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Thursday, July 13th

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. So it's. Slowly kill a courtesy and sand on a Thursday thinks. It's a sad day my friend it's just very sad day again so why is that fresh kid ice is no longer with this man that China man. Corner that's a big Disco in the sky the how. Thousand non brings a similar. Thing. May you rest in peace. Crew was a major part yet while a lot of people appear under forty either of their child and obviously and they did allow for a lot for hip pop in Luther. Luther is still big in the community put PM and that's that was our woke up this morning I got like five texts from different guys. And actually. Low soft fresh guys couple years ago we got a picture of ablaze and a picture with me and brother mark keys and it was like damn dude he passed away. Was a 53 is too young Romanian. I had a and a friend. In college who was a huge two live crew fan and he. And Horry rush than they shut the door to offer him abated any was wearing his two lives two by two strong racer. This is it was a great image. Yeah I mean I learned about the birds enemies from the two after that there was there was a mom and dad sit me down whether it was a sex education in you know in school was. There was Luther Campbell and it was it was two live crew saw me and that's what it was all about and man just does some bomber news this morning. You know so. Well we're gonna try to mix things up here a little bit today here's the thing. Today is one of the slower sports days on the calendar. And you know this is. In part words we're sort of at the stage now we're waiting on NFL training camps. To open particularly the dolphins camp down here. The hurricanes to get started themselves and this is the transition now on the NBA. Is really not a whole lot else to talk about alone we will find some ways here on the show. By a summer league is wrapping up. In Las Vegas and we're at the point in the schedule where we are gonna need your contributions here on the show and we're gonna solicit them. As much as we possibly can and that's the thing and how we gonna have that's. He speaks WT XY AM south Miami Heat at WS at six Ph.D. Joseph. Here's what's trending now from a currency air remains deadlines to ask you. No problem at a thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge men's dot com. All NBA notice it we need New Orleans pelicans there and talks of possibly bringing on a point guard Rajon Rondo. MBA is summer league playoffs continue out of Las Vegas the Miami Heat they're gonna take on the undefeated Los Angeles Clippers at six of thirty today. And at Wimbledon at the age of 37 Venus Williams has millions to the woman's final that'll be Saturday morning as Venus who advances. In the women's bracket those are today's. Headline PSE and that's equipment issue an indication. That it's a little bit slower in Arizona Rondo in. New Orleans they signed your holiday to that big contracts so I guess that would mean pitchers in the playoffs the ball. A little bit and Rajon Rondo has played the DeMarcus Cousins before so there is a connection there in New Orleans. It's funny with him. Captain he. You know he had one of those seasons that was really sort of you know very choppy right now Israel but now Mary Arden down. But then all of a sudden he had a two really good games in the playoffs and everybody sort of saw his value again although it is take. To latch on with the team. They might win a series B doesn't get hurt against Boston and they're up 20 and then things kind of went sideways from there but yeah we talked about their Rosalie yesterday. You know Rondo Derrick Rose both don't have a job right now. Consciousness is is amazing and I don't back a few years. That's on commune with Clinton yeah. And it is one of those bridges did you decide then words like oh wow OK you know Milliken of some of these other guys. That are gonna work in the NBA and for whatever reason those guys don't know job and I do think a lot of it might be. More off the court than on the court at this point yes we rose a. The injuries and its its efficiency. With a Rondo it's just that he's headstrong and you know did the year in Sacramento did here in Chicago and you know still sort of trying to find his way of his son was so instrumental. You know had big games against the heat. In the playoffs in Boston you know he's still really well respected. In Boston still gets an ovation when he goes back there by the you know but he's a different type appoint turn into in today's NBA. You know you need to be able shoot. And that's just not his standing teams lay off of and I remember the one game that he laid off of many scored 42. That was sort of the one exception there by. Yankees he he's in his city's stock I think his decrease not just because of his claim and also because teams are looking for something that any old. What they are rose I can't get them ahead as the big the guy is basically a man and his team ushered to. And we never really got a decent explanation on what exactly happened so I think you know or my gun in the sky really wanna play basketball anymore. As you really wanna play made a ton of money. Through you know his shoe deals every night that Tenet contract and you know he's on the same player and you come to a place where you know this is not funny more because I can do the same things I did 56 years ago. Now and you know that that's a question that was always the issue remember what he wouldn't play through injuries Kirk and there was a whole thing about how he he wanted to be able to sort of pick up his kids one day and I remember talking a lot of players who defended him about that they thought that he was taken. At a context bud but it rubbed others. The wrong way I think in management and I think that's part of what's. Going on here on the espy's last night. What was what was the moment for you. Well. I guess it had to be the Kevin Durant deal and that icy relationship with a Russell Westbrook. And we've we've since found out that JD knew was common name so old but the reaction was very it was very stoic and it. Given the rim might have a future in acting because he played that off pretty well. You in my lonely when we played that this is this was Peyton Manning. Last night and getting on Kevin Durant it's about. Well stuff that people come on Kevin Durant about it. How did master's team was so dominant big Kevin Durant told me he wants to play for them next year. Have I got to tell you I don't think you start that you've given us. So being a little bit and hope you millionaire I was coming in some form is going to be a derail it a rest we're joke in there. I thought the middlemen line which we'll get to without that was that was a pretty good burn right there. And in many ways I thought you would do a good job I watch the monologue and I manager (%expletive) on your own kind of was phased out or watch him NBA basketball. You know that's come my and I went putt. You know overall I really don't care who won you know greatest championship performance or club Jack leave her new coverage I'm announce hourly. An early in that but but you knew some of the jokes are going to be pretty good but it does take away when. Given the array when. The eight year old is coming yes that's kind of part of it was kind of the obvious joke or two out. Oblige you know this is reaction as mom by the asylum just laughing it up which you know that was that was getting your but his. This face. And he looked you looked best like he looked really upset their for a moment yeah he did in Italy played and yeah I mean we are good you know good. For him for so little little bit. The other news of last night you mention you watch a summer league last night Alonso ball. Apparently can score. There's been so much talk about him as a distributor. But we end up with 36 plus fixed and and LeBron was there watching. On the sidelines. We as a south Alonso but did the big controversy last night was the lawns of course. Big bowler brands now 495 dollars a part of whatever is seekers. By. He wasn't wearing a big dollar last night he was wearing Nike theory explains. Why are we wearing purple Nike's tonight just you know it's a movie or whatever you want starting played the most masseuse in a month Otis if mob mentality yards and output tomorrow north customer. I thought it didn't work out I mean he had a yeah the open historic step outlying booming even for summer league standards. Now is on those pretty impressive lest they put yeah it was weird Ethan. I don't know where my mind's eye I really don't care and I really don't notice what guy's shoes guys wearing when I turned the game was you like three Georgia moved into the game. And does what the first things I notice for some strange reason was he's wearing purple Nike's. And there there are the CoBiz. And I go wow okay it'd. I it was a march Alter PJ were the only game that they kept the kind of talked about it I mean in due course says I was watching the game. And it became bigger story obviously and a huge game is allowed Kubel you know watching the highlights and LeBron three about it every night that end has gone okay. So where they got now that general goes dollars and ninety get up your New Year's I part of our busier and as a unibody ball or branded as an ad. AM to let me he's bit outrageous did you play Soledad. Dell works on the down. Well if he keeps playing like that then you know people are gonna stop laughing in the far. Right because so. I think I mean that I mean laughing at any negative sense. You know because. If you know that's the thing he's put on enormous pressure on lawns and and you know to the point where Alonso had one bad summer league game. And then missed the game because of groin injury Annika played up because they do maybe is not that good into maybe he's escaping the Aaron fox right. And so that's I mean these are the kind of story lines they're going to be their lawns a ball is in in the games like last night answer but he's. Yeah there's there's there's no question I didn't lawyers really horrible to be fun to watch for the army dad and lots of gonna have some some great great games but. You know he's gonna have some 89 turn over names too like we're just gonna be a mask to the team. Around him isn't isn't very good. Boy. In the play it's it's frenetic pace recently possession. But like that he did he plays like TV is rookie of the year good a bit he's really a player is also elect. These big Barbara I I don't see that. Is using that company is going to take off I just Selig night he's just gonna comedies and then when the more my thing a man right. Right leg I think that's how it's gonna go yeah Iran's kind of thinking about. Most everybody like he had his best game not wearing new shoes I just love those kind of ironic it is what I want is still like what no mail us think of right. Hail golf exposure in our Atlanta writes is that I did you always ran the other issues when he didn't play very well there are just thought who cares about shoes and who cares about the what difference does it make okay. I would say go go look at what James harder and what ideas page James harder and when ninety breeze Kevin the rail like getting people can do is. Bob always had a question about that about how. You know how much of an effect it really has to have somebody endorsing. You're shoes but there are seeker heads out there is no question and that are following all that's what was your did you when you were. When you're teenager did you did you care. I don't know that I care I mean I I had you know I had air jordans. And I had the the Reebok pump. Now that you care then I accountable okay than you care right you are what you are wearing you know LA gear now you know you have K. Swiss on. Right okay so you cared so. That's their marketing to and I cared and that I mean there's a reason they pay. These guys 200 million dollars or where there sneaker bomb on me I'm just like I did bring it up because Summers around who cares what sneaker and wears a resort manager of DS three plays well. Well if it matters because these numbers are paying them a lot of money that's why given the rate could take a one year deal and take less money. These make him more. Off the court's own sneakers I think the major thing we've seen on a summer league often. You know last night in and everything else is is this rookie class is going to be or the current. You know we've already seen Dennis Smith junior looks great. Damn looks pretty good for Miami which is what he fans care about. You know full Scott shut down so we didn't really get to see. Him. By. No way I'm sick and tired and they have the six on the interview Ben Simmons. And he just talks about how is gonna do this and that error may have side do you display game for once rice hits us in the eye on this idea of this annoyed by him already would normally appoint a monitor this and the interview every time the six right and he's just he's the black guy now. I doubted that sees this escorts like right. Well he's declared he's got a point guard and a team right like they did the dobbs that's one thing that I know well using an eight point guard and a team I mean they drafted Aaron faults right. I mean that Martel tomorrow FOR oh yeah I don't mean to play for to me to play a little point but to me like like. James Johnson put a low point right ball's going to be in his hands and Texans in here that. Donovan nine. Donovan Mitchell this is still in draft he's looked great tool for Utah didn't know that mean this we knew going in when this thing we even though few weeks ago this was. A loaded draft so far in I guess it's summer league united Tony Dow little bit. But all these guys you would say outside a Fultz. I looked really good Josh Jackson Jason Tatum has been a stud I mean there's been there and you open dialogue and these guys know. Obama and when you look at the way the Don Mitchell has played. You eat you think about the Hayward decision a little bit because Donna Mitchell the one thing that the jazz really didn't have last year was an explosive playmaker in the backcourt. And you just say you think about it it is Hayward had stayed there. Put the jazz would have been pretty good right I mean the EU is still I'd go bear. And they you know the rubio for hill switch I don't think there's a real today you know but I don't I mean slight downgrade and most. But they didn't have an explosive playmaker in the back court. And Donovan Mitchell would get an amount so we'll see Heyward now I'm sure he's pretty comfortable with his decision anyway on a Boston obviously Jason Taylor looks as you mentioned. Pretty good. As well Iowa we come back we're gonna talk. A little bit of football here got a couple things. Why get to that we sort of we sort of push that aside the past couple days we'll talk about the next in 792. Last summer tens of thousands of music fans came out the Florida beats the seats won a national tax reform in the sand. Tickets for the 2017 retired music festival on December 2 and third on sale Friday July 21 at 10 AM. While in no plans announced single band until early August we can confidently say this will be bigger and better than you ever imagined. Promise kitchen discounted tickets for a limited time beginning July 21 of the ticket Miami dot com and they're gone you'll pay full price retired 2017. Command 790 and FM 1043 XT two. The ticket he's install attack here we've heard a Stephenson all right so there words players that were talking last night at the espy's on the red carpet. And Richard Sherman. Was Aniston a question Richard Sherman never shy about stating his opinions bright guy ion as lot of thoughts on a lot of things. And here is what it was Tony and Allen has to do with contracts in sports. If we want to as the as the NFL and as a union wanna get anything done employer's gonna be when a strike you know I think that's. Doug does the thing that guys it's a 100% realizes you're gonna have to miss James gonna lose some money if you will and make the point because that's how him MLB and MBA got a gun. They they miss games they struck date that you you know flexed every bit of power they had and it was also new work don't form. Com and also our players just have to individually. Negotiate their own deals you not think players get you caught up and and you know. All I wanna be the biggest and baddest and you have the biggest and baddest big deal that anybody can have you know little focus on public of a loan. But instead of taken the three years that you already have fully guaranteed and just in new deal they're both these guys are like oh no one a six year deal but yeah. Point three threes guaranteed so while that's a good six you don't need a six who do give you three and in the salary caps gonna buff again and after three I'm gonna re up again and then guys are like. You know what forget her work there what you get herded into jury gonna probably go searching anyway you know what's that what's the real difference. So I think guys need to it's to reevaluate how they look at contracts and how they look at. Longevity and ten and things of that nation because MBA players like you know Canadian and LeBron a significant two year deals. But does nothing you know and I'll take a two year deal because I'm gonna wait for sellers have to increase and then do another bite of the apple and our sport there won't do. Well Richard Sherman is right I mean one thing he conveniently leaves out is the matter of a signing bonus. And that's where the NFL players get their money right now guaranteed money that is the guarantee money in how we say the money is better in my bank thinning your bank and so you may owe me 25 million dollars over the next couple years. That's all Welling good I know it's coming to me good. Odd why don't you just come you 25 million dollar check right now are now do what I want with it won't know how invested the way I wanna do invested things of that nature put in my bank. So that's the difference in football. Now there's a lot of things there that we can that we can take out from Richard Germans are very Smart guy by the way. Cause that's one thing is signing bonus you'll have another sports for the most part and NFL you have that that kind of equals of the guaranteed money. In my opinion the reason why the NFL is so strong. And why it's the number one sport is because you can move awful dries quickly. It is not just about injury in the NFL a reservoir area of injury Andrea gets hurt known at all. It's about skill level and when the skill level declined you can get off to a player you can move on when you're not saddled to a bad contract you're not sell for a guy making 1617 million dollars while the sun has lost that you're not sit around with a RG three on your roster pain to a bunch of money for 45 years or Johnny Maine Zell was a complete bust out of college so that's why I think the NFL this is so much stronger than the other sports because his. You can retool your roster so quickly and you're not always we signed about a couple of contracts here where we are worse stuck for the next 45 years no a couple of years you can move on and cut the guys. Well the biggest issue would this of course and then this is the biggest difference between sports is injury factor. And you mention it you know did the non guarantee in the contracts and in the only guarantee is the signing bonus. So the injury factor though plays into this and that's why you know NFL players have talked for a long time now we want guaranteed contracts. The owners will never read that there's no way they don't know does the game is just too violent too risky for that put. Yeah the owners will never go forward in the end that the MLB they're players association is the strongest that I'm anybody the NBA is has gained a lot of steam. Over over the years and they've had some strikes and Richard mentioned just strike. But aren't a top players prepared for that George would never go for. But there's just there's a lot of different things or look out more for drinks more than any NFL player this year. Any trouble out Horford is having more than any of Al Horford is maybe the thirtieth best player in the NBA right. So. There is in the script there isn't a or severe discrepancy now or disparity. This is all coming on the heels because every time all these NBA guys are making all his money as a result I now get a vote on their tween this in the you know as a Julio Jones make it less than you know the backup power for for the box. So all I dedicate. Blood sorry you like to rule you know change in the rules now like this thing's been going on forever and all of a sudden just because you don't like it they're not gonna rip of the entire business structure. It just him he'll just to make it seem like it's an even playing fields. Team because the NFL would not survive in its current format if you did that's. No you can't do that yeah you can't you can't do that and and again you know the other thing is this is the really simplistic famous I'm talking about 63 players is supposed to fifteenth. Mean that's it's this dozens more players there's just more players suggest the thing and then I mean there's more. That looked as more money in the sport in the NFL. Then the NBA so there's more to go around. But yet there's just more guys that you have to pay in and you mention it you know guys declined quicker. You know running back CLA they you know a great NFL running back coming your hoping to get three or four. Really productive years at of that back and then you probably moving on I mean we've seen that in recent year. I sort of decide that got off five or six your deal may not after three years then you stuck payment of salary cap lead your team has done right that's one thing why the NFL is so good every one every couple years you have a chance that the legal charity that's what you want. So you know it's a serial rights Allred to a roster quickly never with a for the drew in my sorority knots. Coming to how many times do teams go worst the first in the NFL happens all the time Mateen six intend that cheer the 115 right now it turns around a lot of times we see all the division stern over accepting it ceased space yeah I mean there's an original students there of the patrons. Whom you know they've been able to master its. Well that's what they've done is they've they've they've known how to get rid of a guy a year early as opposed to a year late to right but if you have guaranteed conjures thing just think about this thing you have guaranteed contracts in your net and the players like aren't signing to a three year deals are signing. It's 567. Year deals. And you think about if you sign a quarterback to a six year deal everything guaranteed a salary caps or don't know the injury for second which is which is just it's. Just think the guy's number good after a couple of years right. Your stock of the media you suck. Them you have to and then knee and you can't build other positions and you know in the NFL again you've got to put 22 out there. And when you you have if you get tied to three or four guys who can't play anymore. You know that affects everything else I mean it and ruin they hear yea your hero and your right and you know and another team has been really good at that is construct. They they have consistently. Cut guys loose. At receiver at. At linebacker in particular. Had a guy who's been ready to go and then after three for you. Has moved on from the draft extremely well they move off of guys and overspending free agent sitting. All know they they do truly well but I mean that's that's one of the reasons why I think the NFL. Has become the most popular sport by far. Is because of the financial structure and how every team is kind in it for the most part in. In the way the way the economics of the you'll just kind of affect everything that transpires. Over the course so why don't why the league has grown so much. No IE it's revving your business tax although I agree this message the NBA is a set. Salary structure TARP from UC NFL players being OK without also when I wanna renegotiate almost biannual. Now if they wanna strive gotten enough Joni Mitchell were strike which the last time in Foster was an 87. And now last about have a season or all stars crossed over and you know all the time there was no those some competing leagues in years of those around and there's there was some things thereby okay. So are you gonna talk about you know how many guys are prepared to sit out and not get a game check for two months. Now walks and an. I mean that's well that's why should invite. Right and he's saying right he's saying our guys have to be prepared to do that let me just isn't money had to do the right right you're okay your average might have lost money in the bank good for him because he's been department is money coming guys who say the only my second page here for newer heal those game checks. You have to go couple months have to make our point you cool that now is. And hot. On our that I got carpet Brazil are your that's child's aboard got a not Obama do that and as this and I'm not enough time in a season two that's a thing you know I mean. Oh you're gonna strike. You may end up losing the entire year. Right I mean if it's if you if you strike. I'm merely talking about sixteen engines and a four months of the season. It's not like with the NBA where they're able to make adjustments to it and demos the last NFL player strike in seven race right there and sells. And they played nine games is that right and so during. Yeah I mean it's hard to imagine that being reevaluating that that seems like. Hundred years ago yes. Who is aware of the NFL was then endured is now. Now I use don't see it happening like dead the owner is gonna have the players or the brilliantly do blown players' union not as strong as the the MBA or the MLB. Now it's not and never has no soul I mean. By soaring dads it's not ME has I don't know what you wanna do about it right told me don't tell her to the play baseball or basketball. Yeah I aides say he ran right let me draw sport I mean if your Mitchell Hannah and and I don't believe the. Whole idea that that football is you know because of the youth leagues and concussion issue that. Football is going away where there's not going to be enough players to two up populated bitten it there's still. Icicles are still doing pretty well. Right college game is still doing pretty well. Yeah college game of the second most prominent sport a structure behind the pro game and you know Richard Sherman again I think she's right on. In the world isn't always fair and in boy you know and and so I think if they get to a point where the players really like they're not gonna get any public public support whatsoever. Now. Now not at this stage no because there are your make and you make in twelve million right a year are saga the other that like it meant that it you're taking away our football. Mother taking away the football as I think that's right I mean it would just it would just be a disaster for the players it could mean insists. They would they would because it is not gonna happen. Now it's on an animate its interest thing because it does respond you do you do see that the tweets that all come out. From all the NFL players during NB signing season and some of the contracts mean wanted to Marley juniors and 71 million over four years. I I understand how NFL players a look at. I added it's a little bit not a named as an IP on the last year eighteen million dollars a year right. Yeah I mean that I'd get it now I understand it as it is unfair blood. You know it duchess this is the way life is in the in the NFL owner and I don't think you know one guy or are a couple of guys are going to be able to change that. I know you're talking remotely from. You know re doing the economic structure was sport which I think if you do that the sport. Won't be nearly as good as well it is that the problem for NFL players is that they're seeing it as more interchangeable. Then NBA players are outside of the quarterback yeah outside of the court of quarterback is quarterback is the only put I should even but even Richard Sherman I mean look at Richard Sherman situation as I could see this as easy as they explored. They explored trading in this off season the only position we talk about the football's number is the quarterback is different. Yes those guys make enormous amounts of money they didn't even have been on any debt bright and economic news there make in the 10050. Million dollars in the course of a career home if you're if you're halfway decent. So but everybody else is viewed as log interchangeable. Pay we'll get 45 good years out of the sky and wolf global mineral full well we're fine right. The older younger cheaper got. Players it may mean Texans and you're Goodell makes 44 million dollars a year but yet that's not gonna affect. Anything that the players are getting. And other techs I do think eventually NFL have to make and just into the system because the danger in the sport but that's years. Away. But a dangerous sport is is still going to be there there's not a psychic changed a guarantee non guaranteed contract with the score was more dangerous ten years you're limited and now now they've had they had and so it's and so movements that are there are millions and villagers there were riveted center for those injuries are no. Dear we're at this point. If it comes down to NFL owners are just better negotiators. Than NBA owners are controlled by the players. They're all Smart guys although I mean you don't become an owner of the team whether it's baseball football basketball without being extremely shrewd businessman whom I just to the players you use for baseball Malcolm basketball being. You know those guys at him daddy's in the NFL sky this kind of right you know I mean those guys I mean they. Those are strong unions video baseball for sure it basal always been strong us. I mean baseball is always most guys do what they want yes but in the NBA players and I'll get and I think third and 5050 in the pocket right they they split them up for the BRI. And football I am what I say it's 47 for the players okay. That sounds about right right. And you're going to be your forty so once in a different we are talking about millions upon millions of dollars. Those percentages those small percentage point. Yeah they do add up quickly yeah I mean that was the big thing in the with the NBA. And the negotiations lassie times was ginza that's 5050 which they have gone too so I mean our demand urgent German and I understand his. You know his feelings on that when it's it's just you know burned fantasyland. That's. That's true yet another another football story. And talk about Calvin Johnson here on the show we're doing a little the next and cementing. I had a fairly mean imagine if football season is coming as if you need that reminder in the ticket has you covered from training camp which starts at the end of this month through the regular season and Super Bowl. How does. 1807473. That's 180747. 3733. Football here on AM 7:9 AM FM one a 43 HD to the ticket. All right let's so let's get to another football story I thought this one was incher sting also. We haven't seen now mega turn on on the field and Lyle. Mayor trump and shut down and yes. He did a news conference in Italy. And talked about. Why he decided to retire at such a young and each. I ask you want to work the writers not long ago and I got Marseille guest came into the league together and so off. Congress is please use your files and keep playing yeah playing Detroit. And do my best bar you know guys you know they've created no decent team. But it's not quite like best football or. I had freedoms as we go I was stuck in my contract which were sold in its home base when I was unconscious while had to come back to do so. Does your husband was born time. Or the work Ellison and you know wasn't worth my time she formed beat my editor of the wall and not going to humorous excellence. I think everybody's going to come to the leaders in principle you know ourselves I don't know it mean no more opportunity. To access these doubts. So that we talked about the differences between the NBA and NFL. And Calvin kind of hits on there that you can't early for sure way out. In the NFL as easily. As you can in the Indian no and it's ironic because you know you look at the guaranteed contracts it'll have a implied. Any NFL you there's there's not as much movement as there is in the NBA and the guys aren't as as mobile via free agency and richest. And it's kind of a weird deal land. You know he was only like thirty when he retired. He ends he's bright one of the greatest receivers you know of our generation. I don't know Reno where you put a Muppets really last forty years point five years the only son of a generational link. Any raises a nun you know an aloe look look at as football. I do as good as. Detroit sucks I'm out of here like he does that mean it's heals very Barry Sanders ask many well that's what's interesting is that they've they've had the lions eventually the most unique. Athletes at their position. In the past quarter century in Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson and those guys quit essentially almost those in their prime but certainly. With a lot of good years of football left in them. Mahan and they have I guess the same moniker of successor modicum of success because Berry went to close lingered a couple of times travel went twice yeah but other than that I mean is this really you know nondescript and you would think the lions are a little bit better look they're not a terrible franchise Earl K not a done better. And then he had Emmy and a reasonably decent quarterback but they're light years away from winning the super boring doing right when you think about it so all. Jimmy Stafford though is pretty good so. But it just shows you mean they've got me a lot of money. He's got enough. I guess under his belt as far as snow pro bowls and everything that. You know the whole thing comes call he's probably GNU he'll probably gonna get that call I would think some bomb by the house is kind of an odd deal here we are a year later almost to the day where he's play anymore for both yes and which was again it sort of came out of nowhere. You know could have gone back there I think he had DM one year left on his contract I think he had when he left in this country I mean that's the thing about those contracts is they only work on what. Yes I sure that they the only other thing where the players you know that's your thing where the owners have them Leo overs that the other players don't have a lot of leverage but the yeah like video is soundly here and target their leg also defused freeagent need AA and somebody came call like New England. And I got a global global ultimate I know you just gotta wonder. You know such as they are you really retired. No Barry never came back it's only been a year. Right Calvin kept himself and really good shape yeah you've just got to wonder I mean would he be able nobody's ever retire I'm still waiting for Barry Sanders to come back there every every offseason doors are about how he lived on here and let the dogs literally guy right Geraldo. Probably didn't write this guy whoever that. Buddy that's a thing and now nobody's retired right for sure right. You know you guys always come back Brett Favre to a bad news guys don't back. What Barry was a different kind of due to right there was always. He was I you know he was sort of a little bit of harm right. By its. He ended up. Going going to dizzying whirl once wearing all Detroit Lions here. Says as if you don't want if you don't you don't want anybody to an old issue. But she where all of your gear right I don't. It's very strange do when it comes with the audio very it was a we found out over the years varies little bit different. Right but yeah just it's Iran again that would have an anti having the same franchise with two guys that the two. You know premier position does that a quarterback that now I'm done. Yeah that they dissent and those two guys missed each other right. Oh yeah by a lot by how many how many years I think there's probably. Years and cal price came in Lee in 070607. So I am very well left and one's nine the and I SE all as your search around together now. After a little while. Texans are the concert problems that they need to play and blame themselves the NFL players only when money the last CB initiative focused on other parts. Other contracts. That text comes in. We're not all of the negotiations there was an ever strong union is strong. You know play live player president and everyone's unified in what's going on and that's why you know complains when about the drug stuff. You know and it's like Dell itself is bargains didn't really mortuaries in football when Medicare or had your brags what are okay. But you know Roger gonna go and some guy failed drug test he's going to be a those you're done for your. Right they didn't bargain successfully against that right I mean this is all this is all. We all these things we destroy all around on sports talk radio own did this when how or goat you know we just talk about like it's just you know just in the air flowed around all these things there's lawyers. Who are a lot smarter than all of us are sitting down on both sides. And they're saying OK will give you that. But we're gonna take it's great that. We're gonna get and what what is there but he wants the first nearby once and while the first is Mormon there's more money right there and did everything else kind of gets me you know massage after that in these negotiations right. I mean Calvin I can't think of funny you mentioned how unique he was. I mean of his generation who were the other receivers that are even in his class Randy. Right. Yeah out Randy Moss Andre Johnson and I mean I've ever Mattel does we bring you were in Miami was unbelievable talks annual global 5 o'clock hour now reporter pause ACC media these could go on. But Charlotte but I mean overseer Georgia Tech in the never threw the ball to Reggie ball's quarterback right and they were and there are still run the football back then but they distort this guy like 45 times a game you come down with every catch you know 120 yards before you know did he use a different kind of athlete and drones in that mix there I guess with a group. Yeah Marvin Harrison mean you know those guys rule came a little bit before him. Right but feel that the guys that are out of thirty year old wide receivers that are hanging around right now. You know who who's in who would be would be more neck class. 'cause I don't even know who's left there's not a lot of guys Reggie Wayne I don't know if you got it was Reggie in that class maybe not quite I mean he was a volume receiver. And put up big numbers. But Reggie is Brady's out of the game right now I mean I mean as far as. The elite receivers in the game right now I mean there's a pretty good group Julio Jones a Dell back on the barrel sort of there's a hunger and all younger there on the front nine of their careers and right now as far as a veteran guy. Yeah I don't know that I'm the one just jump sound. I don't know the one just jumps out tomorrow. Thought I'm I'm drawn a blank here's how the elder statesman in the throw wide receivers and even even the guys. I just. Over the years Cilic Roddy White and calls guys and and it just retire just tell those guys that big seasons kind of like in the you know 20052. Down 6789101112. And then you know its economy and a new group of receivers and other Mike Evans although Beckham junior and you know. In a grand marshals might be the oldest guys that still got some. Game left and I am curious in the law in terms of active. Receivers. Comes out here we had a couple on Tex signs here. Ochocinco he's retired. AJ green Larry FitzGerald is a connection after its it would be VI a piece. Now let's go to him a NN this is can he really before Calvin Johnson that is. Yeah he did an NN he's sees change his position a couple times including inside the move them back outside now. And and he still. Effective on the two years ago had a really really good year. Yeah below a look that up that's and our position has shown that position is in the become I don't know you know jars Landry a means look at look got the top guys and all those guys Jimmy and Billy 34 or five years you know good tech Dez Bryant. Does Brian you know but he used to play under does his Mormon younger guy you know Anquan Boldin comes in here couple times he's still he's still getting it done man now I have a hokey. They'll try to I am more maybe the best high school player ever seeing. I'm quarterback here he was everything there about the plane everything. But he played quarterback and he was. Went out to see him a couple times and you talk about man to man amongst boys he was a really really special and and again went to went after issue when they made the transition to receiver in the of course the dolphins passed and and to take anymore so. One of their better moves in their history. Pullout will continue the conversation and get into we haven't done. Are really much NBA here in this hour we will do more of that in the next also Mayweather or McGregor stilled on out and or talk to Matt quarter. So come back and thus we are back on some ninety. Yeah. Talk to. Just your headlines here in the second and there is a new one we want to pursue sacks up here every Friday and robber on the morning show. Trust level which ran rom taste of perfection award winning vote channel armor on the does not just aged. But nurtured. As I said we will get to your headlines here in a moment first here's the thing. So TMZ. So sports caught up with Chris Bosh in Los Angeles. And they asked him what's next for him and he said basketball and stuff health is great feeling great. You sit and know he's focusing on being a dad while he figures out his next basketball move. So. At age 33 after missing most of the last. What is it now two minutes or three seasons and found that Chris has not been able. To complete entire season. He's not ruling it out. A return. To basketball and we were talking about this her asylum at the break. You know I don't know many doctors can clear him let alone. The doctors that he needs. But I just hope that Chris makes a decision that. That takes his health into the single most account on anything I know how badly he wants to play but this is a guy again with so many other interest so many other things he can do. You just don't want him taking. Any unnecessary risks. On the court and after he fan I mean just he's hurt for the best for him that's all and it ends up playing somewhere else and and ends up going well well I you know I know obviously will be people who look at the organizations say should get him that chance. But I don't think that you can view it that way you know and he had to do. What the doctors told them that they should do and that was a case there and that's the thing. And I don't have a. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS SS HD Joseph. Here's what's trending now from a concierge remains headlights to ask you need no problem. A thousand would concierge men's wellness concierge men's dot com. Well it's just sin according to Bruce of fellow men college football insider. The offensive tackle Gerri Willis will be taking a leave of absence from the football program and will not compete. During the 2017. Season Matt Porter and Palm Beach post covers the McCain's gonna join us here about 25 minute walk more on that coming up moving notably MBA the New Orleans pelicans and free agent point guard Rajon Rondo. Apparently in talks to operate contract. BA summer league playoffs continue at a Las Vegas the Miami Heat Carson take on the LA clippers at six thirty. The Miami Marlins their offer yet another day they welcomed the Major League best LA Dodgers in the town for a three game set starting tomorrow night the Marlins are 41 and 46. Don't let it go oh all of that rope AM oh finally at the age of 37 mile. Williams is into the finals at Wimbledon and Libya Saturday morning soil Williams sister Serena not in of course because their pregnancy but sister Venus getting it done should be in the at the finals and knows our today's headline calmed his son was cain's news this is does is pretty big news yeah he was a big time occurred fives are guy went to Florida. And then transfered out and sit out a year in. Made some made some plays last year but one of those guys who thought OK maybe do a lot of talent there with a light finally goes on but. Top you know I don't know what it could be I don't know what it is you know he you're dealing with a lot of kids several wants to assume that something's wrong with the program when kids transfer out her kids. Neal flunked out or just disappear but. It happens a lot the end I don't know why the reasonable see if what Matt Porter knows blunt. Yeah I mean your panic count on him to give you some some depth there and you know be the case and yet their defense though this is preloaded. There's going to be you know really the mean is not a huge hit they'll they'll be in in nine. Pretty good shape we were talking about the mosh staying here. At the very Al Ani Yankee fans would react if bosh comes back with a another team. Well let me let me ask you this though I'm a little bit unclear on this are they he'd completely. Watched from any James Chris spot okay. 'cause there was a whole thing you know if he came back in play then they the cap the money would come back on the cap a little bit so they they have their they have no ties response anymore. I know contractually now they have gotten a risk if he okay. So. Yeah I think he I think he fans are kind of be like. I would like to think that they would root for him unless you plan fully Cleveland something that in my two little personal. Like I wish Chris Bosh all the best. I feel bad for him. And I understand he's made a ton of money and he's won a lot of things won two rings and an All Star Games in and got all the accolades. Why when you know when you take something away that you love so much and he loved to play basketball. When you take that away just like that. Room that can be devastating no matter what yells you've got going on your life the end. He is a very well rounded guy so I felt for him during the last couple years even though he's got all the money in the world most things. But elsewhere basketball and that's what he's done that is who is passionately that you just take away you'll just we're driving around up there elicited the decision. What are passion a license to take away. That's tough. This stuff so I really feel for him so I would hope keep fans who root for him. But I just don't see it happening woods where little one doctor two doctors are three doctors I mean they're gonna back up the back up the backup the backup. Of every MD that try to clear him because they don't want anything happening on that floor on from a national TV to. Yeah and the heat look he did their due diligence on this and I don't think that he wanted to and the point of course they did you know that was the point the Riley made you know if you take a look at two years ago I mean I was team that was 1 game from the Eastern Conference finals and getting shot at Cleveland. And Chris wanted to wanted to come back during the playoffs so you know he theory if you had added Christen the mix there he'd been any kind of basketball shape. At all in and you would be and it has its position there where he would you know they would have gone past Toronto and they would have played Cleveland so. Yeah I mean I think you know clearly they they wanted him to play I don't think. Yup you look at it you know the heat of reallocate the resources strain out and basically they gave. The Chris Bosh money. To what to Dion Waiters and to James Johnson and Hillary LE a little bit akin. I mean would you rather I mean Chris Bosh of grief if you have Chris Russell playing at a high level. Right and the no disrespect to Dion and James John your best player by freeing up by far but he is clearly your best put right so you would I mean you would make that trade right. Yes the plan and I think a lot of heat fans. What to. Tyson was in here. Doesn't money go back and he spoke city plays ten games and another team now that they worked that out to and I didn't class I was Lebow unclear on the fellows so. They're out there to affect Miami and tarmac or think he would reform and you know the other thing is another player. Had a couple people texting in. About Boris. Firm for bursting on the stain. I'm a guest Siegler sanctity and at the Miami Heat shaped the let me know in my in my gradually lower why are you dog or don't write. Will always very late this time of year when guys are available none like this is and they to a free agency where now this is like we gathered. The reason why you that I'm sure sure you talk that values the guy. If you like. Yeah yeah I mean really good passer obviously much better athlete that was given credit for. During his crime you know reluctant to shoot. At times by eEye I don't know I mean your got a pretty crowded front court I mean if you seen this AJ hammonds at all. During some illegal pretty diseases like a day I I mean I think he has a chance. I think he has a chance to stick and you've already got. You front court is pretty loaded right now I mean with the you know you you look at having Whiteside. And and then you know you add a limit to it you've got out of bio. See very got three guys in their name emanating a play James Johnson. A lot of the power forward spot so the housing credible over years ago last year not so much in 35 I don't know if you to a million of them Miami Heat shape via defend. Boris Diaw loves his mud loves this one loves its coffee. That's he is he getting good for that I like tomorrow he's but there is a great story with the out basically that he wants came out and it worked out. Before the drafts and basically put down his coffee was wearing socks. And just. You know showed off you know did is his vertical jumped. In socks and they and then just came back and went over picked up scoffing and walked off. Well I mean he's he's been one of the load them rule skilled big man that we've seen in Italy Latin but we've seen them for. Fifteen years now slumping and he's been up there a little bit. And people are taxing in and out as well to still waiting. On any news related to damp the do you have to roster spots. Remaining in nothing yet on Luke cavity either so let's I don't that's gonna happen it doesn't look like Iran know and he's still flow he still available right Joyce Littel. Right so makes you wonder there but I mean I'd be shocked if you. And a little shocked audience and delighted to say. And we don't need them. When you're out take Joseph. Right ranked so it's not about at this point any rotation players about sort of rounding out to roster. You know getting a couple of those two way guys are used to develop young guy and mean or or guys that know the system me anyway. Yeah you know and that the UD's we WDs purpose you know that does need to be over gone over again putting arguing the sale now I think you know. We need the roster spot get rid of Romo can. Right at fifteenth man drew Julio push over the top and was the insects about who we've talked to enter grows in the show we're silly antics about Derrick Rose at the midlevel. I can't believe we're talking about terrorism the middle level. I I don't know that he's although Leo hasn't signed anywhere yet we you know you look at New Orleans I need to realize New Orleans was looking for point guard I mean after all the money that they spent. On your holiday Alison is gonna move drew did too. To play there a lot but they bring in you know bring back Rondo. Or bring in Rondo. And again Derrick Rose still sitting out there and you look around the NBA right now I mean who needs a starting point guard the inning in Indiana went out and what they signed Darren Collison. The brought him back. George Hill is locked in now with Sacramento so they have their starting Parker there weren't that many teams the next then he's starting Parker's. Yet the next would like a veteran point guard to groom and I can never pronounce his name but lean on their nickel Lena. And a sank frank Reich who. Frank. Frank the tank. A couple of texts. Coming here again about you. You. That's pick the people keep thrown out there. And the fans that one UD got the same ones that command when the problem. That that Texan don't quite understand Keith Benson his name has been mentioned too he's another guy they could be with the heat. This season so yeah I mean do we we talked about it a near available at this stage are created cedars there's you know there's there's warts there that you eat yeah. I'm the reason you're available. Right I mean you know yeah this is the last girl to dance here and you know she's she's way not a pardon or mean. You know rose Rondo only general one year deals and I mean insists there is amazing out how quickly things can change a loosely in do you want. Mean what what's raise a mean. What's it gonna do free at this point regulate the it's goes back to that kind of like the cap per Knick situation a little bit in football RG three doesn't have a job he goes. You know he gets certain teams any they will want a guy we don't want a veteran point garner it's kind of a headache that the pain in the assets going to be. You know complain about minutes you know Alicia really desperate. Teams are just like Dan will be fine. You surprise and all the spurs are announced Jonathan Symonds I can still bring him back. Right so he user restricted. They are good news pretty good player for the when he yeah I mean about bounce around them another those steely guy is that have been made good news that they disperse them in you know about as good as the heat. At finding those guys. That the knicks apparently. Are interested in him but yeah I mean he's he's a young Winger who defends who can get above the grand. And you know he was against San Antonio he was the second leading scorer. And you know that. He was going to score for the spurs in that and answer in the Golden State series there really eliminated Arthur this so I mean I wrote a pretty good and and and a guy who can defend. Multiple positions those guys there are very valuable. And I think I read that in the middle thing was hot yesterday and that's pentagon real quiet but I do think there you'll see some T I do think some teams are gonna make some some moves and some trades at just kinda is not necessarily your trying to get better per say. With some of these moves you try to get better but. It's just different it changed almost for the sake of change OK this guy didn't work out end. You know this city but we think he can work out in this city where the us and our coaching staff so I think you'll see some of those moves work. Boy they're just trading the same player away you know trouble to get a little bit more out of a bright that at this point that's what you're trying to do if you're trying to improve your roster and on this guy's a better fit. We thus and he was a distinct. Change of scenery here Simmons is 27. So you know another guy Luc Mbah a Moute is still out there I mean there there're few. There are few parts. They're still out there today that they can help team and then a lot of guys in a lot of teams command at some alienate daylight among guys. And thereby went all the young guys some of the right now that's where all the MBAs look at that and you're going to do we finding guys that. You know was undrafted player here. That's trauma the trauma focuses calacanis felt yet NFL free agency you have some of them those veteran guy sitting there at the a month before the draft rule why this vessels and their. Russell is on the draft and then if you don't get that guy and a draft and you come back and get that then nurturing guy later everyone is watching isn't look at all of you look at all the guys on the on silence on the Riley not Billy general emotional young. You know trying to find trying to find another person. Here Jonathan Simmons an Alley year big money I I think he gets more than the mid level exception. And you know it the Texans in. Can you go over is on the roster like is that bad and on the roster yet and has no neither of those guys again the year at the thirteen right thirteen. Thirteen players on Willie Reid still hasn't signed anywhere either I thought I thought that there would be more of a market for him after the years that he had. For the heat last season by night he hasn't latched on. Would anyone. Yet time when we come back come omitted out hurricanes news today also I ACC. Media day all that stuff going on some interesting comments and Jimoh Fisher and others are taught him that Porter the Palm Beach post next on seven and take. Yeah yeah it's. But. We're good. It's it's almost sideways a thousand bucks just like let's say that they get starting next Monday at the training camp 1000 dollar Ford days. Particular 1000 dollars listen to the ticket at seven and 8 AM. Three and 4 PM. Monday to Friday starting next week at the code word takes it to seven to anyone that seven to 81. When you might just win a thousand dollars in training camp 1000 dollar for days on AM 790 NFM 10438 C two. The ticket and now joining us on the air Ryan fueled dancers demeans or is gas line they are truly steps. Beyond convenient than the Palm Beach post match Porter Matt thanks for taking the time. Thank you for having me and I appreciated and Elmo where we're always happy to have you here aren't happy it's almost football season and these cars right but it's not gonna be football season for somebody. Did you get us on the latest news here. Yeah. Just a few minutes ago client yet Al stuck with the cries for a total of several books here he kickoffs it Charlie. Bet the journal Willis will Oxley it's easy to boost Tuesday but it's Angela will go. Really count. Over her current content into production order now in order Patrick's church. Although it or haven't done much it's cool that current policy. Clear. You know really not. Anything you know last year last year they're to back up but you've got. We expect you irritation that your courage very cute my need such a lot and I think news it'd be pretty valuable contributors so it's definitely the glow of the Miami don't really know. Really anything at this point about why stop other than that he had been in trouble. Quite a few times in his career come to the football players the college football player. Couple incident or. He was suspended Turkey one of Latino Miami we don't know its distance. Anything related to shatter or what the cost him. I'll richt you know people that I reached out to be the last and it's really aren't saying anything about it right now. We won't get that Mark Richt about six wait until somebody about it tomorrow he dresses the yeah here to kick off. You're not sure if you could say anything about it but. We'll certainly be there to talk under pressure. Your first question or maybe this'll be your first question who's notably quarterback all right. But what you guys thank god can tell that her belief grows near the start. OK you can read them. Military. Yes he actually got also got to go play this year upload the thing is the temperature is not a bad guy you're you tricky to actually. If he's really Smart he's great he's one of the smarter out with got covered in the core you're in this particular do you. Arm you received it is pretty athletic. There's you know it is now an arm but you know Ken Dorsey you know. Really wasn't an armed guy you there he did just fine obviously cannot turn those two at cal wide split. You know I really don't know I think I feel like. I think it took particular potent thing hall on the decode or you can windup the starter plan B up all the it's just it it really becomes intrigued you look at. You reached three you can be the starter for weeks or did my and keep them under wraps until they have to put that you met or the state. I don't know. I teach you far away the mortality got a roster play. If you ready we don't work out for fidelity opened camp August 1 is that the that dodged the question Marat or your. They're the best what did you answer and as president I mean mail to sail we don't know I don't know. No you're absolutely right and that Florida State game it looms big early on and Florida State who spoke today they were up there there robbed or what James. Follow up there will be a first job dig the country of France were off a Miami. They're getting their blood is Florida State is it's how level where's the gap now right now Matt Florida State Miami. Contact your question has served a really good question actually I would say overall that but he might you have players that some trauma player but take their potential client. Over but stupid percent to one each the outside the clincher. That you need Florida State kind of clear look at the central line you don't particularly their play. You know forest floor they can you know it like Clinton and get the win that they recruited your top five level for so many years now. Under can look Fisher didn't do this rollout guys you know once somebody gets hurt conclude scheme don't force against it's I had. Forestry by the Easter are Kabul. You know this game in the course it has its record against Alabama possible one vs duke matchup that's gonna be a war but. Florida State that is probably its been disputed NET UCL credit Clinton. Can recover from games like that complete just kept that call and get my feet not there he's my idea is far all goes down Miami. My view it is you know really really cold because they don't have any crude options pomp behind him. No more culture behind if you stay healthy he'd be very productive but. They really could struggle with the ball not and put Benedict you can spot so I think you know you to just got the overall quality depth it and that's really really doubt that your me. Timeout corner here on 79 in the ticket this is what general Fisher said speaking on Florida State he said. I think we've established ourselves is the premier conference in college football it's sort of a shot across the ballot the SEC he opens. When Alabama how strong do you think the ACC is gonna be this year. What your commode are committed beauty is the color picture in Arctic which is poverty reduce it got broke. You know and then when you walk in to include the western the Charlie here that you turned a corner you'll be escalator to where all this is what's going on the first BC. It's the national championship trophy. I drove the New York ultra did that matters and you know that's where they are record here Charlie with you even not in Hoover Alabama with the FC. I think you know enter your future. You really can't argue that he excuse the strongest support conference and you wanna talk about called youth culture and that's what conference so. Pinnacle of and a lot of chest puffing and that's what this is or no commissioners Wofford. You get up there and you know how to stray too we could not use common to all that kind of stuff but it is coaching and all receipt create. Or you can learn more you know our people like Seattle with a triple pitcher talk about how how they're scheduled to tell how proud they are already para. You know advocates appeared together you'll elect kind of stopped there and real actual. You know music and fun stuff going on here too but there's plenty of that kind of stuff. Men got your pre season all ACC football about you posted that on your blog you got to obviously Alomar Jackson there at quarterback. But I wanna bogus article the Miami guys mark walnut I'm cool. With armada Richards got Chris hurt yet Chris turned and then there that's a little bit interesting biggest serves over your selections. On offensive that you loaded the defense would guys like judge Jack Korman. Well I think earned the best type into the you know he got put backyards Virginia Tech showed short leg in the Clinton you know they've they've moved on. You know you ought to continue to joke who had gone to put cute but I didn't you see last year. You know from an athletic standpoint. So. You know it's it's determined automatically pertinent and quietly good order ideas that are the players the last couple years to do everything. Could Matt Leinart if they wanted to do. You reach either best fullbacks you'll monster fall back. And playing in the slot to play in line so it's really good you know because fat guys. You know we you Nikko Europe spell it kind of you know he had an all purpose spot in that went to the Carolina State's identity expert YouTube but you also could all over the field. Yeah yeah your returners but we can get all the different seriously expect ballot on the you know it quarterly and I had him one of the best linebackers aren't certain of that wrote the piece of furniture is best linebacker petite. Lump but yet but that's production last year I'm more tackles a lot the unity issues restaurants added he knows it's two out of pretty cricket there. Come so yeah hey you know it I'm unhappy with a lot of plaques election some overly cup the defensive line loose. Very hard. You'd pick to win that you tackles that in a little bit tougher speech to stick for the central line and oh yeah a little bit easier but I don't know I had to get hit an OK job. We did an excellent job Matt nice job Porter thank you eat you mentioned running back is that the biggest position of depth biggest concern position of depth the general Rosser. For Miami's roster clearly. Really he'd be received 22 he decided transferred there or that the crowd transferred quarterback who has you know critical look at the ground. NFL draft pick last year you know what's playing it and that's CS school that citadel excited to jump up competition and you don't get this tape out there to let you know little wider audience. I'm so he's gonna probably start I was taken and are quick but he could tell that to borrow you know that you could you start this currencies kind of thought yes. So this before that though we don't quarterback would speak worry I'm you have to record holder it was easily Covert. Arms. You're kind of a little concerned about the safety opposition you'll be included a couple of guys there they're they're looking kind of late. They decrease when you key collapsed you have to look at the facts you covered in a bunch of course our guys so. Future looks bright they're correct route OK I didn't occur to go down they're they're kind of control. The optical quality they're. You know there's do you here me now who played you know I don't look at talented. And we were due to beat. And then obviously quarterback at stake it's fine to quarterback draw a intricate that ET trouble put. But it creek and help them are all the parakeets and yeah. And she'll lot of number one out there is no doubt. Now show mobile marks only on its second is second year here going to end but it is one reviewer I don't know about recruiting just it was a little update. Bob just in the simplest terms how are they doing on the recruiting trail. For a long time they had the number one rated classic country according to a consent so let us. Recruiting web sites they're great players all that kind of stuff so do pretty well but. There they may not finish with a network classic country because it's you know I have yet a lot of guys from it is Alabama has like hot guy committed right now so. You shoot your little Alabama Ohio State they're all gonna close very strong but I'd be looking at oh the other. You know at least top tens if not better claps and that is the type of city and it. Don't they do what they should be this year. Against this fairly reasonable schedule outside the Teaneck Tallahassee. You know pick your week and he was eighty clay Kirby championship obviously they haven't done that yet that would create a state sponsor on the program. These are definitely trending up to recruiting there right now is or what concur. Would you got a glimpse Florida's stayed in the ACC championships here about damn time. I think they can do it appears that there are that are important to reporters anyway who received a stake into. Every year or so you'll find he has old town that are ready but it is can't trust why do you think this week you're probably trust them. I don't see ho don't we all looks you know the two weeks I'm not sure all. During rock of that puts. Japan this year I expect my Buick. Not really had had a quarterback hurt authentic picture out they're really that I expected to keep all the Lotto forty ordered 78 that's like elect. Matt Porter from the Palm Beach post predicting. That it's well there were to throw out their and now you're you're saying Iran it was so they July 8 July would retain thirteenth moon July 13 and we're going to be seeing Miami NF issue in the conference champion. I had a good for a you know for the ACC the foul poles and everything's gotten the production running under the reduction in all fairness through Syria that are out here for the last ten years like his 2008 MIA Florida State marked down in Charlotte for a look at this arcane. BR can't Robert Honecker and record books you'll incompetent to they dreamed about not my anyone wants are more Florida sit on the other really did that led big rematch every single year and earned hasn't happened never avenue doesn't happen well. A little canceled talking about when the coastal somewhere yeah it's not all are so quarter we appreciate you taking the time thank you sir. I guess. That Porter. From the Palm Beach post we come back the ones you don't want to mark won't pay this candidate having an only non and Ted is a guy that yet well now solo. Year beyond left right I mean they this is and that's just where he went to Florida State like when you're there and it's not there yet winner. You know you've got one guy I mean we collect the great Miami teams and he trying to remember back pillow. A McGahee and Portis ran our Dan laden when the guy gets murdered his banged up globe that tweaked his ankle midway through the second quarter is gonna sit out proceedings can you bring a guy and that's gonna still get to eighty yards and NB a force warrior. That's where they're trying to get to the right and we come back. We got more McGregor and Mayweather stuff to get to the store never ends very back on seven and it's. Kyle last December 10s of thousands of music fans came out the full alert obese a seat twice nationalized reform in the sand tickets for the 2017 retired music festival. I December 2 and third on sale Friday taught in July 21 at 10 AM. While we have no plans announced single band pencil early August sleeping comfortably say that this will be bigger and better than you ever imagine. That's a promise get you discounted tickets for a limited time beginning July 21 at its again Miami dot com when they're gone you'll pay full price rip tide 2017. The man 7:9 AM FM 1043 HD two. The ticket that's in Florida State fans are weighing in here. They'll lose by thirty in telling maybe forty. And then we would all love to crush Miami twice. Well it took an extra point block last year for our trip should be Miami it is but it's been seven years since mine is being so the seminal so. Source day today do you know meaning they got the streak going right now in but I understand sort of state general feeling good and a little bit cocky but ago would Dicey there last year but. Yeah that took the Tutsi third game in. You know no matter who quarterback's going to be pretty tough. Yeah that's and again that's a big question in Miami we talk about the depth at running back but. Who's quarterback going to be very had with a very had one night transfer rate non Jack down Jack Nelson and any transfer out so we're down to. I mean how many legitimate candidates are there it sounds like they are really three. Yeah yeah I mean you know. Testaverde skids on the roster her but I mean you look at that the sheriff is he's got the side easy. There's lodgings like about him blood. I don't still know you're gonna if you're gonna roll with him Ruggiero has the experience. You know the duke game two years ago when no when Brad was heard him he came in and played pretty well but Dow's record older lateral names so bomb. The odd minimally probably. Won't play until. The Kosier is ready right. Another go drew go out of the gate then you roll the best guys missing the thing with the roof Margaret this is what will be determined who's starting quarterback if there whoever doesn't. Turn the ball over last year that ten turnovers. Total. Mark once you take care of the football so hole. Number rouge here it's a little bit a little bit you know lose witted. That's the biggest things so they've been practicing a guy is is towards the other team then the net is going to be act right pitches that's what that you wonder is why my it was a real ushers the turnover differential really turn over ten times. Right so Amare he's been on that so that's kind of going to be the turning factor but he'll long term once talked to negotiate very James Winston saying you know he's. He's the man you know all this other stuff so. But in the short term it's the biggest concern well and you know that bit. This we're always gonna look back on this and say what would this team be if time left right I mean that's. Especially imminent decision that he made. Which really didn't pay off I mean he doesn't have I mean it doesn't have a path in Detroit. Was starting position anytime soon knowledge steal your in the league you'll get a paycheck and you learn an out of control right you know which was the flannel away but mean. I don't know if you ever say if I had a jewelry and come back in. And because you know he had forty plus calls starts under his belt like what's what more do you have to do how much I don't there was a and yet right yeah I made just a get all that stuff like yeah I mean he is where you in the draft wasn't exactly. You come back in things like shake out differently than he had a strong year you grown in the second or third round and right which amazing considering that there was some hype about him being a first round pick prior to last season. And now. You know I mean. And I cannot I kind of roll my eyes at that but at but I still thought he dawn the second or third round you came out I was the biggest question of them was a little ability. Mobility and you know arm strength. On the throws salute the throws to the sidelines he's got a good accuracy but I mean just really and so those tight throws. But he just you know and then. You know when he gets. You know when there's people around him in the pocket gets a little bit dirty then. Is he going to be able to move and throw on the run a little bit Nazr electoral wanna run like she's you know this mobile quarterback but just be able to sidestep and then he'll. Throw down the field. Bomb nor does a lot of things like what he's really kind of still projects and there's a lot of terms which are playing the NFL yeah. No good college quarterback but I mean we're talking the NFL. That's who was really me who has made the jump significantly here. From college to the pro limited a column when Lamar Jackson is everywhere and these array presidential winner is like. What's his future yeah I don't know an extra features and you have many be at the same position where you saw Janus can go from death issue number one overall pick like. You Janus could hang in the pro yeah. Large straying from the body to rent. And I and I think I feel that way not to Shawn Watson too I think he's going to be able to play at the next while laggards who. You know just she you know is their bread to also has got you will be a bigger and is still the stronger older sicker. Right now but. Couple text that was in your disappear in big games is that I mean I didn't didn't play particularly well against south issue. In that game not threw an interception in the corner of the end zone per you know when there were going in which kind of would turn the tide on generally put up issue on the ropes. Nominee big games really and really. That's enough not to Manning I mean what was his biggest win. You don't play spurs to duke. Now it's spurred Georgia Tech. On the road I mean that's you know they peel Nebraska when he was probably you know that would sophomore year they lost. You immutable as Nebraska down here yeah probably the Nebraska game down there that's no. Mean it's not breads all of the bigger yeah they say selling the team in general had had a lot of big win I'll man in the three years he was here they have they have and that's just kind of an Al gals like governor Al Golden from the first couple years and then while you're maybe Florida is fresh out of these various jobs is biggest when he put his ass off against West Virginia Wimbledon. Yes that he played is imminent again very first quarter he wasn't very good and he played great the last three yeah I was using. We ended ended on the highest possible note that he can and yeah that's why pumping Michael a little bit higher in the draft as it was kind of the last impression that he laughed right. West Virginia game he I would say that he played really well that game those are those of night's win. Yemen the cozy carry I mean has yet meaning to return tools EE it appears that he has the most tools of all these guys and it's as questionable when. They get to what do you think of their schedule this year. Well very manageable your individual does have you ever issue early and you know you're Notre Dame at home yeah you gotta go to duke on a Friday night. How does not earning going to be anyway. The lull there for a Forney rather Forney lessons I mean now but I mean there's still those Brad May did not remain the should've won that game last year they came all the way back. I think they're still really really. Really fine I mean it's I think it's it's it's cool man they they're there they should be just fine you know you up multimedia Pittsburg at the end of the year. My when you gotta go up there than what we know that Thanksgiving week where it's always you Lou Chile can be snow. But you know they don't have field of the back to back real road should they're Arkansas State OK you know bizarrely he denounced it last year. But you know I look at it these announce that the and there's nothing certainly over daunting I think this is probably their. On paper when you look at the beginning of a bit when you look at it from the beginning of the year every year you've got to do the wins and losses and where work. Where can really be a work in the pitfalls come from. You look at things go yeah despite the them the best to slow him probably you know a lot of years only back to back road games like now here. Where is up there you go North Carolina go to do what you know into the division the only thing easier forest in early when probably you probably want them. A little bit later with a quarterback situation would do more. Right I mean your your your your likelihood is that you go into your into your bye week it's formed one. And then let Mikey said you know getting getting Notre Dame and home. They you know and and Georgia Tech we know the success of richt has against Georgia Tech's that comes right off the vine that's a Thursday night game at home we should you know the crowd you were fired up for that the council. Friday night at duke co okay. You know maybe that's a bit maybe that's trap game U and North Carolina lost a lot Billy ready to go but that's. Mean if you're good enough you shouldn't you shouldn't outside effigy you should be favored in every single one of those games. Yes he should actual runs come an arm looking and I know I mean I really out. Now you should be I mean it even look at the road games I mean North Carolina. Then Pitt and duke. So yeah I mean yeah you think that they would be favored in all through their. Last conference game is accuse. Right Rula as management to send all of our broadcast and brought her they stink right exactly you know the deal Beirut a turnaround arena eventually. The newly but there are doing this it's this is in schedule yeah I mean it's a Leo at home or non conference there on 'cause that the militant crazy. So no. Dispute the quarterback situation figured out he Q mark wall running on health. Yeah scenario right those two things. That's because you said it receiver you're here in pretty good shape but that's still spot but young quarterback and the running back positions are two things and then obviously. You said at linebacker defensive line took a little bit of the you know this a setback today was the with wouldn't need Joseph who Gerri Willis and out the putt but you have you have depth on defense line and then and I in the secondary should be pretty good. Secondary you know yelled a younger there but the guys I mean they got home a lot of experience there that are slob that they did she begun the bodies back there and got some gunning squad Johnson. Meals ready for breakout year the man dressed kicker OS kickers in the country that disarming him. Like. Kings ridge we've pumped up man this is then that after she game. Who knows. UN now one. You know that you're talking and you know you have moments right and then then then yeah Xerox I am as a real conversations down there but even if they don't I mean you're still send yourself over for really really. Heck of a season I mean there are 94 last year. Mean it's things fall right I mean they can do a lot better. Text comes in here this is a shot at me hurricanes form wanted to buy Wii is like Toronto beating Cleveland in the second rounds never but he still on me about my prediction. You know Jason well I before the post season started I was looking for team they can possibly be Cleveland. And Allah to Toronto when I looked at their additions in the off season and I totally miscalculated that thing. Really been what did you make dead before the play how do you know that you had to take a team did pick a team had a big concern roaming through the law works and then. It was pretty bad. Toronto Toronto bunch frauds go right and then. When you frogs learn my lesson growth frauds back. They did they they got rid of a lot of their depth right or were their their depth left thumb they generated DeMarre Carroll Garrett of and they didn't re sign. PJ Tucker right well and on the money right then that the payload and they brought and they trade Corey could -- Joseph so they'll be a little bit different but yet still human. You know the the ideas when DeRozan and Larry your two best players. There's there's a ceiling. On how far you can go numb particularly when LeBron guy is. What. Is what he is particularly in the post season Texans in there who knows we all know after issue 45 Miami thirteen party trash talk here. On the tennis. I had I a lot of promise ulyetza some of those Mayweather. Mayweather McGregor stuff we'll get to it on the inside seven minutes ago. I went to see at the sixth annual Jeff Conine celebrity poker classic in the Seminole hard rock hotel that's August 7 inning game in 101000 dollars and other prizes. Proceeds benefit comments clubhouse a home away from home for the families of children at Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital. Take part in the live and silent auction enjoy VIP party occurred Japanese restaurant for the tournament cut kicks off what is seen by registering at the ticket Miami dot com. For more information at the turn men and make a donation please visit conine poker classic. Dot. Or eight installment back here with the Kurdish Stephenson taken yup and so close 7 o'clock we Smith try to mix things up for you. A little bit today on now what is characterized as one of the slower and in sports but there's there's been enough suffer a step. Get to hear I'll stop finger first allowing it we have we have we have mixed it up. That Richard Sherman and Calvin Johnson we have mapped or how we talked and canes we I mean we've done the espy's last night Laura Zambrano. We have an MBA some really we did Leahy that mean MB free agency they're bros Wii development and are only two hours certainly bounce around we don't want more of our I know and. Here's the thing and we're plays some of the sound here a second but. Catalysts on about this yesterday you know we don't know where else this Mayweather McGregor thing can go. By. It appears that they're willing to push the limits of taste. Set to see how far it can go some of the sound we're gonna play for you have is a little bit out there. It's a lot out there actually I you know some of the tax that we got yesterday. We were asking about what Mayweather should have on his on his suit jacket as you know to compete with the bleak view. For McGregor. Some of those were tame compared to what actually transpired in the press conference today so we're gonna get to that. Here a second but the show of this show here may be. Ultimately. The press conference is more than the actual funny and but again I don't know would to more of these things to go. How many more limits they can push. We'll get to it a second that was then that is the thing and now we go MI. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami at WS SS HD Joseph. Here's what's trending now from a policy air remains headlights to ask you. No problem at a thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge men's dot com. Well backwater of the Palm Beach post are joined us earlier in this hour he confirmed. Defensive tackle Gerri Willis is taking a leave of absence from the program the school announced. So he will not be with the team for the 2017. The season. We have NBA summer league playoffs going on to write another round of 160 Las Vegas Miami in the LA clippers. Paul match up in about a half hour right around 630 also the pelicans are in talks. Possibly signing freedom point guard Rajon Rondo the Marlins and the rest amazed far back in action for the second of the season tomorrow night. The fish welcomed the LA Dodgers in the town of Miami with a record of 41 and 46 do not don't you dare let go. Of that rope and finally Venus Williams at the age of 37. Has advanced to the Wimbledon women's final those all are your headlines right now let's get to the fun stuff. Kind of McGregor this is yesterday. They did not okay. I'm not I'm. Jump. Yeah. He's made. I mean that's the start of he was training at a higher did chant on and there's war not you want more. This is a bunch of big hits it is a bunch of beeps here. I mean we what do what does workers words scar face more earlier our tour regularly whether breast center I mean at some point it's like okay. Like. What else is there to say well I'm wondering do they have this sort of like I was entertained they'll be wrong I am entertained by this but it's so point. You have to up the any on this deserving four straight press days and another one today and what today's New York yeah and then tomorrow's London. Now adjusting in Toronto. So all but it's a boy do we have double fool out like brawl on stage. To really get those big real numbers I've bits it's looking like it I here's a little bit more McGregor. And. The yeah. I. It's. Max you don't. Did Jones. It's. You've done it takes me. I'm doing. Hey good political. Broad day. I I have a question yes. Are we setting maybe a run ID knows that McGregor has no chance and what does it as this thing kind of builds of steam here. Are we heading towards the biggest. Exploding cigar. In sports television. My guy got all the hype whenever you have violent with the Dow Pacquiao Mayweather never bought that fight right and the fights locked. Whenever I was it was complain about it what are we headed for all this and that we had so much this it has its gonna keep going in our. If you're gonna by the fight and they're gonna get sucked in and then it's going to be garbage and ordered all my god. That is the age is well my background but we know we know now right I mean we know that's what's gonna happen I don't know short. Comfortable keep but you'll get my mail are McGregor yeah you've said just say you know it might be a storybook and it broke what we're comfortable there are a lot of people want to an artist with six. Warning McGregor went. Yeah out alien may say is not very sympathetic figure out what did season hate Mayweather for variety of reasons. Blood I'm just wondering like this is to be sold hyped up and it's almost like even the people that we goggle texting and saying you know I'm not I can mileage even with it. You can only take so much that when you're inundated by the economy they'd just like. Advertising Ethan. You know army when he keeps we we keep seeing same thing the same thing in commercials and it's it's just part of our culture neutral OK okay okay it's I don't try that that that new sandwich off tried a new soda I'll try that new deal would deal an irrational whatever it is. It's almost like whether you're paying for your nobody's house or whatever. You're gonna your your time Ford played it's it seems like another. You discuss succumb to it and you're gonna look back on oh my god knows the biggest waste of time in my life right and money the I think that maybe Iran and a lot of texts. You know coming Allah there's a lot of people who don't like when my Mayweather and some of its for the off down the ranks up the sun it's just a way to define. And one thing we didn't we don't have the clip as an act of this stage because their one point Mayweather when democratic took our flag and put it around itself. McGregor went to Mayweather back or I don't I don't carry money but I am I wanted to hear mega play tomorrow won it a little chase you so McGregor took. Mayweather is brag from the money in the right. Italy for a good year to what does he do it's it's all American another thing oh yeah song line off follow a lot of cameramen reporters not a boxing reporter but. My boxing people a tournament you know like you like a lot of fans the media and and and in my mirror the book but alike cannot see how Bernstein all of. The boxing no boxing people don't like dole like this the MMA people like this is it brings more illumination of their sport which. Good but the boxing people in this global problem boxing. Marquez thumbing their nose thumbing their nose at our traditional out and that's kind of from a box it's white enemy is me so many inroads but yeah I mean there's there is a definite line. That's been drawn here. And yeah. I don't know where this thing is gone because it's just the beginning well here loved got a little Floyd let's spoiled getting a big time we enable time. I. I. The. I have another question. You touched on a little bit here. Everything seems to be all everything's is no holds Bart in these press conference of the most part. And they've skirted some of the lines I mean yeah you had murdered McGregor saying that Ford can't read. And he's done some stuff. By. It is any thing is something good to be said here where it's like woo okay. Well we're closer eye liner and I mean talking about the he can't read. I mean by Conner got up close to her I mean. Close or racial lines too I mean brass as some talking about lay something's going to be said you know this is its offer Fonda and it's a circus in his Dublin to rave reviews. It's something good you said where it's like okay. Mike. And I'm just saying because this is only the beginning. It's only get more rowdy early on in your in here it is I mean there's so. There's more ago right here live and we'll build a little more fluent. It. You. No. I love detects I'm NBA yielding your mind despite. Is someone Texan and I feel guilty for love in this. Hey they send McGregor and flame assess a magical pre show meetings. For all of us on this one is wondering is so like after it's all said and done. I backstage or they just. It landed there there does bear hugging their depth ended up going to on the chair and had a no hitter that's a twenty million for youth to the thirty million from Maine mom but I. I mean is he going to be one of the biggest sucker. Plays on the on the viewing public in the history of sports. Yes my question well I I mean this Texas account are I think you're dismissing this fight too much. Regardless of results why would you wanna miss that. So I mean obviously he's got people that some people bought into the. So I really got that cool would that guy right there land but then right now. After the fact. Middle thing you had excited now with whoever would win that when the fight goes to round just a bit like dad. Right wore heels a nonsense goes on where nobody punches anybody. And you you it's a hundred dollars in new and the Saturday night then what do you know say it says here would never buy this fight can stream the hell out of it never pay. Okay whatever all the stuff before Mayweather Pacquiao. That after what was complain and all my money back dot. Mayweather Pacquiao right and mrs. Wright and and that fight came too late. I came too late now Brian McNamee knows at least a funny right what elvis'. We're going to be this one McGregor is any is ass kicked the DMZ entertaining tiger ring. That's that's true he's he's pretty good at com. And I'll just watch it online the next day for free now now when it comes on the Coral Springs on mall. Honda techs like I doubt that I doubt them you don't you know we will be part of it that night. Anyone experience of their beards and Hollywood resort it's not gonna be a good fight so you don't wanna watch him like you do what you want to Lila Delorean and go back and much like break it down there. There are those who have score around my around. This text they Bharatiya no chance against drive over the rocky made him bleed. The pin and and there will make a movie others that you have an aids. May be. One more this is a clown sideshow McGregor has. Zero chance. Party tired of all this and somebody's sexing come to bar Louie in midtown watch it for free. A the rural woo hoo we had we had another six weeks who have so yeah Hispanic people will be in touch. Yeah a lot of people let's then bring him expressing memories to me delete this is the dummies or be they just aren't telling us it does seem like an add on how they keep it up. Here fur press got in general why he sticks his nose and everything involved man like this is this blue get out of there right. And you are talking about an attention guy off my guy like nobody cares that you're there. The red and now they're there for these two. And even Mayweather is gonna trash suckers he is and Ian Gregor is just an another look. He's just he's on the local I don't know graders and I think he's the one thing he's the author of trash on you mean he's I camping and I mean anybody who's a good you know what will will will we get this on the tax line here's got you built Agassi in a way I did thing about this best trash talker. In sports who who would you who would you put up against kind of McGregor were would be almost a fair fight to give a microphone on the other side right. We got a lot of good nominees now willow we'll see what comes in. Your attacks on 67974. Right back in some ninety. It's. I want to match the seven minutes. Listen for just attempts and amber zig and that's Thursday morning's any AM powerless bridesmaids because a public adjusters. We've got your assets covered call 855 Getty's CPA or visit East Coast public adjusters dot com don't settle for less elicited just the tips on am 7:9 AM FM 1043. HD two and the ticket. And we are talking before the break about. Trash talkers. How to Gregor certainly up there as one of the alzheimer's so who would you put out there against them. We've gotten a lot of repeat signing here this is for Chanel tickets. And so we're gonna have to try to find most creative one here because we got a lot of repetitions so let's let's go through. Some of these. And we got on the tax line. Here's a few names a thousand and I mean it's crazy it's Stella to snobs and in other Amy was listening to. The good. You never who's listening day event Lou new. Gary Payton now the first name I thought oh yeah the gloves the glove could. Could talk trash Gary Payton can talk trash maybe didn't talk quite as much when he was here in the heat the when he was so he lives in Seattle is one of the best point guards in the league. That's a good one Josh Norman comes in here not bad Richard Sherman another quarterback could want. And then we got this one from bunch of people of horrible. How bad creative. We really remember outside the box a little bit him at 1 PM let's get on unsold existing really Smith. Yes that's outside that's got the money. Mike Tyson I don't know that I was tech isn't that. I guess sometimes we city's nature children and let those crazy nights and we were pleased when Tyson was coming up he was a really nice present voting soccer a lot of people texting in Iraq. I knew we get the road we get the rational wrestler out there and the bad. Text comes in that the rock is the best tres shark or halt time there's a kind of McGregor the opera OK we had a couple of these texted him. All time. You know with the so anymore. Well Ali yeah balance pretty good time. Of all time here there's no there's no question they're burrowing box seeing the me Ali advantage trash talker I would think yen with the running. What are you laughing about back there I come from this the ridiculous one before me a charge talker somebody no matter the circumstance would move him. You still gonna talk trash until I guess Gary here debt denominated. He's losing something. Donald Trump didn't admit every day events you're not so that it does go bad and I knew yours and your religion the. Some like that you saw Ollie got this one for a few people dream migraine. Dame dream my dream is is this important version of them. Mr. trash are really MBA. People are hurt tire sending in Ali quotes senior flow like a butterfly sting like a beer cans can't hit which rise can't see. They was certainly the most literate of of all these in terms of of being able to. You know not not just trash talk someone else to do it in a poetic way. I was a bleak view glee do you believe you now boxing gloves are fighter were wasn't a bleep every you know. Yeah. Ali and Michael Jordan I would pay to watch sister trash talk when McGregor. Would end of our ball on their just for entertainment. This one Texan a few of them. Sean Sean Avery and hockey. We adjourn golf Ochocinco in football Pedro in baseball Pedro was pretty good. And the future. Whatever. Our current Oscar grounds that it costs to address comes as. Hectic at spirit because it. Guy wasn't so at least not if rays got to go back to the city dean character in let me can jump right AM events and it. Mrs. Bryan's. Mean all right. And hello. Now Rodriguez. It gets very matter like she's she's the girl she is she did John McEnroe comes in for much people are you serious. Our but he but he wasn't trash talking opponent so he was transparent images Austin I'm John why does this. Yours is Tripp and her body. We got eight we've never mentioned his name yet but Michael Jordan. Yeah Allen's pretty good to Michael back to dub an eagle on now from Larry Bird was notorious trash talker to. Yes yeah Larry Larry Bird was notorious Somali it didn't. I mean Nyberg Colin shots and telling us that he would do Riley Larry Elder verb like walking in three point contests ago whose vision second. Right it could help me decide that I mean that's. That's really gangster right there leg with the best trash talkers of the guys that it back it up to and he did it right it is dominant dominant disorderly. Non text and draws in Petra which was a great tress are creatures shoe in his own language. A lot of people are Texan in non on me tell. You have to fund the first on the Murrah. If you go to rove got Don recoup the good when I got text America commits old school my dad broached the rose. I those things you could mean while they still have a bullet go to the best there registrar can smoke and sit around hello good injury didn't. Oh my god it Gretzky talked a lot too that's true he tell you he was gonna do and they need to Gretzky outing he looked kind of unassuming now he'll learn as the villains always the quiet ones that aren't always the guys bill and their bird you would think. The just. The repeal part. Lance Stephenson and I don't know if he's. Integrated tres or has blown interior that's uses blown call nothings in your Paul Pierce. Even if not not bad drug drama got him pretty good this year though. Deion Sanders. Rodney Dangerfield is. Shannon sharp little what do we have any football guys that for the other let's go let's let's shrink this will be the year obviously where it is there any NFL. We average German very quarterback to talk strategy there Rogers. I think a quarterback. What it all let's talk Sheridan coach Matt how the magna give nuclear retirement though we are game and overturn where I couldn't tolerate well and they play every year of overtime right. I don't think those guys like when they threw a touchdown I got you audiences that Rodgers always does the belts. Yes. Destroy it from this China's mix it up here with some warned that. That's tough talk trash yes you know. Leave apple did Lyonnais in Kansas in the Neeson has pretty good as a specific set of skills and you'll find you and Gil Killian. So that's that's pretty good now. It's. That's pretty good stuff yeah Google of Phil Roberts Philip Rivers auction met trash yeah he does that's a gut wanted to win we get final out there. Thank you that's a new one of its gonna win. Mike you know voted on now with the younger economy to make somebody go crazy that a single. W did your you gotta do to the opposing team not your not your teammates. Goes right there's a lot of Bryant Bryant had hail to the practice squad guys that. All goes back amigos president. Michael Irvin Tom Brady it's Brady does suck trash I think he did realities and they'll do the best editor what. Yeah he wills does little bit of a little bit of an edge there. Lance is a trash lower. Ray Lewis how many or few times. But the Oscar the Grouch one is pretty good. I know you as we get we get because it's on but I Amano a level let below the interns aside everything. That'll put on me we responsibility. Dylan Nikko grinds us in the ground it's sure to go what are asking aggressive you know and I thought I relaxed showed off from the last dragon you've Goodman from New York ceremony I announce like Donald Trump the prison way. He let it. After last night Peyton Manning. Stone cold Steve Austin. I mean not Ali was the what Ali was pretty good to. Lower were so far back and Allen now. This little apparel. It's probably earlier trance harper. Only in the any change. I read only to Danny and there. I'm curious Eisner Riley AKA kind of came up in in some things I was watching this morning. Unease in the third they might do mad dog. If you note in this business everybody knows who we is if you're we New York is down there. Thousands and Russo is talking about kinda. You know. Do everything in it was amazing that rot he. I just so happy you'll see a lot in the end it tonight if you if you watch him but he gave Riley a lot of credit because rather would always come on the show a mix had a big game. Always on their show eyes of those interesting and end. You know as great as those guys were and it kind of started sports talk radio they're really did there were the first show the refills first. First station but he goes man yelled. We reveal Riley would come on every single time the knicks had a big game noodles nineties when the knicks are really good in their play and jordin he'd always come on the day of the game. Because I thought they knew what I was way to kind of you Riley credit and guys don't do that anymore golf. Legislate how all special and then you know Chris was very. Humble. Wind is ideally we kind of lucky like the Yankees were really good though those years the knicks are really good those years like huge got to wonder if those teams stink the giants won two jewels. As great as they were if those teams weren't great today to have that platform. Are they Mike and the mad dog for twenty years yeah probably not run as they did their talent just like Dick had a cup they eat the result that's at New York teams have not been that good recently ran the kind of caught the perfect storm premiered to mixed. We're great back then in the ninety's and early ninety's they they were I mean yeah the knicks and the Rangers at the same time Rangers won outright a million years yes the Rangers the net. Stanford and the Rangers you can talk hockey up there and that's one of the things. Down here it's tough I mean you know beyond the football on the basketball. Right it's it's tough to consistently talked baseball in and hockey on you know we got today here's our Rangers ransom right. Net radio the other they don't they all know this you the giants went to assure Bolger the Yankees were dynasty you know the Mets were okay. You know the jets were OK but I mean it is of those kind of adjusting you know generally it's about to Toronto coming out a little watched some summer league and now we all of DVR that I do watch is that a two hour special not just this is an -- who listened to hours apart due to. Integrator is that it should now that's not intimidated out of radio got to do they largely routed throughout this analogy we locate the the Oscar the Grouch personally did let's. That's pretty good we got a lot of other runs that came in here up purple shirt guy in my hand off from Charlotte. Seth Rollins remember the Cleveland time Ansel rant I mean there's there's there are a lot of coming here didn't John Amos guarantee the Super Bowl. Yeah mommy that's a good answer is no guarantee home user trash talking there is no liquor out by the pool game it is well no actually he said that one. That one was not a little banquet and as a banquet I three the media they knew it was at the banquet and that's the most famous as he media he was just ask the question he was asked you know you gonna wind and he said I guess I guarantee it. Yeah I got a chance seduce or would show up at his house in Jupiter the years ago that was entertaining he still have we got to take a picture in a in a fur coat. One of those are still had done it still have still a slap on the boggles the bad Joseph Gregory and try to do a sure thing right now he didn't hook and he denies it paid enough. But it was. Yeah I was interviewing members announced shoot over there on the yeah now that's that's true. It's true. Joe's a great looks great he looks now lady does he doesn't he still involved in a still commenting on matters with the jets and and all I can sometimes when we come back. We're we're almost the end of the show on the disposal in the slow sports day in non. And nine chain on have to watch that. I get that memo to so slow it's weathered a memo carrier now than ever got them I never thought what was the last woman known as necessary I would era beckons and ninety. Outside of a thousand bucks a stylistic it's again. Starting next Monday at the training camp 1000 dollar Ford days you can win 1000 dollars listened and taken at 7 AM yeah. Three and 4 PM Monday to Friday starting next week at decode words text of the seven situated one that's 72881. And you might just win a thousand dollars in training camp 1000 dollar four days. On am 79 NF. Pamela for three HD two. The ticket is installed it back here with Chris Stephenson. This was an interest in story. Here are reported by whoa ish by the way the heat's your adjusted during summer league right now. Oh Carl why is playing them out of I was knots. As far as we can tell here so. I think. Even though this is the plan also think they've seen enough for a ban. Here too you know not wanna Wear him out during this this summer league season and you know they've they've seen enough of of what they. What they were looking for. Here is. Here's a comment from Paul George should I mean he said. Indiana. Won it was interest and and Klay Thompson. For Paul George. I. Want. Yeah exactly yeah. Quiet and I want Indiana we incidentally don't tell me exactly. And this was this was what Paul George told most recent I think that would have been a Chris Paul to LA situation where they got denied at that trade. I was aware of it I would've looked forward to it just me any good situation a chance to compete for championship. But it didn't happen it's still fun to team up with a special talent and have a chance to compete. Against that team what do you lost me at these things and Amir a block that trade gap. I only know what do they mingled they would you're an even better. Yet he he thinks he thinks that that that it would have been an unfair deal basically on the tone for guilty of well it's more than I mean the NBA didn't block the trades Oklahoma City right in Oakland city got a lot less and Klay Thompson. They got Victor old depot and tone dialect Obama may not all George. For clay Thompson straight up seems pretty fair to aids and as president of the circumstances that you don't know I mean you would assume the told George would resign and go home state did you imagine that payroll. If they were Gunner. Bryant but I mean Gary southern citizens who resigned Kleiza given two years anyway right under I'm just gonna go through it like I don't conducts of Bob Griese deal. It no I I think I'm pretty fair I mean that's the most value that she would possibly get right more flavor here in charge of your Indiana you can make that deal. That's a hell to deal may oh yeah considering you lose a guy anyway right. So and you have two years decide if you if clay is a franchise centerpiece or not. Right so why would you like he had come in reality that one of many Indian well I think all sources telling himself maybe they're gonna OK okay now mean that's wrong with this OK because I don't think. No the Chris Paul thing I kind understood the league it's a penny okay. The lakers learned a little little little known fact that Goran Dragic was in that. Chris called. OK would have been. The the growing back today Chris Paul deal was do those three team deal and Orleans Phoenix and and knowing and open. I'll promise always in that deal and are trying to remember the Paula Sandra what Lamar Odom was an idea the lakers supreme. You know Zell was I mean did the it was all weird 'cause the MBA it's time owned the pelicans and relive horny Specter has. But yeah outside the arena David Stern who looked like Italy was. Well wells or cern has since come out and he he said. That they could every worked in the CP three deal by. But Mitch Kupchak panicked right it would have been halt to the lakers. How does soul to the rockets. And and Kevin Martin. Luis Scola Lamar Odom Goran Dragic and a first round pick to the hornets. A pretty good hole right yeah I was on bad I mean or what's going on today's MBA. Yeah I mean it turned out. Right yeah oh yeah no no down I mean I mean Chris Paul was in his prime so I mean the in it's different than training Chris Paul now right Chris Paul was in his prime he wasn't as expensive. Blood for the rockets appears there was a 400 announced 20116. Years reasons. We reported earlier newborn was. Yeah targets was a much bigger targets was in the trade that in that post season and Gordon the big the figure yes the spurs needed. When the big series against spurs have been pros this guy he uses American season after the last couple years that you pretty darn it he learned a lot of things he had that 13 quarter. In the pin which was unbelievable. And in the in the post season and searchers. Yeah and Andy's idea and warrants only been in the playoffs twice dumb does that time and then. And then tears and then two years ago. That as well he says. In this was a David Stern said about that that Dili said the course of the weekend we're really so we can redo the deal we really tell used to be ready to part with Lowrie. We had a trade lined up trying to help the cern was like evaluating talent. And we had a train better train lined up we train line up thrown in the would have done us a good first round pick not we even might ask well foes image can't take the time panicked. And moved on to Dallas so the piece wasn't there for us to play with a time. So that was it I get to Mitch Kupchak and you know the. If you are you do. News of the matter so others there's any Ellsberg showing them on the TV here. And the heater playing. Right now in. In Vegas they're down 1442. Clippers and if you betting on this she needs some issues or are you have issues are you betting on the clippers are more minus two and a half pound cut. So. In the middle of Iowa's out of Iowa's play. Well Margaret tell you Woodside were on your book all okay you know. I I understand. Go clippers are now they're at their Brian that I can think he would promote too much effort into this. Now now we are told either and I get told you during the break leg. It's the summer league playoffs put it this is a ruling that the nets are gonna win the championship of the summer league the out probably. My dad that's you know because then because they're playing together playing their eyes. A look at what our young players they have on the roster yet if you wanna win but it's not a Chris Byrd played today. And he's if he's dirty a big part of what they're trying to do I don't think you know our riles is giving giving down the ultimatum the Chris Quinn like we need this summer league champion now now. Advocate. A dead you know. Golden State's down pony right now out of the Celtics. Are there but I was even aware of that law brought to a mere four and it's all right you know just. The summer league. Text comes in you're out of your mind if you think called George is just as good as Klay Thompson and Paul George is out of his mind and he thinks. If if if if if he thinks he can hold the Klay Thompson shot strapped schools they would never do that deal that would be ridiculous at carton textures so down. To settle down nobody's out of their mind Paul Georgia clay Thompson there are kind of the same guy. Would go stick it worse. Would again I mean navy may be different. I called George defensively. This out there and win right. The aging guard who is longer days longer he's not as good a three point shooter but I don't know who is better rebounder I mean you know feeling is that it's the same thing. No one in the championship Bermuda. Yet it's. You know that you could plug in any top 25 player into that spot. Right and I went in the when the time of night the meals or you can hold his job cello Kirkland. I where were you think all Georgia's like the wolf that's normally what quotes they Thompson the sixteenth vice Versa so like there's no difference. Some people people are funny about the nets they said oh now the nets won a planner got its. Media outlets right now president NSF for fat this of the starters for the regular season playing the close a year out right that that's. And it they've made this kind of an unfair fight. Tray they did this Texans and called George is a transitional player to me is one of the few guys he she get a Max contract in league Klay Thompson's not there yet. So yeah I mean I don't think they're they're both they're both really good players right blood has no ideas and are noted suck but that guy in right. Really like what Woodward the human like a guy Muehlegg won't go more the other by his love the fact our all of sudden gold assays can bounce in the first round of Paul George now they're not on what one thing the Klay Thompson doesn't do particularly well as lay ups lately Coleman clay helps out there in. Been a long he's awful he's awful off the dribble he's due to paint an official campaign national. So he gets the realm. You know he doesn't know that it didn't seem to be that quick. Right his ideal weight is bats of tides of the room stay sums in. Paul George is better than clay it's not even close I don't know that I hasn't done anything without help George went to a conference finals without with Lance and Roy Hibbert does is best teammates. When you would the US Lola team gets a little bit unless you some of the guys are pretty good. On an Indiana team getting an early run destroy it or less a decent today wants. That the so why does though that dollar click on the Sox have written bill ball towards and I did the same guy that you're right yeah did you do it a little bit of I console the their both. But relatively low does Louisville are you gotta get up well we already see that's that's a quote clay in Miami and zero I that besides our eyes got yelled yeah Max say Iowa thanks for us to get out with us today a free though is in here next Curtis and I would be back here tomorrow immigrant.