7-10-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, July 10th
The guys want to chase chickens around. Ray Allen is opposed to leveling a golf course for the new soccer stadium. Yelich returns and is an all star and in 1st place with the Brewers. Leroy says the Dolphins can't be worst than last year. The guys can't tell who the goalies are playing for. Jerry Richardson gets to keep his statue standing in Carolina. Beast used to shave his girlfriends legs back in the day. 

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A real World Cup's and those dollar outing. Oh yes heated rivalry as a box of fox was one. I believe it's an English version is on fox a bit fox watching them. It's. Yeah logos not to go on France and Belgium there's gets that stood away before you add here today I got soon. Did yellow bar tabs to gold rush. Proper cabaret the other wanna go to gold rush you to do dollar. Tab on civic elbows away before the end of the shows keep on listening to that. What's up man. Somebody said how many chickens have achieved improved. Only one of only one we do and just chase to think you know we need your years your best and shape chicken. Really Illinois you watchers sort chicken. To get the pretty fancy do you try to catch your club is going to be chickens outages bombs notice are really cook. Pretty fried chick a lot of chicken that's that's good from my ego on earn it. That's out that's odd that's how wanna go about this bank buys a real World Cup starting Roger Federer is a national woman as well right now. Now this is what's going on as far as the MLS I guess there have been there. Vote coming up soon and the way they want but this is the plan is to put this giant complex. Where Murray's golf courses. Now. Ray Allen. Big golfer loves golf. Loves that yes. Do a lot of support but the sudden love you want to move the soccer stadium in Miami obviously they want to they wanna see the sport grow the world got numbers have been monster. I ticket is gonna be among the lines that go purchase you didn't though I would sit so well. And I imagine that relic in Gulfport and how he wants Israel media outside of plated Dustin if he's not a member but I imagine I've bitching he's got. Here you tell derail the guys at the big shot and NBA history I got invited here rebounds that had to write. Him anywhere Augusta. So Ray Allen comes out of his long mr. Graham post where he is basically against. Then plowed over Murray's golf course to build the soccer facility and explaining why. Well he is saying that there's this program the first tee program in which siege as young people the game and golf. And gives them a public place to play denial of a reckless play golf down there's no there's not a lot of you but I will live to clinical course of three run more like. So. Says if you're familiar with Miami and all relative to resources for kids to play. This Thursday July 12 or footed by the navy town hall meeting. Whether or not this stadium should be built whatever you choose now the time to speak out if you wanna give his beautiful plot Lanny keep the stadium. Please Wear orange and solidarity to the meeting or sign this petition. Now here's the problem. So yesterday. There's a caveat that and I. Somebody was explaining to me that. Along. With the discussions of tear it down. Because of the first tee there considering. Major and a nine hole course. Or leaving the drive Marines and so he's open. Number that's due late night and tonight every right well no I think the leaders plan that according know Jorge mosques. Who was on a couple different media entities is that they will try to keep driving range. And the closings but not make it nine hole course well we Teresa is the problem. So yes I would throw it behind the southern legion and their petition though I you know than those of the shows all of the suddenly didn't is an advantage and shot him in however. And so we didn't have the greatest shot Miami Heat history. And so whatever the guy who's the British on money's history wants. Outlet have a problem turned them down because he's ready. His the problem it hit the shot now. Let me put disaster and it's just opt. Right in this is more reasons why we're where we are witness. The golf course is Mosley who's a month. And in most cases when golf course lose money. They sell the land to build something correct so. That's carries so basically if it's not going to be. A stadium it's gonna be some Nelson geeky loser and that was actually one of the location shop Amazon to build their East Coast headquarters of this there's a god and a matter what. Have good this league is there and that I mean well right losing money so I mean the chances that it's going to and it turned into something else is our great would you want it turned into a soccer. Stadium in a much other stuff war. You know tec park or Amazon had quarter or whatever. All lined those up this town hall meeting in DR Hansen David Beckham walked into this meeting and he's a beast super charming. And years on the other side of this new wanna keep the golf course Goodwin about that in my meeting is to have gotten me the most famous Chinese history does. Could zip bags won't. Socialism commission orders. This year music and it can say. All here's for the pro keep the golf course on its brave mother bleep and Alan Jesus shuttles were. It's tough it's tough the ways it's supposedly it's already it's tied 22 there is what do one commissioner to make its vote on wall sewing game. This is commissioner golfer. And Alan I'm gonna Scott as reality it's okay David Beckham put Mozilla rows back on my a lot of people making these decisions don't call. Actually from what I heard a bunch of city and county people do golf and do it. As the mining. Like. We've seen it throughout South Florida. You know he's public golf course and O'Donnell amen you've gone away known courses that are available. Private courses because they can sing some of the land. In safe tighten I was part of my complete ignorance I've never played around a golf in my life who how do public. Courses. Worked. But by these children to feed of some sort they charge a fee and and some of your. Or for example where tiger won in was a grand impart that crane apart. Our great apart his public golf yes. Weigh in San Diego yup that's a public art alliance. Torrey Pines is a total of course. Bethpage black is a public golf a lot on winning these major championships here right it's wanted to things they have size that. Anybody can play in Kabul public golf course Hubble is a public golf course I want her 500 dollars you can play around a golf is I I got to my car totaled BH. Walked onto the green. Just walked on the fairway isn't walking around locked into the ocean weird man yes so locked into the clubhouse it's fits in there and they care public. There are you know some public golf course is better. Able to sustain. And you know. Maintain. And make enough money to stay open ended they have programs where you know. A lot of kids can't afford to say they wanna give lessons to go to a private club in in due to camp or whatever and sometimes these public courses who have. Have. Camps and stuff where kids can learn on a golf they have the first tee. So there's a lot of things that probably need to come under consideration you can't just say. We want outsiders saying you should. You know part of being a community as you take all those things on the consideration and have some type of plan. To accommodate. All these programs that. May go through the the problem I fear. Is I don't care how much. The Maas Brothers and Beckham and everybody else says hey we're nice any public money it's all private all the stuff. The people down here are so sick of stadium. Referendums. And having it and and and getting just completely walloped right the only job while loved ones so his that's true that's not true. There was all sorts of different org backe gonna go Rica is that do. Steve Ross spent five removes all my you know that is true but I like I mean yes you're right I mean guys I don't think it took. But we would go back before that yeah. Yes I don't Marlins stadium. Shea lord you. So cares about all that well does is elect. They should not go any public money is gonna be a problem. So if if you don't use all private money were not. There are now the golf course took. Daytona in an obvious point like baseball now with the monsoon weather like dollar stores tax dollars and it's not really don't know for the Miami citizens nobody did do people still did have devoted and no that'd they would Brett but they still they still spotted that way delegates are at a cost anybody anything. But he didn't cost the only really need to know that right. You know if if so for example. If. These owners. Our cum in his say you know what we're gonna put up a 150 million wars this facility and OK you got skin in the game to. That's a different situation. Then what the Marlins the okay yeah that's closer to along the lines of what do you know Stephen Ross the so like it. If the city is is a little wary of you don't use it any type of public money. I look at William and ensue is host of the island thing for drug and doughnuts. The rest of us. These XWEXYAM. South Miami. At WS at best at that beach into Miramar. Radio dot com station. Nobody denies that soccer super popular doubting him in the welcome numbers are tremendous. But. There's a difference between. The World Cup doing well down here and they Miami team that's going to do about it or don't deny that this was very popular. But it. What do you think he's doing me any different from any other franchise down here that doesn't have the cats doesn't have the real gimmick that gets people to go out. There because. Does not nationalistic pride that's going to be behind those wounds this. Just because soccer is a little different how to get his man you know that you think as they've been calling the club level is way not the same as the international. No I'm I mean again it. I give blood. If like. I get what you're saying. We're based on the numbers from World Cup. Me can you say interest is that if you will cure. Bring in a franchise MLS franchise here. We use those numbers to save up the Internet to see what comes every four years there's definitely a love for the sport can there be a love for a Miami team down here just because it's here. Big issue I mean we've had the soccer a debate in this town for a long time because we goes back to the the strikers goes back to the fusion we've had different soccer teams here. And the bottom line is an enemy of the demographics are different that it wasn't those times the fusion. We're in Lockhart stadium which was horrible and the strikers were the you know forty years ago. But. The problem is is that and Robby had a touchdown which is. The reason why soccer so popular down years because of some need different nationalities of people that root for their countries when it's the World Cup. The question is will all those people come together to root for a soccer team right that. Is from their locale and not from where they're frauds as of four let's decide Automask. A team like the mighty. War I mean we always ready. Really really hide out here for the NBA finals national weekly a very big thirst for basketball team. But. Last year went to the ratings really spy for the Miami Heat team when wade came back right. There was a beautiful lol as far as injuries two with the team even if it's a team that has one of the past and has a good fan base but he can still we'd. Linus mark and again. Well there is a lake a large. There's there's a big thing of international basketball in the Olympics come around or what have you. It's completely different soccer. It is just a completely different sport when it comes to international legions allegiance to your country where your from verses refer club team in a city where you live. It's a totally different situation. House so the dive this behind you couldn't usein. You question whether it worked in the first. I mean I think it'll war but you can use. You can't use them World Cup numbers determined if he can't definitely say because the world dub this the highest rated city in a man united America they're gonna sell out that stadium every night in stimulus watch listen do you think in the history of South Florida in the the World Cup numbers is completely different animal here I'm Orioles were an analogy. World baseball class always sells out here. We know one goals moan and cry about tearing your heritage night tearing this little of its costs also once every four years correct. Robby they can do the World Cup every year. Maybe it. I don't think you would get old but Blake but it would still the same thing obviously it would be the same little bit BA your and its people so it's not limited due to take away from it. Winner qualifying priming it might as well you gonna have a friendly down here and obviously the stadium's going to be off the chain. Yeah that's that that's but that's why I wonder with this city late is this going to be ended and another of the demands are gonna be as much for. Attendants are going to be 120 thousands of legitimate Tony thirtieth and it so you're not looking at wanting to have the senate he sounds so little burst of drugs bark. It's different when you have those brands come down here for all one off. Because it's an event and that's all we do man we do those things really well down here. I just wonder is that it's is that going to trailing just because. Just because soccer is growing and that this is a hotbed for. Will it be enough to get U actually behind the. City's team and that's just proudly edit the big question like everybody. David Beckham came in in place is pearly whites everybody got so utterly charming everybody got excited and so we are also actors and location because. Not the soccer hot beds to east Gleason data in this city are Kendall and Iraq. It then and the other thing is is that end. In asked the BMI. They wanted to Miami is no doubt honestly can't be a poem to Ali we audio headlines venture. She will cubs underway as France and Belgium on those score right now. There in the tenth minute. Meanwhile. There is other soccer is Renaldo and going from Real Madrid Juventus. So he goes from a top club and low league two of the top club in Syria on. In Italy so we'll see how that goes form for the guess he's a year old is back from one. Nor does exist it's there it's in grownups. Because it would appoint a totally worth it these are you myself I'm very in a hole when a thousand I saw the movie because it was and they they film a movie read by wearing grew up let you know what's that works yeah. Robby has minus the house. And we mean you can discuss how can she now it has now we can't maliciously. Tony that was off the year. It was not there but it's still is worthy of way to rebuild do we make a ruling could only lose points something's set on how to know that happen and that's that the session civilians. And exceptions the rule. We'll give you goose eggs that bad attitudes on the text off the air where it is you get my at some point. Or thousands like Texas or scoreboard. That is and a. Miami analysts not to throw responded in Latin American players rather when a member of the struggle the argument for Marlins. We pitch that come out gang. We must but that said the big sell here's your your face and your French as an outlet is number now question. Because of how people feel about David Beckham yes. They got them because the Marlins have a sting gone dead they're Jeter's gonna have to to yes that's okay that's that's that's why you have a there is. Is MLS are juniors soon gonna come here. With a fresh start and had every opportunity. To. You know. Win people over I don't like it yet because it might even when seem small the dolphins yeah he would stay in a way to really that's a good thing that they're getting to start for a month. I mean the the MLS was here with the fusion give it but it was a generate it was you know two decades ago yet I don't I don't I don't like him put those to the other. So yes they they do get a fresh start where they don't get a fresh start is with something like stadium issues. I agree that they don't get a fresh and they're MI dissimilar at times all of their. Dead deer gonna build the stadium they're just looking for playing. That it goes to city. Besides the lane in this city doesn't have to put a penny into it well I mean. There might I'm guessing there's going to have to be some sort of infrastructure. Okay yeah but that's and let's. And so that is the big prod okay Blu-ray and end. Don't want to people benefit from that we've jobs and stuff like that yeah but there's that doesn't mean the it'll be very small part to that there are gonna look bad you know the whole community was gonna build up around us and he and embedded monster dad wants to build around the stadium burgers and operate the bottom yet so. All of the garage is the most part writers is that businesses in the bottom how many are there. None it meant there was a T-Mobile when it first though I think those are the barber shop somewhere like that that's about it. And that's and that's knew wasn't his it was huge it was just going to be that good out of jail and yeah as long diagram of the new. Most ardent livable bar girl but it looked men were. I was aware of my water mark down by a by how Iraq's him with a holds no water park that's happening we're gonna tennis facility as they said I was gonna get in a water park correct a crisis because of treatment when you know you get ready to have wanted to biggest innocent Vinson do you England tennis I want let's look at Islam and now it is good. I don't yeah. Tennis is great the problem is we're gonna park Russell ball game. I keep asking you am Haiti nobody out parking and then we don't. Me rapids. The only. New people who work there. And I didn't like knowing this the the the secrets. Like not a to share what. Don't feel like it's fair and I don't want to wait loser callers make a mineral hosed down malls say it is. All sorts of entities debate it was deserved that's firsthand knowledge. Your mall to Wellington you're Santa soft. He sucks and he's not at and that at his elves unfit to work around the holidays. Shall I say big for the gallery Easter Bunny he's harbor. And Elaine he whispered into my ear. When I was sitting there. Well yeah. If I did what I heard the story hole if he did well. Yeah. He's a buddy black. Years ago I lost humiliation pull back where I had to distance Stanislaw joy and I lost grab him. Yours was to sit on Santa's lap data like we with why didn't we have in white into the money. He's so we gone a Christmas time went to. News like. The bill line was crazy so we had to do make it in the spring and Easter as well okay we go we go gallery a mall. So enjoy now in line. And next and his money. Is a sound. Of what bunnies. And so she days picture all cool. And then I go next. And I sit next to. This costumes. Person and they rabbit suit. And to make it funny here I thought I should grab one of the toy bodies. Hold a little cute. And his weird though since he says there is bunny mask. To grab onto the money. Just say doggone fast they continue their series with the brewers tonight. Show and I got to tell you. The last school him. What the money story broke her you. Scarred for life man. It's cultural life. It was they who is just terrible terrible. Anyway. Two yesterday. Who. CS today it's Chris geologist for his return to mollen parties and all star he's a first place team things are looking good Grammy obviously is Tobin made it very happy. By. Anti. He gets a bit of this first about. And normally player of his caliber comes up efforts to bat. A slew of vision and Julio I don't know it is a welcome back. I'm hundred fueled further than this and a 5000. Some thinking. And he has this look on his face. Thank you left who is she easy and obviously you this is why am I it out of here I am so happy to be god. I don't deny the Ellis probably had some good times here and he's having to pay bro. You know great great great to see some of the familiar faces. What he was like rush him explains which is in first place. The Marlins. What else like saying you know it was just throw mobile and they get. He's he's. There. On a Monday night against the brewers which is always the game would say no don't Tuesday Monday night against the brewers. And areas is looking around as ballpark and there's nobody there so. Life is different on the other side. It was something mellow Mulder blame better than that and I mean I'm a slow month. To mess them up at the grounds keeper. He's Reagan went deep yesterday. So that's good attitude and it's so what do baskets in the game I. Mostly people whose brands programs. Pay two halves and anywhere they want Aaron Maybin Jeremy yeah you need a ball Linear. Every ball he hits is a hard ground hitting is not chairman's saying no that's not him thing. Saddest thing if it was this thing that it was have been the best trade it would have been the worst trade in baseball history when the term for the first time. It's keeps it there will look I don't know is tighter. The U they had to know that was gonna happen well so out of this so bizarre allotted negative dolphins stuff. Lot of bad not me not me I know but I'm just say we've did you boarded a lot of stuff yet but yes and out of that city pro football focus aria. The dolphins. Won their five. Sleepers. To mental block or some sleepers is not religiously. And I don't think it does sleeper. There you go six or did you get to quarterback back. You should just three wins. OK they're yet. Yeah I mean in any and every other team. Every team goes six and 107. Denied any losers Circuit Court sides. The lid off when soup. Program it doesn't have a period. But. Hey it about this. Win are the patriots lost to number eight. There when he Lebanon but. When Tom Brady came back in grand a sombre. You know I'm not trying to be used to starting quarterback comes back. All going to be RG 314 to. Why men. If you get to start a quarterback back is going to be a couple of wins. So I don't know all what would admit these people during the Dalton's only gonna have five wins well. It was at least get to see that somebody is not trying to bury them completely because it's been. We got a bloodbath of these trees is a bricks and other don't matter but you know it's still Boller because they think there are probably don't as a as a man. Ali and as he -- grand thoughts and they're going to be a good team that there was deep in the Lal and waited either being head to the browns jets in the war seasonally you ought to. Better to have bull depressing pre season rankings it's all Super Bowl misty is limited he brought an in the fall plummet to six so as much better this sleep Sheila you're better than when the dolphins' run and all those like six Wednesday and the year. And an errant at all. Snead he's not a cult member. It's that you see royalty in the next year amid the poop the bed the had to do it this way there's no rap poisons everyone's got something to prove not only that goes Lebanon Doug does not everybody really can say on the dolphins nobody believed in us. The dog thing like that when the warriors do that and I are. Nobody believed we face so much adversity nobody hit nobody believed in a silly lots. Say no to all. Star hit it it it. A little rub like I've been an underdog in my whole life it's. Well most terrifying thing on the court I don't know what exactly you're talking about yeah. Is it from the time when you were sixteen we knew you're gonna be the best yeah I mean. They did televise a lot of this high school game arrests by the way. His easiest sits just this yet knows not meant he. So I declined to afford you got to actually sign afforded those got to be nice for you can relax a little bit. Put this rich Paul I mean what are some analysts he's out there and he's market not even a smirk yes just like. So stoic. What's real what did you all way to address over the occasions well. Mean what you are you feeling you got a radio address to impress restore a jacket on Google T shirt yea just yet. LeBron and I origin though LeBron can Wear whatever wants you via the the GMs want to jacket that to have round the agent it's what Jack and honor the teacher. Rich post Sosa early on judges liked that. How so. This pattern of thunderstorms until that is on your big days you're on a buttoned down as I want yup. And really address from press. Well look like Barney today. And no bum so cute terrified about. Oh yeah only born who you Clinton could you don't like these when he was Easter Bunny is creepiest. Big weird. Oh were you had an addition to some picture of a compliment. No he was and is excited with this terror you at it is if it's really ridiculous. So anyway. The or fund are. It's hard to say. Who's going to be good and who's not because you don't know who Stefano. You know in whose moves. You know everybody's not employed the same as they did last year. That's fair but. But I will say bits. Is that. To dolphins were six and ten. And on the bottom of statistical categories. As far as offense. Especially defense. They have a lot of guys injured in May lost their starting quarterback. So. It can be a 500 club just from being healthy. Is does it mean is that we. It's a ridge that's why I find at the rankings so surprising that you'll find them in this position where they're going to be one of the worst in the league. Should I do believe is probably Q did you dolphins don't wanna be stuck in the middle but the thing is. I feel like you here if you're just two years removed from donors in the playoffs. Your hope your hope that that's going to take a lead because. You know you just got this coaching staff in here you did his dues and turning over right with this franchise Alec you wanna go start over all and again and others who are. Tired of having ten hours accord reckoned feeling he has peaked. Young look at the crop up to emulate. Her know what what word we go from there that. It was the mood look at the dog is anything news is that. If you saw our own way. Happily last year. There's public games are shooting just didn't change. Like you know worry in the game it just didn't look good. There's a couple of games they never could get it going. Because of your injuries or in consensus inconsistency. As certain position. I really did your failure development under a bad situation like. College assuming sling his way out of this thing no because evidently he's always trying to do as little work as possible lawyers bug does need to be in cardiovascular (%expletive) man that's like soccer. Sleep was only one that was terrify you that. I mean have you ever in you life. Heard an athlete. Saying. I am a professional but don't you be in good shape what do I do. I don't care what position the guy play. The army the odd personality here that is later as like an old school Major League reliever right. The blue beer bill if he smoked cigarettes in between other than that you've got yourself a man. I don't need to hear that Jay Cutler. But he's going to be on the easier dealing the next reality stars and Miller Kardashian. Pretty soon back to back up to this. Power Mac guys world got a prices are now France and Belgium bill hell yeah. Went through the thirty minutes of this game and I can't beat your team this week and the other thing they're going to right and so is the friend. Bridge is blew right yes OK Google is wearing a yellow makes cents at this. Makes the sense what's Belgium's goalie when viewed in light. And whites. That's a scholar and yes it makes no sense that it makes a lot of summer we think all the time you own goals here why. Look at sometimes. You've got to take the opinions of people from the outside to make your sport better. And I think is this soccer newbie. You guys polish legally where. He should be wearing if he's if there's going on Belgium yeah. At the knowledge and goalie should be wearing red no. Because then at the refereed doesn't know who's the goalie in who has a regular player. Who's allowed users can't and a good guy who loves them or that tells you were yellow and the French guys who were lightly district in Chattanooga we have mr. The wrath ia is an able under the goal US but somehow. Reps are able to call holding in the NFL corrects you dummy I can't find somebody were to win enough keen look site there's ten officials in the NFL there's one. Well this for officials in one main official he retired from Korea of the excuse machine on soccer no I'm trying to explain it to you get so why what makes it even more amazing news. Peace despite for soccer. Osaka what you fight for by the US soccer's very sir taking opinions from the outside if we had the BA are replay some of VA are added. It's what does that stand for video. Review after review. Soccer. Is soccer loyalists that they have to don't want the goal lead to switch their shirts and costing us a good thing. What images were bright gloves. Warm and very little ones who abuse their hand it's not a hard not just figured it out. Crazy. Yet they got to keep that damn statute or as well wanna get to set a new owner David tapper he finalized the sale this week the ride from Jerry Richardson a much. Opt out of the prices are really care I'm sure oodles of money. While the sky a disgrace a league because remember he had my Hayward called a stout a racial slur. He then was askew women in this building if he could shave their legs. And to me he's definitely the second mister deeds kinda thing going yet he's Trevor bunny. And he has one of the guardian statues in all sports yes it's a man. Who is sitting. Between Tuesday between two Panthers Hogan of global hold the football out pointing. Right in front of the stadium while it can't be miss QB. And somehow. This. Disgraced donor. They must keep this. Immortalized a monument to him. In this that does that change really ice. No no we know it does not change it was it was a what is the penalty for their as a condition of no sales in the league the it was yet they it was so at what good news irrefutable. I know that is not the rightward. The condition of this right. But what what what happens then when the places mine and a might bring a break in the clause sets all the moves in real life. Libyan people stipulations. Minnesota. He's missed eight if he's dead. Media don't want that to the no earlier than hello there there have been people that have been on Twitter saying it didn't say you can dress up that statue there clown and not have. Leicester team. Lindsey did did to face the statue. Go to Austin deface statue in front of the stadium either. This apartment Jerry Richardson received big statue of himself put it harder on himself pretty arm was his eightieth birthday present to himself put a TARP over it. Just rate this distributes a year to have it is this giant heart we did take down parts. I mean tees. And it's still there are going to rate of interest punishing those legs how little weirdo. Enjoys that week he wonder what. More than we are in the sexual. With him in the sexual harassment claims yet he would. Request upon. It is employees. If he did shave their likes he would shave their legs you that's right. Anyone who wasn't just like I wanna watch you should eat no need to learn and he wanted to show I did do that want to. Our peoples in mister deeds. It now and Robbie on me. But it's not like it's not like Rex Ryan had a thing for fee would cool when you and asking a glimmer people's beat I'll go via a foot fetish. But when I shaved legs. Debt because there's a thing what you miss like what do you do what if you do a nick on the on the on the yield on the old leg. It's it's off immediately so I ever ever cut yourself shaving. And again and conversational and terrible muscle terrible man. What do they what is in the statue they put a bic razor. The better host them and couldn't get. I tell you immortalized. It's crazy but I. Look the statute thing is where it's partly. It's not in the same realm of of weird blood. It's the reason the mall is it wanna do the Jose statute that I too much controversy around it does yeah explain and the Panthers. And I was Divx late you'll also want to by the Panthers so bad resign. Say no no says the author next half a bill on this if you don't make me have a statute has no. My black panther Saatchi states. Like you were such a weirdo. LC to shape your wife's clinics. Like get out of here you creepy old man they should Schimago conflict in college. While she really. Yet not into that man. Who like to see you ever make as you say I just see him Steven league's scoring. Who she. Flew. Out of settlers moved over to Mr. President well it does that I used there under the sharing. I while I was I went out this take those very Don and analysis I just now as submissive and whatever she says I did. It's your question you share little IDS who only one person dismissive. Back then. The forgot I did go to guy or is there a video assistant review. I think video assistant refereed the video system reform we had to choice slug of asking is for soccer affix one thing and that is it's really simple the goalie can not the rule is legally cannot where George it's the same color either kit with the team the teams are wearing a guy. That's fine that's that's not being followed here because. The French goalie is way Belgian colors. And the Belgian goalie is where French colors it Belgium. Is wearing a red kit today. The French looks yellow color of their numbers beast yellow. OK so that's a team color now it's the color of their Jersey it can't be the same boat I don't know how you guys expect me to start liking soccer if you just won't fix the simplest French or wearing dark blue. And the Belgium goalie is wearing white. Yeah white trimmed and dark blue. It doesn't make sense. There's a budget goes. This makes and didn't put my head if I turn. On the white Shermer everybody I was always make this a great you know he's wearing green agreed struck shoulders. Sarah sir from the 786. 514 I will monitor that. Usually I get he was and that's. Inbox and then. When. They introduce the fighters. They say look color shorts there where. You know where the black with green trim Puerto one guided slowing amidst wearing blue light Daimler to right. They say what you're wearing and then now and very helpful on the broadcast. Next to each name they'll put the colors of what they're wearing can suffer at least do Zach. No they don't even go to because both teams where you read when I looked at the answer you couldn't even tell who the true what if they would do France and the blue. Belgium in the red I would at least you know we're there we're there yet. How different color red let let's for example that way and like Belgium Belgium is doing a deep red. Would if they where like an orgy read so a different type red but Chile's notes there's yes here specs of said Susan nothing at six mile. Text or point out can we just call them what they are. Uniforms not. Exact date currently in go their kits or plea to her boots what's. Brute soccer and up boots boots boots on a spikes and this is in the you know looks if you want to three years. Listen and Jude Damian junior did you undergone uses for a freshman he boots. That doesn't make sense though man Damien chew the Geneva on morrow and his allies the Dolan brutal war. Does accepts no it does make sense that's what you call it the proper term at a boom goes hot it make it knows that and that's the do it over to Lisa now that two weeks until it is a cowboys in London in your replies and it's 00. Net new neo. I'd give him in L. I take it all the culture at a soccer. This. Do what I do Ramirez's at the clock and the club league his free game I don't understand why refereed soccer can't be like every other sport where they control the clock hey there's an anger stop and the kind of stop stop. Yet says about one thing I would like this extra time on those other stuff is pretty amusing stop the clock. It's pretty amazing that. All the specs that we've head above. Soccer. That's the one that lasted longest. Witness is gay men how much time. They have extra two minutes but didn't extra extra time in any game can end of somebody is driving. It pleats. It's when he gets zero you blow the whistle came over you'll lose it. But there's so many unwritten rules and every other sport and you that you just excellent baseball a sport only make sure. Now there are truly global. Building on every bit on every play you don't Colin replace. What sort of soccer. They don't call it all the time. MI even gone yellow card for swapping. I mean they buzzed and crushing student Allen did all all ice cool is a little bit. Doesn't video whole team here doing this it's crazy. The Fed the best those when they have to rolling down the road feel that means that a pitch. It's a few notes of it being called pitch I just want to call you a break languages and know that okay Phil want Phil to okay. Our overall throwing ideas big soccer data fixes all sides of bails out of the standards and of guarding your man you could move up to create an offside trap. And pitcher to open outside Kabul that stupid. Look you because if you guys want me like soccer you got to put some are rules no I don't wanna put by any funerals for all the game is existed. Up for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years before your stupid I'll want to inject rules I feel like fashion has become a bigger thing in soccer and they goal is used to Wear the team's color really didn't. Patented did know they did and it's been forever they've warned separate colors and it is a rule of the day I'm pretty sure how dare you just saw him how to weren at least the red white and blue. Not out there where lime green weight with a book. As much as I need to agree with Tobin they need to fix the unions. LeRoy they have the unique colors in the top left bone like he's talking in the top left of the screen with a a little sport the I think that's what we're what we're good I don't have supersonic. Walton if you're watching twelve inch television. Where Butler both have huge TVs all over the place the new building. If we have yet but the problem is is that 400 people gonna be sharing you'll still be cool. If bridges bring him here because he takes no effort to plug in a television. Maybe we'd done that they can be done in ten minutes because it's a new TVs here beside. What they were gonna do legally here. This OG still make TVs. There Ericsson. Why is that he's. These look like I mean these are the thickest let's greens well yeah and LG are we able viewsonic would do really just a computer monitor. Animals are they all learn by the way at least we get to. Two different channels where it. Oz and a light the only two studios they get more than just a six cable stations. Where is late season shouldn't. Well light I don't know light. You know gets there though the heavy hitter out here understand. The prime Barry Manilow. And nodding that I'm liberally Bruno Mars. The post back and implement its lest any what they can now Devlin not availability zone. Passed a thirty hour hour of the program regulate about it and it you annoyed me you to know I'm a soccer suggestions. And just to use them as it is also one girl women's Bible where is difficult industry they can't spike at. After you but that's cause you know. Remember that and dozens of positioned globally. And not using that as a liberal or suddenly it's. Oh. Yes believe row or something like that it's that you can't they can't spike it below the defense is this shortest girl. I don't know how that works but they rotate it to all around the bullets that tomorrow we and is considered similar to what president volleyball and spike and who cannot see as.