like a lot of spinning you wheels tonight. You know work when what do you think their thinking where he wanted to be I'm not sure. Like. What is the best case scenario. Going into this year enacted this year bishop it's best case scenario it is a best case scenario they wanna see if the market is really light on Kauai Leonard and they're gonna project a porn hacked data and see you Athens but they are going to be in a position right now where. They don't have they they are and in this position and that's why Riley I think people thought he sound defeat yesterday. There are stuff there is stuff that just out of his hands right now correctly you. If you walk while OK great we all one island to be fantastic Miami Beach. You still need dispersed who agreed that. And want to take the risk that you're gonna have quite landed here and that you're going to be able to keep him rent so. If these if he sounded like alone he's not swagger and a sand on this story who has the guts. It's got his hands it let's say for all brought you all you need to add to what LeBron James back. Okay that's all good you need LeBron James to go to Dan Gilbert basically demands very excited trades on if it out of your hand. Right eat eat right now can't look around and say I'm gonna get into a room with Paul George the view that the body he may be got a bread stick that are like you do with LaMarcus Aldridge. But as far as actually have in the realistic goal of signing one of these guys out the gate he can't there's nothing there's nothing to talk about there. That's why he's coming out yesterday inside no answers and they were playoffs and that's the status is and that's what's in control for him right now. All the ATP comes out yesterday and he's like. On. Captain hats on I got my harpoon sharpened look a lot of it a lot a lot against guys like me to say that he can't say that the selling a crazy mood everybody already thinks he's lose and it. People artists and pat Riley's washed. He's dead he's gonna come out double down. Well that's crazy talk that's is that illegals gonna make any and elsewhere problem like loses like hey man hey hey hey pat. Not at all. The EU lows the wind up. Who we talked about the secret limo window and a in the Riley Ellis bird divide. Put it back up. Would not doing this today. Yeah that's that right now after yesterday but I'm sure I'm making calls and I'm sure that's a sad it's it that don't Petit point. You know look at the CR Texas righted but will do too often do you Drago did believe in draft picks. Flooded I didn't see any of you guys I didn't see any guys care about complain about this philosophy. Seven years ago. But when this is going to I don't recall this being a big thing with you because you realize what the teams have this draft policy now right. Because heats might of those teams and they've basically forced them into making those moves. It's like to counterpunch week. So. It's very angry at the time you're gonna stay on top Vernon for. This elongated run beauty of softer richer way man I mean until you've done. That is that the team is there about are they gonna be that app this year. Mean would may and that no matter what twenty year road toward Iran having an all time top four player may. Be in Tim Duncan amazing. No good bit more incredible thing is not having him. Is being able to keep. The you understand what I am saying they heat of a great players who. But. They haven't been able to keep him here. Boy that's how you have to get lucky you have to give like you would a guy that's willing to play ball throughout his career. And being insane until San Antonio yes. But retirement and at least I don't know of one of one intimately lakers had down years sure with a header that absolutely. Com quickest turnaround maybe boss. I mean. As a bit quick turnaround militaries have been away. Why don't we move but it. Thelma as far as competing employ ops he's competing MB in the playoffs but what we talk about what what his actual success. We dug a big thing we talked about my ability none of them. Well what I'm saying is is that. The one thing he'd have done besides a couple of years last week when. Is always be able to be competitive. No but what has happened. In their efforts to be competitive. Maybe at some point in time he should do just took else. Ending you'd be better off now even if it's for short period. Time yet you could take the Allen of the book Michael Beasley. But that's then. That that links and an and that's the thing so Ra I was like OK we took the we want fifteen games I got a guy who can name all the colors of the scales. But. Can't play any defense they don't do. Clear the decks and I'm gonna go try and take a home run cut and it worked and that's up would have LeBron James Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. That's a uniform and that made it just happened how it happened once maybe twice if franchise's history. Right right in yours right but it. Yeah it just assumed that the heater that they're not in a position The Sims they're stuck in omens. For now yeah. But they did anybody big bosses and his brand position in years ago here's my while they had a ton of it they actually over at all. Exceed pulled out boys. They triple a bullet picks in the nets they traded. Garnett and Paul Pierce. They happen to get lucky that make up grosses bleep it than not sticking around with these old distance and then became one of the worst teams in the leak. Like that's the just looked on it too. That there is allowed to do it they'd get a break here didn't break fix it depicts an end up being home believe what they like everybody everybody wants the look around and say well. Who's lost it so that our let's act like guy does he get good Blake teams around the league like the warriors all. We we want senator games and guess what. Salary cap is getting on presently spiked this year. Merit thirty million dollar cap slot just open it up tomorrow Kevin Durant right. And they're lucky they got lucky when they did it did. A couple of released more things. One he signed their guys early. OK so they sidestep his first contract was four years woody we're doing biomass ankles right because of his ankle. Clay. They got him cheap. Journalists like Olympic dream I was drew mom was so admirably. OK so you get those three and now you're here. Yeah you like to he would like JaVale McGee is right EP yeah so you give them some credit win you know. Did he do the same thing that the fact that's right it did did he do the same exact thing they bring guys in he'd give him initiate you look at. James Johnson. OK he was big James Johnson is to run. Came here got it. Wheelers we need to seem to go under within the tees would they go into routines he uses some in the best shape he's ever been in yet to transmission of assign. Okay how come there's a lot of guys that they have developed. Into becoming. MBA players. But they don't have bills transcend employers right now. We will back after this Robby as is Magnificent Seven. Plug it back everybody is against seven time rod Lucas all the action this weekend we're live with some little hard rock poker gust blast of hot going on today three drawings every hour. From 5151015. He winners will receive a five orders and dollar seat at the SH RPO championship make it's satellites seat on June 24. At 4 PM so no reason to get that area also got itself. The bonus hot hands going on thousand Oz every thirty minutes on Fridays and that is to get on out here fantastic time at the hard rock. Poker room Roddy. Red Roma man Paul yes I don't know how you feeling about this one I'm feeling a pin pretty good about the smoke don't you have to throw don't feel them. Pretty good it's lost the last known to SATA lost in his eyes as one loss of the two Wallace to a record here. It was like a game of Ira what you got married I know our nose World Cup we had to go all these World Cup it's in there because a girl what's her for years but this spent right here is kind of like haley's comet. Marlins and Rockies tonight the over under center on eleven runs and the reason why it's haley's comet is because you don't weight incident at Coors Field. You do the math. That is this what Iran is rules would take this. You beat a team deal and all of them you know boy. That as soon be over as those that were going the justices as always all need to know not know the facts are required okay recruitment efforts through. All right this game's gonna get the only quickly as a Steve starting at about thirteen minutes and do the track this. Dropped solicit shall we get a third hour of real losses in front Arizona and it's not happening when every hygiene she got a problem. UK do that you're there and stuff really here as dump and decided. Elect us we'll Serbian Switzerland they're the kicking off at about 2 o'clock this right is that they come now. Switzerland we don't know the very neutral they don't want any conflict thirty drew in the first game now a draw here would benefit both teams. The draws playing paying out and about plus 200. You know the most mobile I would in their next inaudible to be a win in the in in the next game so only surprise this game. The draw social Switzerland. I. That it's wrong when they're neutral. Scheme that was that a three rout with a rules dictate that this game could at a neutral all right. Germany and Sweden this weekend the total is set at two and a half goals now we thirty know about the Germany under trained. And it's simple it's in full swing. Such as Sweden nearly scored one goal the last game Germany. Build it they win they're winning one nothing knighted Sweden does burst on to score a goal it's 11 that's still under the two and a half goal also take the under in this game. Under. What's Xstrata all right wall says this games up to next week but I have to keep the spread it today because it's on Wednesday before the next round of Magnificent Seven. And Germany against South Korea the total is set and a whopping three goals now where he told with Germany under trained my gonna give up and now. It's that last game of the group stayed out of the Germany's gonna need to score four goals are still with his game goes by the way does South Korea's gonna score zero that's guaranteed and the question is. Whether Germany scored four goals cause of this court three got to push the flattery it's opry and have to adapt a flat three. So German at the score four goals are to go over to that happening take the under in this game as well number five Robby. Nigeria and Argentina. Early next week. Argentina is giving a full goal. Now Argentina's a total mess right now Messi is missing. Since Argentina's total messy and that was about it. A roll it. Now last the last World Cup these two teams played in the group stage. At our that would Argentina was code and Nigeria still managed to get two goals who scored those two goes to ask the stall Ahmed Mousa. Who also scored two goals today they'll be playing again next week Argentina's bad. I'm getting a goal. Andy did you lose one of the you get a push take Nigeria and take the gold. Can do about it message. That's especially were nobles are playing with the does that different with two teams and you can't mess he's still crying. I mean active actively his mother revealed that yet and enablers cried to even after Victor. He's crying to decrypt that one. As harmful bubble school mobile. These people number six random crime and soccer. All right Russia and Europe glide I'd leave his teams on Monday. But the over under for total goals Russia's point two scores only set at one now. I'm I'm at a dollar Russia this year obviously the fixes in the rush over terrain is a huge that this work equals already in the first two games. Now you reply is already guaranteed to advance so. It wouldn't mind taking the die dirty guaranteed to go to the next round so Russia the deathly gonna score more than one goal of Villa score one to get a push an artist or zero searcher. To be over on Russian total goals. I love the fact that Russia has this thing in the men. And of about. Normally root for corruption and sportsmen they win the world thoughts grade it's going to be just tremendous you're so this. What's wrap this thing about our I've gotten that won't stay here this game now to to win the game. Russia is a plus 200 to win the game all right we dirty know that the fix is in Europe why is already guaranteed to advance. Russia now you're wondering. Russia doesn't need to fix this team because they're ready go to the next round however I bet you prune and art is betting big stacks and Russia to win the group outright if they win this game there when the group. So take Russia plus 200 you know the fix is in it's gonna happen. I don't think bush understands the rules of of group play I think he just wants me like. And we all schemes. Old lesson dom in the nation. Yeah they really didn't believe it won't wash Russia tiger went every single team Menard drawback to lose. Tremendous round tremendous Magnificent Seven by U we will get your headlines coming up next.