7-11-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, July 11th
Chris Sheridan says the Miami Heat are very much alive in the Kawhi Leonard discussions. Robbie has the answer for whether the glass is half full or half empty which leads to a heated debate. Beast is rooting for England and Tobin is rooting for Croatia because of Kolinda. Spo is in favor of Carmelo Anthony. The guys debate whether the Hassan Whiteside and Tyler Johnson contracts were panic moves by the Heat. 

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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. The voice we're. Not bolts. It means that if I think she. Props to Sheridan. Since he he may become a strong with the puck to stick to that the rumors. Can you bring trust second they'll be sure. Get a good check mark. Not certain groups. Through such activity out there and listen listen listen listen to me listening. And if by listening you. As a going to be. Ruining my dream or is it going to be bringing me to reality. Four hours ago we make it sets. I'm just gonna tell you listen I know Sheridan had once you've won big scoop to. Tube excuse look. Again get a Baskin robins double scoop. Minus one. It's close ones. Minus one for him. I don't completely removed a Sheridan seems to be a little out there. If you'll perhaps. But sometimes the craziest are the geniuses among other guys who get to widow woods are what you originally set went well while black white make you welcome all its not all good but it's got some good. He's got this piece. That is put out basically saying that he seems to hear now that the sixers on the front runners for awhile Leonard. All right yes by the way I lose the bat well I it's I've until midnight right alleged. He seems to think the sixes are the favorites. To get why letter that. Although Robinson has now given the blessed and OSX is cool sign an extension with the it's again I told you they're cracking. In the whole midst of this thing hours talking about you know how your Saul and he might get moved to the sixers and the deal because of the salary Massey and all that. He also says. As I have reported. The Miami Heat. Are very much alive. In nickel why leaded discussions. Low. Still I LeRoy. Still in the game. Still at the table. You like this thirteen hundred pound saltwater crocodile quite know straight. Dead instinctive. Not men not dead. You auto jobs is that is still lives. You are as you read it here we too want to here and not necessarily. That the says being glass half full. I'll know it's not glass half full what it is is you lie. Why were you doing to does that get text into wee bit more about some article does somebody said image if you go. Don't we all do that now. While his glass half full glass half amputees stupidest thing anyone has ever imagine it's obvious it's the Eiffel. What's the what's the law is simple. If you if your glass starts out as empty and you poured half way that's doubtful if the glass started full neat trick in half with a glass it's half empty. Not sure because. And in one case and you're all still in Albania is the easiest answer. Now can you on as a man I don't know when and when I'm driving around it and I have a happy guy I the other half live this way let me do it does. You have 2000 dollar. Rate. In that take 500 yeah vs you have no dollars and it did you 500. Both and the same way which way or is happy well. I don't see Bucs did. To. Yet know if I did is already happier if I have a thousand dollars and end up with Byron. I don't think you can use money in that way I think if you had a huge container to container. Dealer Obama throughout 1000 dollar that a take half of generally using money as no dollars if you so. That's what would it be so little dollars to give you 500. You feel better and if I gave me a thousand dollars and took 5 point what I am an eight I'd like to excuse 12. What does this. I just container 500 dollars and funny you you know how it got there tonight and violent at all or did it take out 500 to get to 500. The vibe and you don't know how a guy that best hitting the you have zero undergoing a 500 no earned it. No no it's funny when it's time and don't know mid day. So if you are thirsty as all get you just so I give you half a bottle right. I'd love for the half full bottle that note I don't Bono is like this it's certainly have a DNA if you're thirsty. And I give you won't bother you drink half a unit in the same spot. Well I have a bottle when you're thirsty emit more and you drink and have bought. No. What is point is. UUU boats and here I dig about he's a limo and back in a box out so quickly. Could even close to side of the box. I don't know hey did let's leave a pitcher are you robot. Yeah that's where acumen smokes. The headlines. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami at W Passat Passat and beached Ito Miramar. Radio dot com station. Well let's go to most anticipated. Matches I love the entire last four years has come upon us England Croatia. 2 o'clock. It's going down for reals skill and down for reals semi final winner goes on to it on France's Sunday's final urine for England of course Linda. Summer for Belinda Nunn I know last it was London I've always been enamored with the English football club. Forever a bit and Everett in fact the latest the only nice connection of the show you mocked and listen listen to me. Listen me. I've loved. England in football. Proper football not American couple. Forever if you get sick proper football didn't. Even know I have no English and ancestry in my lineage yet. Since I was little I didn't know that it in that and had 23 me wanna when they when I was little I just was like lessons London I love England. That's the way it is. Oh hey want to discuss your parents. Listen listen listen listen. I love I'm listening I'm right here I listen to you every day on the show listening listens sorry you listen enough focused listen loving and got a book a Linda. About her happiness love Glenda it was great to see her jump up and down. Like you know her time has come. Now I'm league and has no it has. Yes I I think and it has had from rod it was a lot of this game. England is favored by half vocal yet they're gonna what they are listed in a bind soccer now not to yesterday's game was a flat pick off. Now wait. Perry Cain and by the way this salt water cry. Still alive here relocate. Thirteen hundred rounds a teenager along as a also as a public goes the other side of Australia's problem fifteen feet. I doubt if Croatia does lose they still get a third place games that makes a sequel and a and a third individuals equally and as they take on Belgium. Now local and his seat to the first or last days and the zone opera for my lovely place to keeps. Your lady MI ladies useless when she points this out Arizona state of Italy's law got booed and a pocket of big news at Wimbledon. Better now. Roger Federer lost. After winning the first SuSE so he is out in the quarters on and they go right to won the first of some five he's tied in the second set right now 66 so there and collaborator. Robert yet. I know that took that one as well. The American Isner is plain right now the first time at three. And couple of the things go and and this whole story came out there Ramona shell Bourne wrote about the courting of LeBron and how it all went down and Jeanie buss who woke up early in the no known known. No one knew what was going down except for magic user only one it has a magic was like he had he got it ungodly hour hour for now Korea. I. But one of the interesting things that came out of that is. That. Any Ellsberg actually called it was a Corey Ellman. We'll Kobe on an out of Cleveland that kind of like related to the sun come up today and pinnacle tomorrow he said we on is that LeBron throughout finger almost murdered them we don't yet. We basically found out that it Ellsberg study was having a heart attack and then when he couldn't sleep to started driving up the coast of Florida. Just did it's he didn't know what he's doing started driving the runner yeah yeah. Any Ellsberg case slice who's in bed having chest pains like I can't deal does he got his car and he just started driving somewhere past Melbourne driving. You just just just want to split a dozen people you know it just for those few dollars. But let it go right back I don't understand immediately in that business. In their business. There's always that possibility when the guys cut right yeah yeah but. Are you lol that probably anyways. Ellsberg. So resource driving up the coast and build a night to 3 AM can't sleep body without our deck get to the car surged driving right. Then you get some more leg in the middle of a leg you know by Daytona who knows where it like you know what. In terms all around us back to the office in the office by 8 AM. On the white port down strategy I would CO when did we come back because loses it like where's that lets her. Well it turns out he's in Georgia to try it. And it could see Eddie Albert everywhere. We have to. Todd and Savannah beat him white side though as bad idea Hannity and you we got a little unbeaten and not know awesome astronomy. Just drive and and also we found out that us low. Has talked to Luke Walton about coaching LeBron. At him on his his his goodbyes to do what he says seeking a bigger uses. I was shocked to learn dad spoke words. Is all for our karma that's what I was shot you know let's go let's get is that because the melting has been a big discussion our show lately well. I think it certainly changes and some of the things also that is really out front. Also we found out yesterday along of that news we found out that I'm Riley really been trying to get rid of Whiteside and Tyler. And there are not written OJ as an actress we remember remember yours on an ugly motives are now question camera. You'll remember. When he signed these contracts. Now. About sixty I was there I thought he was pressured into doing it yes lynch yes and everybody says you know it you know you're not once you are right we were wrong it's not once you amendment and it. It. He's made assumption that if they so we can just dump those country. It's a big contract. Is this. I don't think anybody really said that they can dump those out just using them last year actually so it's hardly a thought in that time the chief for two years than they thought he's having a trade value to diplomat to you know higher over the tigers Harmon's very well he's like a nominee he's like we're not lose our guys. Analysts estimate to wait and honestly Hammond. Sometimes you just fight they just under the Bobby Johnson whose name is Duncan Robinson. The most important news is actually is that the doctor pimple Popper shall progression until CS title for title we go if that's discussed. Get to inevitable he moves that are coming up right after this. They probably. While we're in a drop. The locals on here. Stroke inside rather start yup now over let's do it on the show really feeds off Duncan Robinson really good. Supplies are brought out stolen my first lakers don't by the way we're making payments. Zucker said in his report that you very much alive and let discussions. And the Sacramento Kings remain a viable kind of for a three way deal. So that's thing however that is shared and does have some tweets out. Bloody diva like doing the don't back to the Tyler Johnson well not seen as a viable. If it's all gone for Tyler Johnson and seemingly knowing that no stake in the king's money so I'll just say did you know the still out there yellow this case. Look he's bumpy dunks. Dust off. What do you care one way we sit up for a big win you know is going to Sacramento but it's close but utility Millen Tyler Johnson a song whites it was in the kinks. Yeah they'll but by the way. Who want him being protects returned in. And I believe it's. Why do we matched the nets off friction of intelligence the fact that it was the nets wanted him should have been written. Well that the nets and the kings offered more and he said noted that listen listen. We can all agree now there was some panic. Which. We know yes we don't I don't write we will hope he doesn't consider it. It I don't I say man we we all that talent doesn't always said in. I got to a million dollars on. The why don't the one I'm not gonna fall as the lights a deal just Mika is he had a market for Matt he had a market for Max. Slot spew we're going to bears on what that he had no advantage to doing plenty. Know what that we know. Did the thing that. Only thing that got to me about this whole situation all be signing. Was. They sign guys to long term deals that they pride themselves on finding other guys to do their job. For example. Now we're talking about Wayne don't. Gwinnett. OK you don't blame them. They always find a Wayne Ellington yeah. This only have found one in the in the deal the book but nobody is the deal Pedro did OK what about when you win re only. Why did a fine. Dole spot up shooters. So why would you spend money on it if you ain't. As an organization you can always find. That guy. I agree with you the only thing I would say with Wayne Ellington is I had it it seems to me. Well that in a lot of interest around the sleet and and it would seem it would be hard for me to believe that they don't already have something in the works like a weight just let us figure some stuff out. And then we'll get you Don woods it would seem to me that's done. Because. I feel like he'd be signed or relations Donna was saying yesterday on the broadcast these are when he seems search and went on to everybody wants a win Ellington right so. It would be hard for me to believe that Wayne Ellington would have already bolted for the cash. If he didn't believe what you were telling you know that no we're in now that's the thing and Ellington. I think if you had your your your druthers have all these guys the contracts to. You'd be dealt with given the guy who is an amazing three point shooter that money is just already tied down all these other guys with that money. Who's supposed to do similar thing. Guess bush but even the late. How a guy like him like what he blew people out last year. Ever in the game it was because we Allen's it was how to fire gamely hit legitimately in today's NBA is it is a game changer he has the game gallon. I about a bit in the blips but. That title player. At Megan those kinds of strides in his career where he's been bounce around and any Selig finally found a place. You know you look at you've got down around it's just like. Is it is it worth bit. To have that and have invested in that because. Wayne Ellington almost seems like the complementary piece it's not like he's going to be a building block. Mary and war eagle and out Israel where you've you've invested in a lot visas. Marketed to different action has more eager to have space and these these contracts will be more tradable that's one or the problems. Yeah been able to really off load any of these deals also because. I've been any options don't have space this year we're back when they were signed in these deals that was one and it means that it can't be in. Is that hey even if they side these guys these contracts. Give tradable assets. And then you look at these guys now. And there really. Yes well except the guys that you actually want. Yet and those guys right now I think the thing you look at it and you say well the problem is how long you'll lock down to right now you know everybody deals they they want to take a crack at it but. Love that there's gonna have to be summary setting him like once the collide piece falls. I think teams are gonna realize Arnold what is going to be the next real. Seismic shift player who's gonna be available these dinner start treaty borders and trade pieces did you do it you have a guy yeah you're gonna have to make some kind of a mix. And shake things up otherwise. You know you just to be standing. Pat there's not going to be any moves up there to be made. You know LeBron lockdown for four years Kevin Durant civilian immune warriors for the two for the time being who he wants this one in nineteen summer comes up. I don't know I think he tees will be limited to cannery caliber and a little bit. Now let's get to Carmelo because yesterday there was a report from willow just came out just after our show ended yesterday. That the he we're given permission to meet with Carmelo. And discuss what role they sought for him. And so that's still going on this ought to decide whether or not this is going to be via trade it has to be due in the stretched and the heat were also. I give original long with the rockets of the teams we know. There would be the team that seemingly on the front runners for him. Now the one thing in Mira mentioned this little bit last segment that I found most noteworthy. About all of this. Was Erik Spoelstra. In the guy out in the forefront wanting Carmelo Anthony that he seems Sam as as a really really great option for them about Pollard. And I thought let's I've found that surprising that because I think we also was thought. Am this feels a little bit like Riley taken taken a home run Dutton and and he's the one who probably wants to see if this gives fitted to a budget. If it's the guy who's actually got to make your move if he's if it's the guy's gonna make a word yet the guys got to make it work. Does it. Change your opinion at all as to your desire to go after even if it's not there if you have it's not via trade what I always think this is that. Way way coaches want certain players. In this is why am pro ball you need to coach and GM working on the same page. Because if a coach wants a certain player. And he already has an idea of how that player would fit into his system. Now what's amazing to me is. Is I don't see how. Win. Date wanna run. They wanna be active. They they want movement on offense. And that's really never being car mostly. So I'm curious to see your to know. Why this both think. I Carmelo will fit. And what he's doing now because right now we have a lot of young players. And he's always talk about pick it up depicts temple temple temple temple defense temple defense transition. And he's been preaching now to last couple years when all these young boy. Yet and I think that. Would guess the way he's probably looking at a dinner open necessarily agree with that. Is he's looking at a team that was it to 23 overall offense last year and a great. You didn't really know those can system buckets we're gonna come from I says well. I got its buckets and the committee can he can create his own shot. Why he hasn't been good added pleasant thing is because this this this is where I wonder lake Willis gets that out engaged Jay Cutler territory let me yeah. Like the idea of the players solidarity and you think that the tools are there who are you really get a big you know everybody has the thought on. Carmelo he's gonna come here we're gonna put the shine on them. Carmelo comes in hearings like. I don't need to be in great cardiovascular shape to get buckets. And and that's going to be a stick to a rip the heat because the one thing they pride themselves in is everybody being in. Optimum shape and play basketball. I mean look at. Look at LeBron. Chris Bosh wade Ellen turned. By James Johnson and look at all these guys who sign read all these guys whose bodies has have been transformed. Dude took the work at a dead heat imposed on them. We'll leave it at the end of last year with with the sunlight. Will all the complaining in the body language the first thing rather want to when he talked about his policies on he wasn't in shape. It wasn't in shape right and so they valued very very highly re I just don't know end like this guy's now been to this would be. Another franchise is going to be is third franchise in three years. It's perfect analogy is if it means bigger Jay Cutler and the only thing I disable. You know. No any player complains about Jake. And that's kinda weary of with. With that he's probably. A great teammate my. But as far as an organization. And what they're trying to do the same thing can be said about Melo hey. We need you to be induced type or shape we need you show this level of commitment and at 34 years old. You have to get that. The the thing about Cutler is he had a preexisting relationship with ace and so. On his side if he was going to come back it was going to be. Someplace where you had a connection there was there were some you wouldn't level of respect to blow his back but also it would make it easier for him to pick up the system. Do we know if Melo. Wants to work this hard. Oh yeah and again about this. It's two choices. The two teams dead. Or refer warrant and teams that run. Well. This the thing that I thought on that Houston thing is the DN Tony relationship because that was crappy in New York is terrible in new York and the other thing is I'd so own. When they're out of the discussion. Him come in there. I got to imagine that they want to keep things pretty status quo which means they wanna put him in some got a reserve role which is what he was against. In Oklahoma City doesn't wanna be reduced the richest. Which is like of any decisions may. Doesn't Melo have to have. A heart to heart with the men and mayor norm and I don't and and he can snore anymore and then he won the only ones that they. Arnold where populism thing that I know that it is there. Didn't. Counter bad things. All my NBA team. Melo and hopeless if you start I think I think that there are people who think that they always can take the star. And if the if he's in it to they have they have the right ingredients to light on lock unlock the mysteries to get a dollar and Gaby is he is easiest learn. He's done he's got to stop Bogut is a perennial sore. And they do need that there's a lot of teams that need boy are you gonna sacrifice you the way you play basketball. In hopes of getting more scorn because I did. All dominant. Drew drew driven driven drivel five seconds left just over shot. That's that's no that's old school basketball yet but that's. A big thing that you're you're worried about his I think it's OK to have one of those guys. If you were in Mello a similar way it's gone back I. Those hats and then got on top of it you know was out Morgan on the court yesterday was clipped the court action. She didn't she is it possible that wage is not starting. With a certain wizards. Right so. It is possible that Melo. It's not starting well even kind of open. And talk Internet. If you are and why is why you eating the Turkey in the middle of the segment on. EB I'm nervous and it's in the match. Not just. I'm talking about you when I'm nervous I'm nervous about one man just you know it was a lot can and I just couldn't it's if by that you just. It seemed a little bit. I'll look sloppy with the yeah it's true. I'd be nervous I'll always treasure book your gums with me between out war on the war it worked and it's his his late mean as Turkey moistened the monumental role here and right now and I eat my feelings. And you put the hope that money isn't feelings. My bad. Oprah to mountaineers and the you'd be back after this. Christian edited on sixteen still. It's very exciting. I love that you Sheridan thank you even if you are suing him details on stories suing betting odds on their gambling website I don't care. Tell me sweet nothings. Whatever you've got a you what's on the appearance of it existed just doing it with a favorite is about the aside knock on the mall Ford man I don't care. Does about it to me. Do you have journalistic integrity thing to me you do. You Walter Cronkite in my past and that's all the matters climate beats the dream is alive. As imagined. With the need. Lots of things going down yes there's. It was that he knew was yesterday like actual stuff was happening with the heat but what foods and Miami together. Villager in that even and even an Ensberg and doom them washed mellow I don't care that's what some news wants action yes it villager in the action we did that with the Duncan Robinson news going down a set. By the way. Mark's mom and dog show consent. Killing it from downtown once again in the summer league destroyed and the destroy him in battle buys it destroyed fools. Down by sixteen free throws and some of the gets sick bullying. Polian didn't many of baritone write an article but who dolphins and a great. Pope who who said that every city had mixed results that is yet these it was a mix all of this new offense also situation mixed results. It was it was up to the free throw line they'll them get them that's why. Sort of put a handle all over him. Well. Don't you worry your pretty little head over Kent George RA or about a these are all coming together the tried some things this thing is all fever and a printout of the so sure we don't ordeal in which have far more experimenting. Experiment that's all we're doing so so so can Jordan kicked the ball all over the place from time to time. Millions know Maurice. To tell you we. So what does it is the kind of shelter. Open it still in a dilemma of from Evansville. Where prices are important in about. I don't you talk about remote new Turkey. Other words RT. You we try to keep all of hospital in amounts no heat by the entire published told exec. Do you like it would be leading the show an attention. This. Query. Text. There as well again to get into talking to the microphone half the time is the victory itself. So how do you think in the my code. Yeah. Mean it depends how the tigers do in the short that's been hit behind red blood by I don't know but you know it's like it's like it's like. Direct HD right. Hey Mike it's like about the Serengeti but you just did you just so late they can sell the taxpayers care loved very concerned that Texans care. Because. Whenever you get nervous drink Warren maintain weight loss probably given. Catheter yet be I don't I don't go that if I didn't need to catheter that had a catheter once. After I had surgery I was in the icu. And they went to go pull that thing out while I was awake and I've never experienced anything like that you don't know that he does it way to the balloons this. And the holdco and does that make no luck T you know the worst thing is if you ever have you ever. You still have your appendix note I got to get I got my appendix taken out. Yes honey tech. Give you capital blow whom take a picture on Osama took from regular pants and told Mo for the not an offer that they might. He's fought mightily at my appendix exploded while waiting twelve dollars an ER for the negative test result back good job Baptist hospital. Levine ski Jenna and ask to be there in two weeks what's I was an endoscopy it is sticking Cameron understood to see what's going on. Neither he just dual protects. At this point I don't know I didn't see your like once every three months are not good. An ultrasound the other day in an endoscopy and I'd sign up for things. I spent time this year. It's time for somebody it's a good dump on the dolphins. Which is seemingly what happens every single thing. We say it. When I is just somebody over every day to beg somebody knew today's ranking comes through as the via bill Barnwell. Does it rank the NFL's best. And worst offensive or personals. What's all specifically to me and he did this last year and he had a dolphins killer out of everybody well. It's English somebody's team petty on the rankings. Because today. He has the dolphins'. First cuts are talking about 32 the jets. Which it's about a way to exit chimes in beast like to eat his feelings he's always feeling hungry yet we don't we yes yes that is correct. I just completely real we had a seven minute break and I finished. The loss in the middle of religion region Turkey what talking to the boss because he was eating his lunch. It. And we wrote in the kitchen energy in the ladies. That's fine that's not eating at higher sandwich. Wait for all our audience. And a Hub Group. Listen to it such a great. And you decided I had Augusta doesn't eat. But the less the end of last segment and the beginning of the also need do is often go to all the good Turkey with me. She's swat week in New Jersey didn't. Anyway so Obama as the dolphins' 31. He says. No team falls further in this year's rankings as everything look promising for the dolphins and Tony seventeen. It didn't work out or didn't come back. 35 year old Frank Gore. Who has nearly 151000. Yards fifteen doesn't carries on his back. Jars at his swapped out for Danny Amendola Albert Wilson. Look at Robert 200 yard games over the past two seasons Julius Thomas whispered through 388 yard three touchdown season. He's been replacing a lot of by my dissect it at a combination. Of position that is still yet to produce even a 700 yard rookie season wants. Kenny stills. Was less efficient and a larger role well the vaunted Parker spent his resume breakout season struggling with an ankle injury. Most exciting Blair will be canyon Drake who could be squeezed by gore and rookie fourth round akin Limbaugh launched. That's actually ago. Like what you want it came east of this problem what do you mean that's what you want to lose probably the most. You know and now they're Jarvis is gone. The most consist of the wide receiver last year with the currently terrible. So this year no rap was is instead got motivate is in it did he is born in the doubles Mayo looks do don't only think it might change what he only did it change from last year this year. Okay course. Well quarterback who's got that that's a part of this list that has run his receivers right into place. To injury. OK and again. If your main way in. It's the guy who runs by continue our Reynolds you're not going to be any good anyway. Plus Mets tied and I don't care Mike is that he goes out to you I'll bet you got to do is to list on the Sox. Fat. My guess a key. Even if he had if he mini camp. I'm telling you get a better can it edges Julius Thomas and I just tell you we're in young players go to minicamp. Lot of times they're learning a brand new off for them and when you don't know what you're doing you do in his. Yeah I'm sure there shown a lot of stuff there's a lot new languages skip Gracia Mary Ann and some and sometimes it takes a while to not be. Intimidated because. My per share in the league. Play growing Mitt. We two guys their first year in the NFL out of the years. It's. You know whoa okay I'll age myself here Ozzie Newsome you updated yourself and Clay Matthews now when his witnesses submitted. Put out who's a student was put nighter pilots well. We saw you ought to show with a as a minor and the guys and he's the browns scout on Twitter yet he was sent out or LeRoy highlight clips another morning at all yet but that you with the best was like LeRoy talk a little. LeRoy we interviewed next or has biter. And I won the you don't look or sound any different now so that does yeah you look like you all all they've done is take you out of 1993. It does bring you here. Acquitted the weirdest one was. And others who reviewed articles on time but they can do is brought in over fools and then I don't celebrate with Belichick hoosiers so young in surprise by the way. Could you get bigger pads. That's the way you bit intimidated. A little ahead Rob Lowe didn't have little baby as a bag and I thought those two already this is why it is that the agents. Prominently. It's. Looks like look at look at the lineup you do that is they're Thomas. You rest in peace you know. Did you just get up and start celebrating. You did. The big run it's cold to lead against its mass. Pads do we get to take dead. You're shoulder looked like it twenty million to date Odeo I wonder who was the guy who's like you know smaller pads. Like you know all the athletes are getting bigger but let me go with the smaller pads. No seed Tommy seems dumb you know Belichick used to say to me. Hey you got enough hits like here's more. I only got back. Hum is great man a love of the trust on his artist on between the warriors and lakers LeBron it's already on Marty. The war. Yes. He's the lakers and there's a Saudi like for a team that is 13 chevys gives the last four years. They they are still looking for acceptance it's crazy we're back up to this guide it back. Next week to take it is given your chance actual public taken on TV. The call the ticket and you are already image as a steal all of our task of the biggest thousand dollars summer swindle. On that. So window immune earlier swindle kilo bags. Anyway let's have the viewers get an opportunity 'cause the senate yeah I don't hate you distant and do you look you're only down minus one today but frankly. Remember Doug Dutch job messes veterans may apply its biggest thousand dollars Summers swindle. Mentality and actually I am seven not have doubled what creates you to take a radio dot com station.