6-5-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, June 5th
Tobin looks like a marine and Beast and Leroy two bald men comment. Jason Sanders goes 7 for 7 including a 56 yarder in mandatory mini camp and the show goes crazy. Tobin is calling the new Dolphins kicker Colonel Sanders. Tobin relishes in Lebron being so upset after Game 1. Tobin goes on a rant about people feeling bad for Lebron and notes this roster is his own doing. New Dolphins RB Kalen Ballage shows off his ability to catch out of the backfield. The guys go over the name of old names for women. Brock Osweiler getting his mechanics retooled. Tobin calls Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady cowards for showing up to mini camp as soon as you can get find. Eagles get uninvited to the White House.

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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. It's gone on everybody. Texas. Our radiation and you're the south Irish dream. ST a RT ET street car like that Robby and that Doobie Brothers yeah. That the 78 on streets and that gave him a little. Amanda I was released doesn't with the didn't meet object. Those big yeah it's Augusto Connecticut. Unfortunately you. It what you look like your marine today the case with here and but hey. You need to go back well well well he did get guess to doesn't get the judge hair. To ball leaves. You'll know well yes it. Well it's not where you Italy. I'd like that Q there are words against Doug nothing in the middle. I'd like to call that the Cowboys Stadium in the opinion held here it would what you would do to help sponsors that not. Are you can't. Arjun playing master sergeant. Doesn't know this the leg when you have. It gets hot out and you guys are used to using got a late last. Usually you you seriously you definitely markets and from I don't know that is that is more old IQ does is easier sells its first. He's pretty every other ways a spoiler you end up killing yourself. Now I'm getting your full marine uniform did let out because I've few good men and Martins and they've put into the hotel get your military movies right. We gonna make him did you did you tell. The barber lake KO one a look like I'm giving it a different budget cut discussion fashion shorten sassy. That sassy and then. Maru. Please don't tell me you can. Wiwa. What. What's all your railroad history are readying its own notes in military today we got today new mandatory. Is minicamp chronicles. Wait I thought I was in Lima headlines for you to do that to I don't ruin the chronicles I mean look that we have so look when you say. We got a holster of so much mini camp stuff. Can even handle so you go ahead run to the to a two all you've got. With the mini camp because. It's overflowing with football. It's overflowing in fact little while later in life. So it's got what you XY and south. USF XHDH oh yeah. Well. Listen what just happened. What just happened is that basically. He now knows what gets under your skin. And so he's going to he's going to push it to the absolute limit you know I didn't have radio teases yet what we showed seasons. And basically what Tobin does is he takes the screen. This hurts the little little mere. Whitbeck headline let normally it's a video some animal doing something or maybe like W. Some sort of you'll see knock out no no no a lot to get to a not to not doubts but when somebody gets it I'll watch some of this weekend with the fight game. And Gilliam changer see the guy kicked in the head. Which one it was on on the outsider might be ended though the fight night gaga at site kicked in the head I did see that. So awesome Marla minus the he won 33 seconds had to. I did see that but what I saw though he wasn't tired got a guy kicked in the face what tired is never saw coming. Never saw them but like you scout telling you they get me what I saw this again game changer. Yeah game changer game changer. Was meant why cement yet. Game changer. But god goes with you cannot lines is the the tossed over the days that a new kicker Jason Sanders had for 56 yards or. And it's seven for seven sees no way you make it mandatory and that looks like he's got the onions to shell out so it's good decisions six yards boys' club on kernel so that's that could win that when you game. That can be a game winner right there it's like area possible bucket six. The colonel. Colonel Sanders. Advocates on yet. You're just lucky you're not paying attention know. I heard the bucket of kicks. And I. I was just read the story look it says designer Kate Spade and found dead in her apart wait you better reduce and got them Kate Spade is. Yet found dead and or are you hear a little bit right the just teams of spike. So to slow I'd love to slow and the master the spin move through slow. And understood a bonus pool we figure we're trying to kick to take a minus two because you missed a block though. Okay. I am by the way and Texas. Who love you. Crews use and in that none since yesterday. And I started make fun of rugby played it and they loved it and so I had to change my mind as we. On your day off to a close to axe. On how funny is that what those animals. It. It wasn't funny who was the best video was always you're you're got to go and stupid or whatever she's at at. Rather Madonna's like match and it. Really party embarrassed even though you include our most problem yet. Not appreciative. Of it if holds its your daughter should look at least six again if she doesn't if she's not doubt them right. How does your wife feel like you shenanigans. And I'll ask you last night in the bedroom we were watching the LeBron JR Smith video. A dead. It's a sad honey nut motivation probably Rios that the mood. When a player that's. And it's just Boris is that why is that why you play the video LeBron and answered just trust me. Trust me I watched him be so upset. I mean she she could she do the most risque thing polygamy that excited. Did you see how miserable you it's boys. Boys. News did you see it. It was that it was why aren't we literally. That you and have a problem burn. Oh yeah I heard by the way I that'll Smart out there remarked you may just say sir. What what what well. Not untouchable is on the way home just me. I'll listen and ears out their ears on the straights you have been picking the cavs the past couple all say good morning I'm right state look. Hey mister Magnificent Seven which is turned into the turbulent seven. Because I heard them did you get I can go away from my from my feelings to winsome that's. Doesn't mean I'm not basking in the glory as much as I normally am I'll tell you the other I didn't mean you can call it a win win that's right. Let's say hello to you kind of bitten rugby match in bad bad bad bad debts against Palestinian ambulance team wins go arm that's. I do that'll all man I could do it had a set of New Orleans. I mean some kind of that went in and tries to set. Did she goodness that's been going on the media it's sickening. AA it's sickening what I've been watching with this with this LeBron stuff. I mean personal to promote the opinion other than all moved to cork city dragon mood on. Lose his lawsuit that yes to drag to the finals. For the entire time that it's his doing. It's his taste yeah it is why is terrible. If he could just be drama free throw like. Three seconds. May carrier everyone want us out to Boston at first chance he's not forcing his way he's out. Let's get it is just me. And he actually thought he had a chance to be in the finals if you exit the if you can explain if he had a real and his team right now carries would be it would apply. You would be would be because he had a voluntary surgery because he thought Boston if we don't anywhere. So and also the plank Purdue forced to just beat Tiger Woods that would soon enough. Stiller and sooner and you know what I am I doing rule do you think will do that includes this it is true. Our boss. In new anybody who does yours. Please. Please don't give Toby meaning more days off. Because when you compact. It's worse well but let's beyond silly or. He goes out there and he begs begs Dan Gilbert to give his boy issues and tops and just been a monster contracts just fat ones. To a chemical groups. But it does go back all the owner is cheap bastard he does though is doing all the GM the whole time. It's so. It's funny it was a cool. Looking. To have include Milton who. That's because he comes in like napalm. Fantastic and exciting for the beginning points. Put that fire burns man and it doesn't stop and so when you look at this one. It is real whole roster Billy hall porn problem. Poor Ron Brown because it's like he didn't open hi till out of Miami the. Second. That he saw Dwyane Wade's these get a bit. I go to Rio is roster in Cleveland. And so if that happens and that's why do you not sense it's as. Got out. These are cold. Sorry look fantastic performances by him it was a feel bad for the bronze and could he looks around that roster and sees nobody. And that's the work of a sheet. I'm pretty sure you and I can just leave as it's really exit plan. But that's way out didn't. And Ali yeah you know. Like the guy we have the right. They have hot take a big hit. It. All right. It's easy out one god not ready to Greta what's really could not be walking on the aventura mall. I haven't armament fantastic. Mall grounds. Again yeah well that's tear common nerves governor are you yeah yeah yeah set for the show little mall browsing. Can tell you what. Big sale on by issue of sports. Except you know percentages economy. Go home back reports. You won't act on this I'm Russian. Is it that time did you do Russia aren't haven't had time to time on. And on used by shirt is Fleischer now will say it is 'cause I got a couple of shirts now that I got they say they feel like big December's and so I got double legs and anything like a blink yet he doesn't own. It's its own doing upbringing. I got shirts in Men's Wearhouse that were on self from 74 dollars to 1198. Beat them all and by the way around stated he Obama black sheep Jesus. Have you been able. You all of you who like old daughter he'd turn. It over look you're the ones who aren't over you're not. Because you just wanna sit here and act like it's all the same it's not same we you in the electrical fan abusive relationship. To think that things are gonna turn around for you and that job better days of UB positive appreciate greatest ball. Trust me you'll feel a lot better when you get paid on things they should be hitting on its therapeutic. At some times. I'm telling seller says that if you do a focus group you're fake LeBron outrage bit is played out brought. I gotta tell you trust like Joseph that's fate it's bagel bronze stuff. He does is 24/7. But it's ever visit home. Of LeBron home. This so I didn't start immediate. What loses all turn. What was of most news. Well concerns are hey don't hamstring organization by telling them to give. Oodles of money to Justin Thompson just let us some flexibility down the road. Also may be don't be so drama filled every single year. Something many many many actually give a T a plan out to your teammates. Who you know can have a better idea and don't want to be puppets in you're little and you little my stroke. Play of all women gonna don't gonna go to Philly may get a good and Alan my gonna go to Miami my gonna hear me to go there. It's like it's nonstop it's always a cycle of drama. It's it was just a little normalcy is the UK so anyone wanna high tail it out of there but now I got it now got to hear about all look who he's got to play with Lisa and he has he's saying and not so many words. All up and Jordan Clarkson. Oh yeah government oxen wanna know why you really need these should married to the curb breaking news. Make a Fitzpatrick has to interceptions and two pass break ups and hold. Then there are you ready for the day for the next hour 45 holy crap you ready make of that. He's today Banca outlaw. How fortified to go boys. We got lots to get to we're back after this. Rods which. We could actually. Yeah the Jersey Mike's bat single. They've responded quick. I felt guilty so I guess and now I was like now I mean you've brought lunch enough times that I'm good. But then Robby just blundered and I was expecting you to you guys brought to light the didn't know alone. If that last and I missed it must've forgot to accidents like thirty minutes later. Because they do look at donkey I was I was on an island here both breaking the seal so I tell you can never look like that don't because it dunking his parents back. Many Tim is resistant full swing and just I you can't even handle it it's it's mandatory now so Lira can say this doesn't matter everybody's together as I saw a solitary that my cassette key he took it defender to the ground today. Well they said he could block taste yeah that's humbly do they really mean block. I said. It doesn't matter in until you put them up pieces what are you. It's mandatory they got to be Nam my rookie year we have both Carson as a coach on Lansdale minicamp. Open bar there and a young bugs you. Is there any young bloods. Now as anybody young devil by the name blood. Oh in a sitcom amateurs who run on the combination of yes. I mean those thirty years ago thirty year reference a guy says now. Since I was there is the guy is the answer I can't think of any new bonds now of the bud Crawford tents Crawford who isn't just like. What's that old old name might. My grandmother's name was Mildred. Did in the mountains anymore nurtured. But there's a couple of my to my grandmother's name is freedom. And freedom is. Three district is outdated yet it is musty mother grandmother may she recipes below Sylvia. Unless asked Nestle cool it is and allows abuse other horse movies still being. While utility. I model and so. There is tension on a huge duo. Doctor Carlo. But you said Heatley got what rulings similar manipulative or that said I'm willing to Madras the might have four. I struggles. Anyway a new tradition goes to open the abroad later you are eager to show what they do they to a four hours he. Yet and a lot of and so Leo from 26. Time. Then it was like as the what does this first day he thought wills on Russia. Welcome. Welcome to thunder dome. To take senator moving leads my own name is Al freedom. And just freed from a. Thanks Robbie love me some chicken Alfredo. The lists. Every bite of food out Lugar Biden of the pulled he's gonna have the next guy that's right. So his is really about privacy you're the reason why you didn't have an average your MO humidity gets up meat. All and tell embellished. Hands. Hands let's just say this is put it out there right now this guy they are from Arizona State LeRoy the wildcat quarterback. Well rounded running back it's got at all. Oh they put out a video. You year old rise and look. Just sucks. There's this video out there that the dolphins put out on their social media page. And I'm just gonna say. Dudes got Mets. He gets bought the backfield which just makes them even more well rounded. Area but it's still there. Oh he's white. No okay I didn't look that is why. We hands. Can. See that we who has hands like Spiderman doesn't tell you we slow motion slow motion I'm gonna tell he's as a Alan Milledge. Own ball that's now immediate site it finally coming not to shabby either and even the haters of the haters gotta say Prosser Prosser is due. Looks like plenty of the peace. In. Oh this city could play all three downs. Very exciting. Anything about you got wider series of is we got running back I want to do whatever they want about bedie. Oh this my name is LC. LC says she's a less and she's fat. Our new and wanna come and I didn't get through this week's was Rula stop half with their alma Consuelo. We did that room where lending for days now I'm not I'm not. LL he's been a carrot is the first to tell me you don't meet many young guns loyalists I don't know thirty some name apple. Well and apologized in an expert. What does Jesus and perhaps Lou I'm pleased and she's named apple. Without you that my peace would that be like you know factor I think so really how he's not always gonna think about her with the blue hair. I mean if she's hot. You know Boone does want a say like here's what I'm saying she's she's just like now the absolute finest her name is Ethel not anybody at all. This book that'll really quiet wasn't. We knew it turned away just based on an infant son. Oh it's it's obviously she's brilliant piece you'd cut you mr. eyebrow examiner that that doesn't you to it's a waiver thick eyebrows get out in your piece. Yeah we'll ask where's the talk about it. Hot take was that and that you've got to pick you the weirdest stuff OK I don't like that British chick on HQ's eyebrows and sorry that he. Even eyebrow. I like I don't know Ira and civil right eyebrow on the left wings like Mel Limbaugh look and listen that's a company Tom breed isn't a martial arts. Listen listen listen quad pod boy that that they are okay and support. It was on convoy that made me go swimming in the jungle just your straw may lower its Mildred. Andrea how about this when you're ready you are now this could leave the white or black if you bring the country. You know what you've been in a good you know one. Cleats. All of those purchases Leodis. The Otis who knows Machida. I know smoke show name logo yeah that's far and like we don't know what's going on a go to no Nokia EO GA like that can be. That it be a hot name likens the you know Czech Republic. That kind of feels that they accumulate in Amsterdam reds in god that's that that's got an autograph and Gretchen good ground zero Democrat and you share zero. You can just make Lucy yeah I mean you know I think we're gonna that I was matter looses either anymore. Really well I won't if there was no. What does that you know sort of Miss America Republicans on the red miss America's governance from Saddam addition yet does that all Justin doesn't some looks right. What do they have an all old person's name category. While you may have to do it it's got to be like miss 1920s. But she's gotta have or selling a real classic name. And so can only be. As fools. And Gertrude yet no dreads and Henrietta is and Lucille it has to. Old all. All all all last names. And here I think we got them as the dumbest I dated Eric come across looking as they're getting rid of this from succumb vision has America which is about as dumb as the columns arm because they're saying. And so I've got a debit. Really it's got some recent student pearl. Ozal. Burrow this girl is old style main real Beverly. No but I don't go to beverage to rulers so I feel like it's feeling it's not down on data they knew I germs cause an adult you go. Patrick Beverly to come as a. I feel like you to name that is an old name them but also could be really sexy nowadays is daisy. Daisy daisy ages she and days it was as a daisy dukes a feeling not dole. Yeah pretty reasons I'm so old it's like she is god he was dizzy from mom and I anymore. Which one easy Fuentes soul. Ticked it was a ridiculous when he's in the original urge the region. I'm notes in the oldies do. Memorex is next hole. This too shows. That was must see TV for young man and our dukes of hazard and Wonder Woman no 03 shows wonder woman in the corner three's company. On. Got legs. How did he let him. Let's take sides as Summers rob optional we don't even know about all the way of Janet trio of tentative. The finger thing Jen amid a pro with their pink and that's why I need it was kinky definitely. From what I need to cancel. It's the show's take in a bad turn it means I disagree so. Rock costs while let's get down to boys. So cal melodies shelled out Jesus moment and Claremont and get rid of my life. We just you just told in the holster their per second so this column college is catching passes in making great plays got hands. Who's catching passes from. Whom you guessed it brought counselor why. Has the dolphins a re tall retooling his mechanics. They're gonna fix him. You've got to do with them LeRoy. Tournament to an asset. Hello Catherine but mayor Ringo Starr looks. Easily aka so. Let me get to Esther reed talent. I said the same thing about. Tim Tebow in. You have been doing something your whole life yet and we don't. Contract. Would do would be a threat in the end. Did. Lou Reed who. So that not reconstruct. Yeah. And that's what was I trying to do trying to recalibrate. To get him back to where he was because. Where. Jews okay. Is OPEC wasn't the worse. It's. Two minutes into what their entire written lately is I lied. Wicked Jacob Lew do you tell me that needs to try to retool Brock offload back to Brock got to others glory days that I never had one they were lawyer it is because he got a fifty million dollar contract. I was out of desperation than it's not dispersion of the showed some things. Things out and gay saw initially remember he had promote pop. So if he's able to turn him into an asset that's a good coaching job for crazy eyes gaze up that meant. Oz while there and any turns him into an asset a lot you got. Does not yet unsold. Lol. Dude showed some flashes. And the unprofor. What you just said. Answer this question. My immediate to him. Standards and usually don't write any hangover that's would you feel about us why. I feel great rides and put him up and I'm not I'm not mom. A campaign I'll replace it. Millions. Of deep it yet to. We teach about at the retool. Go back to your roots. Yemen Gisele and on the regional radio his boat is okay roots you know like what got enough money. He got away from that as you've ever memory the whole thing where he's mocked over. Pentagon that is a starting quarterback in the guy's like oh what on the film proved that to you. Correction. Minus one but I. Barbara Bach mayor Ringo Starr not cat remote rock box so. You. Get there. It acts minus want this show is all over the place I. It is I don't like how you hang in that meg that marker of my neck guillotine. Oh you're stuck bogey did you did you Brady's face says listen you're drunk with power you need to so. Let me get this straight and a big campus started mandatory. Mentor mean well when you say mini camp is. It's not only Yang when you say many came to me it is mandatory because mini camp is different in OT you know it's it is different but let's say yours a budget cal sports. This gronkowski in the Brady. Wish you talk all the mess you talk does the sale of the men and you talk all this mess all offseason about. The culture and how you want things and it in a different light. And how you want some more respected you don't want any part of the old Belichick way and it's surely shouldn't get fines for not showing up you shell op. Howard. Howard's way out. Now. Nah I don't have to really show our little way I wish. A puts you in that environment what's four million. In my in my coming into this thing with all rose million dollar contracts and Super Bowls in my back pocket. Is they got the pullout started all of Buffy that's of that. Not this should teams elect Jerry showed competitive and my breakfast I was there you have just pick you battles we go about doing that sixth round pick Tom Brady out the league. But if I got all the credentials and I'm talking big and bad like I was before and breaking news or you tell me that this some rip off. With Gary that Chicago a year we got breaking news but right now. He says despite his injury he still going to be able to run the ship them. On one expert said. You does it just says his legs are still going to be away and clarify so. The reason why. You had the problems. We his knee is because he should've had the surgery the first yet. OK so it's this injury NATO not the nose so the only thing that happened was. They took a chance. Andy took the raunchy. Yeah there's been no diminishment. In his mobility. And will. And management. Professional. No diminishment in his mobility. Capability right after knee surgery. And all right well. All is well I'll say this all of while I don't traders. To all the people solve fluid and where is he escaping me right now Kazaa K gate here. You know you can get in the play got hurt on to do so on. Fox then it's over blow does it did you first UT bid that did that idea yet takes days and mineral. I got a new and don't next. So LeBron James stepped carry them come out and support of the Philadelphia. We'll just because they're uninvited laughs. President in the bedroom. Which didn't step Kerry were senators like I'm not going to these like weird uninvited. What did you that was an entire team there's no always come and to the White House to celebrate of them what he calls it a small number of players and they're going to let down their fans. Because apparently they're not standing for the National Anthem except they all law are here. Connect it at throw another tidbit of information. Yes we would love a tidbit. No. Food of free even. No lets you that you except when Fox News of the story this morning they showed a picture of Eagles Neil Lane. It's a disingenuous sleep the day showed Eagles kneeling before the anthem in prayer. And not during the anthem but they are and explain that at the time of my butt so Paramount's. So. The problem would this whole issue that I had news is that. The president could have Sid you know way. Why don't you guys come we'll have a commerce. Because the first thing that would be sentenced. This president. This isn't about. You know. Dealing. For a National Anthem we're not trying in any way shape or form they'll shut disrespect the militant disrespect. The military. We are doing this for this reason to bring awareness. To. You know how some are being treated by by police. And that would be the end of it because then all the stuff that he's been saying. We have nowhere to go right they he's he's put in this position out. Worries try to see in my he's may make them un American boys were doing is try to make it seem like he's may the strong stands against a bunch of anti American players went by they weren't going anyway we're. And used it wannabe embed you while you inauguration situation where everybody was compared pics from four years ago. And so that nearly. Well the product of its only gonna be David Akers shown up even on the heels anymore. It is only be David Akers shown up I don't do good this off that they would all win. It didn't soon is because the president has a remarkable. Ability. If you. Go to the White House. He deems that a support. You see what I mean so you and your comment caught in the situation because you know. Like people would have a rally you look at all the black he wouldn't support you know we went to direct. You know so I don't I don't understand. You know I wish they would win it in and asked the president look let's have a conversation. And let's have a meaningful conversation about what why we do what we do and analysts may become to some type of solution. And if he'd been tried to turn lead in the sum and other day and what it was. Heath. I as opposed to men like you John as you try to be on the platform that is it's is completely fiction and you know. I look I think I think a lot of food would like arrest from the politics and sports thing. I would like a president take a break from it too late and how you know like you and not give the war from the starlet. Also link all the solo does. Eagles are showing up. Oh my gosh I can't I can't do much stakes speech prepared to admit the speeches are real quick honestly you think Obama really had jokes about Mario Chalmers. So true to form. As it should be chummy Jersey a lot let's go. It's like now it's turned into something of ashes and go to these are at. If Riley doesn't go to see Obama I don't care so what he doesn't agree that Obama did unannounced they don't even announced that the C here's what we see there's where we've gotten. So now would every team goes. To see the president. Now it's gonna be about who's not being. I don't what that means when an actual. Every year there's players that don't have it Malia from the with a 72 team got re honored by the White House and a bunch of data wanna go a great. I gotta gotta goes led the last opportunity you have to be in honoring Don Shula I no got a signal is what I. It. It's like some. To me to me if I were to get is such it's such an invitation to be I would go just experience is out it's one thing. Only one way or the other somebody's edition of all gone have been taken me behind Burris out of some them at noon and show I would love that chaos. Pain. As planned out attack rate and instead we're gonna at 3 o'clock the White House produced overwrought and have patriotic songs and everything else which is some early similar to. Countries which we fought in Morgan Stanley's. Look and keep my snowflake now that he is too much no other president of the Minnesota Minnesota obviously a little your grand old flag. Yeah doodle dandy. A man and we're talking about here. Hardly visit this is there's a particular like every every I swear this is this thing to with a mile. You know what ever side you wanna be on pro against. This particular thing within kneeling during the anthem. The message getting muddled up. It is a story that was going away I mean Hillary. It. Had a real. That was the that was happening was a lot as a Japanese have a gig. 'cause the last storyline of the middle of the nearly week was week five. It's like here comes in with SOB he's off the top open and home it's another that. Ivan you could strike this is it's become so disingenuous and everybody loves I respect the flag we respect the flag. Horn about man. Are you all to see how how phony oldest is right that's a thing that if I just wildly frustrating about it. It is you look at this city that audit a memo well this is the stands. For America and to make it seem like we care about this country great it's a seems like the cheapest pandering ever seen anyone Mike Bryan twins in this output value in college football. Like nine in action of the games the teams are in the locker rooms in the demand them yes. Well know up until two doesn't it we were I've never been except for a like. Javed ships or a dairy and area I've always been in the locker room tonight when we come and notes. And you go oh right so this is the only reason where do you start and the National Anthem with the players' feet. Don't implement confidence. Because I had to go Madonna was in its side. You're lonely and I know in our city was fairly you know I can't watch it. One of the performances was a ballerina. Bow laying to the National Anthem. Reverend Stanton know we all sat and you wanna know something what it was beautiful respectful and we all appreciated the anthem I'm an artist out. Which apnea is dignity standing ovation. Didn't get a simulation just high applause it's one or something great respect. It respecting great a great performance for our country. I Seb and I and guess what when they're respectful of my ass I was. We got to view. I'm weird like that like I'd just like I hear the anthem it's usually triggered mile I Standley and just do. The only Estes will solicit down in front it's my daughter. I don't think it's a national them and try out here she went a goal that you know some argue actually what gets me out more it is people that I don't think hats off. Really like diplomatic game. As a family in the stands that put the anthem and you don't take your hat off like I'm young and I you hey Ali take 08. Yes that's made it. As anything is also odd is on for the players nearly and so I am Chris. Don't I mean so you can go rob people getting Dalton Beers all yeah on the concourse a that they at the most dominant do if you got your had a tough I'm Elena yeah. You. It depends on how close used to the hot. Of you and also now I till we got listen wait we respect and join us to prop up a country where. It's do or is America. Don't need to be forced to show my patriotism what's disingenuous standing undertaker Hannah. Don't vote to battle between the respect that you all come after you. You want yet met. Auction. Back up to that's.