7-13-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Leroy & Beast
Friday, July 13th
Carmelo leaning towards Houston. Isaiah Thomas get humbled. Leroy said IT wouldn’t have gotten a big contract if he is healthy. City Council Meeting took forever. Beast wants to see Steve Miller Band. Leroy says Hassan is not lazy. Robbie gives his Magnificent 7 picks for the weekend. Beast tells a whopper of a story of him getting an interception.

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No one to two hour is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. Let's do it. Stand. Good afternoon South Florida. I don't mind All My Children. And they will noises suited in the near the well known as he got upset. Hey if praised it bowed their business so. I just think of them. A well we did grab the hard rock the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino which is the place Cleveland office. The back uses that as a defendant to our enemy. And have posted the worst. You start your antics have been well that that included in the next few hours to him. Drum I'm not. You think. And when he was. Ex Celtics. Brooke but that's just I mean we got a budget is to get to look at the headlines and on all that stuff we're out here in the beautiful poker room. And I walked through the casino it's amazing every time I drive up there more construction more things happening I mean all of a sudden like some escalator and elevator out of commission is above its on the there. I'm driving by the fence next to our hotel on their more stuff in there. It's unbelievable that they got to get out here in the us a little hard rock poker open runs August 2 through the fourteenth three million dollars a guaranteed gently tipped. On August 10 through fourteenth. Of his age eight at eight RP OO dot com for more info tonight. We Rhode going to be stacked special 7 PM. And 11 AM tomorrow morning. It's actually. Day three of four for just starting so you got one more today at seven. In one more tomorrow. At eleven so. You play any opportunity get into this 100000 on community. 130 dollar mind not to shabby unit shipments of money. I'm to be a lot going on here obviously you want and it's really got the council oak steaks and seafood bar and lounge right next borderless ironies to the other poker room. He's the sunshine band coming out July 20 Iran rip tide Lester the target shell went to get out of that one. Alternate. That age is only number I meant it and save lately he's still function and to do that they don't has fallen Robbie fought the best quality on like. Bands that I herb when I was growing up. And they want to go reform. It is still sounds like. When house watching them grow up yet that some amazing things and yet they're good and he's he's ably football no more peace now that it pace is good he's good. There's about a big actively feel pretty get some tickets for rusty Miller now. Different next week Richard. Couple. Due due to open. It's. My cot Soviet actually fret in France and Wales grow. I mean a lot to get to the heat signed the man with the golden arm Wayne Ellington. So. Under the terms of the U yes it's I I do. Have the terms of the deal it's a one year deal with the heat six point 27 million dollars. So. That seems like a reasonable price for Wayne Ellington took a discount probably read it what what I'm thinking is he really wanted to be here. And they offered him. It you know enough to keep him I think take Robby they could offer them off to like us at two point nine yeah could record too now. With that. Do you think that means the wake of that well all right so. Wool it well there's some news in the headlines around you'll get you but here's you're really to think about the heat. Have. Now. Twelve men under roster. Now under contract. You're allowed a fifteen wrecked early space for you dean. UDD. Wade and one other person. Well there's some news on that and to get the news on that will get to the headlines. Please it's WE XY AM South Miami at WS at best at MB HD to Miramar plea deal. Come station. And the big news on that as a courtesy calls it sounds grenade. He reported that the Houston Rockets have emerged as strong. Front owners to acquire Carmelo Anthony once he is free for Oklahoma City. Anthony also has consider Miami but Houston's getting a big leap. On the sweepstakes. Well I mean let's all make us Carmela. And you would win a championship the better team right in that's I mean at the age. Does he really he says he wants to be a starter. And he ones you know he still thinks he can do well. Here he's bounce in my mind tell me if I'm wrong. So what did you chip maybe. Well security at last right at record and that and empress small brand but it's a chance at a championship maybe a war. But not played much short of my. Get significantly more playing time in media way to kind of burn the skeptics around about what he means to it. No guy you. Can be used in these religious role I I can see how. You know you can. How he would think that way. But. I mean I don't think any team. Is look at it Carmelo insane. That guys can get us over the hump. And and I'm saying even if you were accounted heat. The UW's role that he would be more meaningful than it would be in Houston because of the heat's lack of scoring gap that. He could be a Joseph Johnson with Houston or like Tracy McGrady with the spurs me the finals to sitting on the bench. Oh he cancer and that. He he's got a happy yeah he's not as dark. I know that good why do you think he's accepted an out he's not been known to start really you think. Way to me and my body my choice plate with eight. Okay only know like you really good week we both made some assumptions about what that little stinky. Would you have taken the biggest leap. To assume. That Melo has come to the conclusion he is not gonna be a starter his last words. Before this all started in offseason was saying come in off the bit for a city. Stop arguing Robbie next headline hey he's not coming off the bids for Oklahoma City that's. He's the governor come up eventually got little Gina Robbie. We the Marlins are back in action tonight they've taken on the Phillies as they finish a nurse. First half of the season it is Jake area and a six and 637 ERA and bisons pitched for the Morris tonight rural friends not talk about it patriots in two at six. 614. I still as children. It. I comment UH. You know it's late in particular opposite wind today. I wasn't. Thinking. Like I do like these. I am you have changed well that's the same companies just those you know different the food. Except it's I can afford anyway I can't afford Pia. I get an army and that's when it comes down to it. I don't live in the same circles you. Mean you know your game here often. Parts unknown. They lead gen now out Danny Robbie. Will be in the who's in a couple of weeks. Do we got Wimbledon going on all yet you heated matchup gold between now Kevin Anderson a south African. And a big John Isner going and going down to play in the fifth set and you know Wimbledon. They don't just do regular tiebreaker for the fist that you got to the element to it that the senate Aggies keep you ski plane games and right now is there's a 109 not out tents and now analysts had ten now okay this is there. Is always a part. Of the lone wolves. In a place mats and seventy to 68 that Matt that can set it gets more who wrote way back in the day. You know you didn't mention Robbie and I want to get him. While I eat the humbling story of the day it actually came from last night Isiah Thomas the Isiah Thomas we've we've talked about this river we're told it was here his gig three million dollars and I'd settle for. When your two million today. He could have gotten out of their pocket and give a 115. In dollars last year I sit back and no chance. Are you kidding me if he was hoping he would get a a thirty million a year. Look at how money dried up. OK if Wayne Ellington was available to same time Tyler Johnson once he got Tyler John Gunter now he's because six point two. It broke for all that money that the NBA head. Was it two years ago to not succeed was drawn offseason wish they had so much money. It's like nobody at it. Nobody has any minute it's been because they sign doubles contract an artist who don't got some of those contracts. A decent record this offseason for one year deals a lot of guys just trying to prove it and hopefully cash big next year all okay and in hopes that money can free up next year because understated. Every team where most teams have that Max guy so you're talking about you're talking about do what their salary. Of cap being at what one when he. Somewhere near the a 123. Woods and what he's three OK you've got two guys almost is making sixty. So who what where somebody could come for a the president have any money list they start trade in get rid of pieces of whatever. To free up some money so. A lot of these guys who thought they were gonna get to big payday because God's got a big payday be looked on in 2016. You know or coming up a little short. By the way the just on going out and storied does the heat will be slightly over the tax although they do have to the end of the season. Discredited trade deadline is one is the number is the day I'll have a Perry wrote him he really ready right in my begin the season but but I have betrayed him leaked them against Ricky has said that he's going to hit little but it is weird though how that works. I you can be. Thirty million over the cap. Well basically basically what is it lets teams do is Pam gonna build up unity go in if we see it's not working out so well we just dump a motive want to contracts and within the panel. Art is sort to a basketball though. Because at the Mets elements. And he can play a majority of the season with over the cap and you know I'm technically a better Ross and the other team bought it and is on to meet to trade deadline and need to record players you've put most the season overcast Barry I've Robbie anything else. Alia on Denver dumped a bunch of money on the nets with Kenneth Faried and federal law to the seat being. And that's like waste management and its history imagery Letterman and just like Waste Management. Every team for the last five was six years his dump all of these salaries on the next. Do you follow the legion of hoops putter count. No I guess that guys from Brooklyn or New York either use nets fan and music scene that's nice move that some like well I'm. Going on there. The fishy. Also. You know I want your thoughts on this sometime later on edge of the hole payments that they will their will there will be no mention of parallels. That's. And understand what. It's like patty against Pitt now though. I mean if if you're there to celebrate inductees. Okay you almost take away from the guys that beer. You take away from from their accomplishment. By mentioning god chose not to come. And he has that right. But at the same time. They don't want to make it uncomfortable. Who wore the guys who work. They should play a video and that soldiers come up. Weeks up dishonor on the hat on to rolls by half because he's an asset. No yet UK but the fact that you even mentioning here think about it. Your hero and induce him grow in the hot topics but okay. If they do it do we ease it would be the conversation. For the next three days following induction ceremony. You keep pulling that over and over and over again. And everybody you talk about why Terrell Owens is bigger and then you will cut to what he's doing outside. Of that. You've been. Also just when he's not the longest. Testimony or hearing yesterday would be in the in the the house with former FBI agent Peter dropped you know going hardcore no not at all. Once hearing yesterday was at my City Hall where the city commission. Matt from like seventy million dollars and decided we we can't make a decision yet on the soccer things no mood to. Defer to the second half. That the plus one I don't I don't understand why. It's so hard. Well the thing is is that they allowed the public to speak. To that point four hours where that road again. There was a comment made by somebody that you know the only people that are here that the government jobs basically. Which you know is probably the wrong. Would go with that the body is yet in town and who was running you know. As. I would go about politics but yeah. It yeah and then advantages and it just dragged on and Ellie for the 111011 now here's what I am there like you know it's like 10 PM. Wilders to move this to Max out. I would say that in most of these political situations. Unless they have something to benefit from it let people vote. That's that's that's literally what they're voting on it it was the people should vote. Lead to people vote unless here's the problem also let freedom ring. Here's here's the problem. Win using as a politician. That you're gonna have him in to what's going on. The you don't want to risk. The chance of it not go of it failing. Every so that's why it's taken so long for him to vote. We. We got a break we here at the beautiful. Koroma the civil hard rock hotel casino it is Boston to name and all sorts of stuff going on. Plus there's that is my TV and reverend for the American and we're seeing what's happening there will update you on that. And on is oddly run I think we have to kind of take a look at. The fact that looks like Melo is go to Houston so what the heat have is what the heat have and what does that mean mobile will be their quest for Jessica mell of a society gonna say Houston we have a problem. Got to get I got a game in whose concert. I saw the last year and. Steve Miller Peter Frampton I don't old school food Ameren I tell. There's not. Frantic as some amazing and you know Steve Miller talking music tip where it what I like about like. Business groups like older groups they remind you where you were. When you were younger. So like zones that I hear on the radio work when I'm going through the stations and a. Are remember ways. You know and I made me feel when Steve Miller Peter Frampton around islands. Like one but. I mean I was look Orton out port. Keep that mind in the seventies. He was being from New Orleans to use these little different. You know it's not ago. Just that but it Natalie brown breaks yet the Marcellus all the stations played. All different types of music what you did you pop station where most of it was. You know using random rated him back in the seventies RB. RB music and play. That would be considered or beat in vehicles that hip hop. Came about bush. We begin this placed around the place to be for the fun no. Match on Sunday July 15 started 9:30 AM. At about Bud Light official beer of the 2018 fifa World Cup be your friends to. And mr. located north at 36 street and 83 avenue row watched the game and giants green. He put him at a game it kind of rises with the chance to win tickets to see Real Madrid or Barcelona play. I'll spot to by Cleveland clinic and rip it. Energy drink real energy for real. It. OK guys launch yulia and feebly rim I won't eat on the ends up front there question worried that. So let's just assume. Let's assume it just assume. That these heats are returning with exactly who we think they're returning. Which is Novello. You dean weighed come back I mean hopefully and they signed some. Minimum guy. If the fill up the last spot the fifteenth while loop that is under contract. You know somebody just told the favorite spot program. Thoughts on that. With the knowing and believe Jesus back although I will visionaries we have to do anything that's related to lock them here. Here's what I'll say I'll say the same thing about the heat that I said about the dolphins. And that business. Is it a lot of time dress and eight guys. During last year. They spent a ton of time dressed and eight guys we guys beam bomb banged up bruised Al for the year Hasan lived perhaps the year. So. The fact that they come back healthy. And are able to perform. For a whole year. Grain if there's no more injuries and make it played all season they're gonna be better be good to be a better team how far is that gonna go. I mean I don't know. I don't know because you have a couple of guys. That. Need to give back and fort wind is Juli she's. And others the sun so you get those who got us on. News. You might be taken lives Ers are now he he he recently joined do you agent LeBron is due on South Beach. No word on whether the quite finished yet now passes I will say this about the son yeah. He's not least. I mean there's never been any question about his work at physically not lazy. Okay it. I think he gets flustered. But beings lost by beings in life. That you're supposed to fight them. The UC would mean. Ed in so that's probably what makes him immature. Is that things get tough people outs. Were some guys come out swinging. You know guys might try to fight through it. He doesn't necessarily do that mab is something that he's never. Been accustomed to so give it give it chance. And and and we're seekers. They he aren't what they are now you're not an anti anything. That's gonna while you so is pretty much going to be the same team. Hit an 8 may give foreign Eastern Conference. Yeah gimme gimme a son in give me a Philly cheese. You know. You got a couple of guys that gonna come Monday bed and lay in bed and youth. So that means they're gonna have the ability to turn up and not to knew they preached defense. And you can preach defense we have young guys. You know because he young guys they're excited they're don't run all over the place. So years. Just to put those out there marriage act the buses all over the from me it's the summer league is. One he comes out says that the couple of high ranking NBA officials haven't talked to the heat let him know that Hassan Whiteside county Dotson and Dion Waiters. Have been made available in trade talks. And it is. No end but the heat has never never offered a first round pick. Justice Winslow Josh redemption. Or any of its other appealing aspects. So in other words they're not going to try to. Help deal which. Basically what they said is this. We want to trade these guys between Sweden and apply. If you want these guys who treat. People. I don't know how I feel that. I mean here here's the problem. Here's the problem. Are you excited about the way just turned around last year absolute. OK. So each is that you have. Of competing and Eastern Conference. Not just next year. But the following years. You gonna need those two guys. You gonna need those two guys to keep progressing. In the way they have not yet been tempted to mix. So. If you give up any of those guys it's not worth your written out there like if you have a justice Jerry rich to get rid of the sun it's not worth. Because port. The dispute messiah. Now. If you get rid assigned to withdraw and at Tyler Johnson. Okay we played yet. Arnold Tyler Johnson can be considered pro. Cuban is contrasts he's not a thrown considered contract. Well a throw in it is. Somebody that it is undervalued. For or plays a ball what they're making. Which should be go to Africa and are just won't do it that the problem with that is is that. No matter what to get a return. Are you willing to give up one handles visas. In order to dump the sun. No it right it exactly is so from that standpoint. Even though you have these guys on the trading block. What you have to get to give up to get them. It's not Ali. Some of the trade and son in Yankee AM entry Tyler Johnson and maybe have a little room next year to sign a you know somewhat of a star or trade for one. But I don't wanna give up the young guys. So I'll read it to state that because I think the future of spam. Justice. In. Or greater. Then dumped in the salaries in trying to get somebody else now Robbie did it's just win. I want to commercial but it says a tight it says on Friday the thirteenth they're tied at thirteen. In the fifth set. Yet it just they just went commercially gets to break but I think it's just one. Maybe possibly. New USA USA USA. No doubt about it I. We there's a lot of moving parts going on out the hard rock people hugging and kissing and we always waving and I assume it's going to be packs because. Well whenever the World Series of poker is going on it makes people wanna go out and play some poker so I assume everybody's watching it at that apple and should be packed. Butler missed that. It's the fact that. You won't miss anything you'll miss your soccer your attendance because there's a million TVs in your. NASA. It. This isn't like you have to listen I I. Live debates and I go to Vegas you know we go way usable. And even in Vegas. The poker room is normally in the middle of the casinos correct and you have people hanging around. It would it. This wanted to few places I've ever been included rates went up Romans. It's old. Think. Yet secluded you know upon other by anyone he got to you get your food you get your drinks to get your neck massages as we need it's perfect. I want to break back after the isn't it. Keep pouring in throughout his Magnificent Seven Intel in that particular. All of our path tickets thousand dollars over. Was with the keyword give up seven and seven and 6 PM. That's the seventh week wanna go to take all of our money away remember. Don't text and drive less dinner it may apply its tickets thousand dollars covers animal dwindled coming next week and it 790. Whenever one of 43 key to the ticket radio knockout stage. Robbie lessons with you Magnificent Seven. All yes RS are talking about. Let's go to warm up a little bit let's start with little more loads of Phillies tonight. The over under set at eight runs. The Phillies a project area is having a pretty decent season Brees got knocked around a couple times by the Marlins and the mourns of course at throwing our friend. Way you chin now. Waited since you raised over six on the season but can you guys guess what is ERA at home is. To who calls one point 89. So sit sought Almaty the under in this game an area that he's dude it's pretty well concerned he's got knocked around the last couple times face the Marlins. And mourns park holds keeps the bulls an almond I take the under and the board's full participant too well and also to be under in that game. Okay it's the rule ten on the road to the over ten at home to the under another another what are Robbie rules next all right. The also game star it's on Tuesday the over under is not out yet but it will be five by Tuesday. And one thing you got to know is a pitching always wins we're in the strikeout error. Guys are striking out left to right so do the best pitchers are always and get the best hitters out and last year's team the first year that the team didn't count. It was a total once snooze fest so whatever the under is take the under on the all star game on Tuesday. That's warming up now that it's that good stuff already OK let's go participant to a quick to note toward the start things off. Third place game Belgium against England. The over under is set at three goals which 95 cat these two because. England a Belgian news you really get a seat four goals in this in this game. They've never played to a 11 nothing growing doubts the past the past several games but. I was a lured by someone hanging around in the building that the third place game isn't over bonanza. There's a lot of pride in the third place game. Not a lot not a lot of defense goes on in the third place scheme in fact the last third placed team to go under three goals was 1974. Yes and no I know Belgium and England played a one nothing game already in this World Cup what the fishy is as we did this way too much. Take over the third place team over train the running for thirty some years now mom. It was a hint on who do you view that that. I don't want us analysts say measles somebody hanging around in the studio. Oh. Media. I know it's a good tipper not a well this guy that's really what this guy knows way more about soccer tonight Osce that. Until last you know was not last was not muscles okay who assumes the possessed upon all of stuff yes. Nice and I would I would believe him over you. Now I would do. I came in your it ready to but the or under and Steve and and and no ticker at their place scheme and wool. Parts of it in gold are as facts. Facts are facts that is that is correct now the now the World Cup final now the good stuff. France and Croatia the total is set at two goals. The World Cup final has gone. Has has only gone over two goals one time since 1986 now with a three nothing France went over Brazil in 1998. And France has given up a goal in and let in their last two matches so World Cup final is the opposite of the third place demon that. There's really deepen its everything is it be tight tightly contested no wants to give up that goal take the under on the two goals in the World Cup final. All right staying here. Will the game go into extra time that that is paying on a plus 235. Now Croatia has gone an extra time. In their last the last three matches they've gone an extra time. And the last World Cup the last three World Cup finals but also gonna next time to put those two together and what you get it's going next time. Plus 235. Iowa what number of a house fire it's important that the penalty. Will the game go to penalties that's paying out applause for fifty. So kind of doubling down here Croatia has gone in the penalties the last two matches. If it's going inaction time all gonna do was survive thirty minutes and get yourself some penalty routes and paying out applause. 450. Taken battled day. All right this right now let's let that man this is the doozy here okay. All right so this weekend going on the other stuff going on outside the World Cup you got a little. World Series of poker going on final team. So you're padding out that yes there are six players left you'll play down they'll play down to three tonight in the play down to one. On Saturday night. Now this this fellow by the name of Michael Dwyer. He he's getting lost what 35 to win the World Series now he has twice as many chips. As the the second place guy he's got a 156 million the next guys around 72 million in chips the six players left now. Let me ask easily guys get it if you could put an NFL game. We are who you're already up seventeen to nothing at all they have to do was win the game and get it close 135 would you take model date the patriots against Atlanta. Oil and this that that except for the Super Bowl except for the civil nobody has any regular game a team of seventeen and nothing in the second quarter. And you Tibetan middle of the game at a possible 35 you would do little thing that's what it's like here animal house watching last night the table Peterson. They do not want to play this is Michael Dyer fellow. You know he's a overwhelming favorite because he has more chips what's you're still getting positive return on your best is Ali and it's only your minus 500 for outstanding favorites a deal to Michael Dyer. Always do was hold onto his lead and win the World Series that was me to the next guy. Almost as many as the rest of the field. Some supporters. Of Ron. I don't think we've ever had this must generously on the show Bo is July I mean this July he has. Wagering. On a game in which you wager. Why do you guys at the Polk is a follicles a role in Robbie. Techsters tribe did. There are a couple of players going for the gold boom boom in the third please can. That that's that's why today that's what it's gonna be over. Google which people are trying to get those goals but get over. I came in a slightly for the under at Reynolds talked out of it wasn't Faxon science. It's. Without the third place game nobody plays defense it's been it's been to school constitutes a before but. So it's like the NBA else again yes it is exactly like the MBA all star game 100%. No defense and I. A battle him on get blasted your room take its line. About not one to give up. Just when the OJ. Rich. Or Graham. Just to dump salary. I give up one. I would give up man I would give up Wenzel Richardson to be able offload Whiteside. In a heartbeat. Are here. You're ready yet. So vs. I questioned the suns were the work ethic. You're distinguishing between meant to be weak and lazy news when effectively the aired same thing no. And a I mean being lazy means you don't even try. This on the came it came in early here. It did what was. That something like Whiteside gives you know it does them looking good for mussels thing the cell were self beauty must game you know repose fields of lifting weights and with the army post right. Well first law. Let's be honest the ladies. They don't want you running I know this from personal they want us left. June yet and who was the last time you've marine. I ran. Two pitch the elevator here. Substantial room. I'll substantial money SP won't like the president's physical fitness that's what I failed and likes it when ever agree that one's. We can't pay depth. Actual running. I mean it played football like fifteen years ago like my apartment outside. Amid a great interception against and an uphill. All I know we go to day life here and somebody as the game. I would played DB pass came out lest not I got right part of the puppy back next six it was one of the greatest feats of my life. Unbelievable. Everyone's stopped there was it odd that I'm through rehab and that is the word. People like you like you know how do you let beast intercept you can run it back for cuts that are here we go let's go do these things. And so are broke we too. Roan street don't blow it up go for the Wales we believe. So Winslow seven point eight points a game is where keep him because maybe you turn around he did turnaround. Taking might be the Smart thing the equity. RJ buried in Iowa is. On lots in the draft dollars. Right. I mean look. I mean what do you mean. Nobody's nobody's clock c'mon you know we can be sure fire lock. I looked as soon by the lasers still on plain against Anderson. We're has been the problem like and again it's it is with with Brendan all the time. It is this. You went to fades down here when your team miss knocking. They don't like. Correct and then and now. What Andy's done like OK I equipment. Let's exodus. Six is all about the process let's get at least eight. You rate that you haven't done it it did spend it on Tuesday and its. Okay. Wants to make money. And you look at the big picture. And you want to taint. So that you can get a better player who's not guaranteed to do it to be any good. And it doesn't work out Indian you've sucked even longer in now the stadiums impede and now you can't get you know. In anybody to come to you your team. Now. So I think he. Do a tremendous job of always being fair enough. I remember when I first moved down here. The dolphins go to in the sixth and sixty in six move in the first round. Made to stick around in their right I'll. Get. It it gets. Did it. And it was like. So quick dip right. It's beat there at about giving whose once you get to the post season tournament in the sports. Anything can happen. And so you can at. PE. Every year. But it. But at the same time you have young. Picture not to. What does this is he beat it leading it being guy. He does a lot. He does a little of a lot of different things. And so he can always be effective at some point. In some way when you're team and went out having me all roster which. Everybody have a nice having I did know I did define roles you know this guy has got to do it this guy can do. Had a Winslow is a way of of kinda. Hold the fort down at a lot of different positions until you've I don't guys. I think by LeRoy. He's gonna get killed. During the break we will take a break Robby is at the headlines on the other side rule re Iraq on everything that's going on like smiling. MO imprinted.