6-22-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, June 22nd
Heat had a queit draft night and Pat Riley had a press conference even though they didn't get anybody. Celtics draft pick oversleeps his press conference. Dan Straily and Don Mattingly got suspended but no one on the Giants did. Lebron has been spotted in Miami. Leroy not a big fan of Amy Schumer. Woj was getting clever with the draft picks. Tobin was shocked that Donte Divincenzo was white. Tobin says Amber thinks she will get left behind because she doesn't like soccer. Tobin rips beast for making excuses about why America is so bad at soccer. The guys make their Doom Picks

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To look back everybody it's still in the hero in the eighties and it will live. It's a little I don't know but you talk about your private high it's gone. The bus every thirty minutes I can always tell him something going on it's great to have this mental health or win. So when I came and I'll pull that apart weigh on the other side him like that's the action. Grills are of the Seminole hard rock Motorola coming your way at all is second to fourteenth three million guaranteed. And August 10 report sees this as it's our PO dot com get all your information there and and feels wonderful June poker tournament schedule and promotions there as well all the info you need. It was a draft night last night quiet night everybody needs. Riley spoke I and I deep into the night deep tonight I was that I just are you surprised. That considering they didn't do anything that riles up around do presser you know. Yes. No yes it's it's about thought why they did it started saying wait. If if the weight limit as new course. If the heat sink. Great if the heat suit we don't have Olympic swimming and impress would you be upset. I want to be upset but I'm not there hovering well originally when nobody would go currently the only reason why it would cut is they said and they don't have press build. And they announced they were gonna press availability until. Yesterday and the day before like it was right re ill to think what I announced that everybody has an idea of any drive and a I'm sure the have a huge crowd how many do we think went beasts like seven I mean they handle the yen to beat people that are in the blow it says who beat writers are so these are important for him it was aired trying to tell us that does have its let's let's let's and so let's say and he knows it's the 334 local stations that's for that's for. People let's just say the setting for cameras right solicitous and four newspaper reporter orders they reporters freed though. Who's get this opera both stations and also in free email silly 910 people. So I. Mean if you had that in a wait all night I can say I am and give you. Polity talked we're like twenty minutes I don't know and the sound came in at about 1 o'clock in the morning itself. Freedom is the talk radio is there a lately and it was a burn them in though oil is rude if you don't talk. You don't think he is there anyone else that could tell it could spoke toddler or a hole. To add him arsonist believed in intent. Of the talk that's his job he talks three times a year. Talks after the draft and if they tips talks if they do pick somebody after the season he'll speak at that persons injured after press conference I tossed into the season. So he's he's in front of a microphone very much. The Phillies got better things added Ashman smiling faces we've been injured in this it's about don't get that negative feed and don't you pick anybody do you think the words that's on Whiteside got out of his mouth to and need GM's yesterday at seat to all the things all he's. Anybody but they got a lot of phone calls on their players told him put it in imagery idiom came on a par somewhat that is folding that a business and as you said hos there are now. Is that how did you know I was gonna say Hasan. Maybe I was gonna say something else but Annan Annan now we know why Colin. I think best. For an organization. I think the worst feeling in the world has to be. You're paying a lot of money. To a player that nobody else wants yet. Today in any sport than in any sport today that has to be. You know one of the worst feelings because even if it ends working now. It probably means you didn't have to pay them. Probably your brother especially in this especially with the MBA. I hate the Max slot. Because. First of all it's a silly thing like if we talked about the actual people. In this in this sport more worthy of having that kind of a salary. Five guys guise side guides yet but John Wall that he is gonna get paid forty million dollars a year where worry that's not the worse. The kid from Memphis the point guard young we on the he's a fighter a 150 million net. But it's it's an even higher they put it you know like James Harden god love them it's easier and easier to forty million dollar top slot. And so it's like you look at these these these salary caps they put in place because the owners can't help themselves like. I don't think the systems don't work for much longer make it you only have a few teams that. If it breaks lucky that way they can quote dude dude the problem is this is that. As long as. Big. Cat goes up. Basically do way to look at it is as hominem experts can now. Okay in big you need to have some luck. Like teams like Golden State and Boston in Philly. In that. Your draft picks pan out and you have them. Four for five years before they hit that big money let's say this desolate lets you get lucky enough in the MBA to draft day let's just say and Anthony Davis right here in tremendous familial evident in the Davis. But even if it even even having Anthony Davis. Because you're in New Orleans. You know with these document hero you've got to sweeten the pot so much. Whether it's only after years but we're here that's only after like years seven. Yet you don't have to do it up until it does look at your contract if you get a guy for a five or six years. And you can't do nothing around him then with the the flexibility you have with the mini. And you can't really be upset that the guy leap doesn't promises like you have to get so you have to you have to get lucky with that guy. Yet to be imposition almost like the sixers where it's like. All right Benson is still on his rookie deal we know that he's ready as a contender he's got to prove himself and we can go get LeBron James. That would be could still sign bent Simmons once his contract comes up right it's like why it's so it so talk to me here's how it all starts did Gilbert you don't. He has how that all starts. It all starts with one of those chiefs. Chief contracts did you get the draft. You see you and I mean it in so when you look at all of the teams. In his back on heat. Because the heat. Also got so. Three guys to do so meant no -- do anymore give kind of take a break and I don't even know that he could have done that in this area because not everybody would have taken it yet because we're talking a bit lowest of his take it and for those guys was the most resilient and 181000000 and fifteen. There won't swing a little bit. But on ask him and LeBron don't take thirty it. It's Taiwanese. Right right in in that left right group of the federal approval let's bring in dad's dad's the other thing. But when you look at all these teams. Okay. They have guys dead they don't want it to things. They've got him cheap. You Lucas stepped curry. They got him cheap dig at their four year 44 million in everybody was happy you that three. You know you got to 32 MVP years in a guy when he make a fifteen million yeah. You know also you had time to didn't go do some mud with pigs let's get the headlines. Speaks to what you XY AM south YWSSH. To show our. I would struggle soccer why don't we but I still winning in extra time beating Costa Rica 22 nothing and covering which rob who's sweating. For two hours. Nigeria beat Iceland that two to nothing in coming up in just under way actually right now Serbia with an early goal. Leading. Switzerland. One to nothing not sweating. You just what in this one. So let's leave plenty of time for Switzerland to get wrecker gold type of gigs of word about UV Ford in the Brazilian I mean. When there's action going on and Robbie has action. And he's forced to just being here in studio it's not it's not a pleasant sight or just wait to let sweetly at two games going to say to the rumor I putted. Yeah and and the quad stand. Which he brought to my party. Now those are used and never seen anything like Italy and quiet there it's not a tri pod it's declined to stand tit for legs to stand on. Republican of for the ladies apparently late at night bit B test to win. I'm not I think Robby was. I don't know what type around its performance of a party it's it's still retain and he was. I met told her before there was a point where I was digging through the jungle juice to find the straw from the drug a straw. I mean it's medal strong is a mess. That's cajun music dude no I'm. Animals rolled to Texas but I think they're rambling like us. Why plantation dime wrap my. That's what love looks like films it's the little things no it is true any and all right we'll watch the first of all the public Texans eleven I don't not even us so negative all the rout pickle is a great thing. Because I love pickles but when the pickled you starts again on everything else and you don't they'll soggy bad thing. Learn as you're. So did you see what happened with the Celtics in the first round pick. No wins. So I believe. It was scary Terry. Was on a daily FaceBook live steer waiters situation. And they they asked him who is being interviewed asked him hey duties at the solution to pick Susie I'll do one better off facetime Danny Ainge. So he faced times Danny age. In range has no idea that this is being broadcast of the world. And Danny Ainge is like you know or Eric. My uncle has chemical. And speed that a router Williams overslept in his introductory press conference today boom boom. Yet legally DePaul there evidently the team is blaming it on different time zones. Not now exists on he played in taxes in the ultimate. Where was he last night. Using New York what time zone as the orchid almighty was some what odd man. Wait personal reason and a stupid as who's if you have iPhone army switches. The Celtics were blamed in time zones switches if you miss eight times so that's basically what they're doing is being given to young men and we're. You probably know and now. At a good time. Cited abuses and make that a little bit later. Mean you should make deadly what's next the next day press conference immediately rallied at ten A which had a draft in. The draft item in it and read it and then you know those boys went out after a megabyte 4 PM the next that. We deny another rider ever needs you the stories and then go bust stories. Two on this the portrait. Does that mean that up printing papers anymore AA and the elegant double dip paper to print them Helen there. Reply. Now that was you know. You can do you feel me beast yeah I feel Braun. Hit a rap that pickle. Feel like that was the message they got my fourth grade sex and class. What and general pick for the Marlins and adding going against John grave for the Iraqis are excited tonight routed it is done nightly suspended the show play and it buy offs and and he did have a candidate up I could take out these or eighty pitches and with a one out to go to get as we asked the state in this matter is covered in Australia so for three Israelis over five mystery is appealing it out of Mattingly is doing it also no he replied I was one point one noted the giants get to spent one up who spoke to your expenses was so you go enjoy animals. I don't I don't understand. Strictly suspended from the game and I'm that is what is so hard right still put paychecks here it's known them. Find your game day checks here's would Sox. Okay. Like we never go to what starts that. Like a guided throws 95 month or two music. Never ever get in trouble. As we know it's the responsibility gets in trump flipping out and whispers to him but the response. Jones was bits you know in football win and you know that but here bees understand how to swing. You got to look to music and guiding it monkey celebrated. Oh my god they got offended because we got to hear it words were exchanged did the next eighty. Oh. It and then. After both the vols didn't stray only. Well and this period this bit yeah I generally don't know you it is if it's on appeal what do they had dated down to four games. Think I don't get it that that's that's a bit different pictures until they just don't go pay. You're gonna miss a start. What is do that his one start. While it is a makes a difference with his game checks to be dismissed once stories of his paid the one they'd stop shenanigans and gain checks all the stuff that's why it's appealing. Does by the way there's no of his budget you Tyson and as well who threw him out there seeing LeBron James and Miami. I'm knows him that well I mean here I don't know if you don't know if the vehicle's seat suite we had this conversation. Here. CEO. Pay do you hear. Has lost control of his law. No yes you have this huge flock is. Because he saw somebody sent the text Eagles. No no ninety. That he since we re you know you want a vacation down here it's so hot. The UK with the sea breeze up the Pacific. You mean yeah real great. Right now. If LeBron call insist that this works out well you're telling me you wouldn't be pods abandon it. Go off. Angle I had a week flock right now OK I got a bunch of sheep right now we're very hungry. And you're trying to throw the morsels don't take cheap. You listen to meet. One taxable LeBron text which well you gotta be scroll magazine that the note does he does there's about a dozen there is got it. Found some other gave me a text. The phony Dexter but man I don't know it's here on the night that the brightest he reduced operating interest. Anyway where they wait listen listen let's just relax once the okay. I don't know people understand this. The entire athletic community. No matter the sport. At one point and or another during the year find themselves in Miami. None that works. Alerts personal view of Cleveland so much is this the ideal time a year to be in Cleveland no there's no it gets uttered in Cleveland. It's Saturday in. Clint is how hot is in Cleveland looked at your phone act ends up north. Here's what people opponent's name it gets to the hundredths. Yet. It's 78 now it is at a seven at right now you get the right thing. Okay until what are you right now the you know it might not get a radar aborted due to rain later dart and wait dart board to do. It's not me against the three of you know it's to get in Cleveland and Minnesota it will reach a hundred degree okay that's when he wins that one was a deadline that hits it and have usually happens in August round August September. She owns June. I'm letting you the weather that's ridiculous. Hundred degrees usage don't get out of here as it does get hot hot than it is here so miserably it's different like up north it's it's humid here. That's it humid. You humid it's that means that little nice here's what she's just flattering. At here sticks to decide you face some as you go down to the there collect three weeks ago that you are demanding a recall on again couple weeks lot of a couple of weeks and now what. All right now. Wouldn't want to Barbour if my roots are about some team that. One among us at a petty beef last night. You know Mike on that I felt I felt was way analyze still talk about next to him and can. Look back guys alive it was a little hard rock poker room. None out here on Friday people get over again that weekend started right. Got high hands thousand dollars every thirty minutes today and tomorrow. In the month of June may by the way we talk about him he's still complete. Bring you can't hold down NFL we've approved supposedly the two always a seat down here. And also at the new hard rock event senator. Which is opened up 3500 seat arena I was just going to be sorry dinner it is going to the concert schedule over there I gotta get over the rents and it shows coming up there. It shows good lady Schumer Reich you know and yes he's coming back yet yet to hear the end of August. Really mean Assad as our last time she receive and hand. Really. Mediocre. You know what is he doing nice she is no I thought it was funny. She is a tad bit. Wrong and too raunchy for you this yeah too raunchy for you know no limit let me explain you would've what I mean. Some people urges that way. And it's fine. You know how some comedians that issue is who they are. Then there's some people who are kinda. Andrew Dice Clay is like hesitant and they kind. I think is the worst shots they use of this is doing Hickory degree doc no way well her little bit we just being you know. Like the subliminal messaging. Comedian I don't deal button yet to. Q have you heard getting. And that's it that's a god that's only something. The winds of change only Q. Who wins. In robs us Tracy Morgan's coming down there now Ed do dislike for no reason we might have to see you out on this show. And then in this fight to the committee at first to July yet Haley Republican Olympia was Steve Miller Band again thanks. So speaking Rabin said in the memo god. So this class so so we got a group text on less than or lots in the draft and it's negative in like everybody is. Well my favorite part of the draft yesterday. Besides the picks because the pixel was to a strong once we got past the the Dallas. And Atlanta trade. Andrew the calf then you lost and and the heat's Goran picked getting transferred. Do think that I loved the most was rove coach. So you talk about this this is the NBA development agreement with the reporters and they said we don't like picks getting tipped off. Let's put that in the holster. No picks getting spoiled. And so it must have been like one pick in. Where I guess Marc Stein was to re not depict to you he wasn't band is as in the New York Times it was a he doesn't ban and then jam started at the picks on pick number two. And so loads looking around in his glass again and all foggy in his like belief. Yes what OJ going down like this you not silence in the world. And so. Only was he spoiling every day. What he was doing it in delightful fashion. Because he was not saying you know how he normally would do it source. Such and such is being selected by the Utah Jazz. Instead you put source. Utah Jazz have no plans to pass on Grayson now with Tony first pitch or are have laser focus on and so on so. But the spurs are fixated on Lonnie walker with the eighteenth pick source tells ESPN by the way that then people sort of mocking of like our boy Jeremy Wu I would give that guy on he seems like a party. I had a coup last name get a we we gotta get him Roddy effort Jeremy Wu for us Leah source. Denver has cleared the way to choose Michael Porter junior with a fourteen bit so German Wu goes so so will not not take so and so. Double negative what was road and he was trailblazing. Idea what time it was the most fun I think you won't play chances gave up tweeting yes shams tapped out. Bush let him have the second round of the guy you shams so don't at all. There SA camera and they do everything together now the that that lesson that once we lose their weekly three seconds later none out share this view loads. Sham as he's still himself little bits like Ager Broder Floyd Mayweather Ager Broder thought that he was Floyd Mayweather and put the act you're out of the club you're out. That's that's what happened then you got a little bit my tricks I showed how to do it and then you got a little frog eat they get that you're the new with the new kid in town and you get upstaged the old man. I'll on a relentless on the bull. But. Robby is getting. So angry at what the it was you do it on Twitter. Yes because like low (%expletive) Loads yeah quotes to broach things and so ESPN's like. I mean we're gonna go to woe it will just telling everybody what he knows Steve tell people early and obviously that's old school listeners and you tell me about it what results. Loads was limited to I dropped all about himself that's a fact. The entire draft all about wolves and and is should ABC news of those were choices. And yet it becomes a TV and it is come on say it's one of the draft and have more spent yet he gave a legit middle finger is said he was kind of toying around. Half ass in the middle finger but he was a all I did a substitute this guy is there really like him or see what they do here but come on man we don't know that most here. This is I need to put it in better terms it is what it comes down to drop was OK with that tweets but if you get a choice you can the product was not okay with loads of mucking up his straight draft broadcast with. Oh it looks like the Celtics made takes so and so we're in the of course immediately taken Robbie did not like that that was that was looks. You know what ballots those the unwritten rule rob is unwritten rules of the durability and the X Emmy extra make it a rule when he went to an actual written rule when he won against. I wish you could see his face and out what appointees have what's the point of ESPN having voltage interest rates he's not gonna give you information portraits. And put the treat to see in the trades aren't Mike it's the trades are hard to fault. Chapters that are. Did a beautiful city NFL did not don't have that in going on during their broadcast -- show after somewhat better. NB ATV needs to come up with competitive draft protest took and what's more governor. Owners. There's also. Thank. 400 X. In the NFL draft with people you've never heard of all when they first when they first had NFL's draft on an iPhone now we're in ESPN has been has budget problem. We're septa was going and a phone that worked at the time and you spoiling draft picks and ESPN wood to deceive to beat so the guy talking on the phone celebrating its one to drop excellent finally. Put into that cable has gentlemen's agreement but they wouldn't do that. And it has been lost since OK but they they didn't have a gentleman's agreement because two gentlemen broke the rules and if you push the day there. You can get it will all really want to lamented a Briton who was aboard applied by the NBA. My more start up. Which jams was. All of the New York Times was not. That part of the man they weren't part of the band as a matter when you're viewing you can't you can't you can't let these young lions come and take your crown how do all these guys. Get their name. By having inflow. There's no way by the way I feel if they are allowed doesn't give that employ all doesn't every G entries and counting on a group tax delayed all seven writers and to say hey we're gonna pay excel itself. They all have the same influence the same time not load. Listen and quote don't listen listen as get a faster listen. Listen Ohman got Robby just went apoplectic oh my god what just happened why and you just. I've never seen him move faster and more I was thoughts about Switzerland was not the title but they just all like Utley he just through the remote control in the studio. I wish you could see what just happened don't you have a tie. I'm new guest with Switzerland and I was down one nothing in the tie it up. Also you don't wants Muslims were not only why he needs to Russell who was one every is up one and it doesn't mean Switzerland got a corner right now. Well and it's. Over the top of the net are robberies and apoplectic began quotes source the lakers are unlikely to resist Mo Wagner with Tony it. Accused drug abuse BT yeah I like it coy. That's more middle finger but not. Obvious unwritten rules of the NBA draft though it's more middle finger it's almost double middle fingers at. I'm a follow your rules so when you bring into your office. Got knocked it I think we need new. New board. Rules. Unwritten rules and bronco. Like like like a scroll I told him from the get goes Robby took over our show. In the first time we said the Rucker usual I said we need a book he Robert's rules. Robert's rules are rules these are just for his own his own viewing enjoyment. I don't shortly I enjoyed a couple things of the drafters say I want to see what book I was gonna go well Lonnie was getting way I do yesterday in the draft. Victoria went under wherever if you knew you bet on you want to be went in under which right now I I I don't know the answer is my boy who I got Donnelly a rock. What did potential went under and I was a wintry that was apparently by the way whoever said they didn't know the demons Ando is light. Which came on. Dude would we were talking about this guy is and you said oh yeah he's the guy from Villanova and use other alt. OK but his name's Don today I we was why he's a defense. And what you said Dante. You. I am with you but. Is that it's just yeah dons and what did that didn't didn't cross my mind really you probably never seen me widely reviewed. Now there's it's on them warts. No really and weight what are the famous artists more importantly have you ever seen a black even ten yo know. Know who made the time. Minus a point I don't who somebody get over there Eaton immediately eat crickets. It. Gives them already beat the it could impact the rest of them that. Look back everybody is still the leader on b.'s they are and I allowed he Seminole hard rock hotel room gimmick to get out and enlightenment. When I leave it really. What are you talking about we're not. Leaving beasts OK we're doing exit the show listen on the table. On the schedule that I put out it's as the best of dance do academy's eyes and I make the schedule at at 250. We go take a break. Get it then we come back we're done you may have to give an update would be hit time and stuff. Yeah it at 3 o'clock Boyd to predict stuff doesn't come back home best of dance to you know. Now we're not planned if you want the sedans do the podcast. Assigned no grudges listen grudges listen. You can't be inmates don't run this island you can't just choose to run in the third hour passed a third hour. Has tag to LeRoy and bees take over you're in the you're in the hash tag. I'm excited every aspect I don't wanna get great site you agree. Well wait a minute that great perfect I'm gonna have to talk to the boss of us everybody in there. This show had a 54 record. Going into yesterday. Now it's time around my picks his regional draft picks yesterday. I predictable way it was Johnson oh my god Dante who I've been following his career since Giles. Then there. I have a strong via draft notice that there. No idea and the guy ones that he would as the most valuable player in the fun for. You had no idea who we. You know. Shame on you for not know in the like I. That whatever he is now from Boston. Man yeah. Austin how about oh Boston west AKA the utes odds yeah yeah that's an actress and now the Mormon and low blow some light Ghazi big lead they had to replace Gordon Hayward. Yeah. I it is I got I have the Big Three in the area a couple of days and and I got to pick starts tonight. I got ball hogs vs power that is a couple government is ball hogs are coached by Miami's own Rick Berry. However. Power as a boy a bird man. Department is a friend of the show. Some gold power. Yeah and that we got three's company vs killer threes. Three stomach bug the most boring team in the victory I don't know any of these guys when two bombs. That book killer threes. Check out this squad. Metal world be solved. Stephen Jackson. Chauncey Billups. Close by Charles Oakley. I think they'll take that to articulate three. They don't come in with I've black. Who who has improved some in WA go let's play it would take about oil that's clearly got men well I picked I had to fix already. It trillion grace and Allen which currently group yet on Greece now under read it right. Okay and and that I have Panama against England is a summary that is right. That is Sunday. In those mines went hand. And it's exam. Because nobody's beaten nobody. My. You gotta be bad but more than go Fletcher Brazil immediately cover. Very. CO Panama. Don't pin number all of them. These audio man. I well edited it yesterday I had Porter he felt like a rock saw last Allen. To host those ill advised told you about his injury concerns I know liners. Just. That got up before woods did. Oh by the way when we do this that I got some of the next stands we're not only the third or no we do that I got some Phoenix and unum bureau embarrassment this book is so I. We have problems with my own World Cup picks because. I've got a group H I've got Colombia in Poland today they have not won a game either and neither of the wanna game they lost the first game. The bulls lost two to one to play each other. This is horrible for me to say but who in soccer me to pick the team from Latin America. So go Columbia they're giving the gold yes we can draw right so it they're given how frugal we take Columbia. Now earned an emirate is being spent a year I think I have been Idaho Idaho now arrived at Japan and Senegal to the other half of group H. They both of wanna game they both have won two to one that they both have three points. And senate all favored by goal. You know what. I'm gonna go for mother Africa let's go to Senegal. Mama Africa and yeah overall from where I'm the closest you have been in Africa. Known you've played you you you walked around University of Miami for a while who's edited and walk on the forever us remember those. A Wendell Gordon the open market through the black and it's at it's fairly at a black panther motif going. When we received from before you clowns. Insult somebody is what he did it. When I got out and insult. Him look cool he's born in Georgia. Them and Dietrich and when Carter from Nairobi. It's I if Abd do this they can be a aegis did it because it was cool yeah yeah. Yeah I noticed Atticus LeBron that's of them showed all Macs. And. Stand up a well. Good it's like to be very cute to shores who right now. No and and you also can't say that an innovative. When it literally swept the world two weeks ago during the NBA files that. I'm just trying to be different men but no. You what you do you just plagiarized the bronze outfit. That's not really got men are a sort of a little World Cup action against South Korea against Mexico Mexico's favor by half a goal. I'm a little concern from Mexico coming off the all time high going playing Donna gets South Korea award about the they demand a let down game but. I'm afraid of being Landon Donovan by the mix was better under additional win to Mexico. Are some two. Are right Belgium against an easy 8 AM Saturday morning Belgium is favored by a goal and a half two easiest shell shocked after giving up that late goal to Terry Cain should. Tanzania. Car that. The site at. As it goes man joy ever try to model will be getting abused action and a three tomorrow special on the radio. I'm just gonna just not on the way it's funny. How you support dead yeah but the generals supporting us you know he'll be all brave bold for hammered enough for freedom here is ranked. I would do anything and by the way I gotta go that a mod kiss and soccer's ass otherwise she's gonna stick a match you like spider monkey island I feel like soccer. I didn't know she likes soccer I don't. That beyoncé in Los he saw inaugural music lover her ZLX. We'll be out this at home all GAQ so where she swears I'm gonna be left behind in this business because I don't like soccer swears by it. Like all these kids are coming up to love soccer I think the the soccer in America wished it. It's I'd love to listen let's Iceland. Iceland is drawn with with world tradition until we don't have academies like onto it but do I keep hearing does not and so by you it's ridiculous you know in about. Three weeks. Mostly the same thing essay about the Olympics. CU for yemen's sorry I I'm not I'm not drug. Like soccer if you wanna like soccer but I'm. But I'm hired of the excuse machine from soccer fans plenty of soccer he's not tomorrow daughter and myself is the best on the radio if we. We excuse under the Saudi I would take a bullet for amber will root. We don't have the account who is we don't have the passion. We don't have the best athletes play in the sport you know what I'll. Cute cute kit out of here if amber amber who were on from noon to three month ever says we want an extra hour wanna go to four that's totally fine. We know for. Notify and you're under charlatans. Ever could do it renews a big sheep in wolf's clothing Newton. So I think if the opposite Euro wolf in sheep's clothing he probably brings her wings every weekend to idea. You know we tried to breed sadly probably pick gene are with the so. He's down with the wings and he's just. More lies motif they'll modify Germany imitate builds on the cover one and half at that. And what he had there aren't Big Three basketball but gold's callers against the three headed monsters. Now the ghost bowlers who coached by George Gergen and have three former heaters on the roster they got Mike Bibby they Ricky Davis and the Marcus Banks. You gospel and also Carl's booze on top of that. And every item of news and very proud of could that commitment of three Adam wants is they have the team's terrible ever Charlotte was a foot steps to imitate the goes falters. So Mike did you discuss wall for the Big Three league yup with a megaphone for being fat last year and I mean I guess they had. I don't you don't loss dropping like flies this we could get motion edit your place Jason Williams yeah he she p.s like you. He's here to be swore I mean that's not getting in shape that's purposely mean looking like he's going to be doing curls the free throw line or in jail. Two years they thought they got a whole load. Some. Of the ardently yeah I've got to go solo Zogby dogs working. On. Well as exciting so we're gonna come back in order to do not gonna do another outright robbery were good ago while loaded up now when you. You were federal meant you ready you can't beat you ready. You can sentiment is very excited you don't have to do webinar you gonna get to sit he yours as you claim this is your favorite part of the day in the house. This one night a template legacy X how warm and don't you don't worry about what our bosses he's probably busy. He's here he's probably in like some meeting. Not listen to us. In fact Stephenson it is great showed topic for today I didn't get to its and I get to a next segment. Who's got an extra three segments you know its site did not do this right now than it was not a doer hash tag third out having a good bet my bank now. This is charged. He's he's got to go he's got his battery all packed up were good that we'll bring it to blue. You use a pay day beast you who witnessed a you against seize. Momentum steel machine I know is will we go to break. You come back with some headlines now all of plans or some Serbian Switzerland a plan right now about a note the scores of them I'll look at them off phone on the can you. Competition look at you handsome guy. Ligament. You know listening and it's a hate you over her obviously to me I would you do William. We're back after this.