6-22-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 3

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, June 22nd
Tobin and Leroy get their wish and they force their way to a 3rd Hour against Beast's will. Robbie suspects Costa Rica allowed Brazil to get that 2nd goal so that they can cover. Bam Adebayo was living large last night. Tobin does Hassan Whiteside advertizing his new 7ft ferari business. Pat Riley says he hasn't offered Hassan Whiteside to anyone. Switzerland and Serbia are playing during the show and causes tense moments. Baker Mayfield exposes Colin Cowherd for saying that Baker doensn't celebrate with his teammates. Tobin rips into Knicks kid for booing drafting Kevin Knox. He says he feels embarassed for Knicks fans.

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We back that's right back. We've done we've. Don't of their it is well. Lot of the Seminole hard rock both Guerrero I don't know if he's a third hour did these washes hands. Of the situation I don't know laureates hours but it probably probably what himself oil management know. And let me tell you would beat. There's no he's covering his own wide field. In this is that it's. He was in the lives office like using that as right now he's you know men. I had nothing to do with as I could not controlled them. NASA noticed it. Look yup cover in his lone tail business and I tried they had their time listen I said I tried night I I tried to prevent this. I use every skill that I've learned from in body from from body to mosques. None of it worked. Don't blame me. In the words. But will fare. In one of my favorite movies Talladega nights third hour. Gates. The best part was. He said it took him listen to music and it just does what and even known it would come right. So scared somebody did did these cased the bubble stump definitely oh you call a whole year. Look you guys had your chance we've been tell on the suits and tell this is the people than Thomas's hash tag third out this entire time. It would take matters into our own hands and that's only get things done as right you know we wait around long enough. You know saint oh was the easiest things just go by the wayside beast if we does allow. To pass it off do you guys that went public know horrible smudges and you don't know all those who was teed up for us you don't eat no doubt Nolan get paid by the way. Hey hey hey Tim has no no comes. And he paid the energy in this this this is the next stepped on or about that would take an old video is right now right war about invoices later yup. But right now right now you're a bit of games and I swear to comment if you don't tell me who's winning between Serbian Switzerland if you chickened out. An art to be part of this man you just go do Beauty and the Beast from now on your book will lop off peak. We'll lop off. Capital CO BO ESP TL that's right now. Some ice of TLC from TOB. A look at you man. Look tender loving care and wind up being the VS he's scores. In on sand. You until everything is going on. We we got we got depressed Pat Riley. We got LeBron James in our streets he's roaming around you elect he owns the joint swagger and are now Uga Uga with an old not good with that poker against is walking around here just your kids and kids come here for vacation get everybody's hopes up our hopes are down you know. I can't let us all you have to you don't wanna you know what that is that's LeBron coming in here with a low cut shirt. He's flawed these flaw in the get mad as we stay there at a short to write a drug. Support the dart board to do this let's get sort short soup we tie. In half so there. Get to hadn't beaten. These kids WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. You know on duties headlines and protests. It's not my idea we are a lot like the idea look the if you really Smart you can wash your hands and whole situation. Into. I am the beast into deflects. In didn't like a foot I could've but I hit that you know I'm trying to get. That's live Hutus is my favorite reboot of the day. Serbia. Is up on Switzerland one nil at the half and rob these Weis. Robby and a short against letting global. You of Iceland and it may mean I didn't a did flip now enter or knows what's limits on school opportune autumn almost ruined the studio Brazil. It took action time but in the action timers will scored two and covered most importantly and beat Costa Rica two nil and Nigeria over Iceland to. Ten nothing I would be surprised Costa Rico and it take for the cover because they were very dispirited they look like they've given up and get taken a dive to the Panama in the World Cup which is why US not a World Cup to coast Rica a little for diving onto surprisingly. Got a covered by themselves. What is wrong with you as Deco Serena and I just you know here's what happens. Women who wins people. Goals room. You give up. And he just takes it in just takes eighty into every aspect of simple as hey hey. Don't don't don't don't don't try and bring him down. And in discussion about his soccer and gambling no none of he's passionate about his gambling in soccer just have some great to be played out the other passes and say has this a suit with no power WTF does beast do. You know we ask ourselves that every day yeah. He sends out a schedule. Then sends out the revised schedule. And then just this move we're on the show. And so. Wouldn't do you do these. IA do schedules. Some more schedules. And then that I handle some behind the scenes communication with corporate bonds and stuff. Edited webinars them. Some arrested these gross that jump on board witnessed a third out on Cynthia. Some missile nervous old time yeah. Service. Was so nervous about. I'd like my job I'd like to keep it you screw up all the top of the ticket promotion. Of point not listening you should probably get at him and promotion. So relax know that hey what do I tell you all the time. Robbie you woman's on HB today with a very low cut out situation on. Marine shipping eyebrows anyway we got called on the map the bat liner Kabila and to do rubbed lock the studio is a Big Dig is on there. It is line it's the box. On now. The thing maybe shut down and among its recent down just keep it keep give me headlines your busy. Robert Williams took the picture that the Celtics he overslept the Celtics edits because of time zone mix up even though he was in the same times a last night. So you that's crazy to me I don't know him know what's going on some some organization. Corey is a coup we. It is and you gotta brisk arms that the plane leaves that now was a year and out so excited. All good now wait. Do we win three and thirteen. Pantsuit bail was like run on the plane that morning. You don't they'd usually out the next blow by the way by the way what would happen. Speaking of ammo. Hall yeah. The hash tag camps sir. And credible. It look everybody's done it if you if you complain about bands like you dribbling right now trust me he's handle it things just by dribbling but now his head and skills have gotten quite fine. We're there and what were their two or three wood is that it's Ray Allen to his game let's just yet. He he took string that he got game and he was he's shuttles were yes and Pamela. Boasts there. Rob Lowe. He knows what do you want to explain to the audience and if they missed by you has taken company. Of multiple ladies. In a bedroom. You have to do is there is similar favorite reminded him that bill in favor. If there's too overwhelmed in a lot there are going to be if you really think that they're my family in a lot of array LeRoy in a lot pregnancy pact. I could to a new monitor. Trust me they were right. And trust me. Hanging around his cousin who sit in a laced with rock the commitment they've Evans earned it. Work hard he's been working his ass over the Rasheed Wallace he's doing his moves in the gem. Play hard he's blown off some steam the young fellas got it would have two or three gives those that there's a body part we could not identify. I must have been an album there's two. Duplicate Kevin noble wanted to add new album a third person is but yet he had me. A third person and I took a look I did I did I did I did research on the computer. There was two you would in the photo forensics to this administration about a by AP get over some massacred is good hilarious look at every scene on his days it's the pulled George. Catfish hastily put pat opened there just like that in these guys like this sly smile as he's got one eyebrow if he's so happy I'm so happy for him was he where and a Patterson thing and the legality it and with a sleeve the city's got for him and he could for him the ambient room yet it only gets point. One accord he should he should meanwhile I'll Whiteside still benefit and a Lamborghini it's. To sell two points this is the seven foot labor union talent that line has taken off. This. We too bad finish Q remembered meaning that leads pin mirrors them. And in that it will be and I got a monsoon is is premieres on dead hopes. This moment but no bulls debt samples is George here Assange still with us. Two mobile home is. He just gets to the U wanna rim than them bikini at the reappearance. On this though to send food news. People were doing that we blew still alive. But progress on stolen particularly romantic. Then and even the ran around the same tune since college. Could it interest you in some Italian luxury. It's how bothered me men. In my couch reading call me sixteen and you could look at what. Does it that's more go for died in the eleven. Oh yeah of course it's got to catch the. Fully engaged and to convince them that the economic. So blue will voice that that's some zoo voice there. You're a seasoned somewhat like goes to the zoo we you have Fox Channel talked to small hours Robby followed the smallest clip of some whats that talking to his cat. When he's trying to figure out they can. Create and then why are you gonna renal caddie. While you behave in the cat cat. There's a Fred just said ladies and gentlemen. This is the president. It's like. Hey hey what's going on Sacramento you guys adjusted in trading for him some inside. Pat is the guy who talks to his cat. All to see myself out. I mean yeah. Like and that's that's the one thing I think about lies right. What the conversation when you're trying to trade. An anchor. Who's. Going to be. And he says things are getting better do you think her sons calling up like Shawn Bradley and Mark Eaton to see if they Orlando's. Rick's Mets. Are now he's mornings that crowd like old men. Like old white guy like you know big guys this year wanna gang called the man. He would peddled them. I mean jeez how they would boatmen's land to the he they would have just cut a hole in the top them implicitly club but the corporate. Could steer and will it be like for captain's ship. Obama pauses so and it. It. Was formed some. Guns but it's that of it. Small words small arms in his Sanchez smaller. Crews that share. More or at least mourners say that I use mormons. Small words. Smaller load. Swarms. When you have a bit like gore do. Well. We didn't and that's an idea going up player you tell me that some of them like him. Harming but Raza a Radisson SA things get better at it would yet again great great thing you know why. They're not playing gain and again batters faced play basketball. It's bad enough for you Lambeau puts you in the next six he needed you can you can you can you can can you got us around that aside is there Robbie. I expect you know a lot. A son. You know contrary to what people might think about us treating him that we haven't offered and anybody really guess for the union so really. You go through emotional period with a player. And and you deal with the come back in and you work things out. We have offered him to anyone really is that right in the Dafoe and offer it yet would. Did I get any calls back. No I've I say the word ha and they stop me. So theoretically and never got to Whiteside. And he never got to the sun oh. Restored to. And why studio only guy. You know podium. And the mother Anita. Are you know a you've come chickens get. Your county an area around them and that's celebrating though we are doesn't yet have Rocco come out and I. His stats on all the stray things or weird. It but now we gotta go forty minutes of no goals that's the one thing about draws as us is that there's a thing as a comfortable draw yet it's always gonna be stressful down to audience it's got to do. And I did not even that was a heck of a strike from beyond via box. What's wrong Tuukka lot you can clearly. Com merely off the left foot. Would that much time left. Do you guys celebrate the tie up would probably get it you gotta get the first the end of the first you say it all the time you gotta be in the game to win the game yeah he robbed and again. I don't. Does it. Will that add up that is the Leary quote assault in. Yeah good talk when we know we have argument would rather get blown out in the Super Bowl or not be in the super once or rather I gotta be in the game to win it it's. The box. If he did climate like Don can. Every bit Doughty told would never date. Oh from side to every word that I'm. I've had that about my hopes got a little bit yes and when I saw those were loads nets it was as. Smokers addicted nets didn't do do it they just hit it it. Give us a first. Leg it's his government might like to understand the Baltic ex disgruntled southern. Don't know any better than I don't know what they're doing they keep ticking bad said as they took Moscow they took Dwight Howard. My dad my dad tried to get into an argument in the yesterday that said that Dwight Howard those cancer in the locker despite what he says. And my dad says so is the size it's not like cantor he's just a baby. I mean yes yes Brooke but it. Here he's teetering. There. You can become a cancer if you don't play. Near your capabilities. And if the coach is. Leading yearly gaming you're not helping you know players did it becomes a problem because you know. The coach as a responsibility of dazzled on the floor and that's why he probably takes a sign out. Because you can tell right away easily wedeman not a war here more would run the court. We'd for the guys on the floor and you can have yours or censor it can't be that he get him opener on the players who. No man is all late. Bit detained at. You know a lot of he moves it amused by. This is a big may have brought. Right like all big men have that's their keys they're weird thing with seven voters bright light. And you Bynum weird guy rightly it just has something to do with the position being asked Jack super sensitive you are the guys right. Right always that size always admit there's no doubt that Bowman's got some wilderness and them. Right now the says he just how to find the sidekick Pittsburgh not as fun side who was even more amazing that they had to go tell him to go take the money. It opened don't want to leave you but. Managed. You must go Bo van de. Follow. Maine. We didn't talk about. Column covered every committee for. The showdown pool. Yeah we'll talk about new things. We'll audience double there on base in Missouri laughed so hard rock hope. They're front and. Acted as about. Whereas the rest use and we leave Dei and their coveted it is it is it is jammed up is still player on those of the does do wanna get down here and get your week of sorrow some of actually get announced the poker room. This put you wanna be free weekend all the World Cup action is up around nearly about Tony TVs. Deng went down from the ceiling up against the walls so you'll miss any action going on sports either. Last night the Miami he had a very quiet nights no draft picks in the first round second round. Of all did that went down really. Regarding the heat was the pick that they gave up for broader one of the first round picks video from one drug which ended up going to Philadelphia in a trade they sought fixed. The pork it is mom. Wars for the sixes that he you know normal but it really what has bombed there. She was excited and happy that yeah please good luck getting yours is Rashid head of HR yes yes duplicate your expense reports had been out. Good luck. Programs like hey. Really got back my gas money for going on that's oh and it's in the works yet in a problem don't know. Though accounting about it or. Get new insurance cards we switched it and yeah a year all right don't Wear it rat. Don't worry. It'll be here are of sorry zone has said. Michele bridges as the go to Phoenix and so that pic also that would Phoenix got back was the points we want first rounder. For Miami and a lot of real rate at about six has made a home run did this sick is this it's is an unprotected pixel. If Miami happens to be terribly lessons than just goes really in the toilet community considerable Brooklyn nets and yet we keep that into consideration when you're doing. Or do you just not care with picks yet. But here's the thing and that's it United's X rated about this annual pat keep sacrificing our future. For the president. And he's right he did however I asked that Dexter. The opposite. Did you have an open stance when you're fat you're getting Goran Dragic coolers I remember that day. When we got Gordon to first round picks Justin Hamilton. And Danny Granger and hours but no shot. They were gonna get him right and they did they thought final piece to the petty party. And we all sit here with with with a pair of stents excited work. The matchup mobile matches went to root for the grand daddy of them all it was going to be heat burst adds that year right and then Chris Bosh got sick twelve hours later. Right so. Dad he took a swing. Big bad luck big miss he does do that he admitted at such at the at the end of the oppressed and is still a missile in the corps a journal star. To a borders I take a burger please and what it is what I think it did happen. Because I think I I do think that that does keep it I'm more so on the conference and the guys that are in play. I think go on drugs is gonna be hypocrites mystery Hong. To the point where I think it's gonna be like they're going to racked up his stats to Jersey retirement status. Late Richard court judge is it forever man on the Miami Heat now. Could is the fact that that could turn into something. Really really great for another team did not allow that to happen and so. I have a hard time believing that Gordon ours is now gone anywhere which I thought the Euro car's going to be big play with one letter now but now it feels like you got some. Kevin Garnett. Shenanigans going on like you had with Mikhail and and Danny Ainge back in the day is now best buddies San Antonio Brett brown. And the spurs are to be like hey what's up buddy it. At this first round pick Logitech is a requirement but they'll be some friends on stuff going on there will be in I just read earlier he beard talked into the lakers. I don't know what to do Woodley executive and conversations of a book but if you say. You don't want to trade him into west ride which you still have conversations. That means there's a change yet at the latest thing was that they base the if he Ramona suburb says they're later her lakers source says they basically shut the door on us spoken at an RC yeah for the GMs like. I don't know that we still think he's going to be a for a long time he's not but they still think he's gonna be there for a long time. So it it it they're clearly not at the mode. It seemed publicly that there accepting this burn quite yet and and we'll see what happens at that now. Yesterday. This avid exit the leak during our show is on the same time as Colin Cowherd in this is gone viral yesterday. Bigamy if it was due to the media rounds and he ended up doing to our show and tower apparently has been boss they commit to hard. Easily on draft a bull don't like the flaws there look and on the show Adobe who has been like. Six foot double overall pick questionable. What Colin was breaking him down with yes in the studio is. Eight touchdown celebration writer Pat Brown a running to the ban and sell this back and forth yeah it really really testy between. Baker and Colin here's a little bit of that a backlit. No watch his maker and you don't touchdown instead as tile like this commentary right now popular not want. Or you don't. What we don't know that. Our band is over their student sections right there and then straight back to our sideline. Well boy did you watch seriously and I watched the whole game you did seesaw we celebrate our team it's like three touchdowns before that's a like them now okay death you pulled the one clip of me running right there to our fans and people that traveled willed that game first of all. And then you didn't show the rest of the clip of me going to our sideline. No I don't know you go you have to decide you don't gonna go the hospital. Or gonna go after the trusting your not gonna go Dracula got his ran away from everybody what you did but then you came back encircled the sidelines. This is that what does a 52 clip of your showing mean and I'm off the screen right there and like you to be your teammates Ed watch suppress the game it was. I know he went back to the sideline and I don't know on goat wants the of the touchdowns and a very excess amount. So you'd think my accusation that this doesn't this is a guy I feel like you're going for the fact that I'm not a team guy. I'm selfish is that we usually Harrier mom it is say no I don't think I think duke I think sometimes you judgments just a handoff and I think the NFL to judgment leak of the game is so fast enough to make the windows gets really really tight really really small. Demi decision really respect. In college he got that Orlando brown guy doubled our top and all of that decision all of the celebration. See what people do in the league now celebration once. Hip thrusting not a fan. I'm not a big fan I'm not a good idea I don't like when Antonio Brown doing that stuff I'm not into it. You know what did exactly I've used celebration. And I know I have nothing nothing you can give the ball I apparently had to go and he did just run away. That it thrust it now. Now. Here's what bothers me about their morning. First ball what I feel about baker may feel. Has nothing to do with how good I think he's going to be. It has more to do we have. The browns. In the decisions that big me. You know dead if you're gonna take cor reg number one you at least need to look depart as a Hindu whether he's going to be good and yet. That being sit. The last thing an athlete wants to hear. Is the keeper of the game. Being an old white dude who has a radio should I promise you debt. If somebody. In pro football they came to him and said that. He would head the same conversation and say look dude that's not what I'm about done with somebody outside of that arena. Com you should do. I think and if really do like this slight. And you're gonna go baker may feel the only cut the only. Checks against them I've really seen other than you know getting caught by that cup was. The nightly short. And I'm grabbing his jump. That he of course he's the right move it too much of a showboat but but here here here's what I'll say years. He's got a lot of Philip Rivers and them. Which you don't feel. As good about him as you do about to a river of performing on the field. And until you see. If he has got a great NFL career. Debt narrative will change. Just like it changed for Philip Rivers. So it could just be a person at least it just could be who he is there is nobody in football. That thinks. Philip Rivers is I mean my god that he's not a team guy even though. He does some stuff like he's known for gore back and forth with other sideline. And that is adding me into it quarterback isn't it because what do you want do you want the guy who looks fire like Dan Marino was or do you want the guy who's a robot which Tamils and call like red embassy is that you really please the fans there Brett if it like Tom Brady had budding people here's here's what it was what I. Always thought to it in and it's a detriment if your personality doesn't fit. The fans want to do look like you turn. Not Boettcher trying. They want to go book. Like UK. Not that you Kay yeah so if you personality. Doesn't. Reflect that some people are even keel they just don't show emotion like that. And so it rubbed some people the wrong way. When you're not performing or when things are going your way big knock on the line. Of course. That look. But any throes of arrested asylum goes up as a silent when he beat the exact and I am submitting it which may be one of the best as is I've ever seen along with. Air ride just this running left the Roland let them Simon I'm policy Flacco personality after who's who's not the boat yet if Flacco who's checked like boo -- Wow you don't want to have to go in Beirut works as witness Flacco looked like. And everybody go check we obviously the neighbors waiter or gray Keiko flatten them so so. I think. You don't but I will say this. I will say this. Of all the confrontations. That have occurred skip Bayless used to have a lot of and none of them went to smooth movement of important. I booked solid no Wednesday. Baker always gonna have and so handled himself a albums while web you know four guys on the Levin that would like really. Like I said it like you keep more of what kind of felt a Muslim lancet a feeling it. Act act. It feels like what happened is collins' father was an exemption or beta midfielder he's due media's been asked of the crotch grab a hundred times. So he's a good for the other where's the other character well this line is not even that would would happily was is. You know they'd that likes get used to do the same thing. Is like you talk trash about a guy in and say if he wants kimono show and defend himself and baker said yes. And so now he's owners all of this bear any EU makes a valid point and I have always said this about. Athletes and and and I feel this way you don't even if I'm not a fan of Phil Mickelson I feel this way. Take your five or Tim. Worst minutes or your life. And input more in the loop and ask I would athletes go through. It in and so you're not necessarily always proud of everything that you done. Which you don't always get a chance. To redeem yourself. And so yes. Spurred a moment type thing. Baker may have field he was pretty much you look. College. You looked you are appeasing those crowds you don't have to hold yourself any kind of way you can run around inactive who. You know nobody has a problem bigamy few except. But rarely. College scholar Robert Barnes had thrusting not a fan hip thrusting now. Early leg like it ended up big point. These celebrations and NFL. Well look the NFL. To the suit and in this short putt give him credit but at least they they went back someone on the celebrate right used to light. Used to raise your eyebrow in the east and Brent LC. Right no no don't do that right so Alicia let your allowed to do something some of these is yet to legalities that these players to show off their personality somewhat. If you want developing stars. And and it's tough to visit her for non quarterbacks mean as a couple wide receivers I think you said nationally mainstream but. Mean that they were scrubbing and everything out of the game and it was it was getting crazy man. I told you so we knew spin. Your whole life. For a moment. And you get their moment. Arena of sports that OG you can Sue Bird man I look. Don't play. You don't like I'm not celebrate a one yard touch on the I don't know and in a bolo to him because I didn't get the whole 99. You know I got 52 yards and a drive and in common him the ball but look for guys talking trash to me. And then we are confronted him front and dead in zone in a run over him you best believe he can some of my best work. Because I want him and like we're just tourists to me. And that's part of sports so I don't get the whole thing with the pitcher and batter being. Win column you can add a guy. And when we get a hit he allowed just break once you lose principal hip thrust next time you face the giants. Full. The Ross is sitting at home this morning walking around the basins. Like eight bit. Under the old deal wing and Agilent signal of the base deeply. Wound. Now we're back rudeness. Yeah it's. Body over a new line. But they did beat these places like. He's dishonest. You're in trouble here would take government third hour hash tag for an hour shares protests and proposing what you're into the single forehand right. Seles is the celebrity getting ushered in the third out more often. I'm centrist thing but but but but the crazy movies follow these that is before and every. All of this name rob he's still alive. Robby got a ten minutes he needs a draw between Serbia and I'll need an announcement of his Curtis is in the building two and he's got the same that. But you know for real. Some don't it's voters onward everybody's in yeah redundant on the ballot that's why I was checked out last segment because there was like seven shots and almost went in like acknowledge it and the show. Well oh lead you before you got here today. I got I gotta I got to this point so yesterday during the draft outlines. Just that they're the draft when it went down was. The next. They get to them that only boom. Could blow it this is a thing to collect the board's biggest thing they have the same kid. Well let's get into they had they had this stupid kid the posing as kid who was dead wrong so I don't even know why the go for his advice. And Earl chip from Michael Porter they want Michael Porter Michael Porter might border. School whose back is broken spine. And he's of begin so I don't know what you know this was towards the VP. Yeah I know you are to catch it on the tax issue on the relevant I don't like them either via red flag. A graduate at LeBron didn't begin well. Is given to rip a begin mu is Greek freaked even begin. Harassment case. Now that this mean that all the dogs that. That story went on to the knicks then draft Kevin Knox and here's the reaction and. Eight draft. So this is what it is too late look at just want told the knicks fans out there my best friends next man or a family nor knicks fans. I'd just look at unit and. I feel pity. Any team dinners mean you've become the expanse. You become a parody of yourself not just access to all New York event this used to be though beasts that used to be a respected. Hit a knowledgeable basketball fan base bright but Mecca. And did their ass clowns that nothing that they urgently judge spends now is one for the gimmick. We're gonna have the kid and the posing as kids show up it is dopey fireman's Jersey. And food no matter what the call is just so we get angry. And he's gonna he's gonna do as the bullets to grab video wall all the pics on it's embarrassing. I mean this used to be a heartfelt. Respected bribery heat. Knicks bloodthirsty rub fist fights. Jeff and the hanging of so's jump in the midst of a melee. And now look at two. My kitchen. Who went over the number nine pick didn't even know Michael Porter disable the sun's shining. The good that we should go Google is that the same as the Kentucky duke chick. Oh she was a plan. I like to us that was ridiculous about it did you that was ridiculous. For the audience. Who wasn't paid attention as much as other be able. So they think they should this chick. Was duke first and Kentucky's first every road which went knows about duke duke I was dropped the first place it was brilliance of the showbiz couple was duking Koppel there. Plug in there embrace in their high five and this chicks go on wild and then like 1015 minutes later at Kentucky guys drafted. And all of sudden she's in a different part of the stands at a Kentucky Jersey doing the same day. Plant plant is it possible and I was too just euros it is and it she heard the plant you look now you guys who were black folks and I'm sure. All. Why women would say she wasn't long ago when the voter I feel humans and you looked at our tax in like three days he does. To enter into. Expired and that's what you want us. We do what you just. Wanted to let you put on you know she's been on. A Texan you Leo don't be surprised me group dumpster. Meanwhile two. Immediately and router doesn't and you get us the moon now that I'm not on the outlook is beautiful the text you would I know your job girl. They drop. That line out hard rock band we got to get a fix now we have agreement as to go to almost had a perfect I don't serious and we gotta get those lines next. They just went out not to be beaten an ugly impact. How we do and of those that rotting. While it's it's a stressful as two minutes up in this post injury time and it's 11 in Switzerland unit report and you have the drop had to drop both mean Kurds are sitting on pins and needles. Why does draw the draw and the duke boxer like surreal as the man to examine this for real monopoly for reals if you don't mean that I don't make it's. Critics for real the quarter was headed out. She prodding of the phone. On the gas line. That Tobin on the gas line. You can I would miss went management think you can just walk in here and caught up I connect and many are we want our beat Roy. It is older I got out here. That. About that. No I think about that. New line with it would it would rat you know I think about that. On dropped him and over. They had their time my time now. Entered. Heard our. Despite the boss' wishes. You really careless listen anyways. I may have fired in all these guys are my neck initiating and not let the best of dad and end posted net murdered his third hour you know I haven't. You haven't got. And gulag all the ninetieth minute. Switzerland takes a lead terminal and the guy. Sure I'll get I have such a bad beat. This election time on there you out. Mo Ment Serbia and I have more holes there deepens and this was Apple's entities. Minus one. I can't believe that just happened. How they've let that happen how do you let that happen. Let's see there was a shot that bounced off the ball are and the Swiss guy. He passes that up to the half the sides of the sides all sides you also can review that now the the BA IR. I don't know it was outside either. That was ridiculous. I online crap on a hard rock one of these weeks will get fixed it's been horrible. Like we really media affixed on Clarissa Parker coming your way in moments. Robbie thank you. Up mosques please don't fire me for these guys just hijacking a third hour of the show would that wasn't planned. And see I'm actually I'll see you tomorrow. Beauty and the Beast and a three mean ever total cut nearly 10 o'clock on Sunday with fighter fury and the whole crew will be back on Monday. From noon. Hour from one until three unless they hijack a third hour again occurs in park next.