6-5-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, June 5th
Tobin shows the guys highlights of some Bare Knuckle Boxing over the weekend. The guys all want the Marlins to go back to teal full time. Mike Hill compares his first round draft pick to Lewis Brinson who is hitting 160. Leroy wonders what you would do if you were Kyle Murray and you get drafted in the top 10 in baseball but a starting QB for Oklahoma. Udonis shows off his body on the Instagram and Beast wonders if he is coming back. Rodney Hood is watching Youtube videos of himself in Utah to remind him how good he is. Tobin rips Mike Fiers for calling Stanton childish. Andrew Luck's dad is the new president and CEO of the XFL and Tobin thinks Andrew Luck could be the face of the XFL in a few years.

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It's still there I'm asks what is a thousand bucks got a couple minutes here shots clear of the highlights from the main event. Yeah championships this past weekend. I just realized gateway game changer you can't block your face which are being sued business crazy so tort was on the call this way I learned about this on the social media page. Use the color guy for this. And ooh this is the first sanctioned. Bare knuckle brawling. And match in America since 1892. It plays a Wyoming this past week and bonus main event between Joey Beltran Tony La. It was one of the few to actually go the distance they went organized system yet. Because these clutch hitting quite a man there and quit because you get caught up so bad by the bare knuckles. It was. I'll watch a little bit of a documentary that's on numb on Netflix is a feature because they have this underground in in an eroded because of course it learned behavior others a bridge here to Herbert and nada. And and so they decided. We don't bare knuckle bare knuckle brawling and so what they'll do they were able to arrest tape. And you had to be only uncovered an inch on to the knuckles. Boxing rules could hit in the clincher to meet you can be hell and hit a dumb. Almighty god to man it was news that a man whose brutal because of love is hell yeah man untallied game changer I get woods to the next one. I can't wait. These these because it's funny. The pads on the knuckles you that the kind of go to his reckless abandon with the hitting this is more true to true to the roots. I guess just are running out of steam quit no big bin Laden being the big Phyllis. The other big boys this big fellas they get and they basically had zero muscles and they saved a lot for this last round within a slug of each other in the face but it ice is just. Just imagine how much of lowered stow all men. And I like you said helped to block. Also. Quit it's wild. Well I commits this amendment don't. Always barely looks all the you'll be great would be bare knuckle on the net. And if I mean. When you add kicking this whole. Alec targeting advised and the entire fight to inflict in the harder you fall. Boxing gloves on Tuesday at this what these these guys have nothing. It was it was ugly round. Though it was 552 minute rounds then doesn't who's wild man it's amazing. This 52 minute rounds and none of them last apart brown says yes except this one. Praising. You were the south which has a thousand bucks in the wind thousands recount issue where the SARS quiz QU I easy quiz. Or again the time rotting yo what was the song wobbling quiz pretty hard. To cheese wedges and another brick in the wall teacher leave his kids alone we don't need no education we don't know quiz. Quiz text at the cemetery one tie you guys I'm pretty sure the song was made a rebellion of its pop quiz. I would give him a pass. Because the word is queens. On comedy that knows that looks ordered to get the hell does he looked like give another Knowles and space she needs. Rock of secular product. On the road to go ahead. I can't believe nobody got not this is brutal on the docket a series of knock out this is brutal Yemen this is the future. Talent I don't think so the future is going back to the past and it don't we know old led to more about CTE and what issues now does this thing. I think it's hard to get CT here. Because you know punch and indicate to you can't give as much force bred many times I mean you is that it's boxing matches rig Bowe Holyfield right. Did not enjoy the beat each other into the rest of these loans on their hand. Same thing in mixed martial arts these guys are each other and have a cushion there hey the harder. And so does more repeatedly asked. Live where she got great hands look I mean look in a man whose no. No joke. There were no winners. Like. There were no with what does that mean he's terrible. Just they just want to fight. Its nose looks like he would do if he had been good for oh yeah did I want. For. Pretty cool wildly at Wyoming is where it's not now flight capital of the world a better way to really have lived in Denver. When my parents split up. So a little much gum parents and timber. I had a cousin who is who flew planes. And we went to be shy and rodeo really. I was like I've let's think of saying yes that's like the biggest Oreo and I didn't know that we wouldn't. Pretty wild well today alliance who. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami and W except that each. Teach you Miramar. So locked into the kitchen for second get a cup of coffee moon and all the girls. Or having lunch like Dell is due. And I was asked if I'm gonna have the boot on for life. And the answer is obviously yes the movie got you get the award for cut. We earlier this sneak attack. What he came right under him little Fella. Predators guard. Hello hello likable on the big report from dolphins camp today it was that so far. According to make a fixed patent Fitzpatrick they have not experiment it was a three safety look yet it's. Wonderful. To know I get these kids downpours. For you saw a little tricky not running nor respect to Matt Burke firfer hole in the close must yeah I mean you don't wanna expose things early. We spies out there man is in camp opened first yet learned the basic no defense. Can't be just basic stuff in but sometimes it's on the order in which you've learned. And then re learn. And Robby has become a martyr lately like it's so I don't. Gets minds want super cold side and dumps and and I feel like he's lashing out also another big story today dale Harris who did a lot for the received my new last three years I was leaving the program. A real life. The credit has looked more playing time as you're playing time because he's been an impact player. All right well here is leaving yeah why. Junior pretty. Let's give us the shape he looks and becomes a cane stores just say menus boast of the notes in I don't know anything and it is. We don't LaMont in the night. Most cardinals. 8151 edition was except for throwback we get a Jose in Asia Karl sport anyway all the TO I wish I TO strike I wish that they would just on the way until they were in the pinstripes the old school too with two laps I would like religious and go with that permanently on hopes they had a change after 1 am. And hat. The less than just myself one another doubted that but. And their final and be in the Miami Marlins but to go back the dispute get rid of all things Loria including of the rainbow colors and the statue in the days. This season is going to want to say that we Jeter. Mobile guarantee him too I mean the million Haley who before his ideas are actually gives money. Well this that they drafted yesterday and amid this all. Of that exit and in May not know here we go. The Mike hill let me explain something. I don't know how good did you again it is and I hope he's very good. But. UK compared to a guy. Bad 130. Break a 6160. You can't you can't say we liked. As we know goes random prisoners say how good is you really look at that well. Thought they'd. And Beilin throughout the draft and every but not every single pick everybody was talking about how great each of these single players were but with this guy and look at talking about the twitch in his swing. Who quits as the only guy noticeably negative to say about during the draft pick would you guys do futile quarterback from. Oklahoma as a McCollum. Well. I think this I think this. If you're really in genuinely enjoys football really enjoys football. The football. Just legs of luck and good. I don't know his projections are to be a pro model. Feels that he thought to break calls records that don't like presidents have the prospect he's only he's only go to play college. It's no so far he's only know. So you know just only not play quarterback he's only gonna play quarterback. At Oklahoma and then that's it well and that's issue I'd take my crack to be in a football player. I'm really love football and I only got two more years to do it right. So much sanity a baseball player man we're 00 catastrophic but happened to where do you do yet you can still signed contract based on here's the and what they say it was shot and Oakland. They're known as the frugal she. Rule she. Beat sheet. Organization also Brad Pitt in the vending machines in the locker room and heard that. Okay yeah so edit the tigers to restart soon machine if you son track is he was born have to five million dollars. Is it going to be summoned a deal where you can't play football. Because I had guys on my team got after it. It like I notes when it yet drafted last. Everything now never it never even considered ideal an auditor taught those definitely get to the path and not baseball. Always will put football I never thought about all I can't believe I mrs. Murray didn't think about this. Put a guy Greg McMurtry then being humiliated yet. He based on the season's. Run dirt durable. So let's just I mean he plays a pleasant Oklahoma's baseball team no but I am saying digitally sign it right you can sign a professional contract. Employed baseball and offseason to get ready. I think I think which is weird because something you can do. I think usually the ball's long as he wants. I think he should sign a contract and applicable making gimmick actually quit global. That's by the late action center of it actually. And I guess that says that you sign a contract employee bulletin on baseball boring man. It. I don't think it's that crazy numbers that I just like man bring you used to do and some of front of a 100000 people. Did you gotta do it from a 500000. The bigger would the quarterback Oklahoma. That's some live in man yah I can understand want to give that a shot. But yet man I don't want I don't want to kill us to stop like I just. I need him to get like a speech writer and Wired News on Annika comparisons. Think the ones who the worst wants to go way if and keep them off the list Texan also points out. Notice most situations. He did say before the address. Beat 41 afternoon I'll blame global. And based drafted him night. So how are we we've got to feature eight. Love. Don't know Brit on out now or destroy a beast well I'm surprised we messed this tweet. But this I think is the most important story of camp so far that we miss out on mr. Dalton sweet yet Omar Kelly is a huge report hater. David fills threw a seventy yard touchdown to Thomas toward a most of it was in the air beautiful pass. It would fills the keeper he's gotten to the next level. Call. And I admit we get to street will have complete. I. Let me get this straight. He can tell that. On June 5. 2018 is the keeper. And in your sent Omar's negative but he's saying he's next level I mean I mean some that means weren't if you don't fret if you have is gotten to the next level that is a quote from Omar Kelly. You always saying oh what Kelly seventy yard touchdown to Thomas Larkin is ex brother. Most of it was in the air is that when caught you like all muscle but that can't get his arms over his head because he too muscle but arguably took. You can use these little Turkey is going down to the lines don't want. He is he is I mean the sheet December she want him insulin. And slums as difference when users are groove moves you do is this looks slim is he's a lamb. The sect or to see US. Is also a stat like you loads that the numbers. And he goes a lot by what the numbers saying now but we're DC. A little bit. You are a little bit of both. Speaker of the heat there's Lewis little reunion that's going out it's about the next. Hundreds of sparkling and I. Shown himself off from will mr. Graham speak up. I don't know and he's he's been on its ground these small. He is looking at six pack is the best precision hey. Tommy just tell you ask them to say W best of that guy that went on I would like to say is that. Both basketball players are ripped like that because it's so damp skin. Ha so that's kind of quit living what are you doing that I'm telling her reality of no good in this. Like when I go to Japan 350 pound guy in these alt rock done is we don't be a grown. And it hunter pretty well given them the best teaching. That's each at least SEC they do require a different level of shape. Demo. Stu no matter what you know Udonis how the mazzola's in Egypt so yesterday on wade snaps at all Blair weighed Suze I you know if Mario Chalmers. Wade who. And wade yet and there's ol' buddy. Mario Chalmers Blair. It worked out and see how real light that I am still played Izzy. We told us he played less in Corsica was like two years ago already but is but but if he's looking for that. For a for a new home you don't show a little legends and on whom. Our own. Romo. O'Brien brought him here. Joseph Johnson pool. The point guard that he wanted the year ended left a cement mixture resonate. He Uzi thumbs up and as little roll the bands he thumbs up and as laurel and and and I saw that I lose like Rodney hood. And get some wrought in game three. Did I do Jesse talk about assistant Robin Hood I was watching YouTube videos of himself from Utah to remind himself a good player he is well Putin's. Does he says the pressure of being LeBron estimate got to. Got to do what spotlight and so he has to remind himself. Bad that he was still good what is good. That's what he's got to do about his dog back teal utilities tennis things I Harken back what is good it is for him. Whatever whatever whatever buttons push a run for Rodney hood which means if he does in that game. Which doesn't give you more negative than George Clarkson sadly when running it gets in this game is coming out on his. That Robby who's gonna come out just looking into and at all. That was crazy man that that separate performance. In and by the end game twos is so a lot of what he's on. Man he's so good like you're OK does that I'm happy with with stuff don't. It's an NBA finals record Yemen where do you get beat by a regular step. You got beat by. You'd be able to step dad when he was Paul when it when he's gonna hit their shots out of out of his belief where he has no basically the guardian. To feel the love just the just feel that the documents for stuff curry is gonna be next level but it's it's like when you have situations like that especially would that team. It's as you would that team. You know to save that the cavs are playing defense when a lot of times jewelry all these guys there. He's inaudible what is it and shots like that and let me would have won about. I mean. China cover gay did he try to cover KD setting foot is quiet he immediately you shoot like 75% bad game don't even notice because of what's after it was downright. That's the danger of Manhattan. You know it's amazing what they do that is incredible. When they pass the ball Indian ones who spot and by that it is so weird because it's not a pick your role is not any like big roller ball across Indian run through took a corner. In between step between clay. I mean they do all the time. Look on his way of us in the ghetto organs already at this offseason let's be honest I just wanted to do this juicy juicy offseason. With the rumors how weary and scuttlebutt has a question. After the season. How long before two questions. Well first first press conference that regardless I sit third question well could it yeah. We knew we don't. Go in the world so LeBron. Since I'll take time note to gimmick mugs and enemy. I don't think. Requests are Gordon restatement. Apps its legitimacy out of dissident. Even Stephen Adams. He had asked the question. Of which of the four players on Oklahoma City. Is the least valuable. And somebody in the commissar and I played those in accounts right yeah. And a lot of Gaza obviously it's medalist demonized resubmit Melo Melo watched. Steve Adams new light on the comment on is that it was his bat Toms ladies on the grounds. Since I have felt the effect of styles of truth that. It is true of Telecom said that it was just a bit this is kemba the phones won't they want and the film's heart. Did get mad at them what that would that bring matches. Or is somebody does move over and stuff Owen a man you got this is baiting LeBron to band back together. Know this feeling that late Udonis is we're gonna guard you Williams hanging out who weighed five point three trying to sneaking it was some baseball hall. We talk about Homer Bailey usual two no hitters he's terror ought that it talked about this in the Olympic tortured thing is that people lodges believe his beloved card Tex lines salon. Don't know we I don't know when that's that's a lot of note that was juiciest in the stand and fires. This Mike fires he needs to go kick sharp rocks. Can. We give a name. As the B inane. We're hearing judge told Lisa Guerrero. Oh what did two games low for the record and it's a records and his record and the more it was so great too because. Like yeah. Recordings. Now this is like. 18100 something so pretty. Eight strikeouts over 24 hour period. No doubles and it was and once it was one double header is insane man aged so open minds extra accounts Hewitt. You know just sombrero you would have. Note to don't know because it goes for the octagon boat took some work on the octagon it's a don't always have room. A sombrero the goldmans a gross for gas so then. Its enemies although doubled him suburb double something as a result of all of the Ochoa sombrero it's DA. Now Nolan is our leader and has got its own thing to generate precious metal because of the golden sombrero all by noted plot and some customers think Iran is it was fine for his life was better than black. We have. And I. Stand has got the plant is twice the books what. Today I got all the hold SOS Obama. Did tweet by figure Sweeny Murti who said that the that Aaron judge its June 4 he shot a thirteen times and Yogi Berra showed a twelve times in one season. But we have two hitters he agrees when they won eight times might report. Blown away and the ball at our. I don't care amendment still impressive twelve times over seas in. Pungent 62 game was a pitcher so you need to know the guy Tony Gwynn never shook up more than forty times and what are you. Will the country black panther. Welcome to conduct yet what was the metal radio bribery of sombrero my. Yeah I can he's black no because of the good. Ridiculous and I don't know if you guys are my flyers 2014 season. Were retarded two weeks in September don't stands very very likely in in the car for the MVP. And won the MVP tomorrow rather on on close they've been to the playoffs. In that season. In recent memory. And my fires him right in the grow just broke his face all so these two they square off yesterday look back fires is on. The brewers. Now he's on the tigers. The days until yesterday double header. And fires it stand right into the Elbe. And again again did not pleased reveal stared down as he's walking now offers based got a little tip that the catcher. Yell out them. Next time I'll stand here today. Jimmy Jack into left feel already he's just hitting it all. Did he pointed out bidding at any of it's standard is twice as once Jason Grilli. Where Grilli was given the the mold some some some business the game before he's fist pumping after striking about that Steve's dad takes Bebitch stand gives Neil. Double this ball jumps in the air. Like Sammy Sosa stuff right don't really see saying get overweight so he is. Don't real slow around the bases such point that yeah its. Just so does expires after the game. He has the odd Asta the memo. Asking the eight original post and lacks character. After his behavior and a home run. I understand that he's and is the way in us I think is kind of childish I mean anybody knows elections games you know not thrown out of so returnees neckties and acting. Kind of shows kind of his character because obviously I was thrown on him and his revenge in you don't thrown his dad and pouring their name. That's not part of the scan them in Daschle's a fungal and a task and challenge but. My understanding is happy at that point and then he got me back glad that whatever. Augusta and then you go to is on his face you roe does and EP season you can call that the playoffs my fires. All and then don't cause that was asked about this and the whole. Showdown that happened between them and here's an idea dissect. Gonna come over and in like in the so. What I'm trying to hit me in that situation but. Still with the history like you. What happened. Don't think. They're any better event than 456. Foot homer. Come has not so win would be better but. Oil and I hate you can you don't judge imposed at care to all you want as acting jobs on it or how this rule don't hit anymore that's enough already what. Does it for certain guys may be mideast road in the dirt maybe is it why thrown inside owns a Palestinian. Everybody knows slider down away that I get them out so I don't know what and if you've thrown. Adam in the elbow trying to get him off the plate. Everybody knows a Palestinian sucker for the down and away slaughter. Does it make it difficult childish. Disease he's playing at home run after. Many elbow. All the fact that three years ago you almost ended his his life and his career and the balls playoff hopes at his MVP season you jerk. Question. The government and Yogi Bear his name and it. It. Why was somebody says it's amazing how little LeRoy knows about sports but the problem usually bitter comments or ignorant to baseball history. All arms and his Babe Ruth was a pitcher he once sir what show where you listen I don't know I said you know you barrel Alicia got twelve times in a season. And just shut up thirteen times this month already it's June and that's it. So I don't understand what they confused Tobin voicing your voice and he blurted. Childish trial that would bitch if you are off base. We pray tell if I don't I'm. I'll bet you he didn't go MB of on your act. Ass and downloaded childish. If you got a date as Louisville slugger and got upside your head you notice. Is don't really into scuffles. Match. That's it it's neat it's mostly sit. I don't understand what this thing has been. Success rate is 30%. If you great. So I knew it all. Be happy. That's fine let's import them the unwritten rules I can tell you the unwritten rules go out the window it could steal somebody. Your face. It's broken. Face there are no there aren't yet those. Rules matter my financial rule. That's the rule of the world celebrate your face so. The rules so tell Brian McCann are Mike Redmond or whatever what cancer does that keeps the unwritten rules of baseball. Let them Null the top. Unwritten rule is so breaks your face there are no rules as you like to 'cause it only is it is this beast. It's always a white catcher. That that that is the keeper of the unwritten rule and in fact there's a meeting where they they tell. How they're based Macs on the table hit you hey Gary you. Yeah it's very tech and it's an iron is very. And it's Redmond yachts or yachts it's the hole and like catcher contingent. They're all coming up with a unwritten rule don't block ports are buck doubled to nice guy. Some of my son's class from about her. To stop without you three. You've got in the way of us get the opportunity thirty buck who's an meant it. China to broad. About after the it's. Very exciting news today for the future of the ex FL. They have hired Andrew looks fathers the commissioner huge Oliver luck is now the head of the accent now. Or. Because job through. Now this is a great job does a great job he's gonna he's surely that's gonna last year now it's it's gonna change football. And here's the thing now the daddies and judge ignored me that and deluxe defection over to the exit well as forthcoming as what. A water boy into the Jason Lee in plain citizen of small ball below the neck beard is gonna be a face in the league we saw about. It looks or those same score Rex and leak Noland senior for the last three years but here's the thing this is like a throw three carpet. Is it possible this is all been in the works and Andrew Luck is trying to make himself less available. To instead. May the colts I want to bring him back. Therefore. Letting him defect to the except now. And become the face of the league. Is mr. ban pretty good pockets so possible. Andrew Luck is staring down the barrel of an exit felt contract that's fully guaranteed. What if Vinny Mac comes swagger and and with billionaire strut and gives him an offer he can't refuse. Would you rather have fully guaranteed. Monster deal from the exit fell that you daddy's running and he. Are or what those shady cults especially that owner. So don't don't kind of shenanigans he's up to sort. We didn't check last year when you look it's. Sure go look at this big game a new contract did not see them watch play football. I don't I don't Muslim Contra matter what it was last year isn't what he was yours ago. Indianapolis Colts. On one end you're. Which. Her daughter of six year 140 million dollar contract in June. Two them sixteen. And he hasn't played a snap a two year. He pled Tony sixteenths. You can bet on the table and up to him. I. Chemical bully a phone more with it let him go he's under contract. Isn't content one saint what's the guarantee. Garrett G 47000047. Outlets that week he's been. Since 870 record is ninety. I'll look at export checker no contract includes 47 million dollars million and fully guaranteed his contract it's 87 million dollars guaranteed was an extension. OK okay so this is fully guarantee is 87 or. Let's let the record. I was record is what people that whole record. Promotes guaranteed money. Did you ever think he would be our us Siegelman as the rank and swear where one of these quarterbacks don't go beat you know we can get. Item is go back while costs other one. As he gets is all emotion takes RG three. Gee that's all he needs to run some more on the ravens. Does so that it's been many of some some sense Stockton on the mimic the raunchy except well I don't want a bond up. Patriotic I told you it's going to be America. I think that was just some some window in the know that it did it for the math everywhere let Ryan Malone. How is the guy who yelled at Madagascar's infer for not Ian lecherous enough when they went the crotch shot of the cheerleaders. Does that guy gonna make the most pristine league that makes sense in different time different placement assured. And it is a different time yeah. And it was time differently he'd make. Sure any not what what's what's a horny old man always a whole ordeal I'm different time different placement. Is a different time different place but he's the same old guy the man that I didn't get Joseph gotta tell you there's a lot of people won't touch. You're sick. I don't point. Your sponsorship. Or response. In a hole and gentle which certain. Issue how much money does porn about. You just you what did you just took all the money that nobody wants to take because it feels to corporate also you say let. Beast onto Bob when the B Corey yeah. Obama. All so much gambling would make it to degenerate lead. It crap shrink in the midst of the leak like that's how they should do O who has possession of the football I'd take that bank Maggie Geist is going to be undermanned. But that was. Recent yet. How much should Roger's. And Emanuel wants. It still had that's stupid. That's about and got no receivers. And their head. Wouldn't tell you man. But to make. Still something off about that's the solid reluctant. Plus you've pushed it to know how much did you pay any notice period. Where did he get life. And knowing guarantee for five years because what was news and UConn athletic director now we know that you've written by. Don't I don't know I did the day before that he's a West Virginia area so that's a written dosage at the at the at the NCAA how much can he possibly be making. Yeah two million brilliant another character accident on an eloquent but into the except well I mean to a real examples us until 20/20. Andrew its contract you can name the ex ex. FL hell yes and I Iran and Kuwait. Well. We're do you disagree with me oh I'm just pretty. The thing about this injury looks contract rose is rose to 20/20 one I don't start to Tony twenty. So they get a year off with a get myth that with a basically but their routes together. And look at be good to know what this thing I've got no roots and stability thirty till denied them point. You've got to Angela it was a prime window that could be the face of the ex FL hall. Yeah crazy. Not that crazy we got Disney has filed the Captain America patent. Which could mean that vendor world is coming to Disney and Disney World. Disneyland Disney World the studio what avengers world outsells comical actually. Oh see there's yet universal they had to they split paying in the little back story that Spiderman and they have all of the avengers and commercial. But Disney now owns a moral. So they're gonna steal you all of the comics and make him make a sort out in my whole world make even more money as it is buying thousands and everything you want just don't want endless you know all I think there is out of the movements and all they need wait only need now is what's the other big franchises. I mean I guess they don't really fast and furiously and universe rocky. Well why would get right below in all walks. Of rock. The amazing person got a taste chickens. They insinuate door in twelve rounds of the giant Russian. It wouldn't be the tree training scene in in Siberia you be really honest yes. All you have to outrun the KGB he. All men had a fantastic and so look at Ron Dayne. Had a run you know none of the could simulated you to be a thing. Just. Oh you reap what their dart board doom with that got Jason ticket. Really the chickens yet well he's gonna high on the old good Hialeah. Just don't hundreds of word dude that street legal. And there's a bunch of chickens relation to you pat I don't know. Who Jacobs. The intruder type. He should. Let estate chases chick. Those things. Aids. Minus two. By knowing that it's always I was to Altman who's gonna make you weird man. I. Well worth it that I'm not a lie like I was just you religious. Wow you really dump out Robbie I mean of course I will talk to on this weekend and see if they'll volunteers who. Way. Of ball away it's a different too good Ottawa earlier Penn State. Of resistance he. That you would mean the most diabolical technical rules over its carbon. Sure it was starting next movie. Everybody an aggressive bills are due tomorrow.