7-13-17 Tobin, Leroy, and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, July 13th

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Ultimately I don't know if you're on the deck gets him. My partners are missing. Do radio spots like this can put you on the phone around 2000 talking about it and there was a new radio and right now. He's just got back amount is not ready doing and understand that who knows Ramiro on his top nominee around the buildings. December's doesn't even wider now hot. This wider by the day that's how strong role Sammy it's crazy what's he doing these days I don't know man I don't know what he's doing but I know that. He just keeps it going with the fact that he is a disease or is policing I don't know had a signature. Lauren. Got a lot better hang in Chatham in Kenya machine. Oh I saw you decided to use of public restroom for one those movements are all. Through this place. Their displays LeRoy yeah this place this place is vial why. To visit this place amid worry at least like. We've been whittled down. Down there. Talk to one all one Stahl once all correctly locked to the other one correct we got no paper towels right we got a cheap ass hand lower on the way in which just blows but doesn't drive right right. They just blow right. I don't know we are and doing like four times and you get a and the only way it just it'll literally just blows my got a clothes dryer hand this the only place you have to come to work with a hand towel. So I I came in vigorously to two Sundays ago group on the floor. Mr. and it's just straight up through the floor are you serious big old disapprove outage at a glacier immediately and I took it out. Now. I go in there today. She joked I'm stuck to my tracks. Because. Also newsman escaping. Know somebody shedding bill would note that Chris looks like somebody killed it put on the journal. Look a bit. So I don't know I wish David Brazilian religion. Somebody who said he didn't like yeah you're right if you're Shimmy your face doesn't end up there Douglas knows that's shaving your lower lip. Knows shaving your netherlands' doesn't. Below electric well if you're shooting your city should not look at the mirror there's not and there's not a sink two free. Play somebody should interface and you're so funny (%expletive) we never use it are you learn all the million dollar homes totally disgusting. I don't use bad for him to miss the people here. Our normal I don't care Poland's gonna bust you I don't care of creed I don't care you need everything. Is gonna fall. Out of mob bush I I am not used as mentally eager to send that out to all Miami users know and go nuts you would do. Of course I would miss this you do you do realize. That. I'm just put this out there via McConnell and a sense of how people feel. Cute and cuddly he's annoying cute and cuddly and knowing the stupid emails. You should email like that oh yeah you're you're you're gonna send the military until until Clinton gets the and nobody. Going to be the first what do replies yeah. No lakers don't know. In the middle you work day and you just decided and this has gotten too wild down there. We do we need to sharpen this thing up until early new. Don't just want to go slowly roll into British interface you when used the mirror it's two feet away are you. LeRoy move. For small facial hair in in the toilet. Then now. His way to find out. How cast your question related news the union a their guys have books so happily a lot like quite a little uneasy allies take a sample from everybody how brazen do you have to be. Two man escape when relate. Any market. A yeah. I mean. Yeah alcohol can cause there's all this is an old problem the group on the floor. But loses her undoing of today and it's every it's like every day here there's something new with this bathroom. I swear to god I've never seen a bigger grew savages. And at this radio station just a question you're acting you're no you're man skated right and like when you're co workers guns in the use the urinal next to you how do you explain your not know yet another user is busy and the wizards stick like the one that Brett Favre markets I don't know what's going on man who is still breast obviously the ones who isn't stick with the balloon. They have very little island elongated like get twellman channel. That is look at all DT but it needn't proper for you meant to say what do that in the morning. In the morning. Hole when you travel to the masses but it is there's salesperson trying to nail client and they got it we all properly dealt with from what is going on there. I don't understand. I need to know for as bad as the men's room is I've heard from the team doesn't pollute the woman's bathroom where you're just no way there's no way that there's ladies gaping going on in that bad. Yeah tell you yes there is. Amazing. How women are beautiful and you know different shapes and size everybody's. Hand Dave there's enough women to make everybody happy. And then you see. What they do too bad too. So anyway giving it to Sammy Sosa Sammy Sosa out as pink. I'm telling you it looks like George Lowe said we've seen it. And others include a little Boy George Lopez and all look like you look at. Like you in a way is bros they're white chicks. They needed like a Spanish friend. John Leguizamo he was later. Oh yeah. I don't understand this guy had 66 on runs in the season what the hell happened. I don't know. Let's wait and understating this run back baseball what does that even single white cab Callaway. I it's just Ramon and on the sand. We've got specimen by the way sir I am not the person that shave my doubt Lowe's. I appear. We knew that Serena blame me I don't blame mile feared few of baseball. While apple in 1998 on you can give you can get a good bit feels like twelve night in. But alive you know make feel a little and then. That's Sammy Sosa back in the day the Rangers you know before he was a vampire way no no don't go down now would get early San Jose. Young kid you know go the other way. Right know that other new OC Jericho yet now. That guy right here before to muscles in the steroids got a space. Debt now you go yet real slim. Get it. On the cover of Mark McGwire hit an innocent measurement that he chick a low yesterday where he looks like he's kind of transitioning. And so are less. You mean as in the former canes defense of Lyman correct losing play for Israel wrestler I see actually playing. Is rosters in on the fielder Austin. Hugely Dana right before December. So bad man. Sammy it's a bad lines. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WSFS. HD Joseph Miramar. Here's what's trending now from a policy air remains deadlines to ask TD. A thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge medicine dot com. Myron tell them wrong. Tell Iran Lira. Doesn't play. Loses its below B a valid that is. This. Is Megan is beautiful stronger too good they blow it out even though there's does that imply in. Guys they're like yeah you can either way. Rob do you know five bowl load jet up to 4500. Dollars off on a new Volvo vehicle you're using I know white guy. At the barber shop we've come to America don't vote point. Do you turn. Very. Pertinent look at mobile and read this summer sales event. And your logo l'Alma delivered details on this limited time offer. This 37. Years of agent a lot of good advice final at Wimbledon surrogate for her. The heat's summer league team is an action tonight against the clippers it's on ESPN two at 630 may be band will play tonight our hopes up. You as the star summer league Alonso says Alonso scored 36 and touch and like everything else that board. Satellite dam was doubted he loves the golden child. Alonso by the way is not negotiations with Nike according Lavar even though he wore Nikes just call us old guys you are who is big ball over it of course not. Does does does plus you have an agent or is Lavar is agent. And that those things are all slotted in the MBA highly geared you're salary when not dirt that the shoe contracts and other shoe got just the raw red zone and that's about contracts. No I mean I know but if if if Mars is agent. Then of course is not negotiating. In good to go on 08. Hold on. Lot of those ball AJ is not Lavar her it. News business. A twenty year old rookie. Agent. Harrison gains of that. Game. Your first clients. Local law. Did you go and negotiate with Lavar. Victoria year old editing that's going not well and wells because it's not it's not as hectic as you guys think it is between the two that. I don't think it is either. Who literally nothing else I don't know does know sports is there the World Series of poker action. God of course I. You. Walk out. Of Abu Ali. My golf bag and Kong and everywhere I go back yeah. You you're. A a he wanted to. Isn't it time but it's written to quit doing it well it's nothing but juice is Beers a day nobody in different yeah. These when that's what it does go to buy a wheel house right there so apparently somebody advertises that. Milkman the milkman is me come back. Especially in London because of theaters. Answers aren't this thing that being called milky it's. And so there all. And there into this is fad called Kraft milk. Yet you know because if they let's sit outside your door is can be closer to grab she's. We did milk gas wise grab milk in the middle keys have become more and more concerned with where they're dairy comes from so they have gone to than the old trend. I'll have in the milk so let them know it's like everything else is going organic and a right why by tomorrow when the college free. Never heard SA nor how says the milkman charge. I don't know where it. Feels like crap familiar feels like you're really up the price on them yet. Click on others. This is from this is from a rare to have a dad have the late. They know the Bob and this is marginalized in that needs this right from the counting disguises gondola to 7-Eleven and he's just Philip Glass bottles of if you have. It's resuming. Game has come and usually not that I visited visited legit business from this is from a free range cal loses Leahy's is gone he's bind Nestle's quick. Feel about the about what's been here looks swisher out. Into it's it's. I'm Robbie can you tell no taste it's the US schools leg was fed corn waited a week. I'm hearing you look up heritage hand farm I think therein Deerfield Beach or somewhere around there moon I believe they do milk delivery in south flourish unum. Really you want together you wanna get a milk man on not his normal less than it is with the bees and others do and into Augusta is the didn't do as I. Hit it. I mean I'll get your views like that I think 500 dollars Santa Thursday in a summer oil well into the mold and I just like her new high. How exposed to hijinks hygiene and what. All right what's the question yup the milk matte so I don't know how popular Susan how much is it go. And then throws up his number a bunch of times and use our Airways for profit that's correct why bother Carlo Munich Lucas. And that would set a nice piece of why by the milk with a callous for almost positive you did a backwards okay. That's been off for you that's it's not a you know that happens. In a words. Man or mrs. or. You know bailout Mitt. Men would get out and exciting sports day could talk about poker today I'm AFC. To tutoring. I don't know about you don't know about Polk who. Zeit and pokey man. Me and star Miami FC piano bar editing match yesterday no it didn't there was rained out lied they had Abed match yesterday it did they do not. Play away matches we get all this stuff delivered didn't do store to door in your grocers brought to you out. You get Mayo brought Tia house yet you get there's someplace that will deliver a car to the house you just paid for don't like everything's all it. Do we are standing in front of people at a restaurant they can get to order right comment. Why Amazon's taking over the world and Logan's Assad are gonna like I love ribbons and I love it like on but I usually it. Usually but right now they go you're order is being shipped. I saw an article passed on my Twitter feed this morning. Talk about some dude that roll like he killer. We call it opinion piece of one of the New York papers. Let this hold bid delivery of food it was Gil is just ridiculous never gonna take take hold back in the eighties was like from 86 it's going to prison to freezing cold they skip I got yup. It's not going to. Here is put. Out and tell you if umbrella grocery store. A US muted. Did you some vegetables and stuff like not that kind of deliberate talking like you know. Delivery of like dominos are any hello hello all any kind of you know all of our grocery yet Adori dude yet. Like to literally like a restaurant delivers you food. Chinese livers you food that didn't let up just right they do but back in 86 Cisco's having a hot take this this only gonna have what's gonna happen. I mean don't play until you write how they got a little about over a New England placed people driving no it does delivery like that my dad thinks it's a more the most foreign concept of what you and do what. Really names can run around get the food do you what do you mean deliver don't tell her don't delivers. And we get new car you go to the food from Leland idiots in Boston. Stick by the way guys you can get local country life whole milk. Hours later David's voice obviously whoa whoa. Is that you have once again do you read. It. He really does have the price whose business you don't go ahead as you and I handsome boy softens Dave taken out by the hour. But I'm home milk when one pine point stadium when there. Well he part of the best like you've. Got to happen. Odds ultimately Dave Reid do swim with the finished goods and apple boys talk about the Miami Dolphins yes look these are these times are you excited for. I don't know what are you excited for ball you know there's there's really nothing to talk about a pencil training camp and I'm once I'd start and you know. Position battles his golf doesn't do a writing web site as a podcasts podcast all pay monies in front. Quick question. Since Monday through Friday on Mondays and Fridays are curious and school's more worked him so what's what it looks on the docket for tomorrow there you figured out what your gonna talk about on none Friday's episode. No longer on the aid innate which is eight positives and negatives the dolphins movie big thanks guys that are radio that we are you didn't one negative. He's here. They are you guys said you only need satin I yeah I would also say Ken JGI keep it out now we need six more. Rod homered negative that's a question Brian Willet who will live offense. I had our positive positive. Not in Sioux. Negative. Ndamukong Suh because their defense was very porous last year so there you got two young I know. There are positive the positive yeah. Kenny stills negative. Jobs and is Contra situation. Or George Bush Delonte Parker positive or negative I would have to go negative because we don't know if he's going to live up to the expectations. So now we still need five negatives wait a timeout to get back to what David was gonna originally telescope that really no one deposited negatives of the dolphins rather regular together enjoying it and it's so very active positive. Oh. Serious business that I know ought to look fantastic. Dapper young man. This David rule you're including the tolls on the oak. A pint of whole milk this point 81 euros in Britain. Positive. And and and in and that's great because I got like twenty euros a mob. And I can buy. What is that like a dollar ten dollar fifteen I hit it the other way now. A billion dollars or more and you're right billion euros were usually worth more than dollar. Nobody it's pretty close now. Listen yet you know like you know like he knows that. Does he get gambler in London as he gambled on our Israel does not insist. I there's no do 67 ISM four we had a thought David a positive and a night out on jobs in the aviation positives. And they negatives. Tony sex BA does give me a positive and a negative 67 on some form across resolve all tech's are back after the stuff. So we're going to be there with you on the tech yeah. I won't boulevards and dolphins positives and negatives and stolen our interns also sold. There any positive made negative seated next 67004. But this one positive lines and a hell negative. Ryan Tehran's I don't know positive the cheerleaders get a ride to negative the players tier I tell that you guys see our old gal. Meego. Scoreboards don't Mets feel fastball. Was not a news daughter of the dolphins and she did this interview. With the MM QB. I was discussing how. She went crazy on social media are impervious. To get Brent Grimes cut because Miami asses take a pay cut. She says. Gregory juices dole for Ohio's former mission be disrespectful of the dolphins and that wants to be. And I threw Ryan hand held because it in like him or his wife. What do family what do do. Enjoy the hard hard knocks is going to be all Niko isn't it oh yeah. So be hard Mika. Was going to be enjoys an instance and then in cosa Perry's Jimmie Johnson that was good command that U2 Sandra. A classic Florida State moved ordering off the work is as they've been a seven years in a row biggest you'll go to make cigarettes costs for state move. When night your paranoid. Well it and they till the last person to deliver summitry is all you guys are good because it turned knicks did becoming an addiction. Does it still you get you get ahead should buy G Davis was at the all star game it's got to the point where border states start to feel bad. For the murder here I am sorry sorry just a positive I kind of feel like a wanna take Robby to Florida State Miami and have him in the car for the seven hour trip up to Tallahassee want I just do your hot takes the whole way. He's he's terrified and doesn't want the voluminous after Miami wins he does say is it was going on there was and you need to go on his game confident lately too late great Cortez Kennedy touching that damn horse in the mouth. That's it you gotta go I think that Kirk he's at should ignore all the positives of all his four state got a thorn avatar to bar them well know. Of course they say you guys go down so. So wait so you you think we're just the latest CR NC you think. In goes you Perry is looking at that sort of budget is what's he's beyond self correct. He believes you know what he Bhutto press clippings ever LeRoy. Got a lot do you find yourself. There today I don't have a press clippings only grows rhino video Xoom brings yet Juliette the action Pressler does not reading the Internet now not certain actions like the newspaper. It goes red that's goto you don't answer your immune. Monster red eyes move when do you set a year you know route. War. You like 42 I'm 41 where you noting your four and seems to related to years. Not a math major if you but it does 99 months one day. Google so these had a negative the linebackers. Untrue. Positive wide receivers. Your native Adam this is crazy guys. It's opera. Broke. I tell somebody to allow you call them grow as did tonight. It's going to slider right now instead of inside awry does and it's incredible. As they bro. Listen up brilliance also William thrown us today that a press conference with Denny no matter little fury Floyd Mayweather or Condo McGregor yeah it could work out or Floyd doesn't bend is Jack at his entire Jack on the hum fight he still doesn't YE a fighting game. Even bit in his own checked these attacks and attacks on us. Whether it's. Certainly I think the only part of the press covers always say address your question if they got two more of these right now today there's been notes that yet to Denmark at today's new York and more. Limited and any chance at one of these ends up and some sort of mainland America. See this is no where they don't get close enough yet. It's the wind is at Bristol off. Oh everyone everyone there faceoff. And you know it knows you know why they won't matter you know I don't know where the theory that made it he would be ready to be hand goes looking gig grant. Yeah yeah is like the read it now McGregor and all US CNN Saturday in in it like a pre fight here is bad. Just. Here's who they gotta do their house to be a melee at all the charts and goes down would you today for. If it doesn't end in some fisticuffs. It's gonna feel fate is negative be it's could it certainly going to be and that may fisticuffs right there's going to be kicking there's going to be out who's gonna happen aren't horror. It's gonna be a show so we're gonna shove somebody. And Dana white's big goal for on June jump in there's been some hold me of only back to remind elbow wave under what fatigue yet what are you like trig and I don't know button let me ask you this question yet. Just like. Two of them meet in the schoolyard to fight. There are no rules. Who's when enough fight on McGregor of course but doesn't say there's no legs on the alien they have they try to go on the to a podium right yes I just. You don't you don't want to and national news or you or somebody breaking their hand on a good job however glove but you need a little shove in. Need a little a brouhaha. This is classic fight promotion while one. This is so this. Just did. Good lesson I've got in press conferences. While waiting. For Prez got feel like you don't want quite taken to Jon bones Jones Daniel Cormier. Did you really don't like solo interviews. They. Now two weeks come next week and it's very extreme. Next nobody got caught for anything you know I think me is I just so those are two from John Jones as you'd be surprised at all the big athletes who do cocaine. Familiar no we wouldn't be no word play I'd be surprised the list of in my gut. A lot. I saw a body be Syrian tells us some of them went down so evidently. Top rated morning show up and Beantown. You need a long deep. Our. Like ours our sister station WEEI how can you ever let the words we were come out of your mind and love our sister station that we idol runner up Darren Entercom Boston some my sister in their building to great. When that building and a Hamas and they're great people up there and you China to show us who knew market. It is home. Much like LeBron. Norm Beckel Wyndham championship. So we don't keep up says no way it's men and. Handing Callahan. They have right who are. Hey can I am and I don't Al hey al-Qaeda and I know it. So does he said that Turkmen and Jerry Kelly and Marty music should just shortly and I'd like yeah I don't know I didn't do that and the departed the as it is that the pac eight. I. Think it tailored to live up to leave until light legacy of Larry legend to the yeah. In parallel with circuit judge this morning heavily the bright MR. So in the he didn't like some of the yellow line of questioning in the mud with some coffee spilled out we'll hear. There is. And sports you know or stores get treated differently we said there's a different standard right that you said that the black athletes were held to a different standard where. I'm against Hillary score that you guys. So it doesn't usually do then you can go to butch. Like guys do black guys in America are you treated differently period okay. So I'll just say what you would admit that Brady was treated pretty so let's cars we like guys in America get treated differently. Sure I'm out but I but do you think he did professional athletes are treated differently but they put on a winning hand suspensions in game they look at us and those guys what can discuss why I mean you can we go this interview. Target off of this interview. From bill which he gets it in the short term positive fly. Because that means we just have some stores Obama is you know I mean come on mate or Mexico a year ago brother. Let's part of the event that you guys may lose that you have read a martial artists they like guys who treated differently and malicious that was dropped the Mike when you guys that says if you believe but there's a difference Indies and actually times just thoughts of their conversation is Chicago Brady brand and we talk a radio all the time that's what we do. Yet world. Saying the subject gone you know from the governor Mike OK guess what the other thing we're gonna asking you do you think that. In the way this is done don't you go ask about that. OK okay exactly Cesar who threatened to questions. He throws California us. Thanks for stopping by and rags and random. Tell that only god is the real sensitive sadly. I mean he knew golf in Honolulu are no good mojo press than Tom Brady. You see this is Reggie got to give Dell. Did you have that opinion not silk. Of course I guess of course I'd numbers as who's going on the ball didn't roll of quarters it. This guy and you say in the white people I know struggles. Yes that's exact Adams thing and that's arms and they're Callahan. I get on this end yeah no lights no troubles we just blew. All right. Thank you very I wanna leave it good conversation. It's kids can't pay. You said hey why can't ever in the notebook. Ronald. Does anybody know pleased I gotta go ahead please I don't. When when heaven. We do interviews a lot of times I stumbled because I just whatever conversation right so I might read Bob Sutton wrote I'm not gonna write a bunch of prepared questions that never no way to come receipts is gonna go. So. Is that good or bad to say I got it right here in the paper well that's old school radio US. Yeah yeah. Let your given excuses toward god please visit French I'd add up unless I'm not I'm not a few items and that made you do radio differently up there they do it a decade older than we do it so they have seventeen articles printed out former stuff highlighted that they're gonna ask. About we don't don't go so is very now. It's not personal at all. I don't think so I mean to grab Wikipedia we can interview anybody in the world. Let's form that the number we don't we don't do the same kind of radio the Tate who reached REIT we do off the cuff we I think our problem though and I'm just busier off of what I think this came into is I'm trying to say are you saying Tom Brady. Who's not lack didn't get treated harshly but that is presently I imagine since late August so Brett Myers makes a point. Law which is true. Bowl we go to one the white guy who got the hammer throw down in my Roger Goodell ads like this today. Cool. Laid it out no okay it's that you're missing Brandon marshall's point and you try to go gotcha with his old quotes I was today. To Brenda marsh. Boy did you see what's gonna happen but I do an interview him Boston what we're doing an interview embossed right and you sucked like really. Well Callahan and men and I do yeah. I did so we. Did. Did admit that I miss something here in the patriots then. I don't know if he was eight I don't know. Where the interview took place as we saw the video in the early in a hotel somewhere also a good and they're gonna I don't know what is your denial yeah. I don't I'm guessing is I wonder was at the espy's. The day anyway he went on to California. No I we saw that Robin Wright the video shows them whales and and hotel lobby yes I don't know where they were lied given the red cap bid. Out a way to Al Lynn late. People leave. A map ahead a talented your wit yeah. Minute hand ten minutes same difference by the way are you know I did also ruled that was named Tommy Boy is this company. That Ocala and no don't not a sports guy around sandusky Ohio. Dog and a botched it. Some other ivy Zelman. To protect them across Renault text line power that Mayweather is a five day. The McGregor yeah five non immigrant almost towers over and he went big bushes are some things. No way that works is Griswold and Greg is now five among many others I'm 58. He's sure he's small he's short and the small fellow. But but that happens sports men listen I was Joseph can always do it was two weeks ago we were the day after the draft. And ruin band. Bill from 68 to 610 in the day Noriega unicorn that they don't relate there's guys 6 AM and those draft profile I was 69 in the by the time that he posted on their instant Rampage. And I'll buy you 610. But yeah well better get their own measurements so extends the whoever worked I'd prefer a six time let's go. Cher nineteen has grown already got those of Florida and doesn't have sprouted up. Doesn't matter you know realize that Dwight Howard isn't simply we expect I didn't cloak to see have been on in my doing span. Teddy jet. Is what we take an airplane. And you don't just go full solely. Skull back to my Boston roots and reduce the bus in the last segment I think we did but I miss announcer that you miss that day. I don't know why so there's a little upset when all these Texas and colors rim would ever. Because I cannot believe you have a home stolen didn't moved should be like signs everything go back to Boston beast around on the net. I played football in Cleveland so I got a time I got to tell you know I was born and raised in this city. That's not a time you claim hey you yeah and you're you guys. I'm above you once in the U what did you go to bookstore I give a (%expletive) about not toilet while Minnesota bobbled a glossy university got in their earning go there on. They're real sports UMass. In a real sports in there are bandwagon. Got a little ahead of basketball solid keepers well that's all the time mom my mom's entire family went to the use so I went to the mom dad moon. I got cousin Bob graduate in 61. A group Kenneth graduated and knows the limousines London. Donnan. That's my mom's maiden in Iraq to balance the UMass you know when you re talking about you don't amount you don't aren't my dad's side of the family them. Off from Boston mass Chelsea mass. That ended the eighteen hundreds and is there NEC is there any say you know does. I can't talk about eighteen inches. Those times when to cut them up and I understand okay. Throws and the Boston. Yeah the stomach kind of people I know it's 'cause animals don't they simply told all of basketball. Or baseball. You can be dark indeed Latino. It. Don't do somebody that I needed to its us to work in progress ocean. On the definite progressing towards I think based on Callahan America. It's a minute ahead in calendar added challenge whatever. Give my hand what ever put. That's curry. No way turned Dudamel is at a Tyson it's fake anger Floyd I sure respects her lawyers hype for more money. Does he wants more money to do a fake melee I don't understand what would why don't you think that's possible it's not hard to make it look like a melee yet I don't want to go full Tyson where you buy Lennox Lewis has lagged. You don't have to take it that far just a little ocean and show you. All my yard and are really well. Breath your ball on home so you. Did your college. Member a member defied the bulls insult is that this year. And wages is like not even involved just want to also witness said at a gas Gator spirits of jumpers. As he had been. Put on Disney lanes. Unbelievable. Comment I think I think I think I think after all that talk he has got to be some. Physical pushing that goes on and you know the London crowd go crazy for real criminals yet from Talladega so you've got to McGregor friend. It may yet. Not our thoughts. As I don't yet not really. Yeah not even close to being Irish he's he might as well read the united Retief he might as well be the Boston Celtics and balanced I know huge and boss always you I don't. I remember commoners debuts the first sporting on fox sports one they had in Boston. As soon as he not do late Irish flags there is really he was even a big deal yet done it in America. And now won the fight with a torn ACL so and remember his press covers afterwards users like me you should have taken me leg out and posted another socket and deal with it instead I was like whoa who is this guy and he's insane. Let's say they don't have to an already Boston was like already behind McGregor in south the day. It be funny if we did ancestry or bees and found out he's not really from boss. Wanted to show because I haven't here. Forget you you're talking about and just the ancestor can show you for from Austin yet none of that works and got it got my family tree would like to sit down you have already looked at of course. And who's who's doing his pastor vows under my grandfather on his father and his mother did consider that let me tell you about the old London's. It's not we had to drop the open execution OK get out yet to bake. First of all. Is certainly not deal London's. My. My dad's son is London's goes back to Joseph London. Joseph all London born in 1895 got here in 1912 in that it should boss don't Wear if you don't have it all before their name Lithuania. From his hello wife wouldn't you know yeah my. Great grandfather so you like cousin was thing is somewhat. My great grandmother was Bertha circus. I'll actually there's no I don't world that says some fifty. Right Bertha and a mega Murtha is anymore knows she was born 1890 in Romania. And then of course we go to mine my grandmother's parents Harry Levine and I'd a silver there we go. Air here and it was all coming together at some of them are the first part of history some ligaments are like Gary go balloonist from Russia either so mormons from Poland. We got to we Louis Dublin whom are wrecked Schaefer my grandmother had OP was named to and plus one soldier William William. William panel laundry and did you imagine William title bomb and any bomb. Lived in Medford mass. Bomb bomb. Mom side. There you really have LeRoy you have a fund in entice them. Really. That's that's a resolution. That's pizza that. Oh my yet and this is why. This is why you can't have fun at a press cut. Has kind of McGregor Floyd Mayweather here haven't funded their Gordon at each other and everybody ended his left and and have a good time. There's always going to be some moral instead of the and then. Buddhist. I did my 23 me in my DNA as well 96 point 9% Ashkenazi Jew. My 100% European did nothing else and desolate but. I don't have to do that among hundreds that black. That's all that matters in this country whose. What you from a black it don't matter in manners who doesn't matter to me relatives and urged Elisa got excellent. Yes. Has slightly let you know as urgent as the reality of the so you telling me all your heritage and all it does finest hour. What about Tom Brady he had a rough. Rough then you Brandon. Because tomorrow.