7-13-17 Tobin, Leroy, and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, July 13th

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole. Oh heartland poker room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. I cannot Thursday everybody welcome on and totally drug is stairway field until around 3 o'clock. Let's talk going on sports you know so what's more it's happening. Yeah yeah sought to Tug and honest towards that and literally ringing the fact that Alonso ball or Nike's last night as a story I actually that's a huge news story. If I don't especially since. Everybody likes to go this LeBron I'll Wear it seemed that he. Knew they weren't seen patty. First opportunity yesterday he can. LeBron Dayne is to weed out those those lucky shots of blondes a body was. It was a it was a big Bolivar and Alonso. Tell your dad in like the brand. Pitchers that way now. Isn't this now. Pianist Laura Alonso knows there not to get outta the dough for a chances early on too long alien Zune don't Lamar Lamar Lamar. Life. EC need to be bow bridge use yeah eight not out yet you won the first two games. Broker but but the the way Alonso explained it was. Big Boller brand flee the spokesperson big Bolivar and we have the freedom to go where we please. Yeah. Yet so here is so he uses ideas yet awesome game. Wu awesome game who pool so I don't know but I still. This summer we relax wanted to saw what it was all a ruse that the balls on some early in the nineties and the Nike gives another big deal. And there can be bimbo we all the brand a Woolworth's is nobody knows how well delegates sneakers that can't night nineties you know mentally does by big Boller Brad Bryant. Not a negative I think Baylor by Alonso ball in the union when it but the issue will be called the BBB. Maybe. But I Iraq. Is there and never let that can attest it's kind of dissimilar this whole fake thing that he just put together the young Monday night raw where. Didn't work he's engine it's not dragging it right the should we July. Mission accomplished the fact that we're starting here. Then we'll start here because you over out well I I yeah so you want to start the enough on this. When I ran in here I thought for sure. You would be like doing your shadow boxing because of McGregor I won't get too. I thought for sure when I walked in here you are gonna are you gonna just be PC and shouting is CB east lake. We're gonna do we have that's familiar with you gotta do headlines and then use it about time headlines wrapped up then we can clear the decks to actually get into McGregor and and Mayweather. I only get into it then get to your headline and then get back into it afloat there. CEO you don't wanna blow the two. That. You know say in a word but I can't say that. And never step to report an 02 deadlines. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WSF six HD Joseph Miramar. Here's what's trending now from a policy air remains deadlines to ask you. No problem. A thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge medicine dot com. Venus at. 378. Years of age groups on the women's final Hubble back. I mean is that adds it's what's on the mother sister that in recent. Believe what makes in the finals at 37 is no small attacks and not mean the more talented of the two. Still early in good. Yes and meanwhile the headline respond to what to let undermanned not come forty million Americans wake up to a July exchange of deluxe and working to bring you America's number one saves for less. Jude Gillette on the man not comedy ever fourth order free. Some answers. And extract every by the way is in downtown Boston but this sensor and an international court. You are fake news. Okay good. Free. The the heat will love subtly team. A little win last night without bamboo is charmed us Erica Buick more so what are we get a free can do this. We knew what if it's not the dam of animal planet's what's going on the other TV I got yeah. Why did it once why why should an animal general but there's two camp Lawton yeah killer safari over here. Achievement toothpick and you are just like you eat your distracted by whatever the hell is going on Kim walking emulate Kramer relate to here your I feel a straw professionalism you gotta hit ten seconds before my you know not known from my professionalism. Can I connect you don't yeah got to man some heat. They got the clippers tonight 6:30 PM ESPN to your watch a little summer league playoffs might do that. Employed they get this kid betterment blog earlier today so he may we'll play and I don't think it does get from Monmouth at this point guard got to keep your eyes on this Justin Robinson. Yet just in Robertson is guy. Keep your eye on this kid keep your when it you heard it here first. Isn't just browser uses knows role or hurting his first league kid here this kid you heard it here first got a new quick on quick. Not a minute now and a nickel and actually it's been replaced by a banana man missing. I saw nobody mammals are dropped. Where. When when oh you guys went out there was even joke when you fin shows out of the draft. Also banana man comes out of the balls merely goes over to respect. We do here. Don't even know who did show for a knowing you I mean you would resemble per game he resembles Ethan and do you know I buyers and belief and I mean your wife he's black and same thing. And kind of feels like you're you're trying to bail on saying he resembles her. So Emanuel and I resemble U thing. That I like I ate eaten. At that would have it. Banana man was an easier than say day of stormy banana. They would have a load another. It bad mammals at the the NBA these big heat stroke party parents in new workers catch it's. So it's it's you guys played a real you day. Not much else is going on and in the world the most rewarding Zoellick in court this problem is like the and to hire he's a member of Mayweather is crews dying laughing matter. Right way it's being put you appreciate just hard it was like how hard mirrors promoter last week he said you can't read. He was a late and they have a school I don't know you every ask the fact checked do. I think an air excuse me mr. Ellerbe. Don't laugh at those jokes men you're supposed to be stowed finished boldly chanting yesterday. You can't read pay your taxes while weren't they champ. I'm way. And this is why he goes to Nebraska to submit didn't reply. Like we show we get ready for at a press conference and he was like oh well moment at the match but I think you'll write yesterday you called it. As we get closer and fight like it's not going to be like pistol can't write like this week old press conference when you guys around nobody at least say in late. Not saying he's done though it's not going to be like dead still Reese hey this stuff. But they won't be face to face the Saudi thinking getting crazy you you mean when when Vegas turns into a little Ireland. Think it's not a real it's crazy and wait don't mention go ahead and tell them hooligans and hooligans. There's going to be hole so are they listen you remember that shark tank we want to do yet there's good Irish people swimming and yeah they'll do whatever they want. I'm glad I know I am a story hadn't yet in the news pelicans are meeting with the Rajon Rondo. I mean Chicago. Certainly love them so much he's no longer with a little clearly you're on a manager Collins you Malloy I wanted to spend yeah I mean he's he he was a leader and the guy that never was supposed to look up to Chicago and were up there. They don't look out to him could he go yes and appalled George press coverage of sailors child Letterman it feels like he's at home. Except he was totally surprised by being in Oklahoma City that was cute. This is supposed to see I don't know what I had enough so much us who. They don't know. Eight hit. Everytime a player gets drafted in any sport. It was the first guy on our lord he was busy with that right everybody says that all are they beautiful. Always wanted to play here even know where it is on the map you readjust about the calendar on your line and ask a stupid question mom. No because keep the money. Question before it got to address the and not lately question no not most would address the late yeah. Going to a contender from their blue and green energy in question on point when it happened did you ever when you're involved in the process of going about you're NFL career yet. Did locale matter. Now what played to the coldest places on planet earth like you're never a factor but I do it differently NFL isn't clear. Here's the way I looked at when I first got the lead got thought success was playing for your same T. And while you're a brand new have you played that yet but it's often but he changed it change quick quick free agents. Com and then. I want it to be comfortable one to you know because I moved allowed one year. What is to be comfortable. I wanted to be able to just go complete football and not have to worry about. Where I'm gonna live what system Heidi good use we had erred in my strikes again and so I just kind of said in. You know in some places that where I play. There's got to Tyson about Zach Levine and Jeff and I remember that object will be getting drafted by the Minnesota symbols has reaction. He. Hit use use it might use a table. The draft and as soon as he heard his name you pick by the timberwolves. US. Face down on the table so upset that he got drafted to Minnesota he was not about it. So why does investigative your Paul George lake yet the thunder are are going to be good to not be bad. But it's still whom sit out today and I bend Oklahoma City like eight you don't wanna spend more than we'd better not saying he's gotten I. Scott this guy's this has told reassess. From he's from so cal he's don't the lakers man is over you did. It is it's over. Unless you're telling me what you tell me all the warriors get measles may play in the season. Still would've I used at the NEA I mean yeah it has venues isn't dream that if you tell me that Houston they all got bit by rattlesnakes. And then you tell me that Popovich. He breaks ahead and he can't coach. And then all George guests do the finals. And is able to give us the Miami Heat I mean is that crazy can then and only then will I accept that he's staying in Oklahoma. So you think success in the west. Is a little less than it is in the east. While loading mean. Like I'm saying like a team that gets. Today in cedar seventy to sixty. Plane in the Western Conference the whole year USA you know why. Even if you get ran over in the first round well whereas if you did this several sixth seventh eighth seed Andy east. Yeah go to Gordon Hayward. He did beginning succeed if it's either forcing me in the west was like great is that a majority easy path. Okay great loss in such a better city than Utah the national accident really and says to. As Bostonians. Inquiry. 036. And seven to it. Goodness we united here. You're 617305. Intercom not all our board your heart is all over the plate how. Take this segment being mart and not love. Not just my aren't we wanted to clear his reaction or exactly when to shut my mouth had real over the years. Had on the table this is nobody is that because he's so overwhelmed with no congregants know. Rules don't the timber mills way to get I think it's. Remember I think this is this is previous Lebanese towns and it's completely overwhelmed that he put his head a look no he's taking god. He picked up that head quicker Zurich are gnome on camera you know I don't want to get political. For because we would do that. But do they don't see them the idiot that and they were in some sort of prayer situation yesterday in the Oval Office through and some one who was obviously very into the prayer. And a self we have him praying with. His hand on the president's back I would do. Like is that the cult for. A little time to search I'm always looking I'm really an. While you're gonna add they himself free trade SS LV. Excel he's gonna do is why we speak is the disclosure does not what the hell's going on. Who does. Everybody does that go. By your head think closure I. I anybody looked so did everybody nice to travel the canes in the they would do the lord's prayer we gunned the locker room and obviously I'm Josh some dumb. I'm from those who don't know bud on the sale late night I got Jewish say I don't know the words I don't know anything but damn straight I bowed and kept my shut Kazaa and wanna be that guy and I was in the sting concert just. Woods is go to church every now lewis' Wednesday thing than ever go to church because of fighters serious and isn't and I am by the way bombs. So Lois executives say has its share and so I mean this this immigrate or press conference because of Floyd Mayweather I learned two hours late. So on there sitting in the front PO. You'll press comes to my cellphone and you don't look back and church lady is ice grilling me. Shoes she was trying to send me straight to hell with where I sit wait your any church in there like some sort of religious situation going on. It was the first social cost talking has talked in millimeter but it wasn't like you delegate some sort of social party situation nuts are straight up church yes so and you had the press covered topic I had somebody said if you're the real Bubba or I get the hoopla battled kept an eye immediately on just got to read the transcript as it was done. Yeah and I don't want no. And neither one McGregor F bombs you know. Going through the the chapel shouldn't it. Were you headphone. How important photos about looking Brodeur had phones his church which is there an edge of phone is better than you know he should get easy get EG go to doesn't look like doesn't like. But allow you should go to the the spice store and get a little your goodies that you can't you can't see that you can't seem or is eager and yet. America out the sound of that yeah there's some of those press conference next. Yeah. Is it takes me Czech complex I don't jump up there I don't add another campus. I'm doing good. Did that enable broadband. I. You know. I don't mind. Okay. Yeah yeah. And yeah right yeah. Or. Kids. Don't end. Hey it's played it was still fun. Okay it's pretty. Yeah. Home. Well old news is she yeah. I always. Under. No. Other servants they. Would that be acceptable captain yeah I mean. Do you bees. And quarterback I mean and wide receivers talk trash bag for. Big don't it every now we didn't dusty. Foot. I. Mean you have to give you ever how economies are your lawyers and became infamous for their reading. CN let me just I'm sure I win a set first and did duke hit how true. Yeah I guess the statue limitations somebody tell the story. So that it was back together about it student already via. Boxing is the only place. A white man a white Irish Micky yellow to black live about his lack of education in everybody cheers now zero point stars and content McGregor. Not just any. IBM got to be a well loved Irish young right and a guy is known for comptroller William it's. I wonder if this is like Floyd and and is dad come out and they're like they're not bothered by relate to dance from a boy stuff. But like you really don't bother about it either just Holler rating it because they know. That's a place and is being his fan wait listen if this is theater not bothered by that does not I can't light. Did like this conversation before. You don't bothers me about racism. A white person told me was racist. That bothers me more neat yeah that well if I feel like it's racist instead of telling me what it's also you know what makes it go away. Money. No did you make and how much money and maybe you don't cares much what makes it go away. Is the fact that I truly believe Floyd thinks there is no way in hell I'm Greg is going to be. Now that tuned and so. If it gets to a certain point where Dora Ned fight. How to can't touch him. At least talk contrition to bring. Yeah and. Our guy out pollen on Ozzie comes on the season the Durham when funds are coming close and he had mentioning point he's like. You know there's something about one year old guy. You don't. Go to that well anymore because you've kind of been there you've made the brash climb you when you're young all you do is trash talk immediately stopped for a and every once in awhile when your old one guy will come along who can bring him back gets in you can go back to old bag of tricks. And you see you now with Floyd we haven't seen this from him a long time. And so yeah tough one yesterday and he was fantastic use more zone he knew the lay of the land. And a cup is gonna be better with a knife and sleepy this many congress condemn rocked out there like WA. You haven't seen Floyd like this and a long time and it's it's really cool to see him. Be involved with the promotion knowing off the fans alone in this he's getting the boos he's brilliant and I see hitting it out. It also makes for good press conferences and go fight. When nobody's offended by what's going on. You see you know me Floyd's not offended. Tiger is not going to be offended is they noted trash talkers and you gotta eat it. Well and that's the other thing too good to obese point bomb with the money is you know he's talked yesterday about he thinks this can be bigger than hockey out. Hockey knows his pocket I'll fight. I was president towards that because. I just but I think it told you fooled by it I think it'll crack and be an unbelievable number. I'm just two words that a lot of orders say now this is in the fight this is Ringo I'm not edge in this. Polarized so all what they've done the last two days. And you see how we bush showing up just Cecile harmony Yemen Odom but yes or no answer this question honestly. Isn't because lead up Clark going to be more exciting than the actual boxing go probably. Know what how do you see you know here's what that we'll discuss the note though why does not going to hear live up to override here's why. It's not like two boxers going that. Okay. It's about a guy. Who. Probably feels that no matter what Floyd does Kim heard him. And he can just brushed it right and so that intrigues me and out week interest didn't seem. You know it is true clash oh. You've got to see if a guy who's from a different world is gonna try and do something different is it don't work. Probably not. But he can take up since sold that went a defensive fighter means that. If you have a guy to roll and they may confront you or five or six or seven rounds. To catch. One. On nine and malleable than a fantasy that's no. What do you say beats. Here's what we're what works because in the real world when you get to fight you can't just say I'll sue correct OK you actually. Have to fight through and you go to fight somebody will whatever it is. And you realize that guy can hurt you. So you don't have the fight defensively. You can just swinging hedge row they've made president do whatever because you're never gonna get hurt. Audio video so don't count four with him being a fly eight. A big swing and have I if you do wanna say it was any thing. Was Pacquiao took to really nasty head butts right column hi come on over his face. What I mean is south bombers a conventional fighter. Congress got a big old dome on it you have for ahead. One of these guys clash heads an employee gets a cut the man some and and and it starts bothering him you could do the what ifs with any fly aid doesn't that's. That's that's what's intriguing about this I'm not going into the state get I don't have grand visions of comics are winning. I'd like to see I wanna see what he's gonna do listen I will I'll be watching this like Ivan paid for pay per view fight. I in any sport. Fur more than a decade okay. If I have to pay for this fight I will. I am so address in this lighten. And I'm not doing it because I think it's going to be a great piece of block so what are you urged it and I just the behind the whole thing just doesn't bespectacled optically a war but what most intrigued you about it are you going for atmosphere are you going to handle there. You just once you have Connors gonna do so they. I wanna see the problems I wanna see which don't know just made a mockery of the really isn't a light fight protocol okay. Do you understand and want this for fight game. Point five. Inch blade strike whenever you see wind where Bo Jackson or Deion Sanders or Brian Jordan when he went played bass yeah. Your interest of every time may either later got a based why because it. Yes there was a little bit of a announced. Yeah and I'm intrigued about like I loved that and the series without him last but it was even better when backer was on blog I'll always ignored I don't I don't go. The moon. Remember like. Denim and oh man and men and Eminem and and a bat man remember that the whole Matt Millen out west and no matter what you. And then we don't want to ensure that at and nobody you remember the score Ocampo. Light yet. Our own. Then. Don't going to be giving. If it was like special episode that girl and a Bakalar motorcycle ride my and they need an even more exciting to she'd be on the show. Anyway. How do you not it was a great analogy it's horrible. It's horrible book but just like this when you want to limit may fight. The first thing they have now. Is what their guys specialty. In Woodbridge she did to do with the was a wrestler. At and so you're intrigue. How the different parts of salute kid eight. So now we do you think blow and also you you the end that is there's a lot and she you know okay. What happens if I guess pass these what if if he actually gets deepen these fights and he's going into six or seven rounds and 'cause he gonna handle no because importance of not out. And we don't know that we don't know that I will concede that debt. They have they have got to give a little excited. What are we get around seven or eight. It really might be tired but we don't know that might be but it's also day you know in the car dealers it's it's hard to equate it's harder equate grappling with the need Diaz survivor hours ago you could suck all the air how do you buy get in morals hole. 22 just punching and and and and I. You know is there going to be an adrenaline dump from Connolly is he gonna go out they'll again be Josh organs Klitschko will floors Crisco orally but then he runs out of gas. And then he gets back up. You know there there's a lot of elements to this that in the end yeah woods probably gonna win but here's the other day about that. Is that. If he gets guest. Can. Can. Mayweather finish him off. Before you. Is it really get. Think so man laid in bed that's right so don't put yourself out. Breast republic rounds. My somebody did because Floyd can't and we were taught we watch this clip before on this before him beast of what are other senior. And new guys like as soon as we still love him well. The source told us live here on Google and Ellis Los Angeles and fluently. How big he's gonna knock him around in his hands don't work hand the most did right so here's the best text. Somebody say you know. You've got Tim Tebow. About a play both sports. And just before coming on and gotten under Dutch first a ball to get some port saint Lucie stats I'm talking about guys that went to All Star Games in two sports. I'm not talking about guys who lay lead. I mean you know he's he's trying to make you just start time this year we don't know that he can make you know we all started in. We don't. We don't let me tell you if your ball. So all star game in Major League Baseball. How cool hey ma. Nobody in Tim Tebow uniform and do a show for a day just cable and pay what are. We Blakemore the Mets the Mets no no no glory now supports him losing that's okay. The Mets how will pay a Mets Jersey where it's a Mets may have. He's back in the 318. Right now win two home runs nine runs batted in and about. Six blocks eight strike out of the saint Lucie all star is on base his oh as apple is old yes is a 9120 wow we hear him big slugger. Found a home in Florida he's Ford. Easy let's see gap that sees fourteen of 44. To show a new era no. Not too shabby. It's. I. Just don't play. That's fine you. Me. Just a barrel back girls motorcycle went across the in this great nearly yeah she's okay me. Who Horatio on Twitter has turned us. And you need good and they really didn't know where's this then and I'm like Tony we can beat. You brown could point me brown also you guys who have been there have him put race yellow form it may well. For come on it's got an Abe Lincoln veered off its ticket to it. Is also not just on the green when my big tough. So maternity I think he actually did the voters overturned a big zone them into the commitment dumbo. The finger. At. And oh non non. And you put on the Benedict during. Our hands. I mean debt is the longest big toy remember seeing them like you to say about that you will. You don't get characters are assisting with cute you don't get out of no no he doesn't want anyone seen a slight under the lights on the donor pin which we're telling whole wealth. I did let me get this done. Did this you are so bush is about meeting these paid my debt is oh yeah. I know I'm not quite sure we don't know acting ability kick boxing with him I really do don't boxing. Red Roma and amended rule whenever you're ready to rule I don't think we can do we said we're gonna do for that. I'm not among Heidi we can't I don't that we can do on a higher for many things but don't that we can do now which one the one you lost. Perez sounding mean that's the Armani now on the Armani outfit known as the arm and a letter to John we called the Armani where they're money via our. You know so don't worry about it. Petty its name now. Did you put the rubber out there yet now to rob him Leo I got to be we have to go to the board I think yeah yeah they're real football season coming follow. I mean disaster. No the problem. Okay who is only black dude ought to show them every time we have some day and onto will doom. Got a black person as you do not want any ideas so to our board of concern our board do. Buddy. Lives all a rocky serve and a little gritty. So I it's a new amid chooses or else from rocky so you're not involved on automatic shame. Like I can change the Iraqi four and India to recreate Larry may get a rocky club lengths in. Tell when it and I don't mean a great woman that. She nobleman. Oh by the way today is oh spurt to oh yeah yeah did you some of that emerging. Yeah that works for you. It is. Do which one works for you bettered the I plan to the peach. All. Well did that mean the water with understood either one and I'm just can be more to break in the out about it we don't have the play stupid oh vegetable games. You don't say. They don't have to be stupid bunch of wimps. Not the. This guy. He just complete you weigh in church let's 24 hours ago so obviously he doesn't care he's watching a press conference while in the the use YouTube amateurs listen to discuss is let's saw you during your phone and saw that lady looking at you look at your phone gosh oh my you can't be routed out in. He did everything it lets your joyous MM house abreast of until I even like up where you live yeah. This people they believe that. Knowing that their animals like their sheep into the Jeff do you guys go shop for groceries weekly delighted that you see we are. You do know is that I know you do not know he's done it's. Got into dot we've got a guy delivers an ice block the MacArthur. We are at their very best weapons by this really great. It I'm gonna bring a little color and. When the milk mango way not to the eighties really yeah I know I'll match my friend and I was just tell you about my best friend Dustin. They still have not delivered into the eighties digital mailbox outside the house and every morning and they'd have a melt put and wait your family did at BellSouth. So no not heat you lived in Boston as sort of inserted into their doubts about the and you tell me there was no milk delivery man. In the south as. Long as I've been living which has been lonely and new. Out well and I'm a Grumman and make a nice. Night lord nor do I know it. If you even perishables outside your door if you don't get a big a drop thought they won't be here when you get up. I'll just a bit out to the Mayo and jumped you are. Like just had a milkman drop off. Somebody come in May get a even deliver an out you know we did Klein. Climbed Peter farms. There are other some blue dairy thing in Louisiana these two of normal. Well maybe we couldn't afford to have moved in the house that okay. Eric and I don't know too many people in the ninth word I was bitten anything. Drop all threat to do more drag because it was. Will be doing it if there was a meat right at ya so did you did you and your family back and they know anybody in the milking business. Laid out knowing how to come get the smoke when you don't give us the talent out unless you're not the same cows. Now on different locales are different and yet there's steak yeah. They were there on out the one of the good for. And to keep you know and give you good for hides in what's so it's well what other. We will wait yeah. I'm Jonah. Really what's the promised under my girls. Oh so to melt cows they don't get killed. Cora was this was there a citizen make him pursuing 11% of people think that brown because actually a chocolate milk. No no it was that I thought it was that. Was it I think that was 12 but the cylinder with a brown bags like. That. The chicken eggs around chickens may brown bangs or something I don't know I don't know but there was chocolate milk onto. Yeah vigorous I think it was a little embers and you'll think brown doesn't it chocolate milk. Which is why the stupid. Is it and it's just even believe another lady if you if you leave the world is flat I mean you're just drop so if you look at dolphins got. So that is not that far you viewer just dropped on the earth right. And you saw others white milk and chocolate milk. Wouldn't you believe that the chocolate milk came from a darker cut color cal didn't say several people say that milk was delivered in and Kendall Hialeah mid eighty's the ninety's. Earlier mill there was going strong in South Florida area. Stout man. Now they they during the two and neither do we wouldn't have it delivered. No I don't drink milk I knew who I know you don't you know not logos are just only know who I know we've had this discussion 7000 times Soros. Though I don't like Oreo. There's plenty of other types of cookies heap of the news or you'll Koreans Mirabelli or Rios. Likes to own duo. Maybe some Robby had an uncomfortable drive to work to do with the Staten. Who really pick a rundown. His car broke out you're dead via a couple dead yes and and I asked my goes out and comfortable and he said yes. Why won't I don't know and checked the spreads.