7-12-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Thursday, July 12th
Beast and Leroy jam to "Killing Me Softly" by the Fugees. Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović says she will be at World Cup Final with French President Emmanuel Macron. Beast rips on millenials with iPhones including his son. Where will Carmelo Anthony go? A homeless man with no arms gets accused of stabbing a tourist. 

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Straw men. When this thing. One time and not saying my. In two times. Yeah. Yeah. So. Hey bring him this song. It's okay. Me Zahn. T. Or us. Maybe one album right. Now I think it was yeah. And none. That thing is what ended. Don't get too and I've no doubt know how he moves well and I'm not an eye on the Internet and I. Act. Not matter what I do. Me. If this thing. Once. Well I'm afraid. My favorite foods my favorite why excellence and what he's doing marriage a good idea. This lawyer Sony's. TV getting in the or ladies I think they'd choose studio albums right did in May end its convicted of a bootleg versions. And then they have definitely have a lake you know a couple other Camilla because then she left and Wycliffe started producing for other people rather endure a lot of collaborations. Is watching is Finneran now. No I I just saw listen mimic Mikey may make your heads explode it says can't get much worse up on my TV well before that overall we want it said. Has had the rankings of the top twelve teams most likely to win a super. Yes and going in reverse order so a twelfth is the bills. Levin is the cardinals. I guess who was the tenth most likely team to what is suitable dolphins the browns. Right it. In. A big got to give. They get that one position tricks. And once they get death we actually have some consistency do they do have talent. They do have some tone for you. We are decent defense of perception lives right we are never going to look at Cleveland as. Anything but a loser until they win right. Yes I play it right in here how would say this I would sit in an element and I don't want a further clarify. What I'm saying is you can give me all season and on paper put the Cleveland Browns down with like the most amazing team and I'm not going to believe in it until it does something. The raptors. It's no it's like this. Any time a team like say Cleveland. Has success. It's one and done. And until they get it in and people that hate that I save this. Until they get to. Somewhere like where Cincinnati was but it struck. A good morning beat me but every year you had to content wit Cincinnati. And it would make it to play. Until they give bear you're never gonna head in the hopes that they're gonna be success. You eat your seldom say. They might have a stretched it might be decent this year. Which you can always say as just one year. It's Cleveland and. I don't way to Steward the unit Derek Anderson and on the ten wins. Eight. And then and they cheered they were there against all off you were right. Kelly Holcomb glee almost been there or 317 against Pittsburgh in the playoffs when Butch Davis of the coach and Pittsburgh came back to beat them and they want the same after that Butch Davis. Got fired should soon after Brett Brit Brit. It took a look at Tivoli perpetually angry over Clinton Portis. Maybe the worst move matter whether you William green from Boston College over his guy that he knew in Clinton Portis who owe. The draft. Worked out. Not better. Cover the new. WR. Come in the New York. It was a he said he was gonna go on the U. The new. Whereas somebody said as far as city. Got to win consistently. Cavs went to a shipment in hinges were two World Series at best in the city is still thought of as losers. Could you before ball runs the well also because the lesson he's told and grades in the people are losers today. Including the radio school. It's why do you know that I had not so funny you know is not to be. Little caught. A wet. Let her come. Corns of like a bug sort of fort Nolan creek look up records public something and my interest and butter on my. He'll always been. Doctor Bob Knight yeah what's my well. My well. Listen listen listen listen I understand it's not for everybody I have a few it's I don't. The extension let me tell you what they did it give it now listen I like on the YouTube videos is a lot more banter in the office led to the nurses and zealot that. And you kind of get into the personalities in the office but it really showcase of the show. But what they did a great job of doing is they really played up the the stories of these people whose lives are dramatically. Affected. By the skin issues we shoot like homers there like big freak in on our back to you next and all the other stuff. And I like it man I it was a great job a lot to like 700 times now I just need doctor dale in the early October 30 and show. What I love watching the doctor radios. Then. I got into its and men look I don't wait. I don't I give it how people can be so consumed. By. The body will school's role with you know I love some stuff like that. But I would say yeah. In most cases. Where people love. The human body and love the things that happened in howdy DO live all of that. Or would have to say. They would show a little more interest in one's own body. Instead of WebMD. Tell you right now. To go to my YouTube tell you and I have some guys that go hammers Cleveland beats. Is beauty produce. Maybe not this is a beating know he has the TV. Yet not. Here's what I had a subscription do okay. On my YouTube. I've got. This doctor mallet guy he's an ER doctor and Georgia. And a doctor Luoyang. He's ER doctor in a Georgia the total bro who's like the equivalent of a Canadian podiatrist upn a Toronto area. Doctor nail clipper. She's the doctors not Minnesota does spends all like doing hang nails I got Leo crowd it's. He runs of dietary clinic over in Tampa. I've got a doctor Paul Thomas who's got a lack a new doesn't bleed like Max nation but he's a cool pediatricians and he's got he's got some stuff put on there I've got. Mr. Neil writes I guess he's like he gets ear wax out in England. So watch those videos mega my my doctor pebble Popper that I am god. And that I have a a thing called only human which is like bizarre medical case that's. And that's our watch every night. Our maritime do you below more. She also follow a Twitter account has the freak is sports injuries yesterday. I don't you watch that Nazi to mean biased. Source you sound person. Tight end. There was little day about we wrecks and tied him ran like an out route. He went to slide imbalance. Put his elbow down in his double up front of his own. Mikey put his arm on him. Also we got a guy was dead. Because. You don't like DV. DBs where their home it's not as tight lies. They don't using never so big they're a little looser. Or not as tight they're comfortable. And they actually hit. And his helmet. Scratched. His oh face mask went up and scratch that toppled his head. And he were shaken his head. And we need turned over it was so. All lodge blood. That everybody on other team just freaked out. It was crazy. I how many times. And it's not funny. I can't tell you how many times have been watching some sort of got a by doctor Billy Bob would be yes I yes I don't want to think about is this much in their health I would gamma my own no just that yeah I know existed I yes psychologically makes a no scent that's why sit on the couch every week bombed. So. I can't tell you how many times. I don't I don't Els does this spotlight I've been watching some sport activity and some guy gets absolutely pummeled a like he's dead. Like keys and how do you survive that I. Whether it's a hit and football or are you and Gordon leg Eric Gordon Hayward had an injury like just like. How do you like hundred people live through that I have no idea the day it's that you think are. Catastrophic. Those are the ones that. Danaher animal. It's the freakish when spirit don't you know you play it. Your foot a lot Willis McGahee which all right ten feet from Brett I could hear him screaming and crying re like I'll never forget that it. I'm never and never had injured we're. Els hurt als are pretty badly you've had some injuries and you've taught is not but he didn't have you how many were you were yelling and and pain. Is that team. And insane not. Like I never had injury where. I thought old white guys. Until after the fat weight I fight you did you have one thing you have what you woke up somewhere else. I didn't like. But I didn't I didn't have. Who. Serves as turf toe zealots of my you know my YouTube subscription lists something a serial killer playlist. Robbie developed. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami at WS at best at that beached Ito Miramar plea deal. Com station. And they're hammering it out right now about whether they should pushed. The soccer stadium. On the galleries golf course and the if you wanna put it's a referendum in November meeting is going. Down right now assuming it's starting on time rhinos speak. Exists out there while all of the leading Iran for Cummins. I mean I. Saw the hell has worked it ultimately comes down to referendum did it ultimately comes down to. I'm the thing that worries me about this and I talked bloody yesterday and I don't know. You have a different take I know that but you don't live in Miami Dade. And I did for a long time. Is the people down there and when it comes to anything that has to do with like the sports and referendums. Just feel worked over I know this is all private money I know it's completely different they just it's like they just well they have. Here PT SD match here here's here's the problem. Okay. Home. Hello you're used to be managers. In your politicians. Stop being so damn crooked. So everybody can get an honest answer about what's really going no that won't be an issue. And I don't know tell you if it everybody in this. In this project. Is having a hard time getting people to trust them and just looked in your just look at your pets. Josiah. The tremor. Mr. Bush and those me. That was my phone out Mike remember you're sure it happens all the time repeat offender only time that's only happened shook up Robbie. And. Personally argue it's allowed. The time and time. It's timers at the same thing as as the phone ring and that he really told you might buy it I can't get my if not used to be I couldn't shut off my ringer. Now I can't get it to rain had. Can we do that we Jamal. But it's a pretty active. And let's look you can do it. I think. I would say. Blame the people were feeling. The way they feel even build the circumstance a totally different. But all the people involved in this need to look at their past don't understand. Why would these people believe this way. Well you know what. All the stadiums and Peabody to build stadiums. Mainly won Disney owned seemingly more. Guess what. That's why they feel that so every time you come not to let the door. Everybody has brought. Only politician. Fool me once. And then. I'm almost ready for bees to talk if you do him a debt Robbie. Like really. Really. If they did a better job of explaining to people what was really going down. Instead of trying to pour over Iran's. And it could go right dude it's not him meet you problems because they've been honest about what's cool and okay. Must wants to build the whole area. Guess what this is shaping the Marlins say don't people believe that. You want to go through some and then you want them for you to keep your word. They do which is eager to do well they got duped but at one. So understand. Why any both dead both the people. Might medals. I. Need to really be quite doubles and oak. Boy you can grow we got some more headlines come and I was we're tracking. The appointments of nonstop and I was reports are that he might be the raptors or the co favorites with the spurs for who's gonna play for and I think yes. The raptors plus 200 the same as the spurs were. So now. When they say when the season starts astle and Matt yes that's today replace her but now it turns one sees so if he or if he were to. If they were key moments of trade deadline. None of the and then you'll lose that bet. If you pick the right there on the raptors to a lose of poker in the spurs and it triggered betrayed him Monday technically win because renal disease starts. I mean. Oh. Lottery beating the spurs won a lottery. I mean that it committed to do did it start Emery that new quicker as the let Tony Parker ago. I don't know Lowery coming in there they want it's only four or five million because he was coming off the bench anyway anyone more rule it was shortly when he's got his assistant. Who's a coach and courts Brett. I mean. Other today. Think nobody knows anything about coli. Walk me is doing business two weeks it's gonna be a Laker before LeBron decides just Philadelphia announced Toronto right. You know be great. Why would save and saying you. Did. That you beats we get. Anything else rob oh yes so he can you guys are probably wondering as a the World Cup final set and Croatia targets France and in this past semifinal yesterday Croatia one and our good local leaned out she was not at the games shoes at the NATO summit meeting. Time and he's doctoral one saint honey production and Belinda. She's she's not from the Dominican we could at its I was trying to do the Australia duo in the ways you can mine mine accident came out. A straddling him in the two out of him but anyways you guys are probably wondering if she's going to be at the final. And she has confirmed that she is going to be there as well in recent an excellent for its president and for those sort from the wager going on. Really. What do you sound. We didn't exactly watched the game that we followed the game over dinner. The atmosphere was wonderful because all the allies we're cheering for our laws mostly. It's good that acts or leave fourteen is a friend the alliance are in the finals. And prince and Michael one hand myself agree they'll see each other in Moscow on Sunday Sony cheering for the team. He knows. Better English. Body in brush. Since we should go to Arizona State right put a New Mexico no Rezko. And she lived here. And went to college here. And that whitbeck just become president. Of how many people 4000004. Million. Minute or more but the put on Yugoslavia Yugoslavia disbanded and not only formally. Because. Before. We did that that was at the browbeat. The there have been awhile ago probably wouldn't lead ninety's she not only adds yeah. Probably get ninety something 9100. Carolina state. To. See it hasn't been president. Before boo you people. That's like. Third of Floridians we got 1213 million. If Florida. Gets an IRA. She still. Went to New Mexico and is now president of cores. She made a prediction says which is gonna win. He's very good English who has a gain. Gain and Frank's favorite affable and BP coo Linda. I didn't play till the death did volatile day. They don't win another that it penalties yes if it gets down of the penalties will decide the winner like 22006. They did I. I used to think that it went that. Went there when I hear men play in two hours. Oh soccer. And did he go and he's played a 120 minute you only have so many songs you can use it gets so you can have some guys in and out there playing nonstop two hour slugged and out run and that's the biggest misconception. Why waste soccer people. Did offer constantly running and by the way selected to across. Post. Colonial. I. Why. Mexico what's woods were high school New Mexico. Yes Jesus or a foreign exchange as a program has yet Boca so we weren't a dose not is not a global. Are you due major series they fresh or Damascus soccer players run close to ten miles a game if there. That's certain there's so like LeBron will just suit super slow on the court. To preserve energy I mean I tell you know. Stanton around out here. Is there is you don't play. A football American global. Right. Anyway I did no good but I was a goal in a great left fullback. Right left fullback I could slide tackle well. Imagine become a take out. Edwards is keeps opening up Doug go out. But I'm not suit them after the break and. Time and smile. It's an amusement and someone dies. I think it was you were silent lesson. Because he is and stopped him in pain. The team. Points in those communities. Yeah. What we're talking about this tomorrow's boys and we don't. It was a so you know me. Bright. Eyed and unused to that song if you I. We can all get messaging. Who. But. A it's like Costco plaudits for at least as. Well Opel is always a movie road trip where. That was on film. But here's is that the kicker. Very rarely. You know. Does somebody like my birthday present was all believe. Right. I mean who went to Jamaica. So Betty Hamlin. Right. So. You know Alaska where she wanted and she always does the. Lou the they wouldn't. Like oldest trick in the noted. You may. Go long on. Match. What do from a fun day political mood yet. Right in the her opponent. The so Esther. And she wasn't moved you know own moon and then I know she likes me and so. I know. It's harder so. My wife and I am basically agreed at this point that we don't give gifts you're going to get a car. Now card. Companies and a little soft little touch here as we would say in the Yiddish terminology. But nothing big anymore like I used to go to Tiffany's I used to get purses and all that stuff in a single item in my line now. Not every not. Here's all ideologies ties to Al want it to get some being. And don't don't cost of it does not met. Its I want to give something dead shows that I was. Legitimately thinking about. Her enjoyed number Soto didn't get taken cheap to work of people listen Brett. That's the mind you want to get a you see the show. She wasn't give cart her she likes to go to the easel place so I was gonna give car broke that's not. Two X two X two and and whatever it. No we got it we can't I guess to ease what's what's for dinner tomorrow night. Don't pummel special for dinner numb because you're cooking she's heard him rebel or blows woman to dolphins. Often. Eluded them this he querying a prequel. Has. She'd promise Rebecca who when she was ten. Yeah we the promises that produced any he had a cellphone and then we I ended up having to go through with that. I'm the iPad two is an iPad is a cell phone my daughter said she's not ready for an. Organ. Don't let her doctors that example talker into it no team and let me just say let me tell you what these kids skit I mean a selling old man. Was I text a lot you Tesla will tech's lone big technical point goodness holy crap. My son's phone does not free can stop us what is stuff. These tenure rules. And conversation. Not like. My mommy me pick lemonade was good. But it's coming through. That's the Brady actually talking about. My mom's got a barbecued chicken. It's tasty. That's attacks. I swear to god I wanna grow his phone and the always chooses the most annoying rings now it's a good dog barking and we delegates text. Hall. Off. Worst idea ever. And doesn't sing out over mega dozens. My son doesn't saying I don't out there six and as some protection. My son. Will make Eagles want one of his shows. Right now suddenly he thinks is a thirteen year old girl. And he's into salmon cat and I Carly and victorious OK so I've put up with Arianna grind is annoying leaping voice every night okay. But not only does he do that. So he takes over the television right. He watches I'd ever show. On the device. While making just watch. Shouldn't we don't wanna watch on the television. Exact hockey league while certainly can we honesty being you want to win now. Can I own everything. Oil brat kid I was his moves. There's an elated upset when I do well Romeo Madonna like Sancho. Lucky. That I don't watch the little Khartoum corruption why talk now he bloom like cloak and dagger on we will watch that Sunday. Yes it. So I'll watch that. And you know we are in my own TV so we do do that. Yeah well on my. So. Lately I've just been going into the bedroom have been my toe on the lightly can listen you wanna deal with are on the ground is annoying voice and whatever good luck to you gonna let him. Veteran TV. The speaker has failed. Sciatica have at the LG people it's still under warned they'll be able c'mon fix that. So last night adding of shares my son's room and he's he's got an decent TV but it's it's not you know seven inches the other teams in the house it's used for good. You know thirty and Stevie. First from problems. But he also has a leg up on his bookshelf as a degree angle. And I was watching doctor pebble Popper and the one time I want and big HDTV. Like to watch my girl. Pop temples. And have just cost. Fly now name me. One time. Now I got to watch and little TV. I digress. They go oh mellow. Still police on the founder. As of right now I look at what this was really a decision like within 48 hours on the article are somewhat diluted bailout and to meet with you know the heat in the rock. It's come its goal is no let's beat. Obispo and. The four spot for. From and who bench and come off the bench. Force parliament and I brought that up I don't going to be yesterday and the day before you guys were like c'mon. Should it doesn't wanna come off the bed. This exact words were. I'm not coming off anybody's been. I'm like aren't. Supposes he can use he's gone but our office section of seeds of Dolphin Stadium. I guess. I mean look. I using that those thoughts. Leave my mind quickly. I that he put that much thought into reduce her. You got lots Kamal odds yes the saves I think he was that the quite underdogs. They have. The rockets as a fever a close 125. But the heat are close 150. And the lakers are close by fifty in any drugs after that when you're away. That's not start the rockets cost one point five no he says he's if you know is the other way to Robbie. The rockets at them the favorite. Ab plus 125 correct OK you don't want to know what's a minus three bright. Okay our. Serena is that if finals that's right. Man could you imagine that having a baby into play in the Super Bowl in app they haven't abated. So like debt laden be odd no I mean. And or Schwarzenegger did. You're only. The point. We'll lose our. It'll Schwarzenegger had a baby. The principal author. Just. Out. Football if you may have a baby well that happened and I got on oh abroad of filler something gathered at abating. Really yeah junior in June and that. An analyst with the wind and beat them do you look at those twins when we created a stretch where he did a whole bunch smooth de Vito via. It yet again tonight. Eloquence. What about a kindergarten cop. Saga you know movie. Throw momma from cheering you know you know and that any friends. Eat you know movie I love with Arnold Schwarzenegger is. The one with Jimmy Lee Curtis. Hello hello Louis from down here when it when he was. Spies idea right guys in you know room. Right off that she clocks over the head of the phone spoiler alert. So David a movie Tom Arnold and a tune. Is true lies through the idea that the Catholic that's what she was not then like five years later here's another movie I am not so she got a late. Tools use our master. Move it in the Kurtz she's a sort of street. Rural sourcing your plea mr. freeze. You know sore. Look it up Jamie Lee Curtis is generally offered at a not a teacher is bone born with both. Things. If you. By looking at it used to be really hot because you make every loss who's hot and trading places one. Robby even though it should it. They are deployed for Robbie I tell you. Big Robby is probably like. Two with thirty. In his two hits. Over 500 foot home runs so we like. There and add a lot of swing amidst yet valves get them. You look at after the get to it after the break and talk about boobs. The. Zain and Jamie the story is false and I don't leaves I don't we. They just thinking about it it's an inspired team yeah. OCR. Zones in on the list. No I handled this over the top ten people mostly eat it could be from Africa as soon as the analyst. This say Matisyahu. This month doesn't come McCain is right. So does this. Just as Matisyahu Poland and to listen. Finally this is as much as gentlemen thank you money tomorrow night. I think it's mainly getting getting into the yeah. I think it's not just a colleague bugs me. Fees on silicon I can't keep treating him what was coming kings diligently to Marley in Marley he's got a bunch of them. Blood on its. Would have been it would have been a good idea there as the song right I was going to an innocent woman control so to looks regulating. Different though no C I mean she she she doesn't have Adam's apple. I too and that pattern moved to burn them. You're right it is and applies only Oregon and as much trouble thought. Government. I love. The amount of emails that go floating around. Awarded ago. Area there's the story I really wanted to put as LeRoy this will this is the one that you'll you'll lose your mind. Who's gonna know I'm just gonna read the title bigger. Florida male would no arms stabs tourist. And Arnold Florida man was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly stabbed a Taurus. Donovan Crenshaw as a homeless street artist in Miami Florida Tripoli paint on campus is their course attractions and around South Beach. John 46 jesus' feet the pain allegedly used to speed again to stab Taurus cedar Coronado 22 after midnight on Tuesday. On each police allege the artist closed a pair of scissors in his feet. And stabbed the messenger twice couldn't there'll I shouldn't be laughing but. The visuals just a little color Crenshaw and denied the claim. That he was acting in self defense told police he was lying down and Guardado who is visited him from Chicago punched him and add. Courthouse friends city about he had the most told police this was not the case but rather her friend was simply asking Crenshaw for directions. When the street artist jump up apologies. Sony's own decisions and well. Wait wait. Three. It deployed and every story. We have questioned its belated. So now. Immediate district. Mayor we know all correct. Holding a pair of scissors correct industry industry yeah sure young kids to have somebody correct. You need to be playing a sport. Has pretty amazed. Pretty amazed. So. From that standpoint. Like I can get a visit we anymore. Leg I was OK or concealed that I. Check this. Here's more. More credible. So. In effect. On one leg in Maine. We know more. Joseph. Instead you would a knife. Or stab Jewish citizens board right away. I bet. Yet something seems shady here so. As as a league rules the sound still more believable then Kung Fu panda trying to take them off my head yet. Still he's Strachan for eating kotsay had the company say he's acknowledge him he's there to tide today I would say. You know why don't you come in with some shorts. Or. Maybe some some under warmer periods of some like debts has them. Didn't scare and tied work pay its anger targeted towards diluted. You by the way that's what his size is owner is actually this is again does not Arabs of the use of Entercom. So the next gene makes a Robbie Joseph oh jeez. Look at lead charged with armed robbery. Minus one of them plus one it's a sport that's what all worry beads. Idiots. Three police are the security video of the stab. It's the word yet I did up. But as the day of the will pull the leg restraints. OK I watched cops and I know again. You see all the stuff we're saying get a person couldn't get away. Yet. I'm guessing even myself as a slow is I am. Should a man. Want to stab me with scissors that whereas he would have you picked it does look with his feet. And jump up to stab me who is this. It is accurate. LeRoy it's obvious you do watched a movie review divisions. Oh. Just the avengers they're crippled and oh. Hoax on a wheelchair. I don't understand I don't know I don't know how you try to get into like physics of this was he holding this is what. Oh yeah jumbled and stab them let go of the citizen. And honestly I don't understand. What I'm saying look okay or not it doesn't seem like this guy has to add child well you never know. Put the people to the stores that don't. What. I try to forget they jump on it probably doesn't delegate notepad barely ticking down the story right. And it's right or you're gonna. Decade and they're like yes Aggie I OK okay funny stat Goosen whose whole issue like OK it's a little weird by getting it but what he jumped he jumped to stab you probably. Amanda and I don't I don't know. Albeit the hard rock. Tomorrow. Really you own. We and launched. Into his own without among. Do stuff without going. My main thing. There's a lot of places and airman on deadly. I know I support governor of Phu my relatives and it. Do wishing that probably says I'm great guns in my chicken and broccoli from the Asian plays for the boxing match. We we. We reader for all time yup oh yeah it was where to go Robbie console from poker. Poker haven't there was bitter fights outside. Yet we'll discuss that. Well won't we will talk to you from the hard rock tomorrow maybe it'll be some NBA development to get to. Oh Roddy will have his Magnificent Seven all we will do our doomed next Winter Olympics yesterday it was supposed to. No I did it tomorrow and we Q tomorrow told an artist I was told our senses and the only game no city was that the summer league game in the silicon knows that when I personally game to make it may be of the Big Three game. So let's write them a victory as that is correct. So idol we all talked due tomorrow from the Iraq come visit us that the program to replace otherwise we'll talk to mark.